For the Future



A few days passed since Lakshman returned and during this time, he spent his days resting at the castle. That somehow became his new home, but he only thought of it as a temporary home. In the meantime, the girls stayed at Astral Academy for several things that followed their graduation. During this time, the girls visited ceremonies with the rest of their graduating year.


Once that was done, it was time to pack up their things to leave the academy. On the day of their departure from the academy, Lakshman visited them to check out his room in the male dormitories. It seems with the addition of a lot of male students, three more male dormitories were constructed to accommodate them.


On the day, Lakshman visited the room that he once occupied two years ago. Although he had abandoned his studies, the principal decided to retain his room so that he may take his things. That was what Lakshman did on that day when he pulled out his bags and began stuffing them with the clothes.


“These clothes will come in for spare rags I suppose,” he muttered as he stuff his bag full of clothes.


He had already extracted the student identification card from him by simple using an extraction command. After handing it over to the staff ladies, he was told he should get his things together and leave soon. It seemed that a new batch of students would be arriving the next day and his room was going to be occupied soon.


Once he was done, he opened another bag and began pilling it up with his books. As he put the books into the bag, he noticed the encyclopaedia book that he often used to understand the things of this world. He was reminded of the time he had used to find out what kind of reaction he must produce when he met a ghost face to face.


He chuckled and said, “Ah… Spectra…”


Two years ago, the room was haunted by a ghost named Spectra, who had been killed in that room some hundred years ago. She was a very interesting ghost that acted nothing like a ghost should. Instead, it focused on trying to find a new master for its old weapon, the Demon Slayer that Lakshman now calls Spectra.


“Has it already been two years since you left? It somehow feels like ages,” Lakshman said as he put the book into the bag.


Two years ago, Spectra had failed in protecting the Demon Slayer from the evil hands of the Demon Dragon King, Razzel. Unable to cope with the fact of her failure and the inability to leave the room on her own, she began to despair. However, that was when Lakshman showed him and in amazing style, she helped him acquire the Demon Slayer before leaving this world in peace.


“She was pretty satisfied with the outcome,” Lakshman said as he closed the bag shut. Then, he stood up, put his hands together and said, “Anyway, thank you for everything, Spectra. I hope you are resting in peace.”


He stood there with his hands clapped together and quietly prayed. Once it was done, he straightened up and took one last glance around the room. Two years ago, he was a studying student at the age of sixteen, but now he has grown up into a powerful eighteen year old warrior. Soon, he will become a family head and will begin to bear a huge responsibility.


“Well then… Goodbye!” he said finally with a cheery smile and he picked up the two bags in each hand before leaving the room by closing the door shut.


He arrived out the gates and noticed the girls were not there. At first, he wondered if they came earlier and through Venezuela’s help, they left for the castle. He felt a little depressed from such thoughts, but it did not last when he heard voices from behind him. Turning around, he saw the girls running towards him with bangs slung over their shoulders and hands.


“Sorry for being late,” Ondine said as she breathed quickly.


“Erza and Silvera took a long time to pack their stuff up!” Cantia complained unhappily.


“S-Sorry, but I was double checking to see if I forgot anything,” Erza said and Silvera nodded at her head in agreement.


“Yeah and that kept us delayed and made Lucky wait for who knows how long!” Cantia told them sternly.


“I wasn’t waiting for that long,” Lakshman told them with a small smile.


“It’s usually the girl that waits for a bit, but making a boy wait is kind of bad,” Venezuela said and they laughed.


Together, they stepped into the Phoenix Portal that Lakshman created with his magic and they returned to the castle. When they returned, the maids came forward and took the luggage from them before escorting them to their respective rooms. Lakshman sighed as he entered his room and quickly jumped onto the bed. It was a comfortable bed with warmth and comfort.


For a moment, he lay there when for a while in silence. Later, the girls walked came in after knocking on the door, allowing him to sit upright to greet them. The room was large and there were chairs all around, but the girls ignored them as they sat themselves near their future husband. In the past, he may have been against it, but things have changed and he was ready to face it.


“So… We’re really going to do it,” Venezuela said after a few seconds of silence.


Lakshman nodded his head and said, “Yes and I wish to speak to a Phoenix Sage to prepare the arrangements of our marriage.”


