Suicidal Attack



Lakshman felt himself floating in an empty space and slowly opened his eyes. He was quite surprised to be surrounded by nothing, but darkness. Only a shining light from high above, illuminated everything around him by a few meters.


“Is this inside the mind of the Demon Slayer?” he asked curiously while he looked around.


Just then, he felt a strange presence from nearby, He quickly turned to look in that direction and saw a shadowy figure standing there. Feeling curious about who it was, he slowly walked towards where the shadowy figure stood while being surrounded by a strange swirling darkness.


After several minutes of slow walking, he finally stopped when he was a few meters from the person. The light, shining brightly onto him, moved along with him to illuminate his way so he knew where he was going. As he came to a stop, another light dimly appeared and brought the shadowy figure into full light.


Lakshman was surprised to see that she was a girl; around 167cm tall with silver waist length hair and slim body. Currently, she had her back to him so he was unable to get a glimpse of her face, however, the girl tilted her head slightly and he noticed the unhappy expression on the visible part of her face.


“Why are you here?” she asked him quietly.


He was slightly startled, not from the voice, but from the fact that the Demon Slayer Sacred Spirit was a girl. From Spectra, the ghost that haunts his room, he knew the Demon Slayer was a female Sacred Spirit. Even so, he could not help, but wonder why he kept meeting only female Spirits.


He steeled himself and said “I came to claim you. I want you.”


“How arrogant,” she said and looked away again. “I tried to connect with you before, but you completely ignored my call.”


“Uh…” he said hesitantly.


He understood what she meant by her words. It was during the Astral Academy incident where the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, attacked to obtain the Demon Slayer. In the process of getting closer to her, she deemed that he was worthy of her connecting with him, but he was completely oblivious until now.


He cursed himself for letting this happen, but it could not be helped. The reason he was able to activate the Astral Contract spell was due to the large quantity of knowledge and wisdom he gained from the past God of Wisdom, Whamana, also known as the Decisive Player.


“You come calling for me now after so long and expect me to quietly accept it?”


“I’m sorry for not being able to sense you, but lacked the knowledge of the spirits. With my improved knowledge, I am capable of sensing these things and all. That’s why I came to get you.”


“You say that, but do you even know my name?”


He sighed and said “Look! That name is too darn evil for one that lives in the darkness! I’d rather give you a new name after forming the Contract Seal with you. Now please come.”


For a few seconds, there was only silence when he finished speaking. The Demon Slayer did nothing, but stand there with her back to him. He waited patiently while the lights surrounded their respective owner.


Then she turned around to finally look at him. He was surprised to see the girl had a cute face and silver eyes. However, there was something else that he noticed on her face; red markings that glowed brighter by each second. He immediately knew there was something seriously wrong with those markings.


With a sinking heart, he said “No way… Those markings are…”


She nodded at him and said “I am at the breaking point. I will soon die and kill everyone around here. So please hurry up and kill me before I make one more reversible mistake.”


Shocked by her words, he said “No! I came to help save you; not kill you just because you asked for it!”


She suddenly narrowed her eyes and she looked really angry as she shouted “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”


A sudden powerful wave of energy was released and swept towards him. The strong force caused him to fight his hardest to stand his ground. Then his consciousness was blasted away by a strong force of energy, unleashed by the Demon Slayer.




As his consciousness returned to reality, he screamed in great pain as the Demon Slayer cut his left arm. Blood gushed out immediately as he clutched his left arm and immediately knew the left arm was disabled. He gritted his teeth as he forced himself to not cry due to the deep wound and pain the Demon Slayer left him with.


While he desperately clutched his arm, the Demon Slayer flew past and crashed into the ground. It travelled some distance while creating a groove on the ground before soaring back into the air. Then, with great force, the sword swirled around and soared straight at him.


“Ah!” Lakshman cried out in shock as he quickly dodged the sword.


The Demon Slayer did not stop and it quickly turned around before soaring at him again. It began a barrage of stabs and slashes at him, which he desperately dodged while clutching his disabled left arm. Due to the pain, he was having difficulty focusing his energy as he continued dodging the Demon Slayer’s attacks.


Unable to take this anymore, he dodged yet another attack and jumped to a safe distance. Then he held his right hand out and shouted “Tetra!”


Hearing him, Tetra shouted “Coming, Master!”


