Death by Destruction



Lakshman had gone ahead and it took several seconds before the girls finally caught up with him. They were breathless from so suddenly increasing their running speed.


“Ha… Ha… What’s the matter-nyaa?” Cantia asked breathlessly.


Lakshman was standing in front of them while gazing at the scene with wide eyes filled with shock. The girls did not understand why he was not responding and moved forward to look worriedly at him.


“What’s wrong, Lakshman?” Ondine asked worriedly.


That was when they had come into clear view of the trees. Finally in the open with a clear view ahead, they were startled to suddenly find the place burning. The buildings were burning up, the land was badly damaged and people running in all directions.


As the girls looked on in horror, Venezuela cried out in a shocked voice, “What the heck is happening?!”


Lakshman could not believe what was happening before his eyes. Floria Kingdom’s capital was going up in flames with battle being waged in all directions.


“Let’s take a closer look, but stay on guard!” Lakshman told them once he pulled himself back together.


Nodding silently, they began to walk to the side while also slowly getting closer to the battle. As they got closer to the battle ground, its intensity made the girls gulp with anxiety. It was nothing like they had ever felt before in their lives.


While observing with keen eyes, Lakshman realised there were people wearing golden armours, which were the Dragon Armours, and they were fighting against the soldiers of Floria Kingdom while an assortment of werewolves and men in cloaks fought alongside them. Venezuela also realised this and it puzzled her greatly.


“Mmm! Those wearers of the golden armours must be Mardana Kingdom’s soldiers. There’s engaged in battle with the army, but why are there werewolves here? Also, who are all those people in those strange outfits? Just, what is going on here?” Venezuela asked in a puzzled voice because she could not understand the situation.


At that moment, Lakshman and the girls suddenly felt the presence of someone nearby. As they turned in the direction they felt the energy from, the person spoke to them in a rough voice.


“Just from one look, you should clearly see that there’s war going on here!”


“HHHIII!” Emilia exclaimed in shock and she backed away to standing with the girls.


Standing in front of them was a werewolf with a large body and just with one glance told them this werewolf was strong. Strangely, its fur was white, unlike its brethren that were deep in combat. It was a strange werewolf that gave off an air of a leader. Along with that, they sensed something strange with its released power; it had the mixed powers of werewolf and vampire.


“S-S-Stay away, monster!” Emilia stuttered nervously. “I-I’ll blow you away!”


Lakshman, the girls and the werewolf looked at her in surprise. Although she said powerful words, it somehow ended up becoming feeble and the words lost their power. The werewolf looked really amused and it began to chuckle, causing them to quickly turn to face it with serious expressions on their faces.


“Haha. I could take offense to being called a monster, but I just can’t help myself to laugh,” the werewolf said lightly.




Lakshman narrowed his eyes and became suspicious of the white werewolf’s behaviour. For some reason, it reminded him of someone he knew. Unfortunately, he was having trouble figuring out whom the werewolf reminded him of.


At that moment, they all raised their eyes and turned in the direction of the battle. Several golden armoured warriors broke away from the battle and rushed towards them. Each of them were roaring like wild beasts while wielding heavily bloodied swords.


“Here they come!” Lakshman said and he quickly pulled out both the Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer.


The white werewolf clicked its tongue and said, “Impudent fools!”


It turned to face them completed while leaving itself wide open. Then, what it did next completely surprised Lakshman. It pulled back its fists and gathered large quantities of energy into its arm and the arm began to glow brightly. It then swung its arm forward in and in a flowing movement, it released the charged up energy while shouting out the technique.


“Wolf Fang Fist!”


The energy got released in a mighty force and it went soaring straight at the incoming enemies. As it soared towards them, the head of it transformed into a wolf shaped energy force that bored its energy fangs at them. The next moment, the enemies were tossed high into the air by the impact. The enemies soared in several directions before crashing heavily and did not rise again.


“Serves them right!” the werewolf said grimly.


Seeing the technique in action and hearing its name clicked in Lakshman’s memory. He immediately remembered the person that had a name that went with being a wolf.


He turned to the white werewolf and asked, “Wolfenstine, is that you?”


