Mystery Box



The flash of light was very might and made everyone close their eyes or look away from it. The very area was lit up so bright that they were surrounded by a world of light. Soon, it faded and everything returned to look normal, but they felt the presence of someone with incredible amount of power. Small shockwaves were being sent in all directions form where that person stood, which was where the fighting building was located earlier before it got destroyed by the transformation.


As the smoke slowly cleared to bring the view back to normal, Lakshman was seen standing there with an impressive appearance. He had very long spiky blonde hair that fell all the way down to his waist as he continued radiating golden-red aura. This body also became slightly muscular with the amount of power he currently possessed. At the same time, lighting kept surrounding him more violently than in his Phoenix Titan: Burst form.


He looked down at his hands and as he felt the immense power he was able to unleash, he smiled and said, “Wow… This is amazing…!”


Just then, he saw a great shadow covering the sunlight from touching the surface of the world. Looking up, he was momentarily startled to see a giant meteor falling towards them. As he continued watching, the meteor slowly gained more momentum as it freely fell towards them and the Eternal Turtle they rode on.


“What the…? What’s a boulder…? No, that’s a meteor, but why’s that here…?” he asked slowly in a quiet voice with a complicated expression on his face. Then, a sudden thought came to him and he muttered, “Ah… The attackers must’ve used Summoning Attribution: Attack type.”


He was still using Elemental Sight and he turned to see a mass of attackers hovering nearby and he snorted.


“Idiots… They did a great job in summoning that thing, but they should have the common sense of getting out of here. Now, if that thing falls, they’ll also be hit by the blast and will surely die. Idiots…”


Lakshman ignored them and he looked back up at the meteor that was falling down on them. He noticed what looked like cracks appear on the surface of the meteor and the energy link directed his vision towards the unconscious form of Amaranda Lefrity, the Magic Titan.


“I see. She must’ve attempted to destroy it with all her might and ended up collapsing in the process,” he muttered and he formed a small smile. “Well, you get a good rest and leave it to me.”


Lakshman began gathering energy into both of his hands and pulled it back slightly to gather it quickly. Once the energy was gathered, he brought his hands forward and unleashed the wave as he shouted its name.


“Positron Cannon!”


The blue energy ball was launched into a large beam energy and it soared into the sky. It pushed against the forceful wind that was being blown around by the descending meteor and slammed into its surface. For a few seconds, there was a struggle of power between his beam and the rapidly descending meteor. To his surprise, his beam suddenly got dispersed and became useless.


“Ah…! Not powerful enough…?” he asked in a surprised voice.


He kept observing it as the wind began to blow wildly from the rapidly descending meteor. As he watched, he noticed the pink colour going around the border of the meteor. This instantly informed him about what had be done to make his attack fail.


“I see. A powerful magic barrier’s been placed around the meteor to stop it from being destroyed so easily. Damn… Now it explains why Amaranda collapsed; it’s because of this!” Lakshman exclaimed irritably. “Well, too bad I’m the one it’s facing now!”


With that, he kicked off the ground and soared straight up into the air as forcefully as he could. The violent wind made it difficult for him to fly straight, but he managed to keep himself from getting blown away. The wind was wilders as he got nearer to the meteor that threatened to fall on the Eternal Turtle and kill everyone on it.


After several tense seconds, he finally reached the meteor and pulled back his fist as he gathered large amount of energy into it. Then, he brought it forward and slammed it hard into the surface of the meteor.


“Phoenix Fist!”


With the shout of his technique, his energy began seeping through the hole that he created within the meteor’s surface. The meteor’s quickly was stopped in mid-air from his punch as cracks, which were made earlier, began to glow brightly in red and began spreading out quickly to all sides. Finally, the meteor became unstable to the point that it was about to explode. Realising this, Lakshman pulled his fist back and descended just as the meteor exploded.


With the explosion of the meteor, a violent amount of energy and wind got unleashed in the area they were in. Trees were uprooted, grass got pulled by its roots and even the nearby mountains became to crumble by the sheer force of the explosion. The wind began to blow wildly like the time when Lakshman transformed into his Phoenix Titan: Final form. A few seconds later, everything began to settle down and calm was slowly being restored to the area.


The demon warriors looked up to see the clear sunlight streaming down on them without there being any sign that a giant meteor had been there moments before. They began making panicked sounds with their voices at the shock of their attack so suddenly getting destroy without warning.


“W-What?!” the leader of the demon warriors exclaimed in a shocked voice. “The meteor is destroyed?! Who? Who did this?”


He received his answer when he and his men spotted someone hovering in the mid-air. The person was none other than Lakshman as he turned his attention to looked at the enemies. He had continued to keep his Elemental Sight active so as to avoid unnecessarily hurting the innocent.


Meanwhile, down below, his wives were still keeping the barrier around them as they slowly got to their feet. Their barrier protected them from the wild blowing wind and such as they stared up at the sky with surprised expressions on their faces.


