Total Comeback



Lakshman rushed over to the referee and saw the Raids heading for the Surds. Then he finally arrived near the referee who was eagerly watching the battle.


“Madam! I need you to let me enter the field!” Lakshman asked her quickly.


She did not immediately respond nor did she shown any sign of hearing him. It looked like she did not hear him at all as she continued to watch the battle.


Feeling annoyed, Lakshman leaned in and bellowed “Madam!”


Shocked by the loud yell from near her, she jumped in panic. Then she turned around and was surprised to see him standing there.


“Please send me into the field, quickly!” he told her hurriedly.


“No can do!” the referee said flatly.


“The principal has given her consent!” Lakshman said and he gestured towards where she sat.


The referee turned and did see the principal nod at her. This surprised her, but she had to obey since it was her orders.


“Fine. Stand here so I can send you in.”




Lakshman stood at that point she indicated him to stand at. Then she tried to place a hand on his head, but suddenly realised he was much taller than her.


“Bend down…!” she said irritably and he bend down so she can place her hand on his head.


The referee closed her eyes and said “Enter Sanctuary.”


In an instant, Lakshman’s body began to glow brightly. Then it turning into a ball of light which floated in mid-air. The referee straightened up and, with might force, hit the ball of light towards the field. The ball of light flew through the air and a ripple appeared where it passed through the barrier.


The Raids, who reached the Surds, were shouting loudly as they fired their energy attacks.


“Get them!”


“Take them out!”


“Show no mercy!”


The Surds, who were backed up against the arena wall, could only block or put a barrier against their attacks. The handful of their members finally dwindled down to only four due to their inability to retaliate against the horde of attacks.


At that moment, Mercia stepped forward to deal with the incoming Raids.


“Prin- I mean, our king! Stay behind! You two, defend her while I take care of these rabble!” Mercia shouted the orders.


The two remaining Surds stepped back and stood to defend princess Venezuela. Mercia moved forward to intercept the attackers who were firing wildly at them.


Mercia aimed her hand at the incoming attackers and shouted “Blaze Cannon!”


A fiery beam cannon erupted from her hand and soared at the line of attackers. The beam cut through the line of them which took out more than a dozen of the Raids, but more kept coming.


In a flowing movement, Mercia swung the energy beam cannon this way and that way. The Raids were shocked at the swinging beam and more were defeated due to their carelessness. This caused them to stop their assault and keep their distance from the attack of Mercia.


Just then, the king of the Raids, Sammy Lagram, came behind the line of numbers and shouted “What are you doing? Fire back!”


Acting on the orders of their king, the people charged up their energy attacks and released the mat her. Mercia quickly reacted and immediately stretched he hands out while creating a barrier. The attacks exploded upon contact and this caused her to get pushed back with her feet getting dragged.


“Damn… Is there no end to this?!” she muttered as the attacks kept coming towards her.


She had noticed that the two girls behind created a barriers, but she knew it would not work. Mercia was using a Sage ranked barrier while theirs were Saint ranked. She was aware if she got out of the way or dropped the barrier, things will be over.


Sammy also realised this fact and made her comrades to clear a way. With the way cleared, she began gathering energy for her own specialised attack.


“Electron Cannon!” she shouted and she brought her hand forward.


With bursting lightning, she unleashed a beam energy that was pulsing with lightning. The attack soared through and destroyed the people in its way before it smashed into Mercia’s barrier. The attack was blocked, but the lightning passed through it and shocked Mercia by the lightning. She screamed and was blasted backwards by the force of impact.


Mercia soared through the air and came to a crashing stop near the two remaining members and their king.


“Mercia!” Venezuela shouted as her friend crashed to a stop near her feet.


“Well, well, well! Look how the might have fallen! It seems you really are weak, princess Venezuela! I even have to question whether you truly belong in the Class A!” Sammy shouted before laughing loudly.


Her comrades did not laugh because they liked the princess. Even so, they were determined to make their team win because their family prestige was on the line. If they lost this match, their family prestige will fall because of it.
Venezuela glared at her and said “You dared to get rid of your own teammates to get a shot at us?! How could you…!”


“I could because I could! Besides, there’s more writing on this battle than just a simple scores and records! Our familiar honour is also riding on it!” Sammy said which caused Venezuela to grit her teeth.


“Even so, taking out your teammates to take down the enemy is wrong!” Venezuela said angrily.


