A portal opened up inside the castle at Floria Kingdom and out through it came Lakshman, Felix and Dominic. These three stepped out of the portal and turned to watch it slowly shrink before closing. Once it did, Lakshman and Felix breathed heavily.


“I can’t believe that just happened!” Felix exclaimed in a shocked. “Unbelievable! Dominic! What were you thinking, getting angry at him like that?”


Dominic looked at him furiously and said, “Oh, come on…! That guy’s asking to be beaten up good! Otherwise, why the hell did he comment about that girl like that? Seriously… He truly is a heartless monster like the rumours have said about him.”


“Yes, he is,” Lakshman said in agreement. “Anyway, this puts us at odd with him now.”


“What do you mean?”


Felix looked at him in exasperation and said, “Don’t you know what you just did? What you made Lucky do?” When Dominic continued to look confused, Felix sighed and said, “You made him talk back in a rude manner to the Slavemancer! In doing this, Lakshman became his enemy! We made an enemy out of him and now the entire kingdom might in trouble because of that!”


“What? That’s my fault? Getting mad at a guy who lacks the basic heart of a human? A guy who disrespects people and makes them do his bidding using his strange controlling magic?” Dominic asked indignantly. “If I do believe I made a mistake, I would most certainly kneel before him and beg for forgiveness! I would happy accept any punishment I may receive, however… I don’t believe I made a mistake with dealing with that man!”


Felix looked shocked by what he just heard. Then, he was surprised when Lakshman said, “I agree with Dom, Felix. Dominic did the right thing in acting the way he did. Everyone else there also agreed with our sentiment, but were too afraid to make their opinion heard. You know how it is… They’re afraid of him and I don’t blame them.”


“Yes, they are afraid, but you’re saying you’re not afraid the least bit?” Felix asked incredulously.


Lakshman shook his head and slowly said, “I’m not afraid, but I am worried…”


“Worried?” Dominic asked curiously. “Is there something to worry about?”


Lakshman turned to him and said, “Think back to what just happened at the party. I held an energy ball in the palm of my hand and had it aimed directly at his face. Instead of clinching or raising his hands, he just sat there and coolly looked back at me.”


“He just probably didn’t want to show that he was afraid,” Dominic said with a shrug of his shoulders.


“No… I don’t believe it,” Lakshman said with a shake of his head. “He was holding back, otherwise that place would’ve turned into a battle zone and we’d be fighting for our lives while those innocent guests would’ve perished! He’s clearly stronger than us!”


Dominic was stunned from the shocking words of Lakshman before slowly asking, “Are you saying that he didn’t attack us because he cared for the guests?”


“More like, he didn’t want to ruin his appearance,” Felix suggested sadly. “He’s probably right now so mad at us that I’m sure he probably destroyed the place we all were earlier.”


“That’s crazy!” Dominic said simply and he shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe that guy is a crazy bastard.”


“Anyone with the power to control people are crazy!” Lakshman said flatly. “Especially, when there’s no way of countering or protecting yourself from such a thing. Well, if you’re like me and Dom that is.”


Felix was surprised by his words and he quickly asked, “Wait! Are you saying you know how he controls them?”


Lakshman nodded and he pointed towards his eyes. He still had the Phoenix Eyes active from the party.


“Using the power of my Phoenix Eyes that I activated during the party, I was able to witness the strange disturbance in the Magic Force. It was also then that I witnessed the Slavemancer’s eyes change to something else called Demon Eyes: Controller.”


As Lakshman deactivated his eyes to return them to normal, Felix looked startled as he asked, “What? His eyes changed? I don’t remember seeing his eyes change. Did you, Dominic?”


“No. I didn’t see his eyes change either,” Dominic replied as he shook his head.


“Yes. I thought as much,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding. “He was using an illusion spell to make his eyes appear like normal when he activated his demon eyes. As he made contact with each of the guests, he transferred this strange magic controlling energy through eye contact. It happens so fast, it’s easily missed by a naked eye.”


“Oh… Is that what I felt that approached me twice?” Dominic asked curiously and Lakshman nodded at him.


“That’s right. It’s the magic controlling energy, but you were protected by the Destiny Sword. I, on the other hand, had to quickly react and flicked the first wave away while using a Power Barrier to protect myself on the second shot.”


