Passed Time



Lakshman opened his eyes and was surprised to find himself lying on what felt like a comfortable bed. For a moment, he lay there on the bed feeling slightly weak for some reason, but he had energy to let him focus on his surroundings. After slowly looking around the place he was currently at, he concluded that he was inside a small house.


“I don’t remember a hospital being this small before…” he muttered weakly before sighing deeply.


“It’s not a hospital, it’s my home,” said a woman’s voice from his left and it sounded strangely familiar.


He slowly turned to see someone at the entrance of the building. At first, he could not clearly see who it was because they were being hidden by shadows, with the sunlight behind them. When the person moved into the room, he got a better look at her and he eyes widened in surprise. Slowly walking towards him while carrying a bowl full of substance he had no idea about was Sumara Manjuvad, the person who was his magic tutor back when he was a child.


“I’m glad you’re awake. You’ve been sleeping for well over a week,” said Sumara in a pleasant voice.


“M-Miss Sumara…?” asked Lakshman weakly as he watched her walk around to his side and sit down on a stool.


“That’s me, but you don’t have to add the ‘miss’ prefix anymore. I’m no longer your tutor and you’re longer my student,” Sumara told him with a small smile on her face.


He blinked at her a few times in surprise before sighing heavily and saying, “Okay… This has got to be a dream.”


“Hmm? Why do you think so?” she asked him curiously as she placed the bowl on the bedside.


“Well… For one thing, you’re supposed to be at Bazaraka Continent while I’m supposed to be… Uh… I don’t know where I’m supposed to be, but it’s definitely not Bazaraka Continent where you’re currently are!”


“Oh… Is that so…?” said Sumara in a slow voice before making a small smile on her face.


She reached out her hand and pinched his arm tightly, causing him to cry out in pain. He quickly moved his left arm to rub his right arm where she pinched him while staring at her indignantly.


“Why’d you do that for?” he asked her indignantly.


“You said this was a dream and I simply tested you. So, do you still think this is a dream?”


“O-Oh…” he said as he realised the implications behind her words. “Now that you mention it, I do feel pain, which is practically impossible if I’m dreaming. Which means I’m really here… on Bazaraka Continent with you…?”


She nodded and said, “That’s right. A week ago, you saved six of the Manjuvad Demon Clan members and in the process, you collapsed. We quickly brought you here and I did my best to heal you using Healing Harmony, but you didn’t wake up at all. For some reason, you were drained both physically and mentally, which seemed to have had nothing to do with you fighting those monsters.”


“Oh… Right… That did happen, didn’t it?” he asked slowly as he remembered the events in the forest when he fought and warped them away to a different location instead of killing them. He suddenly remembered something very important and he quickly asked her, “Miss Sumara! What about the girls where I collapsed? There should be seven of them…! What happened to—?”


“Calm down,” she said with a smile as she placed a wet blanket over his forehead to cool his temperature. “There were indeed seven of them and all of them are in good health, but sleeping like you. It looked like whatever affected you also affected them in the same way, which my King ranked healing spells are having no effect in fixing.”


As she said that, she looked very disappointed in failing to heal the injured because she took pride in her ability as a Magician King. He slowly lifted his hand and managed to only place it on her hand to reassure her.


“Don’t worry, Miss Sumara. You did your best and I’m sure the girls will wake up soon like me,” he told her reassuringly and she nodded in agreement.


“You’re right. I’m sure they will,” said Sumara before she recovered some of her happiness. “By the way, stop adding ‘miss’ prefix. It’s making me feel uncomfortable as if I’m really old.”


“Oh… I’m sorry, Miss— I mean, S-Sumara…” he said hesitantly and she nodded approvingly.


“Good. Make sure to always call me like that, otherwise I will cut down one meal per day!” she told him in a stern voice.


“Fine…” he said slowly before smiling at her.


Sumara nodded at him and now, she looked at him intently and with a small smile forming on her face, she asked him, “So, how is our young Phoenix Titan feeling after waking up after so long?”


“Yes, I’m feeling okay,” he said in a casual voice before realising what she had said. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Wait… Mi— S-Sumara, how did you know I’m the Phoenix Titan? I don’t remember writing you a letter, except the one I received from you before you left the Human Continent.”


“Word spreads quickly and I heard it about it some ten-years-ago,” she said casually as she smiled at him. “Really… I never thought in a million years that you’re the Phoenix Titan. It makes me feel proud as your magic tutor when you were just a kid, even if you were really strange from the beginning.”


