Dark Destruction



Lakshman opened his eyes and found himself standing in what appeared to be a circular area of light shone from high above. Outside the circle of light was, the surroundings were covered in darkness that never let a single ray of light penetrate through. It was the Spirit Plane, although it can be confusing since the Border Plane also looks similar.


Just then, he heard a mirthless laughter followed by the words said by a voice with sheer craziness.


“Hahaha! The phoenix has come!”


He looked towards the opposite side of where he stood and standing there with her head lowered slightly was Silvera. Hovering beside her while radiating dark energy was someone with the similar appearance of Silvera. She wore a crazy grin on her face as she looked towards his direction.


From this distance, he could not tell what was happening to her, but he could sense that Silvera’s mind was not under her control. It appears to have been dulled out and currently being controlled by the Dark Spirit that had taken the same appearance as her. Coming to this conclusion, Lakshman narrowed his eyes as he began speaking to the Dark Spirit.


“Would you mind letting go of my wife?” Lakshman asked her politely.


The Dark Spirit just laughed before she said, “Really? Why should I? This girl is mine—!”


“You mean, that girl is mine,” said Lakshman in a testy voice while putting emphasis on the last word. “She’s my wife, not your possession to be played around with. Let go of her now!”


The Dark Spirit chuckled darkly before she said, “You certainly are jumpy…” After laughing once more, she looked at him with an evil look on her face before she asked, “Are you serious? This girl is under my control and I can finally take over her, but here you are playing the role of a hero? It’s not going to happen!”


Lakshman looked at her for a moment in silent before shaking his head unhappily.


“You know, Dark Spirit… Something like this happened several years ago to one of my other wives and during that time, a Dark Spirit was vanquished by a single stab wound from an energy sword. So, tell me… What makes you think you can fare any better than that Dark Spirit?”


“Oh… I will fare a lot better than that stupid thing!” the Dark Spirit replied with a cunning look on her face.


She moved over to Silvera and pointed her fingers near Silvera’s throat dangerous in a threatening gesture, making Lakshman glare at her fiercely.


“If you don’t do as I say and not leave us alone, you’ll have to see the dead body of this woman you seem to care so much about!”


“You disgust me!” Lakshman said without hesitation, which made the Dark Spirit laugh darkly.


“Really? I’ll take that as a compliment, so leave… Or, watch her die…!” the Dark Spirit told him with a deadly look on her face and she pressed her fingers closer to Silvera’s neck.


Lakshman stood there and stared at the Dark Spirit with a dangerous look on his face before closing his eyes. For a moment, they stood where they were without moving before he finally opened his eyes to stare right back at the Dark Spirit, who was surprised when she noted a strange determination look in his eyes.


“I’ve decided to kill you anyway!” Lakshman said in a flat voice void of expression.


“What?” the Dark Spirit asked in a very surprised voice. “What are you saying? Can you really kill me? That would mean that I kill this girl! Do you get—?”


Her speech was cut off when Lakshman began surging with power and he radiated in golden-red aura that surrounded him. A powerful shock wave was sent in her direction and this caused her to get buffeted, stopping her from speaking. Instead, she just stood there and watched him raise his hand over his head.


“Blade of Light!” he shouted the technique name and that caused the Dark Spirit’s eyes to widen with shock.


Out of his raised hand, a burst of light occurred and it soared high into the air at high speed before taking on the form of a very long and powerful energy sword radiating in white light. A hilt formed at the end of it and Lakshman grabbed it before turning his attention back to the Dark Spirit, which was staring at him with her eyes wide and mouth hanging in disbelief.


She quickly recovered by shaking her head and slapping her cheeks several times to glare fiercely at him.


“You fool!” she bellowed at him and she pointed a hand at him. “What the hell are you doing?! You’ll end up killing us both!”


As she spoke, she indicated herself and Silvera, who remained there with the glazed look in her eyes. Lakshman formed a small smile on his face as he looked at the Dark Spirit before he spoke calmly to her.