Erza and Cantia moaned softly in happiness as she hugged him from behind. Ondine and Silvera were sitting on his left and they nudged him comfortably. Tetra and Emilia were sitting on his right and they also nudged him comfortably. Venezuela was sitting on a chair as she faced him and the rest of the girls. Lakshman was slightly confused why she was smiling at him.


“Why are you smiling?” he asked her curiously.


“Oh… I’m just finding it funny to see you surrounded by so many girls,” she told him with a slight chuckle.


He raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh, please,” and caused her to laugh.


“Well, it’s been two years and master’s become really handsome looking over these years!” Silvera said happily.


“Wait. Are you saying I’m not handsome enough? Even when, Tetra went to the great length of advising the salon guy on how to cut my hair?” he asked her incredulously.


“Eh? Tetra did that?” Emilia asked in a surprised voice.


Tetra shrugged her shoulders and said, “Master didn’t seem to care how he looked with his hair. So, I took it upon myself to making it look the way we would like it. Well? Does it look good?”


“It’s super good!” Cantia said happily. “It’s not as spiky as it was two years ago, but that can’t be helped.”


Tetra laughed and said, “When we arrived several days back, he wanted to come straight down and see you all with his grubby appearance.”


“Hey!” Lakshman said indignantly. “I wasn’t grubby.”


“You still were shabby looking with that cloak you wore that day,” Tetra told him honestly.


He sighed and said, “Oh, fine… Rub it in, why don’t you?”


Ondine chuckled and asked, “So, what next, Lakshman?”


“What do you mean?”


“Like… How are we going to go about the marriage? Will you marry us all at the same time or… one at a time?”


Lakshman was stunned by her question and it took him a moment to recover to say, “Ondine…! That is so wrong on so many levels!”


Ondine shrugged her should and said, “We still have to face it.”


Lakshman shook his head and they began discussing about the marriage procedures. Cantia wanted him to marry everyone at the same time, but Venezuela wanted him to marry one at a time. After a while of dispute between the two girls, Emilia finally stopped them, they and the rest of the girls agreed to marry one at a time. The reason for this is simply to not overburden the marriage ceremony.


“It feels more romantic to do it one at a time than all at once,” Venezuela said firmly. “Besides, doing us all at the same time might be too much for Lucky right now.”


At those words, the girls goggled at her in amazement and looked at Lakshman. He had a pained expression on his face from hearing her question his capacity.


“C-Can we not go there right now, please?” he asked quietly and Emilia nodded vigorously while blushing furiously. “I mean, aren’t you the least bit embarrassed by saying that, Vena?”


Venezuela was surprised by his question and blushed as she said, “I suppose I do feel a bit of it…”


He shook his head and said, “Unbelievable… The empress sure is firm headed— ouch!”


“I told you not to call me that,” she told him sternly as she pinched his leg.


“Anyway, shouldn’t we start informing people about this marriage plan of ours?” Ondine asked curiously. “I mean, we can’t do our marriage in a simple way, can we?”


“We can do it,” Venezuela told her. “We can simply invite our relatives, the Phoenix Emperor and the Phoenix Sages to proceed with the marriage ceremony. What do you all think?”


“I… I’d prefer to do it in a simple fashion,” Emilia said quietly. “I don’t like crowd and all the attention that come with it.”


“I’m fine so long as everyone is fine with it,” Cantia said cheerfully.


“Maybe going with the simple marriage is a good idea,” Ondine said in a thoughtful voice. “After all, Lucky will be the king in the future and we’ll be like his mistresses. I don’t see any problems with going with simple marriage ceremony held with our closest relatives and friends.”


As the other girls nodded in consent at her, Lakshman slowly asked, “Are you… okay about being… you know… mistresses and stuff like that?”


“What’s you talking about?” Ondine asked him incredulously. “Right back when you were thirteen, I swore I will be your strength, didn’t I? Why should I worry about nonsense like that?”


“I’m destined to be with you! I don’t care about such stuff nor can I take your love for these girls back since you love them as much as you love me!” Cantia told him firmly. “Don’t worry about it!”


“Wow… You actually said something useful for a change!” Ondine said in an impressed voice.


“What’d you say?!” Cantia exclaimed in a shocked voice.


While they were glaring at each other, Emilia went to speak to him while blushing a little.


“I… I swore I would always love you for being so kind to me. You saved me from slavery, gave me a place to live and took care of me as if I was someone very close to you. I will always stand by your side, Lucky.”


