Parental Blessing



They travelled for almost a day when they finally reached the Rodfox Kingdom. The speed of their travel over the air was really fast that Venezuela was not happy about. Erza and Emilia had already fallen asleep and they were leaning on each other as they slept quietly. Only Cantia and Ondine were looking around excitedly while Tetra and Silvera were talking about something related to the Sacred Spirit.


Following right behind Draga the Spirit Dragon was Lakshman as he sat on the back of Phylex the Eternal Phoenix. He was swinging over the side of the bird while gipping its feathers so as not to fall off. He spotted the kingdom and saw that they were flying past it. This made him decide it was time to descent.


“Draga! Start descending, but do it slowly so the girls won’t fall of,” Lakshman telepathically communicated with Draga.


“I know. Don’t tell me when I already know what to do,” Draga telepathically said sternly.


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and as Draga began to descend, he telepathically told the Eternal Phoenix, “Follow him, Phylex.”


“Understood,” Phylex replied telepathically and it dived after Draga.


They descended through the clouds and soon arrived out of them to see the clear landscape below. Lakshman leaned over and saw the road leading to the farm fields and situated near them were rows and rows of houses. However, he immediately recognised the one that had a front gate and apparently there were two kids playing outside.


“Must be the twins…” he thought happily.


A while later, Draga gently lowered itself to the ground and finally landed. The moment it landed, Venezuela slid off its back and hit the ground with her back. She groaned from the impact, which quickly turned into a pleasurable moan as she rubbed her back against the grassy ground.


“Ah… The ground feels so welcome…” she said in relief.


Draga snorted and telepathically said, “Hmph! You’re just soft.”


“Soft? Soft?” Venezuela said incredulously as she picked herself off the ground. “You were going way too fast!”


Draga snorted again and telepathically said, “Hmph! You humans are so weak. I could’ve gone faster if you just asked. Unfortunately, I didn’t because I didn’t want you girls throwing up on my lovely body!”


Venezuela could not believe what she just heard and her jaw dropped slightly. She quickly recovered and shook her head in exasperation.


“You are one rude-rude dragon! You know that?”


Draga just shook its body and telepathically said, “I’ve been told and I don’t care.”


Venezuela shook her head in disbelief as the other girls were lifted off its back and gently set them on the ground. Cantia and Ondine were really excited and seemed to be ready for another trip by the sky. Tetra and Silvera knelt down to wake up the sleeping Erza and Emilia.


When they woke up and saw they were sitting on the ground, she looked surprised.


“Have we arrived already?” Erza said in a surprised voice.


“That was quick…” Emilia said before letting out a yawn.


Just then, Phylex gently descended to the ground and sent powerful winds in all directions. Then, it folded its wings at its side as Lakshman got jumped off and landed lightly on the grassy fields.


Draga turned its head towards Phylex and telepathically said, “Phylex, you’re slow.”


Phylex shook its head and telepathically said, “No, Draga. You were just too fast.”


“How’s the trip by the air?” Lakshman asked the girls.


“That was amazing! Can we go again?” Cantia and Ondine asked eagerly.


“We slept,” Erza and Emilia said with small smiles on their faces.


“It was okay, I guess. I mean, it was comfortable,” Tetra said and Silvera nodded in agreement.


“I see. That’s good to hear,” he said and he smiled at them.


“How’s that good to hear?” Venezuela asked incredulously. She pointed at Draga, who was now lying down and closed its eyes, said, “This dragon flew way too fast for me to enjoy the flight!”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Yeah… About that…” He turned to Draga and said, “Draga, you really were flying a bit too fast. Turn it down a notch, okay?”


“If I didn’t go fast, we wouldn’t have made it before nightfall,” Draga telepathically told them.


“I know, but it wouldn’t have mattered if we came at night. I would’ve just transported us into the Phoenix World and we would’ve camped there for the night before leaving in the morning,” Lakshman said in a reasonable voice. “Anyway, please go slow and steady next time.”


“I’m not a Turtle Dragon to fly at my leisure. I’m a Spirit Dragon and Spirit Dragons fly fast!” Draga telepathically told them roughly.


Lakshman sighed heavily and said, “Whatever.”


Venezuela looked incredulously at him and asked, “That’s it? You’re not going to reprimand him?”