Sammy waved her hand and said “Yeah, yeah. Blab all you want and I don’t care. Now be silenced once and for all! Destroy them!”


Her teammates were clearly unhappy as seen by the expressions on their faces, but they had no choice. They began gathering large amounts of energy into their hands and prepared to fire at the Surds.


Venezuela gritted her teeth and began to gather energy into her hands. It looked like she was going to fire back at them the moment the Raids fire at them.


Mercia, noticing this, quickly shouted “No! Don’t do it!”


At that moment, a ball of light soared towards the ground. It landed right in front of where Venezuela, Mercia and the other two stood. Then it slowly hovered up and remained stationary. For a moment nothing happened which caused everyone to look at it in confusion.


There was a suddenly flash of light from the ball of light. It blinded everyone as they were forced to close their eyes and look away. The next moment, the light dimmed and disappeared, enabling them to look once again to look clearly.


“What the?!”


Many of them exclaimed when they saw something that stunned them. Where the ball of light was moments before, stood a boy. He was wearing a smile on his face as he looked at the stunned expressions on the faces of the Raids.


“L-L-L-Lakshman…?” Venezuela asked when she was the first to recover.


Lakshman looked over his shoulders and said “Hello princess… ah. I mean, our king! Please stay there and be safe. Mercia, make sure to look after her.”


“Don’t speak to me as if we are friends!” Mercia said in an annoyed voice which made him chuckle and smile.


Lakshman turned around to face the Raids as they slowly recovered from the initial shock of seeing him.


“W-Why is here?”


“I don’t know.”




“Did he come to help?”


Hearing what the girls were muttering to each other made Lakshman to smile widely. They were really confused and taken aback at suddenly seeing him enter the field.


At that moment, they heard the voice of the referee say “With a surprising turn of events, the final player has entered the field and has joined the Surds. Raids, you better get ready because it looks like pain is about to get to you.”


When the referee finished speaking, the students on the Surds side clapped and cheered loudly. They were quite glad that he was there and now watched with expectancy to see what he was going to do.


The Raids were stunned by the referee’s words, but their king was not. She had quickly recovered the initial shock of finding out that he had joined the Surds team. Just like all the girls around, she was curious about him, but now she treated him like an enemy.


“Hey! What are you doing?!” she shouted and arose her teammates from their shock. They looked at her as she pointed at him and said “It’s just one man! Take him down! Go!”


The girls looked around and faced Lakshman. Seeing him smiling confidently made them feel nervous, but they did as they were ordered. With great surge of power, they charged forward to attack him.


Lakshman put his hands inside his pocket and stared at the incoming Raids. Then he flashed a grin and took his hands out of his pockets. He smiled as he folded his arms on his chest and took a stance.


“Time to blow them away!” he said softly. Then he screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!”


As he screamed, he unfolded his arms and stretched them to both sides of his body. A heavy force of shock and wind soared away and hit the Raids. They were shocked when they suddenly got lifted into the air and were sent flying back to their end. Once they crashed, the people from the Surd side cheered loudly.




“What power!”


“He blasted us away with nothing, but his energy!”


“This is tough…”


The Raids were losing hope from just that attack. Annoyed at how quickly the team was losing hope, Sammy shouted “Stop that thinking! We can win this! Just go out there and do your stuff! Go! Do it!”


Surprised by her urging, they finally rose to their feet and faced Lakshman. He knew they were about to take him seriously and will attempt to take him down. He was, however, not phased since he liked the challenge.


The Raids began firing energy blasts at him and soon the sky was full of them. Then they quickly followed up by firing beam cannon at him. Every one of the Surds were shocked to see so many attacks raining down on him.


Lakshman looked at them and said “Goodie.”


As the blasts began soared down at him, he began moving at incredible speed. Using nothing, but his hands, he began deflecting the energy blasts. One by one, the numerous energy blasts got deflected with nothing, but his hands.


Just then, the beams of energy soared straight at him. With a slight adjustment to his body, Lakshman began moving his body around with great aerobics. With his leg, he deflected the beam of energy while continuing to deflect the energy blasts with his hands.


Once all was clear, Lakshman smiled and quickly gathered energy into the palm of his hands. Then he began firing them at the Raids without aiming. Because of this, he missed every one of them, but the shock it created caused the Raids to get confused.


Just then, he heard someone from the Raids shout “Earth Slam!”


The ground began to shake beneath their feet. Then a great deal of dust erupted as a portion of the earth elevated into the air.