“The Meteor’s been destroyed…” Erza said slowly in a quiet voice.


“Yeah, but… Who did it…?” Venezuela asked curiously.


“Look…! I can see someone high above…!” Ondine shouted and she pointed high above.


They all looked towards the location she was pointing at and they noticed someone hovering there in mid-air. From this distance, they could tell who it was and definitely could not tell if it was a man or woman. However, they were able to use their senses and they immediately recognised who it was by the person’s energy signature.


“It’s Lucky!”


All of them shouted the same thing at the same time, except for Cantia who roared happily.


“He’s here!” Tetra said happily.


“Finally!” Silvera said cheerfully.


“He’s come!” Ondine said brightly.


All of them were quite happy to see their husband suddenly appear to save them all, but they were confused. They were certain that he had been in the middle of training a moment ago, according to what Amaranda told them.


“Ah…! He must’ve finished his training, I guess!” Ondine said excitedly. “I’m sure of it! I can really feel his power…!”


“Yes… He’s so much more powerful than he ever was, but… how? I don’t think any of his transformations so far had this kind of power,” said Venezuela in amazement.


“Whatever’s the case, he’s out! Now, it’s time to reflect the pain back at the enemies!” Tetra said and Silvera heartily agreed with a grin on her face.


“Yes and let’s stay out of his way in case we might interfere,” said Emilia with a rather sad expression on her face.


“That’s fine, but let’s just watch and see if he needs our help,” Venezuela suggested and they all agreed.


Up in the air, Lakshman slowly moved forward and descended to be on the same level as the enemies. The demon warriors had been blown away from his wives and they hovered adjacent to the Eternal Turtle. The giant turtle was stunned from feeling so much power and pressure, leaving it defenceless for the moment. For this reason, it had treated its head into its shell like body to protect itself from danger.


When Lakshman hovered to the level his enemies were hovering at, their leader shouted, “Who the hell is that guy? He’s got crazy blonde hair and all!”


“We don’t know anyone with blonde hair, but can you feel that power though? It’s massive!”


“Wow…! He managed to destroy that meteor with just a single punch! That’s insane!”


“I don’t know if he’s mad or insane, but he’s still going to die!” the leader shouted firmly above their worried voices. “Now, attack and kill him!”


“Yes, sir!” the men all shouted at the same time.


They all began gathering large amounts of energy and a second later, fired them all at Lakshman. A total of twenty-two energy beams were headed his way and they all were really powerful. Seeing them coming towards him, Lakshman simply made a small smile.


As the energy beams got nearer, he raised his hand and aimed it towards them while activating his magic with a shout.


“Maga Distrab!”


In an instant, magic energy began to flow in front of him and when the beams reached him, they immediately were dispersed into energy particles. Very soon, all the energy beams became nothing, buy energy particles that became one with nature. All of the demon warriors were shocked


“I see. They indeed are powerful to give my wives trouble, but it’s not enough to defeat me,” he said confidently.


The enemy leader was shocked and shouted, “What just happened?!”


“I don’t know, but our attacks were dispersed, sir!”
The enemy leader gritted his teeth and shouted. “Dammit! Attack him again!”




They began charging their energies once more and began firing energy blasts at Lakshman. Unlike the beams, there were numerous of them that soared quickly towards their intended target. Lakshman simply smiled and with his held at the same position, he once again activated Maga Distrab. The energy blasts soared at him and once they reached him, they dispersed into energy particles. Very soon, all of the fired energy blasts turned into particles as they, one by one, reached him.


“No way!”


“All dispersed?!”


“This can’t be happening!”


The demon warriors began to panic at the fact that their enemy was able to disperse all of their powerful attacks with little effort. Their leader looked around and saw the fear slowly causing the men to draw away from their enemy.


He gritted his teeth in anger and he shouted, “Pull yourselves together! We fight for the mighty Demon Emperor and in front of us, there is one puny human! He cannot stand the might of our kingdom or the powers that we’ve been given! Fill yourself with courage and pride in the name of his majesty, the Dark Emperor!”




His men turned to face him in amazement and began to face him completely.


“Together, men!” he shouted at them and they all placed their right arms near their left shoulder before singing their motto.


“For glory! For victory! For our master! For our lord! For our emperor! For the darkness! For the eradication of light! We fight with darkness against the light because… we are… the Demon Squad!”


With the singing finished, they punched their fists high into the air triumphantly. They were all smiling now with confidence and courage filling them up from the inside by that song.


Lakshman hovered in mid-air and watched them singing with an appalled expression on his face.


“W-Why are they doing? Singing in the middle of a battle? Why? And, what the heck is up with that song? It’s stupid!”


He could not believe there would be people singing in the middle of a battle like that. However, he noticed that it rejuvenated the rapidly depleting confidence in them.


