Evil Gods



The Demon Lord, Delon was squashed and then destroyed into oblivion by the powerful attack unleashed by the Sacred Spirit known as the Demon Slayer, Silvera. She is the wife of the Phoenix Titan, Lakshman Chand and a great change has come over her in a day, as was noted by the observing Calamity Titan.


“Mmm… That woman’s definitely changed…” he muttered as he watched her being patted on the head by Lakshman while holding a hand to his chin. “I thought she’d be more fearful of using her powers of darkness, but I guess I was wrong on that tone.”


He appeared to be physically there, hovering in mid-air behind Lakshman, Tetra and Silvera. If he had been there, Lakshman would have sensed his presence immediately since both of them possess great unexplainable hatred towards each other.


The Calamity Titan was actually using a technique called Vision Sense that enables him to see what the world sees. With its activation and designating the location he wanted to observe, he appeared there almost as if he was physically there and sharing the sight with him was the Demon King, Serabella.


She looked at Lakshman and his wives with raised eyebrow before turning to speak with the Calamity Titan.


“Master, with this, your prediction of that arrogant man’s death came true, however, I do not understand why you wish to continue observing these primitive beings?”


With a smile forming on his face, the Calamity Titan turned to her and said, “Ah… That’s pretty rude of you to say it in such a manner, Sera. One of our own has died today, so we should just honour his death a bit since he did fight to try and appease me, though it is laughable.”


He laughed at his own words while Serabella just snorted.


“Going on his own, getting his 300 warriors from the Demon Squad killed along with letting three Orb monsters get destroyed in the process. After all he’s done and the losses he created in our forces, I couldn’t care less about his death or his final achievement before it,” she said disdainfully. “On that note, why do you continue observing that human and his Sacred Spirits?”


“Mmm…” the Calamity Titan said quietly and he slowly turned completely to look at her. A few seconds later, he asked her, “Don’t you… remember him…?”


“If you mean that’s the guy who attempted to kill me, but didn’t at the last second…? Yes. I remember him,” she said with an extremely annoyed expression on her. “I promise you I will not find myself helpless in front of that man the next time we meet!”


“I see…” the Calamity Titan said and he nodded in understanding before turning back to face Lakshman and his wives floating in the sky. “You may leave, Serabella. Notify the council about his demise and quickly choose another Demon Lord to replace him.”


“Yes, master!” Serabella said quickly before bowing her head down to him.


Se straightened up and nodded at him once before turning away before disappearing from there. In reality, she had removed the hand off his shoulder and looked at him once before leaving through the room, closing it quietly behind to not disturb his concentration.


He continued observing Lakshman and his wives as they slowly descended towards the ground to meet with the rest of their group. They were feeling very happy with one another after enduring an attack from the Demon Lord’s army. Ondine and Erza quickly reached Lakshman and hugged him tightly with happy smiles on their faces and were soon followed by the Emilia and Cantia while Venezuela held back while wearing a smile on her face.


At that moment, the Calamity Titan heard a voice behind him calmly said, “You seem to be having a good time spying on what others are doing around the world. Are you perhaps feeling happy for them?”


“Heh… Spying and doing things like that falls under your zone,” replied the Calamity Titan without looking around.


The unknown voice chuckled lightly and said, “My, my… You’ve got quiet the sharp tongue there! I’m impressed!”


“No, you’re not,” said the Calamity Titan and he turned around to glare fiercely at the man hovering there. “You’re the one who turned me into who I am today… God of Calamity, Climax!”


The God of Calamity, Climax hovered there with a big grin on his face as he said, “Ah… Now, I’m guilty of controlling you? I believe it was partially your fault for letting yourself fall so easily to our control.”


“Yeah,” said another voice and another man appeared to stand next to Climax. “Haven’t you ever heard of people telling they would grant you more power than you could possibly have for free?”


“Yes… That was a mistake of my past that still haunts me to this day… Trusting you was the greatest mistake I ever made… God of Trickery, Levi,” replied the Calamity Titan through gritted teeth with his fists clenched angrily.


The God of Trickery, Levi widened his eyes in surprise and said, “Oh my… You remember…? I thought he was under your full control up until now.”


The Calamity Titan glared at them fiercely and said, “You may have my body and my will, but my mind is not so easy to bend!”


“So says the guy who created all this mess to begin with,” said Levi loftily, causing the Calamity Titan to groan heavily. “Sure… We don’t have control over your mind, but you still do what you’re supposed to do as the Calamity Titan.”


“I got no choice on that matter…” said the Calamity Titan despairingly, which made both Climax laugh.


“Yes, you’re right. With you under our control, we created so much disaster and destruction in the world to help resurrect the dark evil that went to slumber since the ancient times!” Climax said with a wicked grin on his face. “Finally…! My goal of wiping out this world and creating my own world will come true!”


To that, the Calamity Titan snorted and gesturing towards Lakshman with his thump over his shoulders, he told the two gods, “Not if he can stop it!”


“Oh…? Him…?” Climax said in a surprised voice before laughing. “He doesn’t even know why he hates you, yet you think he can stop my grand schemes…?”


The Calamity Titan became angry at those words and he said, “Yes… He doesn’t remember, but his powers do because of my betrayal. You controlled me in betraying him, attacking him and ultimately, becoming his sworn enemy each time we reincarnated!”


