End of Razzel



Lakshman and Dominic Ruther, the Sword Titan, flew through the air while radiating in their respective Elemental Glow; Lakshman radiated golden-red aura and Dominic radiated golden aura. They were flying towards the battle location of the three Dragon Kings, where the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, was waging a full on battle against the Fire Dragon King, Fizard, and the Earth Dragon King, Gurret.


As they flew through the air, Lakshman looked ahead and saw bursts of energies and explosions from time to time. The sound of the battle was also heard as the wind carried it while making howling sounds in their ears.


Dominic looked towards where the battle was taking place and hear how severe the situation was. All three Dragon Kings were battling it out with great intensity and it made him feel worried. He was confident in his skills to take on all three of them, but he was lost as to what Lakshman wanted to do with them.


“I wonder what the Phoenix Titan wants to do to them once we get there?” he wondered curiously.


He curiously turned his head and looked at Lakshman, who was flying slightly ahead of him.


Lakshman, for his part was wearing a serious expression as he sensed the battle ahead. It angered him, not because the Dragon Kings were fighting each other, but the fact that Razzel did not appear to have repented.


“Damn, bastard! He hasn’t learnt his lesson, even after being turned into a crystallised monster!” he thought angrily.


Silvera sighed and said in his mind, “I wouldn’t destroyed him when I had the chance. Now, he is being a nuisance to everyone.”


“I believe we should sympathise with Razzel’s feelings. I mean, he did everything to become the strongest and to make the Dragon Clan recognise his obtained strength,” Tetra said in a wondering voice.


Lakshman was shocked by what Tetra said and he asked, “Tetra… Are you, by any chance, supporting him? Is that what makes you think of him by his actions?”


Tetra sensed the anger in his voice and said, “Master, I don’t believe using our feelings is the right decision in matters such as these. We should see the wider picture than the closed in information that we have of him.”


Lakshman understood the point Tetra was making, but he simply could not bring himself to feel the way she was feeling about Razzel.


“I’m sorry, Tetra, but I just can’t think that way and it’s nothing to do with feelings. I simply cannot accept the atrocities that man has conducted for the sake of his revenge. He killed people and used their souls to recover the permanently lost energy from the constant use of Time Crystals.

He was responsible for the destruction of Sevedant’s entire family and many death. Imagine how furious Sevedant would be if he had heard what you just told me, Tetra! He’d be so furious that he’d want to destroy you, thinking you are Razzel’s supporter.”


Tetra did not respond because there was no need for it. She felt unhappy from the fact that he was thinking in cold blood about killing someone, regardless of whether that person was good or evi.


“Anyway, he used me like a test subject to experiment on by allying himself with Adebola. Do you know the kind of torture I had to endure these days that I was kidnapped and held up here while wearing Suppression Rings? How helpless I felt when I had to slaughter monsters that I had nothing against in the name of Adebola’s sick sense of entertainment? He didn’t even bother to save me when Adebola pulled my heart out and crushed it in front of us!”

At this, Tetra was shocked and she exclaimed, “What?! Adebola did that to you?!”


Silvera, horrified by his words, said, “Oh, no…! Now I wish I really had killed that bastard when I had the chance! Dammit!”


Lakshman sighed and thought, “It’s alright, Silvera. You did your best in attempting to kill him, but his resilience held up and kept him alive by turning him into a crystallised monster. No. It wasn’t your place to bring down the iron fist of judgement on him. It’s my job because of everything he’s done, not just to be, but to everyone that ever crossed paths with him and never survived. I will take him out myself!”


“Master… Please… don’t let yourself wallow in your anger…” Tetra told him in a concerned voice.


Realising what she meant, he smiled and thought, “No need to worry. I won’t let the Voice of the Phoenix take control of me again, but that required special training that I will do later. For now, I have you girls keep me in check and that’s all that matters to me now. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to speak with Dom.”


“Yes, master,” both Tetra and Silvera said together.


Lakshman nodded and he closed his eyes to concentrate while also shutting away the noise of the wind in his ears. Due to the difficult meditation training that he undertook in the past, he became capable of filtering out the sound just by exerting his energy and concentration.


“Telepathy,” he muttered and he focused his mind towards Dominic, whom he wanted to speak to. Then, once the connection was established, he began speaking to him through his thoughts.


