Ugly Coup



Being called by Felix, the Phoenix Emperor, meant something important was going on. So Lakshman put his stuff away and followed the Phintex Raja out of the room. After making sure he locked the room door, they exited the boy’s dormitory and took a casual stroll until they exited the gates to Astra Academy.


“Alright. Please hold on. I’m going to take us directly to my master,” the Phintex Raja said.


“Alright,” Lakshman said and he consented with a nod of his head.


In that instant, the Phintex Raja activated his powers and warped them out of there. A moment later, they appeared in an office room and Lakshman immediately bent down. He had forgotten this horrible sensation which he found strange because he had constantly used Warp inside school grounds.


“Maybe the school’s warping magic is slightly different to the normal warping magic? Maybe it’s the person warping that’s causing this bad sensation? Weird…” Lakshman thought.


At that moment, he heard a familiar voice say “Ah. You’re here, Lucky.”


He straightened up and turned around. He immediately caught the sight of Felix’s smiling face as he sat behind his desk. Lakshman was impressed that Felix’s desk, which used to be so full of papers, was completely empty. It looked like he had gotten his work done on time.


Then he heard two different, but familiar voices greet him from the side.


“Hello, Lucky!”


“Welcome, Lakshman.”


Lakshman turned to the side and was surprised to see two more people he recognised. Waving at him with a smiling face with spiky white hair was Wolfenstine. Sitting next to him with one arm resting on the other was the Death Titan, Sevedant.


“Wolfenstine? Sevedant? What are you two doing here?” Lakshman asked and he turned to Felix. “What are they doing here, Felix?” he asked finally.


Felix chuckled and turned his attention to the Phintex Raja. He nodded at him and said “Thank you for bringing him here. You may leave now.”


The Phintex Raja bowed and vanished from the room. Only when he was gone that Felix turned back to address Lakshman.


“So sorry to bother you during your exam time, but its urgent business,” Felix told him with in an apologetic tone.


Lakshman took the empty chair and sat down before he said “No. Its fine, but I’m curious. The Phintex Raja told me it’s concerning the Demon Slayer and about the Mardana Kingdom. Did something happen?”


“I’m more curious about the Demon Slayer thing that’s got you all worried,” said a voice from behind Lakshman.


He became startled from hearing the sudden voice from right behind him. He looked around and was startled to see Spectra floating there.


“Spectra? What are you doing? In fact, how did you leave the room?” he asked her immediately.


“How else, but to latch myself onto you like a bug!” she said with a smile.


“Eh…? Ah… I forgot you can come out if you’re attacked to me,” he said before sighing.


“It’s understandable since you possess the Divine Protection of the Sun and Moon. Due to those two, you’re basically immune to most things and the same goes for anyone that touches you for that moment,” Felix explained with a smile.


Lakshman frowned at him and said “I already know that. Decisive Player told me that when I asked him back when I discovered this ghost in my room.”


“You did? That’s handy to have the Voice of the Phoenix to always help out whenever it is convenient for you,” Felix said with a big grin on his face.


Lakshman inwardly sighed and thought “He has no idea how many times the Decisive Player ignored me by pretending to sleep. I still can’t get him to talk to me, even when I know he’s pretending to sleep…!”


“Anyway, why is Wolfenstine and Sevedant doing here? Which reminds me… Sevedant! Are you hurt? You seem to be holding your arm in a strange way and it’s glowing in red.”


Sevedant shook his head slightly and said “Don’t worry. Just burnt. Nothing major.”


“Oh. It’s good it’s not nothing major then. So is anyone going to fill me in here because I’m confused?”


Wolfenstine laughed and Sevedant shook his head wearily, but Felix made a serious expression as he looked at Lakshman.


“Two weeks ago, the Mardana Kingdom a coup took place to overthrow the royal palace. The king and his supporters were all killed in the process. The instigator of the coup was his son, the once crown prince of Mardana Kingdom, Adebola Gramstone.”


“Eh? T-The prince did that? He killed his own father…?” Lakshman said slowly disbelievingly. Then he asked “Why?! Why did he do it?”


“Two months ago, the prince was sent away from the king in pretence of learning about the world. The truth was that the king, Gram Gramstone, banished his son because the prince tried to raise an army to attack Floria Kingdom. This was because of the failed marriage proposal and, of course, you Lucky.”


