Descending Calamity



Lakshman lay knocked against the mountain he got smashed into by the powerful wave of energy that was fired by an unknown person. He groaned before pushed himself to his feet and standing up straight, he saw someone radiating strange aura next to the collapsed form of the Slavemancer. He stretched his arms and legs to ease the slight pain in them began walking towards them.


He walked cautiously towards them as he was prepared to defend himself if the standing man decided to attack him again. However, the nearer he got to the stranger, the feeling of bloodlust began to surge within him. As his eyes narrowed, he sensed the standing man to be almost as strong as him.


“Ah. You’re okay after taking that much?” the man asked him in a loud carrying voice.


Lakshman narrowed his eyes suspiciously and once he was a several meters away, he stopped and spoke to the stranger.


“Who are you? Why did you attack me?”


The stranger made a strange expression on his face and he burst into laughter that had no humour in it. As Lakshman watched the man laugh, he felt his blood boil with rage and he suddenly felt a strong desire the kill the stranger. It surprised him because he had never felt such a strong urge to a living being before, except when they left him with no choice, but to end their life.


“I’m surprised you asked that question! It’s only natural that we try to eliminate each other being mortal enemies and all!” the stranger said finally after he calmed down a bit while still continuing to grin broadly.


“What?” Lakshman asked sharply. “What do you mean when you said we’re mortal enemies? In fact, why do I feel this strong urge to kill you even though I met you just now?”


The stranger widened his grin and said, “It is only natural the Phoenix Titan and the Calamity Titan fight to kill each other the moment they ever meet face to face!”


“What…? Calamity Titan?” Lakshman asked in disbelief. “You’re a titan? That’s impossible!”


Hearing that, the stranger roared with laughter and the Slavemancer angrily shouted, “You fool! Don’t you realise you’re talking to one of the greatest demons that ever existed in history? A demon that slept for over 8000 years and has finally awakened to grant my wish! He is the Calamity Titan!”


“That’s why I’m saying it’s impossible!” Lakshman said sharply as he stared at the stranger. “There are only nine titans in the world and they are labelled the Nine Pillars of Power!”


The stranger chuckled darkly and said, “Of course… The Nine Pillars of Power are indeed the titans known to man, but there was one that was never registered as part of them because he was above them all!” He grabbed a thumb at himself and said, “Me…! The Calamity Titan and you’re my mortal enemy, Phoenix Titan!”


“Why…? Why are we mortals enemies? I know nothing about you, except that you stopped me as I was about to finish off that bastard over there!” Lakshman shouted at him angrily and he pointed at the Slavemancer.


The Calamity Titan made a surprised expression on his face as he said, “Oh, really? You really don’t know our tragic bloody history? Ha…” Sighing deeply, he shook his head and said, “My, my… I didn’t expect the blow I gave you 8000 years ago is still affecting you!”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock. “What blow did you do? What did you do to me so long ago?”


The Calamity Titan grinned widely and folded his arms as he said, “I placed those seals on you, messed with the Phoenix Connection connecting your memories and did whatever I could to mess with the almighty Phoenix Blade to cut down her power! All in my attempts to weaken you the next time I woke up 8000 years later so I can finish you once and for all!”


Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock at what he heard and he slowly said, “What…? You… You did this to me…? You were the one that put those seals on me?! To cut down my true power?”


“Yes, I did!” the Calamity Titan admitted openly in a happy voice. “8000 years ago, I fought against the Phoenix Titan during the great racial war that followed the disappearance of Zekadraite Askajengret, the Emperor of the World! I fought the Phoenix Titan, but he was too strong and that’s when I used my dark powers to disrupt the Phoenix Connection, placed the Four Seals of Darkness on him and finally tampered with the power of the Phoenix Blade while he was distracted from what I did to him!


Even so, he beat me up so much that I needed 8000 years to recover from the damage I took form that battle! While I slept, I felt confident that I will have the upper hand the next time I awaken to face the new Phoenix Titan and this time, I will destroy whoever he is!”


