Phoenix Fury



A few hours later, Felix was seated in his room as he finally completed all the papers littered on his desk, which disappeared instantly as a Phintex Raja delivered them to the right party. He was sighing tiredly when the door opened with a knock and Dominic walked in with a pleasant look on his face.


“From the look on your face, I guess he’s fine?” Felix asked Dominic, who nodded in response.


“He is,” said Dominic with a cheerful smile on his face. “The doctor says his body sustained great strain, but he should be up in about two hours or so.”


“That’s fast,” Felix commented and Dominic nodded in agreement.


“Yeah. You’re right,” said Dominic and he grinned at him.


Felix chuckled before he said, “You seem rather happy that he’s doing fine.”


“Any friend would when they know their best friend is alive and safe,” said Dominic with a genial smile on his face. “Anyway, you seem to have thoroughly finished through everything here?”


“Yes, I have,” said Felix as he nodded his head at him while patting the desk. “I will miss this place…”


“Mmm? What do you…?” Dominic began with a puzzled look on his face.


At that moment, three people walked through the open door behind him, which caused both Felix and Dominic to look towards them. One of them was Amaranda, who quickly walked over to take a seat with a blissful look on her face while the other two remained standing after walking forward and standing behind the desk, while standing in front of Dominic.


“Hello, dad,” Sasha her father with a bright smile on her face.


“Hey, father-in-law,” greeted Sasha’s husband, Zen Phylon, with a sincere smile as he faced towards Felix.


The current Phoenix Emperor clapped a hand over his face as he said, “Zen… How many times do I have to tell you… Call me Felix for crying out loud!”


“That’s no appropriate, father-in-law,” said Zen with a small smile on his face. “It would be downright disrespectful of me to call my wife’s father in such a fashion, especially when you’re the Phoenix Emperor!”


“I know you’re being very respectful towards me and I’m grateful for it, but I don’t like how you keep calling me that,” said Felix with a raised eyebrow. “The two of you are married and should just find it easier to call me with an easier name than that!”


“Even so father-in-law, I must insist on showing you my deepest respect!” Zen said and he deeply bowed to him, making Felix to once again clap a hand over his face.


Felix groaned and muttered, “First Sevedant and now, him… How many more annoyance must I face through before I’m done with it?”


“By the way, dad… I heard that the Phoenix Titan had returned,” said Shasha with a curious look on her face.


“Ah! That’s right! I felt his power and my goodness was it so immense!” Zen said with a look of astonishment on his face. “Seriously…! I believed the entire kingdom might get destroyed if he ever released his powers in full power mode!”


Felix chuckled and said, “Luckily for us, he won’t do it since he harbours great responsibility and caring for his people. You can meet him later though because he’s currently taking a well-earned rest.”


“Oh, I see,” said Zen and he looked surprised for a moment before he nodded in understanding. “So, what did you want to talk to the both of us about?”


Yeah, dad. You called both us together. Is there something on your mind?” Sasha asked him with a smile on her face.


Felix wore a smile on his face that surprised both of them and Dominic standing behind them as he observed. Amaranda sat on a nearby chair while watching the proceedings with her eyes closed and her staff in hand.


“Yes… I do have something in mind…” Felix said as he rose to stand behind his desk by pushing his desk back. “As of right now, I am handing over my position as Phoenix Emperor to the next person that is suitable to its position and that person is you. Zen Phylon! I choose you as the next Phoenix Emperor with the authority I possess as the head of the Phoenix Clan!”


There was a momentary shock of silence as Zen and Sasha stared at him with widened eyes because they could not believe it. This came out of the blue for those two and they quickly began protesting about it.


“Dad! You can’t! Not just yet…!” Sasha said quickly.


“Father-in-law…! That’s ridiculous! I’m not fit for the job as well as you are to it!” Zen said adamantly. “Please… Keep your seat because I have much to learn…!”


Felix chuckled when he heard their response, which made him remember why he had the two of them married.