She was smiling at him, but he did not find it funny because something about her speech stumped him.


“Sumara… What do you mean you heard about me being the Phoenix Titan ten-years-ago?” he asked her slowly in a cautious voice.


“It’s just like I said,” she replied firmly. “Ten-years-ago, word reached the continent and began spreading about the Phoenix Titan that became king of Floria Kingdom and his name was Lakshman Chand. I was quite surprised when I heard about it. I feel so proud of you for being your magic tutor and seeing my student reach such an advancement in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing!”


She was praising him, but he was not in the mood to accept them as his mind was troubled.


“You heard about that ten-years-ago, but that impossible! I’ve only become king like a month or so ago!” he said in a solid voice.


At that, Sumara’s eyes widened in surprise and she watched the troubled expression on his face deepen. For a few seconds, there was silence as they thought about what each of them just heard from each other. She finally decided to speak and she narrowed her eyes before posing him with her question.


“Lucky… Tell me what the current year is.”


“Huh? The current year…?” Lakshman asked and he blinked in surprise. When she nodded, he said, “8099 PX.”


Hearing that, her eyes became wide with shock, which surprised him. In his life, he had watched her get shocked only several times, but he never saw her this shocked before. She quickly recovered and cleared her throat before speaking to him.


“Lucky… That’s not our current year,” she carefully told him, which surprised him. Then, she slowly said, “Our current year is 8109 PX.”


This time, it was his turn to widen his eyes in shock at the revelation of the truth. He could not believe what she was telling him, but he somehow knew it to be true.


“I-It’s… 8109 PX?” he asked in a soft voice and she nodded at him.


“That’s correct…”she said slowly before exclaiming, “Ah…! Now I remember hearing rumours about the king of Floria Kingdom dyeing or something… Although I didn’t hear it after that, but it looks like you really did disappear for ten years.”


“B-But, how is that possible?!” asked Lakshman in a desperate voice. “I was right there fighting the Calamity Titan before… before…” He faltered as his memory back to the last moment of his battle against the Calamity Titan returned to him.


He had been struggling to fight against the two large balls of destruction that Calamity Titan launched at him. Down below him, he heard the loud screams of his wives as they had all given up hope in the face of their destruction. Unlike them, he did not lose and with that alone, he used up the final amount of his energy to activate Dimension Warp to warp himself and his wives to safety. It was a technique that he had mastered so that he could use in emergency situations and it came in handy. However, he did not completely mastered it and the technique warped him to a location he had no control over changing.


“That’s right… I remember now…” he said in a slow voice and Sumara looked curiously at him. “I used Dimension Warp to get us out of there and in a random twist of fate, ended up here in the Bazaraka Continent. Then, Frozen Time must’ve activated and we were put into deep sleep for ten years before the barrier was destroyed by that monster’s attack.”


“Frozen Time?” Sumara asked with a puzzled expression on her face. “Isn’t that the technique that freezes the time of all occupants within the barrier? It putting them to sleep for a certain amount of time, but it usually takes years before it releases them again. So, you used it to recover from the damage you received from fighting the Calamity Titan?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “No. I didn’t use it at all, but it got automatically activated when Dimension Warp was used.”


“This Dimension Warp… I don’t remember reading about it anywhere…”


“It’s a secret technique that I discovered through certain methods,” he said without stating clearly that he learnt about it using the knowledge he received by the Decisive Player. “Anyway, the technique is usually an emergency escape when all normal teleportation spells are blocked. However, we were badly wounded from our battle against the Calamity Titan and because of it, Frozen Time automatically activated and put us into sleep for ten years, but we woke up when the barrier got destroyed by the monster’s attack.”


“I see… I’ve studied various techniques during my life at university, but I‘ve never heard of them being used in such a manner. I’m impressed…” she said in an impressed voice.


“Ah… It isn’t that much to boast about…” he said with a small smile, which quickly faded as he said, “Anyway, knowing about it doesn’t help me in any way because it useless to me now!”


“No, no. Quite the opposite actually. It explains why you still think you’re in the past and in the future, you can create implement spells in a complex manner to stop that from happening again.”


“Of course! That makes sense perfect sense,” he said with a nod of his head. Then, he smiled at her and asked, “So, what happened during my absence of ten years, Sumara?”