He shook his head and said, “He’s a Spirit Dragon and the term we have to look for is ‘dragon.’ Because of that stupid dragon pride, he won’t change his ways for anyone. There’s no point in trying in the first place since I already failed numerous times, even to the point of challenging and defeating him.”


Venezuela let out a sigh of resignation and said, “Fine. Alright then, let’s go.”


There was a sudden burst of light from where Phylex the Eternal Phoenix stood. When the light vanished, a small fluffy bird appeared and it flew over to land on Lakshman’s head. There, it nestled down and seemed contented in staying.


“I-Is that Phylex? Why did it become so small?” Ondine asked curiously.


Emilia turned to them and said, “Familiars have the ability to transform themselves into their fullest form or take on a form of simplest size. In this case, Phylex chose to become small to accompany us, right?”


“Affirmative, young miss,” said Phylex telepathically.


“What about Draga?” Cantia asked and she pointed at the Spirit Dragon that was lying on the ground.


“I’m not interested in following you humans. I’ll just stay here and relax until you need me to fly you again,” Draga said telepathically and he beat his wings lazily at them, gesturing them to get going.


“Well… You heard the dragon,” Lakshman said with a smile on his face. “Let’s go and meet my family. It’s been two years, I wonder if they’ll recognise me.”


When they approached the front gates, he noticed that his sisters had run inside. It seemed the sight of two really large creatures scared them into running inside. He remembered about their age and realised they should be five years old, but it seemed they still were slightly afraid of the unknown. As the front gates were opened, Indra appeared at the entrance to the house.


“Ah…! Father, I’ve come—!” Lakshman began to say happily.


“You’ve finally come back!” Indra shouted and he charged at Lakshman with his sword held firmly in his hand.


“Wha?!” Lakshman exclaimed and he kicked off the ground and soared back.


Indra charged after his son and swung at him, only to end up missing due to Lakshman’s quick reflexes in dodging the swing. The both of them came to a stop several meters away with Indra looking very angry and Lakshman looking totally confused.


“Yes… He certainly recognise his son,” Cantia said quietly.


Ondine, who was panicked by the father and son assault, quickly asked, “W-Why is he angry? Why?”


At that moment, Indra charged forward and began swinging his sword at Lakshman, only to be dodged quickly.


“Dad! Why are you angry? What have I done to deserve this?” Lakshman asked incredulously.


“You…! Foolish idiot! Do you how I felt when you ran away for two years?!” Indra exclaimed angrily as he kept swinging his sword at his son at high speed.


“What? Ran away? What do you mean I ran away? What did I run away from?” Lakshman asked desperately as he moved fast to evade the sword strikes from his father.


Indra stopped swinging and they came to a stop once more. He straightened up, pointed his sword in the direction of his son and said, “Two years ago, the girls visited us and that’s when I and your mother met your new lovers, Erza Flameheart and Silvera the Demon Slayer Sacred Spirit. I was happy, but when they told me that you went up into the mountains to train, I believed that you ran away from responsibility!”


“Ha?!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock. “You thought I ran away to train?”


“Do you have any idea how I felt when I learnt that my son ran away from his lovers. Do you have any clue how I felt, as the future father-in-law of these girls, about how selfish you were?” Indra demanded in an extremely angry voice.


“Father…! Listen!” Lakshman said in a strong voice. “I trained to become stronger up in the mountains, not because I ran away from my responsibility…!”


“I don’t believe it!” Indra shouted and he charged toward his son again.


“Gah!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock as he barely avoided another stroke from his father.


“Liars will be liars and there will never be any change in them!” Indra shouted at his son.


This time, Lakshman got angry and he asked, “Then, what will make you believe me?”


Indra held his sword at the ready and asked, “You want me to believe you? You really want me to believe you? Then, defeat me in battle and then I will believe you!”


He roHe charged at his son and attempted to cut him down from the top. As the sword came down, it was instantly stopped in its tracks when Lakshman grabbed it firmly with his right hand. Indra attempted to swing it down, but it would not budge as Lakshman looked up and glared at his father.


“Fine… You’re asking for it!” he said fiercely.


Using Infinity Step, he disappeared and reappeared several meters away. Then, the two warriors prepared themselves by taking on fighting stances. There was a tense second as the two glared at each other fiercely.


“RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” screamed Lakshman suddenly as he began surging with power.


The next second, he kicked off the ground and rocketed towards his father. Indra quickly pulled back and swung his sword back, aiming to cut Lakshman. Lakshman reached where his father stood and with ease, he brushed the sword aside, not even getting affected by that defensive motion. Surprise, Indra quickly extended his left hand to try and grab at Lakshamn, but the hand also got slapped aside with ease.


Lakshman glared at his father and he pulled his hand back before delivering a powerful force towards him. Indra saw the punch coming and automatically closed his eyes as he waited for the impact. For a moment, there was no sensation and no sigh of impact which made him open his eyes. He was startled to see the fist centimetres away from his face.


For a moment, they just stood there looking like stony statues when Lakshman moves. He quickly unlocked his clenched fist and formed into a flip like posture with his hand. Indra blinked in surprise when he saw this.


“Huh?” he asked involuntarily.


Lakshman flicked his father’s forehead lightly and nothing seemed to have for a second. The next second, Indra was blasted into the air and he sailed several meters away before crashing to the ground. Dust rose into the air as his body came to a crashing stop. Indra was knocked out by the powerful flick attack from Lakshman’s hand.


As he straightened up from his flick attack, he heard a familiar voice say as it came closer to him.


“Nicely done, Lucky,” the voice said and he instantly turned to see who it was.


His mother, Lakshmi, was walking towards him with a wide smile on her face. He was amazed that his mother did not change that much, although there are the signs of hair slightly turning white here and there, but she still appeared to look young and beautiful.


“Mother!” he exclaimed happily and he quickly walked forward.


“Welcome back, Lucky,” she said happily and the two of them hugged in their family reunion.


At that moment, Draga snorted and telepathically said, “Hey. Should you really be having a mother and son reunion when you father is out cold over there?”


Lakshman and his mother separated as she turned to smile at the Spirit Dragon.


“He will be fine, but I do feel he deserved a flick on the forehead for his stupidity,” Lakshmi said sardonically. “Anyway, I take it you are the familiar that my son made a contract with?”


Draga shifted his position on the ground to look towards them as he telepathically said, “That’s correct. I am the Spirit Dragon known as Draga. Your son is quite the troublemaker to summon a mighty creature like me, but I consented after witnessing his strength first hand.”


“Ah. Well, please do take care of my son,” Lakshmi said with a nod of her head at the dragon.


“There’s also me that your son has made a contract with, madam,” said the telepathically voice of Phylex as it flew over to her from Emilia’s arms.


Lakshmi held her hands out and he landed gently on them. The small fiery bird seemed to bow as it telepathically spoke to Lakshmi.


“Nice to meet you, mother of my master. I am the Eternal Phoenix called Phylex. It’s pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


“Ah. Thank you for the kind introduction. I’m Lucky’s mother, Lakshmi. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Please do take care of my son as well,” she said pleasantly.


Phylex bowed its head and telepathically said, “I will do my best.”


Lakshmi smiled and nodded in acceptance. Then, she started to smile widely when she turned to look at her son.


“So… Will you marry these two as well…?” she asked him curiously.


Lakshman’s eyes shot up in shock and he shouted, “NO!”


His mother and his lovers, who were standing near the entrance to the house, laughed heartily at the joke.


“I was only joking,” she said to her son, who was looking worn out. “Anyway, it’s better to bring in your father from the sun. Otherwise, he’ll be covered in the dust when the wind picks up.”


“You’re right,” Lakshman said with a nod of his head. As she and the girls walked towards the house, Lakshman turned to Draga and said, “Draga, go pick up dad and bring him into the house.”
Draga snorted and telepathically said, “Why should I? He’s your dad. Go and pick him up yourself.”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and seriously said, Draga…!”


“Alright… Fine,” he said finally in a resigned voice.


Draga became surrounded by light and when it vanished, a smaller form of him appeared. He quickly flew over to where Indra lay unconscious on the ground with his eyes closed. Using the flight magic, he was lifted into the air and Draga took him towards the house while making sure nothing was happening to him. At the house, Lakshman took over and carried his father in and laid him on a chair, causing him to slump slightly.


Just then, there was the sound of running feet and Lakshman’s twin sisters appeared.


