Shocking Trap



In the laboratory room, the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, continued to scream and rage as he desperately attempted to free himself from the sword he held with his crystallised hand. His body was almost crystallised due to it being that she did not perceive him as worthy.


Lakshman’s body lay on the floor with blood flowing all around him. He had his eyes wide open with a shocked expression on his face as he lay there still and silent.


Suddenly, he closed his eyes as his hands began switching while making moaning noises. Then he abruptly rose up from the ground to stand with his arms dangling at his side and head hung down.


For a moment, there was only the noise of Razzel’s struggle as he fought desperately to free himself from the Demon Slayer. The hole in Lakshman’s chest magically closed itself as his heart was instantly repaired. He began taking deep breaths and slowly breathing out, which he did several times.


He quickly clenched his fists and began to scream “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”


As he screamed, he began surging with power that rocketed the entire room with wild blowing wind. The Suppression Rings on his arms continued to apply their pressure, but they soon began to crack as they were unable to hold back his power. A few seconds later, they were finally smashed into pieces as the sleeping power within Lakshman raged to the surface.




As he continued to scream, he was covered in a bright glow of light as the energy surged all around him. Then he tilted his head and let out one final ear splitting scream.




There was a sudden flash of light, which was followed by a mighty explosion as a blast of light erupted from where he stood. It soared straight through the building and escaped into the open. The blinding light shone brightly in the sky and caused a wild force of wind and energy to travel in all directions.


Running towards the building that he was in, Cantia came to a stop. All battles came to an abrupt halt as they felt the ground shaking and heart frightening power released from that flash of light in the sky.


“Oh my god! What is this?!” Venezuela exclaimed in a shocked voice.


“I’ve never felt this kind of power before!” Emilia exclaimed as she and the girls held onto Cantia’s firm as the shocking wind buffeted them.


“What the?!” Felix shouted as he and everyone around him stopped fighting. He looked up at the flash of light in the sky and said “What the hell is that?! An enemy?!”


Sevedant, however, turned to him and said “Not enemy. An ally!”


“Seriously?! But then…?! Who?! It’s not the kind of power that Lakshman can release; it’s too darn powerful!” Felix shouted as he and everyone else fought hard to keep their ground from the shocking wind that hit them.


The flashing light lit the whole area brightly and caused all eyes to turn towards it. But then, the flashing light slowly dimmed and vanished from the skyline. For a moment, everyone just stared at where it disappeared at before resuming their battle against each other.


Inside the building, Lakshman was standing as he radiated in golden-red aura, his black hair became blonde and seemed to have gotten longer and spikier. Then he flashed his eyes open and caused another fast wind to blow around him. He looked up and as he jumped, he rocketed up into the sky at high speed.


After reaching a certain height, he stopped and hovered there while he looked around at the ground. He could see the destruction that was being caused to the capital as the Phoenix Clan Army and the Mardana Kingdom Army desperately fought each other.


“Elemental Sight!”


When he shouted the technique name, everything lost its normal colours and got replaced by the colour grey. Down below, he could see the colours that indicated who is who; red for enemies, blue for allies and purple for dark spirits.


As he looked around using the Elemental Sight, he saw all red marked people had a purple colour attached to them. He instantly knew the Mardana Kingdom Army were all being controlled by a Dark Spirit and deactivated Elemental Sight.


He raised his right hand in front of him and said “Spiritual Fireball! Target Dark Spirit!”


Blue flames erupted within his outstretched hand and the flames quickly formed into a ball, which he threw into the air. The ball of blue flames soared into the air and hovered there as it spun round and round at incredible sped. Then it launched several dozens of blue energy shots and aimed at the people that got a Dark Spirit within them.


“Followed by Dragon Crusher!” Lakshman said firmly.


He clapped his hands together hard and then swung them wide. As his arms spread wide, a powerful wave of energy was sent in all directions. This energy passed straight through and caused the Dragon Armours to instant dismantle. Then the fired blue shots hit the people hard in the back and instantly knocked them out.


