Lakshman vs. Slavemancer



Lakshman rode on the Eternal Phoenix’s back as they soared in the direction towards the rescue of Shalany, who was kidnapped by the Slavemancer. She was kidnapped during the raid on the mansion in which the Slavemancer lived and as it turned out, he had been prepared to kidnap her with plans to marry her and become king of Rodfox Kingdom.


He knew that if he did not make it in time, more than kingdom will end up going up in flames; the heart of two lovers. Shalany happens to be the lover of the Sword Titan, Dominic Rutherford and the two of them had shared mutual love for two years. Now, it was Lakshman’s job as both friend and ally to save her from the fiendish hands of the Slavemancer.


“How far are we, Phylex?” Lakshman asked in a loud voice as they whooshed past several villages down below.


“We are about to cross the border of the kingdom, master,” Phylex telepathically informed him.


“Pick up the speed! We don’t have time to lose!” Lakshman shouted in a frustrated voice.


“Then, hold on, master,” Phylex replied softly. “Phoenix Rocket!”


In an instant, Lakshman fell face first into the soft fur of the Eternal Phoenix surged with power. The next second, its entire became covered in flames and it rocketed towards their destination at an incredible speed. It was moving so fast, Lakshman had to lay flat on its back in fear of being blown away by the powerful winds.


“THIS IS FAST!!!” Lakshman bellowed at the top of his voice as he closed his eyes and held on for dear life.


Within a matter of minutes, the Eternal Phoenix slowed down and Lakshman finally sat upright again while looking surprised. He had never in his life experienced the kind of ride he just had while sitting on the back of the Eternal Phoenix. Just then, he leaned over the side and looked down to see they had arrived in familiar lands.


“So…! They still are in Rodfox Kingdom!” he shouted as his guess had been correct.


“Yes and we will be arriving shortly,” Phylex informed him telepathically. Several seconds later, he telepathically said, “There it is, master.”


Lakshman rose to his feet and stood firmly on the Eternal Phoenix’s back while the wind blowed hard against him. Just then, Phylex cast a magic barrier over himself to protect Lakshman from the wind as he looked towards their destination. Lakshman was surprised when he saw a large dark fortress kilometres away from them, which gave off a sinister feeling as he concentrated on it. As they neared it, he sensed that a powerful barrier was set up and it made sense to him because it stopped him from sensing Shalany’s life signal.


“Now, what would you have me do, master?”


“Keep flying around while I launch my attacks on them.”


“You’re going to bring down that fortress?”


“No. My plan is to cause a distraction!”


Lakshman raised his hand into the air and shouted, “Air Strike Cannon!”


Several magic circles began appearing all around the fortress and they began to rotate faster and faster while the glow slightly became brighter each time the magic circle went faster. While, at the same time, the guards down on the fortress top saw the flying bird in the sky and they began alerting the occupants of the fortress.


“They have been alerted of our presence.”


Lakshman cursed and said, “No worries since this will rattle them. Attack!”


With the command spoken, the magic circles gathered large balls of energy in the centre of their magic circle and launched them in a large beam cannon. The attack soared down and slammed on the ground near the fortress, causing a similar to an earthquake sensation to the occupants inside the fortress.


“I hope Shalany forgives me if I make her sick from this,” Lakshman muttered as he saw the ground getting destroyed all around. “Right! Continue attacking till I say stop. Elemental Sight!”


All colours vanished and his sight got replaced by grey colours as he focused singularly on the fortress. To his surprise, the fortress appeared to be grey and the occupants were not shown, protected by the barrier that was still erected all around them.


“Damn! This barrier’s powerful enough to block Elemental Sight?!” Lakshman shouted angrily as he deactivated the spell. “Phylex, can you tell me the exact location of where Shalany is?”


Phylex looked down at the fortress and a few seconds later, he said, “She seems to be held up in centre of the fortress, master.”


“Right! Thanks!” Lakshman said. “Keep flying around and wait for my command.”




