“Welcome, Phoenix Titan!” the Calamity Titan said with a wide smile on his face as he sat on the chair.


“You were waiting for me?” Lakshman asked and the Calamity Titan nodded gleefully.


“Of course!” he exclaimed brightly. “I knew you would come out tonight to speak to me! That’s why, I patiently waited for you to arrive, although I wasn’t expecting you to use Broadcast to send an image yourself to be here. Still, it seems you’re in good shape as ever.”


Lakshman blinked at him in surprise and asked, “You knew I was alive?”


The Calamity Titan laughed and said, “Naturally, I would know! There is a strong bond connecting the two of us!”


“What bond?!” Lakshman exclaimed angrily and he clenched his fists. “All I feel is the urge to kill you!”


“Of course! I’m feeling the exact same thing!” the Calamity Titan said cheerfully. “However, there’s no use in me attacking you now, especially when you’re not physically here! Otherwise, I would’ve ripped you apart!”


“Brave words coming from a coward,” said Lakshman through narrowed eyes.


“Coward?!” the Calamity Titan said incredulously before roaring with laughter. “For your information, I defeated you ten-years-ago with my own powers! There is no doubt about it!”


“Yet, you knew I was alive,” said Lakshman instantly.


The Calamity Titan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Have you forgotten what I just said? There is a strong bond connecting the two of us and we’re easily able to tell when the other is in peril!”


“Not that,” said Lakshman and his expression became very serious. “I’m certain you were aware of the Phoenix Titan’s presence, so how did you know that it was me? I gave no indication that I escaped from that place with your destructive attack dropping down on us!”


“Yes! You certainly escaped from there without a trace! So, I was sure I finally defeated you!” the Calamity Titan said proudly. However, his smile turned into a frown ad he said, “Only a few days ago, I received reports of the resurrection of the Phoenix Titan! I knew immediately that I failed in killing you, which brings me to a question: How are you even alive? I blocked of all transportation spells!”


“You did. That Dimension Block was indeed an effective spell and stopped our escape,” said Lakshman as he nodded his head at him. Then, he slowly smiled at him and said, “Sadly, you overlooked the fact that I was able to use Dimension Warp!”


The Calamity Titan widened his eyes in surprise before saying, “Dimension Warp? Curses…! I forgot about that technique.”


“Unfortunately, that mistake of yours allowed me to teleport myself and my wives to safety.”


“That explains it, but why do you look the same as you did ten-years-ago?” the Calamity Titan asked and he pointed his hand at Lakshman’s current appearance. “I can understand that you’ve gone into hiding all these years, but that doesn’t explain why your appearance hasn’t changed! You don’t possess the Eternal Youth blessing that is granted by the Goddess of Time!”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “No, I don’t have such a thing, which of course explains why you look so young, despite living over 8000 years!”


The Calamity Titan grin widened as he said, “Naturally! The Goddess of Time was impressed by me and granted me Eternal Youth. So, what’s your story?”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Mmm! I had the Divine Protection of the Time.”


The Calamity Titan’s eyes widened slightly before he nodded his head slowly in understanding.


“I see. After using Dimension Warp, Frozen Time must’ve activated and put you, along with your Destiny Queens, to sleep for ten-whole-years. Impressive! The Goddess of Time blessed both of us with her almighty powers of time, but it’s sad really…”


He began laughing loudly and Lakshman did not say anything, but narrow his eyes sharply. There was no joke in what the Calamity Titan had said a moment ago. After calming down, he looked towards Lakshman with a wild expression on his face.


“Even after all these years, you’re still weak! While you were sleeping to recover from your injuries, I worked on quickly acquiring my full powers and I finally succeeded! Now, I am far superior than I ever was and you don’t stand chance against me!”


With saying that, he began laughing hysterically while Lakshman just stood there calmly with his arms folded. He watched his enemy laugh in front of him with an expression of utmost seriousness on his face.


“You won’t be saying that when I break the last seal,” said Lakshman in a calm voice.


