Takedown of Religion



That night, Lakshman awoke with a start and he was not the only one. Cantia quickly jumped out of bed and transformed into her humanoid cat form with a fierce expression on her face. She appeared very beast like as the other girls quickly got up to dress.


“W-What’s this sense of danger?” Emilia asked nervously.


“I don’t know, but it’s coming from the outside,” Lakshman said as he quickly got dressed.


One they were dressed, Lakshman and the girls quickly went out of the room and went downstairs. The sense of danger became evident when they reached the door. Fearing an attack, Lakshman immediately activated Enforcer on the house, but he could sense really strong people to be outside. Opened the door, Lakshman activated Light Balls magic spell and they immediately illuminated the entire area within 400 meters.


“Oh my…!” Erza said and they all looked shocked.


In the distance, they could a cloud of dust rising into the sky as riders on horseback rode towards them. Just from this distance, Lakshman and the girls could sense the killing intent they were giving off and it made them feel worried, which was because all of the riders were really strong.


“This doesn’t make sense! They’re as powerful as us!” Ondine said in a shocked voice.


“Yes, but more importantly… Why are they coming here and what are they after?” Venezuela asked in a worried voice.


“There could only be one reason they’re coming here with such killing intent-nyaa!” Cantia said angrily. “They’re here to kill us!”


Lakshman came to the same conclusion at almost the same time and he widened his eyes in anger. Earlier, he gave a warning for Dominic to be careful, but he did not think he would have to heed his own advice like this.


As the riders neared them, they noticed the light hovering above them to illuminate everything in the area. Realising their targets are aware of their presence, they slowed their horses to a stop and got off to fight from there.


“Phoenix Eyes!” Lakshman said and his black eyes changed to red crown-shaped eyes. Then, he also said, “Elemental Sight!”


In an instant, his vision became grey and colours of red and blue became visible as they coloured the people. His wives were coloured in blue colour and he was startled to see a mass of red in the distant. Deactivating the magic, he informed them of the fact that everyone over there were their enemies. They immediately made grim faces and looked on with their weapons prepared.


Just then, they heard a loud voice coming from where the riders had stopped. The voice clearly addressed them, but it was more intended towards Lakshman.


“We are the Demon Extermination Squad of the Shambasa Religion! We have come here to eliminate a demon known as Lakshman Chand!” the voice said in a loud clear voice.


Lakshman blinked in surprise and asked, “Huh? I’m a demon?”


“The Shambasa Religion has watched your actions for a while and it has decreed you as evil! And so, we have come on a mission to eliminate the demon that will plunge this world into chaos and destruction.”


“Um… Okay…” Lakshman said and he sighed heavily.


For the past few weeks, he had been monitoring the activity of the Shambasa Religion thoroughly, despite being busy with the slavery issues. Reports have come in to say the religious people were spreading word that he was a demon sent by the God of Destruction to destroy everyone. At first, Lakshman could not believe the nonsense, but he grew to worry on what they will do next. So, he decided to watch silently and now, they made the ultimate move of eliminating him from existence.


“As such! We advise you to peacefully surrender and we will not harm your wives! However, resistance will not be accepted and it will result in the entire destruction of your family!” the voice said arrogantly.


This finally made Lakshman angry and for the first time, he took them seriously. He would have shown them mercy by simply defeating them, but their words about hurting his family made his blood boil with rage. His wives sensed this and they quickly came forward to pat him on the back and his shoulder to calm him down. At first, he was surprised, but he nodded in thanks and turned to glare at the attackers.


“Amplification,” he said and he pointed his finger at his throat. Then, he began to speak in a loud voice that carried all the way to where the attackers were.


“I see that you’ve come a long way to carry out your mission, but I would have to decline the offer! You see… I’m not a demon and I’m certainly not going to destroy this world! Now, law down your weapons and surrender because I have lost my patience with you arrogant religious freaks!”


Lakshman sounded arrogant, but he could not help himself because of his anger from earlier. His words hit a chord among the attackers and they appeared to be monetarily shocked. Then, the man at the front, who was acting as their leader, sighed and spoke again in a loud clear voice. He deactivated his magic and waited for their reply, which came a few seconds later.


