End of Demon Lord War



The Demon Lord, Delon was fighting against the Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity furiously while using powerful magic attacks on each other. While in the midst of it, they were suddenly shocked when a dazzling amount of light was shone from high above, making them look up to see the released Phoenix Electron Charge Wave as it headed straight towards the Orb monster.


Delon was shocked at how powerful the wave was and he quickly realised it was headed in the direction of the monster he unleased before the war got started. Turning his attention back to Amaranda, he was pleased to see that the light with its sheer immense power, distracted her and this gave him an opportunity to rush up to her and deliver a powerful blow to her face.


After receiving the stunning blow to the face, Amaranda was forced down by Delon’s numerous black balls that he fired out of the palms of his hands that exploded on impact, causing Amaranda to fly down and crash heavily on the back of the Eternal Turtle. Her familiar became enraged by its master becoming wounded in such a manner, tilted its large up at Delon and released a Turtle Destruction Wave at him, which he avoided by created several layers of magic barriers around himself.


Delon made a wicked grin and he was about to take the life of the Eternal Turtle when he was stopped in his tracks by the sudden blitz attack. Ondine, who had quickly arrived at the scene after witnessing Amaranda crash, noticed what the Demon Lord was about to do and unleashed the Blitz Wave technique in his direction by conjuring up a magic circle at the palm of her hand.


She continued firing several more lighting waves in his general direction, but all of them missed because he kept dodging them before retaliating back. He did this by created several explosion magic spells around her and detonated them, which caused him to wear a smile of satisfaction. Did this not last long as the smile turned into a frown when he saw Ondine looking unharmed with what appeared to be several magic barriers casted around her.


She looked at him with a cool smile on her face before raising her right hand into the air and extended her forefinger out to use her next technique.




In an instant, with the activation of the spell, a large magic circle appeared in the sky above where Delon was hovering. An instant later, a charged blue lightning descended from the sky and drove towards him through the air. Delon, sensing danger from above him, looked up and widened his eyes in shock, he got out of the way just in time. The lightning soared past him and headed straight towards the ground before creating a crater where it destroyed the ground.


“Damn that woman!” Delon said angrily


He attempted to attack back, but found himself unable to with the lightning attack from above constantly keeping him at bay. Then, his and her attention was diverted away when a mighty flash of pink light exploded from high above, which was when Lakshman had delivered the fatally wounded the core of the Orb monster.


“Dammit it!!” Delon shouted in shock as he realised what just happened.


Forgetting all about Ondine, he flew up into the air and headed straight for Lakshman at great speed. Ondine saw him go and was momentarily confused before turning her attention to Amaranda, who had regained gotten to her feet while patting herself.


“Are you alright, Amaranda?” Ondine asked her with a look of concern on her face.


“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern,” said Amaranda telepathically to her while making a small smile on her face.


At that moment, several explosions went off and they looked towards the other demon warriors attacking them. It seemed that several of them were gathering their energy together to fire large energy attacks in their direction, causing the defenders to be bombarded relentlessly.


“These people…” Amaranda said telepathically in an angry voice.


“It’s alright. Really… The war’s about to come to an end anyway…” said Ondine and a confused looking Amaranda turned to look at her. Realising that she did not understand the underlying message, Ondine merely smiled and said, “There is no enemy attack when there’s no enemy.”


“What do you—?” Amaranda began to ask telepathically.


Ondine did not listen for her question and instead, immediately raised her hand towards where the demon warriors were hovering in the air. The next instant, she began surging with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded her, causing Amaranda to realise that Ondine was as strong as Amaranda in her previously weakened state of mind.


With her energy gathered and ready, she activated the spell that put the enemies out of their misery.




With a shout of the technique, several magic circles appeared overhead where the demon warriors stood. Amaranda, recognising the technique name and realising the imminent danger they were all in, she immediately used several layers of magic spells on everything surrounding the Eternal Turtle, including those on its back.


The area was surrounded by wild tornados that attacked everything in their path, including the demon warriors. They were shocked by the sudden attack of a wind blowing storm and attempted to fly away, but were suddenly struck down hard by shocking lightning from the multiple conjured up storms. Due to possessing Amplification Rods that made them strong, the heavy lightning only paralysed their movement. Even so, this was enough to be sucked into the storm and be decimated by the forces of nature.


