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Lakshman, who was still inside the fighting building, looked towards the door. For some reason, his Elemental Sense triggered danger from the other side of it.


“What’s going on? I’m sensing so much danger, but what could it be?” he muttered in a wandering voice. “I can sense there are a lot of people somewhere on the outside, but why? It appears they are fighting…! Elemental Sight with Zooming Force!”


Everything around him lost its colour and became grey that was filled with colour. He immediately noticed a pink coloured colouring the borders of the building that he was in.


“Ah… This must be the barrier and it’s quite powerful to keep my power in check. However, I can feel it straining to keep it in and if I further my transformation, there is the chance this entire building will get destroyed along with the barrier,” he muttered with a small smile on his face. “Anyway, time to see what’s going on outside.”


His red crown-shaped eyes began to glow brightly in a red colour as he continued to radiate golden-red aura that surrounded him. Using Zooming Force, his vision extended out of the building and allowed him to see the things taking place on the outside.


“What is this?!” he exclaimed in shock.


Through the power of Zooming Force, he immediately saw numerous red coloured bodies floating up in the air. He switched his gaze to look down and saw the blue coloured bodies, which was his wives, the Magic Titan and someone he thought he sensed from somewhere.


“This is an enemy attack, but why are they so strong…?” he asked himself and in a second, he received the answer. “Of course… Amplification Rods… Looks like the failure of their previous encounter caused the increase in the increase in using such items. Still, just how much can they use without going pop?”


He watched as his wives continuously fought against the warriors as much as they could, but the enemies were just powerfully equipped. Often, he witnessed what looked like Ondine and Cantia put a lot of their energy into their attacks to kill only a few enemies. At the same time, the enemies attempted to get close, but were kept at bay by what seemed to be meteors and flying swords, belonging to Silvera and Tetra.


“They are enemies attacking us! Blast it!” Lakshman exclaimed angrily, but he quickly became worried and asked, “But… Can I defeat them as I am right now?”


He looked at the palms of his hands with a worried expression on his face as he began thinking out loud.


“I am right now in Phoenix Titan: Burst form and although I went easy on him, even Dominic couldn’t defeat me. I also doubt the Magic Titan can defeat me as I am right now, but… the enemies possess power that is equal to Dominic and probably higher.


There’s another problem; strength in numbers. There are twenty of them and although I can surmise that my wives defeated a few of them, there are still too many to defeat on their own. As I am right now, I can most likely defeat them if I switch to Power Mode and fight them with all I got. However, I don’t know when I will wake up again…”


Lakshman did not forget the last time he used Power Mode, which was against the Demon Slavery, which was Silvera, to try and stop her from killing herself. Then, he had to fight the Fire Dragon King, Fizard and Earth Dragon King, Gurret to keep his contract with her. The two Dragon Kings proved themselves to be very powerful and even pushed Lakshman to his limit that could have resulted in his body taking heavy damage.


Remembering it, he closed his eyes and remained silent for a few seconds. All the while, he listened to the sounds of battle seeping through the barrier. A fierce struggle was taking place on the outside and he had to act immediately for their sake to fulfil his objectives.


When he opened his eyes, he made a serious expression on his face as he said, “Very well… I will ascended! I will reach my Phoenix Titan: Final form! But… Can I do it? Every time I tried it, I only ended up straining myself and my energy supplies to the point that I would overexert myself. That’s why I collapsed when the transformation failed when I fought Calamity Titan so long ago…


No… I can do it…! I originally thought the transformation required more power that’s sealed away, but I now understand I was mistaken. The other reason it had failed was simply due to the phoenix power within me having difficulty containing the transformation with my wrong beliefs. Yes… I now understand the truth…”


With that said, he made a small smile on his face and prepared himself for the transformation. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth before beginning to surge with power. As the transformation began, the energy began to flow in all directions as the wild blew wildly everywhere. The building began to shake violently from the rising power and the barrier fought desperately to keep his power in check.




