Lakshman vs. Enemies



The men charged through the air and headed straight at Lakshman as he hovered there and watched them come. They were all radiating violet aura that surrounded them and they roared like wild animals by releasing their energy in great quantity.


Lakshman remained hovering there, above the tree that he sat at earlier, but quickly moved a pace back to give himself some fighting room. Then, the attackers came like a swarm and began unleashing their fists on him and he avoided all of them with ease. The movement was fast paced and they just kept coming, causing him to finally take them seriously.


“Here we go!” he shouted as he surged with powered while radiating golden-red aura.


He pulled his arm back and unleashed it at the face of the attacker in front of him. The shock of the punch as so strong, it blasted the attacker several meters away. Lakshman quickly followed through and lifted his leg around and slam down on the next attacker that came from behind before turning to his left and punching the next attacker in the gut and then elbowed the guy that suddenly appeared behind him.


“AAAAAAAHHHH!!!” screamed one of the warriors to his right.


Lakshman quickly turned his attention to him and quickly flew towards him before firmly planting his fist into the man’s face, sending him flying back and knocking into several more of his comrades. With a process like this, Lakshman continued to send their own comrades directly in front of them to break the momentum of the flow of his enemy attackers.


At that moment, while he was preoccupied by the warriors who continued attacking him, he suddenly felt the pressure of power from behind. He momentarily increased his speed and avoided all of their punches to get away from them to look what was going on behind him. The enemy attackers had been gathering energy to form their attacks to hit him with.


Most of the attackers back away while leaving only a few to keep Lakshman occupied until the energy attacks were ready. Once they were done, the fifteen energy attackers launched the large balls of energy into driving waves of destruction that shot straight towards Lakshman and more attackers. Lakshman saw the attack arriving and in an instant, he and the enemy attackers fighting him got consumed by the wave.


“Did we get him?!” the men shouted once the wave was over.


“Not really…!” said a voice familiar voice from behind them.


They whipped around in mid-air and to their shock, saw Lakshman hovering there with his arms folded. He was not smiling at the people that had attempted to attack him just now.


“So, you kill your comrades as well? How low…!” he said to them in a disgusted voice.


They noticed the tone and they all gritted their teeth angrily before surging with energy. As the men prepared to charge for another wave of destruction at him, Lakshman unfolded his hands and he extended his right hand before firing a large wave of destruction at one of the attackers. The Grobula Demon Clan warrior screamed in shock before being vaporised by the attack. His comrades were startled by the attack and they became so distracted, their forming attack disappeared.


Lakshman formed energy into the palms of his hands and fired two large waves of destruction at two more attackers that vaporised them in an instant. He then spread his arms wide and vaporised everyone else that were in its path. In less than ten seconds, he killed all fifteen warriors that had attempted to kill him before.


Before he could take a breather, he was attacked again from behind by more than forty warriors. The sheer numbers were great and it did not make sense to him why so many of them were there. They were all blinding charging into their deaths as they flew towards him while he slowly turned to face them.


Lakshman roared forward to deal with them when two large beams shot into the air and flew into the sky right in front of him. He was startled from the sudden release of these energy waves and when he turned to look towards the ground, he was surprised to see a squad of magicians with their wands raised into the air at him.


He began dodging the attackers they fired at him, which were Beam Cannons, Stone Bullets and Stone Smash. They all flew up into the air and aimed directly at him, but his speed allowed him to dodge them all with ease. However, it distracted him to the men charging at him and before he realised, two fists landed on the side of his face and three more in his gut.


The shock of the sudden attack stunned him and he flew back slightly from the shock, when more attacks followed up right. The men began taking advantage of his stunned state to begin landing blow after blow on his body while he attempted to defend the best that he could against the forty attackers. Their blows all carried the weight of their charged up Energy Force and it deal some damage onto Lakshman’s body.


Lakshman finally recovered and in an instant, he extended his arms out to either side of him and he brought them together to clap his hands together. In an instant, a powerful surge of wind began flying in the direction of the attackers and they struggled against the wind for a brief moment before being blown away by it.


Once he sent the men flying away, Lakshman aimed his hand down at the men and shouted, “Air Strike Cannon!”