Zen and Sasha were actually lovers while they were studying at Astral Academy, which led them to unite and confess their feelings. Felix had been observing their movements silently through the Phintex Rajas, which he set to watch his daughter’s actions carefully in case she becomes endangered. So, when Sasha came to confess that she had fell in love with someone, she was taken aback when he stated he already knew about it.


Zen’s parents were shocked and they quickly apologised their son’s behaviour to Felix and asked for forgiveness to spare them. Felix, on the other hand, saw the great potential in Zen and realised he would be a much better Phoenix Emperor than him in both power and strength and the other was his great love for his daughter, which was exactly what he had hoped that his future son-in-law would do.


In the end, the two of them were married with Sasha becoming a permanent housewife. Zen proceeded to help out in the work that Felix delegated to him, without knowing that it was work that would prepare him to become the next Phoenix Emperor once Felix retires the position.


Felix thought of retiring ever since he learnt of the deaths of his best friend and wife, which shocked him greatly. He wanted to perform his duty towards his people as the Phoenix Emperor and take revenge against the Calamity Titan for what he did to them. At the same time, he could not leave the kingdom without a proper leader to guide them and he was finally given the chance with the return of Lakshman.


He walked around his desk and approached his son-in-law and daughter with a pleasant smile on his face. They were surprised when he clapped a hand on each of their shoulder while looking happily into their eyes.


“Thank you, you two… I’m really happy to have had a caring daughter and a sincere son-in-law,” he said to them and they blinked at him in surprise. “With this, I know my final decision is really for the best.”


“Wait…! What are you thinking?!” Sasha asked nervously as she suddenly had a bad promotion from his sudden strange behaviour.


Felix just smiled back at her without replying before he looked Zen seriously in the eye as he asked, “Just promise that you’ll look after your family and ensure that you fulfil your duty! Alright?”


Zen widened his eyes in great surprise to those words before he automatically nodded firmly as he said, “Yes, father-in-law! That is my goal in repaying you for allowing the two of us to marry and lead a happy life!”


Felix nodded in understanding before he said, “Alright. With this, I conclude our conversation.”


“Huh?” Zen and Sasha said at the same time. “What are you—?”


They never got to complete the sentence because Felix suddenly took a step back from them before activating his powers in an instant. Dominic was shocked by the amount of power he released and realising he was doing something bad, he tried to reach him, but was slow as Felix activated his magic.


“Multi Cast: Sleeper!”



With a shout of the technique, he clapped his hands together, which formed a magic circle beneath his feet. It expanded out and disappeared behind the wall as it spread outside the castle walls and reached the boundary of the barrier that was keeping their location untraceable by anyone.


Multi Cast is an Emperor ranked Amplification Magic Spell that amplifies the output of a spell greatly, including its effects and the zone it affects in. A simple sleeper spells puts people to sleep, unless they are really strong to fight hard against the sleep effects, however, with Multi Cast activated, the effects of Sleeper had increased and with the magic circle covering the entire capital, it put everyone to sleep.


Felix separated his hands and caught the sleeping forms of Zen and Sasha before gently lying them on the chairs. Once he was done with them, he turned around and raised an eyebrow as he saw Dominic kneeling with his sword while as he struggled to sit upright. It appeared that he was trying his hardest to resist the effects of the sleep that Felix had used on the entire capital so they would not interfere with him.


“I’m amazed that you’re even awake…” Felix said in a slow voice with a surprised look on his face. “Looks like I’m still not a match to you titans.”


“Felix… W-What are you… doing…?” Dominic asked in a slow voice as she struggled to main his sitting position as his weight was supported by his sword.


Felix turned around and looked at the Crystal Clock hanging above that displayed the time, which was 4:50 in the evening.


“One two hours, Lucky will be waking up and by then, everything should be cleared. If I fail… I guess, I can let you guys complete the task for me,” said Felix with a sad look on his face.


Dominic suddenly realised what Felix was about to do and he groaned before he said, “You… Is this for… revenge…?”