“Your insults to our religion will not go unpunished!” he said angrily. He immediately deactivated his magic and turned to his men as he said, “Prepare the fire at my command!”


“Sir!” they replied and they quickly took their position and gathered energy to fire their magic attack.


Sensing this, Lakshman widened his eyes in surprise and he said, “They really dug their own graves!” He turned to the girls and said, “Get ready!”


“Right!” the girls said and they nodded at the same time.


He turned around just as the attacking magicians shouted, “Heavenly Cannon of Justice!”


A large ball of energy began to gather in front of them and it grew larger with each second. It eventually was big enough for Lakshman to see and he widened his eyes in shock. The girls were also extremely taken aback at the numerous massive attacks that had risen to great size.


“Fire!” the leader of the attackers shouted and with a surge of power, the magicians released the large energy in a large wave of destruction.


As the wave of destruction headed their way, Lakshman widened his eyes in shock and eh said, “Dammit!”


He clapped his hands together and said, “Summoning Familiars!”


In an instant, two large magic circles appeared in front of them and a moment later, the Eternal Phoenix and Spirit Dragon appeared. The two of them were made cries of surprise when he saw the incoming attacks that were headed towards them.


“Phylex! Draga! Protect us!” Lakshman ordered them in a loud powerful voice.


“Understood, master!” Phylex said telepathically.


“Got it!” Draga said telepathically.


In an instant, the two of them extended their wings out and gathered energy into their mouths before launching it in a big wave of destruction towards the incoming wave of destruction.


“Inferno Destructive Wave!” was the technique Phylex used.

“Spirit Blast Cannon!” was the technique Draga used.


In an instant, they launched their individual attacks and they went swiftly away at high speed. For a few seconds, the three charging waves of destruction quickly covered the distance before slamming hard into each other. There was a moment of struggle between the forces as the magician attackers poured their energies into their attack to push forward while Phylex and Draga fought back by fuelling their attack, causing both sides to not budge.


The clashing of forces ultimately resulted in a flash of light, which was followed by a massive explosion. The magicians used several layers of barrier spells to protect themselves from the extreme forces of attack while Phylex and Draga quickly used their large bodies to protect their master and his wives. Once the wind began to settle, the dust cleared to bring the battle ground into full view.


“Damn them…!” Erza said angrily. “I just fixed the grass only a few hours ago and now it’s all destroyed because of them!”


“Show no mercy! Venezuela said in agreement.


As Phylex and Draga screeched and roared in anger, the attacker’s leader watched the result of the attack. He turned around and began giving orders to his men in a loud firm voice.


“Alright! We will have difficulty using our magicians to launch powerful offensive assault on them with those two monsters summoned! Instead, arms yourselves and we will strike them from close quarters! While we do that, the magicians make sure to support us from the rear while also fighting off the monsters when they attack.”


“Understood!” the men all said in reply. Then they all chorused “Let the faith in your god lead us victory!”


With their chorus done, they began charging forward on foot while leaving the horses behind.


Lakshman deactivated Elemental Sight and watched the army of soldiers rushing towards them with swords in their hands. Many of them were wielding one sword, but there were some that had two swords at the ready. He had to immediately make a tough decision right there and then as to whether to kill them or not.


He remember Sevedant, the Death Titan, once telling him, “Enemies must die.”


“I somehow feel I understand what he meant,” Lakshman said in a quiet voice. He finally sighed heavily and turned around to face his wives. “Emilia, Venezuela and Erza! Stay behind and support us with your magic. In the meantime, Phylex and Draga will strike at their magic unit while I, Ondine and Cantia will attack those armed men up front!”


“Got it!” Erza, Emilia and Venezuela said and they looked determined.


He looked up at Phylex and Draga before saying, “You two, fly overhead and take out their magic unit! It’ll be troublesome if we get attacked while we attack their close combat unit!”


“As you command!” Phylex replied telepathically.


