Demon Lord’s War



“Ah…! They broke through Lucky and are headed this way!” Sumara said as she stared at the incoming mass of warrior up in the sky.


“I see. It was a bit of a foolish decision for him to decide on engaging the enemies all on his own. Who does he think he is? A lone bird?” Amaranda telepathically asked as she turned to look curiously at Emilia as she questioned about the motive behind her husband’s actions.


Emilia blinked at her in surprise before shaking her head slightly as she said, “No. I believe he charged at them head on was to try and focus the attention of their army on him while we take care of the rabble. However, it seems his plan backfired and he’s no engaged in furious battle against those three whatever things I see up there.”


She pointed up at the sky where Lakshman and the three Orbs were battling it out furiously. The three monsters and the Phoenix Titan continuously fought each other at high speed through close combat style. Every now and then, they blast each other with energy blasts that soon creates a beam struggles between the forces of good and evil.


“Alright. Let’s take of the warriors headed our way!” Amaranda said telepathically and a nod of approval was returned form Emilia and Sumara when they nodded their heads at her.


Sumara turned to her clans’ people, the Manjuvad Demon Clan and said, “Alright ladies! Point those wands up and start bombarding them!”


“Right!” the women of the group nodded in agreement.


Their children were kept away with the rest of the women that were not willing to fight in this battle due to lacking experience and the courage to fight and kill to protect. There were more men that stayed behind to protect them, in case the barrier keeping them safe ever gets unexpectedly destroyed.


Emilia turned to the men and said, “When most of them break free, use your weapons to take them quickly out! Please! We’re counting on you to stop them from hurting the Eternal Turtle that’s so kind to carry us on its back!”


“We got it!” the men replied in unison.


“Don’t worry, young lady. We’ll repay our debt to you for your wonderful food by doing our best!”


“Yeah! Just watch us as we take these idiots out thanks to the training we received from your sisters.”


“Eh? Sisters?” Emilia asked in a surprised voice and she instantly realised they were referring to Ondine and Cantia. She smiled at them and said, “Well, my sisters can be annoying at times, but they had good reasons to be.”


“Yes! So, feel safe because we’ve got you covered!”


“Overconfidence doesn’t pay good,” said Amaranda suddenly telepathically in a testy voice. “All of our enemies seem unusually stronger than before, so I suspect they have equipped more of those Amplification Rods than before.”


“Those things again? How are they capable of producing so many of them so fast?” Sumara asked, but Amaranda simply shook her head as she did not know either.


“It’s most likely that they possess some sort of device that accelerates the production of an item before applying the amplification magic onto it,” said Emilia in a thoughtful voice. “Such a feat is not possible for any existing human or demon technology that I’m aware of and I’m certain Wolfenstine wouldn’t dare working with them. So, it’s most likely they’re using magic powered dolls to manufacture these special rods for their warriors to use in battle.”


Amaranda and Sumara were greatly surprised by her quick thinking before Sumara said, “Wow…! Now that I think along those lines, it actually makes perfect sense! That would mean, these guys are producing over millions of these things in a go? Wait… That’s actually not possible…”


Emilia nodded at her and said, “That’s right. Magic is not omnipotent and the same applies to all living beings and this also includes dolls that are powered by magic. So, it’s most likely they mass produce for a while and then simply perform the copying magic technique to copy the properties of one Amplification Rod onto the other to save magic and time.”


“That is an insane amount of complexity going on behind the scenes then…” said Amaranda telepathically to them all. “If the Calamity Titan chose to attack us, he would easily conquer this world effortlessly and while he’s at it, he would do so much damage to it at the same time.”


“That’s actually the main reason he isn’t making a move to make his presence felt in this world,” said Emilia and Sumara nodded at her in agreement.


“You’re right. He’s basically gained full control of the entire world without actually conquering it. The day he broadcasted his message ten-years-ago was the day he became the complete ruler of the world. Every war that occurred after that was never won due to him either beating them up badly or destroyed them utterly without a care,” said Sumara and she clenched her hands tightly as she became angry about that fact.


Just then, one of the Manjuvad Demon Clan warriors walked over to them and asked, “Um… Ladies. Could you please put aside the theory subject and focus on the battle at hand?”


“Oh…! Right! Sorry,” said Emilia quickly and she humbly apologised.


They turned their attention back towards the women, who had their wands raised into the air and were creating magic circles just in front of them. The simplest way for them to use magic was to use it as a natural flow of energy by controlling the elements, but it was not possible with their current skill. Instead, they are simply creating objects and such that would hinder the progress of the approaching army, who were constantly bombarded by magic attacks.


Sumara raised her staff into the air and said, “Water Disaster Wave!”