The Eternal Turtle and her everyone on its back were also being hit by the heavy storm that Ondine conjured up, but unlike the demon warriors, they were protected by several layers of barrier spells that the Magic Titan cast moments before. Now, all they had to do was do their best to not get blown away by the strong winds, causing Venezuela, Emilia and Erza to create several barrier magic spells to protect them from the strong blowing winds.


Just like that, in a matter of seconds, an entire army of demon warriors were decimated by a single technique that Ondine had used on them. It was also the reason that the ground and the remaining forests in the area were being uprooted and destroyed by the storm.


Venezuela turned to Ondine and with the howling wind ringing in her ears, she used Telepathy to say, “Ondine! I don’t know if you’ve changed or not! This is too reckless of you to unleash such a powerful spell!”


Ondine blinked at her in surprise before using Telepathy herself to say, “Vena… It’s better to wrap things up like this than waste hours and hours taking each of them down!”


To such an answer, Venezuela had no response to give and she simply made an expression on her face. While at the same time, Emilia, Erza and Cantia, who had transformed back into her humanoid cat form, looked at her with an impressed look on her face. Sumara was with the Manjuvad Demon Clan warriors and was healing them, so she missed this exchange of words between Venezuela and Ondine.


Only Amaranda looked at Ondine and telepathically said, “Even so, please be mindful of your allies and remember to not let them get involved into it.”


“Of course,” replied Ondine telepathically and nodded at her in agreement before smiling at her.



While the storm was surrounded the area they were at, Demon Lord Delon was flying away from it all. He was flying high into the air as he headed straight towards the location Lakshman was hovering at with the destruction of the Orb monster.


He almost reached him when Delon became very angry as he saw the relaxed expression on Lakshman’s face, which was slightly turned due to hovering sideways. This caused Delon to gather dark energy into the palms of his hands, then he brought them together to form a large dark ball of destruction in front of him before launching it towards Lakshman.


As it soared towards him at high speed, Lakshman sensed it a moment after his Sacred Spirit wives, Tetra and Silvera, informed him about it. He turned around and was startled for a moment before quickly gathering Weapon Force into his Demon Slayer sword and unleashing it into a dark slicing wave at the dark ball of destruction.


A struggled ensued between the forces of darkness of the two sides before the attack resulting in an explosion. The force of the wind released by the explosion buffeted Lakshman and pushed him slightly higher than before as he looked at who had attacked him. Once the smoke from the explosion cleared, he saw Delon hovering there with an evil smile on his face.



“Hello… Demon Lord Delon, I take it?” Lakshman asked him curiously as Delon flew high to hover on the same level as him. “What brings you up here? Did you perhaps come to enjoy the scenery this view creates?”


Delon’s smile widened slightly as he said, “Yes… I certainly did, but it would be even more impressive if it’s drenched in your blood…!”


“Oh, oh, oh… That’s just creepy,” said Lakshman with a raised eyebrow. “Seriously, you think my blood would make the scenery better looking than yours? Why don’t we test that out actually?”




Delon began to laughing hysterically while Lakshman hovered there with a pleasant smile on his face. He did not make any moves as he watched Delon laugh before finally recovering to form a crazy smile on his face as he stared at the Phoenix Titan.


“I always thought the Phoenix Titan to be strong, proud and to be an arrogant man with immeasurable power! Now, however, my eyes have finally opened to see that the Phoenix Titan was nothing, but a joke!”


“Mmm? A joke? Why do you think so?” Lakshman asked with a puzzled look on his face.


“It’s simple! You do nothing, but fight, fight and do more fighting! You don’t give about the world; you simply do your best to protect your people! So much for being the hero that protects the world, you barely do anything at all! It’s no wonder why the master doesn’t fear you!”


“Ah, ah, ah,” said Lakshman and he shifted the position of the Phoenix Blade to wave his forefinger at Delon. “You’re rudely mistaken there, Mr. Demon Lord. You see… I’m no hero; I’m simply a protector. My duty is certainly to protect the world, but since the world is not in any imminent danger, I’ve decided to sit back and enjoy life for a brief moment before I go and smash fists with your master… What’s his name again…? Ah…! Calamity Titan!”