She immediately transformed into a ball of light and soared towards him. When the ball of light and his arm made contact, it instantly transformed into the Phoenix Blade. He immediately gripped the sword handle firmly and began to block the attacks of the Demon Slayer.


“Master, what happened? Did Astral Contract fail to work?” he heard Tetra ask him in his mind.


While doing his best at dodging the attacks, Lakshman thought “It partially worked and I connected, but the problem is that she’s at the breaking point. If this continues, she will most certainly self-destruct and destroy a large portion of this area and kill the people!”


“Then we have no choice, but to destroy her!”


“No! I need the Demon Slayer no matter what!”




“No buts! There is a reason I want her which I-!”


At that moment, he was suddenly forced to focus on the Demon Slayer once again as she continuously attacked him. He noticed how the blade of the Demon Slayer kept glowing redder more frequently than before. This was becoming dangerous and he knew it, but with a disabled arm, he got little options to deal with her.


The sword pulled back and the blade glowed bright red, which alarmed him. Then, with a powerful force, she aimed for his head. Lakshman quickly brought the Phoenix Blade up and blocked the attack. He was shocked as the force of impact cause the ground to crack and cave in.


The strong surge of wind caused the dust to rise up and pebbles to fly around. Several hit Lakshman’s body, which did not phase him until some hit his disabled and bleeding left arm. In an instant, his eyes widened with shock and pain from his injured left arm.


“ARGH!” he yelled out loud as he was unable to contain the pain.


“Master!” Tetra said in a worried voice.


Due to the pain, his grip on the Phoenix Blade slackened, which the Demon Slayer noticed. The sword quickly swung around and, with great force, smashed the Phoenix Blade out of his hand. As the Phoenix Blade flew into the distance and pierced into the ground, Lakshman looked up to see the pointed edge of the Demon Slayer.


“Dammit…! I can easily defeat her, even with my bleeding left arm, but that’s not what I want! I want to conquer her, not destroy her! What do I do…? Most of my techniques are too powerful and they will definitely destroy her! No! I can’t take that chance! Dammit…! Now I feel I’m too strong…!”


As he finished his thoughts, he saw the Demon Slayer just hovering there for a moment as if it was waiting for something. This caused him to look puzzled as to why the sword was giving him time to think, but not taking the chance to finish him off. Then he realised the Demon Slayer was having conflicted thoughts about killing him. This meant that there was still the chance that he could change her mind.


Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock as the Demon Slayer suddenly dived towards him. It looked like it had given up reasoning and decided to go with the action anyway.


Lakshman inwardly smiled and thought “How typical of everything to throw away reason at the last second just because it hurts the head. Mmm… I could use this and… yeah… that’ll work…!”


As the Demon Slayer dived towards him, he quickly gathered energy into his right hand. Lakshman was intending to blast the Demon Slayer away to give him enough time to heal his left arm. In order to perform whatever his plan was, he needed both his arms for the job. So he waited for the chance to deliver the gathered energy in his arm at the sword.


There was a sudden change in his plan when three different techniques were called out by three different familiar voices.


“Wind Blast!”


“Earth Drill!”


“Fire Cannon!”


The Wind Blast smashed into the Demon Slayer and threw her a few meters away. The Earth Drill, spinning at high speed, smashed into her and sent her flying into several more meters. Then the Fire Cannon, a fiery red ball of energy, smashed into her and sent her flying into the distance.


“Huh?” Lakshman said out loud in surprise.


He looked around and saw Emilia, Venezuela and Erza standing there. Standing behind the three girls was Ondine, who was looking extremely angry as she stared at the Demon Slayer. Seeing them running towards him made him feel very angry.


“What the hell are you doing here?!” he shouted at them when they reached him. “I specifically told you to escort the people out of the dungeon safely and to look after their wellbeing!”


For a moment, the girls looked surprised by how angry he looked. Then Emilia turned around and pointed into the distance as she spoke.


“We’ve already taken care of healing them and now Cantia is escorting them away from here.”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance, where he saw Cantia leading the severely weak looking people away. She had the sense to keep the innocent people far away from where the battle was taking place.


Earlier, when they came out, Emilia, Venezuela, Ondine and Cantia heard him scream in pain. Realising he might require their assistance, they quickly went to assist him while leaving Cantia to escort the people to safety. As they were about to leave Erza said she wanted to come and help. With no time to waste, they decided to bring her along.


“I see…” Lakshman said quietly when they finished telling him about what happened.


