Chapter 243 – Special Marriage: Lakshman & 7 Destiny Queens



On the 8099PX, 20th of Shaide, a married had been scheduled. Unlike the royal wedding with Lakshman and Venezuela, this one was held simply without the notice of the entire kingdom. The reason for this is simply that Lakshman felt it would be going overboard to expect such a fancy marriage like the royal wedding.


“It’s best to celebrate our wedding with those whom we want to share it with. After all, it’s family and friends that are the most important before anything else,” was the response Lakshman had for Felix’s question as they planned for the marriages.


“I see,” Felix said in understanding. Then, he smiled slightly and said, “I’m glad that was the reason. Otherwise, I’d have started doubting your courage to fight against the Shambasa Religion.”


“Huh?” Lakshman asked incredulously. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Well… You know, it’s been almost a week since we heard anything from those blind believers of their God of Justice. I just thought you might be worried they will do something to harm you and your women.”


Lakshman stared at him with an expressionless face before saying, “Felix… If you speak like that one more time, I’m going to put in a word that’ll make Rasha have a word with you.”


Felix laughed and said, “That won’t be necessary. By the way, about that land you wanted to buy…”


“Yeah. How much is that open plains you mentioned?”


“It’s about 5,000,000 gold.”


Lakshman’s eyes widened slightly and said, “Wow…! That much?” When Felix nodded, Lakshman put his hand on his chin and muttered, “That’s bad… With the amount that I spent on getting those clothes and gold together to give away freely, I forgot to check my amount.”


He quickly opened his Item Box and said, “Money Count!”


In an instant, a holographic magical steam came out of the box and the smoke quickly formed into the shape of 500. Seeing this, Lakshman and Felix looked at each other before sighing heavily. Lakshman quickly recovered and he wore a determined expression on his face with his fists clenched.


“No need to worry! I’ll just go to a Labyrinth Tower and collect all the gold. I’m sure the gold should be more than enough to cover up the price of that land,” he said confidently.


Felix looked startled and he quickly said, “Hey…! Do you know how long it usually takes someone to reach the top of the Labyrinth Tower alive?”


“I suppose… a few month, I think…” Lakshman said casually.


“You’re saying it so simple as if it doesn’t concern you…” Felix said in a worried voice.


Ah, but you’re forgetting who I am. If it’s me, it shouldn’t take any more than four days!” Lakshman said cheerfully.


Felix looked at him in surprise and shook his head before saying, “Really… I don’t know if you’re overconfident or that you’re powers are actually made your super strong!”


To such a response, Lakshman simply laughed and did not say anything. The next day after the wedding, he informed the girls what he intended on doing. Although they wanted to come with him at first, the head maid immediately put her foot down, saying how irresponsible of the brides to run off when their marriage is less than seven days away.


“Thank you, head maid!” Lakshman said gratefully. “Compared to the many strong opponents I’ve faced, you take the crown at being really hard headed! Even I have trouble letting them listen to me sometimes. I’m impressed!”


The head maid bowed deeply as she placed a hand on her chest before saying, “I will take that as a compliment, your majesty.” When she straightened up, she shifted her glasses and said, “However, I believe the husband should have a firmer stance within the family to make them listen to you.”


He simply chuckled and said, “Save that lecture for later, head maid. I’m just a newlywed groom and it takes a while before I get accustomed to my position.”


That afternoon, once he had finished dinner, he summoned Draga the Spirit Dragon into the backyard. The reason he summoned Draga was because of his powers as Spirit Dragon allows him to easily locate superficial life, such as a Labyrinth Tower.


“Draga! I want you to locate a Labyrinth Tower and take me there,” Lakshman told him firmly.


“Why me? Use your Spirit Circuit to locate it and fly over there,” Draga telepathically said lazily as he laid himself on the grassy field.


“Draga…!” Lakshman said in a powerful firm voice, causing Draga to groan.


“Fine…” he telepathically said and he slowly straightened up.


He tilted his head upward and for a few seconds, he said nothing. After sensing the location of a Labyrinth Tower, he turned his towards and telepathically informed Lakshman about it. Nodding in response, he quickly jumped onto Draga’s back as it prepared to depart.


The girls, who had been standing at the entrance of the backyard, began loudly wishing him a safe journey. They were worried because they were worried and also had doubts whether he would return soon or not.


