Demon Pursuit



On the Demon Continent, inside the Demon Castle, there were people gathered in what appeared to be the throne room. In it, over twenty people had been gathered and they were seated on comfortable chairs laid out in a row on either side of the throne. Out of them all, one was a giant and he sat down because the room size did not allow for him to stand up straight.


On the throne like chair, a man sat lazily with his eyes closed as his men talked amongst each other in low voices. He appeared to be sleeping form how he was breathing rhythmically. The others were waiting for a report from the Demon Squad they sent out to eradicate the Manjuvad Demon Clan. They had sent over sixty warriors because they sensed strong powers to be present there for some reason.


At that moment, the throne room doors opened up and two messengers came running in. Everyone turned and saw their faces were filled with anxiety as they hurried forward to report something important to the man sitting lazily on the throne.


“Master Delon! Master Delon! We have an urgent report!” said one of the messengers when they reached the throne stairs.


Their master remained to be seated lazily on the throne like chair with his eyes closed. It appeared as though he did not hear the messenger and they looked at each other. The other members gathered there were nervously looked at each other before looking back at their master.


The messenger took a deep breath and in a very loud voice said, “Master Delon! We have a report!”


This got through their sleeping master and in an instant, he raised a hand at the messenger and fired a massive wave of energy. The messenger screamed as it engulfed him and vaporised him in an instant, causing smoke to bellow out. The other messenger gulped nervously and looked up at his master, who finally straightened up on his chair.


“I was having such good dream, only to be woken up by a loud mouth…!” said the Demon Lord, Delon in a rough voice as he opened his eyes to reveal purple eyes with vertical pupils.


“Sir, we have a messenger with a report to give you,” said the man seated a bit forward and to his right.


“A report?” Delon asked in a dull voice. He looked towards the messenger, who became stiff instantly, and asked, “What is it?”


“Um… Demon Lord, sir… Earlier yesterday, we sent warriors from the Demon Squad in order to destroy the Manjuvad Demon Clan warriors due to their recent behaviour. However, we detected there to be some strange high powers there, which prompted us to send around seventy men. Upon reaching, we abruptly lost connection as if something had interfered with telepathically communication link.


So, we sent another squad that are good at tracking and gathering information. After they left and discovered what had happened, we received report that the Demon Squad members were all killed in battle. Their bodies have been discovered at the Manjuvad Demon Clan village at the Bazaraka Continent.”


“What?! Seventy warriors of the Demon Squad were all killed?!” Demon exclaimed in a shocked voice.


“T-That’s right, sir…” the messenger said nervously.


“Are you saying to me that our Demon Squad, filled with warriors with great power, in addition to possessing the Amplification Rods, have been defeated by those worthless Manjuvads?!” Delon asked incredulously and he suddenly appeared to be dangerous with the expression on his face.


The messenger quickly took a step back and said, “Ah-ah- I’m not saying that, sir! The reports just confirm of their dead bodies and the traces of battle. We were able to confirm the presence of the Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity as well as several others we have no record of!”


At hearing the term ‘Magic Titan,’ the Demon Lord quickly sat up straighter and looked sharply at the messenger, who panicked by the sudden sharpness in those eyes.


“The Magic Titan? You say that wench was there?” he asked roughly.


“Y-Yes, sir! We can confirm that! We have traced her to be heading towards the Teleportation Zone to most likely leave the continent,” informed the messenger.


“I see…” the Demon Lord slowly said and he sat straighter. “Always interfering with my plans… Always getting in my way… Always doing this and always doing that… Always making me angry… Now, you think you can just get away from my reach…? Ahhhh!!!”


He suddenly screamed and he began surging with violent power that began releasing dark energy into the air. The messenger squealed and he quickly retreated as Delon began radiating in deep dark violet aura. Even the gathered demons were looking frightened by how angry their master. Out of them, only one remained sitting coolly in his chair with his hands enclosed together.


“Master Delon, settle down already. You’re not a Demon Lord, put in position by our master and ruler! You shouldn’t be getting this angry and losing your cool!” he said in a loud voice that penetrated through the veil of anger that clouded Delon’s mind.


Delon slowly calmed down and looked at the demon, who was a Grobula Demon Clan warrior, and nodded at him.


“Yes… You’re right! I shouldn’t be losing my cool like this! My master won‘t be pleased when he learns that one of his trusted Demon Lords destroyed a castle all because he lost his cool!” Delon said firmly and he calmed himself down.


“Good,” the Gorbula Demon Clan warrior said in satisfaction.


As Delon sat straighter on the throne like chair, the man sitting next to him spoke.


“Still, that leaves the question of what we should do with that pesky Magic Titan.”


“Kill her!” said one of the gathered men.


