End of War



Lakshman, who had been soaring towards the castle while being propelled by a black wave of energy, quickly pulled his hand back and unleashed a mighty energy force at the castle wall. With a bang, he created a hole that he soared through while the attack slammed into the castle wall and shook it violently. Without stopping there, Lakshman kept running forward and smashed another wall to appear directly next to Adebola.


“Perfect! The bastard’s right in front of me!” he thought in satisfaction.


At that moment, he sensed more people within the room and he turned to the left. There, standing with a stunned expression on his face, was Felix. Behind him and hidden by a barrier that made them invisible, were he sensed the presence of the king, the queen, his lovers and Wolfenstine.


Sensing the decreasing life force of the king, he unhappy thought, “Damn… His life force is fading away…”


“What do you want to do, master?” Tetra asked him curiously.


“There’s nothing I can do for him. Instead, I focus my energy on our primary enemy. Meanwhile, you and Silvera see what you can do for the king. Even if it’s nothing, I want you to be there in my place.”


In an instant, he let go of the two swords and spoke loudly to draw their attention away from them.


“Sorry, but I’m borrowing this bastard!” Lakshman said quickly as he winked at Felix.


He charged forward and grabbed Adebola by the face. With a firm grip on him, Lakshman ran to the other end of the room and quickly used Adebola’s back to forcefully smash through it. Like this, he smashed through several more walls before finally blasting out of the castle. For a moment, he plummeted to the ground while Adebola struggled desperately to break free of his firm grip.


With a heavy thud that shook the ground slightly, Lakshman landed. The moment he landed, he removed his hand off Adebola’s face and immediately slammed his fist into the man’s chest. The powerful impact caused Adebola to groan painfully as he was pushed back several meters while his feet got dragged on the ground.


“Yo, Adebola! Surprised to see me?” Lakshman asked him with a wide grin on his face.


With a hand placed over his chest where it hurt, Adebola looked at Lakshman. In an instant, there was an expression of disbelief that completely covered Adebola’s face.


“Y-Y-You…! I thought I killed you!” Adeboal shouted at him in disbelief. “You must be a ghost!”


Lakshman snorted and said, “Ha! Can a ghost do this, ha?!”


He quickly gathered energy into the palm of his hand and launched it as he shouted out its name, “Lightning Burst Cannon!”


There was a momentary electrical discharge from the energy before it was released in a mighty beam cannon. As it soared towards him, Adebola quickly activated Stone Blockade to immediately create a large wall that rose out of the ground, which was curved at the top like a defensive large stone shield. The beam cannon soared forward and slammed hard into the stone wall and for a moment, there was a brief struggle before an explosion erupted that sent wild wind in all directions.


As the dust settled, Lakshman and Adebola saw the stone wall had been mostly destroyed, leaving only a few fragments to show that it had previously existed. Seeing this, Adebola stared at Lakshman with wide eyes of disbelief.


“So… You’re still alive?!” Adebola asked him in disbelief.


Lakshman chuckled darkly and said, “Yes… After you pulled my heart and crushed it in front of my eyes, I really should’ve died. Thankfully, due to a sacrifice of a noble soul, I had been given a second chance and I’m not planning on wasting it!”


In an instant, he kicked off the ground and rocketed towards Adebola. Taken by surprise, Adebola took a hesitant step back as Lakshman smashed his right fist into the man’s face. Next, Lakshman followed up by bringing his left fist forward and slamming it hard into Adebola’s chest, causing the guy to groan painfully and destroying the armour in the process.


“My… armour…!” Adebola groaned painfully.


“Yeah! You won’t be needing that piece of junk!” Lakshman told him firmly. “Seriously! How the hell did you think you could win with that inferior quality armour?”


Adebola took several hasty steps back while clutching where Lakshman had hit him. He looked up at Lakshman and glared at him fiercely, but Lakshman did not care.


“You’ll pay for this!” he said furiously.


“Ha! That’s just the warm up to the real deal!” Lakshman told him angrily.