Lakshman sensed their doubts and cheerfully shouted, “You girls better be in excellent dresses by the time I come back! Otherwise, you’ll have an earful!”


Once he was seated on Draga’s back, the dragon beat its enormous wings hard and lifted itself into the air. After reaching a certain height, the dragon shoot away towards the direction of the Labyrinth Tower at high speed. The girls watched their beloved fly away on the dragon’s back with worried expressions on their faces.


“You girls need to cheer up!” Cantia said as she quickly brightened up. “A stupid Labyrinth Tower shouldn’t be a big problem for Lucky!”


“I know, but that’s not what worries me,” Erza said slowly. “I’m more concerned about how long it’ll take him to come back.”


Ondine slapped her back and cheerfully said, “Don’t be so negative!”


“Yeah, but Erza has a point…” Venezuela said in a worried voice. “I’m starting to it wasn’t such a good idea to let him go today.” She suddenly got irritated and said, “Darn him for rushing it.”


“I think he probably did it so we wouldn’t find some excuse to stop him from leaving,” Silvera said and the other girls looked at each other before smiling.


“Well, what’s done is done and he’s beyond the range of our telepathy to connect to him. So, let’s just focus on getting ourselves ready for the wedding this 20th!” Cantia said and the other girls nodded energetically.


During the week before the marriage, Venezuela was helped by the girls in decorating the castle. The girls had watched and helped her with various things that a bride needed to get done for the marriage. This time, it was her turn to watch and lend her help to the girls. Additionally, she began doing her work as the queen, which finally let Felix relax a bit with the heavy decrease in workload.


“I’m amazed you’re able to do all this and never complain,” Venezuela said in an impressed voice.


Felix looked stricken by her words and he slowly said, “Your highness… Any man would want to complain from doing so much work, but I never had anyone to complain to.”


Seeing him looking so depressed, made her quietly say, “Ah… I’m sorry I asked.”


In the nights, the girls were made to sleep in their quarters within the castle walls. The head maid was very strict about how much contact they must have with each other due to the upcoming marriage of Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Erza, Silvera and Cantia. They were used to sleeping together like companions and them having to sleep lonely for this week made them feel lonely. They would often try to sneak into each other’s beds, but the head maid catches them and promptly puts them under a sleeping spell.


“Good grief. His majesty is too lenient on the mistresses,” said one of the maid as they lifted Ondine and Cantia using levitation to carry them back to their bed rooms.


“I think his majesty is a very nice person, perhaps a bit too nice for his own good…” another maid commented.


“You’re right, but let’s not get into that. After all, it’s not our place to talk about how his majesty treats his wives.”


“That’s true.”


“I agree.”


“Okay, okay, but it does make me wonder who will give birth first. Maybe her majesty, Venezuela?”


“What are you talking about? It’s obviously her majesty! She married his majesty first.”


“Yeah, but don’t forget his majesty will soon be marrying a variety of races.”


“Oh yeah… Two Sacred Spirits, one Water Spirit, two humans and one of Comdra Beast Clan.”


“I guess there could be the chance of one of the non-humans giving birth first. After all, they do have a more powerful bodies than humans after all.”


“Ha? Are you calling her majesty weak?”


“No! That’s not what I—!”


Just then, there was a loud clapping sound from behind and the strict voice of the head maid said, “Stop chitchatting and take the mistresses back already!”


The maid stiffened from hearing her powerful, yet strict voice and they quickly replied, “Yes!”


The girls spent their days either trying out dresses the dress lady wanted them to try. Then, they spent some evenings in the company of the nobles that live within the neighbourhood. The nobles that visited them were ones that either retained their title due to their past services to the kingdom or their newly sworn loyalty to the new king and queen.


After the war from two years ago, many nobles were stripped of their titles and were sentenced to imprisonment. Felix made sure the heads of the family go to jail while their family live a simple life.


“I cannot let their mistakes come back to haunt their families,” Felix had said to Venezuela when she questioned his method of action. “I am aware it’s not in my place to do so, but I cannot pretend to be bystander and watch as someone suffers directly in front of me.”


Venezuela smiled upon hearing his response and said, “I see… That is a good thought, which I believe you’ve learnt from my dear husband.”


Felix smiled and nodded as he said, “Naturally. Lucky—I mean, his majesty Lakshman is a kind hearted ruler and he would not have liked to see that happen,” to which Venezuela agreed.


