Lakshman vs. Two Dragon Kings



Lakshman charged towards the Fire Dragon King and the Earth Dragon King with surging power. While he raced towards them, he thought up a plan and he shared it with Tetra and Silvera.


“These two are working together and that’s creating a problem for me. I thought I would be able to handle them both at the same time, but I was wrong. With the amount of energy that I lost in my battle against Silvera, I doubt I can keep going forever like this and I doubt those two will give me the opportunity to use Healing Harmony on myself.”


Silvera, shocked at his words, began to apologise frantically, “I’m sorry, master! I’m truly sorry for causing you so much trouble! I was such an impudent stupid being that caused you so much trouble! Please, punish me, curse me hate me for all you like, because I deserve—!”


“Ah…! Stop apologising! Also, stop attacking yourself! Seriously, it won’t do us any good if you go into such a panic right now,” Lakshman told her sternly.


“Master’s right, Silvera. What is the past, is the past and there’s no point worrying about what’s been done in the past right now. Instead, let’s focus on working together in the present and in the future.”


Silvera, snorted slightly before saying, “Y-Yes… I shall obey your will, Tetra and master.”


“How the heck did ‘working together’ imply you obey our will?” Lakshman thought in exasperation.


“She’ll get used to it in time, master. In the meantime, focus on the attack,” Tetra told him firmly.


“Right, but first: I’ll knock the Fire Dragon King away to give me room. Then, I can freely attack the Earth Dragon King when their teamwork is broken.”


“Good, but be careful, master. Although the Fire Dragon King certainly looks like the leader here, I get the feeling the Earth Dragon King is wiser than him and that makes him a tough opponent.”


“Yes, I’m aware of it as well and I understand your concern, but don’t worry. I’ll tread cautiously with my battle against them.”


As he reached them, he charged up both of his blades with strong Energy Force. Then, as he ducked and avoided the sword swings of the two Dragon Kings, he landed a heavy blow on the Fire Dragon King and sent him flying into the distance.


The Fire Dragon King flew away and Lakshman turned around to do battle against the Earth Dragon King. Gurret widened his eyes slightly when he saw his partner get sent flying into the distance. He instantly narrowed his eyes and quickly went on to attack the Phoenix Titan.




Lakshman let out a word aloud in surprise when he quickly dodged the sword attacks from the Earth Dragon King. After quickly avoiding several of the strikes, Lakshman went on the attack and they began their speedy sword battles against each other. Each clash caused an eruption of sparks to exhibit from their swords as they made contact against one another.


Gurret suddenly leapt back and landed a few meters away. Then, he raised his leg and stomped the ground as he mentally activated a magic spell.


“Smashing Grounds!”


In an instant, the ground began erupt into pieces from beneath as a powerful shockwave occurred. This caused Lakshman to stumble from the ground that was destroying itself.


“Damn! Did he use Smashing Grounds? I can’t stand here then because the ground’s suddenly become difficult to fight on!” Lakshman thought as he realised the fact.


With no choice, he leapt into the air and charged towards the Earth Dragon King, who was looking at him with his swords raised. Then, with another tap on the ground with his leg, he activated another spell in his mind.


“Stone Edge!”


In an instant, a gigantic stone wall grew out of the ground from behind him. It came out at an angle and it increased its length as it headed straight towards Lakshman. With quick reflexes, Lakshman set his foot on the pillar and jumped over it before it could do him any harm. Sailing through the air, he safely landed behind where the Earth Dragon King stood.


Gurret saw that he avoided the Stone Edge technique and he simply placed his right hand on the flat surface of the stone wall. With a simple push, the stone wall was pushed into a complete ninety-degree angle before it began falling down on Lakshman.


“Crap!” Lakshman yelled and he jumped out of the way, just in time to avoid the impact.


Lakshman stared at the fallen stone wall in shock and turned to look menacingly at the Earth Dragon King. His eyes widened when he saw Gurret holding his sword in his direction while several small missiles, made totally of rock, hovered next him. Then, with a surge of his power and the missiles sped away towards Lakshman at high speed.


“Gah! Now he’s using Stone Rockets!” Lakshman said out loud in shock.