“I don’t really know what’s happening around the world right now, but ten years ago, the Calamity Titan made a global broadcast using a powerful amplification spell, I believe. He openly declared himself the Emperor of the World and told everyone that you had died at his hands,” she informed him and he widened his eyes in shock.


“What?! He declared himself as the Emperor of the World?!”




Lakshman gritted his teeth and angrily said, “Dammit! I failed… What did the other kingdoms and races do about it? What was their reaction to it all?”


Sumara shrugged her shoulders and said, “I honestly don’t know… You see, people of different races went pretty quiet after his global announcement and avoided talking about it at all. However, there was word that anyone who badmouthed him were immediately struck with lightning and killed instantly. This caused great fear amongst the people and they chose to not talk at all and we followed their lead.”


“No… He’s already achieved world dominance through brute force…!” Lakshman said angrily and he clenched his fists angrily. His eyes widened suddenly and he said, “Oh no…! My kingdom…! Floria Kingdom needs me— ugh!”


He had attempted to sit up straight on the bed, but his badly wounded body screamed in protest. Sumara quickly pushed her hand down on his chest and pushed him gently back onto the bed.


“Don’t overexert yourself… You’re no good to anyone, including the kingdom you are crowned king of,” she said sternly. “So, stay and rest to get better. Focus on getting better and once you do that, I’ll let you go.”


“B-But, my kingdom…” he asked weakly in protest.


“No buts! You’re not my patient and as your doctor, I’m telling you to stay in bed and rest!” Sumara told him sternly before rising to her feet. “I’ll be back in a moment, so make sure to relax, or you will be punished… Lakshman!”


She finished by using his full name and his obedience of listening to her kicked in. He nodded at her speechless and turned his head slowly to watch her go into what seemed to be her room before it closed behind him. In the past, he remembered how she would use his full name when she was speaking to him seriously.


With little choice, he lay there on the bed, still and silent as he stared at the rooftop of the building that he was in. Like she told him, he wanted to relax, but his anger at what happened made him feel very angry at himself.


“I can’t believe my weakness cost me ten years of time…!” he muttered in a pained voice.



Sumara Manjuvad had walked into her room and closed the door shut behind her. There, she stood leaning her back against the door with a reddening face. She did not understand why, but her heart started to beat faster for some reason when she is around him. In the past, when she tutored him, such a thing had never happened, but now it was happening.


Ten-years-ago, she received word through the rumours about Lakshman Chand being the Phoenix Titan and the king of Floria Kingdom. She could not believe her ears and she had demanded the speaker to tell her everything about it.


“Well, you see, the Phoenix Titan married the queen and became crowned as king. There’s also word that he’s married seven wives in total and it lead to a dispute against the Shambasa Religion.”


“What?! He’s married?” Sumara had exclaimed in shock upon hearing this. “I thought he’s eighteen right now, so he married seven at his age?”


She could not believe the little kid she had known from so long ago could marry so soon.


The speaker girl nodded and said, “Yes, but don’t forget he’s the Phoenix Titan. Anything can go in his favour so long he has that power.”


For the past few years, she had been attempting people to find to marry, but most men declined her. It had nothing to do with her high ranked skills in magic, but it was her height. She was around 180cm and most men do not even reach as tall as her neck and men did not want to look inferior to her, so they declined the marriages.


“I see…” Sumara had said with a gloomy expression on her face. “Anything else?”


“Anyway, after that, I believe his family was attacked by the military might of the Demon Extermination Squad, however he easily defeated them all and soon after, took down the religion for good.”


Sumara was highly shocked at the news of him defeating an entire platoon of warriors and magicians form the Demon Extermination Squad. She knew they were an elite unit that existed within the Human Continent to protect towns, villages and capitals in each part of the kingdom. Most of them ranged from Sage to Emperor ranked and there were vague rumours about them using a strange rod like devices known as the Amplification Rods, which greatly amplify the wearer’s power.


“Luck— I mean, the Phoenix Titan managed to defeat them all? Those powerful warriors and magicians?”


“That’s right! Apparently, he used two of his contracted familiars to attack the magic unit while he focused on fighting close range while the rest of his wives bombarded the enemy with long range magic attacks.”


“Unbelievable… Just how strong did he become?” she had asked incredulously.