The next instance, he charged forward and began furiously beating Adebola up. In an amazingly high speed, he landed his fists on Adebola’s face and chest while using his legs to knee the man in the gut.a! Adebola was getting beaten up by Lakshman’s rapid attack on his body. He was struggling against the assault became of the damage taken by his body.


In an instant, Adebola reacted and brought his fist forward before slamming it hard into Lakshman’s face. Taken by surprise from the attack, Lakshman reeled back and stepped away while he clutched his face. There was not much of a damage, but the impact did cause him pain from where his nose hurt.


Adebola quickly straightened up and said, “Don’t think you’re the master of the battle, fool!”


He charged forward and began his assault on Lakshman, who quickly reacted in his turn to fight back. The two warriors began fighting each other in a high speed close combat hand to hand fist fight. Several times, they delivered strong blows on each other, but it did not seem to faze each other.


“UUUUAAAAAA!!!” Adebola screamed as he delivered a powerful uppercut at Lakshman.


The powerful punch sent Lakshman flying high into the air and Adebola quickly gathered energy and activated magic technique, which he aimed at Lakshman.


“Stone Edge!”


The moment he stomped his foot on the ground, it began to rise up in front of him. It quickly rose higher and higher before reaching Lakshman. Just before the painful impact, Lakshman recovered and avoided it by tapping his foot on his and propelling himself away to safety.


“Damn!” Adebola said angrily.


Lakshman began to spin in the air and landed lightly on the ground. As he turned around, he gathered energy into the palm of his hand and aimed it directly towards Adebola.


“Stone Bullets!”


Multiple particles of light gathered in front of him and quickly formed into several bullets made of stone. He exerted his power and they soared straight at Adebola at high speed. Seeing the multiple stone bullets heading his way, Adebola raised his own hand and gathered energy for an attack of his own.


“Stone Drill!”


In an instant, a particles of light gathered from everywhere and grew big. It eventually took the shape of a large drill that began to spin at high speed with a whirring sound. With an exertion of his power, he launched the large spinning stone drill and it rocketed away. The stone bullets smashed into the stone drill, but it did not damage the drill the least bit and it continued on its way towards Lakshman.


Seeing the large stone drill heading his way, Lakshman began to surge with power. He caught the stone drill’s spinning front with his bare hands, stopping the spinning movement in an instant. However, the force from the movement of the drill continued to push forward as it threated to pierce through him completely. As he struggled to stop it, his feet got dragged on the ground as he got pushed back.


“UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!” Lakshman screamed with rage and power.


With a mighty force, he applied incredible amount of pressure on the stone drill. In an instant, large cracks began to make its way until it finally exploded in his hands, creating a small amount of dust that blocked the view. Split into pieces, the rubble of the attack hit the ground with thud as Lakshman slapped his hands together to get rid of the dust.


Lakshman was about to make his move when he suddenly sensed a great power soaring towards him. It was confirmed it was a magical energy beam that Adebola fired in the cover of the smoke that temporarily blinded Lakshman of everything in front of him. Seeing the attacking coming his way, he put his hands together and stood on his side. Then, with powerful force, he brought his joined hands together and smashed the energy away.


He heard Adebola exclaim, “What?!”


The successfully deflected magical energy beam rocketed high up into the sky and quickly disappeared.
By then, the dust had cleared and Lakshman could see clearly again. Looking closely at his opponent’s face, he smiled slightly in satisfaction. Adebola was wearing an expression of disbelief as he stared at an unharmed Lakshman.


“You… How?! How did you deflect my Energy Bane Strike?” he demanded Lakshman.


Lakshman smiled at him and demonstrate as he said, “I just put my hands together, like this, as your stupid attack got near me, I easily whacked it up into the sky.”


Adeboal gritted his teeth and said, “You…!”


“Ah. Don’t worry. Since you took a shot at me, I’ll take a shot at you,” Lakshman said brightly.


He quickly put his hands together and gathered energy into them. In an instant, a small ball of energy formed between the palms of his hands and he prepared to launch it straight at Adebola.


“Just see if you can do what I did!” Lakshman bellowed. “UUUUUUURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Positron Burst Cannon!”