One by one, all the Mardana Kingdom Army warriors fell before the mighty purifying attack of the Spiritual Fireball that instantly decimated the Dark Spirit controlling them.


“Demon Dragon King, Razzel. You should’ve spent more time trying to fix the weaknesses of your replicated Dragon Armours instead of worrying about trying to figure out how to control the Demon Slayer!”


As Lakshman nodded in satisfaction at seeing them all collapse on the ground, his eyes widened when he nothing something odd.


Realising the problem, he charged through the air and headed towards where Felix and Sevedant were. The two warriors were looking around in surprise as each of their enemies Dragon Armours were dismantled and the warriors falling to the ground, unconscious.


“Sir! It seems all of them have been knocked out!” a Phoenix Clan member told him.


“Wow…! Their armours got dismantled and they suddenly feel? Were they running on some sort of magic power or something?” Felix asked curiously while he looked around.


At that moment, one of them pointed to the sky as he shouted “Phoenix Emperor! Something is headed this way!”


Following their gaze, they looked up and they looked up into the sky. There was indeed something flying towards them at high speed from the stream of energy that it left behind.


“Damn! The sky’s too bright; I can’t see!” Felix said in annoyed voice. He turned to Sevedant and asked “Is it an enemy?”


Sevedant shook his head with his red eyes gleaming in the sunlight. Then he said “Not enemy. An ally.”


The person in the air rocketed down and landed with a great tremor and caused dust to surround them. Then Lakshman walked out of the cloud of dust much to the surprise of everyone that stood there and watched him appear out of the smoke.


“Lucky! You’re alive!” Felix shouted cheerfully and they walked forward.


“Yes, but there’s no time!” Lakshman said to him with a serious expression on his face. “You, Sevedant and the rest of the Phoenix Clan must immediately return to Floria Kingdom!”


“What’s the hurry? We’ve defeated the army and now just need to find Adebola Gramstine,” Felix said with a startled expression on his face.


“That’s the problem! These people that you and your mend fought are not the real army! They are the civilians and adventurers that were being controlled by Dark Spirits!”


Felix’s eyes widened in shock and he slowly said “Wait…! You don’t mean?!”


“Yes. The real army is currently attacking Floria Kingdom as we speak and I am certain Adebola is with them! Now quickly go!”


“Oh no…! What a blunder…! It was a trap all along, but Lucky! I saw him standing in front of these people! How could he have managed to be here and be there at the same time?” Felix asked him desperately.


“It’s easy. He was using an Image Message Stream from the other side while he was in a safe place. He basically sent an image of himself speaking to you while he was safely over there! So you thought he was here and fell into his trap of believing these people were his actual army,” Lakshman explained to him quickly.


“I-Is such a thing possible?!” one of the Phoenix Clan members asked doubtfully.


Lakshman turned and glared at him fiercely as he said “Of course, it is possible with the right amount of magic and the correct methods in using it. Now hurry up and get yourself ready for departure!” Then he turned back to Felix and said “Felix, hurry up and go! Otherwise, there won’t be a Floria Kingdom when we return home!”


Felix quickly realised by Lakshman’s words and said “You’re right!” Then he turned around and shouted “Summoners! Prepare for a transport spell back to Floria Kingdom immediately!”


“Yes, sir!” six of the members said with a nod and they began casting a large magic spell.


A few seconds later, the magic circle was ready and active. Felix ordered his clansmen to get in and head off to the Floria Kingdom. One by one, they stepped into the Teleportation Magic Circle and got ready to head back to their home kingdom.


At that moment, Lakshman thought he sensed the presence of several people. It was the presence of Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Cantia and Venezuela, which he found strange. He knew they should not be here, but he still sensed them and wondered if his sensing ability took a hit from assimilating so many Dark Spirits at the same time.


“By the way, Felix. Why is it that I’m sensing the presence of Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Cantia and Venezuela here?” Lakshman asked him.