In an instant, a large magic circle formed in front of her and it began to glow brighter as each second passed. A few seconds later, a large wave of water erupted out of the magic circle and flew high into the air as it headed straight for the incoming army. Seeing it, they quickly moved to evade it, but some were not quick enough and got splashed upon by the wave of water.


Once the wave was over, they braced themselves for anything, but were surprised when nothing happened. Looking up at the sky with the power of Zooming Force, Sumara took the opportunity when they dropped their guard to activate the next spell as she aimed her staff towards them.


“Water Suffocation!”


In an instant, the splashed water on them quickly moved away from them and formed into a shell of water, imprisoning them in it. The surrounding warriors watched in shock as magic circles appeared on inside the shell of water and began to flood the insides with water. The panic stricken warriors repeatedly attempted to use high amount of energy to break out of the shell of water, but it was no use. The shell of water was solidified and kept firm from the energy it was receiving from the nature, which the warriors were not strong against.


In a matter of seconds, ten of the warriors that were trapped began trashing around in the water as it filled completely to drown them. They fought desperately to keep themselves alive, but they lacked the magic knowledge the get away from this predicament and very soon, they were drowned. The demon warriors were shocked as ten of their comrades died just like that and they were unable to save them. Even the Demon Lord, Delon was looking at them angrily.


Seeing that they drowned, Sumara decided to show the enemy more cruelty and activated the next magic circle in an instant.


“Water Compression.”


The water inside the shell of water began to close in on the dead bodies of the enemy warriors and tightened itself around them. The demon warriors watched in horror as the water compressed onto their dead allies until they turned into blood that turned the blue water into blood red colour.


Emilia, who had watched this occur, placed hand over her mouth and groaned unhappily. She was more horrified than the enemies at seeing what just happened and how bloody the water looked now. With a wave of her staff, Sumara broke the shell of water and let all the contents to flush out and rain upon the ground to be absorbed into the soil.


Removing her hand off her mouth, Emilia turned to Sumara and said, “Sumara… That’s cruel… It’s really cruel…”


Sumara, for the first time in a long time, gave Emilia a cold look as she said, “We don’t show mercy to any and all enemies that come at us to take our lives. You got that, Emilia? You can’t be as merciful as Lucky.”


Emilia was unhappy, but Amaranda appeared to agree with Sumara as she telepathically said, “Excellent! Please, continue to take them out!”


“Of course,” said Sumara in agreement.


She continued to fire more of her water attacks at them, but the enemies realised how threatening that water was and they instantly did their best to evade them while some unfortunate got splashed with water and were soon killed off fairly easily while keeping their distance. Angered, the men began bombarding the top of the Eternal Turtle with their energy blasts.


“Look out!” Emilia shouted and she quickly activated her barrier around herself, Sumara and her allies.


Her barrier defended them, but left most of the parts of the Eternal Turtle’s back exposed. Due to this, its back got rained upon by multiple attacks and caused the giant turtle to roar in pain and anger.




“Telker! Calm down!” Amaranda said to her familiar, but she could not stop him completely.


Enraged by the attack, the Eternal Turtle stopped on its tracks and slowly turned its head to glare up at the men that had hurt it. Angered, it slowly opened its mouth wide and began gathering large quantities of energy into its mouth, which took several seconds. Once it gathered the energy, it unleashed it into a powerful blue wave of destruction that rocketed towards the demon warriors flying towards them.


The demon warriors were stricken with shock when they saw the blast headed their way and quickly made to evade it, but it was no use. The attack rocketed towards them at high speed and ultimately vaporised more than forty of the army that had come at them.


The Demon Lord, Delon became enraged at the fact that his men were taking losses even before they were able to make direct contact with their enemies. Angered, he glared down at the head of the Eternal Turtle that had taken the recent shot at his warriors.


“I’ll take you do first! That should solve all problems!” Delon shouted and he rocketed downwards to take the familiar out.


“Sir?!” his assistant called after him, but Delon had dived very fast and headed straight towards the Eternal Turtle.


“What the? One of them is flying straight towards the front of Telker!” Emilia said in a very surprised voice as she did not understand what that person was thinking.


Amaranda used Zooming Force and amplified her senses to identify who the person was since she was unable to see because of being blind.


“As I thought…! It’s the Demon Lord, Delon and he’s going after Telker to take him out!” Amaranda said and she gritted her teeth in anger.


Without turning to the girls, she telepathically told them, “Please, stay here and assist with the attack. In the meantime, I will go and take care of Delon.”


Emilia and Sumara nodded as they said, “Understood!”


