Lakshman battles Orb



Lakshman looked in the direction of the Magic Titan, Amaranda when she fired a brilliant light of attack from her staff. He watched it quickly soar high into the air and smash against the large meteor falling down to the surface. He blinked in surprise and for a moment, nothing seemed to happen, but all that changed when, all of a sudden, great cracks appeared all over the surface of the meteor before exploding into pieces.


Shock waves from the attack were sent everywhere and he quickly braced himself for the shock as he surged with power and brought his hands up in defensively. Due to being extremely strong and powerful, Lakshman managed to keep himself from getting blown away by the strong blowing wing.


Once everything began to settle, Lakshman straightened up from his defensive position to look around at the destruction; great forests beneath him appeared to have been cleaned out in a flash and great mountains missing from the background. He looked around with a surprised expression on his face while raising an eyebrow.


“Wow… That’s quite the mess…” he said quietly.


He turned his attention to the sky above and was quite surprised to suddenly be hit by the powerful glare of the sunlight. It took a moment before his vision finally cleared and he was able to see properly once again. As he looked up for a second time, he let out a low whistle with a look of amazement appearing on his face.


“Wow… That’s impressive! It looks like Amaranda finally got the grasp of what she was lacking that made her a ‘true’ Magic Titan,” said Lakshman and he nodded his head in satisfaction as he turned to look at her.


Lakshman smiled at her as he was pleased by her quick act of letting go of her fears and accepting all that she currently was. During training with her, he sensed sometime akin to fear holding her powers back down without her knowledge and he surmised that it had to do with feeling betrayed by her clan and hatred towards the curse. So, he gave her the tips that he could to help lift her fear that was holding down on her true potential.


He was smiling when his smile quickly got erased and was replaced with a frown. Something was wrong and he knew it because his Elemental Sense triggered an alarm in his mind. Whatever it was, his Elemental Sense was going off wildly and he instantly recognised the danger to be life threatening.


His Elemental Sense was correct because at that moment, a large cluster of purple squirming thing was creeping up behind him through the air. It was the joined form of the Orb pieces that were blown away earlier from Lakshman’s explosive blast when he became furious. It slowly gathered together to form into a large slim like body that slowly crept towards him under the disturbance of the shock with lethal intent.


Lakshman sense the danger and realising that he did not have the luxury of looking around, he instantly shouted just as the purple body of the Orb monster expanded its slime body wide to attack him.




He disappeared instantly from there and just in time as the Orb monster’s slime body closed around where he stood a moment ago. A moment later, he reappeared several meters away from where the slime purple body of the Orb monster was hovering in mid-air. He stared at it with wide eyes and a shocked expression on his face as the monster body coiled its body around.


“Uh…” Lakshman said with a startled expression on his face. “I’m amazed… That thing attempted to absorb me…”


It appeared that the monster realised it had failed in its attempts to absorb him and became quickly to take a human sized form. Its body had a purple body with its head being somewhat similar to its previous appearance. The only difference was that it grew two purple horns from either side of its head. It gave the monster a very demonic appearance, complete with fiercely glowing red eyes.


The next instant, it began surging with power while radiating in purple light that surrounded it. At the same time, it sent a small shock wave towards Lakshman, who firmly hovered in mid-air without letting it affect him.


Lakshman was surprised when the monster raised its hand in his direction and said, “Orb strong. Human weak. Orb live and human die.”


“Ha…! If that’s the case, then stop complaining and start acting, monstrous freak!” Lakshman shouted at the monster and he began surging with golden-red aura while surrounded by random lightning bursts appearing around him.


The Orb monster gritted its teeth and glared fiercely at him before soaring towards him at high speed. Its movement speed was so fast that Lakshman blinked at him in surprise before receiving a punch to the left side of his face. Lakshman and the Orb remained floating there with its arm pressed onto Lakshman’s face.


It made a small smile of satisfaction, but it quickly became a frown when it saw Lakshman stare at it with a serious expression on his face. The next instant, lightning began erupting around his aura and it passed onto Orb’s monster body before zapping him unbelievable amount of lightning. The monster began screaming in pain and agony from feeling the force of the lightning.


Lakshman gritted his teeth angrily and forcefully shoved the monster away from him.


Turning to face him, Lakshman raised his fists to chest height and said, “Electron Charge!”


He began charging with energy while, at the same time, channelling his lightning to surround his arms and clenched fists. The monster slowly recovered from the recent electric shock from earlier to stare at the Phoenix Titan through narrowed eyes.


With the technique ready, Lakshman shouted, “Electron Strike!”


He soared towards the monster at high speed and began punching at the monster’s purple body rapidly with his powerful punches. With each punch, high voltage of lighting surged through the body of the monster, causing it to let out wild screams of shock. Lakshman continued delivering blow after blow and the level of lightning increase with each successive hit.