“Master! Defence!” Silvera said quickly in a worried voice.


“I know!” Lakshman replied and he readied his swords for the attack.


The small missiles of rock headed straight towards him and as soon as they reached him, began destroying them with his swords. One by one, Lakshman smashed the rocks into pieces as he moved at incredible speeds to destroy them all without getting injured. Once they were all destroyed, Lakshman activated a magic technique of his own to fire at the Earth Dragon King.


“Dark Blast!” he shouted as he prepared to use the Demon Slayer.


He pointed the Demon Slayer in the direction of the Earth Dragon King and fired a jet of black energy. As it soared towards Gurret, he instantly reacted by raised his right hand and aiming it towards the incoming attack. The next moment, walls of stone grew out of the ground in front of him like a shield. Seven stone walls rose out of the ground and shielded the Earth Dragon King from the attack.


Lakshman’s Dark Blast soared straight through four of the seven stone walls. As it smashed through them, the attack gradually became weaker until it could not penetrate through the fifth wall. This surprised Lakshman because he believed them to be ordinary stone walls, which would have been easily destroyed by his attack.


“Don’t tell me he used… Majestic Walls? Stone walls in structure, but have magic properties that weaken the strength of an attack upon impact. Then, there’s also the additional barrier that it creates to defend against imminent danger. Dang… I really am facing trouble if he can use that technique,” he thought unhappily.


“Don’t give up hope, master. I’m sure we can still win if we put our full efforts in defeating him,” Silvera said encouragingly. “We just need to smash them up.”


Lakshman smiled and said, “Haha. Smash them up. Thanks, Silvera. That’s just the thing I was looking for.”


“You’re welcome,” she told him without understanding what he meant.


Lakshman straightened up as Gurret walked out from behind the stone walls he created. With a wave of his hand, he disabled the technique and the walls crumbled into small pieces. Lakshman began to slowly walk towards him with his head down to avoid showing him his expression. He slowly increased his pace and eventually it turned a run as he prepared the next technique.


“Earth Blasting Wave!” he shouted aloud.


As he shouted, he raised his swords above his head and swung them down to smash the ground with them. With a powerful force and the slicing wave that he generated, he created a wave of devastating force that rocketed towards while destroying the ground as it travelled. Anything in its path was destroyed as a wave of wind, force, energy and rocks.


Gurret simply stood there without using any technique. Then, he pulled his arm back and delivered a powerful punch at the destructive wave as it reached him. For a moment, there was a struggle, but it was over in an instant as the wave exploded into a wide spread dust and debris as rocks flew in all directions.


“What was he thinking in using that Sage ranked attack? Did he not know our dragon scales empower us in beating such a small attack?” Gurret thought curiously as the dust slowly cleared.


At that moment, he saw the shadow of Lakshman as he erupted out of the dust and headed straight for him. Reacting quickly, Gurret raised his hand and began rocks off the ground in Lakshman’s direction. Lakshman quickly dodged them by releasing a wave of wind out of his mouth.


He soared past Gurret and landed before quickly turning around and aiming his sword at Gurret’s body. There was a clanging sound as his sword hit Gurret’s hard dragon scales, but did not penetrate. As it turned out, his dragon scales were well equipped to handle simple sword cuts like that. Without hesitation, Gurret swung his sword at Lakshman’s body and cut Lakshman down from the shoulders.


At first, Gurret thought he succeeded in defeating the Phoenix Titan, when Lakshman’s body suddenly exploded into smoke. Raising his eyes in surprise, he looked around as he sensed the presence of numerous opponents around him. It became clear once the dust cleared and he saw, to his surprise, more than a hundred Lakshman’s standing around.


There were a hundred of Lakshman and they were standing around while wielding both the Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer. They were also smiling with confidence as they confused Gurret before speaking to him.


“What’s wrong, Earth Dragon King? Can’t tell who’s the real one among us?” all of them asked at the same time.


Gurret had widened in his eyes in surprise, but he quickly shook his head to clear away all doubts. He knew that doubts, in this situation, would be fatal as the army of Lakshmans charged towards him.