“Ah…” Dominic said in a surprised voice. Then, with a curious expression on his face, he asked, “Did he notice the deflection of his magic?”


“Clearly,” Lakshman replied before sighing. “That’s probably what prompted him to be on his guard and use the guests as tools to scare us.”


“Scare us? He clearly tried to make them attack us!” Dominic said furiously. “The Sword King and Monkey King both attempted to hit me, but I easily blocked them both. Even Felix tried to throw a punch at you.”


“Just a punch and it contained none of his full strength,” Lakshman said as he pointed it out. “He clearly was testing us and the result must’ve been what he expected. Anyway, he’s now our enemy and I’m sure her will do whatever it takes to stop me from implementing the abolishment of the slavery system.”


“Dammit… I hate people like him!” Dominic said in a frustrated voice. “Always considering their own personal goals than caring about other people. How can the law allow these people continue to thrive on such crude ways to live? Why can’t these people be punished by the hand of justice?”


Lakshman smiled at him and said, “Dom, your sense of justice is really something to be envious about. However, keep in mind that justice can only prevail when people like us put the effort into bringing people like him into justice. Only then can justice do its thing in punishing them for good. Although, sometimes it’s hard to control that urge to kill them off on the spot.”


He finished speaking and there was a dangerous dark look on his face that made Dominic nervous. It was the same kind of nervousness he felt back at the part when Lakshman gave him that look to quieten him. Dominic did not quite understand why Lakshman possess such deep hatred towards slavery, even though he himself dislikes it as well.


“Anyway, I see that he possess the Demon Eyes: Controller,” Felix said and Lakshman nodded at him. “Curse him! He’s got powerful eyes that literally allows him to control anyone he looks in the eye! I wonder if I can get Wolfenstine to make us some sort of face masks or something to protect our eyes.”


“What?” Lakshman asked incredulously as a smile formed on his face. “Are you saying that we should fight him blind?”


As Dominic laughed, Felix indignantly said, “No…!” He then sighed and wondered aloud, “Still, I wonder how he got those eyes… Only a pure blood demon can grant such a blessing or curse, depending on which way you interpret it. I wonder… Was it the Immortal Demon Empress, Kaizukamra?”


“I don’t think she would do that, Felix. She’s a lazy type that hardly leaves her demon castle and I doubt she will leave even if she wanted to. So, I highly doubt she was the one that granted him those eyes.” Lakshman said in a reasonable voice.


Five years ago, Lakshman defeated the Demon Emperor, Halquza, during the in demon invasion five years ago. Upon his defeat, a new ruler was elected in the demon world and it was the pervious ruler before Halquza, Baldrick Draigad. Before being elected, the Immortal Demon King and his wife, the Immortal Demon Empress, Kaizukamra, spent their time together in a quiet remote part of the demon world. Lakshman learnt about it through Sevedant


“Mmm… You’re right…” Felix said slowly and he nodded in agreement. “It must be someone else, but who…? She’s the only known pure blooded demon capable of doing that. Her husband Baldrick certainly couldn’t do it because he’s too of a meat head and besides, he hates humans to the point he blindly kills them without a care in the world if they appear in front of him.”


“That’s true,” Lakshman said with a smile. “Also, isn’t it true that he really hates being elected back into the Demon Lord position?”


“Of course, he would. That guy’s lost his warrior spirit when he was defeated by the Sword King, Monkey King and Phoenix Emperor 300 years ago in the demon-human war,” Felix said before laughing. “The Sword King being Darian Ronald, Monkey King is Rumble and the Phoenix Emperor being my great-great-grandfather.”


“Wow…! You’re great-great-grandfather was among the people that defeat that immortal guy?” Dominic asked in an impressed voice. “Sorry if I sounded rude, but I never thought you were from the same family as that person.”


“That’s fine,” Felix said with a smile. “After my great-grandfather passed away, it was my grandfather’s turn to become the Phoenix Emperor. At a later time, my father refused the position that my grandfather offered him and instead found love that brought me into existence. Anyway, after my grandfather passed away, I obtained the title of Phoenix Emperor.”


“It’s funny how love can play an important role in changing a lot of decisions,” Lakshman said and he grinned at Felix.


