Hero Destruction



“What?! He remained behind to fight them off?” Venezuela demanded in a shocked voice.


The Eternal Phoenix hung its head unhappily as Shalany went to speak in its defence.


“They were chasing me and Lakshman decided to remain behind to take them down. The phoenix bird tried to argue, but the orders were clear and without a choice, it brought be back here like instructed.”


“So? He should’ve tried to fight those orders! That’s what I would’ve done if my master inclined to remain behind to stay and fight!” Venezuela said harshly.


“Calm down, Vena… It isn’t Phylex’s fault that Lucky isn’t here. He was simply following the orders he was given and besides, it’s Lucky! He doesn’t need much of help in taking them out. I’m sure he’s finished with them by now and is using his Phoenix Portal to come back to us,” Erza said in a reasonable voice.


“Y-Yes, but still… Following orders blindly is—!”


“We’re humans and it’s an Eternal Phoenix. Think of its position as a mighty phoenix bird of light and fire. It has to keep its pride as a bird that obeys its master, otherwise it will lose face in front of the other phoenixes!” Erza said sharply and Vena looked surprised. “After that, the only path for a phoenix that lost is pride is death! Would you really be happy to see it die because of something this silly?”




Venezuela was stumped and she did not say anything for a moment. Then, in a low voice, she said, “I don’t want that.”


“I thought so!” Erza said briskly with a nod of her head. “You better apologise to Phylex because he’s looking really upset!”


Venezuela looked up to see Phylex’s large head was being patted by Tetra and Silvera. Apart from Venezuela, Tetra and Silvera were pleased with the work of the Eternal Phoenix. Emilia was attending to the badly injured people with immediate need of medical attention with other healers while Felix assisted them. Dominic was standing next to Shalany and looked a little lost as to what to say. Only Ondine and Cantia were annoyed at Lakshman’s actions to stay behind and fight.


“What was he thinking?!” Ondine demanded irritably. “It’s no problem fighting them off, but then he left us behind like this! Now, I’m all pumped up to destroy them when I saw the state those people were in!”


“I agree-nyaa! Lucky’s a dimwit-nyaa!” Cantia said while looking very irritated.


“Oh, you two…!” Erza said in exasperation and she turned to face them. “Think about it! Those guys must’ve been flying pretty fast for him to stay behind. Otherwise, what would be so troublesome for him to keep him back there?”


“I don’t know-nyaa, but he could’ve used his Phoenix Portal, unsummoned Phylex and safely got back here…!” Cantia said irritably and Erza sighed before shaking her head unhappily.


“Listen, you stupid cat! His enemies must have been very fast for him to not act in such a way. Instead, he made a simple choice of staying behind to take them down once and for all. That is what I believe went through his mind at the time he got off Phylex’s back.”


“I agree!” Dominic said as he finally stepped in to defend his friend from the irritation of his wives. “I believe Lakshman decided it was final time he put an end to their reign and took the chance to take them down once and for all. I would’ve done the same thing without getting the whole kingdom involved in matters that don’t really concern them.”


“I suppose I have to agree with that…” Ondine said as he understood what Dominic was saying. “Even I would’ve done the same now that I clearly see how pathetic they truly were!”


She bunched her hands into fists and gritted her teeth angrily as she watched the people getting treated. Earlier, when they returned, she was horrified to find how badly they were in need of medical attention. Emilia quickly went to assist along with Felix using the strongest magic spells they knew to heal them before proper healing could be conducted. It appeared that most of them were starved between meals and that was only the beginning to the multiple injuries they suffered due to brutality.


“So, please don’t call Lakshman a dimwit or something because he had enough of this mess!” Dominic told them firmly. “That’s why, he ordered us to over the mansion and arrest the Slavemancer. However, I failed and my Shalany got kidnapped right before my eyes as I stood doing absolutely nothing!”


“Don’t get so emotional about it… I’m here now,” Shalany said and she placed a calming hand on his shoulder.


“Right… Sorry…” Dominic said slowly before retreating to stand beside her.


They stood there in silence


“It’s taking time! It’s already been more than half-an-hour since Phylex returned and there’s still no sigh of Lucky returning,” Emilia said as he walked over to them with a concerned look on her face.


At that moment, Tetra, Silvera and Phylex made shocked expressions on their faces and they looked up. Phylex began to emit a low burning aura that surprised them as they stood and watched him beginning to glow slightly in red aura.


“What’s wrong?” Erza asked them.


“Lucky’s in trouble! I can feel it!” Silvera said with a panicked look on her face.


“Yes! I feel it too! Something isn’t right with him!” Tetra said with an extremely worried look on her face.


