Survived Phoenix

The sun was up high in the sky with only a few clouds about to hide it from view as its infinite rays of light touched the surface of the world. It was early morning with the sun only rising slowly at the top as the trees absorbed the needed light to survive. Within a forest, the creatures of nature were slowly getting up by the early morning light reaching their homes.


At this time, it was peaceful with nature making its usual sounds and the cool wind breezed through the forest, ruffling the leaves that were damp with wetness. There was no sign of fear or danger shown by the forest as it continued the silence continued to prolong. This did not last long as, all of a sudden, leaves began to rustle nearby. For a few seconds, there was silence and as time passed, people began appearing out of small bushes and behind trees.


These were the Manjuvad Demon Clan members that live within the forest. They lived there for a long time and stayed that way, which isolated them from the rest of the world. This fact did not upset them and rather, they were proud of it because it did not make them involve into someone else’s business.


Today, like usual, they were out and about to collect the morning food supplies to last them through the day. They do this every day and it became a habit of nature for them to automatically find the necessary food, even if it was hidden by bushes. Sometimes, it requires a keen sense of smell and they have adapted their noses to smell the vegetables out for easy picking.


There were fifteen of them in total and they moved quietly through the forest in search of their food. They normally like to eat the healthy vegetarian food to keep them healthy, but they are also capable of eating meat if it meant they will survive. However, such a predicament only happened to them a few times when their normal food was in short supply.


They moved cautiously with nervous energy surrounding them because they were fearful. The three man at the front were all tall warriors with well-muscled bodies and they were walking around the group while keeping a look out for any sign of danger. They were acting as the group protectors, but they knew their combined strength will not be enough to protect them.


“Hurry…!” they whispered to the twelve ladies of the group. “Pick whatever you find and let’s leave quickly…!”


“Y-Yes…” replied the ladies in nervous voices as they were lead through the forest.


They were right in being nervous because there had been increasing attacks on their clan throughout the past few weeks. Out of the six men that went out to find out what had happened to them, only one returned and he was badly wounded to inform them about it. Dangerous creatures have attacked and killed all the men while he escaped with how badly he was wounded.


Ever since, the village chief of the Manjuvad Demon Clan did not let anyone venture into the forest. However, their supply of vegetables was decreasing quickly due to the size of their village. With no choice, he grudgingly allowed twelve women to go into the forest and send three of their finest warriors as their escort. The men were all equipped with energy infused spears that can easily cut through a tree, but it made them questions its capability against the unknown monsters killing their people.


The women began to quickly gather up everything they can find, while throwing aside what are rotten. This was a job only the women are capable of doing because of their fine sense in taste and smell, unlike the men who only know how to work in hard labour, fight people and protect loved ones. Which was why, god created men and women to be together for life. This very reasons gives a slight comfort to these women, knowing there are men around them who will risk their lives to protect them.


“Hey…! Is this okay?” a young Manjuvad Demon Clan girl asked her mother curiously.


“Yes. Good girl,” complemented her mother and the young girl smiled widely in happiness.


It was the first time this girl came into the forest with her mother and she was not alone. Several of her kind, at the same age as her, came into the forest with their mothers and guardians to study the vegetables they are picking. In the Manjuvad Demon Clan, girls of around the age of ten start to study these things by accompanying their mothers into the forest. So, as the mother chooses wisely from an assortment of vegetables around, the little girl asks her about something to get praised or scolded.


The women are carrying a large basket in which they are packing a larger amount of vegetables than usual. They are doing this in order to avoid coming into the forest so many times when danger lurks in the shadow, waiting for its opportunity to strike. They were once mere farmers of the Demon Empire some 300 years ago, but now lead their lives by visiting the mines to dig up crystals to sell at the shops and get paid when merchants from various races come there often to buy them.