Most of those fallen nobles were taken care of by the Phoenix Clan, who let them continue to contribute to the kingdom by doing what they can. While it is not a prosperous wealth they currently possess, they are not poor enough to lose their homes and lands. Many of their children, both male and female, have begun enrolling at Astral Academy to use their education to score a secure job to take care of their families.


“I’m really glad Lucky managed to change your mind two years ago after the war. Now, there are job opportunities appearing everywhere with the new system that he’s constructing,” she said in an impressed voice. “Also, I believe he’s going to be hiring more people to handle the documents and files from now on.”


Felix nodded and said, “Yes. In the week of your marriage, he had been going through a lot of documents. He was reading at such speed, I thought he did not read any of it with the way he kept flipping the pages,” and he sighed. “Anyway, he said he has a lot of things to do one the marriage was over and things began to settle down.”


Venezuela nodded and said, “Yes. I believe what he’s going to do will revolutionise the world once and for all,” to which Felix wholeheartedly agreed.


The days quickly went by and before they knew it, four days went by. It was one day before the day of the wedding and there still was no sign of Lakshman anywhere. The girls did wonder if he had come during the night while they were asleep and left, which somewhat angered them. However, the maids and the guards reported of there being no sigh of a dragon flying above or the presence of the king within compounds of the castle.


“After he departed, we did not sense his or the dragon’s presence anywhere near the kingdom, you highness,” the guards said as they knelt down on the ground in the throne room.


Venezuela was seated in the chair next to the king’s throne with a scowling expression on her face. The girls were taking an early afternoon sleep because of how exhausted they were from constantly on the work. For Venezuela, it came naturally because of her position and how constantly she had attended such formalities.


After giving the report, she gestured for the guards to take their leave, which they did after they bowed to her. She was worried because there had been no word or contact from him for the last four days. Fearing something might have happened to him, she turned to side where Felix stood at attention.


“Is there a way to find out where he currently is, Felix?”


Felix shook his head unhappily and said, “Unfortunately, that’s impossible, your highness. We do not currently possess the information regarding where he had gone.” He saw her getting angry and he quickly added, “However, we do have the currently known locations of active Labyrinth Towers. I will immediately send the Phintex Rajas to find out immediately!”


Venezuela nodded her head and said, “Yes, please do that.”


Felix nodded and he walked away, but came to a stop at the entrance of the throne room. At that moment, they all sensed a great power coming towards them, but they were unable to locate the direction it was coming from. At first, the guards readied their weapons in thinking it was an attack, but they quickly realised the energy signature belonged to an ally.


Just then, a loud voice was heard within the throne room and the owner said, “You fear unnecessarily for my safety! I am the King of Floria Kingdom and above all, I am the Phoenix Titan! Lakshman Chand!”


Light gathered in the centre of the room, which quickly formed into a fiery inferno. The flames grew higher and became larger as it took on the form of a fiery phoenix bird. It screeched loudly and caused everyone to cover their eyes desperately. Once the screeching noise was over, the fiery bird of inferno disappeared as the flames began to rotate around while making space within.


A man appeared and he was spinning a large weapon in his hands above his head. As the flames slowly died down, they saw that it was a halberd that which the man was spinning in his hand. The next moment, the man stopped spinning it and hit the handle hard on the ground, causing the flames to suddenly get spread everywhere.


Lakshman stood in the centre of the room while clutching the halberd with his right hand. He was grinning as he easily lifted it and rested it on his shoulder as he addressed everyone.


“Hey…! I’m back!”


The watching crowd of people, who had raised their hands in defence against the flames, were surprised. They thought the flames would scorch them from their intensity, but it all turned out to pass through them as if they were not real flames.


“Lucky!” Venezuela cried out joyously.


She quickly rose to her feet and used Infinity Step to move from her position to him in a blink of an eye. Without stopping or hesitating, she spread her arms around him and hugged him tightly. With on hand holding the halberd, Lakshman used his left hand to return the hug.


After a few seconds of this, they separated and that was when Venezuela looked up. She was smiling, but the smile slowly vanished when she saw the state of his face; bruises and cuts that were slowly letting blood out. Shocked, she stepped back and looked at the state of his body; his clothes were battered and slightly bloody, which had been ripped in several places. Everywhere she looked, she saw multiple wounds and bruises covering his body.