“After unofficially being banished, the prince became furious at his father for supporting you. He silently gathered his followers and launched a coup on the royal palace. He took the ministers hostage, killed all of his father’s supporters and ultimately murdered his own father,” Wolfenstine said in a cold voice.


“I see. So that’s why came here because it was dangerous to stay there,” Lakshman said in an understanding voice.


Wolfenstine strangely smiled and said “Actually… I had no idea the coup was evening happening.”




“You see, I was in a meeting with the king when the coup took place. I had discovered something very intriguing when the throne room doors burst opened. There he was, the prince clad in a strange dark armour and his followers right behind.”


“Mmm… Maybe he was corrupted by his anger and hatred? Maybe?”


“I don’t know, but he was killing the guards so I went to stop him. Then this really powerful magician guy showed up and totally blowed me and the rest of the guards away! Then he casually sucked these blue orbs that popped out of people’s chests and absorbed them into his staff.”


Wolfenstine suddenly shuddered and said “Seriously! I realised he was harvesting human life! On top of that, he was laughing like a mad man. He seriously was a freak of nature!”


At that moment, Sevedant spoke “Demon Dragon King, Razzel.”


“What?! That guy, your enemy, was with the prince?!” Lakshman exclaimed in a shocked voice. When


Wolfenstine then gestured towards Sevedant and said “I think I would’ve been killed by him as well, but thankfully, Sevedant came at the right time to save my life. In doing so, he got burnt severely by this strange magic attack I’ve never seen before.”


“Burning Sorcerer. Slowly burns. Severely weakens prey. Ultimately kills. Affects Undead only,” Sevedant informed them.


When he showed his wound to them, Lakshman was astonished. The skeleton arm was nearly burnt to crisp. However, it looked like the burst away arm was slowly regenerating itself. It was also causing Sevedant some pain from the wincing sounds he kept making from time to time.


Felix sighed and said “This is troublesome. News of this hasn’t spread yet, but I doubt it will just yet. Right now, Adebola and his followers are keeping all news from leaving the region. Due to this, the other kingdoms will not know what’s happening or prepare any defences.”


“Defences? Is Adebola planning on attacking the other kingdoms as well? Do we know that?” Lakshman asked curiously.


Felix shook his head and said “No, we don’t, but let’s assume the worst case scenario. Now that he’s gotten grip over his kingdom, he will surely set his sights on the other kingdoms. After all, he just murdered his father and took over the kingdom without a second thought. So we must assume what he might be planning to do from how confident he might be feeling.”


“What a foolish boy… He’s gone and made himself and his kingdom the enemy of the other three kingdoms now!” Spectra said as she found it hard to believe.


Lakshman clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He was feeling angry at Adebola Gramstone for his actions. He first met the prince two months ago when Venezuela first confessed her love for him. At that time, the king of Floria Kingdom, Bernard IV Sargold, called him and the prince for a meeting.


During the meeting, Lakshman instantly recognised the prince to be an arrogant man. He was also a man who positively looked down on the lower classes, although Lakshman was a middle class. Then the comment about Lakshman leaching off the kingdom assets in the future.


Lakshman totally disliked that commented and it even made him slightly frustrated. At the same time, Venezuela had risen to her feet in anger at him being called a leaching faker. He managed to calm her, but it annoyed him that it riled her up. So Lakshman coolly replied by pointing out how the prince was currently leaching off his parents and kingdom assets.


Hurt and humiliated, the prince and walked out of the meeting with one last message to them.


“I won’t forget this humiliation!”


Lakshman knew the prince will try to get revenge. His arrogant and reckless attitude made it perfectly clear that he would. Lakshman was well prepared to tackle whatever the prince might throw at him. However, to use that revenge to kill his own father and then to take over the kingdom. It left the soft hearted Lakshman with a wondering doubt.


“How could he do that? How could he do such a thing?! He didn’t just go kill a king… He went and killed his own father! His biological blood relative! What the hell was he thinking?” Lakshman said out loud.


Naturally, no one answered. None of them knew what Adebola was thinking when he caused this mess. All they knew was that Mardana Kingdom was no longer an ally to trust. It had fallen into the hands of a twenty year old man bent on revenge. He proved he was capable of achieving his revenge when he murdered his father, the previous king of Mardana Kingdom.


After a few minutes of silence, Spectra finally asked “What now? What we you boys going to do?”


“I’ve also dispatched Phintex Rajas to both Rodfox Kingdom and Ashtra Kingdom. Hopefully, they will get prepare themselves for whatever that might come,” Felix said in a hopeful voice.