“Emilia…” Lakshman said and he patted her head gently, which she liked very much.


“There is no need for me to care about that stuff since I’m yours!” Tetra told him firmly with a smile.


“Me too!” Silvera said happily.


“Thank you girls,” Lakshman said happily. Then, looked over his shoulders at Erza, he asked, “What‘s wrong, Erza?”


“I…” she began and hesitated for a moment. Then, she continued speaking by saying, “I came into this world following you because I had nothing left to keep me in my world. The man that I loved dearly is in this world and I came without hesitation. Now, you are my life and my love that I can never abandon!”


“Erza…” Lakshman said softly and he pulled his swung his arm over her shoulders to pull her in. “Don’t say that. You have a life of your own and I’m sure you will become helpful in your way in this world! Believe it!”


“Thank you…” Erza said softly and she snuggled in with a pleasant smile on her face.


Just then, there was a knock on the door. When Venezuela told them to come in, a maid entered the room and bowed before them. The main had come to inform them of their lunch being ready and this gave Lakshman the incentive to get off the bed.


“Lunch! Lunch!” Cantia sang happily as they left.


They arrived at a side room where a large table was arranged with more maid standing aside. After sitting down on their seats, the maid moved in and began serving them the food. Once the food was served, Venezuela dismissed the maids to go and eat their own lunch. At first they protected, but Lakshman also suggested they eat since they wouldn’t be needing it.


“The only one amongst that’ll be needing seconds is Cantia and I can assure you she is capable of putting food into her own plate,” Lakshman told them firmly with a smile on his face.


“Understood,” the head maid said and they all bowed to them before leaving the room.


“Were you saying something about me?” Cantia asked him curiously when she paused in her eating.


He lightly shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. Just eat.”


“I will!” she said and grinned at him before continuing to eat.


Ondine, who had been sipping on a large glass of water, looked at her with distaste. The way Cantia ate her food made Ondine feel a little unhappy because it was exactly like that of a wild animal eating food. However, she was aware of Cantia being a member of the Camdra Beast Clan and her heritage of the beasts was one she cannot easily change. In the meantime, she continued to drink only her water and she felt rejuvenated from its wonderful taste.


“This water’s good!” Ondine said happily to them.


“I’m glad you’re liking it,” Venezuela told her. “Unlike you, the rest of us need actual food in our bellies to satisfy us.”


“Ah… Well, sucks to be you,” Ondine said and she returned to drinking her water.


Lakshman ate his food while glancing occasionally at her. With the knowledge that he obtained from the Decisive Player, he learnt many great things and that included the information about its people. He was startled to learn that Ondine was originally a human behind, but had been transformed into a Water Spirit to save her life.


Apparently, Ondine had been a human child when her parents were killed by a Beast Dog. When she was at deaths door, she was saved by Ondine the Water Spirit. She found the baby girl and sensed her nearing her death, but she also sensed her the great destiny lay ahead of her. In order for the girl to fulfil her destiny, the Ondine sacrificed her life by merging and transforming the human child into a Water Spirit. Thus, the one newly reborn Ondine Monahasara was taken in by the Water Spirits elder, Rodrack.


“It’s unbelievable that she was originally a human,” he thought as he watched Ondine gulp down water after water. Then, a sudden thought occurred to him and he wondered, “That reminds me, I did forcibly feed her to eat the food and she ate. I guess she can eat human food, she prefers water above them all? That makes sense since her biology did change from a human to a Water Spirit.”


“What’s wrong?” Emilia asked him curiously when she spotted him looking intently at Ondine.


“It’s nothing,” Lakshman said hastily.


Just then, Felix entered the room and hearing his reply, he said, “If it’s nothing, then focus on eating.”


“Huh? Felix? What’re you doing here?” Lakshman asked as he turned around and saw him take a seat on a spare chair in front of the table.


“Came to eat,” Felix said shortly. Then, he pointed at the food tray and said, “Levitation.”


In an instant, food began to float up into the air from the tray. Before anything could get spilled, Felix created a magical barrier around the food and he levitated it towards him easily. Finally, he let the food drop on his plate lightly before deactivating his magic. Seeing his skill with the magic to make the food move from one place to another, Emilia and Ondine clapped energetically.


“That was amazing!” Emilia said energetically.


“That was cool!” Ondine said in an impressed voice.