“Master is under attack by an extremely powerful dark force of evil!” Phylex said telepathically to them and he sounded worried.


“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and save him!” Ondine said firmly to them.


“Let’s go since there’s no point in staying here-nyaa!” Cantia said quickly with a serious face.


“I’ll come—!” began Dominic, but he was stopped with a serious glare from Venezuela.


“No! You stay here and look after your girlfriend while we go and save our husband!” Venezuela retorted and stopped Dominic in his tracks.


“R-Right…!” Dominic said and he fell silent once more.


“Can you tell us the exact location that Lucky’s currently at?” Erza asked Tetra, Silvera and Phylex.


Tetra and Silvera had difficulty locating him, but they were fortunate because Phylex lend them their hand. He informed the girls the exact location of where the battle between Lakshman and Calamity Titan was taking place.


“We appreciate the help,” Emilia said and she quickly began casting her teleportation spell.


“I can assist in taking you there if you get on my back,” Phylex said as he offered his support to them.


“No thanks. Teleportation gets us there a lot quicker than riding on your back,” Erza told him quickly. Then, she smiled and said, “You did a good job of bringing Shalany back to us safely. Now, you can return back to your world and await for your next summoning.”


The Eternal Phoenix nodded its head at them and in a burst of flames, disappeared into thin air. A few seconds later, Emilia was done casting the magic spell and a yellow teleportation magic circle appeared beneath their feet as they gathered around. They bid the group standing outside it farewell being teleported out of there. A moment later, they teleported onto a plain ground with mountains surrounding them.


As they focused on where they were, they suddenly winced from a sudden shockwave that swept towards them. They looked towards the source and were shocked when they saw Lakshman fighting furiously against an unknown man whom they knew nothing about. However, their heads suddenly ached when they saw his face.


“Why does his face look so familiar, even though I don’t remember seeing him before?” Ondine asked as she clutched her head as pain seared her mind.


“I know-nyaa…! I’m feeling a great headache when I look at his face-nyaa!” Cantia said before wincing as her head suddenly twinged with pain.


They were all experiencing the same pain from seeing the Calamity Titan’s face, but they never met him before. However, they were sure that his face was familiar to them as if they knew him from a very long ago. They could not explain how that was possible and it made it difficult to think anything under the pain they were experiencing.


“Ah!” Tetra shouted in shock when she saw what happened next.


The Calamity Titan quickly beat Lakshman up and launched a powerful wave of destruction that sent him smashing into a mountain. From the heavy impact, the mountain began cracking and collapsed on the ground before smashing into large chunks of rocks. The girls watched in horror as their husband was knocked back by a powerful wave.


“No… Lucky!” Venezuela, Erza and Emilia called out at the same time in shocked voices.


“Damn you…!” Ondine bellowed and she began surging with blue aura surrounding her.


“Nyaa!” Cantia shrieked and she sharpened her claws while making a beastly expression on his face. “How could he do that to my husband-nyaa? Unforgivable!”


Silvera was shocked to see her beloved husband get sent flying into a mountain before she sensed something. It was a different energy from all of them and she turned to see another man rushing towards the Calamity Titan with gathering energy in his hands.


“Who’s that?!” Silvera asked sharply and the girls turned to see whom she was looking at.


Recognising him immediately, Venezuela exclaimed, “Slavemancer!”


“Oh no…! That means, Lucky is outnumbered 2 to 1!” Erza said with a shocked expression on her face.


However, the Slavemancer surprised them by attacking the Calamity Titan, who quickly nullified the attack and the next moment, reflected the same attack back towards the man who used it. They were shocked when they saw the Slavemancer get consumed by the blue wave of destruction before being destroyed by it, resulting in an explosion that spread dust in all directions.


“No way…! He defeated that man just like that…?” Venezuela asked in disbelief.


“I thought the Slavemancer was strong, but… he got defeated just like that…!” Emilia said with a horrified look on her face.


Just then, they saw the Calamity Titan rise into the sky to hover there facing towards where Lakshman had smashed into. They turned and were relieved when they saw Lakshman slowly get to his feet to look up towards his enemy.


All of a sudden, the Calamity Titan began powering up and shocked the girls into complete silence. The sky started to turn murky dark as he radiated in deep violet light as he went through a transformation. Once it was done, the girls were shocked at how powerful he had become with the change of his appearance. His current power level dwarfed everyone and that also included Lakshman.