Upon hearing the name of his master, Delon’s eyes widened furiously and at the same time, the sky rumbled as if a thunderstorm was approaching. The next moment, a blitz lightning was released from the sky and it roared towards Lakshman, but he lazily flicked it away with his forehand with ease.


“You… You dare speak the name of my master… in front of the Demon Lord?!” Delon exclaimed at him with a nasty expression on his face.


“I dare speak the name of any dumb idiot who thinks he’s a big shot and that includes your so called master,” said Lakshman with a rather dull look on his face.


Delon became enraged by the calm words spoken by Lakshman and began surging with power while radiating violet aura that surrounded him. The power was so strong that it caused the wind around them to be blown stronger as it was sent in all directions. Lakshman was momentarily buffeted by the strong winds as he watched the Demon Lord powering up with each second ticking by. At that moment, he suddenly remembered something and he what better way to find an answer that question than to ask the man himself.


“That reminds me, didn’t you come here to possibly kill the Magic Titan or the Phoenix Titan. So? You failed to kill the Magic Titan, so you came after me?” Lakshman asked Delon in a rather loud voice.


Delon, who was surging with great power, lifted his head to look at Lakshman with a crazy smile on his face.


“That’s right and that’s why, I’m revealing this form to you as the man who killed you!” Demon shouted back at Lakshman before he got surrounded by wild flowing purple energy light.


While he was going through the transformation, Lakshman heard the voices of Tetra and Silvera speak in his mind.


“Lucky! Why are you angering him?!” Tetra asked him. “Angering your enemies is the last thing any idiot should do!”


“Tetra, watch your mouth! Watch who you’re calling an idiot!” Silvera told her in an indignant voice. I’m sure Lucky had his reason to anger his opponent.”


Lakshman chuckled and thought, “I didn’t exactly mean to anger him, but he did become angry after hearing the truth. So, it’s not really that he’s explosion with power from his anger.”

“Honestly… Things never are calm when you are around…” said Tetra with a heavy sigh.


“Now, that’s just wrong…! It’s almost like you’re saying I’m a magnet for trouble!” Lakshman said indignantly, to which both Tetra and Silvera laughed.


A few seconds later, the flash of light dimmed and vanished to reveal the transformed Demon Lord. He had a darker body than any of the Grobula Demon Clan warriors with twin long horns growing out of his head. On his face, he had two eyes like any ordinary person, but a third eye appeared vertically fixed on the centre his forehead. His hands had become sharper, making them look more like claws than hands and finally, he had a tail like a lizard that grew out of his back.


“How does my new appearance look, Phoenix Titan?” Delon asked and his voice changed to somewhat rasping. “I think it should better than your blonde spiky long hair, don’t you say?”


Lakshman stared at the new form of the Demon Lord for a moment before he said, “Yup… A very demonic appearance, I’d have to say.”


“Hahahaha!” Delon laughed heartily and bowed slightly as if he took it as a compliment. “Thank you and now, I return the compliment with double the power.”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in a shocked voice.


Delon straightened up and as he looked at Lakshman in the eyes, his vertical eye suddenly glowed brightly and caused Lakshman’s eyes to glow as well. The next moment, Lakshman’s entire body began changing and in a matter of seconds, he was completely turned into stone. Strangely, he kept hovering there in mid-air while holding onto his swords, but he had truly become a floating statue while Delon laughed heartily.


“Hahaha…! Finally, I defeated the Phoenix Titan through the power of Stone Petrification!” Delon said gleefully with a wide grin on his face as he laughed happily.


At that moment, his laughter faltered when he heard Lakshman telepathically say to him, “You know… While Stone Petrification is a great technique, stealing techniques is a bad thing!”


Delon looked towards the floating statue of Lakshman and saw cracks beginning to appear on its surface and within seconds, the stones exploded away to reveal the breathing living Lakshman hovering there as he broke free of the petrification.


“That technique belongs to the Demon Titan, so please… please… stop stealing it and using it on me!” Lakshman told him in an angry voice while looking annoyed.


The Demon Lord stared at him in disbelief for a moment laughing loudly as he said, “Hahaha! What the heck are you talking about? I’m not stealing techniques they are all free to use!”


Lakshman shook his head disparagingly and asked, “By the way, why didn’t you use this technique on the Magic Titan? Wouldn’t it have helped you take her down rather easily with the amount of power you possess right now?”