Without hesitation, he began cutting down each and every one of them, only for them to explode in a puff of smoke. He quickly gathered that they might look real, but they were all just illusions of the original that Lakshman had created to disorient him.


“Must be the One Man Army magic technique. I hear, he’s famous for constantly relying on illusionary techniques to win his battles. Well then, it’s time I show him how wrong he is to rely on such a stupid method of fighting,” Gurret thought confidently.


As a wave of Lakshmans charged towards him, he raised his sword high in the air and brought it down at great force. This created a slicing wave of energy that was sent in a certain direction and the wave destroyed almost all the illusionary copies of Lakshman.


Lakshman watched Gurret sending wave after wave of slicing energy in all directions, he thought, “I can see what he’s got in mind, but he’s going to have to learn quickly to not leave himself so wide open!”


“Yes, but be careful, master,” Tetra warned him.


“I know.”


The army of Lakshmans charged forward and began attacking the Earth Dragon King. Gurret cut down the illusionary copies of Lakshman, but received sword strikes in other places on his body as Lakshman attacked him in waves. At each cut, he realised he was unable to do much damage due to how strong those scales were.


“Damn. Seems like those scales are not just for decoration of skin and I always thought dragon scales were just for show. From how hard they are, they might as well be well developed armouring that protects their owners. Mmm… I’ve got no choice! Time to attack with magic!”


With that, he began using Earth Rockets at the Earth Dragon King. It did a bit of damage as he saw trails of blood slowly flowing out of Gurret’s body.


Lakshman soon began to feel drained from the amount of energy he was using up. He had been in the Power Mode for a while and was using strong techniques to hurt the Earth Dragon King, but to no avail. He realised he was losing the necessary energy to continue fighting like this.


“Master, I believe you should switch back to normal mode. Power Mode is simply rapidly sucking up your energy,” Tetra told him warningly.


“I know, but I was able to repel them this long only because I was in Power Mode. If I was in Normal Mode, it would’ve turned deadly with the kind of attacks they are using against me,” Lakshman told her while he continued attacking.


“Even so, you should listen to reason–!”


Tetra’s voice was suddenly cut off as Lakshman was suddenly hurled into the air by a shocking attack. Getting frustrated by the attacks and waves of illusions, Gurret stomped his feet on the ground. There was a moment where the ground shook slightly. Then, large spikes of earth erupted out of the ground and hit all the illusion copies of Lakshman.


Hit by the sudden spikes of earth from the ground, Lakshman saw all of his illusions disappear to reveal where he was. In an instant, he realised what had happened and felt annoyed about it.


“Damn! He used Earth Spikes and it certainly has a really damaging effect on anyone it hurts. What’s more was how quickly he activated it and instantly had it attack us without delays. Normally, it would take a few seconds before activation and if it had, I would’ve had the chance to evade it.”

“Damn… He’s seriously skilled in Wordless Incantation,” Silvera said in his mind in an unhappy voice.


“Yeah, but he’s not able to speak. It’s only obvious that he masters the difficult process of using spells without words, which is naturally to execute them in your mind completely,” Lakshman informed her.


Just then, he sensed something strange heading in his direction. He turned in mid-air and saw, to his shock, a bright red fireball.


Widening his eyes in shock, he said, “Oh no! Nova Ball! Crap!”


Before he could do anything, he was hit by a heavy ball of burning flames.


“AAAAAAAAHHH!!!” he screamed from the intense pain he felt as it seared his skin.


The force of the ball propelled itself towards the ground several meters away. Then, as it landed, there was a mighty explosion that sent a force of wild wind and energy in all directions. Gurret, the Earth Dragon King, got buffeted by the strong winds, but he held his ground with sheer force and strength. Then, as the wind settled, he sensed someone land near him.


“Where were you this whole time?” Gurret demanded telepathically as he spoke to his partner, the Fire Dragon King, Fizard.


Fizard looked unhappy as he said, “Sorry, but the Phoenix Titan blasted me into a faraway place. As it turned out, I went sailing out of Mardana’s capital before crashing. That was painful because I landed on my head, but luckily my scales protected. After that, it took me a while to recover from the shock to come assist you.”


