Demon Lord Army



The Demon Lord, Delon was flying ahead a squadron of Demon Squad warriors flying behind him. All of them were equipped with four Amplification Rods, the maximum that any of them were able to equip onto their bodies. Any more of these and their bodies would be straining to control the immense surge of power and strength once it gets unleashed.


The reason for why the Demon Lord and his Demon Squad army were flying towards the Eternal Turtle was to wage war against them. This all started four days back when Calamity Titan learnt of Delon’s recklessness in sending out the scientifically engineered monster called Orb into battle. Angered, he came very close to killing the Demon Lord, but let him go with a final condition.


“Prove to me that you are worth keeping alive despite your recent failure by defeating the Magic Titan! If you can’t even do that, then you’re useless to me! Go die in a ditch somewhere, that’ll at least save me the trouble of killing you!” Calamity Titan had said with a very angry expression on his face.


“Y-Yes, master!” Delon replied with a deep bow in a fearful voice.


Receiving such a powerful warning, Delon became determined to prove to his master that he was still useful to him. Spurred on by determination and full of anger towards the Magic Titan, he called on 300 of his Demon Squad soldiers that worked under him and made them become aware of their target. After four days, all of them departed for the Bazaraka Continent.


Now, they all flew towards the location of the Eternal Turtle, which is the familiar of the Magic Titan. Delon flew ahead of the rest and he wore a very determined expression on his face as they neared their target.


As he began sensing the powers of several beings up ahead, he gritted his teeth, clenched his fists and thought, “I’m going to defeat you once and for all, Magic Titan! I will!”



“They’re coming!” Amaranda Lefrity, the Magic Titan said to everyone telepathically. “Get ready!”


The Manjuvad Demon Clan men and woman prepared their respective weapons to battle, which was their spears and wands that were crafted for their use by Sumara. Standing around Amaranda and Sumara was Lakshman and his wives, Emilia, Venezuela and Cantia. The only people missing were Ondine, Erza and Tetra because they stayed behind to calm a mentally disturbed Silvera after her memories got released.


Lakshman was unhappy at how disturbed Silvera was due to the past misdeeds of her powers used against her will by the Calamity Titan. Unfortunately, he would have to put that aside because an immediate problem was headed their way in the form of the Dark Lord, Delon and his army of Demon Squad warriors.


“Right. Time to power up,” said Lakshman and everyone turned to him in surprise.


He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he began surging with raw power while radiating in golden-aura that surrounded him. The wind began to blow faster and faster as his power steadily grew stronger and stronger. Everyone else stared at him in disbelief with their eyes widened as they struggled to stand firmly against the strong wind buffeting against them.




Lakshman screamed wildly and the air became intense with pressure caused by his wildly surging power. Both the body of Eternal Turtle and the air, including the ground, began to shake violently from the sheer force of his power. Nearby mountains began to make large cracks on its surface before tumbling down with heavy crashing sounds from sensing this power. Once again, everyone in the world sensed the surging of his power, which alarmed them as it did the last time they felt it, which was four days ago.


There was a sudden flash of light that almost blinded everyone that were unfortunate enough to be looking at him during his transformation. The force of the wind intensified and began to blow so hard that it lifted most of them off their feet and sent them in the opposite directions. Fortunately, Emilia, Venezuela and Amaranda activated barrier spells to stop themselves from being blown away by the strong winds.



Flying towards them, Delon was gritting his teeth when, all of a sudden, he sensed the surging of great power from up ahead. Even his men, who were unable to detect most power levels, were startled when they sensed the power of this person growing to unimaginable heights.


His assistant flew next to him and using Telepathy, he said, “Sir! That power belongs to the Phoenix Titan!”


Delon looked at him and telepathically said, “I know, but keep going! Our mission to defeat the Magic Titan and while we’re at it, let’s take down the Phoenix Titan!”


“Yes!” his assistant replied with a single nod and he passed on the message to the rest of the warriors flying behind them.


They were initially shocked, but became determined with their leader flying in front. They knew Delon was extremely powerful to be granted such a revering title, so they expected him to be able to handle the Magic Titan and the Phoenix Titan with the Amplification Rods he current had equipped with him.


At that moment, the strong winds from where



As the flash of light disappeared, everyone was finally able to look at the place Lakshman stood. Many of them were very surprised when they saw that Lakshman had long spiky blonde hair that fell down to his waist and had red crown-shaped eyes that stared at them. In addition to that, there was a random burst of lighting around the aura that surrounded him like a defensive shield, which would shock the opponent that dared to land a physical punch on him.