While the women crouched down and silently picked the vegetables they needed, the men stood around and watched with their ears pricked. They observed the forest with their diamond shaped eyes with a diamond jewel embedded into the centre of their forehead. Every member of the Manjuvad Demon Clan are born with these jewels embedded on their forehead and they act as warning signals when one of them is in danger. It did not help them detect danger before it arrived, but it was better than nothing.


One of the young girls became bored of constantly looking at the vegetables and looked over to see what the other girls of her age are doing. They were focused completely on what they mothers are doing as they were carefully instructed on what to pick and what to watch out for. The girl turned back to watch her mother, who was nervously cramming all she can fit into her basket.


“Mummy, why are looking so nervous?” the little girl asked her mother curiously.


“I told you, we’re in danger if we don’t hurry,” the mother replied curtly. “Now, stop asking stupid questions and help me out.”


“Okay…” the little girl said sadly before returning to help her mother out.


Half-an-hour passed silently with only slight noise being made by the women as they brushed through the leaves to get the vegetables. The men kept a lookout of their surroundings and they constantly walked around to shift their position. They sometimes drank water from the canteen that were strapped to side of their waist. All was peaceful and this made them relax, thinking the monsters would not be coming to them so early in the morning.




The silence was suddenly broken by the loud roar of a monster from somewhere within the forest surrounding them. Hearing it, the three men instantly flinched in shock because they had never heard such a monstrous roar before. The women, who had been picking up vegetables, promptly dropped them and froze up with sheer fright. The little girls looked up curiously, not understanding the sudden danger of that roar.


The men quickly became alert and gripped their spears firmly as they gathered together and faced towards where the sudden roar came from. For a moment, there was still in the air as the silence pressed in on them tightly like a tight rope before they were suddenly released from it. At that moment, they heard something large and heavy crawling its way across the grassy floor of the forest as it headed their way. The men narrowed their eyes and wore serious expressions on their faces as the monster approached them.


The monster suddenly stopped its movements and caused the men to become surprised. They thought it had stopped because they were there, but they were sorely wrong as it suddenly burst out of the trees towards them. They were shocked by its sheer size and they quickly got out of the way as it landed with a heavy thud on the grassy ground. The women quickly got out of the way by bringing both their baskets and children with them.


“T-That’s a… Sliquadet!” one of the men shouted in shock. “What’s a plant eater like that doing here?”


The Sliquadet was a large serpent like monster with a white body with spots all over it. There was a mouth that was very large when it opens, which allows the monster to eat anything from a bunch of leaves to a fully grown man. On the top of its large head, there were two yellow eyes with vertical pupils. Its large nose flared as it smelled the scent of fresh food in the air, but it was not interested in the leaves of plants.




It opened its mouth wide and roared once more, causing the men to become convinced this was the monster that had been attacking their people. The monster suddenly lunged towards the men and they quickly dodged it before rushing in to stab their swords in its white spotted body.


The monster roared in pain from the piercing wounds they continued to deliver, but did not seem to be stopping it. They were suddenly distracted when the long white tail came lasing towards them. Desperate, one man looked up at its head and thought of an idea.


He turned to the men and shouted, “Aim for the head!”


The men looked up at its head and suddenly they understood what he meant. The idea was to kill the monster by stabbing their spears through its head. They quickly acted on it and rushed forward only to be met by with its tail. Without halting, the men jumped into the air to avoid the tail and as they came down, they stabbed the monster’s head through with their spears.


The monster let out a loud roar of pain and agony as its head was pierced. The men roared with rage and they used their strong built bodies to infuse the already energised energy with more Weapon Force, piercing straight through the monster’s head and down below its mouth. The monster trashed around wildly from the agony of the mortal wound it received before finally crashing heavily on the grassy floor, dead with its mouth was slightly open with its large tongue protruding slightly.


The men heaved a sigh of relief as they killed the monster with slight difficulty. Its skin may look soft to the touch, but it can harden itself to make such weapons pierce difficulty. It would usually take a Saint ranked warrior the necessary skills and power required to take one of its kind down. However, those men are just above the Advanced rank and they only have the weapon lent to them by the ones they bought at the weapons shop for a reasonable price.


