Kidnapped Love



“All of you, listen carefully to my instructions,” Felix said quietly and they listened intently. “Wait on my command as I and Dominic provoke the enemy. We will draw the most of them out, while the rest of you infiltrate the mansion. Got that?”


“Yes, sir,” his clansmen said with a nod of their head.


“There had been vague rumours about an underground cellar existing in this mansion. Please do make sure to check that out the rumours were true,” Dominic said and Felix agreed with a nod in his direction.


“Right. Let’s go!” Felix said and the two of them exited the forest.


They appeared several meters away from the mansion and they slowly walked towards it while looking casual. Dominic was only pretending while, deep down, he was surprised by how casual Felix appeared. It seemed that he wanted to give the enemy full time to prepare themselves to face them. It did not matter to him since they are on a mission and he was just doing his part for his group.


It had been several seconds since they appeared and they covered quite the distance to the mansion. There were guards on the top of the mansion balcony as they looked ahead when, to their surprise, they spotted Felix and Dominic walking towards them. They could not clearly see who it was from this distance, but it immediately became clear it was an enemy.


“Sound the alarm! It’s an enemy attack!” the guard turned around and shouted at the unseen people behind them.


Very soon, the entire mansion became alert as the guards on the balcony arrived with spears in their hands. Both Felix and Dominic observed as each spear was charged up with energy and they began hurling the spears at them. After launching the spears at them, they turned around to pick up more from wherever they were stored.


As a rain of spears filled the sky and soared straight towards them, Felix and Dominic formed a small smiles on their faces. They began dodging each of the spear and pulled out their respective weapon to destroy the spears in mid-flight; the Legendary Sword of Justice by Felix and Destiny Sword by Dominic. As they finished destroying the current spears, they saw another rain of spears heading towards them.


Felix immediately aimed his sword towards them and shouted, “Blade of Justice!”


In an instant, his sword began covered in a bright glow of red light and it quickly extended to great length. As it stretched ahead, he swung the sword and in doing so, he easily destroyed all the raining spears. Dominic took the opportunity to activate his Destiny Sword as he aimed up at the balcony where the enemy spearmen were.


“Raining Blades!” he shouted and he winked before saying, “in honour of your raining spears.”


Several large magical circles appeared in front of him and numerous swords flew out of them until there were a mass of them. They soared through the air and flew straight at the enemy warrior before piercing them in the arm. Chest and head. With them down, Dominic spun his sword several times in his hand before folding his arms and resting it on his left arm.


Just then, the door to the mansion, burst open and a wave of warriors charged forward while yelling loudly. Felix and Dominic watched in astonishment as warriors just kept coming out of the mansion. It seemed that everyone had been home at the time of their attack, which caused Felix and Dominic to exchange meaningful looks before smiling at each other.


“Well…! There’s no helping it!” Felix said.




They both roared with power as they surged with energy that surrounded them with their respective Elemental Glow. With energy surging from within, they both transformed at almost the same time their respective forms; Felix transformed into his Phoenix Mode, which made him have red hair and red eyes while Dominic transformed into his Ruler of Swords form with spiky black hair and strange shaped eyes.


“Dominic, you take the left half and I’ll take the right half!” Felix said as he surged with strong power.


“Okay!” Dominic replied firmly as he radiated in golden aura. He raised his sword in the air and said, “Dividing Blade!”


In an instant, his blade extended high into the air in a flash of light and he brought it down forcefully. The enemies saw it coming and they immediately split, just in time as it slammed to separate both sides.


“Ah! We’re cut off from each other!” one man shouted in shock.


“How do we cut this thing?!” some shouted as they attempted to cut the blade of light, but it did not breaK.


The beast man, who was leading the charge, had been cut off and he ended up on the right side. He looked toward his separated force of men before giving them orders.


“There’s no helping it,” he said irritably. “You lot, attack the guy in your side while we got the one on our side! Failure is not forgiven! Remember that!”


“Yes, sir!” the men replied and the two separated forces began running towards their side of the opponents.