“Oh my goodness! You’re injured!” she cried out in in a shocked voice. “Quickly, we need healers!”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Calm down, Vena. I can heal these on my own.”


She glared at him fiercely and said, “Not another word from you! Side room! Now!”


Seeing the fierce look in her eyes, he sighed and walked through the side doors and entered a side room. Following behind them was Felix and a few people that could heal him. A few minutes later, healers quickly arrived and they began healing his wounds using their Sage ranked healing spells. Once they were done with healing him, he thanked them and turned his attention back to Venezuela and Felix.


“Have you been fighting continuously for the past four days?” Felix asked incredulously.


Lakshman flexed his hands and moves his arms around before saying, “Sort of. I did take a sleeping breaks while being protected by my Elemental Coated Armour. Then, there were times when I accidentally stepped on a trap that would drop me down a few floors. Other than that, I had fun fighting against a wave of lava, being chased by magic resistant boulders, army of Minotaur with magic enhanced axes and plenty more that I don’t feel like listing.”


“And you did all that in four days? Wow!” Felix said in an impressed voice. “You’ve probably set a new record for reaching the top of a Labyrinth Tower in four days! Mmm… Maybe I should try beating that record?”


“Go for it if you want. I’m not going to stop you,” Lakshman said with a smile. “Anyway, it was worth it after gaining all the gold and stuff that’s located at the top, but that sure surprised me. I wanted Draga to take me to a normal Labyrinth Tower, but he took me to a Labyrinth Jointed Tower, which was like two towers connected. Hmm?”


It was then that he sensed the anger emanating from Venezuela, surprising him in the process. She lifted her head and he was startled to see the anger in her eyes as she glared at him fiercely. She walked forward and began banging his chest with her fist with each word she uttered.


“You… Never… Contacted… Called…! Why?” she asked angrily.


“Uh, yeah… Sorry about that,” he said and he scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. “By the way, where is everyone? Are they done trying out their clothes and everything?”


Venezuela nodded her head and said, “They have and are currently sleeping because they are tired.”


“Tired ha…” he said and he let out a sigh. “I probably should go and get rest.”


“Yes, but before that…” she said as she pointed at the weapon he was carrying. “What is that? Is that just an ordinary weapon or…?”


He shook his head and said, “This is a Sacred Spirit that’s been sleeping in that tower for who knows how long. Now, don’t misunderstand me bringing her here in thinking I’m going to marry her and all. She’s not meant for me, I can say that for certain. I believe her destined partner is someone in the future.”


“Really? In the future? How do you know?”


“I’m sure because when I touched her, I saw a lot of flashing images and I saw whom she was meant to be with. At first, I ruled it out as simply me going crazy, but crazy doesn’t explain why I felt a slight connection to the guy in those images. Then, I surmised that he’s the Phoenix Titan after me because I don’t possess any information regarding him, which means he doesn’t exist yet.”


“I see. That makes sense, but it still intrigues me how you can know so much without your brain exploding,” she said before chuckling.


He laughed and said, “Oh, come on, Vena… The God of Wisdom, did not give our minds built in limitations. We can learn as much as we can and by doing so, we develop further into acquiring an advanced mind. I know we get headaches and such sometimes, but that’s because you don’t drink lots of water. Our brains essentially live off the water that sustains us.”


“Okay, okay… Don’t give me a science lecture all of a sudden,” she said with a chuckle. “So, what are you going to do with her?”


“I’m going to keep her where she will wait until her destined partner comes for her. Currently, she’s asleep and on standby. I can probably use her as a weapon, but that’s it. Just like Tetra, the Phoenix Blade, who did not activate for Felix or my dad except for me, I believe she will never activate for me except the one she is destined to be with.”


Lakshman gestured for Felix to come closer and when he did, Lakshman handed the weapon over to Felix. He looked at the weapon with curious eyes as he examined it. On the surface, it looked like any ordinary halberd, but he knew from experience that is only a deception. Just like the Phoenix Blade that was capable of activating and forming strange markings on her sword, he was certain this weapon was capable of doing the exact same thing.


“Alright. I’ll keep her in the hands of the Phoenix Clan and then probably move her some other place for protection,” Felix said and Lakshman agreed with a nod of his head. “Well then, I’ll leave the two of you alone.”