Lakshman nodded once and without pause or hesitation, he leaned over the side and fell of the Eternal Phoenix. He plummeted downward as he flew straight towards the bottom of the fortress while it was continued to be shaken violently from the several Air Strike Cannons. As he soared downward, he saw several warriors arrive at the rooftop and begin launching attacks at him.


He smiled and said, “Fools. Inferno Rocket!”


The moment he finished saying the technique name, his entire became engulfed in roaring flames. The next second, his speed dramatically increased and he hurtled towards the fortress like a rocket without anything there to stop it. The warriors continued firing whatever spell they could think off, but their attacks kept getting deflected away from the force of charge as he dived at an incredible speed.


“Coming down!” Lakshman shouted as he reached the rooftop of the fortress.


Without bothering to stop his flight, he continued down and lashed his fist out, smashing through the floor in the process. He continued smashing through several walls before finally reaching the bottom and before he could smash through the ground, he quickly deactivated the magic propelling him forward and brought his legs down to land heavily on the ground, causing dust to scatter everywhere.


As the dust slowly cleared, people came rushing down while demanding, “Who’s that?!”


“You’re enemy, idiot!” Lakshman said irritably and the dust got scattered as he whooshed forward.


There were two warriors standing in front of him with their weapons raised to attack him. They swung their swords to attack him, but he quickly dodged them and moved in to drive his fists into their stomachs. Then, he rose up slightly and clenched his fists before slamming them on either sides of their faces, blasting them out of the room, through several more walls and finally out of the fortress itself.


Lakshman continued moving forward as more attackers came charging towards him. He delivered a power punch to the first man in the gut, launched a powerful uppercut with his left and jumped into the air and turned around to whack the third guy across the face with his leg. All three were out cold from the attack and were sent in all three directions; the first guy went smashing into several more of his comrades, the second guy got sent up through the ceiling and the third guy went smashing into the walls on the side.


He kept moving forward through the men by taking each of them out with one or two blows while concentrating on knowing where Shalany was. After going through a lot of warriors on the ground floor, he sensed her several rooms away. So, he began smashing the walls down to reach her and she was startled when her room wall smashed down as Lakshman came out of the dust. He spotted her in the corner with her mouth gagged with her hands and feet tied up to stop her from moving anywhere.


“Are you okay?” Lakshman asked her once he managed to untie her.


“Y-Yes, but why are you here?” Shalany asked him while looking confused.


“I’ll answer that question later. More importantly…!”


He turned around and saw the men charging towards him, with him reacting quickly to strike back. The first guy to reach him got whacked in the face by Lakshman’s leg and he was sent flying into more of his comrades while more made their way towards him. They gathered energy and launched it at him, but he easily deflected them back at their users, burning them up in the process.


Lakshman suddenly sensed a dark energy closing in and recognising whose it was, he quickly went back to Shalany’s side and held her firmly with his right hand. He raised his left hand over his head just in time to see the Slavemancer arrive through the door with a furious look on his face.


“So…! It was you…!” he said angrily, glaring angrily at Lakshman.


“Surprised or did you think it was Dominic?” Lakshman asked him curiously.


“No, but I am highly surprised and angered that you came to take away what belongs to me!” the Slavemancer said furiously.


Lakshman clicked his tongue three time and said, “You’re wrong there… She doesn’t belong to you.”


With the raised hand, he fired a beam cannon out of his hand and made a hole in the roof.


“And she certainly isn’t staying either,” Lakshman finished before winking at him. He quickly said Shalany, “Hold on tight!”


Shalany hugged him tightly and with a surge of power, Lakshman rocketed up through the hole he made and soon flew out of the fortress.


“Phylex!” Lakshman shouted and he heard the loud sounds of heavy beating wings from behind as he soared through the sky, holding onto Shalany hugged him tightly.


The Slavemancer and his henchmen look on in amazement as he flew away before he turned to his henchmen and shouted, “What are you buffoons doing?! Go after them!”


“Ah…! Y-Yes, sir!” they shouted before blasting through the roof of the fortress without care.


Lakshman safely got Shalany on the Eternal Phoenix’s back and turned around to see men flying out of the fortress to follow after them.