With an exertion of his power, he launched the energy as a powerful beam cannon. The mighty energy attack rocketed away from him at high speed as it tore up the ground and the air. Adebola saw the massive attack heading his way and he jumped out of the way as he successfully dodged the attack. It soared away into the distance before disappearing into the horizon.


A second later, a massive eruption occurred in the distance and they felt the shockwave sweet through in all directions. The ground shook and the air felt heavy from the pressure of the explosive force. Adebola could not believe that Lakshman had launched such a devastating attack at him.


“Ah…! Oops!” Lakshman said as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “It created quite an explosion… Actually, I theorised on how to use it, but this is my first time using it on field. Looks like I put too much power into it…”


As Lakshman smiled at him in embarrassment, Adebola stared at him in disbelief.


“You… bastard!” Adebola said angrily and he glared menacingly at him.


Lakshman continued to smile, but he thought, “Mmm… From the third view stand point, I might be the bully and he is the victim. That is so bizarre because I’m the good guy and he’s the bad guy. I mean, I don’t kill people for the sake of conquering the world. I only kill before I am left with no choice and also because I have to live and I have people to protect. While I know that is not a very good reason, I cannot lose my firmness by letting my consciousness feel the heavy burden that comes from killing people.”


“At least, I do feel bad and sorry for the people I killed, unlike Adebola,” he muttered as he glared angrily at Adebola.


At that moment, both his and Adebola’s eyes widened in shock. Adebola’s shock expression quickly disappeared and got replaced by a bright expression on his face. He was grinning broadly with sheer happiness, but Lakshman was the complete opposite. He wore a shocked expression on his face as he turned to stare at the castle.


“No… The king…” he muttered in disbelief.


The two of them had sensed the life force of the king vanish. Realising he was dead, Lakshman felt utterly shocked from his sudden passing while Adebola laughed heartily after sensing his death.


“Yes! Finally! That old man’s dead!” Adebola shouted happily. “Now, this kingdom doesn’t have king and it will collapse like I planned. Hahahahahaha!!!”


Lakshman was feeling numb from the sudden loss of the king, which left the kingdom vulnerable. Without the king in place, he knew there would be threats from the other two kingdoms. Taking this opportunity, the other kingdoms might attempt to take control of this kingdom. However, he was confident they would not attempt to do such a thing, especially when the kingdom currently is in the presence of the Phoenix Emperor, Death Titan and himself, the Phoenix Titan.


“Still… I feel sorry the king had died and I am sure Venezuela is crying her heart out right about now… Damn…! What the hell killed him…?” he thought helplessly.


At that moment, he heard the voice of Tetra speaking to him in his mind.


“Master, the king has died,” she told him in a sad voice.

“Yes, I know!” Lakshman shouted and surprised Adebola into silence. “What I want to know is… how?!”


“It appear to be a cursed would, master. A piercing cursed would to the chest that took his life.”


At those words, Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock. He could not believe what he just heard and he turned to look at Adebola with a furious expression on his face.


Pointing at him, he loudly asked, “You…! You dared to use a cursed weapon on the king?!”


“Cursed weapon? Ah…! Do you mean this?” Adebola asked and he pulled out his sword.


It was a black sword that was emanating a sinister energy. Lakshman glanced at it once and he made a terrible expression as he realised what that sword was.


“T-That sword…! Isn’t that a cursed blade?” Lakshman asked in disbelief. Then, he looked angry as he demanded, “You! Where did you get that sword?!”


Adebola smiled and said, “Razzel.”
Upon hearing that name, Lakshman was let out a chocked in breathe in shock. Unable to cope, he quickly placed his hand over his face and closed his eyes.


“That damned bastard… Even after death, he still causes trouble… Dammit!”


“Mmm… That reminds me, what happened to Razzel? Did that guy quit his job after obtaining the Demon Slayer?” Adebola asked curiously.


Lakshman straightened up and removed the hand of his face before staring at him. There was no humour or a trace of a smile on his face, which was filled with seriousness.


“Razzel is dead! I killed him!” Lakshman said firmly.


For a moment, Adebola rasied his eyebrows in surprise. Then, he burst out laughing as if he found it funny.