“Revenge, yes, but also to fulfil my duty towards my people and at the same time,” said Felix in a quiet voice with Dominic moving his head slightly to look up at him, only to see a sad expression forming on his face. “Now then. If you’ll excuse me, I need you to sleep. Multi Cast: Sleep Shot.”


“Wait…! Don’t…!” Dominic said loudly and he struggled.


At that moment, Felix brought his right fist down and slammed it on the side of Dominic’s face, causing the Sword Titan to go blank in the eyes in an instant. He slowly slumped sideways before collapsing on the ground with all light of consciousness disappearing from his mind with his sword toppling to fall beside him.


Felix straightened up and he turned around to Amaranda before he quietly asked, “Are you going to stop me, Magic Titan?”


“I would if I can, but… you’re just doing your duty and I cannot interfere in it,” she telepathically said to him and he sensed a trace of sadness in her voice.


“Thank you for understanding,” said Felix and he nodded at her once in appreciation.


He activated Phoenix Portal and walked through it before the portal disappeared into tiny particles behind him.



A while later, on the Demon Continent, loud explosions could be heard taking place outside the demon castle, in which the Calamity Titan sat luxuriously with a small smile on his face. He felt the presence of the one attacking them while, at the same time, could feel that his forces were being killed off one after another with little difficulty. It made him laugh out loud with the Demon King, Serabella sitting on a chair beside him.


“Um… Master…?” she asked him tentatively and he grunted in response for her to continue. “Why are you just sitting here? Shouldn’t you be out there getting rid of that insect that’s taking out our forces?”


“No way…!” the Calamity Titan said as he lazily waved a hand. “The demons stationed here are all useless trash that are very weak and hopeless! I was actually wondering how best I should get rid of them because of how hopelessly useless they are to me! So, I am glad that guy’s here to take the trash out for me, saving me the trouble of actually getting my hands dirty unnecessarily.”


Serabella was taken aback at his words before she shook her head to clear away the confusion before she said, “S-Still… He’s coming to kill you… He’s already killed ten of the Demon Kings and is coming here right now! Perhaps, I should go out and—!”


“Don’t!” the Calamity Titan said sharply and startled her into not becoming quiet. “You stay where I can have a good look at you because you are more valuable to me alive than dead. If they are so weak to be defeated by that fool, then I don’t need them.”


“Yes…” she said and looked away, only to smile with great happiness at the thought of him valuing her more than the rest of her Demon Kings.


A few seconds later, the fighting appeared to have stopped and silence ensured before the front doors to the throne door exploded inward. As the smoke got lifted into the air, Felix walked through it with fierce red eyes and spiky red hair as he held a struggling Demon King in each of his arms before glaring up at the Calamity Titan.


“Greeting, my enemy!” the Calamity Titan said with a wide grin on his face as he ignored the desperate struggles of the Demon Kings. “Did you perhaps come here to talk to me or maybe fight me… Oh dear… You’re already fighting, aren’t you?”


He began to laugh mirthlessly at the senseless joke that he just made while looking down at the Phoenix Emperor. Felix, for his part, remained cool headed and levelled as he held the two Demon Kings around his arms tightly by their throats while they desperately fought to free themselves.


“Fight you? No… I came to kill you…!” Felix said sharply.


As he completed his speech, there was a sickening cracks from the two Demons Kings as Felix twisted their necks with brute force, killing them instantly. He let them go and allowed their dead bodies to drop the ground with a dull thud before clapping his hands to wipe the dust off his hands.


Felix looked up at the Calamity Titan before he asked, “Are you ready to die?”


“Ready?” the Calamity Titan asked and he began laughing hysterically as he stood up. “If you mean am I ready to kill you? I’m not sure… You’re a useful guy that’s better use to me alive, but since you’re begging to die, I’ll put you out of your mystery since you did help me take out the trash!”


He laughed again, causing Felix to raise an eyebrow incredulously.