Nodding at them once, Amaranda lifted into the air and quickly flew towards the front of the giant turtle, where the Eternal Turtle was roaring up at its descending enemy. Due to firing only a few seconds ago, the Eternal Turtle was taking some time to recharge to fire yet another shot, but it would not make it as the Demon Lord was racing towards it at him speed with a malicious expression on your face.


Nearing the giant turtle’s head, Delon raised his hand and began gathering dark energy in the palm of his hand as he shouted, “With this, you perish!”


Amaranda could not see the attack because of being blind, but she sensed the power growing stronger within him and realised he was going to launch a deadly attack on her familiar. Not wanting to let something like that happen, she instantly disappeared and reappeared directly in Delon’s flight path.


“What the?!” he exclaimed in shock when he was taken by surprise with her sudden appearance directly in front of him.


Amaranda raised her staff and aimed at him before telepathically saying, “Multi Cast: Sunflower.”


In an instant, eight magic circles appeared in a way that formed a circle in front of her and out of the magic circles, yellow flowers began to appear. They were closed for the moment as if they were asleep, but they soon began to bloom brightly with the sunlight falling down upon them. The opened wide and revealed a beautiful sunflower as it aimed towards the quickly descending Demon Lord.


It took the eight magic flowers a few seconds to gather the energy fed to it by its caster and received directly from the sunlight. Once the gathering of energy was complete, the sunflowers began glowing brighter as it prepared to launch all of its gathered energy into a wave of destruction, which it did a moment later.


Eight powerful golden waves of energy were shot one after another in the Demon Lord’s direction. Delon was shocked and he quickly came to a stop before flying around in the air to evade all the attacks as fast as he could, however, his clothes got singed pretty badly along with slightly wounding his body.


Delon looked at his singed clothes and his slightly wounded body, which was paining him a little. He instantly became furious at the fact that he was the first to receive without him beginning to properly fight his enemy.


“Damn you!!!” he bellowed at the top of his voice and he began surging with power while being surrounded by violet aura. He raised his hand into the air and shouted, “Summoning Attack: Meteor Fall!”


In an instant, a very large magic circle formed high up in the sky and blocked the sunlight from touching the surface of the world. Instead, the world was shone by the bright glowing light of the magic circle as a large meteor began appearing from beneath the magic circle. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look up at the sky in shock as they realised that this was another meteor attack like the time four-days-ago.


“Oh dear…!” Emilia said fearfully.


“Not this again?!” Sumara exclaimed with a complicated expression on her face.



Lakshman, who was furiously battling against the three Orb monsters as hard as he could, suddenly noticed a giant shadow fall upon the world around him. Instantly realising something was wrong, he punched the three monsters away to turn his attention towards the sky with a shocked expression on his face.


“Wow…! Isn’t that Meteor Fall? This is just like last time, but this one’s much larger than before!” he exclaimed in a shocked voice as he spoke his thoughts aloud. Realising something else, he turned his attention towards the Eternal Turtle and said, “Oh no… They need my help!”


He began surging with power and began flying towards them when, all of a sudden, he was brought to a quick stop. In a surprising move, the two Orbs grabbed his left and right shoulders to keep him from going anywhere. The third Orb flew to the front and began punching him in a rapid fast attacks on his face and body while shouting only one word very quickly.


“POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!! POP!!”


He received countless blows on his face and body from becoming distracted because of his worry for his people. With his eyes closed, he thought that the people he wanted to protect might be killed by this attack and this included his wives. This thought enraged him greatly and deep within him, more of the dark energy seeped out of the cracked seal.


The punching Orb stopped its attack and extended both of its hands out to fire a devastating wave of destruction at him, however, it was slow in the process.


Lakshman instantly flashed his eyes open and screamed, “AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”


With a burst of energy, he broke free from the tight grip, destroying the arms of the two Orb monsters. Glaring fiercely, he flew forward and grabbing the purple head of the monster, he began head butting it furiously before swung it around and sending it flying into its brothers. Lakshman swirled around and extended both of his hands as he aimed at them with a furious look on his face.




With a scream of rage, he unleashed a devastating wave of destruction at them. The surprised and the slightly wounded Orb monsters, turned their attention to the incoming wave of destruction with wide eyes before disappearing behind it. The attack was so powerful that it incinerated them completely and once the wave of over, all the Orb monsters appeared to have been reduces to pieces that floated around in the air like scrap pieces.


Lakshman glared at them for a moment before feeling a heavy twinge of pain in his head. Quickly clapping a hand on his forehead, he winced as the pain that slowly subsided.


“Damn… That was annoying…” he muttered before turning to face the Eternal Turtle.


From this distance, he could not clearly see what was going on, so he quickly activated Zooming Force to see properly. Looking at the one radiating in purple aura, Lakshman guessed that person to be the Demon Lord, Delon that Amaranda had told him about recently. Turning his gaze slightly, he suddenly realised Amaranda herself was there and she was hovering there with her eyes closed, but a look of determination on her face.