Lakshman could not believe what he just heard and he narrowed his eyes sharply, gritted his teeth angrily and said, “You pulled such a dishonourable trick on me? Where’s your pride as a warrior?”


“I did it because I’m a warrior!” the Calamity Titan said as he grinned widely. “Achieving victory through any means necessary makes me the strongest out of all the Nine Pillars of Power! However… I awoke 100 years earlier than I intended by a selfish foolish boy who wanted the power to control people…”


He looked down at the badly beaten and wounded Slavemancer and snorted while the Slavemancer lay there while groaning unhappily.


“I gave you such a powerful eye, but you didn’t know how to use it properly! What a waste!” the Calamity Titan said disparagingly. “Now, return my eyes to me at once because you no longer need them anymore!”


“N-No!” the Slavemancer shouted as he attempted to resist.


“Resistance is futile!” the Calamity Titan said and he held his hand down towards him.


The Slavemancer let out a blood curling scream as his eyes were pulled out of their socket and turned into small ball of light that soared upward and fused into the Calamity Titan’s eyes. He closed his eyes for a moment and when he reopened them, the Demon Eyes: Controller were active. The Slavemancer crawled across the ground and grabbed the Calamity Titan’s leg as he begged him desperately while blinded.


“G-Give me back my eyes! Give them back!”


“They are my eyes and mine alone! Now, get off my feet!” the Calamity Titan said roughly and he kicked the Slavemancer across his side.


The Slavemancer cried out in pain and shock from the impact at his side before being blasted away. Lakshman turned and watch, in shock, as the Slavemancer soared several meters through the air before crashing landing to a dusty stop. There was no mercy with the way the Calamity Titan kicked him as the Slavemancer lay there dazed and shocked as blood slowly flowed down his face from the removed sockets where his eyes once were.


“Now… Where was I…?” the Calamity Titan asked as if he had done something as simple as swatting a fly.


Lakshman turned back to the Calamity Titan and asked, “You… Why did you do that to him? Aren’t you on the same side?”


The Calamity Titan waved his finger and said, “He awakened me to grant his wish to control people and in return, I acquired the source I needed to quickly recover my strength by absorbing on the negative energy of people. It was a give and take contract. The moment he became useless to me, that contract became nil and I no longer have any use with anymore, thus I took back what rightfully is mine.”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock and he asked, “You…! What is wrong with you…?”


The Calamity Titan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Young Phoenix Titan, you have much to grow and understand about the world. I will use those useful to me and for those that have no usefulness at all, I throw them along with trash they belong with! That’s the law of this world that we warriors must abide by!”


“Well, I don’t!” Lakshman shouted and as he clenched his fist slightly, he began surging with power.


The Calamity Titan grinned as he saw his enemy powering up and he said, “I can sense that you unsealed three of the four seal that I placed on you! Even so, you’re nothing compared to how powerful I am right now, despite only having fifty-percent of my true power!”


“I don’t care!” Lakshman bellowed and he kicked off the ground to rocket towards the Calamity Titan.


He quickly covered the distance separating him and the Calamity Titan before reaching his enemy. The Calamity Titan wore a wide grin on his face and he began to surge with power as he was surrounded by deep violet aura, a different kind of Elemental Glow to the known normal violet colour.


Lakshman soared forward and unleashed his fist forward and the Calamity Titan did the same with his fist. Their fists collided against each other with each warrior trying to push forward with a great surge of their own power. The collision of the powers sent a shockwave in all directions before an explosion occurred where the two of them clashed, pushing the warriors back.


The two warriors quickly recovered and began gathering large quantity of energy into their hands respectively. Lakshman used both of his hands to gather energy into the palm of his hand while the Calamity Titan gathered energy into the palm of his right hand. It took them a few seconds and once their techniques were ready, they unleashed the attacks in a powerful driving waves of destruction towards each other.


“Solar Starburst Cannon!” Lakshman shouted as he unleashed the energy in a blue wave of destruction.