“Thank you, thank you,” Felix said and he bowed his head slightly as if he had just performed a stage stunt.


Lakshman looked at him and asked, “Felix… How lazy can you be to use magic when you could’ve simply got up and got the food yourself?”


“Oh, shush,” Felix said flatly. “I’ve been really busy these last few days with the financial handlings of our kingdom. I’d like you to take a bit of my work and see if you can do it without letting your brain explode form pressure.”


“There wouldn’t be any need for that since after I marry Venezuela, she will dump all her work onto me and go play fun with the ladies,” Lakshman said as he turned to eye Venezuela with a small smile on his face.


Venezuela looked alarmed and she quickly said, “I won’t do that! I won’t let my husband handle everything! I’m a queen and I have my duties to perform as well.”


“Calm down, Vena. I was only teasing you,” Lakshman said and she made a pouting face at him.


“That’s so unfair!” she said and he laughed.


“If it’s work that I can do, I’ll do my best!” Erza said firmly. “I was a princess in Alzard and thanks to these two years of learning, I’m pretty confident I should be to handle the work that’s in this world. If you want, we can switch roles in taking the public appearances and such.”


“That would be lovely,” Venezuela said gratefully. “Thank you for the offer, Erza.”


Erza put a hand on her chest and said, “It’s the least I can do for my future sister.”


The two of them smiled at each other as they found firm alliance from each other. Felix looked at them and nodded approvingly.


“Good to see your future wives beginning to understand each other and it’s also good that they’re willing to help each other,” he said in an impressed voice. “Girls tend to usually selfishly focus on what they love doing the most rather than the focusing on the import tasks at hand.”


“Is that why you and Rasha are so distant lately?” Cantia asked shrewdly, making Felix choke on his food.


He used his magic to summon water into his empty glass and he drank form it before speaking sternly to Cantia.


“We’re not distant. She’s just busy handling the matters with the clan while I’m handling the business of the kingdom. Besides, she’s a mother and has to put her most of her energy into raising Sasha.”


“How is Serina?” Lakshman asked him curiously. “I think she’s turned fifteen a few months ago, right?”


Felix nodded and said, “Yes and she’s doing fine with her studies and everything. Once she turns sixteen, I’ll have to start looking for matches that will be best suited for her.”


“Just be careful with who you pick as her future husband, Felix. You don’t want an idiot that’ll put her through pain and suffering,” Lakshman said and he narrowed his eyes angrily. Then, he made a bright smile and said, “On the other hand, she might fall in love with her destined one? After all, marries are made in heaven.”


Felix nodded and said, “You’re right, but I hardly doubt my daughter will have the kind of luck that let you meet your destined queens!”


They all laughed and continued eating their food. Lakshman, however, paused in eating his food to think about what Felix had said. Lakshman was well aware of the term Destiny Queens, which he knew was referring to the girls surrounding him at that table from the knowledge he possessed.


During his training, he tried finding out what Destiny Queens meant. Sadly, he found nothing of what it actually meant or the real meaning behind the term. The only thing he learnt about Destiny Queens was that there were a total of nine of them, which meant he will run into two more whom he will fall in love with and marry in the future.


“I somehow get the feeling it’s something that will be explained to me at a later date…” he thought unhappily.


“Is something the matter, Lucky?” Cantia asked him when she looked at him. “You’re making quite a scary expression just now.”


Lakshman quickly recovered and smiled as he said, “Oh…! It’s nothing…!” Then, before Cantia could ask any more questions, he looked at Felix and asked, “By the way, did you find a land for us to live at, Felix? I believe I gave you the details of the kind I am expecting.”


Felix ate the last of his food and wiped his mouth with a cloth at the table side. Then, he looked at Lakshman and said, “Yes. You asked for a vast open plains and I found exactly that to the west from here. It’s got quite the distance of travel from here to there, but it’s excellent there.”


“Ah. Cool. I’ll have you show it to me at a later time,” Lakshman said and Felix nodded in affirmation.


“Open planes?” Ondine asked curiously and she turned to look at him. “Why open plains? Is it because you liked your childhood home?”


Lakshman nodded and said, “That and it’s because I like to feel the open air. I don’t like confined spaces and I certainly don’t want to feel restricted. In the future, you girls will have kids and I want the kids to enjoy their youthful lives happily without feeling constrained. I don’t want them to be raised as royalty due to there being a high chance of them becoming corrupted by their self-important, especially when their father is a king and a Phoenix Titan at that.”