“Have you informed the king yet?” Spectra asked him quickly.


Felix nodded his head and said “I did. He’s taken quick steps and called all nobles to speak with them regarding this matter. I don’t know what he intends to do, but hopefully the nobles will listen to him.”


Wolfenstine sighed and said “The real problem starts here though. We’re not talking about just a guy bent on revenge. He’s got that really strong guy with him that sucks out souls of dead people!”


“Demon Dragon King, Razzel…!” Sevedant said and he sounded frustrated.


“Yeah, yeah! Whatever demon dragon thing he might go by, he is a total creepazoid because he just is! Seriously! He absorbed all the souls of the dead people and he showed no regrets! Seriously! Is that guy even human?”


“He is Demon Dragon K—!”


“Argh! Shut up, Death Titan! You were totally useless in that battle. In fact, your only injury is that puny burn on your arm that you somehow healed, but it still hasn’t fixed up yet!”


“Burning Sorcerer. Quick to remove. Slower to regenerate,” Sevedant said flatly.


“Okay! Whatever!” Wolfenstine said and he folded his arms with a grimace.


Sevedant sighed and he turned to speak to Felix.


“Felix. Demon Slayer. Soon for trouble. Must protect. Razzel might acquire,” Sevedant told him in an anxious voice.


“I hear you, Sevedant. The Demon Slayer is just like the Phoenix Blade, a Sacred Spirit. It is also said to be more powerful than the Phoenix Blade according to the notes since eight-thousand years,” Felix said to them with a serious expression on his face.


Spectra coughed and they turned to look at her. She looked at Felix and said “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I was her last Contracted Master. Because of my death, she began blaming herself and sealed herself underground. Now she doesn’t wish to even respond to me which is worrying me.”


“She’s not responding to you, the previous owner? That’s not good… That’s not good at all…!” Felix said and he suddenly looked worried.


“What’s the matter, Felix?” Lakshman asked quickly.


Felix turned to him and said “Sacred Spirits actively try to look for another master if possible because they live off from the energies of their masters. If they do not obtain a master, they will soon start to lose their power and eventually be forced to return to the spirit realm.”


“Eh? Then… How was Tetra able to stay in this world for so long?” Lakshman asked curiously.


Felix sighed and said “She shut herself away from reality and cut off her powers. In other words, she went to sleep by using as minimal amount of power as possible and waited for the time when her powers detected a new master. That’s how she did not awaken to my touch, but for you instead which is how you’re destiny slowly became clear.”


Tetra had slept and awaited for the return of her one and true master. In the past, there were many that tried to forcibly use her, but it was no use. With her sleeping and powers cut off, she was as useful as a regular sword.


Then she felt a trigger when Indra touched her and she felt there was a connection. So Felix, knowing the sword over to his friend which eventually got handed to Lakshman which awakened her from her deep slumber.


Lakshman suddenly felt a rush of affection for the Sacred Spirit that had waited eight-thousand years for him. A Sacred Spirit that is calm, cool and caring. She was his first partner even before meeting Ondine which he was not aware of at that time.


Then he thought about the Demon Slayer. That Sacred Spirit had waited unknown amount of years before Spectra became her master. However, she was not able to use her full powers and failed to protect Spectra. Blaming herself for this irreversible mistake, she buried herself deep underground.


“Looks like she wants to slowly die without being paired up with another master. She must think this is her punishment for her mistake…” he finally said in an unhappy voice.


Spectra shook her head sadly and said “I constantly told her over and over it was not her fault, but she refused to listen. Now she’s taking responsibility and is punishing herself in her stupid attempt to die…!”


“Whatever is the case, we’ll have to make sure she is fine and safe before—!”


Felix was in mid-sentence when a gigantic explosion sound was heard. There was a moment of shock followed by the room shaking slightly from the shocking force. Felix jumped to his feet and he looked out through the window.


His eyes widened when he saw a large cloud rising into the air in the distance. Then he recognised where that place was and he felt his heart sink with fear.


“Oh no! There’s a great cloud of dust rising from Astral Academy!” Wolfenstine said when he looked out of another window.


At that moment, a Phintex Raja suddenly appeared using the Warp technique.


“Sir! We have an emergency!” he said hurriedly while kneeling down.


Felix turned to face the Phintex Raja and asked “What’s going on? What happened?”


“Sir! It’s the Demon Dragon King, Razzel! He’s at the Astral Academy and is digging his way through the ground!”

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