Felix shrugged his shoulders and said, “Maybe, but I don’t see your love for your wives turning yourself into the enemy of one of the most influential people in the Human Continent.”


“Yeah… Well… That just happened,” Lakshman said awkwardly and Felix shook his head. “Anyway, forget about me and let’s start preparing ourselves for any sort of attack. Felix, go and inform the Phoenix Clan about what just transpired. Prepare them for combat as soon as trouble strikes. Got it?”


“Understood and while I’m at it, I’ll have some Phoenix Sages prepare to conceal the kingdom with a Phoenix Sanctuary.”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “That won’t be necessary. Slavemancer won’t launch a direct attack on the kingdom, but he will probably resort to unorthodox methods of eliminating me. Probably hire some mercenaries and use them to assassinate me.”


“Damn him…!” Dominic said and he clenched his hands tightly.


“This sort of thing is normal when one has such great power as me,” Lakshman said wearily. “By the way, I want to address the people of the kingdom of what transpired at the party. I won’t tell them everything, but it’s better to let them know than keep it a secret.”


“Good idea since they will come to know about it sooner or later,” Felix said and he nodded approvingly. He turned around and held his hand out before saying, “Phoenix Portal!”


With the opening of the portal, he walked through it and disappeared before it closed behind. Lakshman turned to Dominic and gestured for him to follow him. So, they walked for several minutes and turned a few times before they arrived at king’s chamber. As he opened the large doors, he saw the head maid and the other maids waiting patiently as they sat down on the chairs.


When they saw him enter, they quickly rose to their feet and bowing deeply, they said, “Welcome back, your majesty!”


“Yup. I’m back,” he said brightly. Then, he gestured towards Dominic and said, “Head maid, this is my friend, Dominic Rutherford the Sword Titan. He’ll be living here from now on and I’m wondering if a room can be prepared for him within the castle.”


“That certainly can be arranged, your majesty,” the head maid said with a bow.


“Good,” Lakshman said in satisfaction and he turned to smile at Dominic. “You’re new home will be within the castle.”


“Uh… Wait, Lakshman,” Dominic said uncertainly as he looked at the maids and then back at his friend. “I can just take a room at a hotel and stay there. I can fend for myself by constantly entering the Labyrinth or the Monster Dungeon. There really is no reason for you to let me stay here.”


Lakshman sighed and said, “I thought you might say that. You’re pride as a warrior won’t allow you to feed of somebody else’s money after all.” He sighed again before saying, “At least, stay here for the night and tomorrow morning, you can go and buy yourself a home or stay at a hotel like you planned.”


“B-But…” Dominic said uncertainly.


Just then, the head maid turned to him and said, “Please listen to the kind words of his majesty. We will not cause you any trouble other than the minimum requirement of having you take the bath and change into comfortable clothes to sleep in.” When he continued to hesitate, the head maid became stern and she said, “Any more hesitation will be disrespectful for the temporary hospitality his majesty is providing you.”


“Okay, okay,” he said quickly with an uncomfortable expression on his face.


“Right. Please, follow us this way,” the head maid said and the other maid began to lead him away.


Lakshman watched him go and smiled as he thought, “Oh dear… Even, Dom is no match for the head maid’s toughness.”


He stretched his arms and said, “Now then… Time to do some late night work before I go to bed.”


“No, your majesty. It’s time you return home. The mistresses would be waiting for you,” the head maid told him curtly.


“Oh, come on, head maid… I haven’t exactly finished my work for today,” he said and he looked at the mountain of paper stacked on his desk.


“Master…!” the head maid said sternly and she intently looked at him.


“Alright…! I’ll go home since I’m not needed here anymore,” he said in resignation.


“Then, I wish you a very good night, master.”


“Yeah! You too, head maid! I’ll see you in the morning!” he said and he waved goodbye. He turned around with his hand held out, he said, “Phoenix Portal.”


With the portal opened, he walked into it and it closed behind him. After a few seconds of walking along the light path surrounded by utter darkness, he exited through the other end of the portal arrived inside his house. Currently, he was in the bottom floor and he was surprised to see everything in place. All the furniture and the decorative items were all neatly placed around the room.