“Dark Resonance Beam!” the Calamity Titan yelled as he unleashed the energy in a black wave of destruction.


Both waves of destruction drove a great groove on the ground as they soared straight at each other. When they made contact, there was a struggle of power between both waves of destruction as their respective user used their power to push forward without giving budging or giving in. For several seconds, the two waves of destruction fought to claim victory, but with no victory coming out of it, an explosion resulted in sending a powerful force of wind in all directions along with the debris from the destruction.


As the dust slowly covered the area, Lakshman and the Calamity Titan burst of the dust and soared towards each other; Lakshman wearing a serious expression on his face while the Calamity Titan wore a wide grin on his face. When the two of them clashed once more, the true fight began and it was a dramatic fight. Each blow they delivered towards each other sent shockwaves in all directions to destroy the small rocks and pebbles that littered the ground.


Lakshman slammed his fist hard into the Calamity Titan’s face while the Calamity Titan kneed him hard in the gut. Stunned from the sudden blow, Lakshman quickly brought both of his fists forward and slammed them against the jaw of the Calamity Titan. Before sailing away from the blow, Calamity Titan managed to deliver a powerful kick to Lakshman’s face and the two were blasted from each other with strong force. Lakshman quickly landed on his feet and he aimed his hand at the Calamity Titan as he activated a technique of his own.


“Iron Bullets!”


Magic particles began preparing around him and they soon took the form of small lethal looking iron objects. Then, with an exertion of his energy, he launched them straight towards the Calamity Titan, who saw them coming and he raised his hand towards the incoming objects.


“Force Control!”


In an instant, the objects stopped in mid-air and they appeared to be struggling to move forward. The Calamity Titan closed his hands and the objects got crushed in an instant. Lakshman was shocked when he saw the iron bullets turn into particles because he did no see how they were destroyed so easily.


The Calamity Titan aimed his hand towards him and with an exertion of his power, he raised his above him. In an instant, Lakshman felt himself being lifted upwards and he got lifted into the air forcefully and as the Calamity Titan brought his hand down, Lakshman soared back down to smash into the ground. The Calamity Titan’s grin widened and a crazy expression appeared on his face and began lifting his hand up and down, making Lakshman’s body soar upward and then plummet down to smash into the ground.


This occurred several times and Lakshman got very frustrated and confused as to how the Calamity Titan was controlling him from such a remote distance.


“Enough is enough!” Lakshman bellowed and with a surge of his power, he broke free after casting a barrier spell around him.


The next instance, he disappeared and surprised the Calamity Titan before reappearing right behind him. The Calamity Titan sensed his presence from behind him and he slowly turned to look at him with wide eyes. Before he could do anything, Lakshman delivered power punch to the back of Lakshman as he shouted the technique he used next.


“Force Blast!”


With a mighty force, the Calamity Titan was blasted forward and he soared straight into the air from the impact of Lakshman’s fist on his back. As he soared away, the Calamity Titan raised his hands, quickly gathered energy and activated a magic spell at Lakshman.


“Icicle Crusher!”


In an instant, a large particles of light appeared on either side of Lakshman and quickly formed into a large wall of ice, which moved forward to crush him. Lakshman immediately extended out both of his arms and firmly held the walls of ice from crushing him. The Calamity Titan landed on his feet and extended his right hand out as he aimed towards Lakshman.


“Dark Meteor Cannon!”


In an instant, several magic circles appeared all around Lakshman, who continued struggling against the force of the ice walls. The dark magic circles created a large ball of energy and launched them straight towards Lakshman and as he saw them soaring straight towards him, he kicked off the ground and his hands slid upwards, allowing him to get out of the way. The bottom section of the walls of ice, where he stood, were destroyed by the mighty waves of destruction.


“Icicle Breaker!”


With the shout of his technique, Lakshman forced his energy into the walls of ice and slowly caused them to crumble into pieces. With that done, he remained airborne and looked around at the magic circles that were aimed up at him. At the same time, the Calamity Titan began attacking him with another technique he activated.


