Meteor Problem



On the outside, the people were running into the constructed homes and a barrier was erected to protect them. In the meantime, Amaranda and the girls were outside to face the enemy demon warriors flying towards them.


“Here they come!” Amaranda shouted as they spotted them heading their way.


She had her staff in hand and she began preparing her spells while the girls prepared their individual techniques. Venezuela, Emilia and Erza were ready to attack with their magic spells while Ondine and Cantia were raring to destroy the enemy with Tetra and Silvera. Sumara was not with them as she focused on defending her people from the attack.


The soaring demon warriors came into view and saw the giant walking turtle slowly walking across the land. It is a slow moving summoned familiar and it could not out run their flying speed. However, it slowly turned its huge body to face the enemies to attack them.


“Telker! Hit them with your Turtle Destruction Wave!” Amaranda commanded her familiar.


The Eternal Turtle roared, “GGOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!”


It opened its large mouth wide and quickly gathered a large amount of energy in its mouth before firing it at the enemies. The flying demon warriors saw the massive wave of destruction headed their way and attempted to evade it, but ten were wiped out by the blast for not being quick enough to get out of the way.


Their leader saw the turtle slowly begin its charging and shouted at his men, “Come on! Fly faster!”


They sped up and reached the turtle’s main body before it could take another shot at them. The demon warriors flew overhead and sensed life on the giant turtle back. They flew towards where they sensed the numerous people with life in them and it brought them to where the girls stood at ready.


“Attack!” Venezuela shouted and they began attacking the warriors.


Amaranda quickly activated her magic and conjured several magic circles to appear in front of her. They began rotating around before firing energy blasts in rapid succession. They flew directly at the enemies and caused them to split away as Venezuela, Emilia and Erza began bombarding the enemies with their magic attacks.


“Inferno Blaze Cannon!” shouted Venezuela.


“Pyro Blasters!” called Erza.


“Spiral Hurricane!” said Emilia.


The three attacks soared into the air and were met with a retaliating beam cannons from the attackers. There was a struggle of power before the attackers were destroyed, allowing the warriors to close in on the girls. Seeing that such techniques would not work, they began bombarding the enemies with rapid fire blasts and wind blasts to support Amaranda.


As the enemies circled around and began using their energy barriers to protect themselves, it was finally time for the close combat warriors to take action.


“Let’s kill them!” Ondine shouted.


With the shout, she leapt into the air and was soon followed behind by Cantia, who transformed into her beast form. Ondine began cutting down the enemies one after another and did her best to defend against their energy attacks and swords that they pulled out.


Ondine suddenly extended her arms out and shouted, “Spiral Slicer!”


She began rotating wildly and soon became to spin at an incredible speed. The demon warriors that attempted to get near her were sliced up by the speed at which she spun at. Four demon warriors perished in the process, but the rest quickly pulled back to use their energy attacks to destroy her. Unable to keep spinning while under fire, she stopped spinning and began defending herself the best she could while sending energy slicing waves at them.


Meanwhile, Cantia was an airborne large beast cat that stabbed and cut up the demon warriors that attacked her. Many attempted to use multiple attacks on her body, causing her to cry out like a wounded beast and glare at them fiercely. She opened her mouth wide and fired a powerful inferno fire at them, which caused them to go up in flames, but they quickly put it out by using Waterfall on themselves.


Ondine got on top of Cantia and the two of them landed back on the turtle’s back, which gave Tetra and Silvera the opportunity to strike back.


“Infinity Blades!” Tetra shouted with her hand held out.


A portal opened up in front of her and swords began flying out of them to soar straight at the enemy warriors. They were shocked before being stabbed here and there as they quickly evaded them. However, the swords kept coming out and Tetra used her hands to control the movement of the numerous swords to attack the enemy.


The some of the warriors, away from keeping Amaranda, Venezuela, Emilia and Erza busy, launched a simultaneous waves of destruction at the swords. Tetra’s Infinity Blades got destroyed and she quickly got out of the way to avoid the beams from hitting her. She noticed several warriors flying at the magicians using defensive barriers. Quickly reacting, she began firing Stab Swords at them and veered them out of the way.


In the meantime, Silvera used Meteor Stream to create magic spells behind the enemy warriors. Meteors began raining down on the warriors and shocked them for a few seconds by the stream of meteors heading their way. Four people at the back of the enemy attacking unit began protecting their line by attacking the meteors that got launched at them.


“What the hell…? These guys are a lot stronger than the ones we fought last time!” Ondine shouted furiously.