In an instant, the entire group of demon warriors began shouting their agreement to it and started asking their master for an opportunity to allow them to take her out.


“Master Delon, please allow me and my Gorbula Demon Clan warriors the chance to defeat her!”


“Master Delon, grant us the permission to take the Magic Titan down with my Sperprad Demon Clan warriors!”


They were shouting either of those lines until a loud growling voice made them go quiet and turn to look at the giant. He slowly looked around at them all with his large eyes before turning his attention to Delon.


“Gigatros Demon Clan. Permission. Kill!” he said in very simple, but broken words.


“Huh? Send your clan out? Are you stupider than you already are?” one of the Serprad Demon Clan warriors said and the rest from his clan chuckled.


The giant looked towards him and growled, “Me. Squash. You. Bug!”


As if to prove his point, he slightly lifted his leg and stomped on the ground. The force of impact was so heavy, the ground shook violently and all the warriors were became threatened to fall off their wildly rocking chairs.


“That’s enough, Gyjug,” said Delon in a loud voice and the giant lowered his head slightly. “I’m glad you all are showing great enthusiasm in taking her down, but now isn’t the time to send any of you out. Rather, I think it’s time we sent out something new that wench wouldn’t be expecting!”




The men were surprised to hear this and they instantly became intrigued by what their master was talking about.


Delon turned to the man sitting immediately to his right and asked, “It’s time we unleash Orb!”


The man turned to him quickly and exclaimed, “What? Orb? Sir, it’s still in development though!”


“I have received recent report of the research and creation being completed. All that’s left is the field test, correct?”


“Yes, but… To send it out in this situation is… Also, the emperor ordered their creation for something else…”


“Yes, but I’m certain the emperor will understand my intention in sending it out. There is no harm in releasing it for a field test and while it fights that wench and her useless followers, our demon scientists will receive the information necessary to perfect it! This is the perfect opportunity before we lose track of her!”


As his men hesitated a few seconds longer, Delon became angry and in a powerful voice, he said, “This is the order from the Demon Lord! You’re planning ignoring your master’s orders?”


“Ah! N-No way, master!” the man said quickly and Delon nodded in satisfaction.


“Good. Makes the preparations to send forty Demon Squad members and this time equip them with four Amplification Rods for each warrior! I do not want them fail this time!”


With no other way around this predicament, the man nodded in agreement. He was aware that Delon was ordering this because he was influenced by the feelings of revenge to get back at the Magic Titan that ruined many of his plans to take over the Bazaraka Continent.


Soon after, arrangements were made and forty warriors had been gathered for the attack on the Magic Titan. Each of the demon warriors were given four Amplification Rods and they wore one on each arm and leg to make it easy on themselves. The leader of the unit was given a small box consisting of a creature called Orb, which is a newly created monster that Delon had ordered to be used in battle.


“Make sure to break the seal on the box when you are left with no options,” Delon’s assistant said to the leader of the attack unit.


“As you command, sir!” the leader replied and he bowed to him before taking the box and pocketing it.


Once the assistant left, the leader turned to his men and shouted, “Listen up, men! Today, our mission is to seek and destroy the being known as the Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity! Do not underestimate her powers because she is the eighth ranked member of the Nine Pillars of Power! However, we will have the advantage now that we are equipped with four Amplification Rods for each of us! Let us use this chance to defeat her once and for all!”


“Yes, sir!” replied the forty men that were lined up in front of him.


The leader nodded in satisfaction and he formed a fist with his right hand and placed it near the left shoulder. The men all followed his example and placed their right hands, which were formed into fists, near their left shoulders. Then, all of them began singing at the same time what sounded like their


“For glory! For victory! For our master! For our lord! For our emperor! For the darkness! For the eradication of light! We fight with darkness against the light because… we are… the Demon Squad!”


When the signing came to an end, they all punched their fists into the air and bellowed, “For the Demon Kingdom!”


For a few seconds, they stood there with their fists raised before finally dropping them to their sides. The leader nodded at them all with a satisfactory smile on his face.


“Good! Now, let’s go!”


With the shout, he surged with power while radiating in violet aura that surrounded him. His men all did the same and together, they kicked off the ground to fly towards the Teleportation Zone on Demon Continent that they were on. They would be using them to travel to the Bazaraka Continent and to meet up with the information unit, who will guide them to where the Magic Titan.


As they flew into the air, Delon watched through the side window in his room.


“I can’t believe they sung that stupid song…!” he muttered discontentedly. “Anyway, it did the trick in giving them the needed encouragement. Now, I’ll just sit back and wait for the good news of the Magic Titan’s demise!”


With that said, he formed an evil grin on his face and watched the forty Demon Squad members and their leader disappear into the distance.

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