“Annayya’s back!” they said together excitedly.


“Hello there, young cuties!” Lakshman said happily and he knelt down to greet his twin sisters. After giving them a hug, he asked, “How have you been? Are you behaving yourself properly?”


“I’m doing well,” said the twin sisters almost simultaneously.


“That’s good to hear and see,” Lakshman said and he patted them gently on their heads.


“Hey, annayya…! Can you guess who is who?” the left kid asked curiously.


“Can you tell who is Indira and Priya?” the right one asked eagerly.


“Let’s see…” Lakshman said and he sniffed twice as he put on a show. He looked at the two of them curiously and when he finally decided who was who, he pointed at each other them as he said, “The left is Indira and the right is Priya.”


“Yay~!” the girls cheered happily. “Annayya got correct!”


Emilia, who was surprised, asked him curiously, “How can you tell? They look like mirror images of each other.”


“Oh, come on…! There’s no way I would forget about my cute little sisters!” he said confidently. Then, he turned to them and said, “Well then, go on and play.”


“Okay, annayya!” they said happily when they saw the bird form of the Eternal Phoenix and the small form of the Spirit Dragon, the girls let out cries of, “Ah~! They’re so cute~!”


The girls rushed over and began to strike the two creatures happily with excitement. Phylex happily let the girls stroke his feathers while Draga was slightly startled by how excited they were. In the end, he just snorted and let the girls play with him.


Lakshman smiled at them and rose to his feet before straightening up his clothes when Mariana appeared carrying a tray of drinks.


“Welcome home, young master,” she greeted him with a smile on her face.


“Hello, Mariana!” he replied as he was happy to see her.


They walked into the living room and she placed the tray of drinks on the table in the centre of the room. When she straightened up, he and she hugged warmly.


“How’ve you been?” he asked her curiously.


She just sighed wearily and said, “Oh… Doing the usual house work and stuff on a daily basis.”


He chuckled and asked, “Ah. Then, you should probably think of getting married soon.”


She chuckled and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not at the same age as young master to marry now.”


“Oh… What are you talking about?” he asked in disbelief. “Look at you… You still look young, you got your beauty and you’re a darn good chef! What could possibly make you look old when you have such great qualities of a wife?”


“Oh… Stop that, young master. You should focus on buttering up your future wives,” she said sternly, but she smiled all the same, making him laugh.


A few seconds later, Indra stirred and came to realise where he was. When he saw Lakshman standing with Mariana and happily talking, he sighed heavily.


“So… He defeated me with nothing, but a flick of his hand?” he asked heavily.


“His finger,” Lakshmi told him and he sighed heavily once more.


Seeing his father awake, Lakshman walked over and sat down on a chair beside the girls. He smiled at his father, who seemed to be looking guiltily at him.


“So… Do you believe me now, father?” he asked Indra curiously. “I mean… I did defeat you in battle like you wanted me to.”


Indra nodded and looked at him before asking, “I was fine with you getting extra lovers, and it’s no big deal to me since it’s your choice. However, I would’ve liked ithave heard it directly from you instead of the girls telling me about it.”


“Sorry father, but I immediately wanted to get started on my training because of how much I was lacking,” Lakshman told him firmly. “So, please never think I will run away from responsibility.”


“I won’t… I’m sorry about that,” Indra said and he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “Anyway, what brings you and your lovely future wives here? I feel you’re here for more than just a simple visit.”


Lakshman nodded and he looked at his girls for a moment. They nodded at him and he turned back to speak to his parents.


“We’ve decided to get married,” he told them calmly and firmly.


Hearing those words, his parents looked surprised for a moment before smiling widely.


“About time!” Indra said firmly as he grinned at his son. “So, you finally decided to make the next step.”


Lakshman nodded and he explained his decision to marry the girls individually, starting with Venezuela. Indra and Lakshmi were slightly perplexed by this method and Lakshman explained how he will become king, causing Indra to look disgusted


“You’re doing this just to become king?” Indra asked and he looked disgusted. “I don’t believe this!”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “No, father. The real reason for this is simple of there being a problem that might rise from the religious believers of the God of Justice. I think that religion was called the Shambasa Religion, I think.”


“Oh!” Indra exclaimed in surprise and nodded in understanding. “Now, your actions make sense.”