With the transformation complete, he kicked off the ground and flew very fast high into the air by sending a slight shock wave at everyone standing around him. Reaching a considerable height, he stopped and stared towards where the enemies were coming from, narrowing his eyes in the process.


“Let’s see if this works!”


He shifted his body to the side and brought his hands together to gather energy in the open palms of his hands. The energy began to grow brighter and brighter as it took the form of a large while ball pulsating with raw energy. At the same time, deciding this might not be enough, he activated another technique to assist.


“Air Strike Cannons!”


In an instant, two magic circles appeared on either side of him and they began rotating round and round as they gathered their energy in the centre open part of the circle. Both his technique and the magic circles continued to gather energy at almost the same speed until they were ready to be launched.


Lakshman’s contorted as he shouted, “Fire!” Then, he brought the palms of his hands forward and shouted, “Positron Burst Cannon!”


There was a slight pause before a large blue wave of destruction was unleashed from the magic circles and the palms of his hands. The energy surged and soared through the air at high speed as they travelled towards their intended target.



Delon was surprised when he saw five energy blasts headed his way and he smiled upon seeing them.


“Sir! We’ve been fired upon!” said his assistant telepathically and Delon nodded wordlessly.


He came to a stop in mid-air and so did the rest of the Demon Squad warriors as they stared at the incoming attacks with a surprised expression on their faces.


“Fool!” Delon said and he held his right hand out before saying, “Mirror Force!”


His magic activated just as the five waves of destruction soared towards him at high speed. With the barrier activated, the beams smashed into them and a struggle ensued between them for a moment. Ultimately, Delon’s technique won and absorbed the powers before firing the same attacks back at the source while doubling the output.


“Have a taste of my power, you fool!” Delon said and he made a merciless grin on his face.



Lakshman was staring at his attacks and expected them to explode upon making contact with their target, however, none of them happened. Instead, he saw his attacks travelling back at him for some reason. They almost reached him when he suddenly realised they were much stronger than the attacks he had launched a moment ago.


Quickly moving out of the way, his Positron Burst Cannon attack roared past him at high speed, making his eyes widen with surprise. At the same time, his Air Strike Cannon magic circles were smashed into and destroyed by the reflected energy attacks. Once the attack finished, he looked towards the enemies that drew nearer towards them with a grim expression on his face.


“Reflected my own attack back at me… Damn…!” Lakshman muttered quietly to himself.


He clenched his fists and began surging with power as he said, “Fine! If you want this frontal, I’ll gladly give it to you!”


Surging with power, he rocketed away towards the enemies that were headed their way at high speed. He was sure he would not be able to take them on at the same time considering how powerful they were, but he still was determined to make sure he kept most of them away from the Eternal Turtle.



“Sir! It seems the Phoenix Titan is headed this way!” the assistant informed Delon and the Demon Lord smiled with a satisfied look on his face.


“Excellent! As expected, he’s coming straight at us!” Delon said in a satisfied voice. He turned to his assistant and said, “Open the box and release those Orbs!”


“Y-You’re really certain we should use them right now?” the assistant asked him curiously. “I mean, we indeed made sure that they don’t absorb their allies, but still… Using them when the battle didn’t even begin is a little bit—.”


“I know what I’m doing, now zip it!” Delon said irritably as he cut across his assistant’s speech, silencing him in the process. “I want to face the Magic Titan, not that bastard that’s charging towards us! Now, release them already!”


“Y-Yes!” the assistant said instantly with a nod of his head.


He pulled out the box from his inside pocket and held it out before opening the case. A puff of smoke was let out and inside the box were three large purpled coloured orbs. There was a moment of pause in which nothing happened, but then it all changed when the orbs lifted out of the cases and began gathering energy from their surroundings. This was very different to the last time when they absorbed their allies to gain power. This time, they are absorbing the energy in nature to become stronger and transform to take on a human-like form.


Delon watched with a satisfied smile on his face as he watched his two scientifically engineered monsters growing larger and larger until they had a human-like form. Their face did not response a human though due to being completely different to any of the Demon Squad warriors hovering behind them. Once the absorbing of power and transformation was complete, the triplets let out a puff before beginning to dance like a kid.


While the demon warriors appeared to be surprised, Delon pointed towards Lakshman soaring towards them before saying, “Orbs! That guy over there is your enemy!”


“He enemy?” one of the Orbs asked him with a puzzled expression on its purple face.