Gurret looked at his partner with a raised eyebrow and telepathically said, “Seriously. You were taking a nap while I was busily fighting the Phoenix Titan,”


Fizard quickly waved his hands in indignation and said, “No! I wasn’t sleeping or anything. I just needed some time to recover from the impact to get back here. That’s why, I launched my powerful Nova Ball at him, which worked like a charm.”


“Nova Ball… Remind me again what we’re supposed to be doing?”


“Huh? What do you mean?”


“We’re trying to acquire the Demon Slayer, correct?”


“Uh… Yes.”


“Then… Didn’t you consider what Nova Ball might do if you released it with full power?”


“Oh… Oops.”


“’Oops’ doesn’t cut it, idiot! Damn! Your carefreeness is what worries me because you do this!”


“Sorry, but I’m sure the Demon Slayer would be fine from just that.”


“You better hope so because the Demon Emperor told us specifically to capture her, not destroy her.”


“Y-Yeah…” Fizard said and he suddenly looked nervous.


At that moment, they felt the ground beneath them beginning to shake. The shaking slowly became violent as pebbles and rocks began dancing on the shaking ground all around them.


“W-What’s going on?” Fizard asked as he looked around.


Suddenly, the both of them felt a surging of power as it sky rocketed. It was the kind of power they were familiar with as they were put under submission by the power of the Demon Emperor. For one fear moment, they thought the Demon Emperor was there when they immediately realised that was a foolish thought. The Demon Emperor would be very busy with the work he had to handle back at the Dragon Clan’s home.


Just then, there was a violent explosion and a burst of energy as Lakshman came out while screaming wildly.




He was surging with power and was sending a great shocking force in all directions. The force of the wind and energy buffeted against the two Dragon Kings. The entire area was being shaken violently by the great energy that Lakshman was releasing and the power he was surging with.


“What the hell?!” Fizard shouted as he and Gurret were forced to fight against the powerful force of the winds.


Lakshman, scream as loud as he could with the great power that he was unleashing. He was very angry from the last attack because it not only seared him, but also caused pain to both Tetra and Silvera. This angered him very much and it was in that instant that he chose to destroy the two Dragon Kings.


He flashed his eyes open and instantly disappeared as he sped towards where the two Dragon Kings were standing. They saw him coming and immediately prepared themselves for a battle, however, a battle was not what Lakshman had in mind.


With powerful force, he punched the Fire Dragon King in the gut, causing him to feel intense pain and widen his eyes in surprise. Then, with the force of impact, he was sent flying away, but Lakshman raced after him at great speed.


Catching up to him, Lakshman began beating the black and blue out of the Fire Dragon King in a nonstop close combat fighting style. This was because he was employing Blazing Fists and Fighting Frenzy in a nonstop attack. Fizard became riddled with the powerful blows on his body that Lakshman inflicted with each blow and was unable to retaliate against it.


After landing the final blow on Fizard, Lakshman grabbed the Fire Dragon King by the legs and lifted him into the air before swinging him down to slam him hard on the ground. Fizard let out a groan from the force of impact, but it was not finished because Lakshman lifted him into the air again by his left. Then, with even more force, slammed him hard into the ground. The force of impact was so strong that Fizard sunk into the ground.


Fizard moaned painfully, but Lakshman did not stop there. He bent down and grabbed the Fire Dragon King by the neck tightly. While struggling under the chocking sensation, Lakshman lifted him until Fizard was in a standing position. Fizard opened his eyes barely and saw the great anger in Lakshman’s eyes.


With great strength, Lakshman tossed him into the air and Fizard flew through the air like a flailing doll that had no will of its own. Then, as the Fire Dragon King slowly came back down, Lakshman took a fighting stance and unleashed his right fist as he shouted out the magic technique he was about to use.


“Fire Dragon’s Blast Force!”


When Lakshman’s fist made contact on the Fire Dragon King’s body, his entire body exploded in a blaze of flames of destruction. Then, a powerful force was applied to the punch and it blasted the flaming Fizard into the air. The Fire Dragon King screamed in agony as the scorching flames of destruction began to cook him alive.