“I was hoping they’d take the hint and leave from seeing me easily stop all of their energy attacks. But, it looks like that ridiculous song worked like a charm in restoring their confidence. Oh well. I’ve given them their chance and they wasted it. Now, it’s time for them to die,” he thought firmly as he narrowed his eyes seriously.


“If our energy attacks can’t work, then we’ll attack him in a group! We out numbers him and let’s use our strength in numbers to show him the might of the Demon Squad!” the enemy leader shouted.




They all turned to face Lakshman with evil grins on their face and Lakshman simply stared at them back with a serious expression on his face. For a moment, they simply hovered there in their respective position as they stared at each other.


“Attack!” the enemy leader yelled and with a roar, they charged at Lakshman.
All of the enemy demon warriors flew towards Lakshman and began lashing their fists and legs at him. They were quite fast with their movement and most would have struggled to keep up with them. However, for Lakshman, it was very easy as he moved very fast and avoided all of their close combat attacks. Compared to fighting himself, this was very easy for him.


“Damn you!” shouted one warrior as he lashed his fist out at him from behind.


Lakshman had already sensed him and avoided the punch, but he brought his hand up and placed it directly in front of him. He quickly gathered energy there and the warrior watched in shock before attempting to yell out.




His scream was cut off when he was vaporised by the massive wave of destruction that Lakshman unleashed at him. The wave continued to soar away and kill more warriors that had been behind him. The enemy warriors were shocked and attempted to strike at him using their swords, but Lakshman blocked the sword strike with nothing, but his arm.


“Damn…!” the warriors shouted as he tried to push forward, but it was useless against Lakshman’s strength.


Lakshman easily avoided another attack from his other side and used his arm to cast the sword aside. He quickly brought his left arm back and aimed it directly at the warrior, who widened his eyes in shock. The next moment, another massive wave of destruction erupted from his hand and vaporised the warrior and several more that had been behind him.


One by one, they got killed when Lakshman blasted the massive wave of energy at each of them. Some quickly created a barrier and the energy pushed them away from there.


The enemy leader became furious and as he flew forward, he shouted, “Goddammit!”


He reacted in time and avoided Lakshman’s blast before landing a powerful punch to the side of Lakshman’s face. With the impact made, the enemy leader made a small smile in triumph, when the smile faltered. Lakshman was glaring at him fiercely and the lighting that surrounded him began to erupt around him violently. In the next moment, the enemy leader began to get zapped by the lighting.




The enemy leader screamed as loud as he could and his men watched in shock as he was riddled with lighting. The lighting was not just for display as it would automatically thunderbolt the enemies that dared to make contact with Lakshman. It was not enough to kill the enemy, but the shock itself would render them unable to do escape from the punishment.


“Foolish,” said Lakshman and he delivered a powerful uppercut to the enemy leader’s jaw.


The force of impact blasted the enemy leader into the air and caused his men to follow after him. Lakshman remained floating there in mid-air and straightened up as the lighting erupting around him slowly subsided, but it continued to burst out randomly from time to time.




“Are you okay, sir?”




“Talk to us, sir!”


The men continuously bombarded their leader with their words with worried looks on their faces. They were worried that he, who was stronger than all of them combined, got electrocuted and blasted all the way up there. He was slowly recovering from the shock of receiving both the lighting and the powerful uppercut.


“Damn him…!” he said angrily while clutching his jaw.


“Sir…! He’s unnaturally powerful!”


“We should consider retreating and informing the Demon Lord about this!”


His men gave him suggestions, but he ignored them all and shouted, “No! We’re not returning with failure! We came here on a mission and we will see it through to the end!”


“B-But, sir…! That guy’s too powerful for us to defeat!”


He saw the worried looks on his men and grinned before saying, “We got the tool right here!”


They looked confused when he put his hand in his pocket to pull out a box. They remembered seeing the box given to their leader by the assistant of the Demon Lord, Delon. It apparently contained a newly engineered monster that they called Orb. They did not think too much about it, but now that the box is in the open, they wondered what their leader wanted to do with it.


“We will use Orb to attack him! This powerful monster will put an end to that warrior’s confidence!” the leader said confidently.




His men were all taken by surprise and they looked at the closed box with excitement. Within it was the monster that they had never seen before, but they are starting to regain their confidence.


The enemy leader looked down at Lakshman and shouted, “Hey, hero! Be ready to be surprised and get ready to be killed by the monster that exists within this box!”


Lakshman looked up at the shouting voice of the enemy leader and saw the box, which was black in colour. He stared up at it with his Elemental Sight, which did not let him see anything strange from it. However, he had this strange ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen.


The enemy leader made an evil smile on his face and he began channelling his energy into the box while reciting what appeared to be a spell.


“As your master, I command you to awaken from your slumber and fight!” he shouted.


There was a moment of silence with nothing happening, but that soon changed when the box began to slowly open. As it did, a brilliant glow of light surrounded everything in sight. Lakshman widened his eyes in surprise as he got swallowed by it. The brilliant glow of light spread everywhere and made it difficult to see anything at all.

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