In an instant, magic circles appeared in the sky and they began to rotate quickly while gathering energy before laughing powerful beams of energy towards the ground. The magician unit, down below, became their target and were soon under attack. He knew they were the most troublesome out of the entire group and he began using Stone Barrage, Barrier Blaster and Rock Slide.


Stone Barrage is a Sage ranked magic technique that makes large stone rocks appear out of the ground to hurl themselves at the target. It is simply the same as if someone is throwing a rock, only several timers stronger and faster, which is just like a barrage of stones. As the stones got hurled at them, the magicians became wounded greatly and blood flowed out from the multiple wounds they left on their bodies.


Barrier Blaster is a King ranked magic technique that causes five magic circles around the target and blast them with energy waves that can penetrate through Sage ranked Barrier Magic Spells. The magicians were in a stunned shock from the shock of having their barriers rendered almost useless as it only protected them from the Air Strike Cannon, which rapidly shot beams of energy at them between thirty seconds of rest to recharge.


Rock Slide is a Sage ranked magic technique that cause the lose rock to suddenly start moving from place to place beneath the feet of people. It immediately creates a rock sliding sensation and leaves the people distracted and unable to focus on the battle. That was exactly what happened to the magicians as their feet got dragged from place to place randomly due to the rocks moving around beneath their feet.


While the magic did their job in distracting the magic units, Lakshman focus his attention on the attackers, who had regained their air-balance and began flying at him with boosted speed. Lakshman charged up his energy and he flew straight at them, which caused the warriors to widen their eyes.




With a scream, Lakshman soared at them and when he reached one, he delivered a powerful punch to the attacker’s gut. The force of impact, sent him flying into several of his comrades and Lakshman quickly flew forward and slammed the next attacker in the face. The impact broke the man’s nose and also hurled him into the attackers’ right in front of him. As the attackers continued flying at him, Lakshman joined his hands together and formed a hold in the middle as he shouted the technique he used on them.


“Solar Flash!”


Solar Flash is a King ranked technique that creates blinding flash of light as if the sun just suddenly flashed before their eyes for a second. This is a handy technique to use on opponents to disorient them by the blinding power of the sun.


In an instant, all the men’s eyes flashed in an instant as sun light suddenly pierced into their retinas. The shock from seeing the direct light caused them to scream out in shock and clutch their faces. It took them a few seconds for them to recover from it, but that was long enough for Lakshman to fly past them without being noticed. When they regained full eyesight once again, they momentarily lost track of their enemy.


“Over here, idiots!” shouted a familiar voice from behind.


They turned around and were shocked to see that Lakshman was hovering in the air behind them. He had his arms held out with an energy ball on the top of each extended finger on his hand. A total of ten small energy balls were hovering at the edge of his fingers.


He widened his smile and he began launching the balls of energy at his enemies and the attackers got bombarded by small balls of energy that slammed hard into them. Lakshman continued firing his those Finger Energy Blasts at his enemies at a rapid rate that left the enemies unable to retaliate due to the barrage the were under. Additionally, for some reason, they were taking more damage than they thought they would from such barrage.


Lakshman finally decided to stop the barrage and he extended both of his hands out to create an invisible barrier with his arms. Once it was created, he brought it forward to gather all the floating attackers in one place to finish them all with one devastating attack. The men, badly wounded from the barrage, were suddenly got pushed against by the invisible barrier that made it difficult for them break out of.


Lakshman quickly brought the barrier together and slammed them together in front of him, causing the men to slam into each other by their heads. With them gathered there without there being any way for them to escape from, Lakshman began gathering his energy to launch the devastating attack to wipe them all out.


At that moment, powerful spike suddenly flew from underneath and pierced into his left arm.




The shock caused him to scream out in pain and he suddenly lost the feeling in his left arm. It had become useless to him in the middle of the battle and Lakshman looked down to see some magicians aiming up at him with what looked like piercing metallic objects.


“No… Needle Strike!” Lakshman said out loud in shock.


He immediately activated Power Barrier and defended himself against the needle attacks that soared up him, along with a barrage of energy blasts and waves of destruction. As Lakshman looked down, he noticed that his Barrier Blaster had been taken out by some sort of counter spell.


