Lakshman vs. Orb



Lakshman charged towards Orb that was heartily dancing without a care in the world. It was not until Lakshman got near him that Orb noticed him approaching. He made a puzzled expression on his face and other than that, it did not do anything else.


“URAAA!!!” Lakshman shouted as he delivered power punch into Orb’s gut.


“OOORRRBBBB!!!” Orb yelled in shock and pain from the impact.


Lakshman was slightly taken aback when he found that its body was rather squishy rather than solid like most creatures. However, he ignored this and continued beating the monster up by rapidly landing blow after blow on its purple body. Orb was totally getting beaten up from his rapid punches and does not seem capable of putting up a defence to save its life.


He finally finished this off with a powerful uppercut straight up at Orb’s jaw. As it slowly rose higher in the air, Lakshman quickly swung his leg around and smacked it across the face. This sent him sailing away for several meters before coming to a stop.


“What the heck…? He’s totally weak! He can’t even fight!” Lakshman said while looking surprised.


Orb quickly pulled itself together and straightened up in mid-air, but its body has suffered multiple wounds that seemed to be caved in.




With a shout, all of its wounds magically disappeared and its purple body returned to normal. It started dancing triumphantly for some reason, causing Lakshman to face palm with disbelief.


“Enough of this…!” Lakshman said finally and he began surging with power before charging towards Orb.


The dancing Orb sensing the approaching power and it looked ahead to see Lakshman charging towards him at high speed. It made a questioning gesture by placing it on its check and staring into space for a moment. Then, it suddenly got an idea and it became so happy, a wide grin appeared on its face. It put its hands together and brought them back for a moment as it gathered energy there. A moment later, a blue ball of energy was gathered there and it was ready to fire it at Lakshman.


Seeing his enemy charging his energy shocked Lakshman and he stopped flying towards Orb. He watched Orb charging the blue ball of energy with an astonished look on his face.


“No way…! Is that…?” he asked uncertainly.


“OORRRBBBB!!! POP!! PAP!! POP!! PAP!! POP!! PAP!!” Orb said quickly.


With the charging done, it brought its hands forward and unleashed the blue ball into a powerful wave of destruction. It roared across the sky and soared straight at Lakshman by destroying everything in its path.


“Ah…! My own attack; Positron Burst Cannon!” Lakshman yelled out in shock.


He put his hand out and said, “Maga Distrab!”


The moment the wave of destruction came at him, it immediately got dispersed into countless energy particles that slowly vanished into thin air. With the attack defeated, Lakshman stared at Orb in shock as the monster began dancing once more cheerfully.


“It managed to copy my technique after seeing it just once? Incredible…! Wait! Now isn’t the time to feel impressed over its ability to learn after seeing it just once. I have to finish this quickly, otherwise it will learn more and get stronger by the second!”


With his thoughts complete, Lakshman surged with power once more before charging towards Orb. The battle began once again, but this time, Orb managed to put up a decent battle. It was able to move its arms and legs in a way to blocked most of Lakshman’s blows, but it was still a novice warrior as it could not stop some of Lakshman’s powerful blows.


While fighting the monster, Lakshman shouted, “Air Strike Cannon!”


Several magic circles appeared all around them and he got away just before they launched their waves of destruction. The waves soared forward and slammed hard into the body of Orb, causing it to cry out in shock and pain. Lakshman also quickly gathered a large mass of energy before firing it at the place where Orb was standing.


All beams smashed into Orb’s body, causing the monster to cry out in shock and pain with increasing volume. Finally, the colliding forces gave way and an explosion resulted in creating dust to spread in all directions. Lakshman sensed that the monster was still alive and instead of waiting, he put his hands out before using another of his techniques.


“Blazing Hurricane Fury!”


In an instant, a wildly spinning wind erupted from his hands and soared straight towards Lakshman. A moment later, fire got released and it got carried by the wind as it travelled towards the smoke. Orb let out another loud cry of pain from feeling the impact of the highly spinning wind and flames.


Lakshman straightened up as the smoke slowly cleared to reveal a badly wounded Orb. Its body appeared to be melting from all the attacks it took and was giving off a strange steam like air from its melted body. There was also hot air surrounding it from the recent attack Lakshman had used on it.


“Yikes…! That is messy…!” Lakshman commented with a disgruntled expression on his face.


He shook his head wearily and sighed before looking at it firmly and said, “Whatever!”


He disappeared and reappeared in an instant to hover above Orb, which looked up at him with its distorted face.




Lakshman quickly gathered energy into the palms of his hands and launched it into a destructive wave at Orb. It smacked into Orb’s face and hurled it towards the ground at high speed before smashing hard into the ground. Lakshman kept firing more energy and increased the output to try and make sure his attack this would be able to do it. At the same time, he got the Air Strike Cannons to swing down and fire at Orb with their waves of destruction.