It was a prolonged drawn out scream as he flowed with powers and the air became thick with energy. The barrier that fought desperately to keep his powers in check finally failed and shattered while making the sound of breaking glass. In an instant, the building exploded into pieces as the wild flowing energy and wind got released into the air and went in all directions.


“What the hell?!” Ondine exclaimed in a shocked voice as Cantia roared in shock.


Venezuela, Emilia and Erza were momentarily shocked before they began straining on their barrier to keep them safe from this wild charging wind and energy. The enemy demon warriors were as shocked as them and they desperately fought against the wild charging wind to quickly form a powerful defensive barrier using their combined powers. Even so, the immense pressure from the release of such power was so great, they feared their barrier would break and blow them away with the wind. Even the people sheltered inside were shocked from the violent trembling they were enduring, which even had Sumara worried.


“What is going on?!” she shouted in a shocked voice as she desperately kept the barrier up.


The very area they were at began to tremble from its sheer power. Mountains began to crack and fall apart while entire forests got blown away by the sheer force of the wind. The very ground of the world began to tremble in fear as it felt the power of a mighty warriors after 8000 years.




Lakshman continued to scream with great intensity as he went through the transformation. Lightning bursts continuously happened around him rapidly and continued to send shockwaves in all directions. His spiky blonde hair began to grown longer and longer behind him as the sleeping powers rose to the surface like an exploding volcano.




He began to strain from constantly screaming, but he had left the safety zone behind and now entered the danger zone. The transformation is in a critical situation and if he did not keep it together, all of his efforts in coming this far with it. At the same time, he would become overexerted and will be unable to do anything for anyone anymore. The chance that the Decisive Player and the Gods had taken in favour of him would all have been for nothing.


“I’M NOT GIVING UP! I WON’T LET THEM DOWN! I WOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN’TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!” he screamed and he tilted his head to stare high up at the sky.




With a final scream, Lakshman brought out the remaining energy that he currently had in him. There was a sudden flash of light and it soon spread everywhere, blinding everyone in sight and making it difficult to see. As his transformation came to completion, warriors all around the world sensed the mighty powers and became alarmed by it. They had never sensed such immense power before and the purity of it showed it belonged to a warrior who was pure light with no shade of darkness within.



On the Human Continent, somewhere within the Floria Kingdom, Felix Phoron was sitting in a chair inside his office with a gloomy expression on his face. All of a sudden, his eyes widened when he sensed the power of someone strong and he quickly jumped to his feet.


“What is this?! This immense power…? Is it the Cal— I mean, Dark Emperor’s power?!” he exclaimed in a shocked voice.


For a few seconds he stood there and continued sensing this immense power coming from a faraway place. From sensing it for this long, a smile began to widen on his face as he realised who the power belonged to.


“No way…! Can it be..? Can it be…? Can it be…?” Felix continuously asked in a rising voice with excitement radiating on his face.


At that moment, footsteps were heard and then the door to his office banged open. Dominic entered with several guards running right behind him. He was panting slightly to show that he had run a long distance in a quick amount of time to get there. After quickly recovering, he looked at Felix with a wide grin on his face, which was filled with excitement.


“Felix! Did you feel that incredible power?” he asked him quickly.


Felix nodded and said, “Yeah, I have! It sure was immense and guess whose it was?”


Dominic widened his eyes and excitedly shouted, “Lakshman’s!”


“Yes! Lakshman Chand is alive!” Felix announced happily.


Dominic grinned broadly in sheer happiness and the guards made simultaneous noises of surprise and excitement.


“Quickly! Go inform everyone that our king will be returning to us soon!” Felix ordered them in a commanding voice.


“Yes, sir!” shouted the guards and they quickly hurried away.


“Right! In the meantime, I’ll go inform Shalany about this! I’m sure she’ll be really happy to hear this!” Dominic said and he left right behind the guards after closing the door shut.