“Air Strike Cannon! Your final mission: Destroy the fortress!” he shouted they headed away from there.


Receiving the orders, the several magic circles began spinning wildly before releasing a large beam cannon down at the fortress. With a heavy impact, the fortress was smashed into pieces and there was an explosion that completely destroyed the fortress right down to its foundations. As the dust slowly cleared, the Slavemancer is seen standing amongst the rubble while being protected by a barrier spell he quickly cast to protect himself from the resulting explosion. He looked around at the fortress that he once used as a secret base to do most of his operations from, now rubble because of one guy.


“UUUUURRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! That man is dead!!!” he screamed and he surged with power before he also rocketed after them.


The Eternal Phoenix flew quickly through the air with Shalany lying low on its back for dear life to stop herself from getting blown away by the strong wind. Lakshman constantly looked over his shoulders to see the men chasing after them relentlessly.


“Damn them…!” Lakshman said angrily. “They sure are persistent.”


Hearing that, Phylex telepathically began to say, “Phoenix—!”


“Hold on, Phylex! Shalany can’t handle that sort of pressure! Go the same speed as you are right now,” Lakshman told him firmly.


“But, master…! Those people are quickly catching up to us if we continue to travel at this speed,” Phylex telepathically told him in a worried voice.


“Fear not, because I’m here!” Lakshman said confidently. “I’m going to stop there here and make my stand against the Slavemancer, who I can sense is not far behind them! Meanwhile, you take Shalany back to Floria Kingdom and inform my wives and I won’t take no for an answer!”


Phylex took a moment before finally saying, “Very well… I will perform as you instructed.”


“Good!” Lakshman said and he turned to smile at Shalany before saying, “Make sure to calm Dom down because he’s crying like a baby, thinking you are gone forever.”


“S-Sure…” Shalany said slowly and she blinked at him in surprise.


“Alright! Go!” Lakshman said and he got off the Eternal Phoenix’s back to let it fly into the distance without him. “Now then… Time to these lot,” Lakshman said slowly as he turned around and he smiled as he spread his arms out on either side of him.


The flying men saw him get off the large phoenix bird and saw him turned around to spread his arms out.


“That guy’s trying to get in our way to stop us!”


“Should we fight?”


“No, idiot! Master will be furious with us if we let the girl leave our sight!”


“Yeah! Let’s fly around him!”


“Fly around him!”


As the men reached Lakshman, they suddenly spread and flew to either side of him. Lakshman, with his arms outstretched, held his head down with a shadow falling over his head. The men saw him making no move to stop them and they grinned, thinking he was afraid to stop them all at same time. Suddenly, all of them came to a stop as they slammed into something solid in mid-air, stunning them in the process.


A smile creped onto Lakshman’s face and he said, “Idiot…!”


He exerted the strength in his arms and brought his outstretched hands together in front of him. With each move, the men were suddenly being pushed against by something invisible, which they quickly realised was an invisible barrier. They tried punching it, but soon found out they were no match against the powerful barrier Lakshman was using to drag them through the air in front of them.


Finally and forcefully, he brought them together and slammed the hard into each other. With that done, Lakshman pulled both of his hands back and began gathered energy in the palm of his hands, which gradually formed into a large ball of blue light. The men clutched their heads, which they bumped when they hit each other, and turned to see the gathering energy in front of him.


With the energy gathered, Lakshman brought his hands forward and as he launched the attack, he shouted, “Positron Burst Cannon!”


The gathered energy was released in a large wave of destruction and it swept forward at incredible speed. The men watched in horror and they attempted to escape, but they were stuck in place by the barrier that Lakshman put around them. The wave of destruction swallowed them and incinerated them from existence in a matter of seconds with ease. Once the wave was done its job, Lakshman released the energy and let out a small breath before looking grim.


“Normally, I don’t kill, but I’m glad I killed you because you were rotten to the core!”


For a few seconds, he hovered there while contemplating on what he did, when he sensed the arrival of the Slavemancer. He was soaring towards him at great speed with a furious expression on his face while radiating in purple aura.


“Lakshman!!!” he shouted in a loud angry voice.