“Ah! I see…” he muttered and he nodded in understanding. “Looks like I don’t need to assist her after all.”


As he hovered there in the air and grinned at them, the purple pieces began to squirm before silently moving towards him with his back facing them.



The Demon Lord, Delon roared with laughter as he shouted, “Hahaha!!! Look at that, Amaranda! Wait! You can’t see! I forget you’re blind! Hahaha! Anyway! I just summoned a giant meteor up in the sky! It’s going to rocket down and destroy everything in this place! At the last second, I’ll just warp myself out of here and watch this whole place go boom! It will be spectacular!”


“You’re not the least bit worried about your men?” she asked him curtly with a cold expression on her face.
Delon was at first taken aback when he suddenly heard her speaking in his mind before speaking to her.


“Why should I worry about pawns of battle?” Delon asked her back with a casual smile on his face. “They’re simply tools to be used to achieve my goals, just as my master used us to achieve his goals!”


“Such foolishness…” she telepathically said in a low voice.


“Who cares when the end result is all that matters?” Delon asked loudly in an excited voice. “More importantly, don’t you have more pressing matters to worrying about than spending your precious time talking to me? If you don’t act, it’ll get dangerous pretty soon.”


Amaranda knew he was speaking the truth as her senses told her of the great danger that lay high up in the sky, however, she was not worried. The reason to this being that she had constantly trained with determination and true grit with Lakshman for the past four days. In these four days, she came to understood several things that he pointed out for her.


“Amaranda, you’re not weak at all, but you think you are weak. Your negative feelings over your curse is actually holding back much of your hidden potential. Just, focus on being positive, concentrate on the present and keep moving towards the future with the same kind of determination that you have right now. That might be hard to believe and you’re constantly saying you’re not as powerful as the other Magic Titan.

It’s quickly becoming an excuse than a reason, but when you look at it that way, I’m sure the same thing had happened to the previous Magic Titans when they were inflicted with the same kind of curse as you. So, how did they become so strong that’s makes you look up to them? What did they do to get so strong and what can you do to reach their level? Think about it. I’m certain you will find the right answer when you give it some deep thought.”


As he advised, she gave it a deep thought and the answer she found amazed her. The truth is that she was extremely powerful, but her fear of her powers and the fear of the curse made her subconsciously hold back. It was like chopping up a tree without knowing how hard to cut it down, whether to use full force and cut it down along with several more by accident, or use only little and have great difficulty in getting anywhere.


At that moment, she heard the voice of her Sacred Spirit say, “Mistress. Please. Do not worry. You can do it! I believe in you!”


She formed a small smile on her face as she telepathically replied, “Thank you, Temidan.”


Amaranda took a deep breath and she raised her staff high into the air and began gathering energy into it. Delon was startled by this and he watched her gathering energy into her staff. He knew the Magic Titans was blind and doesn’t have the power to use her voice along with being weak, so he did not worry too much. If only had used his senses to discover the dramatic change that she had gone through in the last four days, he might have stopped her.


With her technique gathered, Amaranda telepathically said, “I am the Magic Titan, the eighth of the Nine Pillars of Power and with this, I perform my duty to protect those relying on me! Meteor Burst!”


There was a gathering of large energy at the top of her staff before a blinding flash of light erupted from it. The attack soared high into the air at the slowly descending towards them. The flash of light reached the meteor and with a heavy impact, smashed into through its surface and soared into its body.


For a moment, nothing happened with the meteor continuing to descend when, all of a sudden, giant cracks began appearing on its surface. Very soon, a low rumbling noise could be heard coming from the cracking meteor high above and the Demon Lord stared up at the sky with a shocked expression on his face as the giant meteor exploded into pieces and sent a powerful shock wave in all directions that buffeted everyone, destroyed nearby fields and mountains and creates a rain of meteors to shower down to the ground.


Once everything began to settle down, Delon looked at up at the sky with a stunned expression. The giant meteor was gone and in its place, the sky reappeared and the sunlight streamed down onto the ground. Finally, feeling extremely furious, he turned his attention towards Amaranda with a murderous look in his eyes and tightly clenched fists.


Amaranda did not have eyes, but she faced in his direction with a calm expression as she telepathically said, “Let’s finish this, Delon.”

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading the chapter. Yesterday, I felt really tired and lacked the motivation into writing the chapter, so I took the day off, so please forgive me for that. The chapter surprisingly ended up being quite longer than I first thought it to be due to the numerous of sequences taking place. I hope that people are liking the new developments going on within the story and I will see you in the next chapter as the demon lord’s war continues.

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