Lakshman vs. Dominic (Start)



“Dominic, remind me again why we’re doing this,” Lakshman asked curiously.


“It’s simply because I want to fight you,” Dominic replied easily. “I never had the chance to fight you before and I feel you’ve relaxed your grip on fighting with your paper work.”


Lakshman sighed and said, “Naturally…! I’m a king now and my responsibility is so great, I haven’t had the time to train the past few weeks.”


“Is that why you’re not wearing those Gravity Rings anymore?” Dominic asked him curiously. “I always thought you were more serious about training than me, but I guess I was wrong.”


Lakshman sighed and shook his head wearily. The two of them were standing on the land that Lakshman bought for his family. The house was kilometres away from them with all his wives inside as they watched from a safe distance. They did not like the very idea of friends fighting each other like this.


The previous night, Lakshman came home and informed them about Dominic wanting to fight him. At first, they thought it was a joke, but the seriousness in his face conveyed that it was not a joke. Venezuela and Emilia was shocked, Tetra and Silvera were confused while Ondine and Cantia got angry. Only Erza nodded as if she understood the motive behind him fighting his friend.


“It makes sense Dominic would want to fight you since you appear to have weakened,” she said wisely. “With all the work you’ve been doing and never having the time to train, it’s only natural he tests you out. After all, you’re both part of the Nine Pillars of Power and they are the strongest in the world. If the strongest of their ranks is weak, then there’s a problem.”


“There is a problem already!” Venezuela said angrily. “Dominic should know by now that Lakshman is super strong and doesn’t need to be tested!”


“Hey. Don’t get angry at me. I’m only saying what’s I think’s running through Dominic’s mind,” Erza said in a reasonable voice.


Lakshman understood it and the next day arrived with Lakshman going to the castle. Once he brought Dominic through the Phoenix Portal, he was met with five angry eyes with serious expressions on their faces. Dominic was a little stumped at seeing the beautiful wives of his friend suddenly being so hostile towards him. Only Emilia seemed to be treating him like usual because she had already accepted the fact.


“They are men and all they want to do is fight,” she said when the others looked at her incredulously. “There’s no point getting angry over the inevitable. Besides, I am also curious about this fight.”


Dominic laughed after hearing this and he turned to Lakshman before saying, “Haha. Pressure’s on you!”


“Give me a break…!” Lakshman said wearily.


Once they were done with drinking the glass of water and juice Emilia gave them, the two rose to their feet and headed out. Before leaving, Lakshman told the girls to use the Emperor Barrier Magic Spell called Enforce to protect the house and themselves.


“If things go like usual, it’ll get pretty messy and our attacks will go wildly everywhere,” Lakshman told them with a serious expression on his face.


Emilia, Erza and Venezuela understood and they used three their individual magic to create three layers of the barrier spell on the house and surroundings. Once that was done, they used Zooming Lenses, an Illusion Magic Spell that allows them to watch the fight as if they were with the two warriors. Lakshman looked around the house one last time to check if there was a weakness in the barrier. When he found none, he nodded in satisfaction before leaving to fight Dominic with Tetra and Silvera following right behind him.


“I hope Lucky beats the crap out of Dom!” Ondine said angrily as she watched the Zooming Lenses.


“Yeah! Kick him up!” Cantia said energetically.


“Calm down, you two! This isn’t a death match, but a simple friendly match!” Emilia told them wearily.


“I doubt there will be any friendliness once the fighting starts,” Erza said and Venezuela nodded in agreement.


Meanwhile, Lakshman, Tetra and Silvera stood at one end while Dominic stood at the other. That was when Lakshman asked Dominic the question to which Dominic answered with coolness. It seemed the fight really will get out of hand as he expected.


“Girls,” Lakshman said and he held out both of his hands.


“Yes,” Tetra and Silvera said at the same time.


Tetra held her hand out and grasped his right hand while Silvera held her hand out to grasp his left hand. They held his hand with respect to the hand that had their Contract Seals. The two seals appeared momentarily and in a flash of light, both girls transformed into swords; Tetra transformed into a Broad Sword while Silvera transformed into a curved Katana.


Dominic pulled out his one and only weapon, the Destiny Sword and held her steady in one hand. Then, he suddenly noticed that Lakshman was holding onto two swords and he looked own at him only one sword.


“Oh dear,” he said with a small smile forming on his face. “I’ve only got one. Oh well. I’ll just multiply them. Seta.”


“Understood,” the Destiny Sword replied in his mind.