Delon looked at him with a disparaging look on his face as he said, “No…! That woman is blind and I couldn’t use Stone Petrification on her with my third eye, so why should I waste this form on her? Instead, I decided I should get you as the prize since you did go as far as to destroy that monster that I had difficulty controlling into fighting you! After all, you’re a bigger catch than the Magic Titan!”


Lakshman raised an eyebrow at him and said, “Fool…! I’m a phoenix, not a fish! Get your knowledge right!”


“Who cares? A catch is a catch!” Delon said and he glared fiercely at Lakshman. “Once I defeated you and informed it to my master, he would be so proud of me… I’m sure he’d give me a chance of being one of the fifteen Demon Kings!”


“Fifteen Demon Kings?” Lakshman thought about what he just heard. “I see… So, in the Demon World, the ranks go by Demon Lord, then Demon King and then the Demon Emperor, who rules over them all. Interesting…”


“Lucky, is this the time to be thinking about that information?” Tetra asked him sternly in his mind, causing Lakshman to chuckle.


“What’s so funny? You think I can’t make it into the Demon Kings?!” Delon demanded angrily.


Lakshman chuckled as he said, “Yeah… I’m sure you can’t because I’m a phoenix and… let me inform you that phoenixes are rather… immune to petrification.”


“Oh… Is that why you broke out of my spell earlier…?” Delon asked and Lakshman nodded at him. He then smiled and said, “Oh well. I’ll just have to do this the normal way then…”


“Right…” Lakshman said and he breathed out and powered down, going out of his Phoenix Titan: Burst form and returning to his normal form before sheathing his swords.


Delon was shocked to see him power down and he asked, “H-Hey! What are you doing, powering down like that? Have you decided to give up without a fight?”


Lakshman shook his head and said, “Actually, no. You’re not worth me fighting at full power in that form. Other than watching out for that Mirror Force skill that you got, I can defeat you with the power I have right now!”


The Demon Lord was shocked by Lakshman’s statement and he became very angry at him as he shouted, “You bastard…! Looking down on me, how could you?! I’ll make you pay…! I’ll—!”


He was cut off in mid-sentence when he was suddenly punched in the face by Lakshman, who had covered the distance between him and his advisory in an instant.


“Stop blabbing and start fighting, you fool,” said Lakshman in a clam, but powerful voice.


Delon was pushed back and blood came out from where he was punched in the face before looking at his enemy. He attempted to retaliate back, but was slow to act and Lakshman was onto him once again. For the next five minutes, Delon was beaten into a pulp by Lakshman going full throttle on the number of fists, kicks and energy blasts he used on him. Delon did get a shot at Lakshman from time to time, but at the end of the five-minute mark, it was Delon hovering in the mid-air with a badly beaten body.


Lakshman breathed a sigh before he said, “I should’ve told you this earlier, but… you picked the wrong opponent to fight against…”


While bleeding badly with both his eyes closed, except for his third eye, Delon stared at Lakshman fiercely.


“You…! I’ll make you pay for this…! Once… Trice… Many, many times…!” Delon bellowed at him.


With that, he began surging with power once more and the shock wave sent Lakshman hurtling away before he forcefully stopped himself to hover in mid-air.


Delon crossed his arms in front of him and he extended his arms out as he shouted, “I’ll destroy you!!!”


A great black ball of destruction formed around him and it began expanding quickly in all directions. One look at the ball made Lakshman realised it was a technique called Dark Destruction, which incinerates any and all things that do not possess the element of darkness in them.


“Che! This guy’s really gone insane to use that technique!” Lakshman said angrily as he stared at the incoming dark ball of destruction.


In his mind, he heard Silvera say, “Then, let me deal with him.”


“Silvera?” Lakshman asked in his mind in a surprised voice.


“Yes. I agree with Silvera. She’s made up of darkness and if this bastard needs the punishment he deserves, Silvera is the lady to hand it down to him,” said Tetra in agreement in Lakshman’s mind.


“Um… But…” Lakshman thought in a concerned voice.


“Lucky, you don’t have the element of darkness in you, so it’s only logical to send me out to face him. Besides, I want to pay my last respects to this guy as the one who serves my last master…” Silvera said in a rather dark voice.


Lakshman was worried, but he understood the reason and thought, “Okay. I’m depending on you.”


“Thank you, Lucky!” Silvera said happily and he smiled.