The girls began to make embarrassed smiles at how far ahead he was planning. They had been pestering him into marrying them and now that the prospect of a marriage life and future children made them feel extremely embarrassed. Lakshman saw their shyness with the way they avoided eye contact as they fixedly stared at their plates. Only Venezuela recovered enough to speak straight by looking into his eyes.


“Is that why you’re choosing to raise our kids away from the castle?” Venezuela asked him curiously. When he nodded, she narrowed her eyes and said, “Wouldn’t that raise them in isolation? I mean, isn’t the open planes far away from the capital and will not be anywhere near the settlements. Our children will probably grow up without having anyone to call friend.”


Lakshman nodded in understanding and said, “That may be true, but Vena… To our children, we may be their parents, but we are also their closest friends. No friend in the world can help a child between than their parents, although bad parents will never be able to help their child.


We are not going to be bad parents and I won’t let that happen! Even if some of us are busy, our children will still have each other and his other mothers, my wives of course, as we slowly educate them and raise them up. I will not let them get the single child mentality because that will cause unnecessary competition between them.


We are a family and we need to stick together to tighten the bond between us. Although my upraising was slightly weird, I’m hopeful that I will not let such things happen to our children.”


He was wearing a serious expression on his face as he finished speaking. For a moment, there was silence within the room as everyone wore a surprised expressions on their faces. Then, the sound of clapping was heard and they turned to see Felix clapping energetically with a bright smile on his face.


“Brilliant!” Felix said pressingly. “I’ve heard of parents wanting to make their wife pregnant and then let them raise the child while the men focused on work. Here, you’re suggesting that everyone works together to raise your family without letting the interactions of others cause a rupture in the bond that you will be forming. You’re family’s going to do great! I can feel it!”


With that, Felix flashed him a wink and gave him a thumps up gesture with the hand. Lakshman chuckled as the girls also agreed and looked admiringly at him. After that, Felix rose to his feet and carrying his plate, he left the room because he had work to return to. A few seconds later, they also finished their meals and rose to their feet.


“What should we do now?” Cantia asked curiously.


“How about we go visit father-in-law and tell them about our plan to marry?” Emilia asked tentatively.


Lakshman nodded and said, “Good idea and I want to see them anyway.”


“Yeah, but you better be ready to receive some beating, master. Your father is not happy with you…” Silvera said before chuckling darkly.


“Oh… Stop that…” he said, but he did become a little bit worried.


Lakshman stopped and attempted to activate the Phoenix Portal when Venezuela grabbed his hand and shook her head.


“I’d like us to fly over there for once,” she said with a smile.


“What? You want to use my pets to fly over there?” he asked uncertainly. “Going through the portal is a lot faster through.”


“It doesn’t hurt to travel by air for a chance and I think it’d be refreshing,” Ondine said in support to Venezuela’s idea.


“That’s right. I’d like to fly on those interesting creatures you told us about,” Erza said and she looked eagerly at him.


Lakshman saw the eagerness in all their eyes and finally sighed in resignation.


“I guess there’s no harm in travelling by air and it’ll be a good exercise for them as well,” he said with a smile.


A while later, they were standing in the wide open space at the back of the castle. Lakshman chose this place to summon his pets because he feared their sudden appearance would cause panic among the crowd and the guards would automatically attend with fear of attack. He made sure the girls were standing well away from him before he began focusing his energy.


With forceful power, he clapped his hands together and he immediately shouted, “Summoning Familiars! Come forth: Eternal Phoenix, Phylex and Spirit Dragon, Draga!”


Two large magical circles began to form several meters in front of him. They began to glow brightly and emitted shimmering light that blinded everything in sight. A few seconds later, the shimmering light was gone and the magic circles went with it. In their place, two majestic looking creatures appeared as the light subsided. One was a powerful looking dragon with silver body and scales that it stretched as if it was yawning after waking up from a long sleep. The other was a fierce looking phoenix bird with golden-red feathers, sharp claws and large wings at its sides.


The two creatures shook their large bodies and glanced at each other for a moment. There was a tense situation when the two eyed each other fiercely before they turned to gaze upon the one who summoned them.


“At your call, we have come,” said a voice in their minds, which surprised the girls.