Then, they began conversing with each other and although the girls could not what they said clearly, they were certain it was something very serious. After a few minutes of conversing, they saw Lakshman become very angry and he also began his powering up to transform once more. The girls were left speechless as his power level rose past the point they thought was possible until it almost closed the gap that Calamity Titan made. owever, However, Lakshman overexerted himself and he collapsed backwards before falling down on the rocks.


“Lucky!” the girls shouted and they quickly began running to his aide.


Up in the sky, the Calamity Titan snorted as he gathered energy into the tip of his finger. A small black ball formed there and random bursts of lightning erupted from it. He brought his hand forward and aimed towards Lakshman before launching the small ball of energy towards him. As the ball travelled through the air, it grew bigger and bigger as it absorbed the surrounding energy from all around them until it reached massive proportions.


At the same time, the girls reached Lakshman and turned to face the huge dark ball of energy soaring down to destroy them. Quickly reacting, the girls activated their magic and energy skills to defend themselves.


“Enforcer Force!” Venezuela, Emilia and Erza shouted their magic techniques with their hands outstretched.


“Barrier Force!” Ondine and Cantia shouted and activated their energy barrier while radiating in blue aura.


“Deflection Force!” Tetra and Silvera shouted at the same time and activated their barrier abilities.


All of their techniques combined and created a solid barrier then created a light screen like barrier above them. For a moment, the wind got blown away by a powerful force as the large black ball of energy soared down slammed into their barriers. For a moment, there was a struggle between their barriers and the energy ball and the girls quickly fell on top of Lakshman to protect him while he lay there badly wounded.


For a moment, a wild force of wind and energy were sent in all directions as the two forces fought. Then, the ball of energy suddenly exploded and that created a wild blowing wings that destroyed the mountains that were nearby. As the smoke of dust clear to bring the view back to normal, the girls sat upright and looked towards their enemy, still floating high up in the sky.


The Calamity Titan looked down at his enemies and squinted slightly to get a better look at them. When he saw the faces of the girls, his eyes widened in shock as if he could not believe what he had just seen.


“No way…! The Destiny Queens? They’re here…?” he asked in a voice full of disbelief.


Ondine became angry at his attack and she launched herself into the sky. She soared upwards and was soon followed by Tetra and Silvera as Erza, Venezuela and Cantia launched attacks from the ground. Meanwhile, Emilia concentrated on healing Lakshman’s wounds with a tearful face because she had never seen him this beaten up before. The beaten up body of her beloved husband made tears flow down her face as he applied healing magic to him.


The Calamity Titan hovered there with his arms folded with a barrier around him to defend himself against their magical energy attacks as Ondine, Tetra and Silvera reached him. They began using their swords to attack him from all three sides, but the powerful barrier kept in place and remained unperturbed, despite them doing their best to attack it.


He suddenly looked at Tetra and said, “Phoenix Blade… Hasn’t your experience from the past taught you not to fight me like this?”


“What?” Tetra asked in shock as she did not understand how he knew her name.


“Guess you don’t remember, ha…?” he said dully.


“What don’t I remember?!” Tetra demanded and she began attacking him furiously.


“Find out for yourself, stupid,” he said before turning his attention to Silvera. He raised an eyebrow eyebow at her attempts to destroy the barrier as he asked, “Zemitra… You’re seriously attacking me…? You’re master?”


“Huh?” Silvera said and she appeared to be shock as she stopped attacking him. “W-What do you mean you’re my master? That man you beat up is my master! Not you!”


The Calamity Titan breathed a heavy sigh and closed his eyes as he said, “I see… Looks like you also lost your memories… What a disaster…!”


Silvera was shocked by what he said and she demanded, “What memories did I lose? What are they?!”


At that moment, the Calamity Titan’s eyes flashed open to shock her. The next moment, he raised his hand towards her and quickly gathered the energy and fired the black wave of destruction at her. Luckily for her, Ondine and Tetra quickly reached her and saved her from certain destruction before they slowly descended back down while holding her as she stared up at him in shock.


The Calamity Titan looked down at them and he fired another large wave of destruction down at them. The girls quickly activated their barriers, which protected them as they were pushed down to the ground. The energy wave disappeared as they landed on the ground and Ondine spoke to the other girls seriously.


“That guy’s too strong! We don’t have what it takes to defeat him as we are right now!” Ondine told them with a serious expression on her face.


“Let’s poll our powers together and fire at him!” Venezuela said and they agreed.


They began channelling their energies together at a certain point above them and it soon took on the form of a large energy ball. Then, with an exertion of their energy, the ball of energy was released in a massive red wave of destruction as it soared up into the sky and headed straight towards the Calamity Titan. He saw the attacking coming and he widened his eyes in surprise before being consumed by it.