“Who knows, but he did put up a great fight against the Slavemancer to get rid of the slavery system. I believe he convinced the other kingdoms to trust him in taking action to remove the slavery once and for all.” Then, she leaned closer to Sumara and whispered, “They say, one of his wives was a slave at one time, whom he saved by buying her.”


“Unbelievable…” Sumara said slowly in disbelief.


After learning so much from the person at the inn, she returned to her village in a daze of shock. She was very happy that Lakshman became the Phoenix Titan and then the king of an entire kingdom. However, for some reason, she felt really down upon learning that he had gotten married. It saddened her and she could not explain the reasons to why she felt that way.


She stopped thinking about it retain her cool air and ten-years-later quickly went by before she realised. In her village of Manjuvad Demon Clan, she was their healer and master chef, which she learnt from Lakshmi Chand, Lakshman’s mother. Her parents died at a very early age and she was left parentless, but the elder of the village took her in and raised her as if she was his daughter. Due to this, the villagers have a lot of respect and many even look up to her as a great example of success.


In these ten years, she had attempted to speak to more of the bachelors from her village, but it was useless. They were all around 180cm, but she still dwarfed them by growing three more centimetres in these two years. Her height angered her because it was causing all the men around her to turn her down only because of this. She was beautiful, well-educated and cooks well, but the major factor between men and women was their height and age difference. After the age of sixty, the Manjuvad Demon Clan believe men and women are no longer fit for marriage, which she wanted to avoid at all cost, but there appeared to be no chance of her energy getting married in her life.


One day, she was in the middle of delivering the magic potion that healed wounds and collecting the money, when the jewel on her head began glowing brightly. This informed her that something wrong must have happened at the village and she quickly used a teleportation spell to arrive at the village. Upon her arrival, she found the village to be on high alert and she learnt from the elder about only six of the fifteen people returned after venturing into the forest.


“Are you a fool?!” she shouted at him angrily.


She knew of the unknown monsters killing her people and she had planned to investigate the matter thoroughly. He high ranking skills and great knowledge in the art of fighting was excellent and she was confident she could take down whatever it was killing her people, but the elder acted before she could do anything.


“I did what I had to do to keep us alive,” he told her in protect, only to meet her angry face.


“Dammit!” she shouted at him and knocked him on the top of his head.


Later, she was taken to where the wounded women sat and her eyes immediately narrowed in sadness. They were badly wounded, but what caught her attention was the little girls standing by their side. It appeared that the women had taken their children with them to teach them the vegetables they would need to survive and it angered her at how foolish the decision to go was.


The men, who lost their wives, were very angry and attempted to march together into the forest to fight the monsters. However, they were stopped in their tracks by Sumara and she glared at them angrily before shouting sense into them.


“You’re wives are gone, but there are many more women here that need protect! Which will you take? Revenge…? Or… protection?” she had asked them with a serious expression on her face.


The men were reminded their jobs as men to protect the village and they went back, looking very upset. They were saddened that they were unable to take revenge, but she knew they will now focus all of their energies in protecting the village in her absence. These were strong men and if they fight together, they should be able to handle tough monsters from Rank D to Rank C.


Afterwards, she began nursing the wounds of the wounded by quickly using her King ranked healing spells. That was when she was told they brought in eight unknown people from the forest, one of which happened to save the women from getting eaten. She inspected who it was and saw seven girls lying still and silent while breathing lightly as if they were sleeping deeply. When she looked towards the eighth person, her jaw dropped open in shock when he instantly recognised who it was.


“L-L-Lucky?” she asked and she immediately walked over to where he lay on the ground.


He was sleeping with a pained expression on his face while making soft moaning sounds. She immediately checked his temperature and was startled by how high it was. Thus, she ordered the women to be taken to the spare building and be guarded by two men in a regular guard duty. In the meantime, she brought him to her home and laid him on the bed in the room separating the one room that had a door, which was her room.


She did not know why she brought him into her house and instead could have let him sleep in the same building as the girls. However, upon seeing him, her heart suddenly began to race and a wild concern for his safety filled her mind. Without a second thought, she brought him into her home and began doing her best to heal him using the wide range of spells she learnt. However, all her magic did was decrease the pain his body was feeling, which did not heal him completely.


For over a week, he remained in that state without waking up at all. It began to torment her as she feared he would never be able to wake up again from his sleep. However, that day he woke up and when she came into the room to hear him speaking, her heart immediately jumped with joy and her gloomy mind cheered up in an instant.