“Icicle Storm!”


In an instant, a strong wind suddenly hit Lakshman and it made him feel a little chilly, because it was a lot colder than the usual weather. Suddenly, his check got grazed by something sharp and he suddenly saw a whole load of icicles headed towards him.


Ah crap!” Lakshman shouted in shock. He quickly raised his hands above him and said, “Blazing Hurricane Fury!”


In an instant, a fiery wave of fire erupted from his hands and soared upward to destroy the icicles that were soaring towards him. Once they were gone, he looked around to see another waves of destruction flying towards him while he remained floating in mid-air.


“Wow!” he exclaimed in shock as he quickly dodged them.


He gathered a large ball of energy in the palm of his right hand and as he turned in mid-air, he fired them towards the magic circles. With each impact from the energy ball, the magic circle was destroyed and soon, none of were left remaining. Lakshman landed on his feet, only to suddenly get pulled forward by something that seemed to be gripping him like an invisible hand. He flew forward and as he burst from the smoke from the explosions earlier, he was shocked when he saw the Calamity Titan pulling him forward with his hand.


“Burning Force!” Lakshman yelled and he erupted in flames.


He forcibly freed himself from the invisible gripping force from the Calamity Titan and surprised him in the process. Then, he disappeared and reappeared in an instant in front of the Calamity Titan, who widened his eyes in shock when he saw the Phoenix Titan in front of him. Lakshman was lowered slightly, but he pushed himself upward and as he did, he brought his fist forward and delivered a powerful right uppercut to the Calamity Titan’s jaw, blasting him high up into the air.


After soaring for several seconds in the air, the Calamity Titan recovered and looked down with a grin on his face. It looked like the damage that Lakshman was dealing to him was not affecting him the way Lakshman thought it would while his enemy’s attacks were slowly weakening him.


The Calamity Titan extended both of his hands out and he quickly formed a large black ball of energy and he hurled it down towards Lakshman, momentarily surprising him. Lakshman quickly recovered and he put his hands together as he gathered energy to fire the attack straight at the Calamity Titan.


“Super Solar Drive Cannon!”


With a shout of the technique name, Lakshman launched a large red wave of destruction that rocketed up into the sky. The large black ball of destruction and the red wave of destruction flew towards each other and made contact in mid-air. There was a few seconds of struggle between both forces pushing against each other. A moment later, a large explosion resulted causing a large wave of dust and a strong force of wind to go in all directions.


Lakshman held his ground firmly against the strong winds until they finally began settling down. He looked up and narrowed his eyes to see where the Calamity Titan was when, all of a sudden, he sensed his presence right behind him. He turned around and just in time to see the Calamity Titan deliver a powerful punch to the side of his face, blasting him several meters before he smashed into the side of a mountain. Once the dust cleared, Lakshman was seen lying against the mountain while looking dazed and surprised.


“I must admit! You’re quite good with your skills in fighting me!” the Calamity Titan told him with a wide grin on his face. “However, your strength alone isn’t enough to win this fight against me! You don’t have the kind of power you need to be stronger than me!”


Lakshman slowly recovered from being smashed into the mountain and he got back on his feet to glare fiercely at his opponent.


“I don’t know how strong you think you are and maybe you’re stronger than me, but that still won’t stop me from fighting my hardest to defeat you!” Lakshman shouted at him angrily.


“Good! Good! That’s the spirit of a true warrior!” the Calamity Titan said appraisingly. “Now, let’s see if you can keep up with me when I fight like this!”


As he finished speaking, he began radiating in deep violet aura with a mad expression on his face. Lakshman quickly prepared himself with his arms ready to fight him as they prepared to continue their battle against each other.


The Calamity Titan suddenly disappeared and reappeared in an instant in front of Lakshman before delivering a power punch into his gut. Lakshman spat blood out from the shock if impact before his body was blasted into the mountain and he drove through it before blasted out on the other side of it. As he managed to remain on his feet, he was shocked when he saw the Calamity Titan suddenly appear in front of him before beginning fighting him.