An explosion resulted after he was consumed by the light and the girls believed they had won the battle. However, they were shocked when they still felt his life force and looking up, the dust slowly cleared to bring him into full view. There was hardly any scratch on him as he opened his eyes to look down at the ladies that attacked him just now.


“I see… So, it’s almost time…” he said vaguely in a muttering voice. “Then, I must not let you live! Perish!”


With the shout of the last word, he raised both of his hands above his head and quickly gathered a massive amount of energy above him. In a matter of seconds, a gigantic black ball of energy formed above him and the girls watched with wide eyes in shock as swung it down towards them with ease. The girls quickly attempted to destroy it, but their attacks got deflected and it remained unperturbed as it sailed down towards them.


“No…! That thing is too powerful!” Venezuela shouted in shock.


Erza turned to them and said, “Let’s quickly grab Lakshman and get out of here!”


“You’re right!” I’ll prepare the teleportation spell right now,” Emilia said as she quickly began to cast the teleportation spell.


The Calamity Titan sensed them attempting to use a teleportation spell to get out of there and he snorted. He raised his right hand and with a click of his finger, he activated a spell that disabled teleportation magic spell from working.


“Dimension Block!”


In an instant, the teleportation spell Emilia had been working on suddenly exploded into particles like breaking glass. She was surprised for a moment before she attempted to use it several more times, but the magic kept exploding as the barrier that the Calamity Titan created blocked it from being used.


“It’s no use…! The teleportation spell is being blocked by some sort of barrier!” Emilia said and the girls were shocked to hear it.


“Let’s quickly caste the barrier once more-nyaa!” Cantia said, but Venezuela slowly shook her head with a defeated look on her face.


“It’s no use… This attack is several times stronger than one our combined barriers fended off earlier…” she said weakly. “It’s over… We’re done for…!”


The girls widened their eyes in shock at her words and realised the hopeless situation they were in as they turned to see the gigantic black ball of energy flying towards them slowly and steadily. Death was approaching at a slow pace and it was making them feel very hopeless because none of their powers are enough to take it down, let alone defeat the one that used it.


Just then, they heard the sound of feet on rock and they turned to see Lakshman standing up with his long hair falling over his face as he firmly stood. They were stunned that he managed to regain conscious and even mustered the energy to stand up with his badly beaten body.


“It’s never over till it’s over!” he bellowed at the top of his voice.


With a roar of power, he immediately transformed into the Phoenix Titan: Burst form and kicked off the ground to rocket towards the falling black ball of destruction. When he reached it, he lashed his fist out and made impact, causing the ball to suddenly stop in its tracks as it met his powerful force.




For a moment, he struggled against the might of the ball before screaming as he punched the ball back towards its caster.


The Calamity Titan raised his eyebrows in surprise as he saw his attack soaring back at him, much quicker than he had sent it earlier. Lakshman hovered in the air and breathed heavily while radiating in golden-red aura that was surrounding him.


“I’m surprised you still had the strength in you to fight back,” the Calamity Titan said in an impressed voice. “However, what will you do against two?”


The Calamity Titan extended his right hand out again and quickly gathered his energy and formed another gigantic ball of energy before launching it towards the one soaring towards them. There was a collision of forces between the two attacks before the newest attack began pushing the black ball of energy back down towards Lakshman.


Lakshman held firmly in the air and he brought his hands up to stop the attack. The two black energy balls soared down and slammed into him as they gradually increased speed. Unable to fight against it, he was pushed back down before he got slammed into the ground. The girls screamed in fright as the two attacking black balls soared towards them as they were unable to do anything to fight back.


There was a suddenly flash of black light and an enormous explosion resulted in the whole area getting destroyed. The black wave of destruction began to spread everywhere as it destroyed the ground in the surrounding area. Mountains got destroyed form the sheer magnitude of the power as the ever fast blowing wild wind carried dust and debris everywhere.


Once the wave was gone, only dust remained and it completely covered the entire area in it. The Calamity Titan watched with his arms folded as the dust slowly cleared to reveal a deep black hole in the ground where the two black balls of destruction exploded to destroy everything in its path. He activated his Elemental Sense and began sensing the world for the life signature of the people his attack had killed. Not finding their life signals at all, a wide smile began forming on his face.


“Yes!” he bellowed at the top of his voice as he punched his fist into the air triumphantly. “I did it! I finally did it! I finally defeated the Phoenix Titan and his Destiny Queens! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


He laughed hysterically at the demise of the Phoenix Titan and his wives, the Destiny Queens. That day, the world lost its strongest hero and saviour along with the Destiny Queens, destroyed by the Calamity Titan.

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