“You’re right. The only one I’m killing is you!” Lakshman said and he looked at her fiercely, surprising her in the process. “You see, light and darkness are indeed opposite to each other, but who said they are enemies? Only the twisted nature is the enemy, which can be destroyed pure nature of light!”


“You’re kidding me… You’re joking…” the Dark Spirit said slowly as she realised that he was right.


She began laughing hysterically as he stood there with the Blade of Light poised and ready to be used.


The Dark Spirit pointed at him and said, “You’re the fool! An arrogant idiot who doesn’t realise that he’s a hypocrite!”


“Hmm…? Meaning?”


“Meaning? You’re asking me the meaning of my words?!” the Dark Spirit exclaimed at him in shock. Then, she pointed a finger at him and said, “You…! You…! You also possess evil in your heart! You also possess a twisted dark nature in you! So, why wouldn’t you be a hypocrite by telling me evil must die?”


She laughed once again as Lakshman touched his chest with his left hand since his right was holding the sword. With a small smile on his face, he looked at her and spoke in a quiet voice full of reason and hope.


“Yes. You’re right. There is an evil nature in me and I’m well aware of that fact, but don’t worry. I will make sure to take care of it as soon as I get the chance!” Lakshman told her and all colour drained from her face. “Now…!”


He said dramatically and the sword began to glow brightly as it unleashed shock waves towards the Dark Spirit and Silvera.


“Blade of Light! I unleashed you!” Lakshman shouted and he swung the brilliantly glowing blade down.


The Blade of Light arced through the air before slamming onto the ground of the plane. Both the Dark Spirit and Spectra were hit by the powerful attack and while the Dark Spirit screamed in pain, Silvera did nothing. The Dark Spirit was a twisted nature of darkness, which was why the pure nature of light was destroying her, causing her to scream out in pain and agony.


“You’ll pppppaaaayyyyyyy foooorrrr ttthhhhiiiisssss—!” the Dark Spirit screamed before being consumed by the sword.


A few seconds later, the sword transformed into millions of tiny particles of light before vanishing into thin air. Lakshman let go of the handle of the sword and wore a satisfied smile on his face as he looked towards his freed wife, who simply stood there without moving. Then, as life slowly returned to her eyes, she suddenly swayed and almost fell forward.


“Silvera!” Lakshman said quickly and he reacted automatically.


He disappeared and reappeared directly in front of her, just in time to catch her as he fell forward. With his arms spread out, he caught her and began hugging her as she slowly regained consciousness. Once she did, she was very surprised to find herself standing in what she thought was the Spirit Plane.


“Lucky… Um… What am I doing here? What are you here? What are we doing here?” she asked him a three set of questions with a troubled expression on her face.


Lakshman chuckled happily and said, “Welcome back, my lovely wife!”


“Eh?” Silvera asked him in a surprised voice. “Why are you welcoming be back? Did I do somewhere?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “No, no, no… You just took a few minutes of sleep, so I was worried and came looking for you…”


“Oh…” Silvera said and she made a puzzled expression on her face. “This is strange… I think I remember walking out of the building and then… and then… Hmm? I don’t exactly remember what happened after that…”


“Ah…!” he said as he understood what happened.


“Upon seeing all the destruction, all the chaos and all the pain, it must’ve reeled her painful memory of her past into overdrive and it unleashed the Dark Spirit,” he thought sadly.


“Silvera… Whatever happened in the past, we can do right by putting our powers for good use,” said Lakshman and Silvera was very surprised as she realised he was talking about her memory. “You’re not the Calamity Titan’s Contracted Spirit, you’re mine and more importantly, you’re one of my wives. I cannot let you suffer, but I won’t make you forget the past because it’s what made you who you are today and it’s one of the things I love about you…”


“Um… Does this have to do with me always crying…?” she asked hesitantly and he laughed in response. “It is… isn’t it…?”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “You may cry and everything, but don’t be ashamed of it because it shows us that you really do care about this world and you’re not some crazed manic that’s always self-destructing!”