“I-Is this telepathy?” Cantia asked in a startled voice.


Lakshman grinned up at them and asked, “Hey, you two. How’ve you been?”


“I was having a pleasant sleep when you called me,” the Spirit Dragon, Draga, telepathically told them in a lazy voice. “Was there something urgent going on to make you summon me?”


The Eternal Phoenix, Phylex, turned its fierce bird like face towards Draga and telepathically said, “How rude! We are in front of us master, the Phoenix Titan! You will do wise to remember that, Draga!”


“I don’t need to be told by the mighty Eternal Fire Bird about who my master is, Phylex!” Draga told him roughly through telepathy as it lazily flapped its wings.


“Whoa…” Erza said in a surprised voice. “Um… Do these have a grudge against each other?”


“I think that’s pretty obvious just from looking at their interaction,” Silvera said quietly as she nervously watched the two giant creatures.


“Well then…! Draga!” Lakshman said loudly and Draga turned its head to look at him. “We’re going to travel to a place near Rodfox Kingdom. I want you to carry the ladies standing over there.”


Lakshman gestured at the girls standing a few meters away and Draga turned its head to look at them. For a moment, the girls felt like shrieking when they saw its fierce vertical pupils staring fixedly at them. It continued to stare at them as seconds passed and it made the girls worried.


Once it was done with the staring, it snorted and telepathically asked, “The first thing you’re going to use me for after leaving that training world is to go travelling around the world?”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Not really. The girls haven’t had the chance to fly and I felt it would be something different to the usual method of going through a portal.”


Draga snorted once more and said, “Fine. Just get on.”


As it lowered itself to the ground, Lakshman turned around and gestured for the girls. Taking that as a hint for them to get on, the girls walked nervously towards the dragon. They were feeling slightly stunned from the nervousness by the powerful breathing of the dragon. Once they got near the dragon, they were suddenly lifted into the air before being flown over and placed upon the dragon’s back.


“Wow! That was cool!” Cantia exclaimed excitedly.


“Yeah… It was…” Venezuela said in a surprised voice.


Emilia was nervous, but was gently rubbing the dragons back as she said, “Thank you for letting us on, Mr. Dragon.”


The dragon snorted loudly and telepathically said, “Its fine and don’t call me that. I have a name and it’s Draga. Now, hold on because I’m not responsible if you fly off during flight.”


“Eh?!” the girls exclaimed in shocked voices.


“Draga’s just kidding, He won’t let anything happen to you,” he told them brightly as he got on Phylex’s back. “Alright! Let’s go!”


The girls became tense as the dragon lifted its wings and with a powerful force, launched itself into the air. Its powerful wings continued beating until it was fully airborne. The girls nervously gripped the scaly body of the dragon tightly as a powerful force of wind began to blow at them. The force was strong, but it was not enough to knock them off the dragon’s back and they were confident that he will protect them.


Draga hovered over the castle for a moment until Phylex was at its height. Then, with a powerful whoosh of its wings, it propelled forward and shot off at incredible speed. The girls began screaming earnestly from the shock of flying at such intense speed. The force of the wind on them was so strong, it became difficult for the girls to sit straight and they were forced to lean back on the dragon’s body.


“This is awesome!” Cantia bellowed at the top of her voice.


“No kidding!” Ondine agreed in a loud voice.


Emilia and Erza had covered their eyes and were not even bothering to open them because the force of the wind was too strong on their eyes. Cantia and Ondine were staring around with great enthusiasm a clouds whooshed past at high speed. Silvera and Tetra were looking around casually as they had quickly gotten accustomed to the


Unable to take it anymore, Venezuela screamed, “This is too fast!”


The Spirit Dragon ignored the complaints and continued to fly at high speed, his wings beating up and down occasionally to keep him going. Following right behind them was Phylex and sitting comfortably on its feathery back was Lakshman. Unlike the girls, Lakshman had gotten accustomed to flying at high speed due to his flying ability and the training involving his pets.


“Draga is going a little overboard in scaring those young women,” Phylex said telepathically.


Lakshman chuckled and said, “You’re right, but we’ll be left behind if we travel at this speed. Catch up with them, Phylex!”


“Understood,” Phylex replied telepathically.


With a swooshing of its wings, the Eternal Phoenix began to fly at great speed to catch up with the speedy Spirit Dragon, Draga.

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