“Still… Why did this thing attack us out of nowhere?”


“Fool! We clearly heard it coming and I don’t know why it attacked us.”


“Maybe, it was pretending to be a plant eater?”


“Don’t be ridiculous! It’s a plant eater! We know that!”


“Yeah, but it tried to eat us and I’m sure its kind also ate our people as well!”


“I wonder why it decided to suddenly attack us like this…”


“Who knows, but we get going. Otherwise, we’ll end up being monster—!”


The speaker suddenly came to an abrupt halt and went quiet, surprising his friends. They listened quietly to the noise of the forest as the women stayed behind with their children by their side and held the baskets full of vegetables in their arms. The men slowly widened their eyes and looked at each other, they slowly turned to look into the forest. There were a lot of noise being made from within the forest and it grew louder as it got closer.


One of the men turned around and seeing the women just standing there, he began yelling at them, “What are you standing for? Go! Go!”


With his shouts directing them, the women grabbed the hands of their children and they began moving quickly back the way they came. Unfortunately, it made it difficult for them to move with their loaded baskets full of vegetables, but they did not want to lose their load of food and let go of their children to go faster.


As they made their slow retreat back to the village, the Sliquadet monsters began appearing through the trees and into the area where they were a moment ago. There were over fifteen of these monsters from what the men could see through narrowed eyes. The three men remained behind to do their best to give the women time to retreat before they made their escape. Looking at the monsters, the men began commenting about seeing so many of them there.


“Wow…! It’s a party…!”


“No… It’s a frenzy!”


“Whatever! Let’s just get rid of them!”


The monsters saw the dead body of one of its kind lying at the side and the three men standing before them with their spears held firmly in their hands. The sight of their dead and the three men enraged the monsters and all of they roared, causing the wind to speed up suddenly. They widened their mouths like a cannon and began gathering energy, which formed into a large ball of blue light. The men watched in shock as they were surrounded by monsters that were gathering energy into their mouths.


Once the energy was gathered, they focused them on the men before launching the energy into a powerful beam cannon. The beams soared towards the men and before they could do anything, they were hit by the beams. The men screamed in shock and pain from the sheer force of the attack from the monsters. Then, a violent explosion occurred and caused smoke to explode everywhere.


The explosion cause the ground to shake violently for a moment and this caused the women to stumble and fall down to the grassy floor.


“W-What happened?!” they exclaimed in shocked voices.


They looked over their shoulders and saw the smoke billowing up from where the men stood earlier. A moment later, they were shocked to see the monsters suddenly coming out of the smoke. They saw the women and let out roars before increasing their speed to catch up with their pray. As they came, the women remained frozen to the ground in shock while the girls made curious sounds when they saw the monsters heading towards them.


Finally, one of them snapped out of it and shouted, “Run! RRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!”


With her shout, the other women were freed from their stunned disposition and they quickly gathered themselves before rising to their feet running back to the village. The monsters kept a speedy pace and never lost sight of them as they weaved through the trees to make their getaway. Some women had fallen over in their haste before the monster reached them to eat them up. Even the children were not spared and watching this massacre, the remaining women did their best to escape as quickly as they could.


The stull chasing monsters roared angrily and they fired another blue beam cannons at the women fleeing in front of them. The beam of energy travelled the distance before making impact on the ground near them. In an instant, several women and children were killed instantly as an explosion erupted to send a powerful shockwave in all directions. The shock from the explosion caused the other women and children to get blown away towards the side of the forest and down a steep hill. They rolled down it at great speed without being able to stop themselves while their food scattered everywhere.


Once they reached the bottom of the slope, they slowed down to a stop. Out of the six that were still alive, only two were awake from the disorienting shock of rolling down the steep hill. The women clutched her head wearily and looked around to see they were in some kind of open space with trees covering them on all sides. She quickly turned to her daughter and seeing her blinking at her curiously, made her hug her daughter in relief.