He smiled and turned around to activate the Phoenix Portal. Once it appeared, he quickly walked through it with the weapon in hand and disappeared before the portal closed behind him. Once he was gone, Lakshman pulled Venezuela closer to himself and he smiled down at her.


“How about we have some sleepy time together?” he asked quietly.


She looked surprised before blushing and quietly saying, “So pushy…!”


Just like that, a day went by smoothly without any trouble or incident. The people inside the castle were most relieved their king had returned just in time for his second marriage. This marriage was being held in the evening when the stars would be out. The girls wanted to be married under the starry night for the simple reason of it being beautiful during that time.


On the day of the marriage, Felxi and his family arrived through the Phoenix Portal with presents in hand. Then, Indra and his family came early with the help from a Phintex Raja. A while later, Darian Ronald, Rumble and Marilia arrived while carrying gifts within their Item Boxes.


Rumble actually attempted to punch Lakshman in the chest as a manly punch, but Lakshman easily countered it and he slammed him so hard in the face, Rumble smacked hard into the floor and got stuck. Indra and Darian squared off as if they were about to fight, causing their respective wives to step between them. Although they were once student and master, their relationship had been very rivalry.


Surprisingly, Dominic Rutherford arrived using a sword that he planted in the castle. He did in the last wedding when he planted the sword at the side before going back to Mardana Kingdom with the king. It was apparently a technique called Teleportation Sword, which enables the Destiny Sword to teleport the wielder and those linked to him through physical contact to move to the desired location.


“That’s a handy way of travelling, but wouldn’t it be a problem when your destination sword is either taken out or destroyed?” Venezuela asked him curiously.


Dominic snorted and said, “Oh really? Let me tell you now that only ones from Nine Pillars of Power are capable of destroying a teleportation sword.”


This was proved to be true when Felix attempted to pull it out with all his might, which became impossible. Lakshman attempted to pull it out, but Dominic quickly pleased with him to stop. However, he did not hang around as Lakshman was taken away by the maids to do some last minute check on his body, which he was embarrassed about.


“I can do it on my own, thank you!” he said irritably, but he did not stand chance against the glint shown from the head maid’s glasses.


“Rubbish. It’s our duty and don’t interfere,” she said firmly, causing him to become meek.


“Dammit… I’ve faced many opponents who were crazy and wild with overwhelming strength, but this is a first time I have to defeat against. The head maid’s too hard headed for me to get through to her,” he thought to himself unhappily.


Finally, it was evening and the marriage was going to be held in the backyard. It became night pretty quick, so the guards cast their magic to create floating light balls. They hovered around the yard and shone perfectly bright light in all directions.


Lakshman had summoned Phylex and Draga as well to attend the wedding. The Eternal Phoenix was very curious about the human marriages and observed intently, while Spirit Dragon was not interest and he simply lay down and slept without making any sound.


“At least, he’s not snoring like a usual dragon…” Lakshman thought in relief.


While all the invited people stood around and watched, Lakshman and the girls gathered in front of a large tree that was located at the very back of the garden. Standing under the tree was the sage, who conducted the wedding between Lakshman and Venezuela.


“Would the new marrying couple please step forward,” he said to them.


At first, Lakshman, Ondine, Tetra, Silvera, Emilia, Erza and Cantia stepped forward. Venezuela stood back and smiled for the people standing in front of her. Her wedding with Lakshman was a grand success and now she wished well for these girls as well. Emilia and Erza looked around and were surprised to see her standing back.


“Come on forward, Vena,” Erza said with a gesture and Emilia also did the same.


Venezuela shook her head and said, “I’m already married to him. It doesn’t suit me well to stand with you all.”


The sage shook his head slightly and said, “You are mistaken, young lady. That man is your husband and will soon be marrying several more women. Even if you are already married, there is no actual law that doesn’t allow the wife of the husband to be part of his marriage a swell. Please, step forward and stand beside him.”


Venezuela was hesitant to move due to her nervousness, causing Dominic to walk over to her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her forward to make her stand next to Lakshman. She looked sideways and smiled in embarrassment as Dominic returned to stand at the side with his sword held vertically in front of him.


“Dominic Rutherford. Ready,” he said and once again, with a flash of his blade, multiple vertically hovering swords appeared around the marrying couple and the sage.