The white werewolf turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Then, it seemed to have formed a smile with its beast mouth and said, “Well, now. How did you figure it out?”


Lakshman sighed and said, “You’re the only guy around here that uses ‘Wolf’ at the starting of every technique of yours.”


“Huh? How did you know that? I don’t remember sharing that information with you,” Wolfenstine said in a puzzled voice.


Lakshman waved his hand and said, “Doesn’t matter right now.” Then, he pointed at the battle and asked, “What’s going here? Why isn’t the battle over yet and what happened to king? Is he alright?”


Wolfenstine shrugged his large shoulders and said, “I don’t really know about the king since there’s been heavy combat for a while now. However, there’s been a great battle taking place inside the castle.”


As if to prove his words, they suddenly sensed a violent amount of power that came from the direction of the castle. Lakshman turned to look towards the castle in time to see the side wall explode as a bream of energy zoomed out of it.


“Elemental Sight!” Lakshman said aloud.


Immediately, his vision of colours disappeared to be replaced by grey space all around. He saw the colours of red and blue, indicating who the enemy and ally were. Additionally, the technique enabled him to see how brightly their colours were to indicate the strength of their life force.


Focusing his senses, he confirmed the presence of Felix, the king and several others within the castle, including Adebola. He got momentarily angry, but he focused on observing the scene for a bit longer. The life forces of Felix and Adebola were strong, but there was a dark stream of energy emanating from where the king was. From the way it looked, the king had collapsed and is being supported by several blue people, which was the allying colour.


“Damn! Adebola’s at the castle!” Lakshman said angrily.


Venezuela immediately got worried and asked, “Dad’s in trouble?”


Lakshman saw the dark stream of energy coming from the King, whose blue light was slowly diminishing. At the same, he saw several people in red were racing to support Adebola. He realising something bad happened to the king and Felix needed immediate assistance, but he felt would create unnecessary panic in the girls if he said it outright.


So, he deactivated his powers and said, “I don’t know, but he seems to be in trouble. Why don’t you girls head over and help out?”




The girls were surprised by his words, causing Ondine to wear a serious expression on her face.


“What about you-nyaa?” Cantia asked him suspiciously.


“I’ll stay here and work things out,” Lakshman told them firmly. “Now, go!”


The girls hesitated for a moment and Ondine took it on herself to lead them. Although she was surprised by his decision to stay there, she knew this was not the time to argue.


“Okay! Let’s go!” she said loudly and began pushing them from behind.


With her pushing, the girls headed towards the castle. While on the way, they encountered several soldiers, but Ondine blasted them away by using Air Slash while Emilia used Stone Wall to raise a wall and send it hurting towards the people. The enemies tried to destroy it using sheer energy attacks, but it proved useless and they were knocked several meters back.


“NYYAAAA!!” Cantia shouted and she transformed into a large beast cat in a flash of light.


Once they were on and trashing its large tail behind it, Cantia began running towards the castle at high speed. On the way, it sent a wave of earthquakes that knocked the enemies off balance and gave the allies the chance to defeat them for good.


“Those girls are really something,” Wolfenstine commented as they watched them go. “You’ve got some really good pair of lovers.”


“Right,” Lakshman said distractedly. Once the girls disappeared, he turned and looked seriously at Wolfenstien before he asked, “Now, tell me about what’s happened here and start the beginning!”


“You’ve become rather firm in your manner of speech.”


“Just tell me already.”


Wolfenstine looked at him for a moment and sighed before beginning to tell him.


“The Phoenix Army left to wage war against the Mardana Kingdom and rescue you at the same time. They left through the teleportation circle and we bid them goodbye, but the moment they disappeared, another teleportation circle appeared. From it, the Mardana Kingdom’s army marched in and they were wearing the Dragon Armours! Damn, I thought we were finished for sure!”


“Sounds painful,” Lakshman muttered and Wolfenstine sighed heavily.


“Anyway, Adebola was at the front of the army and he launched this attack that froze us to the spot. Luckily, my clan of werewolves and vampires showed up at the right time. Then, a while later, the Phoenix Army returned and the whole thing turned into this mighty mess!”


“I see,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding. Then, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked, “By the way, explain to me why the vampires are out in broad day light? Shouldn’t they be turning to dust by now?”