“You’re right. The Shambasa Religious people will most certainly will attempt to stop you. They are firm believers of the God of Justice and blindly follow the faith of one man marrying only one woman.”


“There is nothing wrong with that decision, I feel that they are ignoring the rules set by the God of Freedom,” Lakshman said to them. “The gods have given us free will by creating this world and letting life be born each and every single day. As such, I believe the blind following of only one god is not right. I mean, there are multiple gods all around the world that people believe in, right?”


Indra and Lakshmi nodded at him, just as Emilia began speaking.


“My father’s from the Serprad Demon Clan and my mother’s a human. When I was a child, my dad always told me how hard he fought against the Shambasa Religion about letting humans marrying non-humans.”


“Oh my goodness…!” Venezuela said in a shocked voice and the other girls also voiced their surprise.


Emilia shrugged her shoulders and said, “They struggled and I’m sure we will struggle since I’m technically not a full human. Just take a look at these horn bumps on my forehead, it should create a problem.”


Erza chuckled and said, “You look fine, Emilia. Besides, I’m not even from this world. If that’s an issue, I’ll just fry the people that dares to stop us.”


“Well said, Erza!” Ondine said in an impressed voice. “My sword isn’t for show and I can get the chance to show off my skills to Lucky!”


“Um… No one needs you to show off, Ondine,” said Lakshman with a chuckle. “Anyway, I believe all of us should be ready to take on any kind of danger from here on. In the past, there were people that did marry more than one people and they ended up getting eliminated by the Shambasa Religion.”


“They must be pretty stupid if they want to pick a fight with you, the Phoenix Titan!” Indra said angrily.


He sighed heavily and said, “I’m pretty sure they will try, even if I am the Phoenix Titan. For one thing, I don’t have much of an authority within the kingdom right now and they will do their best to stop it. That’s why, I have some backup plans ready to go with.”


“Really? What are they?” Cantia asked eagerly, but he shook his head lightly.


“I don’t want to expose them just yet because they are only backup. I want to save up my trump cards and use them when it’s necessary. I hope you understand my decision in not telling anyone about this.”


“Ah. If that’s the case, its better they are kept a secret,” Cantia said and the other girls nodded.


“So Lucky… Will you take on the role of king or will you let it all drop on Vena?” Indra asked with narrowed eyes.


It was obvious that he was suspecting his son to become lazy and let it all fall onto Venezuela’s head. Indra and Lakshmi were quite surprised when Venezuela was elected as the queen of Floria Kingdom and it made them wonder whether their son would become king or not. Officially, he would become the king of the kingdom, but Indra wondered if his son would be happy to take that role.


Lakshman’s happy expression was wiped from his face and was replaced by an expression of seriousness. His parents realised it was something very important that he was about to tell them and they listened intently.


“I will take on the role of king because there are several things I want to do to improve in this world. However, before I get onto doing any of that, I want to focus on abolishing the slavery system from this world for good! For that, I need the power of the Floria Kingdom so that I have the necessary authority to speak to the other kingdoms and convince them about it.”


When he finished, there was silence for a few seconds as everyone thought about what he said. Then, Indra looked at his son and nodded his head quietly while Lakshmi looked at him worriedly.


“What you’re planning on doing is great, but…” Lakshmi said and hesitated as she looked at her husband with a worried look on her face.


“I know…” Indra said without looking at her. Continuing to look at his son, he said, “Lucky, abolishing the slavery system won’t be as easily you said it out loud. You’re going to be dealing with the Slavemancer. I don’t know how powerful you’ve gotten, but it better be more powerful than that guy. Everything about him is nothing good and anyone stupid enough to mess with him ended up losing their lives, horribly.


He holds much authority and power in a lot of kingdoms, even amongst the demons. He is a powerful person and there were talks of him being on equal ground with the Nine Pillars of Power. Even Felix couldn’t touch him! Just imagine he is to even force the Phoenix Emperor to bow down to him!”


“Eh?! He forced Felix to his knees?” Venezuela asked in disbelief. “I thought those were just false rumours… It’s actually… true?”


Indra nodded and said, “Yes. Some twenty years back, Felix became the new Phoenix Emperor and his first order of work was to abolish the slavery system. He got the kingdoms to agree with him so long as the Slavemancer was kicked down. Felix went to do just that, but like a hero being defeated by a demon, Felix couldn’t even lift a finger against the powerful pressure of the Slavemancer.