“Looks like the girls did a good job of this place,” he muttered in a happy voice.


He took off his shoes and was just about to go upstairs to the bedroom when he saw the light in the kitchen. At that time, there was only one person among his wives that would be using the kitchen at such a time in the night. He quietly walked over to the kitchen and as expected, Emilia was there moving the bowls and stuff.


“Emilia, what are you doing?” he asked her curiously, knowing full well she could sense his presence.


“I’m just cleaning things up before going to bed,” she replied as she moved the dishes here and there.


“Leave that tomorrow morning,” he told her, but she simply shook her head.


“It’s better to clean up now than go through the extra trouble of doing it tomorrow morning. After all, I’d rather spend my time with you than here with the dishes. For one thing, dishes don’t talk back.”


He laughed as he walked towards her and hugged her from behind. At first, she was surprised, but she smiled and continued putting the dishes away. Once she was done, he let her go and she finally turned around to look at him. She was slightly surprised to see him looking strangely at her.


“What’s up?” she asked him curiously. “You seem a little duller than when you left.”


“Oh… Things happened at the party,” he said and he told her everything that had happened.


While listening, she walked out of the kitchen and headed towards the living room. Lakshman followed after her as he explained about the commotion resulting in a standoff between him and the Slavemancer. She only replied by making occasional sounds from her mouth to let him know she was listening. Not until did they sit down on chairs and faced each other did she speak to him.


“So, we became enemies anyway,” he finished with a sigh.


“I see,” Emilia said and she nodded. “I suppose that young girl was me, I guess?”


“Uh… Do you disapprove that I used your story to clearly state how horrible slavery is?” he asked her uncertainly.


“No. I was just surprised you thought of using my storey as an example,” she said with a small smile on her face.


“Yeah, but that guy… His comment about it is… unforgivable!” he said with an angry expression on his face.


“Stop that,” Emilia said and she rose to her feed before sitting beside him to place a hand around his shoulders. As she hugged him from the side, she said, “My past is the past and nothing we do will change that. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t apply what I leant to change the future. I don’t want revenge because it doesn’t result in anything good. I want the slavery system abolished so that someone else wouldn’t have to face the same kind of pain as me.”


“That’s why, I didn’t try to kill that bastard the moment he uttered those words!” Lakshman said fiercely. “Although, I am wondering if I did the right thing flaring up at him like that and going as far as to point my energy ball at him. Do you think I did the right thing?”




Emilia did not immediately reply and pondered about it. After a moment’s pause, she smiled and said, “Vena might be unhappy since it turned you, this kingdom enemies of him, but Erza would’ve happily supported your decision. Ondine would be thrilled to hear what you did and the same goes for Cantia, I guess. As for Tetra and Silvera, I suppose they will follow whatever you do with occasional advices to alter it.”


Hearing her say what his other wives would’ve said, made him smile and chuckle happily. Then, he looked quietly asked, “What about you?”


“As for me…” she began slowly in a thoughtful voice. “You did the right thing and I’m proud of that. That man really spoke badly about the slavery and I agree with everything you said. That Slavemancer really has no desire to step down from his position as the most influential person in the Human Kingdom with a lot of power.”


“That makes me really happy!” said Lakshman in a very happy voice.


He put his arm around her shoulder and brought her closers. She leaned her his shoulder and quietly smiled. Like that, they sat there for a few seconds in silence. Then, realising it was getting late, Emilia eased herself from his grip and rose to her feet.


“It’s getting late and I’m feeling sleep,” she said in a tired voice. She raised her hand up and said, “Energy Out.”


In an instant, the energy crystals all around that kept the room lit were went out. Emilia left the room to go turn the lights of the kitchen off as Lakshman rose to his feet. When he arrived outside the room, Emilia was there waiting for him and together, they walked towards the stairs. After climbing them to the top floor, they heard the sound of breathing from the room on the far right. They slowly walked forward and he slowly opened the door while making sure to make the least bit of noise.


Sprawled on the bed were the forms of his wives sleeping peacefully. He could not tell who was who in the dark and he did not want to use his Phoenix Eyes to look around.


“I don’t think I want to crawl around while they’re sleeping so peacefully,” he said as he smiled in the dark.