The monster suddenly reacted angrily and it roared at him madly before grabbed both of its arms, which disrupted deactivated the lightning technique. Grabbing them firmly, the monster pushed Lakshman’s arms aside while screaming in pain from receiving lightning strikes through its body from constantly being zapped by Lakshman’s defensive lighting field that randomly bursts around him.


“W-What are you… doing?” Lakshman asked the Orb monster while struggling to break free from its tight grip.


The Orb monster glared at him and in a rough voice, it said, “Killing you.”


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and with an angry expression on his face, he told the monster, “Then, act on it, you stupid thing! Stop wasting time by talking!”


With grin spreading on its face before the monster opened its mouth wide and began gathering energy into its mouth, which it aimed directly at him. Lakshman widened his eyes slightly and attempted to break free from its grip, but it was no use.


A pink ball of energy appeared at the edge of the monster’s mouth as it was ready to unleash the blast at him. The monster chuckled when, to its surprise, Lakshman formed a smile on his face as he stared at the monster.


“Eat your own!” Lakshman said to the monster.


In an instant, he displayed incredible power by surging with power that totally destroyed the arms of the monster. The next moment, he brought his hands forward and shove the blast into the mouth of the monster and clapped its mouth shut. The monster was completely taken by surprise and it attempted to break free from him, but his grip was far tighter than the monster’s and it did not go anywhere.


A few seconds later, the monster’s entire body began puffing up like a balloon until it exploded. A might explosion was released and it sent Lakshman soaring backwards before he stopped himself forcefully. He straightened up and stared at the clouds of dust slowly clearing with a look of anticipation on his face.


“Come on…!” he muttered hopefully.


Earlier, when he was struggling against the hold of the Orb monster was actually just him pretending to be held by it. His previous encounter with it told him the monster has ridiculous amount of regenerative powers and it will keep on coming back for more, unless he chose to act like he did last time by summoning the Eternal Phoenix, Phylex and Spirit Dragon, Draga. At first, he considered going through by summoning them, but then he came to realise that overly relying on others will leave him unable to do things on his own.


“I have the power to do it without the help of others and I must keep it that way! It’s not about being lonely or doing it alone, but it’s about being strong without always relying on someone to come and assist,” thought Lakshman as he stared at the mass of clouds slowing clearing the view.


He has his eyes narrowed as he stared as the smoke cleared to reveal the fragments of the blown pieces of the monster floating around. When he saw them, his eyes widened slightly and he let out a groan disparagingly.


“Dammit…! It’s still alive, even though it took such a mighty blast from the inside?” Lakshman thought in annoyance.


He looked back at the monster’s fragment floating around and noticed them beginning to twitch several times. Life was returning to them and they slowly moved towards each other to form into the single entity that it was before blown itself up into pieces. Lakshman did want to destroy all the pieces, but he immediately knew how lack of effect that would have on killing the monster.


“I doubt destroying each and every piece would actually kill it due to being so powerful enough to keep regenerating almost all of its body. No… I must destroy the monster utterly with brute force and that requires me to charge up for my attack that I can only do in this form,” thought Lakshman as he stared at the monster resuming its previous form.


Once the monster got its previous body back, it formed a rather crazy grin on its face as it stared at him. Lakshman could sense the slight increase in its power that he was able to measure thus far, but he did not exactly rely on it because he felt it would cause him to underestimate the monster.


“Right… Time to attack the thing with aggressiveness!” Lakshman said and a smile formed on his face.


He clenched his fists and he began surging with power while radiating golden-red aura that surrounded him. As his power grew, he screamed at the top of his lungs to finally reach a power that puts it greatly above the monster’s own power.




His powering up caused a wave of strong winds to be blown in all directions and lightning to erupt all around him. The monster simply hovered there in mid-air while keeping its distance as if it was waiting for him to complete powering up. Once it was done, the monster roared at him before powering up as well, which had greater power than before, making Lakshman want to destroy the monster before it became excessively strong to the point that even he was unable to defeat it.


With the two radiating in power, Lakshman roared away towards the monster at high speed without hesitation. The monster, on the other hand, brought its hands in front of it to begin gathering energy into them. Lakshman saw this and instantly brought himself to a stop that shook him a little, but he ignored the feeling to stare at the gathering energy of the monster in surprise.


“What the—?” he began.


“ORB!! POP!! POP!! POP!!”


The Orb monster shouted those words in in a quick succession and fired a massive wave of destruction from its palms with the energy it had gathered. Lakshman’s eyes instantly widened with shock as he recognised what the attack was before extending his arms out to use his own technique to destroy it.


“Maga Distrab!” Lakshman shouted quickly.


As soon as the wave of destruction reached him, it stopped in mid-air in front of him and exploded into tiny particles. It was the monster’s turn to widen its eyes in surprise as Lakshman narrowed his eyes as the particles of energy slowly faded into thin air.