“You know, Lucky… Those words aren’t what I call encouraging,” she said to him sternly, but a smile began forming on her face. “Still, thanks…”


“Hey… You’re my wife and I’m your husband,” said Lakshman with a happy smile on his face. “It’s only natural that we help each other when one of us in distress.”


“Yes, but next time… I’m sure it’ll be our turn to help you out when you’re in distress,” said Silvera in a quiet voice.


“Ah… Well then… I’m counting on you…” Lakshman said with a wide grin forming on his face. “Now, why don’t we return and help our comrades— I mean, our wives and people out?”


“I agree, but before that… I feel I should make a new start and the only way I can do it by doing… this…” Silvera said and she began glowing in bright light.


Lakshman let go of her and stepped back to watch with a surprised expression as he watched his wife transform. Once the light changed, he was started by the great change that appeared to have happened to his wife; her height increased from 168cm to 177cm, her long silver hair appeared to be shining from the light and her eyes appeared to be shining as she looked at him. The one thing he noticed was the slight change in her face, which made her cute face look even cuter than before while adding a touch of beauty to it.


“How do I look?” she asked him and her voice was smooth and tender like that of a flower.


“Uh…” Lakshman said as he stood there with a dumbstruck look on his face as he stared her.


She giggled and said, “I’ll take that silly expression on your face to mean that you really like this.”


“Uhha… Uhha…” he replied without saying anything.


“Oh dear me… Let’s go and show our enemies who’s in control of this battle now!” Silvera told him and he simply nodded at her, allowing her to close his mouth for him and snapping him back to reality in the process.


“R-R-Right! We should!” he said quickly and he slightly shook his head. “Let’s go!”


She nodded and clapping his hands together, he deactivated Spirit Transition. In an instant, everything became bright once more before they returned to the Physical Plane where he and Silvera were surrounded by Ondine, Venezuela, Erza and Tetra. The four of his wives were staring at Silvera with a mixed expression of shock and disbelief.


“W-What happened to you…? You look so much different than before…” Tetra said with an astonished look on her face.


Silvera’s silver hair was sparkling in the sunlight as she looked at them with a tender smile on her face.


“Lucky likes it, but what about you? Do you like it?” she asked them curiously.


“Yes…! It looks wonderful, Silvera!” Ondine complemented her happily.


“That’s right…! You look amazing…!” Erza said with her eyebrows raised as she took in her full appearance.
“Changing your appearance at will is such a good trait that it certainly becomes unfair on others,” said Venezuela curtly with a dissatisfied look on her face, however, she smiled at her and said, “Still, you look good.”


“Thank you… Thank you very much…!” Silvera said gratefully for their compliments.


Only Tetra appeared to be annoyed with her change and she turned to ask Lakshman, “Lucky… When can I make my appearance change to match hers?”


He sensed the great distress she was feeling and chuckling slightly, he placed a hand on her head and said, “Don’t worry, Tetra. You can do the change once I release my full powers and unlock yours. I’m sure it’ll be quite the spectacular thing when that happens.”


“R-Really…? When will you do that?” Tetra asked him curiously.


“Later… Later…” Lakshman said and he sighed heavily.


At that moment, a loud bang erupted followed by an explosion that caused the wind to blow around them very quickly. This distracted them for a moment and brought Lakshman back to the reality of the situation they were in. He looked around and saw the demon warriors were being bombarded and destroyed what appeared to be energy and water attacks. At the same time, a wild beast cat was raging through the enemies, cutting them up and spitting fire out of its mouth.


“That must be Sumara, Cantia and Emilia along with the Manjuvad Demon Clan warriors and magicians doing their best to fight them off!” Lakshman thought and he nodded approvingly. Then, he turned his head to look up into the sky to look at the Orb monster hovering there and thought, “Guess, it’s time I finish this little fight of ours!”