“I agree. Let’s sleep in the next room,” Emilia suggested and he nodded as he quickly closed the door.


The two of them quietly walked next door and quickly walked in before closing the door shut. Lakshman walked over to the bed and quickly unravelled the bed sheets before getting into them. Emilia loosened her shit slightly before breathing in relief and also got into bed with him. For a moment, they lay there lying on the comfortable bed while staring at the dark ceiling as light streamed lightly through the closed curtains on the starry night.


“We need to go shopping next time,” Emilia said abruptly after a few seconds of silence.


“What for? Didn’t we get everything?”


“Yeah, but we forgot about nighties. Up until now, we didn’t need nighties since we had been students and we never bothered to get changed because of how tired we were from studying late into the night. However, we are now married women and I believe we need to start wearing lighter clothes to sleep comfortably. Do you agree?”


“Yeah, I agree, although… I feel the nightie will, you know… make your proportions clearer to see.”


For a moment, there was silence as Emilia digested what he just said. Then, she sighed and asked, “Up until now, you showed no sign of anything, but the desire to get stronger. However, it seems like you’ve changed slightly in these two years and have started showing other desires.”


He was startled by her voice and he said, “Wait… Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”


“After marriage, you’ve been happily sleeping with us and everything. It seems you’ve been rather lustful towards us after the marriage than before it. Looks like, you’ve found us pretty attractive to have difficulty suppressing your nightly desires.”


“Uh… Um… I…”


Lakshman was lost at what to say at the words of his wife. It was indeed true that ever since their marriage, he found the girls very attractive and lovable. For this reason, his manly attitude began to crumble after almost each night from work that he enjoyed sleeping with them.


“If that’s bad, I’ll stop immediately and make sure to use restraining magic to suppress—!”


“Oh, stop that…!” she said wearily. “I’m not complaining or anything, but actually am glad you’re active about it. We’ve been beseeching you for five years, but you simply ignored us by saying that you were either too young or that you’ll do it after marriage. I and I’m sure the others are also happy about how it turned out right now.”


For a moment, he remained frozen in surprise. Then, he smiled and said, “I… I’m glad to hear it.”


“Yes, but tell me…” she began and her tone made him immediately worry about what she was going to say. “Which one of us do you like the most?”


“Huh?” he asked in a surprised voice. “Which one I like? I like all of you equally.”


“Yes, but there must be someone special deep down there,” she said and she turned slightly to pat him on the chest. “Just come out and say it.”


“Really…! I don’t have anyone especially in mind…” he said uncertainly, but she did not believe his words.


“Lucky…” she said sternly and he wished he was anywhere, but there. “Come on and say it honestly. I won’t say anything if it’s not me, so just say it…!”


He hesitated for a moment longer before finally sighing heavily in resignation.


“Among the seven of you, I like… you the most, Emilia,” Lakshman said finally.


Emilia was surprised by his response and she said, “If you’re saying that I’ll get angry, then—!”


“I honestly like you the most, Emilia!” he said forcefully. “Believe me! It’s nothing to do with pity and most certainly not because you’ll get annoyed at me or something.”


“In that case, tell me why.”


“Why…? Hmm…” he began in a wondering voice. “I suppose I like you the most because you’re the calmest, the nicest and the wisest out of all the girls.”


“Oh… That maybe trye, but I believe my body isn’t that well developed for my age if you compare it to Cantia’s body or Silvera’s body. Vena and the other are beautiful and more attractive looking than me.”


“Who the heck said you’re not beautiful or attractive?!” Lakshman suddenly exclaimed in an annoyed voice and surprised Emilia. “Believe me, Emilia. You’re the cutest out of all the girls and I love you for it! Besides, it’s the heart that sounds more than the face!”


Emilia did not say anything, but she smiled in the darkness of the room. She was happy to learn the fact that the man she loved likes her the most, even though she asked him out of curiosity than anything else. Surging with happiness, she turned and snuggled closer to him before placing her arm around him.


“You’re so simple, but that’s what I love the most about you,” she said and it made Lakshman chuckle.


After that, the two of them quickly fell into a comfortable sleep and they slept till morning. However, they were awoken forcefully when the door leading to the room opened with a bang. This caused Lakshman to quickly wake up in alarm to sit upright. He turned towards the door and saw Silvera standing there.