As the Destiny Sword began to glow brightly, he momentarily let go of the handle. The sword slowly rose into the air and hovered vertically in front of him. There was a small glow of light and the one separated into two. Dominic held out both of his hands and grabbed each handle at the exact same time. In an instant, a golden glow of light went through him and caused him to momentarily close his eyes. Once the glow was glow was gone, he reopened his eyes and smiled once again.


“Destiny Sword: Dual Style!” Dominic said firmly.


He demonstrated cool skills with the sword as he spun them several times before grabbing them and resting them on his shoulder. Once he got ready, he looked towards his friend, who is now his opponent.


“Are you ready?” Dominic called to Lakshman.


“Yes!” Lakshman replied back and the two of them grinned at each other.


“Then, let the battle begin!” Dominic said loudly. “I’ll start first with a bang!”


In an instant, he channelled Weapon Force into his weapons and they glowed brightly. The next moment, he brought them together and swung them, releasing the gathered energy in a slicing wave. The wave of energy burst forward and drove ahead towards where Lakshman stood ready. Once the attack reached him, Lakshman swung at it and jumped into the air at the same time.


There was a small explosion and smoke quickly exploded onto the scene. Dominic watched as Lakshman burst out of the smoke and flew high into the air from his jump from a moment ago. Once he reached a certain height, he gathered Weapon Force into his weapon and shouted the technique name.


“Blasting Slashes!”


He began swinging his sword over and over as he discharged energy from his swords in small waves of slicing energy. They headed straight towards Dominic and he instantly reacted by shouting his own technique name.


“Wall of Blades!”


In an instant, multiple swords materialised in front of them and quickly formed into a defensive wall. The waves of slicing energy slammed into the sword and tried to push forward, but the wall of swords did not budge. Once the attack was finished, Dominic waved his sword upward and the swords swung around to point their bladed end upward as well.


“Storm Blades!”


With the shout of that technique, he hurled the swords flying towards Lakshman at high speed. As the swords reached him, Lakshman began swinging his sword at incredible speed and destroy each sword as each sword came at him. Unable to main flight with the heavy fire of sword, Lakshman descended and held both of his sword at the ready.


Dominic waved pointed both of his swords towards Lakshman and shouted, “Hurricane Blades!”


In an instant, multiple swords appeared around him and shot away like a circular rotational stream. Lakshman saw the swords, rotating like a hurricane, flying towards him and his grin widened.


“Flash Clash!” he shouted and both of his swords glowed momentarily.


He began destroying one sword after another as the hurricane swords hurtled towards him at great speed. After a minute of this, he destroyed the final sword and was surprised to find Dominic right behind the last sword.


“Here I go!” he shouted and he thrust his right swords towards Lakshman.


“Not a chance!” Lakshman shouted back and he dodged the sword thrust.


Lakshman took a step back as Dominic continued charging towards him and the two finally clashed swords. Their movement was incredibly fast and their clashed hard against each other with incredible force. They matched each other move for move while slowly increasing their speed, power and strength as the battle continued.


“Wow! They’re fast…! They’re really fast!” Ondine said in disbelief.


“Incredible-nyaa…!” Cantia said as she accidentally transformed into her humanoid cat form in excitement.


“Mmm…! Lucky’s become really strong over these two years!” Venezuela said in surprised. “I don’t remember seeing him moving at this speed before.”


“Well, he did train at 1500 times gravity. Naturally, he’d be faster than before!” Erza said happily.


“Yes, but Dominic’s putting up a good fight as well,” Emilia said as she watched the fight through narrowed eyes.


The intensity of their sword battle continued with nighter of them giving an opportunity for a counter attack. Dominic suddenly broke away from his regular strikes and raised both of his swords above his head. Lakshman looked up and he widened his eyes slightly in surprise as he Dominic swung them down with a heavy force. Lakshman kicked at the ground and pushed himself back as Dominic slammed his swords on the ground, destroy the ground in the process and flowing the area with a cloud of dust.


Lakshman burst out of the clouds and flew back to land several meters away. He was surprised when Dominic’s two swords suddenly burst out of the cloud of dust as they headed straight towards him. He swung at them one they were within reach and he deflected them aside. As he did, Dominic suddenly appeared in front of him and he grabbed his sword before he begun to swing them in a diagonal strike. Before Dominic could land those blows, Lakshman quickly moved his arms back down and defended himself from the sword strikes.


The force of the impact blasted him backwards and Dominic followed after him. Lakshman flipped through the air and landed back on his feet as he and Dominic began clashing swords once more. Their furious battle to defeat each other was causing large cracks to appear on the ground while destroying small pebbles. Their clash was becoming so intense, shockwave began to be sent each time they attempted to clashed swords with one another. The two of their expressions were contorted with frustration as they fought really hard to hit each other.