He suddenly increased his speed and rocketed forward, surprising Lakshman in the process and before he could do anything, the Slavemancer grabbed him by the face. With a forceful grab and push, he dived towards the ground while holding a firm grip over Lakshman’s face. When they reached the ground, the Slavemancer pushed Lakshman against the ground and began forming a deep groove in the ground, causing pain to Lakshman in the process.


“Where is shere?!” the Slavemancer demanded in a loud voice as he kept flying forward while keeping Lakshman grooving through the ground.


Lakshman struggled for a moment due to surprise before having had enough of being grooved to the ground.


“Get off my face!” Lakshman shouted angrily.


He used his right hand to knock against the Slavemancer’s hand and released the grip on his face. Then, pushing his hands behind him, he lifted his body almost vertically to deliver an uppercut with his leg against the Slavemancer’s chin, surprising him in the process. He followed through by landing a powerful blow on the Slavemancer’s chest with both of his legs, causing the Slavemancer to slow down in his flight.


Lakshman flipped through the air and landed back on his feet and saw the Slavemancer clutching the places where he was hit by him. Angered, he flew forward with a mad expression on his face and he lashed out a fist at Lakshman’s face, but it was quickly dodged. Lakshman had ducked to avoid the attack and he went back upward as he delivered an uppercut with his fist before slamming the Slavemancer on the side of the face with his left fist, but the Slavemancer quickly brought his fist forward and hit Lakshman in the face, pushed each other away from each other for several meters.


Lakshman and Slavemancer quickly landed and surged with energy before they charged towards each other. With a forceful slam against each other, the two of them began their battle against each other in earnest as they quickly pulled out all the punches on each other. The force of their battle sent wild winds in all directions and caused the ground to crack from the sheer pressure of their battle.


They had reached a certain height that made the nearest tallest mountain look small from their height. Then, the Slavemancer suddenly grabbed Lakshman’s face and slammed it hard against his own, causing Lakshman to get surprised as he soared back down. He was momentarily surprised, but he quickly recovered and spun in the air before landing back on his feet.


“Positron Cannon!” Lakshman shouted and he quickly gathered the energy before launching the beam cannon directly up at the Slavemancer.


The Slavemancer dodged the attack by flying away from it and charged his own attack as he shouted its name out loud.


“Dark Pulse Wave!”


He brought both of his hands forward with a black ball of energy gathered there and he launched the ball of energy down towards him. Lakshman saw the attacking coming and he charged his attack up and began firing energy blasts at the ball, which slowly began to pulsate darker and darker until it finally exploded before reaching him. As the dust covered the view, Lakshman soared up into the air and burst of the dust, surprising the Slavemancer in the process before elbowing him in the face and then, whacking him across the face with his fist.


The Slavemancer clutched the place his was face was hit with his right hand and he aimed at Lakshman with his left.


“Infinity Gravity!”


In an instant, Lakshman felt a powerful tug towards the ground where he hovered and he rocketed downward and landed heavily on the ground. The heavy gravity was intense and it threatened to squash him like a pancake tomato. Lakshman fought against the force of the intense gravity for a few seconds and then, firmly clenching his fists, he screamed as he surged with power.




With his power alone, he destroyed the magic that caused the gravity around him to become really intense. Once he was free of it, he raised his hand and pointed at the Slavemancer, hovering up in the air, before shouting the technique name.


“Heavy Led!”


In an instant, the Slavemancer’s body felt really heavy and he had difficulty moving his head. With the movement become heavy, his flight energy could not sustain his increased weight before he plummeted downward and smashing heavily on the ground. He groaned as he struggled to break free from the spell that was placed on him.


“Demon Boost!” he roared loudly.


In a burst of power, dark energy began getting released and that immediately deactivated the magic his body really heavy. He stood up and wiped the dust off his face to glare fiercely at Lakshman, who was smiling proudly.


“I’ll kill you…!” the Slavemancer shouted at him.


“The same goes for you!” Lakshman yelled at him.