She leapt into the air once more to battle more warriors with her swords. At the same time, Cantia fought with her claws and teeth while blasting some with a wave of her fire, but it did not seem to do much damage to them.


“They must have been equipped with more Amplification Rods than before,” said Amaranda informatively.


At that moment, she created a barrier magic on all of them from a bombardment of energy blasts from the enemies.


“Damn…! There’s no end to them!” Venezuela shouted and she launched several more energy waves that the enemy easily avoided.


“Don’t be reckless!” Emilia said loudly and she began healing all of her allies.


The enemy leader saw the frustrated air surrounding the women attacking his men. Realising his enemies were quickly losing concentration with their attacks, he quickly informed his warriors by using Telepathy technique.


“Let us confuse our enemies! Use One Man Army now!” he told his men telepathically.


With the command given, all of the men shouted, “One Man Army!”


In an instant, a 100 copies of each of the warrior appeared in the sky and soon, there was over 3000 warriors flying in the air.


“What the hell…? One Man Army?!” Venezuela and Erza exclaimed in shock.


“Cunning bastards!” Amaranda said through narrowed eyes.


The enemy leader turned to several people holding back from the fight and said, “Summoners! Let’s end this!”


“Yes, sir!” they said together.


The summoners began gathering their energy into something to destroy the women. The girls sensed the rising power when the warriors suddenly stopped their attack to defend the summoners.


“That power…! What the hell are they planning?!” Ondine exclaimed in a really worried. “Well, whatever it is, I’m not going to stand here and wait to find out!”


She leapt onto Cantia’s back and together, they soared high into the air to attack the warriors. Tetra began using Infinity Swords once again and Silvera used Shadow Blaster to try and break the defence of the men. Venezuela and Erza did not want to interfere with Ondine and Cantia, so they instead focused on amplifying their attack power. Unfortunately, all of their attack did not did not seem to do much to the warriors as they were protected by their powers.


“Damn their defence!” Ondine said angrily as she and Cantia landed back down. “We can’t break through!”


“Yes… They are consolidating their powers together to create an impenetrable power,” said Amaranda in a thoughtful voice. “Sadly though, it makes them a perfect target to wipe out with one mighty attack.”


The girls turned and watched as she raised her staff into the air and caused a large magic circle to appear. Something like a flower slowly came out of the end of the magic circle. It was a beautiful looking flower and it suddenly opened its sides as if it was blowing. It began to glow brightly as it began charging up with energy to blast at the enemies.


Once the energy was done, Amaranda pointed at them and was just about to activate it when they heard the loud shout of the enemy’s technique.


“Summoning Attack: Meteor Slam!”


The summoning warriors shouted it and hearing this, the girls looked at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces. Amaranda, however knew what the summoners just did and she wore an extremely fearful expression on her face. The girls were more than surprised to see the Magic Titan suddenly looking very worried and for a good reason.


“Amaranda… What are you—?” Emilia began questioningly.


She did not finished her question and did not even want an answer for it because, at that moment, the sunlight got blocked. A large shadow had been thrown over them and they looked up to see what it was.
A giant object had appeared high above them and it was massive, judging from seeing it underneath. Their eyes widened with shock and fear, just like Amaranda’s, as they realised what the giant object was in the sky above them.


“T-T-T-T-T-T—!” Ondine began with a stutter to say what was on her mind. “T-That’s a giant meteor!!!”


The massive rock in the sky slowly descended toward them and threatened to destroy them for good. The Eternal Turtle roared wildly and the Manjuvad Demon Clan were shocked to suddenly find themselves under attack by a large rock that completely covered the sky.


Sumara looked up at the giant meteor and quietly said, “No way…”


The girls quickly recovered and they began attacking the giant meteor with their respective strong magic attacks, but to no avail. Ondine and Cantia both attempted to fly high into the air to destroy it, but could not even scratch its surface. Finally, Tetra and Silvera had a go at using their powerful energy waves of destruction at it, but they simply got deflected.


“W-What is this…? That thing is so strong, I can’t believe it!” Erza exclaimed in shock.


“We couldn’t even put a dent in it!” Ondine shouted in a shocked voice.


“It’s like… It’s something only a god would do…!” Emilia said slowly before turning to the summoners. “So… That’s what they were doing…? Consolidating their energy to create a powerful energy barrier and at the same time, supply the needed power required to summon this shocking attack!”




Amaranda quickly acted and she swung her staff upwards to face the massive meteor that slowly descended there. Under normal circumstances, she could have teleported herself and everyone out of there to safety, but she could not transport a powerful being like the Eternal Turtle. Her familiar was unable to use teleportation to move from one location to another and cannot return to its world due to sharing the same kind of curse as her. Not wanting to lose her familiar, she decided to stand and fight.