An explosion resulted from the clashing of their attacks and sent smoke in all directions. Lakshman hovered there and waited for the smoke to clear, sensing that Orb was still alive. The techniques he had used were extremely powerful, especially with the amount of power he put into them. However, Orb was recovering from all of it with little problem with its regeneration ability.


The smoke finally cleared to reveal Orb standing there with a rather beaten up and broken body. It stood unsteadily for a few seconds before stumbling vaguely. Anyone seeing this might have thought the monster was drunk due to how bad its posture was. Lakshman, himself, was having trouble watching this scene with an expression of disbelief on his face.


“This is bad to look at…! Now, I feel bad attacking the monster…!” he muttered unhappily.




Once again, with a shout of strange words, its body returned to normal. Then, it looked up at Lakshman hovering high in the air with an angry expression on its face. It was done being happy and now became very angry to the point that it going to kill him instead of simply absorbing him.


“Orb! Hate you! Orb! Kill you!” it shouted at him with a childlike voice.


Lakshman looked down at it and said, “On second thought, it is rather cute with the way it talks.”


At that moment, Orb extended one hand high into the air and said in a fast voice, “OOORRRBBBB!!! PAAP!! PAAP!! PAAP!!”


In an instant, a strange magic got activated and it flowed all around Lakshman as it destroyed the magic circles of the Air Strike Cannon, which shocked Lakshman.


“What?!” he exclaimed in shock as he turned to see his magic circles disappear. “My own technique, Maga Distrab and it used it as a field? Damn…!”


Just then, he sensed the monster powering up and he looked down to see Orb surrounded by a violet aura that surrounded him. The Elemental Glow clearly told Lakshman what the monster was feeling and he prepared for battle once more. However, he knew the longer this battle dragged on, the more powerful Orb becomes.


“I have to do something fast to destroy it for good…!” he muttered as he stared at the monster powering up.


Orb powered up with great intensity and finally was ready to do battle seriously at him. All happiness was gone from its face and it appeared to be really angry from all the damage it took earlier. It wanted him dead and that was just what it planned to do.




With a shout, it kicked off the ground and rocketed into the air at incredible speed. It had increased its speed to match that of Lakshman’s and it soared so fast, it caught him by surprise. As Lakshman widened his eyes in surprise, Orb pulled its right arm back and delivered a powerful uppercut to Lakshman’s face.




Lakshman was lifted into the air by the powerful force behind the punch, making him realise that Orb had become really power. However, the lightning around him began to spark violently and started to zap Orb’s body with an intense amount of electricity, causing the monster to become paralysed in the process.


Lakshman quickly recovered and swung his arm around and smacked into the side of Orb’s face, bending it out of shape once again. After the stunning blow, he soared to its side and fired another large wave of destruction that dealt more damage onto Orb’s body. Orb got pushed back by the force of the wave and became very angry from the attack.




With a scream, it caused a powerful wave of wind and energy to fly out in all directions. Lakshman brought his hands forward in defence and got blown away from Orb and was sent soaring towards the Eternal Turtle. He unfolded his hands and was startled to see Orb glowing in a sinister deep violet aura as a pink lightning continuously erupted from its body and spread in all directions.


At that moment, it began yelling in an angry voice, “ORB! HATE! ORB!! HATE!! ORB!!! HATE!!! ORB!!!! HAAATTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock and involuntarily said, “Crap! It’s going to destroy us all by overloading its power and creating a wide spread destructive energy!”


With this realisation, he turned around and flew towards the Eternal Turtle. From this distance, he could see the giant turtle’s barrier was still in place and he looked towards the shelters on its back to see the defensive barrier placed there as well. With that check done, but he still feared it might be enough to protect themselves against this power.


He clapped his hands together and said, “Summoning Familiars!”


In an instant, two large magic circles appeared in mid-air in front of him and magic particles formed before taking the shape of two majestic creatures. One was an Eternal Phoenix and the other was a Spirit Dragon. These two were his contracted familiars and they go by the names Phylex and Draga respectively.


“It has been ten years, but I am here again to serve you, master,” said Phylex telepathically as it bowed its head to him dutifully.


“It took you ten years to summon me?” said Draga telepathically to him in an irritated voice.


Lakshman clapped his hands together and said, “Sorry, sorry! Things happened, but let’s talk about it later. First, activate your barriers and surrounded the Eternal Turtle and us! That thing over there is going to destroy all of us by overloading itself!”


Phylex and Draga turned in the air and saw Orb charging itself with twisted power. Its body was now radiating in purple aura and pink lighting constantly erupted around its body. Both Phylex and Draga were taken by surprise at seeing a monster that they had never met before. They were also surprised when they felt the lethal energy it was gathering to destroy everything in the area, including them.


“You summoned me after ten years for this?” Draga telepathically complained scornfully.