“Ah!” Wolfenstine said in one of his times when something interesting was brought up. “Well, you see… I had thought about a way to allow vampires to walk in daylight and that’s when I got the inspiration. That gave birth to the cloak they are wearing, which I call the Vampire Solar Cloaks!”


Lakshman looked at him with both of his eyebrows raised as he could not believe what he just heard.


“So, you’re saying these cloaks that they’re wearing reduces the effect of the sunlight?”


Wolfenstine nodded eagerly and said, “That’s right, but unfortunately the cloaking effect only lasts for two hours.”


Lakshman sighed and said, “Oh well… At least, their skin isn’t glittering from the sunlight. Imagine vampire’s skin glittering in sunlight… Uh… That’s bad to imagine!”


He shook his head to shake away the nasty feeling, causing Wolfesntine to chuckle heartily.


“By the way, how did your clansmen get here? Did you use some sort of telepathically communicating device or something?”


Wolfenstine looked surprised and said, “How did you know?”


Lakshman lowered his eyes and said flatly, “Just tell me.”


“Well… I had been feeling inconvenient with the mailing system. It’s good that we can write and send the mails off, but it takes months before they get it and more months before I get it. Sometimes, the mailing convey gets attacks by the wild creatures of nature and during the scuffle, the letters will sometimes end up getting damaged.


That’s why, I invented a prototype device that lets us communicate with each other if we have this device. You simply have to lift it up and hold it near your mouth and speak into it, which automatically gets transmitted to the receiving end of the device. I’m calling this the Vocal Transmission Device!”


“I see and let me guess, you used it during my absence to inform them that there might be war up here and to bring in their a-game to beat the crap out of anyone dumb enough to mess with your clansmen.”


Wolfenstine smiled and said, “Precisely!”


Lakshman sighed and shook his head in exasperation.


At that moment, he felt a sudden spike in a power level of someone familiar and an explosion erupted form near the battle ground. Lakshman and Wolfenstine got buffeted by the strong winds and once it steeled down, he looked towards where the high power level emanated from. His eyes widened in shock when he realised whose power he sensed; the Death Titan, Sevedent.


Sevedant was moving between the enemies and was cutting them down with merciless force. His weapon of choice was a large lethal scythe and he was using this to cut down the enemies effortlessly. He knew the inferiority quality of the Dragon Armours, but they were pretty strong enough to strengthen both the attack defence of the wearer. Even so, the scythe was swung easily and it effortlessly cut through the armour and killed the enemies.


“S-S-Slicing Death?” Lakshman said out loud in a startled voice. “Oh my god… I doubt even I will survive a swung from that lethal blade, even if I was wearing the Phoenix Armour to become the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan.”


Watching the enemies getting sliced around like onions made Lakshman shiver.


“Lucky, you underestimate yourself. You’re the Phoenix Titan and you stand above the rest of the Nine Pillars of Power!” Wolfenstine told him bracingly.


Lakshman only shook his head and said nothing. Instead, he began thinking to himself about it.


“You’re right, Wolfenstine. That would be the case, but I’m not at my fullest power. From what I’ve learnt from Decisive Player’s great knowledge and wisdom, it seems that unlocking three of the four seals only allowed me fifty-percent of my full phoenix power. I know I received ten-percent power boost from Decisive Player’s sacrifice, but I’ll consider it as a bonus power than my actual power. This means, the remaining fifty-percent of my power is still locked away by the last seal.

This is bad… Very bad… Each of the seals were unlocked when I became desperate to save, protect and live. Well… I did forcibly break the third seal, but I believe I was able to do that because I was desperate to live. The problem with the final seal is the requirement of ‘desperation to destroy,’ which itself sounds really bad. Was I meant to be feeling really desperate to destroy something to unlock that final seal? Why did Decisive Player and Tetra constantly tell me not to unlock the last seal?”


At that moment, he suddenly remembered the words that Decisive Player had told him a while back.


“Don’t you ever dare to destroy the last seal, otherwise something disastrous will happen. However, you will eventually destroy the final seal by feeling desperate to destroy something.”


When he heard those words at that time, Lakshman did not fully understand.