“Really? Razzel got killed by a guy like you?” he asked as he mocked Lakshman’s ability. “Wow…! That arrogant man always prided himself by constantly calling himself the Demon Dragon King and ordering me around as he pleases. Ha! If you were able to kill him, then I probably shouldn’t have shown him so much luminance.”


Lakshman was momentarily taken aback by the tone in which Adebola spoke about Razzel. He knew, from the previous meetings with them, that they did not like each other, but still had enough respect for each other. Now, he finally understood that Adebola simply acted that way to conveniently take Razzel’s help in building his army those inferior Dragon Armours and weapons.


“Just so you know, I am the Phoenix Titan!” Lakshman told him firmly.


Adebola was taken aback by those words, but he quickly recovered by chuckling easily.


“So, you’re the Phoenix Titan! Just because you have blonde spiky hair and red crown shaped eyes, it doesn’t make you a man deserving that title!” Adebola told him loftily.


Lakshman shook his head and said, “I don’t need to do anything to prove myself to you or anyone! Besides, you’re going down for killing a great king of this kingdom, you bastard!”


Adebola snorted and with a swung of his sword, he sent a powerful slicing wave of black energy at him. Lakshman saw the energy slicing through the air and he immediately realised he would not be able to stop it. Instead, he pointed at it and fired an evenly matched energy beam that resulted in an explosion upon impact.


“What’s wrong? Weren’t you able to deflect it like you deflect my other attack?” Adebola asked sneeringly as he held the sword threateningly. “Now, look at you… Acting the tough guy when you are weapon less and completely defenceless against the power of my sword!”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and said, “You really think you’re puny sword will stop me?! Think again!”


He began to surge with power once more and he shouted, “I’ll make you pay for killing the king and for trying to kill me!”


Without waiting for a reply, Lakshman kicked off the ground and rocketed towards Adebola. As he soared towards him, the black sword in Adebola’s hand glowed with dark energy. Filled with confidence, Adebola swung the sword several times to as he released multiple powerful slicing energy waves.


Lakshman quickly brought his hands forward and fired a large energy beam at the slicing energies. When the two attacks collided, the resulting clashing forces exploded and created a wild blowing wind that swept through the air in all directions. He got buffeted by the wind, but he kept himself from getting blown away by the strong force of the wind.




Just then, Adeboal burst through the swirling dust and flew towards Lakshman while screaming loudly. He had his sword in his hand and he clearly was ready to use it on Lakshman. Not willing to be the next victim of such a devastating weapon, Lakshman ducked the swung of the sword and got away, but Adebola perused him relentlessly.


“What’s wrong? Too scared to fight back?” Adebola asked while laughing madly.


Lakshman did not say anything as he quickly dodged each of the speedy swings. The speed of Adebola’s swings were fast, but Lakshman matched the swung with his own amazing dodging speed. Even so, he realised he cannot completely avoid the sword’s dangerous power. Numerous times, the sword passed close to his neck and he thought he sensed the touch of some nasty energy against him.


“This is bad…! I can’t touch that sword directly, or I will become like the king! On the other hand, I can’t keep dodging like this forever! I need to destroy that sword, but how do I do that when he is not giving me a chance to prepare my techniques.”


So, he focused on observing the swinging pattern to find an opening. He was not exactly sure what he could do when he found an opening, but he felt sure he could do something. Then, after several seconds of dodging around, he finally saw one and he immediately took the opportunity.


Lakshman quickly gathered his energy and formed it into a small ball that he held with his right hand. Next, he brought it up and slammed it on the blade of the cursed sword. There was a small explosion and the cursed blade was knocked aside, but Adebola did not lose his grip on it.


Seeing the firm grip on the sword, he thought, “I was hoping that explosion would’ve surprised him into letting go of the sword, but I guess he was careful about it. No matter, because I’m not done yet!”


He quickly moved forward and jabbed Adebola’s right arm with the middle and fire finger of his right hand. Adebola was surprised to see him poking his two fingers on his arm and momentarily wondered what he was going to do. He found out soon enough when Lakshman gathered the energy and shouted the technique name.