At that moment, they heard a loud bang and turned around. A great cloud of dust was released and the Demon Slayer flew high into the air before turning to soar straight towards them. Ondine looked very angry and she quickly unsheathed both of her swords and held them at the ready. Quickly gathering energy into them, she lept straight at the Demon Slayer.


“Swords of-!”


Lakshman quickly realised that Ondine was going to destroy the Demon Slayer and he shouted “Ondine, no! I need the Demon Slayer alive!”


Ondine was startled by his words and momentarily paused in executing her technique. Then she shrugged her shoulders and continued to soar towards the Demon Slayer once again.


“Double Edge!”


As the Demon Slayer flew towards her, Ondine quickly maneuvered her sword and swung at her. Her first sword strike caused the Demon Slayer to spin uncontrollably in a circle. Then, with the second sword strike, she smashed the Demon Slayer into the ground. The strong impact caused the Demon Slayer to get stuck in the ground after piercing into it.


“That’s for hurting Lakshman!” Ondine said in satisfaction once she landed back on the ground.


Lakshman sighed in relief and quickly winced as his wounded left arm throbbed painfully. Due to the amount of blood he lost, he suddenly felt weak and he knelt down on the ground. Emilia, Venezuela and Erza quickly knelt down to check on him and his wounded arm.


“It’s a deep cut!” Emilia said unhappily as she held his arm tenderly. Then she looked at him and said “Stay still, Lakshman. We’ll heal this wound for you.”


He shook his head and said “Thanks for the offer, but I can do it faster,” but he suddenly swayed slightly, making his words go to waste.


“Seriously, Lucky! You need to learn to depend on other people!” Venezuela said in an annoyed voice.


“I agree. Please let us heal you,” Erza said as she nodded at him with a smiling face.


At that moment, they all felt a sudden shock wave as the Demon Slayer, with great force, pulled itself out of the ground. As it hovered in the air, it suddenly swung and sent a slicing energy in their direction.


“Double Ended Blades!” Ondine shouted as she leapt into the air and towards the incoming slicing energy.


She brought both of her swords forward and caught the attacks. For a moment, there was a burst of energy as wind was sent everywhere. The next thing they knew, Ondine was blasted backwards and down towards them. Just before she could crash, she pulled herself together and gracefully landed on her feet and got dragged before finally stopping.


“Damn! I meant to send the attack back at that demon sword!” Ondine said angrily.


Lakshman smiled at her and said “You did well to block that attack.”


They suddenly felt a strong surge of power from high above, causing them to look up at the Demon Slayer. The sword was forming a giant circle in mid-air with its blade and was creating a light to appear as it made the circle. Once the circle was formed, the space in the middle turned black and began to swirl around. The next moment, giant rocks rained down on them at great speeds.


Ondine charged forward and leapt into the air as she headed straight at them.


“Flash Blades!”


She began swinging at incredible speeds to destroy the shower of rocks with great skill and strength. One by one, the falling rocks were smashed into pieces and they fell harmlessly to the ground as rubble. This streak did not last as the increasing numbers swept past them.


“Oh no!” Ondine cried out, but she was very busy dealing with her own rocks to do anything about the ones she missed.


As the falling rocks headed towards them, Tetra suddenly appeared in front of them and shouted “Infinity Blades!”


A circular hole appeared in front of her outstretched hand and countless swords burst out. They soared high into the air and smashed straight through all the rocks effortlessly. Tetra directed the flow of the swords with her hand as she cleared all the falling rocks.


Emilia took the momentarily cleared sky as a chance and tapped her staff on the ground before saying “Stone Pillars!”


In an instant, a dozen pillars rose up from the ground and soared straight towards where the Demon Slayer and her circular black hole were hovering in mid-air. Just then, several rocks appeared out of the hole and caused nine of the dozen pillars to get destroyed. The last four remaining pillars rose up and reached the Demon Slayer, causing the sword to dodge and get out of the way.


Angered by their fighting spirit and actions, the Demon Slayer instantly created several more black circular holes in mid-air. Very soon, the sky was full of falling rocks that were directed towards them.


“That’s a lot of rocks…!” Erza said with a grinning face.


“You don’t say!” Emilia said sarcastically. Then she turned to them and said “Change of plans. Venezuela and Erza, concentrate on healing Lucky. Meanwhile, I, Ondine and Tetra will handle this mess!”