This did not last long when she heard the roar of the monsters from up the hill. She quickly attempted to rise to her feet and she was shocked to find that her legs have gone into shock from rolling down the hill. The panic and the worry set in as the only method of her escape, which left her to become the morning meal of these monsters.


She turned to her daughter and said, “Quickly get out of here! Get to the village safely! Go!”


Without listening to what her mother was saying, the little girl said, “It’s pretty…”

“No, it’s not pretty to get killed by that thing!” the mother yelled angrily. “I’m finished, but you’re not! I want you to live, so get going!”


“But, mummy… It’s white…” the little girl said slowly.


“So, what if it’s white? Its black hearted! So, go already!”


“But, mummy… It’s glowing brightly…”


“What is?!” the mother finally exclaimed impatiently.


That was when she noticed the curious expression on the face of her daughter as she looked at something behind them. The little girl turned to look at her mother before pointing at something behind them.


“That is,” she said simply.


The mother quickly turned around and saw something through the bushes behind her. She pushed them aside widened her eyes in shock when she saw it. A large white glowing dome shaped object was behind them as it radiated pure white energy. It was a bright colour and the glowing light made quite an impressed on her. She might have called it amazing to look at, for it not for the situation that she was currently in.
At that moment, the loud roar of a monster nearby caused her to quickly turn to face the front. One lone Sliquadet was several meters in front of her and she could see four of them slowly coming down the hill behind it. The monster let out a low growl as it slowly crawled forward with its large body, but came to a stop when it saw the glowing dome shaped object behind the girls. It did not understand what that thing was, but it irritated the monster by its presence, making the monster get rid of it.


The monster opened its mouth and quickly gathered a large blue ball of energy in front of its mouth. Then, as it aimed it towards the dome, it launched a powerful beam cannon that flew over the ground as it soared straight towards the dome. The mother saw the attacking coming and immediately grabbed her daughter before crouching down as the beam soared overhead and struck the glowing white dome of energy.


For a moment, the attack did nothing to it, but as it was continued to be fired by the monster, the dome of light began to make large cracks on its surface. The monster became unable to fire anymore to destroy the dome of light, but the large cracks began to spread all over its surface before finally, releasing a powerful wave of light into the sky. The very morning sky was suddenly lit brightly by the dazzling burst of energy that soared straight up into the air. All around, the animals looked up to and when they saw the light, they all cried out signifying that something amazing was about to happen.


The burst of light surprised the mother as she slowly rose to a sitting position to look up at the dazzling light. She could not believe how much energy was being released or how dazzling the light was. Just then, she heard the loud roar of the monster and she quickly turned to the front to see the monster quickly crawling across the ground with its mouth wide open with really sharp teeth.


“N-No!” the mother cried out and quickly dived to protect her daughter from being eaten.


Suddenly, the arm of someone burst out of the light and stopped the monster in its tracks. The monster appeared to have frozen and although it tried to move, it was shocked by its movements locked up by the hand. Then, the monster was forcibly lifted slightly upward by some strange magic before being blasted away from them.


The mother saw the monster fly away before crashing to a stop several meters away from them. She slowly sat up straight and looked up to see the arm extending out of the wave of light that continued to fly skyward. Then, the arm was lowered back into the light and this time, a leg appeared out of the light and was soon followed out by a torso, body and finally the head.


“Cool…!” the little girl said when a full grown man stepped out of the wave of light, which slowly vanished upon him stepping out.


He was a tall man with spiky blonde hair with red crown shaped eyes as random bursts of lightning erupted around his body from time to time. Lakshman Chand was alive and well as he stood there firmly to face the monsters that reached the bottom to make a total of five monsters. They gathered around the one that Lakshman blasted away and it slowly rose back up. They roared angrily at Lakshman and formed into five large bodies of wall as they quickly crawled towards them.