Lakshman and the Calamity Titan began fighting at each other at incredible speed that made it look like they were flashing from their speedy movement. Lakshman and the Calamity Titan both delivered powerful blows to each other, but it seemed that Lakshman’s blows to his enemy were not causing him much damage while he received tremendous damage from him.


The Calamity Titan sensed Lakshman weakening and he grinned broadly before quickly striking at him. He delivered a super strong power punch into his gut and then quickly followed up with a powerful uppercut and then finished the movement by kicking Lakshman hard in the chest and pushed him back. He quickly brought his hands forward and quickly gathered a large portion of energy, he launched a black wave of destruction straight towards Lakshman.


The powerful impact from the kick and the direct impact from the powerful wave of destruction pushed Lakshman backwards until he slammed into the mountain, which caused it to make large cracks all around it before crumbling into large chunks of rocks that fell down and smashed into pieces.


The Calamity Titan began laughing loudly when, all of a sudden, he sensed someone approach him from behind. He turned around and saw the Slavemancer aiming a powerful gathered energy with both of his hands towards him.


“I finally understand how deceived I was with my eyes…! All I wanted was the power to control people to do good, buy because of those eyes, I committed great crimes that forgiveness alone never relieve me of the blood that has stained my soul! So, I will redeem myself by killing you, evil monster!” the Slavemancer screamed in rage.


He brought his hand forward and unleashed the energy into a large blue wave of destruction towards him. The Calamity Titan immediately reacted and using a powerful barrier to shield himself, he moved forward and stopped the attack by closing his hands on the Slavemancer’s hands that was firing the attack. He grinned as he looked at the bloodstained face of the Slavemancer with a crazy expression on his face.


“You’re right! Evil monsters must be destroyed!” the Calamity Titan said in agreement. “Reflection Factor!”


In an instant, the blue wave of destruction that the Slavemancer unleashed towards the Calamity Titan suddenly was launched from with his palms. The Slavemancer screamed in agony before being consumed by the powerful wave, which three times stronger than the one he had launched earlier. In an instant, he was incarnated before an explosion occurred to spread dust everywhere.


As the dust slowly cleared, the Calamity Titan sighed and said, “I pitied him and wanted to let him live, but I guess I was being too linient on him for being useful to me before. What a waste…! Anyway…”


He turned around and folded his arms as he slowly rose into the air to look at where the Phoenix Titan had smashed into. Lakshman lay there on the ground while moaning painfully from the damage he had taken from his battle against the Calamity Titan. He slowly moved forward to sit up on the broken chucks of rock as he looked around to see where the Calamity Titan was and he looked up to see him floating up in the sky.


The Calamity Titan was wearing a crazy expression on his face as he said with his voice being amplified so that Lakshman could hear it, “You put up a descent fight, despite having fifty-percent of your true power. However, it’s time to let you feel despair!”


“Huh…?” Lakshman asked with a puzzled expression on his face.


The Calamity Titan continued to grin before making a serious expression on his face as he unfolded his arms. He clenched his fists and began gathering energy from within as he began surging in deep violet aura as he began screaming with power.




The sheer force of him powering up sent a wild surging energy in all directions, causing the ground to make large cracks beneath. The surrounding mountains began crumbling as the clouds began to turn darker with lightning bursting everywhere. Lakshman watched, with horror, as the Calamity Titan went through a transformation that he could not believe as he leaned his back on the rocks to sit firmly there without getting blown away by the strong force of the wind.


There was a violent flash of violet light that spread everywhere before it vanished a few seconds later. Lakshman has his jaw drop in shock as he stared up at the transformation the Calamity Titan achieved. He had spiky purple hair, which seemed to have increase slightly in how much hair he had on his head while his black Demon Eyes: Controller somehow became bright yellow. He radiated in pure dark energy surrounding him as he stared down at his enemy.