The Calamity Titan stopped in mid-laughter and became frozen like a statue. He quickly looked at Lakshman with a serious expression on his face.


“Repeat that again…?” he asked slowly in a dangerous voice.


“I said, you wouldn’t be talking like that when I break the last seal,” said Lakshman in a firm clear voice.


The Calamity Titan blinked at him in surprise before he began laughing once again.


After calming down, he said, “You are such a fool. Don’t you know about the trigger to unlock the last seal?”


“The Desperation to Destroy.”


“Correct! The Desperation to destroy and last I checked, you don’t possess such strong feelings!” The Calamity Titan said with a wide grin on his face. He lifted his hand and waved it while saying, “Your threats are just empty words!”


Lakshman smirked and said, “That would’ve been the cast, had I not known how to break the seal manually.”




The Calamity Titan exclaimed in a shocked voice. He looked at Lakshman seriously for a moment before bursting out laughing once again.


“You have got to be kidding me! Come on…! Did your time freeze make your brain cells to go out of whack? You’re literally speaking nonsense right now, which is so funny I’m having trouble controlling my laughter!”


“You would think that, knowing no one knows about how to manually unseal the Four Seals of Darkness!” Lakshman told him in a very serious voice. “However, I’ve been taught on how to break the last seal keeping the rest of my powers sealed away and his name is the Decisive Player!”


The Calamity Titan looked shocked after hearing what Lakshman had to say. However, something puzzled him and he made a puzzled expression on his face before asked about it.


“The who?”


Lakshman was taken by surprise at the Calamity Titan’s question, but he immediately said, “The Decisive Player.”


The Calamity Titan fell silent and made a questioning expression on his face as he thought about the name for a moment. After a few seconds, he shook his head as if he could not remember who that was.


“I’ve lived a very long time, but I’ve never heard or met any idiot by the name ‘Decisive Player’! Explain to me clearly who the heck that idiot is!”


Lakshman did not expect this and he sighed before saying, “The Ex-God of Wisdom, Whamana…”


“Oh…! That fool…!” the Calamity Titan said as he finally realised who that was. He chortled and said, “Seriously… That fool called himself the Decisive Player? Fits him perfectly for being a foolish god!”


“Yes! To you anyway!” Lakshman said angrily. “However, he taught me exactly on how to break the seals! That was how I managed to break the third seal to awaken fifty percent of my full power!”


The Calamity Titan looked at him with wide eyes of shock before dropping his head down. Lakshman thought he had done it out of despair, but he was taken aback when he saw the Calamity Titan’s body shaking slightly. He was then alarmed when he heard the soft chuckling noise before it rose in volume and became a wild laughter.




The Calamity Titan slowly rose to his feet and looked at Lakshman with a wild expression full of craziness as he activated his powers. The next moment, there was a violent surge of power and the ground cracked in an instant, which quickly spread in all directions of the room they were in. the wind began to glow wildly through windows and caused the room great damage. The ground began to vibrate violently with the Calamity Titan glaring at Lakshman through mad eyes and a wide grin on his face.


“You have a lot of nerve threatening me like that, fool! I am the Calamity Titan, the Emperor of the World!”


“You will also be the one who will go down first!” Lakshman said in a firm voice that matched the dangerous aura radiated by the Calamity Titan.


The Calamity Titan raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, “What?!”


“I gather that the last seal has something dark in place from how the Decisive Player kept telling me never to break it unless I have to. It appears that I might lose control and go around destroying things. Hmph! Makes sense with that Voice of the Phoenix inside me and constantly trying to take over!”


The Calamity Titan laughed and said, “Well, well, well! Look at that! You actually know what might happen! So, when you know what might happen, you won’t do it!”


“Sadly, you’re mistaken there,” said Lakshman and surprised the Calamity Titan. “The moment the last seal is broken, I will most likely be taken over by this great surge to destroy. Before destroying everything else, the main thing that I will most likely focus on is to destroy you! Even now, I am feeling this strong feeling of wanting to kill you! So, I am certain that the moment that I lose control, the destruction will begin with you!”