“Hold on! Who put you in charge all of a sudden?” Venezuela asked while looking surprised.


Emilia snorted and said “If you got any problems, state your complaints if we survive through this! Now hurry up and heal him already!” Then she turned around, aimed her hand up into the sky and said “Stone Cannons!”


In an instant, multiple cannons, made of stone, materialized out of thin air and flew towards the falling rocks. Ondine continued to destroy the rocks with her incredible speed and strength of her swords while Tetra continued to move her hand as she directed her swords to clear away the falling rocks.


The moment that Lakshman, Venezuela and Erza sat down, he hit the ground with the bottom side of his fist as he said “Earth Barricade!”


The ground shook for a moment before the ground began to rise up around them and it soon formed into a dome like shape. The earth soon surrounded them and closed with a loud thud, leaving only the people inside in total darkness.


“So dark in here…” Lakshman said as he chuckled. Then he said “Burning Spirit!”


In an instant, his entire body erupted in flames and brought light into that dark space. At first, Venezuela and Erza looked surprised, but they got accustomed to the sudden brightness and they quickly aimed their hands on his wounded left arm.


Venezuela said “Healing Force!”


Erza said “Healing Heart!”


Healing Heart subdues the pain so long as the spell is being cast on the victim. The amount of pain, that can be suppressed, depends on the power of each individual. Healing Heart was a Saint ranked Healing Magic Spell and since Lakshman was not feeling pain meant that Erza was above the Sage ranked magician.


Venezuela’s hand began to glow brightly in green light as she slowly healed his wound. Erza’s hand began to glow in a magenta colour as it also helped in healing his arm.


As the healing began to take effect, Lakshman moaned softly and said “That feels nice…”


Venezuela scowled at him and said “Seriously! You are one reckless man, Lucky! Did you know that?”


He smiled at her and said “Vena, didn’t you know? This world is full of reckless men, which is why the world is in balance thanks to gentle girls like you.”


As Venezuela blushed after hearing his words, Erza smiled and said “You’ve become quite the flattering person.”


He only shrugged his shoulders and said “A lot happened, but I will explain everything later. That reminds me… Erza. You’re from the future, correct?”


Erza, for a moment, looked surprised at his words. Then she nodded her head at him and said “That’s right. I don’t know how far from the future I came from, but I did come from the future.”


“What?! You’re from the future?!” Venezuela said in alarm and she almost deactivated her Healing Magic Spell.


“Vena…” he said quietly and she returned to healing him while looking at Erza with a surprised expression on her face.


“Still… To come from the future… Are you telling the truth?”


“Yes, but I don’t know how far from the future I came from.”


While Venezuela looked amazed, Lakshman asked “On top of coming from the future, you’re also not from this world, right?”


This time, Erza’s eyes widened in shock by his words. She slowly asked “H-How do you know that?”


“A certain ‘someone’ knew about it and told me at the right time,” Lakshman said with a shrug of his shoulders.


The fact is, that certain ‘someone’ was none other than the Decisive Player. With the great knowledge and wisdom he gained from the Decisive Player, Lakshman knew many great things and it also included the people of this world. Out of all of them, he immediately knew Erza was from another world, but seemed to not know how she got to this world.


“You’re from another world?” Venezuela asked curiously.


Erza nodded at her and said “Yes. I came from another world called Alzard. Due to… um… circumstances, I ended up coming to this world.”


“I see. That explains why I didn’t know you, but you knew me,” Lakshman said with a nod of his head. “That brings up another question; the reason you know me so well is because I somehow ended up in your world, correct?”


At this, Erza hesitated to answer immediately. She looked nervous for a moment. Noticing this, Venezuela smiled and said “It’s fine to speak the truth. The worse that could happen is that I will slap you, but that’s only the worst. So go ahead and say it.”


Lakshman looked at her indignantly and said “Vena, you don’t sound reassuring at all… Anyway, Erza. I assure you nothing will happen to you by telling me.”


“Um… Okay,” Erza said and her shoulders slumped in resignation. “You’re right in thinking like that. Yes. You did come to my world due to… uh… certain circumstances, which I don’t want to say right now due to, you know, the future and all.”


“I see. Now it makes sense why you seem to know so much about me,” Lakshman said as he slowly nodded his head at her.


“Um… What was the circumstance that Lucky ended up in your world?” Venezuela asked curiously.


“Well…” Erza began hesitantly.