He quickly began to say, “Silvera! Hold on a second! I think you’re misunderstanding about—!”


Before he could say anything more, Silvera quickly said, “Lucky! Please come down stairs immediately! Someone strange is sitting in the living room!”


“Huh?” he asked in a distracted voice and that was when he noticed the panicked expression on her face. “What’s the matter, Silvera?”


“Please come downstairs!” she said and she walked forward to grab him by his hand.
Leaving Emilia rubbing her eyes sleepily, Silvera pulled Lakshman out of the room, down the stairs and into the living room. When he arrived, he saw the other girls standing near the door with apprehensive looks on their faces. They turned around and were relieved to see him walk in. He smiled at them before turning his attention towards the chair on the other side.


A man sat there as he leaned his back on the chair in a relaxed way with his eyes closed. The clothes the man was wearing were very strange compared to the simple pant and shirt that Lakshman and the girls wore. As Lakshman continued to look at him, he had a strange sensation run through his body. Something about the man sitting there with his eyes closed made Lakshman feel strange, but he could not explain why.


He walked forward and tentatively asked, “Um… Excuse me?”


The man did not respond and remained seated on the chair. The girls appeared to be tense because they were being affected by his mere presence in that room. Just then, Ondine got irritated at the fact that the man ignored Lakshman’s voice.


“Hey, you…!” she said angrily. “Stop ignoring us!”


“Ondine, calm down…” Lakshman said quickly.


“I can’t calm down!” Ondine said in an annoyed voice. “This guy suddenly appears in our living room and then proceeds to ignore us while he apparently sleeps! I can’t tolerate this!”


“Stop that, Ondine,” Venezuela said quickly, but Ondine did not pay any attention to what she said.


“I don’t care! He’s an intruder and intruders must be deal with punishment!” Ondine said and she pulled out her swords before leaping towards him. “Wake up, stupid idiot intruder!”


As she lunged at him, the man suddenly raised his hand and clenched his hands slightly. In an instant, Ondine’s eyes widened in shock and she landed back on the ground. Both of her swords hit the floor as her body began to struggle.


“Young miss… Acting recklessly is a bad thing,” the man said in a lazy voice.


The girls watched in shock as Ondine began to make painful noises as she struggled on the ground as her energy began to distort around her.


“Why you…!” Cantia began angrily and she quickly transformed into her cat humanoid form.


Before any of the girls could do anything, Lakshman extended his arms wide and got in their way.


“Stop it!” he shouted at the man desperately as he watched Ondine writhe on the floor.


The moment that he shouted, the man relaxed his hand and in that instant, Ondine stopped writhing. She lay there panting and was out of breath from the pain she had experienced moments before.


“Do not worry yourself, young man, for the girl is fine and safe,” the man said coolly as he sat up.


“Safe-nyaa?! You hurt her-nyaa!” Cantia shouted at him angrily with her hands ready to attack.


“That’s enough!” Lakshman shouted in a firm voice and he looked at the girls angrily. “No more.”


His wives were surprised and they lowered their weapon, but they eyed the man cautiously. Lakshman turned back to face him. The man straightened up and finally opened his eyes, which surprised everyone in the room. Emilia finally came down the stairs and she arrived in the room to see the man. She was startled to see the man had golden eyes with two red curved shapes positioned on either side of the centre with four diamond shapes position on the up, bottom, left and right side of his eyes.



“W-Who are you?” she asked him nervously.


She did not know why, but his very presence within the room was causing her to feel unease. This was a new and strange sensation she had never felt before and she was having difficulty explaining it herself. All she can tell was the man very presence was creating a lot of pressure.


Seeing their nervousness, he widened his eyes said, “Oh…! So sorry, but it seems I accidentally activated my pressure while I was asleep.” His yellow eyes glowed for a moment and once it vanished, the heavy pressure was suddenly gone. “Now, to answer the question of that young lady over there… You can say, you’re in the presence of a god…”


“A-A god?” Lakshman and his eyes widened in shock as he said, “Y-You don’t mean…!”


The man straightened up on his chair and smiled at them as he said, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m known as the Mythological God of Energy, Engraut. I’m come to speak to you about your past and the future.”

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