Through all the pain, Fizard could only think of one thing as he flew through the air.


“How does he know my technique?”


Lakshman watched the Fire Dragon King flailing wildly as he was blasted away and then turned around. He saw the Earth Dragon King charging towards him as he rushed to the rescue of his partner.


Seeing him coming towards him, Lakshman began nodding his head as he roughly said, “Yes, yes. I’m coming for you. You’re next!”


He kicked off the ground and soared over the ground before instantly appearing in front of Gurret. Shocked at seeing the Phoenix Titan suddenly in front of him, he tried up put up his defence, but Lakshman was faster than him.


He extended his right hand out and firmly grabbed the face of the Earth Dragon King. Then, with great force, he pushed Gurret back while propelling himself with him. Lakshman swung Gurret down and smashed his head against the ground, which got dragged for several meters due to the speed of their movement.


Once they finally came to a stop, Lakshman lifted the shocked Earth Dragon King and began beating him up as he did to the Fire Dragon King. As he punched him, Gurret realised Lakshman was using a special technique called the Dragon Piercing. It was a technique that was originally used by the dragon clan to destroy defences of armours and equipment, but it was also be used to pierce through their armour like scaly skin to deal damage.


While getting beaten up badly without being able to retaliate, Gurret thought, “How… How does he know that technique? We’ve never shared that information with anyone and I doubt the Razzel shared it either since that would expose one of his own weaknesses.”


After delivering strong punches to Gurret’s body, Lakshman began swinging him around and smashing him on the ground. He did this several times and Gurret began to bleed from the multiple wounds that Lakshman had inflicted on him.


Gurret suddenly reversed the grip on Lakshman’s hand and got away. He quickly raised his hand and pointed it in Lakshman’s direction, as the Phoenix Titan slowly turned around.


“Stone Dragon Cannon!”


Multiple rocks quickly formed in front of him to form a lethal looking stone cannon. Then, with pressure from his power, he launched it and sent it directly at Lakshman. As Lakshman turned around, he took the stone cannon directly in the face, which exploded into rocks and dust and fell everywhere.


“Did it work?” he thought nervously as the dust slowly cleared.


As the dust cleared to bring the view back to normal, he widened his eyes in shock. Lakshman was glaring at him angrily as blood slowly trickled down his face from taking the full force of the magic attack. However, it did not seem to have done any more damage than just make Lakshman angrier.


“Impressive… Stone Dragon Cannon…” Lakshman said slowly, which surprised Gurret because he did not know how Lakshman had known the name of that technique. “Since you went to the length of using one of your strongest, I’ll retaliate with one of your strongest techniques!”


“What?!” Gurret thought in shock. “What does he mean ‘one of my own strongest techniques,’ meaning he knows about my other techniques? How? How does he know them?!”


Gurret did not back away, but he became fearful and he immediately tried to use another attack. Unfortunately for him, Lakshman got to there and used one on him instead.


Lakshman quickly moved towards Gurret and began beating him up again to rattle him. Once he hit him several times, Lakshman pulled the two of his arms back with his fists clenched. Then, he launched them and landed his two fists into the Earth Dragon King’s scaly body as he shouted the technique aloud.


“Earth Dragon’s Blast Force!”


There was a shocking impact that made Gurret’s eyes to widen in shock. Then he screamed in as he was blasted by an immense force into the distance.


As he sailed away, he thought, “Ah! My technique! He does know my techniques!”


Gurret sailed a lot of meters before finally hitting the ground, but did not stop there. He continued to sail backwards while bouncing several times on the ground before finally crashing to a stop. For a moment, he was in a daze and pain as he slowly looked around where he was. He was surprised to find that he had landed only meters away from where his partner, the Fire Dragon King, had landed.


Telepathically, he asked his partner, “Hey… Can you get up?”


“S-Sure can…” Fizard said roughly.


It took them several minutes to get back to their feet, but were unsteady due to the amount of damage they took. In less than five minutes, Lakshman had delivered so many blows and used their own powerful techniques against them to hurt them this badly. Straightening up, they looked around and saw that Lakshman was breathing heavily as he was quickly running low on energy due to the sudden release of a lot of his energy in a bursting force.