These guys are between Sage and King ranked to be able to


He quickly looked at his left arm and knowing that it was disabled to the point that he could no longer feel any feeling in it. Although people think he is a fool, he is a kind hearted man and killing his enemies outright is just not right for him, which was why he used the previous attacks, which had low output that would not kill his enemies. He was prepared to kill the men in the air because there was no hope for them left, but he wanted the magicians to be scared away from it. Now, he was angry enough to kill anyone that got in his way.


Lakshman raised his functioning right arm and began gathering energy there as he shouted, “Positron Lancer!”


In an instant, a blue like energy appeared there and soon formed into a lance, which he gripped tightly in his right hand. He looked down at the men and began to pour more and more energy into his attack to destroy both the ground and the men without leaving any trace of their existence.




He screamed with power as his Positron Lancer began to glow brighter with its growing strength. Then, once it was ready, he hurled it down at the men at high speed. The magicians saw it coming and they instantly reacted by activating their Sage and King ranked Barrier Magic Spells in order to protect themselves, but Lakshman smiled when he saw the multiple layers of barriers placed.
“Fools… Positron Lancer is a King ranked technique and I fired it at full power, which is greater than most Emperor ranked techniques! You’re all finished!” Lakshman shouted at them.


The attack soared down and easily pierced through the barriers as if they were made of glass, before piercing into the ground. For a moment, it remained lodged into the ground and the magicians thought that it had failed, but they had no idea of the devastation that was about to follow.


Positron Lancer began to glow brightly and a few seconds later, it suddenly exploded into a great wave of destruction. The magicians were engulfed by the wave and their screamed were heard loud and clear within the surrounding forests as the wave of destruction slowly spread around the ground until finally, a great explosion that created powerful blowing wind that flew in all directions.


Many of the trees were uprooted because of the explosion and the wind sent them in all directions. Up in the air, Lakshman and the men got buffeted by the forceful wind that threatened to break the barrier keeping the men in place. Finally, it all began to settle down and as the smoke cleared, they clearly saw the devastation that was left behind by such a simple looking attack. There was no trace of the magicians left as they were vaporised by the power of the wave of destruction.


Instead of smiling at his glory, Lakshman made a grim face and he turned his attention to the men that were trapped inside the barrier. He raised his right hand at them and began gathering large quantity of energy, which quickly formed into a large red ball of energy at the open end of his palm. The men saw it and knew their doom was approaching, which was they attempted firing their energy blasts at them.


“So… They are nothing more than mere fighters who only know how to fight with their energy… Explains why I found it strange for them to be so strong, yet weak at the same time…! I probably should’ve finished them from the start, but I wanted to give them a chance… Damn…! Sometimes, my own principles come back to hurt me, but that’s okay! I won’t give up because it’s the right thing to do!”


With his thoughts and the gathering of energy complete, he unleashed the red ball of energy into a massive red wave of destruction as he shouted its technique out loud.


“Super Solar Drive Cannon!”


In an instant, a massive red wave of destruction was unleashed from the ball and it soared straight towards the men. The defenceless attackers watched in horror as the wave rushed at them mercilessly before engulfing them and vaporising them without leaving a trace of them behind. A few seconds later, the wave was over and there was only a smoking cloud from where the attackers were moments before.


Lakshman looked unhappily and winced when he felt slight pain in his left arm, which still had the feeling of the pain infused by the still pierced needles.


“Seriously… I was expecting something like Energy Piercing Cannon, but to fire needles at me like that… They really were out of their minds…” he muttered as he gently placed a hand on his wounded left arm.


At that moment, he suddenly widened his eyes when he was sensed the presence of several evil people behind him. He attempted to quickly turn around, but not quick enough because he was suddenly attacked from behind by a large beam cannon. He cried out in pain when it slammed hard into him and pushed him several meters forward before disappearing. Then, several more beam cannons were fired from behind and they slammed hard into his back.


“Ah…! Damn…!” he shouted as he was bombarded by the powerful beam cannons.


After receiving several more, the beam cannons suddenly stopped and he finally got the chance to turn around. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw ten, the remaining members that did not show up to attack him, were channelling all of their attack into a large ball. Lakshman watched the ball get larger by the second until it was really large.