“Oh my god!”


“Oh no!”


“The earth’s risen!”




“We’re doomed!”


The Surds were screaming in shock at seeing the earth sudden elevate. Lakshman was looked up at the elevated earth, but he quite the opposite reaction.


“Wow! That’s cool!” Lakshman shouted with a grin on his face.


Then the earth came down and slammed where he was standing. The impact it caused was so violent, the entire arena shook. Many of the spectators fell out of their seats and hit the ground from the sheer impact of earth hitting earth.


The cloud of dust, that erupted when the elevated earth slammed, cleared. Everyone was stunned to see that Lakshman was not standing there. They had thought they had defeated him, but no one saw him appear outside the field. This caused them confusion until someone looked high up at the sky and saw something strange.


“He’s up in the sky!”


“In the sky?”




“No way!”


All eyes turned to look at the sky. Sure enough, they saw him hovering high up in the sky. They could not believe anyone would be able to fly or even got out of that earth slam in time.


Floating high up the sky with his arms folded, Lakshman smiled and said “Infinity Step. You’ve got to love it!”


He looked down at the people and said “Hey! I’ve got to admit, using Earth Slam was impressive! I could’ve been in real trouble if I hadn’t used Infinity Step to get up here!”


Then there was a noise of shock when they heard what he shouted.


“Infinity Step?!”




“No way!”


“You mean the King ranked Transport Magic Spell?!”


“But how?!”


“Is he King ranked in everything?!”


Lakshman heard the shocked voices and laughed. Then he unfolded his arms and raised his right hand.


“Time to end this!” he said softly. Then he shouted “Positron Lancer!”


In an instant, he erupted in a great surge of power. Then the energy began flowing to his arm and started to form something. It soon began to spark as a thin form of a lance appeared. The energy lance was glowing in blue energy and he aimed it at the Raids.


“So sorry I’m not holding back, but I have a promise to keep to a dear friend of mine!” Lakshman said apologetically.


With great surge of power, he unleashed the energy lance by throwing it at the spot the Raids were standing. The Raids did not know what he threw at them, but they knew they will not be able to escape it. So they decided to stand their ground and fire the best energy attacks they could against it.


The Positron Lancer soared through down and slammed into the ground. For a moment, nothing happened as everyone witnessed what it looked like. Then there was a violent flash of blue light followed by an enormous explosion that rocked the entire stadium.


“Oh my god! What power!” Spectra shouted in a shocked voice.


Carmila, the Astra Academy Principal, was laughing hysterically as she, the teachers and students desperately held onto their seats. The sheer might of the wind and force unleashed from the impact of Lakshman’s attack was unbelievable.


“I thought he was super powerful, but not this overpowered!” she screamed which no one heard.


Finally, everything began to settle down. The cloud of dust risen in to the air slowly cleared. Once the dust cleared, everyone could see the field. All the players from the Raids team have disappeared. This only left the Surds.


They were surprised to see Lakshman standing in front of the four girls with his hand out. It looked like he had his arm out and created a very powerful barrier that defend himself and his team against such an intense attack.


“Force Wall! Never fails to protect me and my comrades,” Lakshman said cheerfully as he released it.


He turned around and asked “Are you all alright?”


Mercia glared at him as she got to her feet and said “After enduring an explosive power that could’ve destroyed the entire arena… Yeah! I think I’m okay!”


Lakshman chuckled and said “Sorry, but those girls were strong so I went a little overboard with my powers.”


“A little? You call that a little?!” she exclaimed when she pointed at the destruction behind him.


Just then, the referee spoke loud and clear so that everyone heard her properly.


After an exhausting battle, the final victors of the first competition of this week are the Surds!”


With the announcement, the members of the Surds let out a roar of cheer and clapping could be heard. The Raids did not join in and were looking disappointed with their defeat. Even their king, Sammy Lagram, was looking glum at being defeated like that.


Seeing them looking so sad, Lakshman thought “I’ll have to cheer them up somehow…”


As the cheers continued, Lakshman turned around and suddenly found himself facing the princess. Venezuela was smiling at him as she held out her hand for him to shake.


“Thank you for your assistance,” she said and she smiled at him.


Mesmerised by her smile, Lakshman said “It my pleasure, princess,” and he shook her hand firmly by smiling back at her.


Thus, the Surds team won the difficult competition with the timely arrival of Lakshman.


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