Dominic suddenly pulled back and charged really hard against Lakshman, surprising him in the process. Then, he followed up by bring his two swords diagonally as he aimed for his head. Lakshman reacted instantly and he ducked to avoid them and he right leg and planted it firm on Dominic’s chest.


“Positron Blaster!” Lakshman shouted.


There was a blast of blue energy and it exploded out from beneath his feet. The bust of energy blasted into Dominic’s chest and hurtled him backwards. As he flew away with the energy pushing against him, Dominic raised his right sword up in the air and shouted out his next technique.


“Strike Blades!”


In an instant, a large number of blades appeared in the sky and surrounded Lakshman. All of them were hovering vertically for a moment before swinging around to point their pointy edges down towards Lakshman. He watched as the swords began to glow brighter and brighter until they were full of lethal energy that can cut through energy. The next second, they shot towards Lakshman at an incredible speed.


As he watched them hurtle towards him through the air, he realised there was no way he could dodge them all in time. Lakshman gritted his teeth and gripped his swords firmly as they soared towards him. When they reached him, be shouted out loud his technique he used against them.


“Flash Swords!”


Both the Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer glowed brightly in his hands as the swords reached him. Lakshman began swung his sword so fast that he looked like he was almost standing still. He was turning around and moving his sword accordingly at incredible speeds to match the speed of the swords before destroying each and every one of them.


Dominic sat upright in and watched in amazement as all his numerous swords were destroyed. He was amazed at the speed in which Lakshman managed to move to destroy all of them. Finally, with all of them destroyed, Lakshman spun around to glare fiercely at his opponent, surprising Dominic in the process.


Lakshman raised both of his sword above his head and shouted, “Light and Darkness Blades!”


In an instant, the Phoenix Blade’s blade began to glow in white energy while the Demon Slayer’s blade began to glow in dark energy. They suddenly extended high into the air and appeared to almost reach the sky. With his swords extended out to great length, Lakshman roared as he swung his swords down, aiming for Dominic.


“Whoa!” Dominic shouted in shock as he quickly jumped to his feet and stepped aside.


The two light and dark energy swords slammed on the ground where he was moments ago. He stood now, centimetres away and watched the how powerful those two energy blades were. A moment later, the energy blades retracted and returned to normal size in Lakshman’s hands. As the dust cleared, Dominic was surprised to see the deep groove marks they left on the ground from the point of launch to the point of impact.


Lakshman was breathing a little quickly, but he began to smile as he straightened up.


“Master, how did you learn of these techniques?” Silvera asked him curiously in his mind.


“While I was training these two years, I learnt many great things and that includes the new techniques as well,” Lakshman said with a satisfied smile on his face.


“Well…! I’m impressed you managed to control the power of darkness, which is my element, pretty well,” Silvera told him and he nodded in acceptance.


Dominic turned around to face Lakshman and the two of them looked at each for a few seconds without saying anything, stony faced with hard to read expressions.


Watching them just standing there and staring at each other, the girls were confused.


“Why did the fight just stop?” Cantia asked impatiently


“I don’t know. Maybe they’re taking a break?” Ondine said hopefully.


“Break or not, those two really have powerful skills to be using such advanced techniques,”


Dominic finally breathed a sigh before smiling at his friend and opponent which the Lakshman returned by smiling back.


“I think that’s enough of a warm up. I’m pretty pumped up to fight to the fullest,” Dominic said casually


“Yeah. Same here,” Lakshman said and two exchanged grins on their faces.


Hearing what they said, the girls turned to exchange shocked looks at each other.


“That was just their warm up?” Emilia asked in a surprised voice. “I thought they were fighting for real!”


“I thought the same thing, but wow…! All of that was the war up?” Venezuela asked while looking mightily surprised.


“The Nine Pillars of Power are insane!” Ondine said and Cantia nodded vigorously. “Seriously…! Their standards are too wacked out!”


“Yeah, but now I really want to see want they can do for real!” Cantia said and all of them nodded in agreement.


They eagerly watched as the two warriors stood and stared at each other silently. The wind began to blow smoothly and ruffled their hairs while cooling them down. It was finally time for them to show their true force and they were ready to do it.


“Right…! Time to power up!” Dominic said sharply and his eyes became sharp.


He gripped his swords tightly as he began surging with power as an Elemental Glow of golden aura surrounded him.