“Whoa… Whoa…! What are they doing…?” he asked out loud in surprise.


At that moment, he heard a loud voice shout, “Thunder Struck!”


In an instant, the heard a great rumble from above in the sky when, all of a sudden, lightning descended down at him. He had enough time just to widen his eyes in shock before being slammed hard by the lightning attack. The attack began coursing through his body and caused him immense pain due to the metallic needles stuck in his wounded arm, making Lakshman scream out in pain. Then, he began being hit by a wave of fire and water that made things even worse for him. Lakshman attempted to defend himself the best he could with his body, being unable to use Power Barrier due to lacking concentration.


“Damn…! These are king ranked techniques and even I’m not capable of defending myself against them, especially with my wounded left arm— ouch!” Lakshman muttered and winced as the lightning in his as he desperately defended himself the best he could from their attack.


All of a sudden, the barrage of attacks stopped, but the lightning attack continued to zap him. By now, he realised his body was paralysed from the assault, which left him defenceless. However, he got to see why the attacks had stopped, which caused his eyes to widen in shock. There was a gigantic looking ball of energy that had been formed to be used to destroy him. It began to resonate by glowing brightly before launching itself in a wave of destruction.


Lakshman saw the attack coming, but was helpless to defend himself against it due to being zapped by a powerful amount of lightning. The massive wave of destruction headed straight towards him and as his eyes widened fully in shock, it engulfed him completely. For a few seconds, the wave continued to zoom ahead before finishing in a powerful explosion. Smoke clouded the sky and blocked the view of what was happening up in the sky.


The enemy attackers were feeling pretty happy with the result they produced after carefully observing their opponent. The ones that attacked Lakshman earlier were just the regular soldiers while these ten warriors are the elite amongst the Demon Squad members. After being alerted of a possible chance that this human will pose a threat to the Demon Kingdom, the Demon Squad was launched to the obstacle out.


“Phew!” said the muscularly strong Grobula Demon Clan warrior in relief. “I attacked him so much with the King ranked Hurricane Fire attack, but it looks like I used it unnecessarily. That guy didn’t even defend himself!”


“Yeah! I think my King ranked Thunder Struck did its job in perfectly paralysing him,” said another Grobula Demon Clan warrior.


“Maybe, we should’ve just used the Mega Storm Driver from the beginning?” asked a Serprad Demon Clan warrior.


“Who knows, but he was strong. Pretty strong enough to unleash such a powerful wave of destruction with that lance thing he used earlier.”


“Anyway, our job’s done. Now, we can—!”


The speaker stopped in mid-sentence because they saw something shocking. He was not alone as all ten warriors stared at the smoking cloud in front of them as it slowly cleared to reveal Lakshman floating there.


Seeing him, the warriors began shouting in shock from seeing their supposedly dead opponent to be still alive.


“What?! He’s still alive?!”


“No way…! How?!”


“What is that guy made of?!”


“Look…! He’s wounded, but… How the he is able to stay up like that?!”


Lakshman was badly wounded with multiple cuts that leaked blood out. This was causing him to feel a little giddy as he remained floating up in the air.


“Phew… That was close, damn…! That technique was super powerful! It’s like firing two Positron Lancers at me at full power! Luckily, I’m a lot stronger than I used to be in the past, so I survived it. Now, to fix myself up… However, I don’t want to waste too much energy since I’ll be needing it to deal with these guys,” Lakshman thought to himself and he looked at his badly wounded left arm.


He gently placed his right hand on it and said, “Restoration.”


In an instant, the wounds on his arm began to heal up and the sharp needles got pulled out of his body. He winced and gritted his teeth firmly when the needles were pulled out and then the pain was gone. With the newly healed arm, he began flexing the fingers and stretching it to test that it really had completely healed.


“Good… Looks like I’m all set,” Lakshman said with a satisfied nod of the head.


At that moment, he was once again being bombarded by the attacks from the ten warriors. They were shocked that their most powerful attack, fuelled by all of their combined energy, only wounded him badly and were desperately trying to finish him off once again. They were using Hurricane Fire, Water Force Cannon, Earth Shattering Blaster and Mega Wind Crusher. All the attacks being fired by them soared through the air and slammed into Lakshman, who had not had the chance to heal the rest of his body.