“With pleasure!” Draga said telepathically in a strangely happy voice.


The two of them beat their wings and quickly rose to their feet to fly towards the enemy forces. Lakshman turned to Ondine and Cantia with a grin on his face.


“Time to show them our stuff!” Ondine said and he nodded at them.


“Awesome-nyaa!” Cantia said in a flash of light, she transformed into her large beast form.


Lakshman turned around and held his hand out to Tetra and Silvera, who took his hand and immediately transformed into the Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer. Grabbing them, he jumped onto Cantia’s back with Ondine and rose her as she quickly ran forward.


The magicians of each side began bombarding each other with magic bombs and magic beam attacks. Sometimes, they got showered with rocks, but their comrades used defensive magic to protect themselves. The charging army of warriors with swords blazing with energy, roared and Cantia let out a beast like roar with Lakshman and Ondine riding on her back.


As they neared each other, Lakshman transformed into the Phoenix Titan and launched himself off Cantia’s back to go forward. As he landed, he swung his swords diagonally and sent an x-slicing wave at his enemies. Those in front got taken out by the attack, but he rest continued forward while roaring like wild animals.


Lakshman darted forward and leaped into the air before deflected several swords to land in their midst. In an instant, he spun around with his swords held out and he cut up several at the same time. The warriors yelled in rage and they surged forward to attack him with their energised swords. Lakshman reacted quickly and in an incredible speed, he blocked and deflected their sword attacks while cutting and slicing in order to kill his enemies.


“Remember that I’m here as well!” Ondine shouted and she jumped off Cantia to begin her assault on the army of warriors.


Cantia opened her beast mouth wide and began breathing fire on them. The warriors were in shock as they had the Phoenix Titan, an enraged Water Spirit and a wild beast cat to contend with. Just then, Lakshman dodged a sudden sword strike and looked around to see the leader about to deliver another strike. Lakshman dodged the attacked and the two quickly crossed swords with incredible force. That was when Lakshman noticed the rods attached to each arm of the soldier.


“Those are Amplification Rods!” he thought in disbelief as he fought against the leader. “No wonder they seemed unnaturally strong per my standards!”


“Looks like they were aware of how strong you were and they began to use these crude objects,” Tetra told him in his mind.


“Fools…! Where is the honour of their warrior pride of fighting with all they got?” Silvera asked angrily.


“They are following the definiation right, but they took it to a new level by adding those rods to their equipment,” Tetra explained in a sad voice.


Just then, Lakshman irritably thought, “Would you please stop talking in my head? It’s seriously distracting because I’m in the middle of a battle here!”


“We’re sorry!” Tetra and Silvera told him apologetically before becoming silent.


Meanwhile, Phylex and Draga flew overhead and headed straight for the magic unit at the back, who were boosting their soldiers with amplification magic spells to make them stronger. They noticed the two monsters headed their way and they dispatched a separate magic unit to deal with them.


“Take them out before they have the opportunity to strike at us!” the leader of the magic unit shouted.


“Yes, sir!” his men replied and they began charging their magic spells before launching them at the monsters.


“Fire Blaster!”


“Rock Slam!”


“Stone Cannon!”


“Hurricane Blaze Cannon!”


“Electron Fury!”


“Thunder Driver!”


Multiple attacks began flying towards Phylex and they bombarded his body, causing him to let out a screech of anger. He was already angry with them attacking his master, but making him feel pain him made him mad. He swooped overhead and gathered energy into his mouth before launching the attack at them.


“Hell Blast!”


A large ball, composed of fire, was launched from its mouth and it hurtled down towards them. The magic unit quickly activated their defensive magic spells to counter it. Unfortunately for then, Phylex used a large amount of energy to make that attack powerful and it easily destroyed all of their defensive spells before smashing into them. There was an explosion of flames and they quickly spread everywhere, causing the magicians to get burnt in the process.


Draga flew around him and opened its mouth wide, he gathered energy and launched the attack in a white beam of energy down at the burning magician unit.


“Frozen Cannon!”