“Hmm… What did he mean by that? Did he foresee something in the future? Will I feel the desperate need to destroy something? And, what is this disaster that he kept warning me about?”


It generated more questions that he just did not of any way of answering. On the other hand, he did not feel confident in leaving it up to time and destiny to answer them for him. It made him wonder what he must do to progress further into understanding the world and himself better to solve these mysteries.


At that moment, the ground suddenly gave a violent shake and the air became think with tension. Reeled into reality by the shock, Lakshman witnessed a powerful wave of black energy unleashed in the battle ground. The one firing the black wave of destructive energy was none other than Sevedant, the Death Titan.


“Uh…! Death Wave!” Lakshman exclaimed in a horrified voice.


“Yikes! He’s seriously not sparing anyone, is he?” Wolfenstine asked apprehensively.


Lakshman stared in shock as the wave of black energy disappeared, leaving a great destroyed land and buildings. The technique was so powerful that it easily vaporised everyone that were unfortunate enough to stand in its path. There was no defence against it and no protective barrier was strong enough to stop it.


He shook his head and said, “Forget about my thoughts! If he keeps attacking like that, he’ll end up destroying the capital! Telepathy!”


With the activation of the spell, Lakshman began speaking in his mind while he focused to telepathically speak to the Death Titan.


“Sevedant? Hey, Sevedant! Come on… Respond!” he thought desperately, but it appeared that Sevedant did not hear him


“Master, there appears to be a magical interference that’s causing disturbance in the telepathically communications,” Tetra informed him. “I believe, it’s to do with the Death by Destruction.”


“But, I don’t feel the intimidating sense or anything.”


“Probably because the output range has been weakened, but its effect still lingers. There’s no choice, master. You must make direct contact if you to speak with him.”


“Direct contact, ha…? Through this mess?” Lakshman asked in exasperation as he looked at the destruction in front of him.


“Who are you speaking to?” Wolfenstine asked curiously.


“To Tetra,” he said shortly. Then, he deactivated Telepathy and said, “Alright. There’s no choice! Tetra and Silvera, activate your powers and get ready. We’re going into the heat of the battle.”


“Understood!” both Tetra and Silvera said at the same time.


Lakshman turned to Wolfenstine and said, “Can you please head over to the castle and be of more assistance to them? I fear that more soldiers of Mardana Kingdom have gone there.”


“Okay!” Wolfenstine said and he began running full pelt towards the castle.


“Wow… He really moves like a wolf on two legs,” Lakshman thought as he watched him go.


As he charged at high speed, he ran into more soldiers fighting ahead. Without pausing or stopping, he rammed straight into them and sent them flying like dolls. The Phoenix Clan warriors saw him charging towards them and quickly got out of the way. The enemy did not budge and stood in in his way while sending attacks. Wolfenstine took the attacks directly and appeared to not have fazed before sending them flying into the air.


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Yikes! Although this is my first time seeing him in combat, he’s pretty brutal.”


“Mad scientists are brutal, master,” Tetra commented loftily.


“Tetra, you don’t want him hearing you say that about him,” he said as he smiled cheerfully. “Anyway, we have our own battle to face,”


He suddenly heard someone from behind scream, “AAAAAH!!!”


Lakshman realised who it was and ducked to avoid the three swords that flew above him. Quickly recovered, he fully turned around and faced the warriors, who were all wearing angry expressions on their faces.


“AAAAH!!” they screamed and charged at him again.


Lakshman snorted and said, “Have an early night!”


He casually raised his Demon Slayer and Phoenix Blade swords and started using magic spells to knock them out; he hit the first man with a Water Bullet that knocked the man out in an instant by a heavy ball of wall that slammed into his face, the second man went down when a solid Rock Bullet smashed into his face, knocking him out instantly and the third man was hit by a Wind Blast that sent him tumbling backwards before finally coming to a stop.


“Phew. Now then,” Lakshman said and he turned to face towards Sevedant. “Time to finish this mess.”


With a firm resolve in his eyes, he charged forward and headed towards where Sevedant was. As he made his way through the battling warriors, several attempted to get in his way and obstructed the path ahead. Roaring wildly they charged towards him with swords blazing and eyes burning with rage.