“Wow! He’s certainly the Phoenix Titan!” Fizard said appraisingly. “Even though he is running low on energy and bleeding from the damage he took from the battle, he still hasn’t given up.”


“I doubt he will give up now that it’s come down to this,” Gurret told him in his mind.


“You’re right,” Fizard said and the two of them prepared for battle.


Lakshman pulled out the sword of Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer from the belt that he had attached them to. Charging them up with strong Energy Force, he rocketed towards the two Dragon Kings. They were surprised when he suddenly disappeared and reappeared directly in front of them.


“What the?!” Fizard shouted in a shocked voice.


Fizard and Gurret desperately began defending themselves against the relentless attacks that Lakshman delivered with his swords. Although he running low on energy and strength, his dual wielding did not suffer and he fought them with brilliant precision.


Several times, Fizard attempted to activate the Contract Canceller, but Lakshman instantly used Infinity Step to get away from him as Gurret moved to attack him. Numerous times, the three of them used magic techniques at each other while dodging each other, but were unable to inflict anymore damage on each other.


It seemed the two Dragon Kings have recovered from the initial shock of being attack by Lakshman. Now, the tidal of the battle turned in their favour as Lakshman began to lose focus. His mind began to drift and it needed the support of both Tetra and Silvera to make him constantly concentrate on the battle.


Finally, realising he was going to lose, he thought, “I’ve only got one more shot at using my energy. I’ll use the only powerful technique that I know right now. I’m certainly it won’t kill those two idiotic dragons, but I’m left with no choice!”


“Master, please stop fighting recklessly! Your health will get affected by pushing yourself so much!” Tetra told him in a concerned voice.


“She’s right. You need to calm down and get out of the Power Mode because it’s draining you very quickly!” Silvera told him in a worried voice.


He smiled inwardly and thought, “I appreciate the concern, but let’s deal with that once I do this!”


Lakshman quickly increased the speed of his swings and surprised the two Dragon Kings. They were pushed back momentarily and that as when Lakshman pulled his swords back and tossed them high into the air. As expected, both Fizard and Gurret’s attention was diverted as they looked up at the thrown swords.


Seeing this, Lakshman smiled and muttered, “Fools always get distracted by the simplest things.”


Taking advantage of their sudden distraction, he moved forward and placed a hand on each of them; his right hand on Fizard’s waist while he placed his left hand on Gurret’s waist. Feeling the sensation of something touching them, they looked down and saw Lakshman’s smiling face as he prepared to blast them away.




In a slow motion, both Dragon Kings widened their eyes in shock and Fizard opened his mouth to shout. At that moment, a blue light quickly gathered in the palms of Lakshman’s hands and unleashed the mighty power at them.


The energy was released in a mighty beam cannon that engulfed the two Dragon Kings. It soared in the opposite directions of each other and travelled several meters while creating a deep groove on the ground. Then, as it reached a certain point, the energy erupted in a mighty explosion. The shockwave that was created by the explosion sent a wild force of wind and dust in all directions, buffeting everyone and everything in its path.


A few seconds later, the wind slowly began to settle down, but the dust remained floating in the air and blurred everything in sight. Lakshman was seen standing with his arms outstretched in either directions of releasing his powerful attack. He was also breathing rapidly while trying to stay standing, but his depleted energy defeated him.


Finally giving in to his weakened state, he heavily knelt down while continuing to breathe heavily. Just then, there his two swords came soaring down while spinning periodically in a circular motion. They hit the surface and pierced their blades into the ground, just in front of him. At that same time, he closed his eyes as he immediately switched from Power Mode to Normal Mode.


Lakshman sighed and weakly said, “That’s much better… I can breathe a little more easily now…”


“Good,” Tetra said shortly in a relieved voice in his mind.


“By the way, what happened to the two of them?” Silvera asked curiously in his mind.


“Well… I know they aren’t dead because I feel their life force, however, I don’t believe they are—!”


Before he could finish, he heard voices of the one Dragon Kings as he slowly grew closer to him. Along with him, his partner also came closer to where Lakshman was kneeling on the ground, exhausted from the prolonged battle of using a lot of his energy.