The sage began with the Prayer of Life by repeating the same words as last time. Once that was over, he looked at the couples and asked each of them for their consent. For each of his questions, all the girls replied “I do” without hesitation, although Ondine, Emilia and Silvera were looking embarrassed. When it was Lakshman’s turn, he firmly replied “I do” without the hesitation like last time.


“Now, I compel you, Lakshman Chand, to kiss these girls at the same time to form the bond of love,” the sage said quietly.


Lakshman stepped forward and turned to face the girls with a smiling face. Then, as he realised something, his smile faltered and he turned to the sage uncertainly.


“Hold on. Did you just say I should kiss them at the same time?” he asked him in a surprised voice.


“That’s correct,” the sage replied clearly.


Lakshman’s eyes widened slightly and he pointed at the girls and at himself before saying, “You want me to kiss them at the exact same time…?”


Everyone suddenly realised the implication of that and when the sage nodded, they all exclaimed, “What?!”


“Oh, oh my…!” Marilia said and she, Lakshmi, Mariana and Rasha were chuckling to each other.


“I didn’t expect this,” Indra said in a surprised voice and Darian nodded while Rumble roared with laughter.


“Mmm… That’s tricky,” Felix said thoughtfully. “Perhaps I should get the Phintex Rajas to go around searching for anymore Lakshmans around here?”


“Felix! That’s not even funny!” Lakshman said angrily, causing the men to laugh.


“What do we do?” Erza asked uncertainly.


“Can’t you do that One Man Army technique on us?” Cantia asked curiously.


Lakshman shook his head and said, “They are only illusions to throw my enemy off. There’s no use in using them here since there’s any enemy to fight. Mmm…” He turned back to the sage and asked, “Is it possible for me to plan my kiss on them, but not directly?”


The sage nodded and said, “So long as your direct kiss lands on all of them, it is fine. If you use an illusion magic to transmit your kiss onto each of the girls, even that is acceptable.”


Lakshman sighed wearily and said, “I never thought I’d have to use that technique for this, but whatever.” He immediately closed his eyes and placed a hand on his chest before saying, “Doppler!”
In an instant, multiple form of Lakshman began to walk out of him left and right. Everyone watched in amazement as the multiple of Lakshman continued walking out until there were a total of seven of them. The primary Lakshman removed his hand off his chest and breathed a sigh before looking at his copies.


“This should be fine, right?” he turned and asked the sage, who nodded his approval.


“A-Are they illusions?” Indra asked curiously as he rubbed his eyes.


“Nope. They look pretty real to me,” Darian said as he blinked in surprise.


Felix had appeared to be surprised by Lakshman’s move, but now he was smiling. He understood that the Doppler technique was a magic spell that caused the original to be split into several parts of himself. Although they all look real, their power gets cut down to match them equally. It’s a handy technique to for causing confusion in opponents, but he would prefer to not use that technique against powerful opponents.


As the multiple forms of Lakshman stepped forward with grinning faces, the girls were taken aback. They were highly surprised at seeing so many of them, let alone kiss the one standing in front of them.


“Oh wow… There are seven of him in front of me… I must be dreaming…” Ondine said in a surprised voice.


“Oh, for crying out loud, kiss already!” said the telepathically irritated voice of Draga.


While everyone laughed, the sage smiled and said, “You heard the dragon. Go ahead and kiss to mark your bond.”


The several girls stepped forward and the multiple forms of Lakshman stepped forward. Finally, they leaned forward and finally kissed. As they kissed, the slowly rotating blades around them shot up and clashed, causing confetti to reign down on them. There was a clapping sound that echoed to all corners of the backward as both the invited and the occupants of the castle clapped at the union of sevens girls and one man.


Just then, the Spirit Dragon made a loud noise and it stood up on its feet before letting out a tremendous roar. At the same time, the Eternal Phoenix screeched loudly and made everyone clap their hands over their ears. The two majestic creatures looked at each other before opening their mouth and firing their individual techniques towards the point where the swords were clashing high up in the air. When the technqiues collided, a shower of icicles fell down on top of their heads.


“Doppler Out,” said the voice of the primary Lakshman and his other forms quickly transformed into small balls of light before they flew into him. Once the glow was finished and he reappeared, he looked up at the two creatures firing their individual techniques to the point above them.


“Icy Breath and Inferno Breath,” he muttered before letting out a chuckle.