“You’d be a fool to attack—!” Lakshman began to say, but he was forced to dodge quickly as they began swinging at them.


“Oi, oi…! What is up with them?” he thought while looking puzzled.


While dodging their numerous attempts to cut at him, his sleeve got cut and this surprised him. It was not his cut sleeve that worried him, but the ugly bloodthirstiness these men were emanating that made him feel worried.


“Master, I believe there’s no choice, but to kill them,” Silvera told him. “They are clearly men that are after your life and you can’t play the innocent role of a saviour when you have work to do.”


“Silvera is right, master. Hesitation will land you into trouble,” Tetra told him.


He gritted his teeth and said, “Fine…! I’ll get rid of them!”


At that moment, these men stepped back and quickly gathered energy into their swords. With the energy gathered, they released it in a multitude of slicing energy waves in Lakshman’s direction. He stood his ground and firmly gripped his swords and eyed the incoming energy attacks without making any more.


There was an eruption of energy as the attacks collided upon impact. For a moment, the enemies were pleased with themselves for their effort when all of a sudden, the wind began to change. It startled to swirl and shifted the cloud of dust that resulted from the explosion. The attackers were shocked when they saw their target was still alive and that he was swirling both of his swords above his head, causing the wind to change dramatically.


Lakshman spun his two swords above his head at great speed and was picking up momentum. Finally, once he had spun them countless times, he shifted his gripped the handles tightly and brought them down to hold them on either side of his body. As he began to surge with power, he swept the swords while simultaneously shouting out the technique name.


“Slicing Death Wave!”


The energy he released, was sent in all directions from the point of release. It hit the attackers and knocked them so hard into the air that caused them to vomit blood. They were not the only ones to be attacked, as all those around them were taken out in an instant by the slicing energy attack. The only ones that it did not kill were his allies.


Lakshman straightened up and looked around. Surrounding him were the dead bodies of the attackers that were foolish enough to attack him.


“Phew. Thanks for the technique, Silvera. It’s supposed to have killed everyone regardless of who they were, unless they were super strong! Luckily, I lowered the power and output of the attack while targeting specifically only at at certain types of people by using the power of light from the Phoenix Blade as a collaboration tool,” he thought in relief. Then, in a voice of concern, he asked, “Tetra, are you okay?”


“Oww… Seriously, please warn me if you’re going to use my power like that. Being closely connected to the Demon Slayer hurt…” Tetra told him unhappily in his mind.


Silvera was also not happy as she said, “Come on, master. Please be more mindful of how we would feel when you go ahead and do it like that. At least, let us know next time and we’ll be prepared.”


“I’m really sorry, but it was on the spur of the moment to use it like that,” he thought as he chuckled to himself.


With that cleared away, Lakshman continued to run towards the location where Sevedant was as he continued slicing down everyone that attacked him. From a normal point of view, it would be seen that he is killing anything and anyone in sight without care. Lakshman, on the other hand, clearly saw that Sevedant was holding his power back for the sake of his allies. Otherwise, these people should not be a problem for a man of his calibre.


Sensing his approach, Sevedant cut down a warrior and turned to face him. Lakshman saw the Death Titan wearing the same old mask to cover up his face, but it did not matter to him. He had gotten accustomed to seeing Sevedant with that mask with holes with gleaming red eyes and a big red smile on the mouth of the mask. The Death Titan gave of a deathly aura while his dark cloak dripping with the blood of his enemies.


“Scary…!” Silvera said in his mind.


He chuckled and said, “Relax. He looks scary, but looks can be deceiving.”


At that moment, the Mardana Kingdom soldiers and the Phoenix Army soldiers suddenly converged while fighting furiously. Realising this was going to become difficult to deal with, he came to a stop and prepared his magic.


“Water Spinner!”


In an instant, a small wind occurred beneath his feet, which quickly gathered in a large quantity of water that surrounded him. The connected water rotated around him while spilling none of its contents. Finally ready, he activated another spell that acted like a finisher.


“Water Wave!”


In an instant, the rotating water expanded and grew to his height from the surface of the ground. Then, with an exertion of his power, the tower of water was sent in all directions. All the warriors were taken by the surprise, as a wave of water slammed into them and washed them away.