“Dom, can you hear me?”


Dominic was so surprised by hearing his voice that he suddenly veered away from the intended direction. Quickly correcting his mistake, he was still surprised as he respond using his thoughts.


“What? There’s a voice in my head…?”

“That’s right. I’m speaking to you through telepathy. I could fly closer to you and talk, but then I run the risk of accidentally swallowing bugs.”

“Oh! That must be you, Phoenix Titan!”

“Yes, it’s me, however, you’ve been constantly calling me by my title. My name’s Lakshman Chand. Either call me Lakshman or Lucky. Being constantly called by my title is making me feel embarrassed.”

“Ah. My apologies. Well then, Lakshman… Why are you suddenly speaking to me through telepathy?”

“You see… I want you to go and handle the Fire Dragon King and Earth Dragon King. That’ll leave me free to deal with the Demon Dragon King.”

“Are you sure? You’ve only been healed not too long ago, so shouldn’t you need my assistance?”

“I like to, Dom, but this is something that I must take care of personally.”


Dominic heard the seriousness in his voice and questioned no more. Instead, he focused on the task he was given by Lakshman with firmness.


“Very well. I will make sure the Fire Dragon King and Earth Dragon King do not interfere with your matters, Lakshman.”

“Thank you, Dom. I appreciate it.”


With that, the two fell silent as Lakshman deactivated the Telepathy technique. As they flew closer to the battle sight, the visibility became clear as they burst through a think veil of clouds. Lakshman squinted and witnessed the battle taking place.


The three Dragon Kings were in a furious battle between each other. They were using their fists and energies to deal damage onto each other instead of using weapons. Razzel was using his shadow arm into a shape shifting magic tool to defend himself against each of Fizard’s and Gurret’s attacks.
Fizard, angered by the way Razzel was using his shadow arm, quickly increased his speed and tried to land a blow to his face. It carried a lot of force that could have sent Razzel flying into the distance, but he quickly ducked the punch and it sailed harmlessly over his head. At the same time, Gurret attempted to deliver a similar attack on him, but Razzel quickly grabbed Gurret by enlarging his shadow arm.


With a shout of anger, Razzel delivered a powerful uppercut that sent Fizard flying into the air. As he sent Fizard flying, he raised his shadow arm and lifted Gurret into the air before taking him several meters away before slamming him down onto the ground.


“ARGH!” Fizard yelled in anger.


He quickly recovered and did several flips in mid-air and landed firmly on the ground. Then, he quickly followed up by bringing his hands together and began charging energy into it. His red eyes suddenly gleamed dangerously as he launched his attack by shouting out its name.


“Fire Dragon Cannon!”


The attack was released into a large red beam cannon that sailed over the ground and soared straight towards Razzel. Seeing the attacking coming, Razzel did not make any move to get out of the way. Instead, he smiled as he raised his left hand and aimed in the direction the attack was coming from.


“Shadow Ball!” he shouted.


With a burst of energy, he quickly created a large black ball and released it. While rotating in a random rotation, the black ball of energy sailed over the ground and headed straight at the red beam cannon.


When the two of them, there was a brief struggle that ensued between their respective attacks. Razzel used his force to push the ball forward, but it did not budge due to the amount of pressure Fizard was putting into his red beam cannon. The result of their clashing attacks was an explosion that sent a wild blowing wind and dust in all directions.


Razzel stayed firmly on his spot as the wind buffeted him when he suddenly sensed an incoming attack from the other direction. He quickly turned and saw a beam of rocks soaring towards him at high speed and the one who fired it was the Earth Dragon King, Gurret. Quickly reacting, he converted his shadow arm into a shadow shield and defended himself against the surprise attack.


When the beam of rocks slammed into the shield, it caused Razzel to get dragged back several meters from the sheer force of impact. Angry from the assault, Razzel strengthened the shadow arm and sent it soaring towards Gurret while splitting up the beam of rocks.


Gurret quickly deactivated his beam of rocks and immediately activated his magic to create several stone walls that rose out of the ground in front of him. Then, applying force against them, he prepared himself for the incoming attack from Razzels’ shadow arm.


Razzel’s shadow arm blasted through all, but the last stone wall. The shadow arm slammed hard into it and although cracks appeared on the surface, it did not break. The immense pressure from Gurret’s power made it nearly impossible for the shadow arm to penetrate.