The Calamity Titan appeared to be shocked by what he heard, but he quickly recovered to chuckle darkly.


“So what? I’m not afraid!”


“Oh… You are… You are…” Lakshman said slowly and the Calamity Titan was surprised. “As you are right now, you can’t match me with my fully unleashed powers! After all, you still haven’t achieved your true transformation, have you? You and I are basically in the same situation like me.”


“You?! How did you?!”


The Calamity Titan could not believe the secret that he had hidden for all these years had been discovered by the young Phoenix Titan. He glared at Lakshman fiercely through gritted teeth.


“I know because I can feel it,” said Lakshman and he unfolded his arms to look at his hands. “I contemplated the kind of power that will be unleashed by breaking the last seal, which left me wondering what other transformations are there for me to transform into. It was then that I realised that my current transformation is actually not my true transformation. At the same time, I realised the same applied to you.


The two of us are the strongest in the world and no one can match us with our powers fully unleashed. That’s why, I always felt strange whenever I transformed into my Phoenix Titan form. Now I know and I am certain the same thing is applying to you as well.”


The Calamity Titan smirked and said, “Impressive…! Very impressive…! You did well to think so deep and realise the fact. Is that the main reason you came all this way? To threaten me and share your thoughts on our true transformations?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “The topic came, so I simply said what I’m thinking.”


“Then, what is the real reason that you came all this way to see me…?”


Lakshman closed his eyes for a moment and silence filled the room. This lasted for a few seconds until he finally reopened his eyes to glare. The Calamity Titan was momentarily taken aback when he saw the dangerous look that Lakshman gave him.


“Stay away from the Destiny Queens!” Lakshman said in a slow deadly voice that shook with power. “I don’t know how you knew they were the Destiny Queens and I don’t care much about it. However, don’t you ever dare to think of bringing harm to them in any way?”


He was deadly serious and the Calamity Titan saw that, but he still smirked and went ahead to ask something.


“Even if one of them belongs to me?”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and asked, “Huh?”


The Calamity Titan spread his arms out and said, “Well… You see… I was the Demon Slayer’s previous master and she had been in my possession for a very long time.”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and glared at him fiercely before saying, “I see… So, it was you who gave her such a terrible name before I changed it.” As the Calamity Titan chuckled heartily, Lakshman shook his head and said, “She might’ve been your partner in the past, but now she’s mine and mine alone in addition to being one of my wives.”


“Ha… You married Sacred Spirits? That’s funny,” said the Calamity Titan with a grin on his face.


Lakshman glared at him and pointed a finger at him before saying, “I don’t care much of what you’re doing to the world since it can repair itself in due time and I can fix it later after I defeat you. However, never ever dare to even think of laying a finger on my wives…! You will live to regret it!”


He shouted his threatening message at the Calamity Titan with great force and power. In an instant, the wind began to blow faster around them and caused several objects in the room to fly away and smash into the cracked walls. The wind buffeted the Calamity Titan, but he stood firmly and stared at his enemy with a confident smile on his face. Lakshman glared back at him with his finger held pointing at his enemy. Then, waving his finger at the Calamity Titan, Lakshman disappeared from there in a flash of light.


All became calm and the room returned to being dark once again. The Calamity Titan did not move from the position he was at as he stared at the spot Lakshman stood moments before. He had his fists relaxed, but he closed them and clenched his fists tightly. On his face, the broad grin faded and was replaced by a rather simple smile.


“You’re growing up to be firm and strong… Good… Very good…!” he slowly spoke in the darkness before sighing deeply.


It was difficult to see what kind of expression he wore He as he turned to look out of the window. The night sky was beautiful with only a few stars to look at, but the main attraction were the two moons. They hovered in the night sky and shined their soothing light down onto the surface of the Demon World as the peace of that world resumed once more.


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