Sevedant cut down a warrior with his bloodied scythe when saw wave of water coming towards him. He casually raised his left hand and instantly created some sort of black wall, which protect him from the wave.


After travelling for some distance, the wave disappeared and left the ground pretty wet. The warriors were disoriented by the sudden impact of water against them and lay on the ground.


“Lakshman. You returned,” Sevedant said in his usual manner by using only simple words.


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Thanks, but you don’t look so good… covering in so much blood…”


“Constantly killing. Never stopping. Never ending,” Sevedant said in a surprisingly bored voice.


“If you’re tired of killing, why don’t you just go for disabling them? I understand that they are going after your life and all, but maybe dealing them a powerful knock of the head should solve matters, right?”


“Possibly. However, brain damage,” Sevedant said shortly.


“Oh… If that’s the case, I can’t deny that,” Lakshman said as he felt a little stumped by his words. “That’s why, I have a plan that’ll help us knock them out without taking any more lives!”


Lakshman went to reply when he suddenly had to duck to avoid the swung of a sword. Then, he activated Power Barrier around himself and Sevedant as numerous energy beams were shot in their direction. Once the beams had disappeared, he surged his powers and expanded the barrier, causing all warriors to get knocked back once they slammed into it.


“Damn… I was hoping for a bit more time!” Lakshman said as the attackers began to slowly get back to their feet.


Sevedant walked over to him and asked, “Plan?”


“Yes! Hit them with your devastating aura by activating your Death by Destruction at full power!”


“Death by Destruction? Full Power?” Sevedant asked uncertainly.








At that moment, the enemy soldiers roared and charged towards them with glowing swords. Once again, Lakshman created a barrier and sent it slamming into them. Unable to repel or fight against it, the warriors were sent flying back once again.


Lakshman quickly turned to Sevedant and said, “Their Dragon Armours, even though they are not the legit, still have the ability to supress the power of the aura. Now, I will destroy the armours using Dragon Crusher, which will leave them wide open to be hit directly by your Death by Destruction!”


Sevedant did not say anything as he stared at Lakshman through his gleaming red eyes. However, Lakshman sensed the doubt because of how powerful the effects of Death by Destruction would be.


“Master, is it worth using it at full power?” Tetra asked curiously.

Lakshman shook his head and said aloud, “At normal power, the Death by Destruction is a technique that releases an intimidating aura that paralyses the victims with shock and fear. But, if it’s used at full power, I’m certain the devastating aura that it unleashes will terrorises the victims until it totally knocked them out! All this time, Sevedant had held back the full impact of it so as to not scare the people.”


Sevedant slowly shook his head and said, “No. I can’t. I’m not terror. Messenger of Death. Death Titan.”


Lakshman nodded at him and said, “Yes, I understand what you’re feelings of not wanting to look like a terrorising monster, but this isn’t the time for feelings! Sevedant, these people are just normal people with a simple living and families back at Mardana Kingdom. Because of Adebola’s selfish ambitions, they were pulled into this ridiculous war and are now fighting to the death! I know this is war, but war can never take away our feelings for righteousness!”


The enemy warriors rose up and charged towards them while roaring fiercely. They rushed towards them, but were suddenly brought to a stop as they slammed into an invisible barrier. Lakshman learnt his lesson and decided to keep up the barrier while he talked to Sevedant about the plan.


Lakshman pointed towards the warring men and said, “Look at them! Look at their eyes! Those are the eyes of people that have given up reason to live! Now, they are simply fighting because they are soldiers of war! They have resigned themselves to their fate and are fighting for their king! It’s not right to let them die while fighting for someone like Adebola! Please, Sevedant! You’re the only one capable of taking them out without killing them!”


He sighed and inwardly thought, “The other option would be is to take out Adebola directly in front of them, but I feel there will be more needless blood shed before that happens. It’s better to take out the army first to settle the official war. Adebola can wait…!”


At that moment, Tetra asked him, “Master, although it is a good plan, I wonder about their hearts. I mean, what if their hearts stop from the overwhelming fear? Wouldn’t that instantly kill them?”