On left side, which was where Felix stood, they reached him and began attacking him in close combat battle. They were truly strong and like he guessed, they were all wearing the Amplification Rods on each of their arms. It angered him for a moment before he smiled as he continued dodging their every movie, which was numerous.


“Stand and fight your coward!” one of the men shouted at him angrily.


“As you wish!” Felix said gladly and he stopped running to stab his sword into the man’s chest.


“Severing Slash!” Felix shouted and the blade suddenly extended forward to stab several more directly in front of them.


He pulled out his sword and swung around to cut down the people behind him as they surrounded him. As he cut down enemy after enemy, the enemy warriors retaliated by gathering their magic attacks and firing it at him.


“Stone Bullet!”


“Web Rocket!”


“Thunder Blast!”


“Iron Shot!”


“Mud Strike!”


Felix saw the attacked soaring towards him and with the support from the Legendary Sword of Justice, his speed monetarily increased and he began destroying each of the attack before it hit him. Infuriated by the failure of his men at attacking Felix, the beast man decided it was time for him to personally attack him.


“Beast Claw!” he shouted and his claws began to shine brightly as they were charged with lethal killing energy.


“Beast Force!” he shouted and his aura exploded all around as it raged with power.


“Beast Crusher!” he screamed before letting out a monstrous roar as he transformed into his beast form.


With his ready to attack, he charged forward towards Felix while screaming “Get out of my way!”


Felix was fighting of numerous attackers as they used their swords to try and attack him, but his increased speed gave him the edge in retaliation before they realised what had happened. Just then, he sensed lethal energy charging towards him from behind and he turned around to see the beast roar as it charged down the path towards him while blasting its comrades out of its way. He jumped out of the way and avoided being rammed by the brute beast.


The beast stopped and turned around as it let out another beastly roar before charging towards him once more. Felix landed and turned around with his narrowed as he stared at the charging beast. He nodded once and his sword began to glow brightly in red colour with power. He knew the beast was the strongest out of all the warriors’ surrounding him and it made him feel the urge to kill it even more.


“UUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” he screamed as he charged towards the raging beast.


The beast and the Phoenix Emperor roared with power as they charged towards each other, causing the attacking men to stand back to watch. Once they were near each other, they leapt into the air at each other and attached each other; the beast attacked with its claws and he attacked while Felix attacked with his sword as he shouted a technique out loud.


“Slicing Justice!”


There was a momentary flash of movement and two dived past each other to land once again on the ground. Felix suddenly groaned in pain and knelt down by his cut shoulders, which were bleeding profusely along with the numerous wounds he received earlier from fighting the warriors. The beast turned around and began to roar with laughter in a beastly way. Felix was breathing a little quickly, but he quickly formed a smile on his face as he knelt there on the ground.




The beast stopped roaring with laughter and its eyes widened in shock as it felt intense pain all around its body. In an instant, several deep cuts appeared on its beastly body and blood erupted out of it at great quantities as it roared one last time before collapsing on the ground. It lay there on the ground, dead with its men standing around and watching with horrified expressions on their faces.


“Now then…!” Felix began as he slowly rose to his feet. “Time to eradicate all of you bastards from existence. Power Mode!”


In an instant, his entire body erupted in flames and seemed to consume him for a moment. Then, the flames died out and revealed red lines on his face going up and down from his eyes. His hair standing up as if it had been hit with static electricity while the innards of his eyes turned black while his eyes were red. The men were taken aback at the sudden change in his appearance and they sensed the great increase in his power.


Felix moved and he instantly cut down six men in a flash and he stabbed the sword down on the ground. He spun around and gathered energy into the palm of his hands and fired them at each of the attackers. While swirling around, he kept firing the balls of energy at them, which touched them, but did nothing else. For a moment, the men thought the technique had failed when they saw the crazy expression on Felix’s face as he finished firing the balls of energy at them.


As a wide grin formed on his face, he said, “Phoenix Death Charge!”


He clicked his fingers and in an instant, the balls of energy suddenly glowed brightly red. The red balls suddenly expanded and swallowed the person it was attached to before locking them in a large red ball. The next instant, all of men inside their sealed balls began screaming in agony as lightning shocking the people inside. As they screamed in pain, their bodies began swelling up to become very large until they finally exploded. The exploded blood smeared on the red ball and hid the gruesome details of their death from view.