“Ah!” the mother shrieked and she quickly attempted to defend her daughter, who was looking curiously up at the tall man.


Lakshman stood there firmly with a serious expression on his face as he stared at the monsters coming towards them. When the monsters got within a certain distance of him, he kicked off the ground and rocketed towards them. The monsters were taken by surprise and he quickly covered the ground between them before delivering a powerful uppercut on the monster on the left.


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the remaining three monsters heading straight for the women and her child. He quickly reacted by grabbing the tail of the monster he just punched and soared forwards, he swung the monster’s heavy body with little effort and slammed it into two of the monsters. Then, he quickly turned in mid-air before he extended his hands out and firing balls of energy at the remaining two monsters to halt them as he landed back in down in an attacking position near the mother and child.


The two monsters roared angrily at him and gathering large quantity of energy, they launched a large beam cannon towards him. Lakshman straightened up and by simply extending his right hand out, he activated Power Barrier that blocked the two beam cannons from hitting him. With the energy gone, Lakshman deactivated the barrier and began surging with power as he radiated in golden-red aura. He opened his extended hand wide and began gathering energy there to destroy the monsters.


Lakshman suddenly deactivated the technique when he saw the three monsters he defeated tending to the one he had knocked out. The two remaining ones quickly crawled over to defend them with their bodies as they faced Lakshman and roared at him.


“Mmm… I need to understand them…” said Lakshman thoughtfully. Then, as he clapped his hands together, he said, “Transcendent Talk!”


In an instant, there was a flash of light and everything was blocked from view. Lakshman opened his closed eyes and found himself standing in a bright area with white clouds floating everywhere. He turned to look at the women and little girl, who radiated blue and yellow colours; the woman radiated yellow colour, the sign of nervousness and the little girl radiated blue colour being calm.


“I need my daughter to get out of here! I want her to get to safety!” the mother’s voice echoed around him.


“That man’s tall and cool…!” the little girl’s voice echoed.


He chuckled when he heard the little girl’s thoughts before turning to face the Sliquadet monsters. Two of them in front radiated yellow light, which had a mixture of red in it, which showed that they were both angry and nervous.


“I need to protect my brother, but what do I do?”

“He’s strong… That human is strong…!”


Lakshman heard the echoes of what the two monsters were thinking. Lakshman raised an eyebrow before looking towards the ones standing behind them. Two of the Sliquadet were covered in yellow light while the collapsed one was radiating bright red aura with a mixture of yellow in it.


“How could he hurt him? He’s only doing what he has to do to live!”

“Brother’s wounded, but it looks like he’s just knocked out…”


The collapsed one’s voice echoed by saying, “Ah… So hungry… Meat! Must eat! Meat! Must eat! But… I’m… feeling… sleepy…”


Lakshman heard the echoing thoughts of all of them and saw the respective colours of each and every one of them. With that gathered, he closed his eyes and deactivated the spell, which brought him back to reality.


“I see… They are not mindless monsters, but why are they attacking us…?” he thought curiously in his mind as he opened his eyes again.


He turned his head to look at the mother and child still sitting on the grassy ground. She sensed him looking at her and she fearfully looked up to meet his gaze.


“Do these monsters usually eat meat?” he asked her.


The mother did not understand him and asked, “What?”


“I asked, do these monsters eat meat at all?” he repeated.


The mother did not understand him because she could not understand the language he was speaking in.


“Um… I don’t know what you’re saying…” she said weakly.


That response made Lakshman realise something and he took in her appearance for the first time.


“Blue hair and diamond shaped eyes… Yes… She must be from the Manjuvad Demon Clan,” he thought finally as he came to the conclusion.


He immediately switched over to the Demon Language and asked, “Do these monsters usually eat meat?”


“Oh. No… Not at all,” she replied quickly as she finally understood his question when he spoke in her language. “They usually are plant eaters, but for some odd reason, they’ve been attacking our kind and eating us!”