“Stop it, Draga! Our master called us and we must according to the orders given to us!” Phylex told him telepathically in a firm voice.


“Fine, fine! Let’s do this!” Draga said quickly as he disliked arguing with the Eternal Phoenix.


Both the Eternal Phoenix and Spirit Dragon began radiating powerful energies that created a barrier around them and the Eternal Turtle. Lakshman also activated his strongest barrier spell and prepared to defend with all his might. They suddenly felt the wind becoming wild as Orb’s gathered energy was going out of control.


At that moment, Orb opened its mouth and screamed, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!”


It raised its arms into the air and suddenly released a violent energy in a ball of destruction. It expanded to great size at a rapidly as Orb got swallowed up by its own energy. The ball of destruction quickly spread everywhere and soon smacked hard into the barriers formed around the Eternal Turtle, Eternal Phoenix, Spirit Dragon and Lakshman. All four forces fought hard against the mighty force of energy released by Orb.


For a moment, all of them were caught up in a power struggle with no side giving in. Unable to achieve victory, the pink ball of destruction constricted on itself and exploded, creating a mass of destructive wind and force to blow in all directions. Whole forests got blown away by the force of the explosion and even the nearby mountains crumbled into pieces after feeling its incredible force as it smashed into them.


It took over a minute before the air began to calm and the wind slowed down. Lakshman and his group were saved by the reinforced barrier that kept them safe. If it were just the Eternal Turtle, then it and everyone on it would have been destroyed by the blast radius. However, with the help from Phylex and Draga helping Lakshman created a reinforced barrier that kept them all safe from the destructive force.


They finally dropped the barriers and Lakshman hovered forward with a displeased expression on his face. He saw the destruction that had been caused to the destroyed land, making him inwardly promise the land he would restore it in due time. At that moment, he sensed that Orb was still alive from releasing such a powerful attack that could have resulted in their destruction.


He still had his Elemental Sight active, which he had kept active all the while he fought to ensure he keeps track of enemies and allies. The smoke cleared in the distant and revealed Orb standing there as if he was not harmed one bit. Seeing it so happily dancing around made Lakshman very angry.


“Damn it! How are we supposed to destroy it?!” Lakshman demanded angrily.


Both Phylex and Draga looked at each other before turning their heads to look at their master, who was wearing a troubled expression on his face. He concentrating looked at Orb once again and this time, he noticed something he had not seen before. There was a twisted darkness radiating from around Orb’s body, which could not be seen through the naked eye. This gave him an idea and he quickly informed both Phylex and Draga about it.


“I want the two of you circle the thing and keep it distracted and in the meantime, I will attack it from nearby. After that, I will give you the signal to charge up your most powerful light elemental attack and fire it at that thing. I will do the same and together, the combination of the light that the twisted darkness hates, will ensure our victory and destroy that monster for good!”


Phylex and Draga were surprised by the idea before they nodded and together they telepathically said, “Understood!”


“Good!” he said and he nodded at them with a small smile on his face.


The Eternal Phoenix and the Spirit Dragon swung their wings had and flew off into the distance. Lakshman began surging with power and radiated in golden-red aura before soaring off after his familiars. The two of them began attacking Orb with their respective attacks while flying around to distract it while Lakshman came into the position that he wanted to be at. Orb shouted at them angrily and attempted to retaliate, but was always attacked from the other side by another familiar.


Once Lakshman reached the position that he wanted to be at, he made a serious expression on his face. What he was going to do was something he normally would not have done, but it had to be done to protect himself and the people depending on him.


He extended his right hand out and said, “Metal Rods!”


Several magic circles appeared all around Orb and they fired one metal rod at Orb. They soared through the air and pierced into its body, making it cry out in shock and pain. Lakshman quickly followed up by raising his right hand into the air to use another technique.


“Electron Justice!”


In an instant, a magic circle appeared over Orb and a powerful lighting erupted out of it and soared straight towards the monster. The mental rods in its body enabled the lighting to do greater damage to the monster than when the lighting from Lakshman’s power when Orb punched him. Orb screamed loudly in pain from the powerful lighting coursing through his body.


Lakshman dropped his right hand down and then, extended both of them at Orb before shouting, “Boulder Smash!”


Two large magic circles appeared on either side Orb while he got riddled by the immense lighting from the magic circle at the top. Out of the two magic circles, a large boulder got released and it soared straight towards each other with the Orb in between. Orb had only a second to look before it got squashed between the two boulders with a splatter. The two boulders pressed against each other tightly to keep the monster from escaping from the tight grip.


With the preparations complete, Lakshman shouted, “Now! Phylex! Draga! Do it!”


“Yes, master!” they replied in unison.


Phylex flew around for a bit before coming to hover on one side while Draga did the same as he came to hover on the other side with Lakshman facing the front. They have taken their attacking position and began preparing their most powerful light elemental attacks to fire at the squashed monster.