The two of them roared with power and charged towards each other at high speed. They quickly covered the ground and smashed into each other at great speed. The force of impact sent the wind blowing in all directions at increased speed as the two warriors pushed their fists against each other. They quickly grabbed each other’s hands and began screaming as their surging energies and power overlapped each other, causing a great disturbance within the surrounding area.


A suddenly explosion of energy erupted between them and they were blasted backwards from each other. When they finally came to a stop, the two of them glared at each other furiously. The Slavemancer spat on the ground while looking angrily at Lakshman, who was looking back at him confidently.


“So… This is what it means to be fight a fully powered Phoenix Titan?” the Slavemancer asked curiously.


“Huh? Did you say something?” Lakshman asked him curiously because he missed what his opponent just said.


“I’m saying I’ll kill you once I power up!” the Slavemancer said angrily.


Lakshman looked surprised as the Slavemancer began to gather energy from within and scream as he surged with power.




There was a sudden burst of dark energy that surrounded the Slavemancer for a moment, causing Lakshman to immediately go on guard. As the light slowly faded, Lakshman was surprised to see the Slavemancer had buffed up with a well-developed body; rippling muscles, which even Lakshman had not attained due to his physique being slightly different to everyone, including his father, being the Phoenix Titan. The Slavemancer had his Demon Eyes: Controller active and Lakshman looked troubled as he sensed the sudden rise in his enemy’s power.


“It’s been a while…” the Slavemancer said reminiscently. Then, he turned to Lakshman and said, “Now…! Time to take you down!”


He disappeared in an instant and surprised Lakshman, before reappearing a second later in front of him. A powerful punch was delivered to Lakshman’s face, stunning him in the process and the Slavemancer quickly followed up with a power punch, which he delivered to Lakshman’s gut with his left fist. Stunned again from the second blow, Lakshman was then hit in the chest by the Slavemancer’s leg and it sent him flying high up into the air.


Unable to control himself from the stunning blows from earlier, the Slavemancer rocketed upward and appeared ahead of him before slamming him hard in the back and caused Lakshman to groan from the pain of the blow. The force of impact knocked him down and he rocketed downward without anything to stop him, when the Slavemancer suddenly activated a magic that did.


“Earth Strike!”


A small portion of the ground rose up below Lakshman and he slammed into his with it slamming hard into his gut. He groaned again from the pain, but the attack did not stop there.


“Earth Toss!”


With a suddenly forceful push from the risen ground, Lakshman’s limp body was tossed into the air and he blinked in surprise when he reached the height at which the Slavemancer was hovering at. The Slavemancer grinned him before activating his next technique.


“Dark Force Strike!”


He began radiating dark energy from his body and his muscles suddenly tightened up. Then, he began punching at Lakshman at such a speed that it looked like he was delivering more than a dozen punches in an instant. Lakshman’s body got riddled with powerful punches from the Slavemancer. After dealing various punches all over Lakshman’s body, he grabbed his leg and began swinging up around and around as he hovered in the air.


“Hurling Force!”


With a shout of the technique name, the Slavemancer began surrounded by dark energy and he swung Lakshman’s body down and released it. His body hurtled towards the ground at great speed before slamming hard, causing a giant explosion of dust to rise into the air. A few seconds later, the dust started to clear and showed a small concave in the ground and Lakshman laying, face down, in the middle of it.


Seeing his enemy lying down like this made the Slavemancer say, “Hmph! So, even the Phoenix Titan is no match for me in my powered up state? How boring and he held the air of a powerful warrior too! What a disappointment!”


Meanwhile, Lakshman lay on the ground for a moment before slowly moving his aching body. He slowly pushed him off the ground while breathing a little quickly before finally sitting on the ground. As his breathing eased up, he looked up at the sky where the Slavemancer hovered and he shrugged his shoulders with a sigh.


“So, that’s how strong he is in his powered up state?” Lakshman said before breathing deeply. He suddenly jumped to his feet and said, “Well…! Since he powered up, time I take this battle to the next level!”