“Nicely done, but I think you should start with that from the start,” said the Legendary Sword of Justice, Justina’s voice in Felix’s mind.


He was breathing a little quickly, but once he deactivated Power Mode and returned to normal, his breathing became easy.


Felix sighed and thought, “Don’t be ridiculous, Justina. I can only use that technique in Power Mode because the technique requires lethal force and a strong desire to kill, which can only be activated in Power Mode because it enables me to feel strongly about things. That’s why, I don’t normally go into Power Mode due to how powerful that technique is due to the amount of pressure it required from me.”


He clicked his fingers as he said, “Inferno Bruner!”


In an instant, all the red balls became engulfed in flames and they slowly melted until there was only a black soggy remains on the ground. Those were the testament of the numerous people his technique had killed and he felt no remorse for killing them due to their nature of being evil.


“Should we get going now?” asked Dominic, who had finished is battle and headed over to him.


“Yeah!” Felix said and he turned to face him.


That was when he noticed something strange behind Dominic and he looked over to see what it was. To his shock, he saw numerous warriors lying dead on the ground with multiple swords piercing through their bodies. Many of them had expressions of horror on their faces while others had their heads missing from their bleeding necks.


“Ugh…!” Felix groaned when he saw the bloody sight. “That’s nasty! You really took the definition of brutality to another level.”


“I didn’t really intent to kill them because I thought I should give them a chance to change, so I used my swords to stab into their legs to stop their movement. Idiots didn’t give up and roaring with rage, they tried to attack me, but I still wanted to let them life following the same principles of Lakshman. So, I used Storm Blades to try and frighten them into submission, but that failed as well. I’ve already given them their chance to survive and change. So, I quickly finished them by using Strike Blades on all of them. It’s their fault because their justice to life failed them and ended up costing them their lives.”


Dominic explained in a calm voice and Felix nodded without saying anything before they left the bloody battleground to go into the mansion. The Phoenix Clan warriors have already entered the mansion and they seemed to have had a fighting on their hands as well. Bodies lay everywhere with the ground and walls showing signs of battle and destruction. Felix and Dominic eyed the dead before turning to see a Phoenix Clan member arrive to see them.


“Sir! We found an underground cellar with many slaves being kept there,” he said to them.


“I thought so,” Dominic said grimly and he clenched his fits in anger.


“How are they doing?” Felix asked quickly with narrowed eyes.


The man immediately replied by saying, “Their health is in critical condition and required immediate medical attention, but we are doing what we can to make them last until we return to the kingdom.”


“Okay. I’ll leave you to it,” Felix said and the man bowed before returning to the stairs leading underground.


“That bastard…! So, he really is a loathsome arrogant man that must be punished! Now, I can understand why Lucky made us attack the mansion right now,” Felix said grimly.


Just then, they heard a voice echoing through the mansion and they immediately recognised it belonging to the Slavemancer.


“You have done well to take care of my welcoming party, so why don’t you come up and greet me?”


Felix and Dominic looked at each other before nodding in agreement and together, they climbed the stairs leading to the second floor. As they arrived at the floor, they noticed the right side where there were more stairs leading to the top, which they remembered was the open space they all stood during the Slavemancer’s party, which reminds them that they did not see the open space earlier.


Ignoring the question about why it was no longer attached to the mansion side, they continued to climb more stairs that led them to the third floor. They arrived to find a lone door in the centre and they came closer, they heard Slavemancer’s voice speak again.


“Come in. I am expecting you.”


The voice was cool and calm without a hint of fear or hesitation. The two of them stopped outside the door and looked at each other. They held their weapons at the ready and with a nod at each other, Felix turned the knob and opened the door. They expected a rain of attacks being fired at them, but none of the expected happened and they safely entered the room. The room was large and well decorated with the prized possessions of the Slavemancer.


“I’m glad only the two of you came, otherwise I would’ve found it hard to face a huge crowd with the way I look,” said the voice of the Slavemancer from within the room.