Felix turned around and looked at him with a surprised look on his face. He had assumed that Lakshman had met them and knew to find them there.


“I thought you already met them when they were searching to rescue you,” Felix told him with a surprised look on his face.


“What did you say? They are here?” Lakshman asked in a disbelief.


He quickly swung around and began to sense the location of where the girls were. It took him a moment, but when he discovered their location, he was shocked.


“Oh no! The place they are at… He’s also there…!” Lakshman said in alarmed voice.


He quickly kicked off the ground and shot into the air as he soared towards the laboratory building.


Felix watched him go and shouted “Hey! Lucky?!”


He did not quite understand why he shot away in such a hurry, but he knew it must be fairly important. Just then, he felt a tap on his shoulder and he looked around to see Sevedant looking at him through his mask.


“Let us leave. He will come later,” Sevedant told him in a calm voice.


“I know. Let’s go!” Felix said


The two of them joined everyone else within the Teleportation Magic Circle. There was a moment of blinding flash of yellow before the light, the magic and everyone in it disappeared.


Meanwhile, Cantia came to a stop at the location where the flashing light erupted from earlier. Once Cantia lowered herself to the ground, everyone jumped off her and she transformed back into her humanoid form with cat ears and tail.


“What now-nyaa?” she asked them curiously while burning with energy.


“This is where that large energy burst out of so he must be around here somewhere,” Venezuela quietly as they observed the destroyed building.


“How about we split up and search? That would be faster, right?” Ondine asked curiously, but Emilia immediately shook her head at such suggestion.


“We need to stay together as a group so we can defend themselves in case there are any more of these people around,” Emilia said while nervously looking around her.


“I second Emilia’s suggestion. It’s easier to pick us apart when we are separated and isolated,” Tetra said.


“I agree with Emilia,” Venezuela said quietly.


Ondine shrugged her shoulders and said “Alright. Let’s go already.”


“Don’t be impatient, Ondine!” Tetra said coolly.


Together, the five girls walked together inside with their weapons at the ready; Venezuela with her wand, Emilia with her staff, Cantia with her beastly hands, Ondine with her two swords and Tetra with her one sword.”


They carefully entered the destroyed building and saw dead bodies lying everywhere. At the sight, the girls quickly turned away and tried to ignore the horrific sight. These were the people that Adebola had killed them to stop them from blabbing after their completed conducting the experiment on Lakshman.


After walking for a while, they found a door that looked badly broken. Ondine, who was at the front, slowly pushed the door open. They were all startled when the door suddenly fell forward and crashed on the floor.




The girls whispered to each other quickly while looking around. When they did not see any immediate danger, they slowly walked into the room and saw a gaping hole in the ceiling.


“Yup! This was the place!” Venezuela said and the other girls agreed.


At that moment, they heard a soft moaning sound from the corner of the room. They quickly turned and were on guard when they saw something entirely covered in crystals. It was moaning and groaning with pain as its entire body had been crystallised.


“What the?” Ondine said as she frowned at the crystallised body.


At that moment, the body turned around and looked at them. The girls were instantly frozen with fear at seeing the horrible face crystallised face of the monster.




As the monster screamed, it darted forward and reached them before they could at incredible speed. The girls let out screams of fright as the monster charged forward with its arms out stretched towards them. For some reason, something about the monster stopped them from attacking it.


At that moment, something flew through the open space in the ceiling and landed heavily on the ground. This caused dust to rise into the air and cover the space which slowed down the monster, but not stop it completely.


In an instant, the dust got cleared as Lakshman surged with power and punched the monster in the face. The force of impact was so powerful, some of the crystals got destroyed as the monster flew backwards. It smashed through this and several more buildings before finally coming to a crashing stop.


Lakshman straightened up and said “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my women, you freak!”


“Lakshman!” Venezuela cried out.


“Lucky!” Emilia and Cantia said together.


“Master!” Tetra said happily.


The girls were saved at the last moment from the monster’s assault from the timely arrival of Lakshman, the Phoenix Titan.