“Heh! Break already, dammit!” Razzel shouted and he pushed forward.


Finally, unable to take much more of the pressure from the shadow arm, the stone wall was blasted into pieces. The shadow arm soared straight towards Gurret with deadly force, but Gurret saved himself at the last second by using Stone Edge to propel himself into the air and out of the way.


Lakshman, using the power of the Phoenix Eyes, saw the destruction the Demon Dragon King was causing to both the area and to the two Dragon Kings. He saw how furiously they fought, but what caught his attention was the expression on Razzels’ face as he continued his attack on them; it was a cold merciless expression with no worry about the consequences.


“Damn… Not a single sign of mercy or regret in those eyes…” he thought furiously.


He used Telepathy to connect with Dominic before he started speaking through his thoughts.


“Dom, can you please go ahead and separate them for me? I feel that their battle as made both Fizard and Gurret really angry to listen to me. I think a show of force and misdirection will help.”


Dominic did not know the names of the Fire Dragon King and Earth Dragon King, but he was aware of whom Lakshman was referring to.


“Understood, Lakshman. Leave it to me,” Dominic told him firmly through his thoughts.


With a burst of energy, Dominic rocketed ahead of Lakshman and soared towards the ground. He was headed to land between the three Dragon Kings to ensure that they do not fight. While he flew towards the ground, Lakshman came to a stop in mid-air and watched as he waited for his opportunity to fly towards Razzel.


The dust clearly and it brought the vision back to normal. Razzel was advancing towards the two Dragon Kings, who were glaring at him fiercely. Just from looking, it obvious the two Dragon Kings were furious with Razzel, but were being cautious due to the shadow arm that Razzel had been transforming into many things at his convenience.


Seeing them behaviour so cautiously towards him made Razzel smile mercilessly.


“Ha! The so called Dragon Kings are afraid to fight back?” Razzel asked before letting out cold laughter. Once he calmed down, he glared at them fiercely and made a cold smile before he said, “Now, no one can stop me from killing you!”


At that moment, Dominic soared down and landed heavily on his feet once he hit the ground. As Dominic straightened up, Razzel was startled to suddenly meet face to face with the Sword Titan. All this time, he had been so focused on the two Dragon Kings that he had completely forgotten to use his sensing ability to sense danger. Now, danger was right in front of him and all he could do was stare at him in amazement.


Dominic looked Razzel straight in the eyes and said, “You hold that thought!”


“Huh?” Razzel said and he looked confused.


Dominic reacted instantly by pulled his body back and lashing out his fist. Razzel also reacted instantly by using his shadow arm like a shield to protect himself. Upon impact from the fist, a great force was unleashed and it sent Razzel back while his feet got dragged on the ground.


“Wow!” Lakshman exclaimed in surprise as he floated up in the air. “As I thought, he’s a straightforward person.”


He watched as Dominic pulled out the Destiny Sword and activate it. Then, he hit the ground with the bladed end of the sword. As he lifted it back up, rocks shaped swords rose from the ground and hovered around him.


“Attack,” Dominic said shortly and the swords flew towards Razzel.


Razzel recovered from the powerful punch that Dominic had delivered and shifted the shadow arm. He was shocked to see an army of rock shaped swords flying towards him at great speed. He quickly covered himself from the rain of rock swords. However, the swords all hit at the exact same time and pushed the shadow shield out of the way, leaving him wide open.


Dominic instantly raised his sword high in the air and activated it. In an instant, a large portal opened up above Razzel. He looked up, just in time to see numerous swords erupt out of the portal and fly towards him. Then, he disappeared as a rain of swords plummeted down and struck him and everything near where Razzel stood.


“Wow…! Raining Blades…!” Lakshman said in a surprised voice. “He seriously knows how to summon lots of swords. Mmm! I think you can get together well, Tetra.”


“Stop joking, master. I don’t like the Destiny Sword. She’s too proud of her power and stature that she ignores anything around her.”


As Lakshman chuckled at her words, Silvera said, “Um… Is it okay that the Sword Titan is unleashing such an attack? What if he accidentally kills the Demon Dragon King?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “Although that technique is powerful, it actually causes damage to a certain degree. So, it basically weakens the opponent to the point that they are unable to concentrate. Also, I believe it also has some other side effects like prolonged pain and stuff like that.”