He smiled for a moment before making a serious expression as he clenched his fists and gathered the energy from within. With a surge of power, he began radiating in golden-red aura as he began his transformation into his next form, the Phoenix Titan: Burst form. Then, as the power began rising to the surface, he began screaming at the top of his voice.




There was a flash of light and once it vanished, his slightly spiky hair suddenly became really spiky while his body was surrounded by small random bursts of lightning. The Slavemancer continued hovering in the sky and watched, in surprise, as Lakshman completed his second transformation.


“I didn’t know the Phoenix Titan had the power to go beyond the power he previously had. Now, he has spiky blonde hair and there is this strange lightning burst surrounding him body,” he said quietly with a serious expression on his face.


Lakshman breathed a long sigh with his eyes closed and remained like that for a moment. Once he reopened them, he looked up at the place the Slavemancer hovered high up in the sky. Lakshman raised his hand up above and aimed directly at his enemy as he activated a magic spell to hit him with.


“Stone Driver!”


Small pebbles and small rocks rose from the ground and quickly gathered to make large stone with a cone-shaped at the front, which was spiked. The cone-shaped area began to rotate violently at high speed as it threated to shred everything in sight. The Slavemancer watched in surprise as Lakshman launched the attack straight towards him and he quickly reacted by activating a firing a technique of his own at it.


“Aerial Cutter!”


In an instant, he sent a dozen slicing air towards the stone drill and cut it up into pieces, which exploded into mid-air. Lakshman nodded as he assessed his opponent’s skill and he activated his next magic technique against him.


“Air Strike Cannon!”


The moment he shouted the technique name, several magic circles appeared around the Slavemancer, much to his surprise. The magic circles began to circle and they became brighter before firing large beam cannon at him.




The moment he shouted his technique aloud, he brought his hands and knees closed to himself defensively. A powerful barrier formed around him and it did its best blocking against the powerful beam cannons as he held his position firmly before surging with energy and roaring with power. As he extended his arms and legs, the barrier expanded out and immediately swept towards the magic circles and destroyed them in the process. The Slavemancer looked down at the Phoenix Titan and dived towards him at high speed and quickly reached the ground.


“Urgh!” he screamed and he lashed out at his face, but Lakshman quickly dodged him and the attack ended up destroying the ground.


As dust exploded out, the Slavemancer continued his attack on as he swung his fists and legs in his direction, but Lakshman dodged each of them with little difficulty. Then, when he found an opportunity, he ducked below the Slavemancer’s body and delivered a power punch into his gut, causing the Slavemancer to widen his eyes momentarily before the Slavemancer grabbed Lakshman’s face and smashed it against his own. Quickly recovering from the attack, Lakshman swung both of his legs upward and slammed it hard into the Slavemancer’s face, releasing his face in the process.


Lakshman flipped through the air and landed back on his feet before charging forward to slam his elbow in the Slavemancer’s gut and then he quickly followed through by raising his fist up and slamming his face very hard. The impact force lifted him off his feet and set him hurtling backwards for several meters before he landed back on his feet, clutching his nose. As he brought his hand to his eyes, he was startled to see blood flowing out of it.


“Damn you…! Damn you!” he screamed in mad rage. “Earth Rush!”


He immediately activated his magic and the ground in front of him suddenly rose up vertically and rushed towards Lakshman, who immediately activated his magic in defence against it.


“Iron Blockade!”


In an instant, particles of light gathered in front of him to form a large iron wall of defence that did not let the earth to push it back towards its caster. With it holding its position firmly, Lakshman quickly moved forward and punched at the iron as he activated another magic spell.


“Iron Spikes!”


In an instant, he punched twice on the iron wall and two spikes from the point of impact extended out. They soared towards the surprised Slavemancer and pierced his shoulders, causing him to scream form the pain. The Slavemancer looked at the two iron spikes digging deep into his shoulder and he groaned as he moved his hands to grip them tightly. As he began surging with power, he lifted the iron spikes along with the entire iron wall in a display of great strength before bringing it back down forcefully on Lakshman.