“Dang! That was a heavy attack he used on us! Don’t you agree, Gurret?”




“On top of that, he distracted us by throwing his swords high into the air. Seriously! It’s stupid of us to look away for something so simple!”




“By the way, you okay after receiving such a powerful attack?”




The dust cleared and brought the two Dragon Kings into view. The both of them were covered from head to feet in dust while bleeding from the several wounds on their bodies. However, it seemed they were unaffected by it as they stopped to look down at the weakened state that Lakshman was in.


“Damn…! They’re still awake?” Lakshman asked in a low voice in disbelief. “That was Position Cannon for crying out loud! Geez! Just how strong is their armoured bodies? No wonder everyone above the Sage ranked don’t wear armours in the Dragon Clan.”


“They are ridiculously strong!” Silvera exclaimed in his mind.


“Yeah, but I think it might’ve been the other way around with them saying how ridiculously strong I was,” Lakshman thought before chuckling unhappily.


“Well, then. Phoenix Titan. I believe it’s about time you surrendered peacefully. You’re drained of your energy and you don’t have the strength to continue to fight with us. We’re not taking anything you did to us personally because this was a battle, but we will seriously beat you down and take what we came for if it comes to it,” Fizard told him in a confident voice.


Tetra got angry and said, “How arrogant of him to speak like that!”


“He’s confident that I won’t retaliate and that’s where he’s getting the confidence from,” Lakshman thought in exasperation. Then, aloud, he said, “If you’re so strong, come down here and try me!”


Fizard snorted and said, “Seriously… The Dragon Emperor was right about you. You’re so stubborn to the point you won’t go down without a fight! Then, to his Gurret, he said, “Let’s finish this!”


Gurret nodded at him and the two Dragon Kings charged towards where Lakshman was. While kneeling, Lakshman tried to activate a magic spell, but suddenly felt extremely dizzy and threatened to fall over. He realised he was so depleted of all the necessary energy that he would risk leaving himself to death if he used anymore.


“Stuck…! For once, I am seriously stuck…!” he muttered angrily and he gripped the ground in sheer anger.


Just as the two Dragon Kings charged towards him to attack, he heard a loud voice shout, “Storm Blades!”


In an instant, he heard the clanging sound of multiple blades swarming through the air. The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by a wall of swords that created a circular protective wall against the attack of the Fire Dragon King and Earth Dragon King.


“Huh? What’s this?” Lakshman asked as he looked around.


The swords continued to rotate around him, which created a wall of swords. He looked up and was astonished to see the wall of swords towered over everything and seemed to go as far as the eye could see.


“Um… Tetra, is this you’re doing?”


In his mind, he heard Tetra said, “No, mater. Storm Blades is not one of my techniques. I only have Infinity Blades and I am unable to perfectly use them like this. However, this technique does belong to another Sacred Spirit and she belongs to another member of Nine Pillars of Power.”


“T-Then… Does this mean…?” Lakshman said slowly.


He suddenly felt the presence of someone standing behind him and he quickly looked around to see a young man standing there. The young man was around his mid-twenties and appeared to be really strong, judging from the well-shaped body. He was standing there while wearing casual wear and was smiling as he looked down at Lakshman.


“Greeting, my friend. I, the Allay of Justice, have come to save you,” the man said in an energetic voice.


Lakshman raised an eyebrow and said, “Sure… but that doesn’t explain anything about you. I think greeting someone with your true name, instead of going by the title you gave yourself, is a good idea.”


The young man, proclaiming himself as the Allay of Justice, chuckled and extended his hand out for Lakshman as he introduced himself to him.


“My name is Dominic Rutherford. I bear the title of the Sword Titan. I have come to help you, Phoenix Titan, my friend.”

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    Does that mean that that sacred spirit is a lot stronger than Tetra? Or due to Tetra being not able to remember all of her past her power is limited?

    • Vijay Kakani on July 17, 2015 at 9:24 pm said:

      Due to Tetra not being able to remember all of her past, her power is limited. This is a simultaneous event that caused the four Phoenix Seals to be placed on him and her memory lock that took place 8000 years ago.

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