Even I couldn’t believe it when Felix told me of his experience at being defeated even before the battle began. That’s why… Lucky! Do you believe— No! Do you have the power necessary to take that bastard down once and for all?”


Indra looked at his son fiercely with an extremely serious expression on his face. He was worried for his son, but he was also worried about the girls that will follow right behind him. For their sake and as their father-in-law, he had to make sure Lakshman was not making a fool hardy decision on a whim.


Lakshman sat there with his hair throwing a dark shadow over his eyes. As he sat there, pressure in the air caused the tension within the room to slowly rise. As they watched, Lakshman began to release golden-red aura that was creating the pressure around them. It was strong and powerful with no way of breaking it.


Seeing this, Indra thought, “No way…! This is a pressure that is even more powerful than what Felix can muster! Wow…! Just how powerful did my son become?!”


Lakshman lifted his head and to their surprise, they saw his black eyes had changed to red crowned shaped eyes. Those were the eyes that he would often be seen to possess when he transformed into the Phoenix Titan form. Now, he was capable of drawing in the power of the Phoenix Titan without having to actually transform into that form.


“Don’t worry, father. I haven’t wasted my time training for two years!” he said in a voice that was extremely powerful that caused the pressure in the air to thicken.


Indra’s eyes widened in alarm when he saw the powerful look i9n Lakshman’s eyes. He suddenly grinned and said, “Yes! That’s it! That’s my son!”


Lakshman breathed and let his power drop and the pressure in the air quickly vanished with his eyes returning to normal. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and Ondine reached over to punch him on the shoulder.


“What were you thinking releasing your power like that?” she asked indignantly.


“I felt father needed a demonstration of my new found powers,” he said cheerfully.


“Yes, but how did your eyes change?” Silvera asked curiously. “I thought you needed to transform into the Phoenix Titan form to have your eyes change their shape or was I wrong?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “You’re right. In the past, that would’ve been the case when I realised I was wasting a lot of energy by transforming. So, I focused on being able to use my powers more fluently in my base form and only go higher if I need to. In a way, I am stronger than Felix because of how efficiently I can use my energy now.”


“Amazing…!” Silvera said and along with her, the other girls also looked impressed by how effective his two years of training was.


“Well…! I’m proud of you, my son! You’ve really surpassed me in every way!” Indra said happily.


“Oh…? Did it take you this long to realise that, father?” Lakshman asked with a small smile on his face.


“Oh, come on… Even my son’s become quite the comedian,” Indra said and they all laughed.


“Anyway, father and mother… Can you get up for a moment? Also, come towards the centre,” Lakshman said as he got up to move the table out of the way.


“Sure… What do you want us to stand up for?” Lakshmi asked as she and Indra rose to their feet.


“You’ll see,” Lakshman said shortly and he gestured for the girls to get up as well. When they all rose, he turned back to his parents and said, “Now, please wish us well.”


“Huh?” Indra and Lakshmi both said in surprised voices.


The next moment, Lakshman, Ondine, Tetra, Silvera, Venezuela, Emilia, Erza and Cantia knelt down around them and touched their feet. Both Indra and Lakshmi were surprised by this act of discipline and the way they wanted the blessings of the adults. Indra and Lakshmi looked at each other before smiling and blessing them at the same time.


“May your future be full of happiness and joy,” said Indra and Lakshmi at the same time and they touched the heads of their new family members.


Mariana stood back and watched these scene as she quietly shed a tear. She quickly wiped the tear and felt happiness for the family she had served for most of her life. Even Indira and Priya stopped playing with Phylex and Draga to watch this arm scene of family unfold before them.


Phylex was sitting on Indira’s head and Draga sat on Priya’s head as they watched this scene of family.


“May the eternal flames of protection be your guardians for life,” Phylex telepathically said quietly.


Draga snorted quietly, but he telepathically said, “May the spirits of nature guide you to eternal peace.”


Thus, Lakshman’s desire to obtain the blessings of his parents succeeded. Now, he was ready to focus his attention on the problems that are to come. No matter how difficult the problems are, he was confident he will succeed because freedom and justice are on his side.

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