“Damn…! Dammit…!” Lakshman said repeatedly in annoyance at himself for another mistake he made. “I forgot that thing’s capable of learning all and anything in one go by simply observing it! Uh… I’ll have to finish this quickly before I let it learn any of my powerful moves, lest it uses them on me!”


He hovered there in mid-air without doing anything with his eyes closed. Then, he opened his eyes and stared at the monster with newly kindled determination burning in his heart.


“Fine! I’ll just have the beat the crap out of it before I let that happen!” Lakshman said in a pleasant voice and he smiled at the monster. “Instancity!”


In an instant, he disappeared from there and reappeared hovering behind the back of the purple bodied Orb monster, which was surprised to see him hovering there. It attempted to turn around and slam him with its elbow, but Lakshman was far quicker than it and began beating it from behind by dealing it rapid blows. Punch after punch, kick after kick, Lakshman’s power increased dramatically increased with each blow landing on the monster’s body.


The monster roared and finally elbowed him across the face, knocking him aside, but Lakshman quickly swirled his body around and smashed his leg into its face. Surprised from the attack, the monster hovered away as Lakshman quickly recovered to charge directly at it. His attack had caused the monster’s purple face to save in slightly, making it a painful wound.


Lakshman charged towards the monster and monster lashed out at him to punch him in the face, only to find that he disappeared before the fist made contact. Lakshman reappeared hovering behind the monster and he attempted to slam him once again, but the monster had sensed him and instantly used Instancity like him, but without actually saying it. This allowed the monster to disappear from there and reappear behind Lakshman before delivering a powerful blow to his back.


Lakshman’s eyes almost popped out in shock from the attack as he thought, “Damn…! It already learnt Instancity? This isn’t good…!”


Quickly reacting, he swirled his body around and grabbed the monster’s arm before swinging him over to his front. The monster attempted to fire an energy blast at him, but Lakshman simply deflected it with the palm of his hand before beginning to battle against the monster at high speed using his fists, legs and energy blasts. Their battle began creating shock waves that were sent in all directions along with the wind beginning to blow faster around them.


As they fought, the monster got zapped by lightning each time it delivered a blow onto Lakshman’s body, however, it appeared that it was getting accustomed to the lightning. As time slowly passed, it was recovering quickly from each attack of lightning from Lakshman as the battle continued to rage on at high speed with high powers clashing against one another.


“It’s recovering is increasing quicker as we continue fighting and it’s beginning to catch onto my fighting style. Damn…! Just a little longer and I would have the built up energy ready to unleash my devastating attack!” Lakshman thought while he fought against it.


He fought the monster while making sure to avoid using most of his powerful techniques to ensure that it did not copy them and then use them on him. Due to this, he was strictly left to using only close combat battle style while occasionally using energy blasts to deal heavy damage onto the monster’s body. By fifteen minutes, he had managed to blow the monster into pieces more than seven times and still, it kept coming back for more while he continued fighting as he waited for his force to build up the energy he required to use his powerful attack.


After fighting the monster for several minutes, Lakshman was finally ready to use it on the monster.


“Finally!” Lakshman shouted in satisfaction.


He quickly avoided the two blows the monster aimed at him before retaliating by delivering a powerful punch to the monster’s face, followed up by an upper cut and finishing it off by kicking the monster away from him. As the monster sailed away from him to stop a few meters away, Lakshman flipped through the air to hovering with the gathered energy ready to be used by him.


“Time to finish this!” Lakshman said and he grinned at the monster, but his plans changed drastically.


At that moment, his eyes widened with shock when his Elemental Sense detected something immensely powerful and dangerous headed towards them from behind. He turned around and was shocked when he saw a massive wave of black destruction energy soaring up at them from somewhere on the back of the Eternal Turtle.


One look at it and Lakshman instantly identified it as he muttered through wide eyes, “Black Destruction…”


The massive black wave of destruction whooshed past completely enveloped both him and the monster, which was shocked by the power. It began screaming in pain and agony as its body was slowly ripped apart by the devastating attack until the monster vanished within the dark energy.


When the attack was complete, it vanished and revealed that Lakshman had disappeared and the monster was reduced to its one single core, which was due to the three individual Orb monsters combining to make one.


The source of the attack came from the back of the Eternal Turtle and the one standing there with her arms raised in that direction was none other than Silvera.

Author’s Note


Hey there everyone and thank you for reading my chapter! The last two days, I haven’t felt up the spirit, the mood or the energy to get into writing this chapter out. Somethings happened in my family and it sort of really distracted me from feeling the urge to write the chapter. So, I hope the chapter was cool because I did try by best to get the energy into writing it. With that, I say thank you once again and hopefully see you in the next chapter as the war slowly reaches its conclusion.

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