Felix and Dominic turned to see the Slavemancer was sitting in a comfortable looking chair several meters away from them and they were suddenly hit with shock when they saw that he was not alone. Sitting on the arm of his chair with his hand over her shoulder was the princess of Rodfox Kingdom, Shalany Jagabadasen. She was loking nervously between them and the Slavemancer, who sat looking at them with a cool expression on his face.


“W-What…? Shalany?” Dominic asked and he looked stricken for a moment at suddenly seeing her sitting beside the man they came to defeat. “W-What are you doing here?”


“I…” she began hesitantly, but a pressure on her shoulder from the Slavemancer’s hand caused her to stop.


“You know, invited her over for some tea to talk more about each other. After all, we are fiancés and I felt we should get to know each other better,” the Slavemancer said with a sweet smile on his face. “However, you idiots came barging in and caused quite the ruckus. I clearly told my men to take you down with force, but it looks like I hired weaklings. I even gave them the Amplification Rods to boost their power and they still lost to the likes of you, even though I spent quite an amount inventing it.”


“You invented it?!” Felix asked in disbelief.


Slavemancer nodded and said, “I wondered how I could use my powers to defeat the Phoenix Clan and Dragon clan if I ever become their enemies in the future. That led to me thinking that perhaps my control magic might not work, so I would require brute force to defeat you all. So, I invented the Amplification Rods and gave them out to people I trusted would use it to my benefit.


Later, when that idiot king Bernard IV Sargold was getting annoying, I wanted to scare him by killing his daughter, Venezuela Sargold. However, that plan failed when the nobles I trusted the job to went and screwed it up big time and ended up being punished by you. Luckily, I had used my control magic on them and a memory replacement spell that placed all the blame slowly on them without anyone ever suspecting me.”


“You tried to kill Venezuela…?” Felix asked and he looked shocked. Then the Slavemancer nodded, Felix clenched his fist angrily and said, “Wait till Lakshman hears of this! He will kill you!”


“I’m sure he will, but I have bone to pick with the Sword Titan over there!” the Slavemancer said and he suddenly became angry. “You have a lot of nerve loving the girl whom I will be marrying soon.”


“Huh? What?!” Dominic asked in disbelief, shocked that the Slavemancer knew about his relationship with Shalany.


“Yes… I’m aware of your relationship with Shalany. She revealed it to me during tea and would you believe it if I said that I wanted to push her the usual slavery style?” the Slavemancer asked and he suddenly looked furious. “Fortunately, you came and I decided to handle this matter with you right here.


You know, I am well aware the Phoenix Titan called for a meeting with the four kings to discuss handling my matter and I knew they will agree. He is a powerful king who abolished the slavery in his own kingdom and fought off an army of attackers as well.”


“You knew and yet… you did nothing to stop it?” Felix asked and he stared at him disbelief.


“I tried to stop them, but several of your Phintex Rajas arrived and quickly warped the king out of there. I knew immediately the four kingdoms will agree with whatever Lakshman Chand has to say. That’s why, I chose to use my future wife as a bargaining chip to get the Sword Titan to join my side!”


Felix narrowed his eyes sharply while Dominic exclaimed, “What?!”


The Slavemancer held his hand out and asked, “Join me, Dominic Rutherford. I will ensure that you do see your love come true after I marry and become king of Rodfox Kingdom. After achieving my goals, I will let you and Shalany get together again and I promise I will never bother you ever again.”


In anger, Dominic activated the Destiny Sword that he wielded with his right hand. In an instant, the room was full of swords and they were all hovering in mid-air as they pointed their bladed edges towards where the Slavemancer stood. Shalany squealed in surprise at seeing so many swords within the room as they dangerous hovered to strike at their enemy.


“I will never join the side of evil!” Dominic shouted at him in a firm voice.


The Slavemancer smiled when, all of a sudden, he rose to his feet and held Shalany by his side with his finger pointed straight at the side of her forehead.


“Ah!” Shalany cried out in fear with the Slavemancer holding her hostage.


Felix looked angrily at them as Dominic shouted, “Leave her out of this, fool! This is between you and me!”