Lakshman held his hand up and immediately grabbed the iron walls with his hands before griping it firmly with both of his hands. Then, in a display of his strength, he began swinging the iron wall and as he did, he lifted the Slavemancer off his feet. For a moment, the Slavemancer dangled in mid-air as he held onto the spikes stabbed into his shoulders before slamming heavily on the ground as Lakshman brought them down.


With their use over, the iron walls turned into particles of light and vanished as the dust slowly cleared from the point of impact. The Slavemancer is seen standing up with blood dripping from where his shoulders were pierced and he glared angrily at the Phoenix Titan. He suddenly let out an angry roar while being surrounded by a violet Elemental Glow before he charged towards him at high speed. Lakshman took a fighting stance and he surged with energy while radiating in golden-red aura before clashing fists against the Slavemancer.


The two warriors began fighting each other with at an incredible speed, which would have looked like flashing to normal eyes. While fighting at this speed, the two of them landed blows on each other’s bodies while doing their best defending and guarding; the Slavemancer landed several blows on Lakshman’s body while Lakshman also delivered several more blows towards the Slavemancer.


The Slavemancer lashed out his leg at Lakshman, but he quickly avoided it by raising his legs into the air and dodging it before lashing his leg out at the Slavemancer. Upon contact, the Slavemancer groaned and was pushed back, but he quickly grabbed onto Lakshman’s foot and slammed him onto the ground. Lakshman immediately reacted and flipped his body upward and pulled the Slavemancer before slamming down on the ground.


Before the Slavemancer could recover, Lakshman quickly moved forward and slammed his knees into his opponent’s gut, causing the Slavemancer to spew blood out. The Slavemancer gritted his teeth and using his energy, he sat upright to catch Lakshman’s legs, but was surprised to see them gone. Lakshman saw his move and he quickly jumped into the air to avoid it before flipping in the air and grabbing the Slavemancer’s legs in the process.


Once he landed back on his feet, Lakshman lifted the Slavemancer into the air slammed him slammed him hard into the ground and he continued doing this several more times before tossing him high into the air. The Slavemancer wearily floated up into the air before recovering and stopping his free flight into the air.


He scream in rage and shouted, “Ah! Why…?! Why am I taking more damage than you?!”


“It’s possibly because all the negative you committed has come back to haunt you!” Lakshman replied firmly. “Now, it’s time to pay up, Slavemancer. Surrender peacefully or perish.”


“Surrender?! Me?! Never!” the Slavemancer screamed and he quickly brought his hands together to gather energy for his attack.


Lakshman sighed and said, “I knew you’d say that. People like you always said the same time, regardless of how badly they are defeated. There’s only one way out for you: being destroyed at my hands!”


He quickly put his hands together and began gathering energy for his attack as he faced up at his opponent. It took each of them a few seconds to gather the necessary amount and once they were done, a large ball of energy gathered in their hands.


“Death Drive Cannon!” the Slavemancer shouted and he launched the black wave of energy down towards his opponent.


Lakshman aimed his attack upward and as he launched it, he shouted, “Solar Starburst Attack!”


His attack was released in a mighty blue wave of destruction as he soared up into the sky and headed towards the incoming black wave of destruction. The two waves soared toward each other and collided at centre point and for several seconds, a struggle ensued between the users of their respective energy attacks. The Slavemancer tried to push forward with his energy, but he was shocked when the energy attack from Lakshman began to push back towards him and it eventually swallowed him up.


An explosion resulted at the point where the Slavemancer was hovering moment before it and a great cloud spread from the explosion and it became hard to see everything. Lakshman held his hands at attack position and readied himself because he could feel that his enemy was still alive. Once the smoke cleared, it became clear that the Slavemancer was still alive, but quite badly wounded and he slowly descended from the sky to kneel on the ground.


“Please! Forgive me!” the Slavemancer suddenly said and he fell to his knees for forgiveness.


Lakshman’s eyebrows rose slightly in surprise and he asked, “You feel sorry and regret for everything you did?”


“Yes! I truly do! Please…! Spare me my life…!” the Slavemancer pleaded desperately.


“Well… I did say I will kill you, but… If you’re feeling regret, then I will believe it,” Lakshman said with a shrug of his shoulders.