Fortunately for her, she did not have the need to say anything more because, at that moment, there was a loud bang as something solid knocked into their Earth Barricade. A moment later, several more slammed into it and shook it, much to their surprise and alarm.


“W-What’s going on?!” Venezuela cried out in surprise.


“We’re being bombarded!” Erza said in a panicked voice.


Lakshman scowled at them and said “Girls… Will you please hurry up and heal me already?”


From his annoyed tone, they were abruptly brought back to reality. Apologizing to him, they quickly concentrated on healing his wounded left arm. While they were doing that, he focused his attention on what was happening outside.


“Phoenix Eyes!” he muttered quietly.


In an instant, his red crown shaped eyes glowed brightly and his vision zoomed out of the barricade. Outside, he clearly saw a bombardment of rocks raining from the sky. He watched as Ondine continued destroyed all the rocks that she could with her Flash Blades technique, Emilia creating stone pillars that swung around to destroy the rocks and Tetra using her Infinity Blades technique with one hand and Stab Swords with the other.


“That’s quite the struggle they are facing…” he thought as he witnessed the struggle they were going through.


He looked up to where the Demon Slayer was and noticed the techniques she was employing to quickly rain down rocks.


“Hmm… I see… She’s using Meteor Shower with Meteor Stream; Meteor Shower to rain down the large rocks out of the portals and Meteor Stream to increase the speed at which they were released. Damn… Both are King ranked techniques, no wonder the girls can’t get near the sword to strike back.”


Just then, he witnessed Emilia aim her staff towards where the Demon Slayer was and shout “Stone Driver!”


In an instant, large rocks gathered together to create a large heavily spinning stone. Then, with a pressure of her power, the drilling rock blasted up into the air and destroyed the falling rocks. He watched the drilling rock rocket upward and straight towards where the Demon Slayer was, floating in mid-air next to her many Meteor Shower portals.


His eyes widened when the Demon Slayer pointed its blade towards the incoming attack and glowed slightly. The next moment, a black circular shape opened up in front of her and the drilling rock soared straight into it. Once the black circular thing vanished, he saw a similar black circular shape materialise right near where Emilia stood. It widened and the drilling rock soared out and headed straight towards her.


Emilia turned around and he noticed the shock in her face when she saw her own attack soaring back at her. Under normal circumstances, he knew she would immediately activate Earth Blockade to stop and destroy the technique, but he saw her panic and immediately knew she missed her chance to activate the spell.


He sighed and muttered “Sorry, War Titan, but I’m going to use one of your techniques.”


So he gathered his energy, focused his attention on the drilling rock and said as he clicked his finger “Breaker.”


In an instant, there was an explosion of rocks as the drilling rock exploded into pieces. The tiny pieces harmlessly showered onto Emilia, but it left her feeling a little shaky. Seeing her standing there with a lost expression on her face, he knew that being so close to death caused her to lose some will to fight.


He closed his eyes and muttered “Telepathy!”


Venezuela and Erza heard him and knew he was dealing with things on the outside. So they simply concentrated on healing his arm while feeling reassured that he was concentrating on keeping everyone safe. They also fell silent as they knew he was about to speak telepathically to the intended people.


With his attention focused on Emilia, he said “Emilia! Stop goofing off and focus on fighting back! I’ve got your back!”


At the sudden words spoken in her mind, she appeared to be startled. Then she realised to whom the voice belonged to and she spoke aloud and her words were heard in his mind.


“S-Sorry, but that quite scared me.”


“I know and that’s okay. Now go on and fight without fear because I’m here! I’ve got your back!” he said reassuringly.




With a single nod, he focused his attention towards Ondine and said “Ondine! You are doing a really amazing job! Keep at it because, once I’m out, I will make sure to deal with that crazy sword!”


Hearing his complementing and reassuring words, she smiled and shouted aloud, but her shout was also heard in his mind.


“You got it, Lucky!”


With another nod, he turned his attention towards Tetra and said “Tetra! You’re doing superb, but don’t overexert yourself. I will still need your help once I’m all healed!”


He heard her laugh and say “No need to worry, master. I’m the Phoenix Blade! This much is nothing, but a warm up for me!”


Lakshman snorted and said “Yeah, right! Stop exaggerating and don’t over do it!”