“I see… Something must’ve happened to cause such a great change in them,” he said before nodding in understanding as he remembered back to what he heard through the use of Transcendent Talk.


He turned back to the monsters, who were glaring at him fiercely through their yellow eyes. Lakshman continued radiating in golden-red aura and he held out his arm out more with an open hand. He began gathering energy and the amount was so much, the woman thought he was going to destroy them for sure. However, he did quite the opposite to what she expected him to do.


“Warp Out!” said Lakshman in a firm voice.


In an instant, the Sliquadets were surrounded by magic light before they vanished into thin air. All five of them disappear and along with them, so did the rest of their group that remained up the hill eating the bodies of their kills. Lakshman targeted all the Sliquadet monsters within the area before using Warp Out on them.


The mother was surprised when the monsters suddenly disappeared and she asked, “W-What did you do?”


Lakshman slowly turned to her and said, “I’m not a killer and I certainly couldn’t kill monsters like them. So, I just teleported them and all their kind within the surroundings back to a different location that’s quite far from here. They should be safe there and shouldn’t be able to harm others that might be living here.”


“I-I see…” the mother said slowly, still clutching her daughter tightly in her arms. “T-Thank you for saving us…!”


Lakshman smiled softly at her and he turned around to see towards the open bushes. Lying down on the grassy floor with their back were all seven of his wives; Venezuela, Emilia, Erza, Tetra, Silvera, Ondine and Cantia. All of them appeared to be sleeping and he smiled when he saw the peaceful sleeping expressions on their faces.


“Yes… I’m glad we’re safe. I’m… really… glad…” Lakshman said slowly and weakly.


His energy finally giving out on him, he closed his eyes and his body staggered for a moment before collapsed to his knees and finally fell on the grassy floor. The mother was shocked and thought for a moment that he had died, but she saw the grass slowly lifting and falling from his breathing.


“Hey…! Mister! Wake up! You can’t sleep in a place like this!” the mother called out as she crawled over to shake him.


“Come on, cool guy. Wake up…!” the little girl said as she also attempted to shake him awake.


Lakshman lay there without making any response to them shaking his body because he could not. He was exhausted and with the last of his energy fading, he fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Author’s Note


I’m sorry that I didn’t respond at for almost two days, but I was pretty mindblownby how quickly I received the responses from people all around! Even the votes of 36 was a shocking amount because I admittedly was expecting around 10 or 20 due to the lack of response I am receiving lately. Anyway, it’s good the story is liked and everything, which I will continue writing till the very and all the while, doing my best to make it entertaining. Heck! It’s already entertaining the way it is anyway! 😀


During this time that I haven’t written a chapter, I worked tirelessly on the Wikia to make it really cool and everything! Heck, I even went to the point of making a custom new awesome cover for the story, which is pretty cool in my opinion! 😀 I started a timeline, techniques and many other things, but there’s more missing that I haven’t had time to work on just yet, but it’s a smooth progress, but slow progress.


Now, I know I’m being a little selfish here (or selfless depending on which way you put it), I would really appreciate it if some volunteers help me out with the wikia of this story. I’m making it so that it’s easy for not just you, but everyone to follow. That’s the whole reason behind the intention of making that wikia in the first place. So, I would love to see some helpers, but I can totally understand people being busy with their life and everything. Heck! I’m a teacher and my days are busy as always, but I squeeze some time into puting the story out out for all youwonderful readers to read and enjoy! 😉


Finally, I thank everyone for showing so much interest in reading this amazing story and I appreciate the much encouragement I receive in the process! I’m sure you liked the previous arcs and I’m also certain you will like this current one as well as the future ones to come! If there are any problems or something that confuses you with the story, please comment and I will do my best to answer them without revealing too many spoilers. For one thing, I myself don’t want to get disappointed by revealing spoilers and then losing motivation over it! So, you’re free to ask me questions at any time and I will be happy to answer! 😉


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