He unsheathed her from her sword strap and held her firmly in his left hand as he took aim at the incoming charging dark ball of destruction. Feeling the timing perfectly, he hurled Demon Slayer as he shouted a technique to go along with her.


“Demon Slayer technique: Demon Darkness!”


In an instant, the Demon Slayer sword was covered in dark energy and it flew straight towards the incoming attack at high speed. Upon contact, the two forces fought each other with strong powers, but the Demon Slayer won that battle and the attack was disabled instantly. It surprised Delon as he did not expect his technique to be defeated so easily as the Demon Slayer sword flew towards him before transforming into her human form.


“Y-You…!” Delon said as he suddenly realised what she was without bothering to ask her.


Silvera smiled at him and said, “Hello. Nice to meet you or should I say… nice to see you die…?”


“What?!” Delon exclaimed and he finally managed to open both of his eyes to glare at her.


She extended her right hand towards him and in an instant, several black balls of destruction appeared all around him. He looked at them with a shocked expression on his face before she folded her forefingers, causing the balls to fly towards and smash into him, making him cry out in pain and agony. As they smashed into him, he was suddenly riddled with black lightning that caused him to feel even more pain than before as he screamed loudly.


“Y-Y-You… Ahahahaahaahh…!” Delon screamed as the pain his body increased with the balls pressing tighter on him and caused great pressure on his body.


He screamed each time a bone in his body broke from the pressure his body was facing. Several times, he tried activating his powers, but it got decimated as he was riddled by intense black lighting that made him wish he died instantly, however, that was something she did not wish to do. Instead, she just watched him dying in front of her before speaking to him in a very calm relaxed voice.


“You know… I once served that guy for many, many years and under his rule, I caused a lot of destruction, killed countless lives and misused my powers to do evil in the world. You could say that I loathe that man more than my master—sorry, my husband does to the point that here I am, enjoying your last moments of your life as you die at my hands…!”


“C-Curse you…!” Delon squealed as blood began spilling out of his mouth and eyes while he made strange noises.


“Oh, don’t worry. I’ve been cursing my powers and my existence for all these years, so curses won’t affect me anymore. You can say I’m very immune to them, but I curse you and your existence. Go to hell and have a joyous life there as you suffer the consequences of your actions. I hope you rot in hell.”


Delon could no longer see or hear anymore as the blood was completely covering him up. Everything had turned black for him and that was the end of that as he finally died. With his life passing away, the black balls of death exploded and created a wildly rotating ball that consumed everything inside and once they disappeared, nothing of Delon’s remains were left behind.


Silvera just hovered there silently with a sad expression on her face as she thought about her actions. She took the life of another living being forcefully and instead of killing him in one go, she put him through a terrible experience before he finally breathed his last. It pained her greatly with her actions when a soft hand was placed on top of her head. Looking around, she saw Lakshman standing there with Tetra hovering beside him with smiles on their faces.


“Well done, Silvera. You did a good job, Silvera,” complemented Lakshman with a cheerful smile on his face.


“Yes, but… I took the life of a living being—.”


“You took the life of an evil living being,” said Lakshman quickly as he cut across her words while emphasising the word evil. “You’re not killing innocent living beings, you’re killing the evil ones and that makes all the difference.”


Beside him, Tetra nodded in agreement and said, “You did the right thing, Silvera. Now, there’s less evil to hurt anyone in this world.”


Silvera remained silent for a moment before she finally said, “Yes. You’re right. Thank you.”


She happily accepted Lakshman patting her gently on the head with Tetra following behind. With a smile on his face, Lakshman closed his eyes and momentarily used Spirit Transition to enter the Spirit Plane in time to see Delon being utterly destroyed by the Serpent of Revenge. A little bit taken aback at the gruesome scene he just witnessed, he deactivated the spell and returned to the Physical Plane, reopening his eyes in the process.

“It’s finally over,” sighed Lakshman in relief and along with his two wives, he looked ahead where the clouds parted to let the sun shine through them to bring light and hope back into the world.

Author’s Note


Hello my amazing readers and thank you for once again, taking the time to read the chapter. This is the end of Delon as witnessed by Lakshman before he returned to the Physical Plane at the end. Yet again, a long chapter, but it was worht the write even if I am feeling pretty tired after finishing it. So, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to see you again as the story continues.

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