He turned to the girls and said, “Anyway! We got a battle to win and I need both you and Silvera for that matter! Will you help me?”


“You don’t need to ask because we will always be there to give you a hand!” Silvera said smoothly and Tetra nodded in agreement.


He laughed and extended his hands to them, which they took with respect to the hand marking their Contract Seal. In an instant, the two of them transformed into their respective sword forms; Silvera the Demon Slayer and Tetra the Phoenix Blade. Lakshman spun them around to show his skilful use of the swords before sliding them into the sword straps he had by his side at all times.


Turning to the other three, he told them, “Girls, I want you to go and help take down those demon warriors. They’re becoming a nuisance, so take them down. By the way, Vena… They could do with a hand with healing people.”


“You don’t have to tell me that,” said Venezuela to him with an eyebrow raised. Then, as an afterthought, she told him, “Before I forget, make sure to cut your hair once the battle is over. It doesn’t suit you one bit.”


While the other two girls laughed from the joke, Lakshman groaned before he said, “It’s not permanent, so stop complaining!”


“Okay and do your best,” said Venezuela with a confident smile on her face that he rarely sees.


He smiled back and said, “Got it!”


With the words said, Lakshman began surging with power while radiating in golden-red aura that surrounded him. With a powerful force, he kicked off the ground of the Eternal Turtle and flew straight at the Orb monster that was dancing around in mid-air like a happy little child.


As they drew closer to it, he heard Tetra say in his mind, “Wow… That’s the Orb monster…? It looks like a child…”


“Don’t let the looks deceive you, Tetra… I can feel this really strange twisted dark energy from the monster…” said Silvera in his mind in a concerned voice.


“Ah… You’re right. I can feel it too,” said Tetra in agreement. “Anyway, give him hell, Lucky!”


“I’m on it!” Lakshman thought firmly as he flew through the air at high speed towards the monster.


The Orb monster was dancing around when it sensed his approach and looked around just in time to see Lakshman form a smile on his face.


“I’m back you freak!” Lakshman shouted and he delivered a powerful punch straight into the monster’s face.


A shock wave was released from the impact and it caused the monster to get sent flying away into the distance. As it flew away, Lakshman stopped to hover in mid-air before bringing both of his hands forward to charge up his energy while filling it up with the gathered energy from earlier.


“Lucky, are you going to use your Phoenix Electron Charge Wave?” Tetra asked him in his mind.


“That’s right! My other techniques aren’t simply as dangerous powerful as this technique, so I’m going to charge it up,” replied Lakshman through telepathy.


“Um… Are you sure you have the time to charge it up? I mean, you lost the previously charged up energy from before if I remember correctly hearing you say to Vena and the others,” said Silvera in his mind.


Lakshman was surprised by her words and he thought, “Oh…! You were listening?”


“Well… I just heard bits of it, but am I mistaken? My attack caused your right arm to become blackened and distracted you into losing all the energy you—.”

“I lost some, but I managed to retain most of it. Now, I just need to charge it up!” Lakshman replied as he cut across her speech filled with worry.


“Oh… I’m glad to hear it,” said Silvera and she sounded very relieved.


“Good! Leave It up to Lucky to find ways of doing strange things,” said Tetra he heard her chuckle in his mind.


“Hey… That isn’t encouraging me,” thought Lakshman, but he smiled none-the-less.


He was gathering the energy in front of him while feeding it lightning that was emitting from him, which was surrounding him like a shield. While he was doing that, the monster recovered to touch its side of the face, which was badly caved in from the powerful punch it took. Breathing in air, it puffed its face back to normal and became very enraged as it looked in Lakshman direction.


“ORB!! MAD!! HE!! DEAD!!” Orb shouted furiously before flying towards him at high speed.


Lakshman saw the monster coming towards him at high speed and he heard the anxious voices of his two wives and Sacred Spirits speaking to him as they informed him. It slightly annoyed him that they were informing him of his approach, but he smiled anyway because he knew they were just worried about him.