“Shock Wave!”


In an instant, Adebola began screaming wildly and his entire body began writing uncontrollably. Adebola had never experienced such intense pain in his life as he thought every nerve in his body was going to explode. The pain caused by the attack caused his hand to slacken its grip on the sword.


Lakshman saw this and took the opportunity to knock it out of his hands by smashing it with his fist against Adebola’s hand. The cursed sword spun wildly as it flew high into air and gave Lakshman the opportunity to destroy it for good.


“Twisted darkness, be destroyed the purity of light!” Lakshman shouted as he gathered large quantities of energy into his palm. Then, with the energy prepared, he brought his hands upward as he shouted, “Star Burst Cannon!”


A powerful wave of energy was unleashed from the palms of his hands and it soared upward at the cursed blade. Lakshman saw the blade momentarily release some sort of dark energy that seemed to defend itself, but it was no use. Against the mighty power of the light from the energy attack, it was vaporised instantly.


“Phew,” Lakshman sighed in relief. “That technique doesn’t do much damage against the pure power of darkness, but the twistedness of that cursed blade simply could not stand a chance against my attack.”


At that moment, his sensed triggered alarms in his mind. He quickly reacted, but he suddenly found himself being choked to death by Adebola. His grip was strong and firm as he pinned Lakshman’s arms down while using both of his own arms to chock the life out of him.




“You’ve dropped your guard by destroying the cursed sword, but now you’re at my mercy!” Adebola told him gleefully.


Lakshman could not respond because the choking sensation was causing his breathing to go out of whack. Soon, he began chocking for air as he struggled to break free of the choke hold.


“See…! You might be a Phoenix Titan, but like the rest of rest of them, you also can be killed! Not to might now are you, fool?” Adebola said with an evil smile on his face.


“Y-You’re the fool…!” Lakshman stuttered with a struggle.


Hearing Adebola’s words made Lakshman very angry and he decided to show that man to not take him lightly.




Lakshman began screaming and he surged with power as he and Adebola were covered by a golden-red aura. Adebola was shocked by then when Lakshman kicked off the ground to float in the air. In a slow motion, he and Adebola turned in mid-air before they plummeted back to the ground, crushing Adebola behind him.


Adebola let go of Lakshman and released him from the choke hold from the intense pain of getting smashed onto the ground. Breathing in great lungs full of air, he grabbed Adebola by the leg and easily lifted him into the air. Then, with tremendous force, he slammed his body on the ground, causing Adebola to groan with pain. He lifted him again and with a mighty punch to the gut, sent him flying into the distance.


Lakshman chased after him when he suddenly saw Adebola come to a full stop as he recovered quickly. Then, he began firing energy attacks at Lakshman, causing him to come to a stop and defend himself. Using Earth Guard, he shielded himself and stepped back before launching his own energy attacks at Adebola. Both of their energy attacks began exploding on contact in mid-air and it was creating a cloud of dust to drop visibility.


The two of them stopped firing energy attacks at each other and an eerie silence fell over the battle ground. Adebola narrowed his eyes and concentrated on his senses in anticipation of an attack when, all of a sudden, Lakshman erupted out of the clouds and he rocketed towards him before the two began fighting at incredible speeds.


“Why can’t you just give up and surrender?!” Lakshman shouted angrily.


“If I do, I’ll never achieve world domination!” Adebola retorted angrily.


At that moment, the two of them delivered powerful blows to each other’s faces. From the impact, they reeled back while clutching their faces.


“You can more about your conquest than the lives of your people?! Don’t you realise just how many people have died fighting for your stupid cause?!”


“Why should I care? They are soldiers and they are meant to throw down their lives for their king!”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock when he heard Adebola’s words. He removed his hand off his face and clenched his fists tightly as rage began to boil itself way to the surface from deep within his heart.


“I was thinking killing you outright was wrong and maybe giving you a chance at redemption was the right action, but… Dammit… Yet again, I am reminded that people like you will never change, no matter how many sacrifices and failures you face!”


“Huh? Kill me? Are you stupid? Do you think I will be killed by a vermin like you?!” Adeboal said with a chuckle.