Upon impact, it instantly froze everyone and they became icy statues and he continued blasting the cannon as he flew past then,


“Put out the fire with water magic and take them down!” the leader of the magic unit, who survived the attack with a few burns on his face and body, shouted at the magicians.


They began to put out the fire while others gathered large quantity of magic and launched it towards Draga.


“Blast Drive Cannon!”


A powerful jet of blue light soared into the air and knocked into Draga’s right wing, disabling it for the moment. From the shock of the attack, he soared down and slammed into the ground as he let out a roar. Phylex attempted to support him, but several other magicians began their attack on him and they kept him away from supporting the Spirit Dragon.


As the dust cleared, Draga rose to his feet and glared fiercely at the magicians through vertical pupils. He was enraged at the fact that mere humans brought him down by temporarily disabling the function of one of his wings. He narrowed his eyes and his nostrils flared in rage as he staggered to his feet.


“Filthy humans! Die!” he roared telepathically.


As the magicians continued to attack his armoured body with magic that little damage, he opened his mouth wide to launch an attack of his own at them.


“Spirit Hurricane!”


In an instant, large rings of energy got released from his mouth and they soared forward. Upon being hit by the rings, the magician screamed wildly before his body exploded into pieces, causing several of the magicians to blow up from just one of that attack. Draga continued firing Spirit Hurricane in all directions before the magicians quickly retreated to put up a defensive barrier over themselves.


While that was happening, Lakshman fought hard against the leader of the attackers. He was having no trouble with the battle, but he did not wish to kill this man who seemed to be full of pride and honour. His first principle when he faces an enemy is to give them a chance to surrender and he attempted to do that.


“Stop this needless bloodshed!” he shouted at him as they clashed swords. “You’re men are needlessly dying!”


“Shut up, demon! We don’t need your pity!” the leader shouted at him as they backed away from each other. “In the name of the God of Justice and the Shambasa Religion that I follow, I will carry out my mission in destroying you!”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock and felt despair surging from within him. In that instant, he became extremely angry with the religion that sent these brave men to their deaths.


“Very well! I understand your mission, but I have to live and if it means to that you die, then I shall carry it out!” Lakshman screamed at him.


The leader smiled and said, “Bravo! Now, die! UUUUHHHHHH!!!”


He charged forward with his sword blazing with energy that he held with both of his hand and swung it at Lakshman, who easily ducked to avoid the blow. After dodging the sword strike, he used the Demon Slayer to quickly swing around to stab into the man’s stomach. The man groaned in shock and he looked down to see the dark katana blade piercing into stomach through his armour.


“Y-You have defeated me, but you didn’t defeat my faith!” the man said weakly before his body sagged and collapsed on the ground as his life was extinguished.


Lakshman stood there with the Demon Slayer bloodied from the kill it delivered as people began to realise what just happened. He held his head down and stared at the man, who fought bravely for the faith that he believed in and this enraged him.


Lakshman reared his head back and he began screaming at the top of his voice as he began to surge with energy.




All around him, the fighting stopped and all warriors, including Ondine and the beast form of Cantia stopped to turn to face him. The magician attackers and his wives all stopped their assault and watched in shock while Phylex and Draga looked on as Lakshman addressed everyone on the battlefield.


He activated amplification and increased the volume of his voice before addressing all enemies.


“All of you leave before you all die painfully at my hands! Your leader is dead and there is no one left to lead you further! Turn around, get back on your horses and get away from here before I open my eyes! When I do, I will slaughter each and every one of you until you are all a bad of meant only! Now, retreat before you perish!”


As he finished speaking, he began to surge with power and he gave off a powerful intimidating aura that scared everyone. The close combat unit took one glance at their fallen leader and began shouting in fear. They turned around and ran all the way back to where their horses were from where they left them. The magicians were surprised to see their close combat unit retreating when they saw the two monsters land nearby to glare fiercely at them. Letting out cries in fear, they also joined their close combat unit and began riding their horses back the way they came.


Once they were gone, only silence remained in the entire area. Ondine and Cantia in her beast form, walked towards Lakshman as he looked down at the warrior that he had killed.