He began walking towards the Slavemancer and once he was within reach, the Slavemancer slowly raised his body to look up at Lakshman, who was looking down at him with a merciful expression on his face.


The Slavemancer slowly smiled and said, “Thank you… But, no thanks!”


His smile widened into madness and so did the expression on his face and he immediately raised his right hand at Lakshman before launching the energy attack at him. The wave of energy seemed to swallow Lakshman whole before soaring away into the distance and exploding. For a moment, the Slavemancer felt triumphant to use this sneaky method to let the Phoenix Titan drop his guard long enough for him to launch a direct attack on him.


As the smoke cleared from the launch of the attack, the Slavemancer’s smile slowly faded and his jaw slowly opened in disbelief. Without him realising it, Lakshman had appeared to be standing right behind him and he had his leg raised before landing it hard on the Slavemancer’s body, slamming him heavily into the ground. Once he slammed the Slavemancer to the ground, Lakshman removed his leg off his back to stand firmly with his arms folded, an expression of utmost disgust on his face.


“I knew you were lying the moment you asked for forgiveness, you fool!” Lakshman said angrily to the ground stuck Slavemancer. “Did you take me for a fool? My power over Elemental Sense can detect more than people’s power level and their life signal! It’s capable of detecting when someone had spoken truth or lies while also detecting the unnatural energy flow all around me. You were a fool from the start to think your small trickery would’ve worked on me!”


The Slavemancer moaned softly as he lay on the ground from the shock of having been slammed into the ground hard from behind.


“Anyway…! Enough is enough! People like you will never learn, will never change and are a waste of existence!” Lakshman said with a deadly expression.


He unfolded his arms and began gathering energy, which became a large ball of energy in the palm of his hands. The Slavemancer quietly whimpered and cursed Lakshman from the bottom of his heart, but he could not muster the energy necessary to retaliate from the heavy slam to the ground.


At that moment, Lakshman widened his eyes when he suddenly sensed something strange. He sensed a greater power level within the area, but he had difficulty sensing its exact location. At first, he wondered if it belonged to a friend, but he never knew anyone with that sort of energy signature. The air soon became thick with tension as even the Elemental Spirits seemed to be afraid from the mere presence of this unknown being in the area.


Suddenly, Lakshman sensed a great level of increasing energy and he turned to his left. There, soaring straight towards him at an incredible speed, was a large energy wave of destruction. He widened his eyes in shock at the sheer size of it and he immediately realised he did not have the time to dodge it or create an energy barrier to protect himself. So, he quickly turned towards it and brought his hands in front of him and defended the best he could against it as it surged forward and slammed into him.


“AAAAAAHHH!!!” Lakshman screamed in pain from being slammed by such a powerful wave of destruction.


The dark wave of destruction pushed him back and carried him several meters before slamming him into the side of a mountain and exploding a moment later. The Slavemancer slowly opened his eyes and watched, in shock, as his enemy was suddenly taken to a far distant mountain by a powerful wave of energy that he certainly could not muster. Then, he heard a familiar voice speak from somewhere close to him and he slowly turned to immediately recognise who it was.


The man appearing before him has a slim build, similar to Lakshman’s, but he was wearing completely black clothes. He was around 175cm tall with deep black eyes and a pure spiky black hair. He was wearing a puzzled expression on his face as he spoke.


“My, my… I didn’t expect the mighty Phoenix Titan to be so easily overpowered by my attack like that.”


The Slavemancer looked up at this man and widened his eyes in shock, he said, “Calamity Titan!”

Author’s Note


Here is it people, the longest chapter that I’ve ever written in my life and it’s completely full of combat! I know I’ve read combat chapters as long as this in manga versions, but seriously…! This is my first time making my mind be really, really patient to detail out all the blows, techniques used and such to make this an awesome battle! I hope people will like it because it took several hours and a great amount of patience for me to write like this.


Here’s my question: Should I write the combat chapters like this? Should all of the future battles be like this?


Credits: I love this AMV because it inspired and motivated me into putting more effort into the fighting scenes.

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