Draga opened his mouth wide and telepathically shouted, “Spirit Laser!”


In an instant, a powerful wave of light erupted from his mouth and shot towards the target. Phylex did the same and he telepathically shouted the technique name before launching it.


“Phoenix Inferno Cannon!”


A powerful fiery wave of destruction was released from his mouth and it rocketed away towards the target. Lakshman saw the two attack and he nodded once before taking a stance with his right arm held out towards the target.


He began gathering energy there and it soon took on the form of a large ball of blue energy. The next instance, the lighting bursts from his power surged forward and began applying to the energy that he had gathered, making it stronger in the process. Very soon, a powerful ball of lighting energy was gathered there and he was set to launch it.


As he began surging with power, he exerted his power and shouted, “Phoenix Electron Charge Wave!”


The energy began to glow brighter and brighter until a massive wave of lighting was released. It soared through the air at great speed and quickly covered the distance to the target before slamming into it. At the exact same time, the two other attacks launched by Phylex and Draga slammed into the target. There was a colliding of forces as they destroyed the boulders and smashed directly into the badly wounded body of Orb.


The clashing forces suddenly caused an explosion and sent a wild blowing wind and energy in all directions. Lakshman and his two familiars got buffeted by the forceful wind, but they firmly kept their position as the wind slowly calmed down. Lakshman sensed that Orb was still alive and he gritted his teeth in anger, but he was surprised when the smoke cleared to reveal Orb in its original form.


Lakshman looked at it with his Elemental Sight still active and he saw the swirling dark energy radiating from within it. This made him realise that form is actually the monster’s core and the only way to destroy it was with the combination of both light and darkness techniques. He does not have a technique that can combine such powers, but he has other means of destroying it for good.


He closed his eyes and telepathically thought, “Tetra! Silvera! I need you!”


Back on top of the Eternal Turtle, Tetra and Silvera heard him calling for them and he stepped out of the barrier.


“What are you doing?” Venezuela asked quickly.


Tetra turned to her and said, “He’s calling us.”


“Lucy needs our power,” Silvera said with a small smile on her face.


The two of them transformed into small balls of light and they shot away, watched by the many people. The two balls of light quickly covered the distance and reached Lakshman, who held his hands out. They separated to either side and hit his arm before transforming into their respective sword forms.


“I’m here to help you, Lucky,” the two of them said together in his mind.


He missed hearing their supportive voices in his mind and he smiled momentarily before saying, “Get ready! I’m going to use Light and Darkness Blades to destroy that thing before it can regenerate!”


“Understood!” Tetra replied firmly.


“Go for it!” Silvera said confidentially.


Lakshman channelled Weapon Force into both of his swords and charged towards Orb at high speed. The monster was showing signs of recovery and it was slowly exerting the gooey substance out of it, but it was no use. Lakshman now had the powers of both light and darkness on either side of his hands.


When he reached the monster, Lakshman shouted, “Feel the wrath of light and darkness, you twisted monster! Light and Darkness Blades!”


With the technique activated, Phoenix Blade began to glow brightly in white light on his right and the Demon Slayer began glowing in black light on his left. He quickly swung the two swords at the core of the monster and sped past it. With the task complete, the glowing lights from the swords slowly faded and returned to normal as he turned around to look at the final moments of the monster.


For a moment, the orb began to show swirling energy from within it that anyone could. Then, great cracks appeared on its surface and created an opening that caused all of its light to burst out and fly high into the air. All the while, they heard a loud screaming voice of the monster as its life force disappeared into the sky and the orb smashed into pieces.


The battle was won, but it made Lakshman realise something right at the end of it.


“That was not a natural monster, it was created and that means, its creators are able to create more of such monsters…”


It was a surprise for him to know that the demons possess the research information to make such a dangerous monster and many of it if they wanted to. At a guess, he would put the monster at the highest rank, which was A+ due to possessing multiple abilities and the capability of behaving like most living beings.


Strangely, he began smiling and said, “Oh well. If they sent more of these things at me, I will simply beat them up again like today!”


With that, he looked up at the beautiful blue sky surrounding him high above. Everything was peaceful once again and he liked it very much.

Author’s Note


That was crazy! I think the last few chapters had been nothing, but battles! Well, I doubt I can pull off a battle scene as long as Goku vs. Freeze before Planet Namek explodes because, for one thing, I think my brain cells will die from all that! I’ve already gotten an intense pain in my chest last year when I started writing the story and the future battles sort of threw me for a loop. Anyway, I’m surprised I managed to write like this, so I’m quite happy and tired at the same time.


If people have any questions regarding anything in the story, so long as it isn’t spoilers, I will do my best to answer them. I am a very responsive author and I don’t like to confuse my readers! So, I hope people liked it and will still continue reading the story as the rising continues!

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