The room became silent again, but Felix’s spirits of gloominess were erased from existence from the sheer happiness he felt. For ten years, he had despaired that they would have to endure the dictatorship of the Calamity Titan, but now there was hope for them.


“As I suspected…! You’re still alive… Lucky!” Felix said and he grinned broadly as he stared out the window.



On the Demon Continent, Demon Lord Delon was in his chamber expectantly waiting for the return of his warriors and with them the good news of the Magic Titan’s death. The very thought of her demise made him smile broadly with excitement. His assistant sat on a nearby chair and desk to work on the things to be sent over to the Demon World for the Calamity Titan to look over.


All of sudden, Delon’s excitement bubble was smashed as he felt an immense power radiating from somewhere. Even the assistant dropped his pen in shock after feeling power


“What the?!” he exclaimed as he jumped to his feet in shock. “What is this power?!”


He immediately used his powers to identify who this immense power belonged to. Upon quick analysis, he realised that it did not belong to the Calamity Titan and after thorough analysis, he was shocked to discover who it was.


“No way… It can’t be…! It can’t be the Phoenix Titan! He’s dead!” Delon said in a shocked voice.


His assistant walked to him and slowly said, “But, sir… Only the Phoenix Titan possess this unique energy signature.”


“I know that! You don’t need to inform me about it!” Delon retorted angrily to his assistant.


He contemplated on what he should do next about the situation, but a certain thing must be done first.


“Quickly alert the messenger to let the emperor know the Phoenix Titan has been resurrected!” Delon said to his assistant.


“Understood,” said the assistant before bowing deeply and quickly leaving the room.


Once he was gone, it came silent, but Delon continued to feel the pressure of the power. It was immense and he could not believe such a power existed, other than the Dragon Titan’s. He walked towards the window and looked out into the sky to see the clouds quickly moving away from the location the power was coming from.


“Damn…! With his resurrection, the warriors that hid after the great Demon-Human war five-years-ago, will once again rise up to challenge us!” he said angrily and he clenched his fists tightly.



In the Demon World, Demagrad and inside the demon castle, the Calamity Titan sat on a high tone chair that appeared to be made completely of skulls. There was a messenger in front of the throne and he was kneeling as he informed the Calamity Titan of the news about the resurrection of the Phoenix Titan.


Upon hearing the news, the demon ministers began talking amongst each other about the news. In the war five-years-ago, they easily defeated the humans because they did not have the power of the Phoenix Titan supporting them. However, now he is resurrected and they feared they would once again, launch an attack on them to destroy them for good. This caused them to worry slightly and made them turned to look at their emperor.


Only the Calamity Titan remained calm with his eyes closed and was wearing a rather dull expression on his face. However, he quickly opened his eyes and began addressing all the demons present there.


“You are fools and weaklings with a bad appetite for war! I should probably throw you all away right about now, but you served me well and you still do! Be glad your loyalties were the ones to save you from my wrath!” he told them in a dangerous voice and he began radiating in pure black aura that surrounded him.


“W-We’re sorry, you’re excellency!” the ministers all shouted and they got down to their knees to pray thanks in gratitude for not deciding to kill them all.


When they all sat back down, he formed a wide grin on his face and said, “You are all fat and useless in times of war, but I’m different! Like a true warrior, I welcome this challenge! Hahahahahaha…!”


He began laughing madly in his crazy laughter without a care in the world, not knowing it was Lakshman and not a new Phoenix Titan he was going to face. Regardless, he was more than prepared to once again go out to battle the Phoenix Titan to prove to everyone in the world, including the Gods that he is the strongest and all should obey him dutifully.

Author’s Note


Just to clarify something about the MC’s transformation and his seal… His current transformation is called the ‘Phoenix Titan: Final’ form, which he explained in the beginning of Arc 10 to Felix. If you are wondering whether his seal is released or not, no it hasn’t. The final seal is still in place and his ‘True Phoenix’ transformation is not achieved yet without acquiring his full powers, which you might have learnt about if you read the “Meeting Whamana” special chapter.

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