“Yes, but unfortunately, I hold her hostage. Now, will you dare to kill me while killing her at the same time?” the Slavemancer asked as he sneered at him.


He was surprised when Dominic suddenly smiled and said, “You won’t do anything to her, idiot. You need her so that you can take over the Rodfox Kingdom and become its ruler! That’s the whole point of you doing all this in the first place! Besides,” Dominic said slowly and he gestured at all the swords hovering in the air, “these are Targeted Blades and they only hit those whom I specifically target! Unfortunately for you, you’re their target!”


“Oh dear…! That is a problem,” the Slavemancer said and he suddenly chuckled, much to their surprise. “Looks like my justice wasn’t strong enough to save me… Oh well. Flash Flare!”


In an instant, there was blinding light within the room and it caused both Felix and Dominic to cover their eyes for dear life. While being blinded their heard the Slavemancer speak in a hearty voice.


“Now then, I will take my leave and bring my future wife along with me. So, I’ll be seeing you later!”


“No! Dom, help me!” Shalany cried out desperately.


Dominic became very angry and he shouted, “Strike!”


In an instant, all of his Targeted Swords flew forward towards where the Slavemancer and Shalany stood. Dominic heard a clashing sound as his swords struck each other. As the flash of light slowly faded, they were able to see clearly again and they were shocked to see the Slavemancer and Shalany had disappeared. The struck swords disappeared into particles of light as Dominic took tentative steps forward with a horrified expression on his face.


“No… No…! No…! No…! NO!!!” Dominic said slowly before screaming, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”


In an instant, he began surging with power and it began to blow the wind wildly. The power began to go out of control as his rage over took his reason as he continued screaming. The roof of the mansion began to tear away until it was finally flew away before splitting up into pieces as it could not withstand the sheer force of Dominic’s power. Large cracks began appearing on the floor and the mansion threated to collapse.


“Dominic! Stop! That’s enough!” Felix shouted as loud as he can as he fought against the strong forces of wind as the energy flowed around wildly within the room.


The power slowly began to calm down and the forces of wind relaxed. The room they were in was totally destroyed with the bed, possessions and all valuables crushed into pieces by the raging power from moment earlier. Dominic’s rage subsided, but his emotions were not and as he fell on his knees, he freely cried while letting out a hurtful voice.


Felix reached him and as he patted his back, he firmly said, “Stop it! Stop crying like a little baby that’s lost its toy! It doesn’t suit a warrior with great power like you…!”


Dominic’s crying subsided, but his eyes were red and he wore a miserable expression on his face. Felix was also upset at finding himself helpless when the Slavekmancer used a Transport Magic Spell to escape from the mansion. It made him feel even angrier at the thought that he failed to stop him from taking Shalany as hostage.


“Phintex Raja!” he shouted and a Phintex Raja appeared kneeling in front of him. “Return to Floria Kingdom and inform Lakshman what happened here! Hurry!”


“Yes, my master!” the Phintex Raja said and he warped out of there in a swirling movement.


Meanwhile, in the castle of Floria Kingdom, Lakshman was walking out of the conference room while talking to the other three kings of their respective kingdoms; Temba Trigard of Mardana Kingdom, Roland Fro Hantom of Ashtra Kingdom and Ragavendra Jagabadasen of Rodfox Kingdom. They were all looking very pleased with each other, which was obvious as Lakshman won his case with them through several minutes of debating the advantages and disadvantages of such decisions.


“I trust you all will do your part in making it possible to turn this era into a peaceful one?” Lakshman asked them as they arrived outside with their delegation that greeted them.


“Of course, Lakshman. You went through the trouble of outlining everything that would put everyone on an equal footing, so it is only natural that we do our best to achieve it,” Roland said as he nodded at him.


“No worries!” Temba said and he winked at him.


“I will do my best, but the Slavemancer…?” Ragavendra asked nervously.


“You told me he attempted to stop you earlier and he sealed himself as the enemy of all the kingdoms! I will make sure he will get hurt badly, so please be at ease,” Lakshman told him and Ragavendra breathed a sigh of relief.