“Why are you letting them go free, Lucky?” Ondine asked him hesitantly when she reached him.


He turned to look at her with a pained expression on his face as he said, “I’m not a killer, Ondine… I’m not a killer…”


He looked down at the Demon Slayer that was bloodstained from killing the leader and he felt remorseful about it.


“I’m sorry I used you to do the deed, Silvera,” he thought apologetically.


“There is no need to apologise, Lucky. He left with you with no choice and you did what you had to do. Unlike his blind belief in his faith, you had your responsibility as the head of the family to protect us and the kingdom,” Silvera told him reassuringly in his mind.


“Silvera is right, Lucky. Please, don’t torment yourself for what you did because it is justified by your reasons to protect us,” Tetra told him in his mind.


“Yes. You’re right,” Lakshman said and he nodded in agreement.


Later, he made Phylex fly overhead and use Inferno Breath to burn the ground and the bodies. He did not wish to bury them, but he also did not want to leave them out there for the birds to eat. As the ground burned up and Erza used her water magic to make it rain later, he silently prayed for the peace of the people that have died that day. Very soon, new grass formed and grew in their place to clear away the night’s destruction.


Afterwards, Lakshman sent a squad of warriors to the hall the Shambasa Religion owned and had all of the sages, including the head sage, arrested. At first, their head sage protested against the charges and denied everything and that was when they tested out a new drink that Wolfenstine invented, which he called the Noitophturt. Using this on the head sage immediately produced result when he admitted to sending the Demon Extermination Squad the religion had under their command.


After that, Lakshman declared the false beliefs the Shambasa Religion had been spreading, which shocked the entire kingdom. The religion soon became hated within the kingdom and their very image was ripped up and destroyed by the enraged populace of the kingdom.


A while later, Lakshman sent a squad of Phintex Knights to the three kingdoms with a letter that, in no subtle tone, demanded the kingdom to immediately take down the Shambasa Religion and if they supported them, he would wage a full scale war on them as enemies of false beliefs. Fearing trouble and knowing how powerful he was, the three kingdoms immediately obeyed the letters and told the populace exactly what he wanted them to say.


Very soon, Shambasa Religion, which was one known as a brilliant religion, quickly became the hated religion. However, its fall gave birth to several new religions that Lakshman was keeping a watchful eye over. These religions sang a different tune to the Shambasa Religion, preaching peace and peace of mind. He let them do whatever they want for now, but if anything happened in the future, he clearly told them he would do the same thing he did to the Shambasa Religion, which they quickly understood.


A week after all the trouble was blown over them, Lakshman was at his house in the living room. He was leaning his back against the comfortable char he was sitting on as he contemplated on his actions so far. He was soon joined by Venezuela as the other girls were out shopping for food supplies and to buy new clothes.


Venezuela sat beside him and smiled as she said, “You really took down the Shambasa Religion. Well done!”


“Thanks, but tell me… Why couldn’t you take it down? You’re the queen of the kingdom, right?” he asked her curiously.


She chuckled and said, “I am, but most people didn’t take my word that seriously. I had to get Felix to do most of the things because of their stupid attitude towards me.”


“It’s because they treated you like a woman instead of a queen,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding. He looked irritated as he said, “Damn nobles… They will never learn their lesson. I’ll have to have a person word with them later.”


“Right,” Vena said and she smiled as she leaned on his shoulder. “So, what’s your next objective?”


“My next objective…?” Lakshman asked slowly. Then, he slowly nodded and said, “My next objective is to take down Slavemancer and get Dominic married with Shalany. That is what I must focus on doing now.”


“Well then… I will support you fully,” she said as she closed her eyes.


He nodded without saying anything. As she rested by leaning on him, he leaned back and stared up at the ceiling. The Slavemancer was a tough opponent, who has bother support, wealth, authority and power to control the people of society. However, Lakshman began to felt excitement surging within him as he prepared for his final battle against the king of slavery.


“Get ready, Slavemancer…! I will take you down…!” he thought firmly and he smiled as he closed his eyes to rest.

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