Lakshman slowly shook his head and said, “No, Tetra. I can see the fire in the eyes of these men; these are men that will not die by such overwhelming fear! They’re not silly children to die from the shock of their lives after being soldiers that put their lives constantly on the line!


These people have seen the light of life and death many times and do not fear death! However, like all living beings, fear exists in all and I’m certain their secretly hidden fears will be their downfall.”


“I see. Understood, master,” Tetra replied and said no more.


He looked fiercely into Sevedant’s red gleaming eyes and said, “Sevedant!”


Sevedant finally nodded slowly as he said, “Very well. You made your point.”


Lakshman smiled a little in triumphant, which was shirt lived due to the roars from the army of soldiers slamming hard against the barrier. Lakshman and Sevedant looked at the men fighting furiously against the barrier, but it could not budge. They tried hitting it with their energy and magic technique, but the Power Barrier remained intact.


“I’m dropping the barrier and I will activate Dragon Crusher the moment they start charging at us,” Lakshman informed Sevedant in a muttering voice.


Sevedant nodded at him once without saying anything. Lakshman focused his energy and deactivated the barrier. In an instant, a swarm of enemy soldiers rushed towards them with while exerting rage of complete madness.


Lakshman instantly clapped his hands together and shouted as he activated the magic spell.


“Dragon Crusher!”


He swept his arms out and as he did, a powerful wave of energy was released. It swept forward and slammed hard into the raging warriors. In an instant, with the crumbling sounds, the inferior Dragon Armours crumbled into pieces and fell to the ground.


With the protection gone, Lakshman turned to Sevedant and shouted at him, “Sevedant! You’re up!”


Sevedant placed a skeleton hand on his chest and his gleaming red eyes suddenly went out. The next instance, a black energy erupted from within him and flowed everywhere at high speed. Lakshman his eyes momentarily to avoid getting hit by the black energy. At that moment, he felt an intense surge of power and a strange sensation wash over him. The technique was activated and it began to sweep through the area while affecting everything in its path.


Lakshman felt the heavy pressure in the air and the tension that ran like a surgical electrical field. It created a strange sensation in Lakshman as he felt tension rising to the surface from deep within him. Without realising it, he was covered in cold sweat from just feeling the pressure of Sevedan’t power. Unable to bear it, he opened his eyes wide and stared at the figure in front of him.


Sevedant was gone and he was replaced by a wild flowing dark energy as it swept everything in its path. In the midst of that dark energy was a figure with bright red shining eyes. It created a terrifying image of a destructive monster that was about to tear him and everyone apart.




Sevedant began to scream, but it did not belong remotely close to his voice. Instead, it was a wild scream that created a blood curdling terror as it pierced into every man’s heart and had the intensity to turn skin into bones with sheer force. The surging force from Sevedant was so great that it instantly knocked all the warriors, including the allies from all around.


The sheer magnitude of the power was so immense that Lakshman sank to his knees and threatened to collapse. He did not feel that his energy was being drained or that his vitality rate had dropped. This was a different sort of feeling that he had never experienced before in his sixteen years of life.


“Burning Spirit!” he shouted in a last ditch effort to stay conscious.


He erupted in warm flames as it fought furiously against Sevedan’t powerful force. He stabbed his sword into the ground. There, he desperately forced himself to stay conscious and he felt his heart beating faster as his fear of destruction increased.


Lakshman glanced towards the place Sevedant was standing. Although he was surrounded by a wild flowing dark energy, he had a terrifying sensation. With the erupting energy all around him and those gleaming red eyes, it suddenly looked like a gigantic black monster of destruction.


“I’ve felt intense pressure when I trained at 1000 times gravity, when I trained my mind in absolute silence and when I fought for survival in the intense heat and cold temperatures of the Gravity Chamber. Yes… I take back what I said about him…! H-He truly is… the most… terrifying person!”

Author’s Note


I really and seriously did not feel that I had the necessary motivation or the energy to write this chapter today. It took me a good deal of almost 17 hours to write the whole thing. This is also the longest chapter I’ve ever written, nearly reaching 6000 words.


Now I’m heading off to bed because I am dead tired…! I hope I didn’t make that many mistakes and hopefully people will like it.

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