Lakshman turned to the waiting Phintex Rajas and said, “Take them back safely.”


“Understood, master,” they said with a bow.


After biding them farewell, Lakshman returned to the courtyard and waited to see if Felix, Dominic and the Phoenix Clan members returned yet. Seeing no one there, he sighed and sat down on a bench to wait since he no longer had anything to do for the day. He was quite pleased the other kings came to agree with him about the abolishing slavery and he did promise them he would take down the Slavemancer, whom they feared would cause them great harm.


“Oh well. I’ve already planned on taking him down anyway, so it’s not much of a problem,” He muttered before smiling.


Just then, he sensed something approaching and a moment later, a Phintex Raja warped into the courtyard. Lakshman quickly rose to his feet as the Phintex Raja immediately knelt down in front of him.


“How goes the attack on the mansion?” Lakshman asked him immediately.


“Sir! The attack had been successful! We defeated all enemies within the boundaries and have taken and found slaves being held down in the underground cellars,” the Phintex Raja reported to him.


“I see,” Lakshman said slowly as he understood the details. He clenched his fists as he said, “Damn… I suspected as much! Anything else to report?”


“Yes, sir,” the Phintex Raja said and he reported to him what happened between Felix, Dominic and the Slavemancer.


“What? Shalany was kidnapped?” Lakshman asked in disbelief and the Phintex Raja nodded. “I see… I guess he realised he stood at a disadvantage with the Phoenix Emperor and the Sword Titan, especially when the Phoenix Emperor is protected by the power of the Destiny Sword. Very well. You did well in reporting me this.”


“It is part of my job, sir,” the Phintex Raja said and Lakshman nodded in agreement.


“Shalany’s been kidnapped, which means the Slavemancer will be marrying her very soon. This isn’t good…! I have to quickly find her before it is too late! Otherwise, Rodfox Kingdom will fall in his hands and he will use the power of his Demon Eyes: Controller to take over all of the people in the kingdom,” Lakshman thought as he contemplated the worse that could happen.


Not wanting that to happen, he knew the right choice then was to save Shalany from him. He transformed into the Phoenix Titan and using the Phoenix Eyes, he activated World Sensor. He concentrated on finding Shalany’s life signal, but minutes passed without any result. Realising she must be hidden by some sort of powerful barrier that countered his power, he summoned the Eternal Phoenix, Phylex.


“Did you need me for something, master?” Phylex telepathically asked him curiously when he saw his master’s worried expression on his face.


“Yes. I want you to try and locate the location of a certain person called Shalany Jagabadasen. It’s urgent! Can you locate her?” Lakshman asked his familiar.


Phylex became silent for a moment as he raised his head high into the air to sense the life signal of the person specified to him. Lakshman knew the magic invoked by humans is quite different to the magic invoked by a magical creature, especially one like the Eternal Phoenix. So, although he failed in locating her himself, he was confident that Phylex can locate her with ease.


A few minutes later, Phylex looked back down at his master and telepathically said, “I have found her, master. She seems to be at a location that is quite far from here.”


“That’s good. I want you to take me there right now!” Lakshman ordered him and Phylex sat its body down for him to get on.


Before he could get on, Lakshman turned to the Phintex Raja and said, “Return to the Phoenix Emperor so that he will need you for anything urgent.”


“Understood,” the Phintex Raja said and he warped out of there.


Once he was gone, Lakshman said, “Phintex Raja!”


Another Phintex Raja appeared at his command he spoke to him by saying, “I want you to go to my home and bring all of my wives here. Tell them everything that’s happened and tell them to wait for me to return with Shalany.”


“Yes, master,” the Phintex Raja said and he warped out of there.


“Right…!” Lakshman said he was helped onto Phylex’s back and once he was firmly sitting on the Eternal Phoenix’s back, he said, “Let’s go, Phylex!”


“At once!” Phylex replied telepathically.


He beat his wings firmly and rose into the air and hovered there for a moment to get himself properly airborne. Then, with a powerful force, he blasted away into the distance and headed towards where he sensed Shalany’s life signal. Lakshman held onto his back with a serious expression on his face as he raced to her rescue.

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