Climax nodded slowly approvingly and said, “Yes… Yes… He doesn’t know of the strong bond linking the two of you. It’s like the sun and the moon, linked and intertwined, but always on the opposite sides.”
Levi looked at Climax and said, “You know, Climax… I think this guy’s starting to control himself a lot more than usual. Perhaps, it’s time you increased your power over him immediately. Otherwise, he’ll turn on us and we will be forced to kill him then!”


“You dare to say those things directly—?”


The Calamity Titan began to exclaimed when, all of a sudden, his voice was cut off and the next moment, his body slowly lowered itself into a kneeling position. He gritted his teeth and attempted to break free of the control, but it was no use.


“How about I remind you that you’re under our control! You do as you are told!” Climax said and all cheerful mood disappeared from him, which was replaced by cold anger as he glared down at the Calamity Titan. “You’re right, Levi… This guy’s starting to break free from my control…! Time to increase it once again!”


“Y-You… Don’t…!” the Calamity Titan shouted at them pitifully.


The God of Calamity’s eyes flashed and went dark while at the same time, so did the eyes of the Calamity Titan. The next moment, a blank expression formed on the Calamity Titan as his body relaxed completely. The flashing dark eyes disappeared from Climax’s eyes and with a gesture of him hand, the Calamity Titan rose to his feet as he was completely controlled by the God of Calamity.


“Mmm! It’s amazing how quickly you controlled this guy each time he almost broke free!” Levi, the God of Trickery exclaimed in a surprised voice. “That makes me wonder, why not control the entire world like that?”


The God of Calamity looked at him through narrowed eyes before he said, “No…! I’m not wasting my powers by using it on a wide scale like that. Besides, remember that we can’t interfere in the Physical Plane without proper reason, as was the rule placed by The Creator.”


“Ah… You’re right. I forgot about that,” said Levi and he tapped the side of his face before grinning broadly at him.


Climax sighed at him and turning back to the Calamity Titan, he ordered him, “Go and kill the Phoenix Titan immediately!”


For a moment, the Calamity Titan just stood there with a dazed look on his face before finally responding.


“That won’t be necessary,” replied the Calamity Titan in a dull voice.


“Eh? Why?” Both Climax and Levi asked at the same time.


“It’s because if I fight him now, he will surely break the last seal placed over him. Currently, that seal has cracked and any more pressure than he is experiencing would cause it to break. Once it does, the destruction will begin, starting from destroying me and then the rest of the world. As I am right now, I am not strong enough to counter his fully unleashed powers, so I must train. We will eventually meet, that is inevitable considering who we are…”


“Oh… I see what you mean,” said Climax and he nodded in understanding. “Besides, I don’t want him to destroy the world because that would ruin my plan! The world has to be destroyed by the great evil of the ancient times! Otherwise, I will not possess the authority to enter the Physical Plane!”
“Yeah… It sucks that I can’t pull any pranks or the stuff because of that rule The Creator placed on all the gods!” Levi complained in an annoyed voice. “I miss pulling pranks and tricking people, but most of all… I miss the mystery it caused in all of them…! Ah…!”


“Shut it, stupid trickster,” said Climax and Levi looked disgruntled. He turned his attention back to the Calamity Titan and said, “Okay. I will authorise you to training and let you continue acting the way you always do as the Calamity Titan, however… If the time ever comes, unseal the Eight Disasters and form the Nine Testaments of Darkness! You will need them if you want to counter the Nine Pillars of Power.”


“Yes…” the Calamity Titan replied quietly with the same blank expression on his face.


“Well then, I think it’s better we head off now that what we came to do is over,” said Levi and he stretched before yawning widely. “I’m so… tired…”


“How are you tired when I was the one who used my powers to put this guy into my control again,” said Climax with a perplexed expression on his face.


“Come on… Tricking the other gods into thinking good was happening in the Physical Plane takes a lot of effort. Anyway, I’m doing my best to counter Engraut since he’s their informant,” said Levi with an annoyed look on his face.


“I see… Well, I do wish we had Druesion on our side, but he won’t join us because of his wife, the Goddess of Fate, Fenity,” said Climax and he sighed heavily.


With that, the two of them disappeared and left the Calamity Titan standing there with a blank look on his face. For a few seconds, he stood there like a statue before life returned to his eyes.


“I see… The Nine Testaments of Darkness…!” the Calamity Titan muttered before laughing mirthlessly.


After recovering from his laughter, an evil expression formed in his face as he turned around to observe Lakshman cheerfully laughing with everyone on the back of the Eternal Turtle.


“Laugh for now, my nemeses because things are going to get crazy real soon…!” the Calamity Titan said and laughed before forming a wicked expression on his face as he continued watching Lakshman and his group enjoying their victory.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you once again for reading this rather short side chapter. Yesterday, I didn’t post a chapter and today also I felt like I couldn’t and this is all because I am sick right now. I have quite the headache and a sore throat that just doesn’t let me speak properly, especially when I have a runny nose that makes me keep sneezing all the time. Oh well. I still managed to pull up some energy into writing this chapter before I feel like I’ll be knocked out. So, I hope the chapter is good and hope everyone likes it and with this, I hope to see you whenever I write the next chapter.

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