As she spoke to him, she learnt that he came ten years from the past to this time through a safety activation spell. She felt sorry for him, but only enough to hide the strange happiness she was experiencing deep within. It surprised her when he quickly asked about how the seven girls were and she concluded they were his wives. As her duty as their doctor and the only healer of the village, she constantly made rounds to everyone to check up on how they are doing. The girls were doing fine, but she could not help notice the amount of beauty and cuteness each of them radiated, even while asleep.


“I wonder if I’m a match against their beauty,” she thought and surprised herself.


She did not know why or for what reason her thoughts ended up like that. However, she found Lakshman impressive with the amount of power he radiated, even though he was in a weakened state. It made her heart race once more and she had difficulty controlling her emotions when his sudden outburst about wanting to leave for the kingdom gave her the excuse to become firm with him. As soon as that was over, she retreated into her room and she found herself in the state she currently was in.


Now, as her heart slowly calmed down, she placed a hand to her chest and wondered, “Is this… love?”



After a while, he woke up feeling sleepy and he looked around to see that it was night time. All the energy crystals within the building had gone out and he found himself in total darkness. However, he could see the light streaming down from the sky, lit by the millions of stars littering the sky. He wanted to go out and see the starry sky of the night, but his body was badly wounded to allow him to do anything.


He sighed before muttering, “Outer Spirit.”


In an instant, he felt a strange sensation run through him and he felt himself get expelled out of his body. In the form he was currently in, he was just like any ordinary spirit, except that it was an illusionary spirit formed by the magic spell while his real spirit continued to remain within his body, which had closed its eyes and quickly fallen asleep.


In his illusionary spirit form, he quietly floated out through the closed door and came outside. He looked up to slowly widen his eyes to stare unblinkingly up at the starlit night. It was a beautiful night with the sky littered with stars as it threw a beautiful light down to the surface of the world. He did not know how long he stayed there like that, but he often came out in the night in his illusionary spirit to stare up at the sky to relieve some of the sadness he had accumulated by learning the truth of his time skip.


One night, while he was out looking up at the starry sky, he heard the sound of something clanging. It had to be rings clanging together and at first, Lakshman paid no mind to it. However, the sound continued to repeat and his mind was finally drawn to it curiously. It seemed the noise did not cause any alarm as its rings continued to ring loudly in the air after every few seconds. He knew he cannot be hurt in his illusion spirit form and he went into the forest to investigate the source of the sound.


Following the sound from the clanging noise, he ventured only several meters into the forest before reaching an open area. A large tree erected in the centre of the open spare and sitting on the seating platform was a women, however he knew immediately she was no human. Hey slim body glowed brightly in white light as she held a staff with several rings attached to it with her left hand. She looked up at him and he was startled to see the kind of eyes she had; crystal white eyes that seem to be dazzling to look at, but he could not see a pupil in them.


“Welcome, young one…” she said while forming a small smile on her radiating beautiful face.


“Uh…” Lakshman began and hesitated as he suddenly felt his mind hurt slightly. “I… I know you…! You’re the Goddess of Time, Tintika.”


“That is correct,” she said in a smooth elegant voice.


He winced slightly before asking, “So…? How do I know your name if you’re a goddess? The only information that I don’t have is on the background of people and the gods themselves!”


She lightly chuckled before saying, “That… is an ancient secret.”


“Oh… Not this again…” he said before groaning. Then, he sharply looked at her and asked, “Tell me… It was you, wasn’t it? The one that activated Frozen Time that put me and my wives to sleep for ten years!”


“Very perceptive,” she said coolly. “However, a correct: it is not ‘I’ who did it, but the Divine Protection of Time did it.”


“What? Divine Protection? How’s that possible? I thought I only had Divine Protection of Sun and Divine Protection of Moon! I don’t remember unlocking that protection before.”


“Silly boy… The Divine Protection are ones that are granted by gods and are extremely special. Mortals, such as you, can never come to understand their powers and would certainly have difficulty sensing them. You unlocked that power when you grasped great control over your power and due to that, Divine Protection of Time was unsealed.”


“Oh… That makes sense, but why did it activate? Ten years went by in a flash and I don’t know what’s going on anymore!” he complained to her irritably.