“Do you still think you have the power to fight me in my Calamity Titan form?” the Calamity Titan asked in a voice that seemed to pulse with power.


Lakshman watched the dark radiating with wide eyes full of shock.


“This power… It can’t be…! He’s so strong that my pales in comparison to his power! This is… unbelievable!” Lakshman thought desperately as he watched him.


Then, quickly recovering, he asked, “What do you intend to do after you recovering your full power?”


The Calamity Titan looked down at him and smiled before saying, “Rule the world!”


“Rule the world?”


“That’s right! Controlling the world and lead them forward is the way the Emperor of the World did previously and from his example, I am certain I will do an even better job than him! Unlike him, I won’t disappear and abandon the people of this world like he did to us 8000 years ago! That… is my ultimate goal this time!”


“What will happen to those that oppose you?”


“Those useful to me will live and those that aren’t will perish. Those principles of mine will never change in a million years!”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock before shouting, “You fool…! That is a foolish thought! The Emperor of the World ruled over the people by forcing them to not fight! He never once thought of controlling them or killing them to show that you rule over them is not right! What you’re planning on doing is nothing more than dictatorship!”


“What’s wrong with that? I’m giving these stupid mortals a chance at making sure they can lead peacefully lives without blindly doing whatever they please in the name of their selfish desires and goals. Even to achieve their dreams, they do things that are very difficult to imagine, which is why I will force the control of the world into my hands and lead them into peace!”


“You are mad! You are talking trash in the name of freedom and justice! People must retain those two as that makes them who they are instead of the mindless puppets that you have in mind of making them become! I will never accept this and I will do everything within my power to stop you!”


The Calamity Titan heard his declaration and he grinned slightly before asking, “I knew you would say that. The previous Phoenix Titan was slightly different, but you remind me of a certain someone from a very long time ago. That guy believed in the exact same thing, which ultimately resulted in his destruction. What makes you think you won’t end up like him?”


“Because… I’m not a loser!” Lakshman bellowed at the top of his voice.


He clenched his fists and he began surging with power while a golden-red aura surrounded him. As he began to power up, the Calamity Titan’s smile vanished and was replaced by a serious expression on his face as he watched the Phoenix Titan going through a transformation. Lakshman began screaming at the top of his voice as his spike blonde hair began to grow longer and longer that slowly grew to waist length and the bursts of lightning became more prominent around him than previously.




Lakshman continued to scream as his power rose to great levels, causing the Calamity Titan to widen his eyes in shock as he saw how much power Lakshman was rising. It was an incredible amount that would eventually put him on the same foothold of power, even with the remaining of his power sealed away.


“It can’t be…! He’s capable of pushing this much power, even though he only has fifty-percent of his full power unsealed?” the Calamity Titan muttered in disbelief as he watched his transformation and the rise in power of the Phoenix Titan.




With his breaking screams, Lakshman suddenly lost control of his power and his lost his transformation. His blonde hair suddenly vanished, leaving him with a long waist length hair with his eyes returning to appear pure black once again. Lakshman tethered on his feet for a moment and he looked up at the Calamity Titan with unfocused eyes before collapsing backwards and lay on the broken rubble of rocks.


“Hmm…! Looks like the transformation was too much for him with the way he currently is…” the Calamity Titan said slowly with a serious expression on his face. “However, to be able to pull up so much power like that… Who knows how powerful he will become if I let him live… No…! He must die right now!”


With that said, the Calamity Titan began gathering dark energy into the palm of his hand as he prepared to kill the Phoenix Titan, Lakshman Chand.

Author’s Note


These values are only calculated estimations and they only serve in measuring how powerful one is against each other. Also, Lakshman did not completely his final transformation, so the value shown below is the amount that his power rose to before he collapsed from overexerting himself.


Character Name (s) Power Counter (s)
Lakshman Chand Phoenix Titan [Final] – 769,053,285,000
Calamity Titan Base form — 119,619,045,000
Calamity Titan — 2,990,476,125,000


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