With a final nod, he opened his eyes to look at the two girls in front of him. He could see them concentrating really hard to quicken the healing process. For their effort, he raised his right hand and patted each of their heads for a moment to save his energy; Healing Force only restores wounds back to normal, but does not restore lost energy of the victim.


“Almost done, Lucky,” Venezuela said softly without looking at him, but appreciating the pat on her head.


“Does it still hurt?” Erza asked in a voice of concern.


He smiled at her and said “Being in the hands of two wonderful ladies does indeed make me feel better.”


“Again, you’ve become quite the flattering person,” Venezuela said with a blushing face, which made him grin broadly.


It took the two girls nearly three minutes to heal his wound. During that time, Lakshman kept observing the things going on outside and constantly activating his magic spells to defend the girls on the outside.


Along with Meteor Shower and Meteor Stream, the Demon Slayer also used techniques such as Dark Blade to cut them with long range, Crystal Shower that rained crystals on top of them, Dark Chaos to unleash dark ghost like apparitions that sucked out the victim’s life energy and Death Scythe that caused an illusionary moment where all victims become frozen with fear upon witnessing the apparition of a blood soaked scythe.


The girls easily countered Dark Blade and Crystal Shower with their individual techniques. Only for Dark Chaos and Death Scythe was where Lakshman had to activate his magic to deal with them; he used Flash Glare to destroy the dark ghostly apparitions and Visionary Force to force all focus and attention towards where he was, protected beneath his Earth Barricade, disabling the spell in the process.


With the healing finally complete, the girls sat up straight and turned to smile at him. He took this as a hint to mean that they finally completed in healing his wound. So he gently lifted his left arm and checked to see that the deep wound was gone. The skin appeared to be normal and he felt no pain anymore, which meant that they succeeded in healing him.


“What’s the plan, Lucky? How are you going to obtain the Demon Slayer?” Erza asked curiously.


Venezuela made a “Hmph!” noise with her mouth and said “That sword is more trouble than it’s worth. If it’s going to self-destruct and kill everyone here, then I think it’s best you destroy it right here and now! I mean, why bother to go to such lengths just to keep it with you when it’s so desperately trying to die?”


Lakshman, who had been using his Phoenix Eyes technique to look at how quickly the Demon Slayer was glowing in red light, deactivated the spell and looked at them. He had expected this sort of response from the both of them and already had a reply ready to give them.


“There isn’t much time so I can’t explain about it right now, but I need the Demon Slayer! It is essential for the future and, again, I will explain everything once we get through this!” Lakshman said as he forestalled any further questions from them.


Venezuela sighed and asked “Fine, but that still leaves the problem of what you’re going to do about our current situation. How are you going to make her yours? Last time I checked, the Astral Contract technique failed.”


At those words, he nodded and said “It connected, but she was extremely strong and blasted me back. Now I have the perfect solution to acquire her.”


His vague words caused Venezuela to look irritated as she said “Oh please… Stop leaving us with your vague words!”


Lakshman laughed and said “You’re know soon enough, but first… I will need to use Blasting Shockwave. It will create as much dust, wind and force while also becoming the perfect distraction to get you girls to safety. From here on, I’m going to have to be as brutal as possible with her to weaken her as much as possible! Right now, she’s powering up to self-destruct by using high end techniques on us. So brace yourselves!”


Understanding his words and, upon hearing his commanding words, they saw his eyes glow brighter with red light. Realising that he was about to activate his technique, the girls closed their eyes and put their heads down.


Lakshman’s red crown shaped eyes glowed so bright that his whole eyes looked bright red. The next instance, there was a powerful surge of energy as he began to radiate in golden-red aura. He clenched his fists tightly, gritted his teeth and began screaming as the power was unleashed.




There was a sudden flash of light and, with great force, the Earth Barricade was blasted into smithereens as a wave of wind and force was unleashed. It swept through the air and spread everywhere as it raised a cloud of dust that covered everything in sight. The wind began to swirl around and formed into a dome shape around where they were. Everyone, on the outside, could only gape in shock at the rising dome shaped dust as the wind rotated around it.



I’m still on vacation, but I felt restless to not write this chapter out. So I spent a few days writing this out and now finally decided to post it when I got an opportunity to use the internet (spent the last week or so without internet). Anyway, I’ll be returning around next week and my schedule should return to normal πŸ™‚


Also, from here on out, I believe the length of chapters will increase with all the action, drama and dialogues that go with it. I hope it will not be a problem for most people!


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