Lakshman straightened up and looked at him firmly as he seriously said, “Adebola… The innocent heart you crushed would’ve shown your mercy, but this cold heart knows no mercy. You will pay for your crimes and be destroyed utterly by the Serpent of Revenge!”


Adebola raised an eyebrow and said, “Huh? Serpent of Revenge? Is it one of your imaginary friends?”


Lakshman did not reply, but he began to gather energy into him. He began to surge with power and it created a great force of wind that buffeted Adebola. For a moment, Lakshman stood still and silent as he stared at his enemy in front of him while being surrounded by golden-red aura. He made his move towards Adebola by charging towards him at high speed.


“Die, you fool!” Adebola screamed in rage. “Black Death!”


A powerful energy blast was released and it soared straight at Lakshman. It was travelling at high speed, but it appeared to be moving slowly from Lakshman’s perspective. He ducked the attack and it soared ahead and slammed hard into the castle and destroying the walls.


Lakshman continued soaring towards him with the energy that he had gathered in his body. Adebola was shocked and he deactivated the energy beam to retaliate, but Lakshman easily pushed his arms aside with his shoulders and placed his own on Adebola’s chest. With a slight push, he pushed Adebola back and surprised him.


Just before the launch of his attack, Lakshman looked up into Adebola’s fear filled eyes and said, “Never rest in peace.” Then, he shouted, “Spirit Burst Cannon!”


Light formed at the palms of Lakshman’s hands and he began to scream as he unleashed the mighty wave of energy. It engulfed and instantly vaporised Adebola from existence as the wave of energy continued travelling onward while leaving a deep grove on the ground. This time, Lakshman did not close his eyes because he knew what will happen and did not have any wish to witness it a second time.


Meanwhile, in the Spirit Plane, the spirit of Adebola appeared to be standing in the middle of a bright light. He blinked in surprise and he liked around as he was not sure where he was. He was inside a circular light while everything outside it was covered in swirling darkness.


“Where am I? What is this place?” he asked loudly.


There was no answer, except the silence that remained within that space. Then he heard something strange and he concentrated on that sound. It was the sound of something heavy crawling its way on a flat ground, almost like the coiling sound of a snake.


“What the hell is that?” he wondered aloud.


At that moment, he felt a nasty presence from behind him and he turned around. There was nothing there, but he noticed the sudden appearance of two bright red eyes within the darkness. The space seemed to get cold as the red eyes grew larger and larger as if they were getting closer to him. At that same time, he noticed the bright circle of light was slowly shrinking and eventually, he was left with a tiny space for him to stand in.


“So… You must be the so called Serpent of Revenge?” he asked aloud when he stared at the bright red eyes. He snorted and said, “Ha! You don’t scare me!”


He attempted to gather energy to attack the monster, but nothing happened. Then, he attempted to use some basic attack spells, but nothing seemed to be working. It was then that he realised the presence of the monster was disrupting the flow in the force, causing him to fail in using his techniques.


“No… No…!” he said fearfully.


He began to fear for his for the first time in his life. It was the first time in his life did he ever experience this kind of fear, which did not result from him stupidly injuring himself. At the same time, he knew this light was his only protection against the skin penetrating chill the Serpent of Revenge was creating within the space.


“You can’t… You can’t… You can’t!” he kept shouting the same thing over and over as tears kept spilling out of his eyes.


“RRRRUUUUUUUUAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!” the Serpent of Revenge roared.


“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Adebola scream for the last time in his life.


His loud screamed penetrating screamed echoed for a moment when they were abruptly cut off. Silent fell as the Serpent of Revenge took a glance around as if checking if there were more culprits for it to destroy. Seeing none, it shook its body and let out another roar before crawling across the ground as it headed back into the dark abyss between the Divine Planes.


Back in the Physical Plane, Lakshman breathed a sigh of relief that the battle was finally over. However, he deeply felt guilty for trying to give that man a chance at redemption, but he also felt it was the right thing to do.