“Perhaps, but it chose to do it because of how life threatening state you had been in when you used Dimension Warp to get to safety. In order to protect you, the Divine Protection of Time activated and put you, along with your wives, into deep sleep and froze your time in the process. However, if you find yourself in life threatening situation again, it will not activate because it had already been used up.”


“So, unlike the Divine Protection of Sun and Divine Protection of Moon, this one is a one-time activation? I see. Well, it’s not I am complaining that it’s gone. I may have failed in defeating Calamity Titan last time, but there will be no failure this time!”


“Good. Is that why you told a blatant lie about the Dimension Warp and Frozen Time to the girl that is currently looking after you?” she asked him shrewdly.


“Huh? You were watching?” Lakshman asked in amazement.


She shook her head and said, “Engraut told me. He keeps me informed of a lot of things happening in the Physical Plane.”


Lakshman looked surprised before he clenched his fists and said, “That damn stalking god!”


“I agree that he is,” Tintika said in agreement without hesitation.


“Wow…! I didn’t expect such a reply form a goddess,” Lakshman said and he stared at her in surprise. “Don’t he have much respect up in the God Plane?”


“He is a god full of energy and it often makes him annoying to deal with. However, he does his job right by watching the world and then informing us Gods and Goddesses to do what we must to keep the world moving forward.”


“I see,” he said in understanding before returning to the topic. “Well, I didn’t exactly lie to her with the way it activated, but still… I didn’t want to look like totally clueless in front of her since I’m Phoenix Titan and all.”


“Ah… Is it because she’s the Destiny Queen?” she asked him coolly.


He looked at her in surprise and asked, “You knew?”


“There is one fact that you are forgetting: Destiny Queens of the past will take on the same appearance once they are reborn. That way, it is ease for the Phoenix Titan to easily locate them after so long since they separated from each other. However, I think you should already know that the eighth Destiny Queen would not be so easy to acquire. She is an angel and you’re human with phoenix blood in you.”


Lakshman sharpened his eyes and looked seriously at her as he said, “I know. My mother possess the phoenix blood from a long line of descendants, but she isn’t aware of that fact herself. The power of the blood weakened after marrying regular humans, which caused a slight instability and made me sick when I was young, but I don’t know how it affects my sisters. As for the last Destiny Queen, I had a feeling she will be an angel from the memories that I was able to unlock from the first Phoenix Titan of when he was with the Nine Destiny Queens.”


“Mmm… I take it you learnt about this during your training?”


“I unlocked the memories when I obtained Silvera, the seventh Destiny Queen, by yes. I learnt the rest of it during my training in the Phoenix Training Sanctuary through the knowledge and wisdom I obtained from a dear friend, who gave his life to let me live.”


“Very good. It seems the Decisive Player’s gamble to play with your life to raise you without being affected by evil and then his sacrifice paid off. Now, you are the kind of Phoenix Titan he dreamed hoped you would be and the one the world needs right now. However, you are still not powerful without unlocking the last seal.”


“When the time comes… When the time is right… I will unseal my full powers and acquire my full powers!” Lakshman told her in a confident voice. “I will make Calamity Titan regret for ever placing such ridiculous seals on me after I defeat him with my fully awakened powers!”


“Excellent, but remember that unsealing the last one will cause destruction. Be careful of that,” she told him warningly.


“I don’t know what this destruction will be, but I don’t fear it. I will rise above the challenge and defeat it like a true warrior!” he told her firmly and she nodded approvingly.


“Now then, I will take my leave because my business with you is done,” she said simply and she gracefully rose to her feet with her staff moving lightly to make the rings clang together lightly.


“What? You’re returning already?” he asked her in a surprised voice.


“Yes. The only reason I came down was to meet you at least once before you go back into the heart of battle. I had initially wanted to see you, but I had my task of controlling times through this and every other world out there that The Creator made. After all, I’m just a Divine Being, whose simple role is to guide the mortals towards their destiny, but it is entirely up to them to go there or not.”


“I completely understand and I thank you for granting me Divine Protection of Time! I will not let the second chance it has given me go to waste!” he said before bowing deeply to her in gratitude.


She made a small smile on her face and as her body began to glow brightly, she said, “Then, prove it through your actions…”


Her words echoed in the surroundings as she vanished in a flash of light. Lakshman straightened up and looked back up at the sky that he could see through the opening in the clear space he stood in. Looking at the twinkling starts high above, he really thought how beautiful that night was.

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