“That’s right!” Delon said with a nod of his head.


Just before leaving, the demon scientists informed Delon about the nature of the Orbs, which was rather childlike, which is similar to how humans behave while young. This surprised him for a moment, but it gave him an idea that might work in their favour.


“If you don’t kill him, he will take all your treats that I prepared for you!” Delon said with a sad smile on his face.


At that, the Orbs became very surprised before making very angry expressions on their faces. Their anger was so great that they began letting off their sinister powers, which were felt by everyone present.


The Demon Squad warriors were perplexed as they watched their leader baby talking to the Orb monsters. However, they were taken by surprise and instantly began to fear the three monsters and were glad they were on their side.


“He eat our food?” another Orb asked through gritted teeth.


“That’s what’ll happen if you don’t kill him!” Delon said sharply and it finally sunk into the tiny brains of the Orbs.


The three suddenly let off steam through holes in their bodies as if to let of steam of anger before all three of the Orb monsters shouted at the same time.




They flew off towards Lakshman at high speed without once glancing back towards where Delon and his army of demon warriors hovered in mid-air. Delon watched them fly away in the direction of the Phoenix Titan pleased him before he turned to address his warrior.


“Listen! Those three idiots will go over and take care of that Phoenix Titan! Meanwhile, we’ll go around them and focus on attacking that giant turtle over there! You got that?” Delon asked them.


“Yes, sir!” was the loud reply he received from their mouths.


Delon smiled and said, “Excellent. Now, let’s go!”


With the shout of those words, Delon, his assistant and the army of demon warriors charged forward and chose to fly around the three Orb monsters converging on Lakshman, who was flying directly at them.



Lakshman flew towards the army of demon warriors up ahead when he suddenly felt a familiar sinister power radiating from there. As he neared them, he suddenly saw three purple bodied monsters charging towards him at high speed. In an instant, without being told, he knew those three were none other than the Orb monster he fought four days ago.


“Damn…! Not this thing again and there’s three of them this time! Three times the trouble!” Lakshman thought in annoyance.


The four of them charged at each other at high speed with angry expressions on their faces before colliding with a mighty force. Lakshman smashed both of his fists into the purple bodied Orb monster in front of him just as two fist from either side of it landed on his face. His punches knocked Orb backwards while the two punches from it siblings caused him to flip over in mid-air as they soared towards him once more.


Seeing them coming, Lakshman straightened up to float upright before quickly ducking to avoid their fists. With them wide open for an attack, he quickly reacted by moving forward and landed his fists on either side of the monster’s faces. It stunned the two Orbs, but he was not done as he opened the palms of his hands, quickly gathered a large portion of energy before releasing it directly at the monsters. Everything on top of the shoulder with its head and a part of their arms were vaporised in an instant.


He flew back to give himself some room to fight in as he stared at the two headless Orb monsters. At that moment, he saw the demon army flying around them and he realised these three were just a distraction to keep him at bay.


“Hey! Stop!” Lakshman shouted towards them, but they obviously would not be able to hear him from this far away.


Feeling irritated, he began flying towards them when a headless Orb appeared in front of him to block his flight path. Lakshman had to quickly force himself to stop and avoid the powerful punch it lashed out at him. At the same time, the other headless Orb flew at him and delivered a glancing blow to the side of his body, surprising him in the process. Finally, the third one that still had a head on its shoulders, flew at him and delivered a powerful head-butt.


Slightly shaken from the surprising attacks, he flew back a bit while staring at the three monsters. Suddenly, the two headless Orb monsters put their hands into what appeared to grow a new head out of its own body.


“Ugh…! That’s just disgusting…!” Lakshman commented with a disgruntled expression on his face. “Still, I can’t believe I forgot that thing had the ability to regenerate… This is going to take a while…”


The three Orbs pointed their right fingers at him and said, “ORB ANGRY! YOU DIE!”


With shouting such words, the three of them began surging in violet aura that surrounded them as they glared at him while letting a strong murderous intent. A moment later, they charged towards him at high speed as they engaged in battle against Lakshman and so, the battle between the Phoenix Titan and the three Orb monsters began with a storm of punches, kicks and energy blasts that sent shock waves everywhere.

Author’s Note


Hello readers and thank you once again for reading this chapter. I kept switching between perspectives of Lakshman and the Demon Lord due to the multiple techniques being used here. Look forward for the next chapter as it’s going to be amazing! So, thank you for reading this chapter and see you in the next one as the war continues.

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