With a roar, his began his transformation into a powerful form. His normal black straight hair suddenly rose up and became very spiky while strange shapes formed on his clear blue eyes. His powers also rose exponentially and he appeared to look cool with the way looked right now.



Dominic grabbed his hovering swords and smiled coolly at his opponent. Lakshman raised an eyebrow and although he could see something different about his appearance.


“So, your hair became spiky and your eyes changed slightly?” Lakshman asked curiously and Dominic nodded.


“That’s right. This form is something I mastered in transforming into with the help of the Destiny Sword,” Dominic explained casually. “In this form, I’m known as Sword Titan: Ruler of Swords!”


“Ruler of Swords?” Lakshman said as he raised his eyebrows. Then, he smiled and said, “I suppose the name’s got its purpose right. Now for me to transform!”


As he said, he stabbed the swords into the ground before clenching his fists. He began surging with power and as he did, golden-red aura surrounded him, which was his Elemental Glow. As he exerted his power for the transformation, his black hair became blonde and his black eyes changed to red crown-shaped eyes. He gave off an impressive appearance with the sudden rise in his power and strength.


“Phoenix Titan Transformation,” he said in a cool voice.


The girls watched him transform and they all grinned happily because they had not seen him transform for a long time. Finally, being able to see him transform once more and sense that amazing power, gave them a feeling of happiness they could not explain. They reasoned that it must have something to do with the Destiny Queen titles they each possess.


“Ah…! Now I remember! When you transformed into the Phoenix Titan, you had blonde hair and those red strange shaped eyes,” Dominic said with a smiling face. Then, he made a puzzled expression and said, “Although, I do remember you having spiky blonde hair, not almost straight blonde hair.”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “Your eyes are strange as well and as for my hair, I’m not done transforming yet! I have one more step to go before I can fight you to the fullest!”


“One more?” Dominic asked in surprise and Lakshman nodded.


Lakshman nodded and as he exerted his power, he began screaming at the top of his voice.




There was a violent burst of energy with the wind blowing wildly around. Dominic had no trouble standing firmly against the strong winds as he watched Lakshman transform once more. With this new transformation, Lakshman had spiky blonde hair and his body was being constantly surrounded by random burst of lightning.


As the transformation completed, Lakshman looked towards Dominic and said, “I call this my Phoenix Titan: Burst form!”


“Phoenix Titan: Burst form?” Dominic asked and he looked surprised. “Sounds interesting.”


“It is, but you’ll find out anyway when we resume out battle!” Lakshman said fiercely.


With that, he grabbed his swords and pulled them out of the ground very easily. Then, he spun them skilfully in his hand before placing the Phoenix Blade on his shoulder while holding the Demon Slayer out at the ready. Dominic prepared his sword and the two warriors got ready to do battle. The girls watched expectantly and waited for the clash of titans to begin.


The wind became still and silence ensued within the surrounding area as the two warrior stared at each other. They were waiting for a single to let them begin and they received it when a pebble, which had been carried by the wind, suddenly landed on the battle in front of them. It landed with a thud and made a small noise, but it was enough to signal the start of their battle.


The two warriors charged towards each other and screamed as they surged with power.




The two of them quickly covered the distance separating them and met at the centre. Lakshman and Dominic began their furious battle by swinging their swords at each other and they were moving so fast, it was difficult to follow each of their movement. The two warriors fought furiously against each other for several minutes while dual wielding with their respective swords.


All of sudden, their clashing energies exploded and they were pushed back from its force. Without pause or hesitation, the two kicked off the ground and charged at each other once more. This time, they brought both of this swords forward and clashed against each other with all their might. The forces collided violently with their clash and as they pushed hard against each other, a violent flash of light erupted from where fighting, blinding everything in sight and making it difficult for anyone, including the girls, to see what was happening on the battlefield.


Once the flash of light disappeared, the two were shown clashing swords against each other at high speed. Each of their blows against each other was sending shockwaves in all directions.

Author’s Note


Ah… This chapter really burned me out since it’s been a while since I wrote a combat chapter and my body became slightly sore from testing out the attack style and everything. Anyway, next chapter will finish this awesome fight of theirs!


Also, 250 chapters in total! Whoo-hoo!! I feel proud and I thank everyone for their encouragement and support to have led me this far! I’m truly happy about it!


Character Name (s) Power Counter (s)
Lakshman Chand Base form — 1,398,278,700
Phoenix Titan — 20,974,180,500
Phoenix Titan [Burst] – 120,251,968,200
Dominic Rutherford Base form — 4,044,185,600
Ruler of Swords — 101,104,640,000

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