“Sheesh! I’m sure glad we’re not his opponents!” Silvera said in relief.


Lakshman nodded and watched as Dominic conjured up more and more swords out of thin air by simply waving his sword around. By now, countless swords have formed and they all continuously assaulted Razzel, who was hidden by the veil of flying swords.




There was a sudden scream and, all of sudden, there was a burst of energy and the swords of sent flying everywhere. Razzel appeared into clear view as he screamed while creating a wave of energy that sent the swords flying away.


“DAAAMMMNNNN YYYOOOUUUUUUU!!!!” Razzel screamed wildly at Dominic.


Unfazed by his scream, Dominic simply stood firmly in his place as he rested his sword at his side. Razzel, becoming extremely furious at his rain of sword attacks, quickly gathered large quantities of energy into his left hand and aimed it directly towards the Sword Titan.


“Shadow Drive Cannon!” Razzel shouted as he launched it.


The black swirling ball of energy, which was formed in the palm of his hand was released in a powerful black beam of energy. It soared over the ground with lethal force and headed straight towards Dominic.


Seeing the attack soaring straight towards him, Dominic simply sighed and shook his head as if he could not believe what Razzel just did. Seeing Dominic shaking his head like that surprised Lakshman because the Sword Titan did not have any intention of getting out of its way or deflecting it either. Instead, Dominic raised his sword and aimed it towards the incoming attack.


“Blade Blast!”


With a single shout, Dominic activated an attack and launched it. The blast erupted from out of the blade and rocketed towards the incoming black beam of energy. When they two met, Dominic’s attack effortlessly cut through the black beam and continued soaring towards Razzel.


The Demon Dragon King was shocked at seeing his attack get cut into half by a simple blast. He quickly brought his shadow arm to defend himself against it. What he did not expect was that Dominic’s attack easily pierced through the shadow and slammed hard into his chest.


“ARGH!” Razzel yelled in pain of the attack.


The attack exploded upon contact and sent him flying several meters back. Dominic nodded in satisfaction and turned around to face the two Dragon Kings. Fizard and Gurret rose to their feet and were prepared to chase after Razzel, but they suddenly stopped when Dominic stepped in front of them.


“Please, move aside, Sword Titan. The Demon Dragon King will escape!” Fizard said urgently.


“No need because I’m going to keep your company,” Dominic said quietly.


“Huh?” Fizard said and he looked confused.


Dominic raised his sword and activated it. In an instant, the fallen swords began to flying around them until they formed a wall of swords while enclosing them on the inside. Fizard and Gurret were surprised to find themselves barricaded inside a wall of swords that was as high as their eyes could see.


“What’s the meaning of this, Sword Titan?” Fizard demanded.


“The Phoenix Titan shall deal with the Demon Dragon King while I make sure you do not interfere,” Dominic told them in a firm voice.


“What? He wants to?” Fizard asked and he exchanged looks with his partner. “But… That’s our mission.”


“Yes and the Phoenix Titan thought you will interfere. That’s why, I was ordered to keep you two at bay.” Dominic told them. Then, he telepathically said, “Lakshman, I’ve enclosed myself and the two Dragon Kings inside the Wall of Blades. Please, proceed with dealing with the Demon Dragon King.”


“You got it!” Lakshman said with a single nod of the head.


Once he deactivated Telepathy, he rocketed downward and flew towards Razzel. Being slammed hard in the chest by a powerful blast attack, Razzel slowly got to his feet. He suddenly sensed an incoming power and he turned to see Lakshman swooping down towards him.


“ARGH!” Lakshman screamed in anger.


The moment he got near Razzel, he grabbed his face and lifted him off his feet. Then, he shifted Razzel and planted his head onto the ground, which got dragged by Lakshman’s flight. Razzel struggled to break free from Lakshman’s strong grip on his face, but he managed to use his shadow arm to pushed Lakshman away.


As Lakshman was pushed back, Razzel was finally free and he sat upright and clutched his head where it hurt. While wincing in pain, he looked up and saw Lakshman floating in mid-air and had his hands together as he gathered energy into them.


“Solar Starburst Attack!”