The energy was nearly gathered, but Orb was flying at him at high speed was starting to fire energy blasted at him. Lakshman was hit by the energy blasts as the energy charging was almost complete.


“Now do you see why I did my best to not use any of my powerful techniques on it?” Lakshman asked his wives in his mind. “I feared this exact situation might happen.”


“That was Venezuela complaining about it, Lucky. Don’t give it too much thought,” said Tetra in his mind.


“That’s right, although I feel I didn’t quite understand what she was complaining about…” said Silvera in a puzzled voice.


“Doesn’t matter because here comes that monster!” Tetra said sharply in his mind.


Lakshman saw the monster as the energy nearly reached completion of gathering all necessary energy, but his two wives thought it was all over. The Orb monster now was flying towards him at high speed with strong energy gathered into its right arm with its fist clenched tightly. Orb was smirking as it flew towards him and attempted to deliver a powerful punch straight to Lakshman’s face, but was very surprised when he suddenly disappeared and his fist flew through empty air.


Orb looked around with a surprised expression on its face, not checking anything behind him. It did not even use its senses, which would have allowed it to locate Lakshman hovering several meters away from the monster’s back with the completely gathered energy in the palms of his hands.


“Die, you monster freak!” Lakshman said as the energy began to glow brighter with the energy strengthening. “Phoenix Electron Charge Wave!”


The energy strengthened even further before it got released into a massive wave of blue lighting that was surrounded by wildly pulsating lightning. It soared through the air at incredible speed and reached the Orb monster just as it turned its back to look at it. The wave of energy was so bright that it surprised everyone and made them believe something extremely bright was taking place in the sky.


The massive wave of destruction completely consumed the monster and it let out wild screams of pain and agony as its body was ripped to pieces until nothing was left. Once the wave separated into particles of light and vanished into thin air, all that remained of the Orb monster was its core.


Seeing this, Lakshman instantly pulled out both his Phoenix Blade and Demon Slayer swords and held them firmly in his hand after skilfully handling them. Surging with power once more, he rocketed forward and in a few seconds, he reached the monster and bringing his swords forward, stabbed them into through its core as he shouted the techniques name out loud.


“Light and Darkness Blades!”


With the activation of the swords, great blasts of light and darkness got released from the respective swords. The energy waves cut through the orb instantly before losing their light and becoming normal once more.


For a moment, nothing happened while the sword remained embedded into the core of the monster. Then, the core began glowing brightly and suddenly, exploded into pieces, sending a shock wave in all directions. The shock wave was so powerful, it buffeted Lakshman away from it before he came to a forceful stop as a brilliant blow of purple light was released from the core and blasted high into the air at super speed. Once the glow was gone, the orb shattered into pieces and fell dully to the ground.


Lakshman let out a sigh and said, “Finally… It’s over…”


Just then, he heard both Tetra’s and Silvera’s panicked voices say in his mind, “You want to hold that thought!”


At that moment, he sensed a great dark energy released from behind him and he turned around to see a great black ball of destruction flying up at him at high speed.




Lakshman instantly reacted by gripping the Demon Slayer firmly and gathering energy into it, he brought it forward and swung it in an arc at the black ball of destruction. A black slicing wave of energy was released and it soared straight at the black ball and upon collision, there was a struggle of powers.


As the balance tipped between them, the clashing forces exploded and created wild blowing winds and buffeted Lakshman where he hovered. Once the smoke cleared, Lakshman narrowed his eyes to look at who the enemy was that fired such a powerful attack at him. As it turned out, it was none other than the leader of the army that attacked them, Demon Lord Delon, who was smiling up at Lakshman with an evil grin on his face.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading another of my chapters! This chapter really surprised me because of how much content it had to cover. Now, I feel really tired, but that’s okay because it feels great to get a chapter out and let you amazing readers have fun reading through it. So, I thank you for that and I hope to see you again in the next chapter.

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