“GGGOOOOOAAAAAA!!!” screamed the Eternal Turtle.


“No! I will not leave you and escape!” Amaranda shouted firmly. “You are like my family and the only friend I ever had after receiving this curse! I won’t let something like this crush something precious to me and besides, I’m part of the Nine Pillars of Power! I will never be defeated by something like this!”


The girls listened to her powerful speech in awe as she began activating her magic and supplying the magic plant with her energy. For a moment, the magic circle grew brighter and brighter with golden light when, all of a sudden, she was under attack. She was quickly wounded from the attacks launched at her by the warriors, who intend to stop her from using her magic.


“No!” Emilia shouted and the girls quickly came forward to defend her. “We will protect you!”


The girls activated their magic spells and created a barrier spell, which began to struggle against the force of the enemy attack. Soon, warriors began appearing at close combat to destroy the barriers, but it would not break so easily. Ondine and Cantia wanted to strike back, but their barrier would be broken if they were to exit. At that moment, Venezuela and Erza began firing magic spells at the enemy warriors to keep them away while Emilia concentrated on keeping both of their barriers up.


Amaranda looked at them and blinked in surprise as Venezuela turned to her and said, “Please! Quickly execute your magic and get rid of that thing for good!”


“Leave this to us!


The Magic Titan was rendered speechless for a moment before nodding at them in understanding. She returned her attention back to her attack and focused her energy into it. For a large size of the meteor, she required to infuse most of her energy into the attack and finally, after few tense seconds, it was ready.


“Sunflower: Maximum Overflow!” she shouted


With her shout, the gathered energy within the bloomed plant was unleashed into a mighty yellow wave of destruction. It soared up into the air at high speed before striking hard into the surface of the meteor. There was a powerful surge of power from the clashing of forces that sent wind wildly in all directions. The demon warriors got buffeted from the wave and they quickly retreated to safety to watch the golden wave of energy trying to destroy the meteor.


Amaranda began straining as she fed the energy wave more and more of her energy to strengthen it. However, she was not as powerful as the fully realised Magic Titan and due to this, her powers are slightly weaker than they should be. Never in her life did she think the day wound come when her powers would be put to the test like this. The reason to this was simply because she had never thought the day would come when she would be forced to defend herself against something of this proportion.


The giant meteor began to make large cracks on its surface from the massive wave forcing its way into its rock body. As the meteor was held in place by the large wave of energy, cracks began to spread all over its surface and showed signs that it was about to explode.


Unfortunately, it soon became a matter of whether the meteor would explode before Amaranda runs out of energy. As it soon became clear, Amaranda was running low on energy and the meteor did not appear to explode any time soon. With her energy rapidly depleting, the golden wave slowly became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared.


Amaranda had strained herself to keep her energy up, but it looked like the meteor was just overly powerful for her to handle on her own. She was indeed a powerful Magic Titan, but she was not at the level that she wanted to be and because of this, it prevented her from successfully destroying the meteor. At the same time, there were other factors that were playing here that she just did not have the time or the energy to explain about why she failed.


“D-Dammit…!” she telepathically said before collapsing to the ground.


Her staff was about to fall when, in a flash of light, it transformed into a handsome looking man with a slim body and height similar to hers. Strangely, he was wearing butler clothing that are usually worn by people that are very rich. He wore an extremely worried expression on his face as he knelt beside his collapsed master.


“Mistress! Mistress!” he called for her while cradling her in his arms.


The girls saw her collapse and shouted, “Amaranda!”


Venezuela and Erza quickly resumed their role and began keeping the barrier in place while Emilia quickly hurried over to heal the unconscious Magic Titan. While they tended to her, the meteor began to speed up and travelled downwards to smash into them as it threatened to destroy them for good.


Author’s Note


My mistake. Lakshman’s battle was meant to be next chapter, but I forgot this chapter came first. Expalins why I was like brain dead for 1 hour and had trouble writing this chapter. Anyway, I hope people enjoyed this chapter that took me doing several random things to get my brain functioning again.

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  1. First of all thanks for the chapter!
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    First the staff wich turned into a butler is a man, then a female according to this: (* “Mistress! Mistress!” SHE called*). Pretty sure the SHE is supposed to be a HE since
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    Wrong aswell if assuming the staff/butler is male:

    Mistress! Mistress!” she called for her while cradling him in his arms. (wrong)
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