As he shouted out the technique name, be brought his hands forward and released it. The attack was launched in a powerful beam of light that soared down towards where Razzel sat. Instantly reacting, Razzel brought his shadow arm and surrounded himself into a ball to defend.


There was a mighty explosion of energy and wind, as the attack exploded upon impact. Once the dust settled, the view became clear and Lakshman saw that Razzel was still being shielded by the shadow arm. Narrowing his eyes, he rocketed down, flew towards Razzel and obliterated the shadow arm with just one powerful punch.


“What?!” Razzel exclaimed in a shocked voice as his shadow arm was dismantled with a mere punch.


Without pausing, Lakshman stepped forward and hit Razzel’s chest with his left fist. The power punch sent Razzel dragging back, but Lakshman did not stop his attack there. He chased after the Demon Dragon King and began beating him with rapid punches to the face and stomach. Caught off guard and struggling to retaliate, Razzel could only take on the onslaught of fists and kicks from Lakshman.


After finally delivering one powerful punch to the gut, Razzel coughed out blood and glared at Lakshman through fierce eyes. Lakshman stepped forward and glared back at him with unshakable firmness.


“Are you enjoying the pain that I am dealing to you? I suppose you are since its nothing like the torture you put me through!” Lakshman shouted at him.


He placed his right hand on Razzel’s shoulders and said, “Thunder!”


Razzel began to scream as an unimaginable amount of thunder began to course through his body. It was not enough to kill him, but the amount was satisfying enough to make it feel like torture. Razzel could not believe he was being put through this, which was exactly the sort of thing he did to Lakshman while he experimented on him to try and control the Demon Slayer.


“L-Let go… t-test subject!” Razzel finally said with a struggle.


Lakshman took his hand off Razel’s shoulder and deactivated the technique, but he continued to glare at him fiercely. Razzel stumbled back a few paces, but he continued to stand despite the intense pain he just endured.


“Still calling me that…?” Lakshman asked with a sigh and a shake of the head. Then, in a loud firm voice, he said, “I’m the Phoenix Titan, you imbecilic!”


Razzel was momentarily surprised for a second. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “So what if you’re the Phoenix Titan? You’re still a test subject!”


Lakshman widened his eyes and he got really made. He quickly walked forward and kneed Razzel in the stomach, causing him to widen his eyes. Then he delivered even more crushing blows to his body, which Razzel was unable to defend himself from.


“So! You don’t care about the lives of the people that you hurt, the people that you killed, the people that absorbed!” Lakshman shouted angrily with each crushing blow to Razzel.


Razzel quickly reacted and delivered powerful punch to Lakshman’s face. Surprised by the attack, Lakshman took a few steps back while rubbing his face where he was hit. Razzel was breathing heavily, but he suddenly spat and looked very angrily at Lakshman.


“So what?! It’s the result that matters more than anything else!” Razzel shouted at him.


Lakshman was momentarily taken aback by the words Razzel had shouted at him. He straightened up and looked at him with a firm expression on his face.


“I now understand… People like you will never learn their lesson…” Lakshman said slowly. Then, he sighed and said, “So be it… It’s your funeral.”


Razzel could not hear Lakshman’s lard words, but he felt a sudden chill emanating from Lakshman. He looked at the Demon Dragon King with mercilessly eyes and charged forward. Realising he was in danger and knowing he could not dodge, Razzel strengthened his body and lashed out an extremely powerful punch.


Lakshman, as if in slow motion, saw the punch flying towards him and he immediately ducked it successfully. He quickly soared underneath the lashed out arm and planted both of his hands on Razzel’s chest and lightly pushed him back. Razzel did not understand what Lakshman had in mind, but he did register the cold eyes that Lakshman had when he looked up at him.


“Go to oblivion,” Lakshman said softly. Then, in a firmer voice, he said, “Spirit Burst Cannon!”


Light gathered in the palms of his hands that were resting on Razzel’s chest. The Demon Dragon King quickly recognised the danger and he tried to do something.


“Ah…!” Razzel said and tried to move his arms, but it was too late.


There was a sudden burst of enormous energy that erupted out of Lakshman’s hands. The enormous energy engulfed the Demon Dragon King and vaporised him. Even his scream lasted only for a second before he was utterly obliterated by the massive attack.