The sage cleared his throat in a loud voice and the two majestic creatures stopped firing their techniques. Everyone stood and waited for him to conclude the wedding ceremony.


“As such, the conviction of these youngsters have been heard and I declare them to be couples for the rest of their lives! Please, wish them well to live a life in peace with the bonds and the love their form and share.”


Lakshman and the girls turned around to see everyone was clapping with wide smiles on their faces. The two majestic creatures let out their roars loudly to emphasise their approval of this wedding. Even the stars seem to be dancing from the union of Lakshman and Seven Destiny Queens.

Author’s Note


I hope everyone enjoyed the two-part specials of the Special Marriage between Lakshman and 7 Destiny Queens. Now, if anyone has any questions they’d like to ask me, I’m feeling pretty nice enough to answer them, but I won’t guarantee I will answer spoilers.

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      He mention the halberd is destine for the future Phoenix Titan. So I take that as the next Phoenix Titan will be using a halberd as his weapon?

      That’s correct.

      Is the future Phoenix Titan will be Lucky reincarnation or a random guy with no relation to Lucky?

      I really hope it is Lucky reincarnation. Because to me all Phoenix Titan is the reincarnation of the First Phoenix Titan which was clear that it is Lucky incarnation. Which make the reincarnation cycle bless by the god make sense and all the Phoenix Titans is connected.

      About how it was mention most or all the Phoenix Titans except the First Phoenix Titan is corrupted. I was thinking it was because maybe something like a curse by the First Phoenix Titan enemy to cause him to be corrupted slowly even thru his cycle of rebirth.

      ** SPOILER ALERT **

      Throughout the years of reincarnations, it had been Lucky reincarnated, but different I suppose. That evil corruption within him took on the form of Voice of the Phoenix, which has been mentioned as once a guiding spirit, which really was pointing towards Decisive Player a.k.a. Ex-God of Wisdom, Whamana. With Decisive Player gone, Lucky now has to fight to hold back that darkness from taking over until he finally manages to destroy it once and for all. As for why the past Phoenix Titans, after the first one, were corrupted and evil, I guess you’re sort of on the right track in thinking it was a curse put upon him by the First Phoenix Titan’s mortal enemy.

      No. When Lucky dies, which is at the end of this story, his spirit will return to where it belongs, but the Phoenix Titan’s spirit will continue to resurrect. In a way, this is where the resurrection of the Phoenix Titan resets and the next Phoenix Titan will become permanent without further reincarnations.

      I’ve actually started a sequel called Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardians, but only contains 2 chapters because I’m focused on finishing the prequel (this story).

      • Kenken on July 23, 2015 at 7:10 pm said:

        I’m kinda confuse. So basically the Phoenix Titan is actually a separate spirit/entity from Lucky who is also the First Phoenix Titan incarnation?

        I thought the whole time time the Phoenix Titan spirit is Lucky spirit (one same spirit), and its power is Lucky power who train and got from when he is the First Phoenix Titan but because of the god bless he will still has his power from his last incarnation with him thru his rebirth cycle.

        So what you meant is that the Phoenix Titan power the whole time is a totally different entity that has it own spirit that gave Lucky and his past incarnations the Phoenix Titan power and that the whole time it is not totally Lucky own power?

        Oh yeah btw I saw the sequel called Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardians but I haven’t read it yet since Phoenix Rising is still ongoing. Tho I had wonder does the Mc in the sequel has any connection with the Mc Lucky here.

        • Vijay Kakani on July 23, 2015 at 7:50 pm said:

          So what you meant is that the Phoenix Titan power the whole time is a totally different entity that has it own spirit that gave Lucky and his past incarnations the Phoenix Titan power and that the whole time it is not totally Lucky own power?

          Lucky and the Phoenix Titan spirit are one and the same, there’s no doubt about that. At the end of his life, the single entity that is Lucky will separate into two: Lucky’s spirit and Phoenix Titan’s spirit.

          Oh yeah btw I saw the sequel called Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardians but I haven’t read it yet since Phoenix Rising is still ongoing. Tho I had wonder does the Mc in the sequel has any connection with the Mc Lucky here.

          That’s no problem and MC of Phoenix Rising: The Rising Guardian is the grand grandson of Lakshman Reddy.

  3. Heynie on July 22, 2015 at 10:38 pm said:

    Humm who will give birth first ?

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