Lakshman became really angry from being bombarded by so many attacks and he got so angry, he let out a long scream. With his scream, his power rocketed upwards to a level that shocked the enemy attacks from sensing his power level. As Lakshman continued to scream, the radiating golden-red aura began to radiating higher and wider around him. His surging power began to shake the ground slightly and the air became thick with energy and tension.


Once he was done screaming with rage, he glared at his opponent and in a loud voice, he screamed, “You made me aaaannnngggggrrrraaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!”


He screamed the last one and he did, his body erupted into a large ball of fire. It grew to large size before taking on the shape of a phoenix bird, which became engulfed by flames that burned everything down in its path. Lakshman glared at them fiercely through red crown shaped eyes as he had unintentionally transformed into the Phoenix Titan: Burst form.


“You’re going to regret making me angry!” Lakshman bellowed and the force of his power caused the wind to blow very fast and buffeted the scared enemies. Then, with the techniques prepared, he shouted, “Phoenix Fury!”


The fiery phoenix that surrounded him, let out a loud screeching noise that could be heard for kilometres. The enemies heard its roar and got buffeted by the wild flowing wind as they were frozen in mid-air due to shock.


Lakshman glared at them fiercely and he launched himself through air towards them. As he flew towards them, the inferno phoenix remained to surround him and appeared to be the manifested beast of great destruction, which was exactly how Lakshman was feeling at that moment.


“A-A-A-A—!” began one of the attackers in a nervous voice. He finally recovered and bellowed, “Attack!”


At his command, the other nine broke free of their shocked state and they began firing their individual attacks at Lakshman, who soared straight at them with a deadly inferno bird surrounding him. He did not care whether he killed them or not anymore because he had lost all patience and he was prepared to kill every single being that annoyed the heck out of him.


He and the surrounded inferno bird reached them and scorched the enemies up real good before flying past them. The enemy attacks were all engulfed in flames and they became unable to put out the fire. The inferno fire quickly began spreading all over their bodies and slowly burnt them alive, but it was not enough to kill them outright. That was why, Lakshman had circled around and flew back at them with the raging phoenix surrounding him.


“Time to finish this once and for all!” he screamed angrily.


The inferno phoenix let out another raging cry in anger as he flew towards the burning attacks. However, Lakshman suddenly sensed something to his left and was shocked when a violet burst of energy came from the distance swallowed the enemy attackers completely. They were instantly vaporised by the devastating attack that came out of nowhere.


Lakshman stopped in mid-flight and he slowly turned in the direction the wave of destruction came from before disappearing quickly. There was something that seemed to be slowly walking towards them and it was a very large creature.


“Zooming Force!” he shouted and his vision began to zoom his vision forward to see what it was.


He was shocked when he found that it was an extremely large creatures that was almost as large as a mountain. It appeared to be a monstrous creatures that was around 5000 meters high with a large body with a large mouth, which it was slowly closing from the attack it just fired earlier. As he looked closely at the monster’s body, he could see strange looking buildings sitting atop its back as if it was carrying a civilisation on its back as it slowly walked the world.


Everything about its appearance was shocking, but what shocked Lakshman the most was the fact that the monster was a giant walking turtle.

Author’s Note


When I told my friend there will be a giant walking turtle in my story, he said that’s a stupid idea. Really… I like turtles, they are lovely and cute, yet deadly when they attack, like the one we all just witnessed.


Anyway, I hope peopele liked the battle chapter because it took me some effort and headache to write this. The one problem about writing it is that the attacks and fighting flahes through my imagination, but sitting down and writing them is painstakingly hard…! So, I hope people liked it, although I won’t be… uh… overly sad if people are disappointed, which only means I’ll just have to try a harder for a better battle next time. Oh well. I may just be worrying unnecessarily.


Also, here’s a List of techniques that I’ve put together so far that were used in the story. I’m sure there are many more that I have yet to add. If you think I’m missing some already used techniques, feel free to suggest them and I’ll get into adding them into the wiki.

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