As the energy was being released, Lakshman closed his eyes and felt his conscious leave the Physical Plane. The next time he opened his eyes, he found himself standing in a brightly lit spot while everything outside it was completely shrouded in darkness. He looked up and standing in front of him was the Demon Dragon King, Razzel.


“W-Where am I?” Razzel asked nervously as he looked around.


“Welcome to the Spirit Plane, Razzel,” Lakshman told him.


Razzel looked at him in surprise and asked, “The Spirit Plane? How is that possible without using Spirit Transition?”


Lakshman nodded at him and said, “That’s correct, but I used Spirit Burst Cannon earlier if you didn’t forget.” As Razzel looked at him in shock, Lakshman continued explaining. “By using the Spirit Burst Cannon, I destroyed you utterly in the Physical Plane while shifting your spirit to the Spirit Plane.”


Razzel narrowed his eyes suspiciously and said, “You… What are you doing to do to me?”


Lakshman just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Nothing, I’m not going to do anything to you.” When Razzel appeared to be relieved by the news, he smiled slightly and said, “Well… I won’t, but it will.”


“It?” Razzel asked in confusion.


He saw Lakshman looking at something behind him and he turned around to see it as well. For a moment, he saw nothing, but the darkness that seemed to swirl on the outside of the light. Then, he heard something crawling itself slowly through the darkness. As he continued to stare into the darkness, two bright red eyes suddenly materialised in the darkness as it gradually came closer to where they stood in the bright light.


As it came closer, Razzel took a step back and wore an expression of disgust on his face.


“W-What the hell is that…?Why I do feel so repulsed by its mere presence?!” Razzel exclaimed from the shock of it being there.


“Yes… That is an ugly creatures of destruction, the one that people call ‘revenge’; the Serpent of Revenge.”


“S-Serpent of Revenge?” Razzel asked in disbelief. “Why is that coming here?”


Lakshman sighed and said, “That’s right. It’s coming here to devour you.” When Razzel looked shocked, he continued explaining.


“Yes… The Serpent of Revenge is a mythological creature that roams the dark abyss between the Divine Planes. Its sole job is to seek and utterly destroy those that have died after leading a life full of evil. Originally, it was an old tale that parents told to children to frighten them from doing bad things. Now, that tale is nothing more than an old story that people don’t believe in anymore.”


Lakshman pointed at him and said, “You, Razzel, the Demon Dragon King, in your quest to become the strongest in the world, you’ve committed great evil! Now, be destroyed by the countless souls that you’ve killed and absorbed!”


Razzel’s eyes were fully wide with horror and he slowly said, “No…! No…! No…!”


“Farewell, Razzel. I wish you never rest in peace…” Lakshman said quietly.


“No…! Stop!” Razzel shouted, but Lakshman had quickly turned into light and vanished from the spot.


Razzel was all alone in the light that shone down on him while a Serpent of Revenge closed in on him. He knew the Serpent of Revenge hates the light and hides from it, which was his safety area. However, to his horror, the light started to retract and the light space began to retract. The circle of light grew smaller and smaller as the Serpent of Revenge grew closer and closer as it slowly crawled its way towards it prey.


“Stay away!” Razzel shouted desperately.


He attempted to use Shadow Ball, Shadow Strike and Shadow Force, but none of them activated. It appeared that, with the presence of the Serpent of Revenge nearby, he has lost the ability to use his skills. This caused him to move to the centre as the circle of light slowly shrunk.
“You can’t do this to me! I’m Razzel! The Demon Dragon King! You can’t!” Razzel shouted desperately, but it had no effect on the snake.
Finally, the light of circle shrunk to the point that there was enough space for him to stand without moving. He was seating as his entire body began shaking uncontrollably as he realised he was doomed.


The Serpent of Revenge crawled its way until it finally stopped a meter away from where he stood. Razzel could see the gleaming red eyes and heard its heavy breathing from its large body. As he stared into its eyes, saw no mercy and only his imminent destruction.


“RRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!” the Serpent of Revenge roared as it reared back to strike.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Razzel screamed desperately in fear.


His screams could be heard throughout the darkened space of the Spirit Plane. Then, it was abruptly cut off and only silence remained. The Serpent of Revenge shook its heavy body and looked around a few times before slowly crawling its way back into the darkness and into the depths of the dark abyss.


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