“Life is always unpredictable and we never know who will change and who won’t. That’s why, it’s always better to give someone a second chance at redemption. However, people like him will never change and their very existence will create trouble for others, which is why I was forced to bring down the hammer of justice on him. He can hate me, loathe me and curse me, I don’t care because I did it to retain peace in the world because that is my duty as the Phoenix Titan!”


He was satisfied with his way of thinking because it did not create any holes in his firmness. If he did not stay firm, he was sure he will not be able to handle the jobs that come by being a Phoenix Titan.


At that moment, he heard loud crumbling noise from behind him and he looked around in shock to see the castle slowly crumbling. The damage that it had sustained from the battle between Felix and Adebola was great and Adebola’s last attack had destroyed the last foundation support that was keeping it standing. Right before Lakshman’s eyes, the castle was slowly crumbling and he heard the screams of the occupants, especially the voices of his lovers that were still inside.


“Oh no!” he exclaimed. He quickly raised his hands and shouted, “Levitation Force!”


In an instant, the castle crumbling walls stopped in mid-air as if time had stopped it. The fact was that Lakshman had used a magic spell to keep the castle walls from crumbling and kept it hovering. At that moment, he felt slightly dizzy and he knew why.


“Damn…! I really pushed by body beyond the limit today…! I sustained the Power Mode for too long and pushed myself to the point of draining all of my energy. Those stupid Dragon Kings… Whatever! I better use Restoration while I can do it!”


With that, he clapped his hands together, closed his eyes and shouted, “Restoration!”


The castle walls began to quickly flow back to where they once were and in a matter of minutes, the castle was back to normal. When he completed the castle, he staggered, but he quickly regained his posture and expanded the radius of his Restoration magic’s effect range, causing all the fire to go out instantly and the destroyed buildings to fly back and look like they once were before they were destroyed.


While he was doing that, Sevedant had appeared behind him without making a sound. Lakshman knew it was him without opening his eyes due to the kind of power that only a Death Titan could exhibit.


Finally, every building was restored and the injured were healed, this also included the enemy soldiers, who had slowly regained conciseness to look at the restored buildings in confusion. Lakshman slowly opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, as his consciousness left him, he stumbled sideways and fell into Sevedant’s outstretched hands.


“You okay?” he asked him.


Lakshman sighed heavily and said, “Yeah… Just… tired… Need… sleep…”


Sevedant nodded and said, “Sleep. Take rest. You did well.”


Lakshman nodded and closed his eyes as he instantly fell asleep. Sevedant watched him sleeping and then turned to face the ground of people running towards them. They were the people that Lakshman had fought really hard to protect and save while dealing with the evil people like Razzel and Adebola.


“You did well…” Sevedant said quietly and he sounded


Like that, the war for conquest to take over the world came to an end. Later, the announcement about the death of Adebola Gramstone, King of Mardana Kingdom, and the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, shocked both the people of Floria Kingdom and Mardana Kingdom. When the Mardana Kingdom learnt it was the Phoenix Titan who had delivered the hand of judgement on those villains, everyone quickly began to work towards the peace that he had preached. The future was looking bright as the sun slowly shoe nits bright sunlight through the darkened clouds to lift the gloom.

Author’s Note


Yup! Now, this is the longest chapter and boy do I feel accomplished! I think I’ll follow Lakshman’s footsteps and go to sleep to rest after my struggling battle to write this story.

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    He is still too soft hearted and a fool. He expect Razzel and Adebola would actually remorse and make atonement for all evil countless evil things they did and was doing. Especially Adebola , I mean the guy is even cold hearted enough to killled his own parent because his parent was in his way for his stupid revenge (from the time he can’t marry the princess) and world domination. Adebola is beyond save same goes for Razzel. Well at least in the end they both recieve their karma.

    Btw I had been wondering is Adebola on drugs or something? I never knew he would be that strong. I thought he is just an everyday evil prince who only relied on his evil partner for his plans and or a evil weapon but he himself is weak. But he seem be able to fight on par with Felix and fight with Lucky. (Tho in Lucky case I can say it is because he is REALLY drained and REALLY tired from all those fight from earlier before he came.

    Thanks for the chapters. I enjoy them all. xD

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