“You’re calling your own men… useless…?” Felix asked before shaking his head unhappily. “A great leader would know how best to put his people and their skills to good use. He would never consider them to be weaklings or trash, but then again, you’re not much of a leader to look up to.”


“How dare you say that?!” Serabella bellowed at him and she jumped to her feet as she stared at him through rage filled eyes. “You dare look down on my master?!”


“Calm down, Sera…!” the Calamity Titan said to her quickly. “Cool it…! Don’t pay attention to the garbage a trash bag says!”


“Master…” Serabella said slowly and apologetically bowed her deeply to him.


The Calamity Titan chuckled before he asked, “Speaking of leaders… A while ago, I felt your so called hero to be in a lot of sadness and grief. How is he now…?”


Felix’s eyes narrowed angrily as he said, “He’s fine, but I don’t blame him from what you did to his parents…!”


“Parents…? Parents…?” the Calamity Titan repeated twice and thought about it for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember hurting any so-called parents of your great hero. I mean, sure… I did control and kill a bunch of random people and destroyed an entire kingdom, but I don’t remember any ‘parents’ of that fool that I—!”


His words were cut off mid-sentence when Felix began surging with power and rocketed towards him at high speed that surprised the Calamity Titan. Felix grabbed his face and began using him as a battering ram to smash through the wall in front of him as he flew forward before blasting out of the castle walls.


The Calamity Titan was surprised when Felix suddenly let him go and seemed to be hovering in front of him with an extremely angry look on his face. The next instant, Felix disappeared and reappeared above him with his hands formed together as he delivered a powerful blow on top of the Calamity Titan’s head, sending the evil titan plummeting towards the ground.


He flew down before he quickly recovered and to land heavily on the ground, causing the ground to crack all around him in the process. Feeling something strange, he wiped it off with the back of his hand and was surprised when he saw the small trickle of blood staining it.


“Now, he’s done it…!” the Calamity Titan said and he formed an evil grin on his face. He whipped around and aiming his hands up at the floating Felix, he shouted, “Death Bullets!”


He began firing black balls of death from his hands rapidly until there were countless released in a single shot. Felix quickly evaded them and began flying around while the Calamity Titan continued firing rapid balls of deaths at him. Angered that his attacks kept missing, he aimed his hand up at Felix and used another technique.


“Gravity Down!”


Felix was shocked he was suddenly pulled forcefully towards the ground and made it impossible for him to fly away. Taking the opportunity, the Calamity Titan began surging with power while radiating violet aura that surrounded him before he raised his hands above his head for his next technique.


“Death Striker!”


A small ball of destruction formed in between the palms of his hands and it gradually grew larger and larger until it covered the sky before he hurled it towards Felix. The Phoenix Emperor, while struggling to break free from the forceful gravity pulling him down, he caught the glimpse of the very large black ball of destruction soaring towards him at high speed.


Aiming his hands at it, he shouted, “Multi Cast: Phoenix Cannon!”


Several layers of magic circles formed in front of him and they began rotating around in clock-wise before a red wave of destruction was released. It soared straight at the large ball of destruction and for a few seconds, the two force collided in their attempt to try and conquer the other, while the other was just as strong. Finally, with both forces unable to yield, a great explosion took place that rocked the ground and sent wild blowing wind in all directions.


While surging with power, Felix shouted, “Gravity Breaker!”


In an instant, he broke free from the powerful technique and he remained airborne before looking down at the Calamity Titan as he launched his next technique.


Aiming both of his hands down at him, Felix bellowed, “Fire Rockets!”


Medium sized balls, surrounded by fire, were launched from the palm of his hands and they soared straight down to rain upon the surprised Calamity Titan. He took cover from the multiple attacks that Felix laughed, before he kicked off the ground and soared away from there. Felix saw this and the next instant, he disappeared from there, surprising the Calamity Titan in the process.


“Where did he go…?” the Calamity Titan asked while he quickly looked around as he tried to sense the location of the Phoenix Emperor. He suddenly sensed him behind him and he shouted, “There!”


He turned around just in time to see Felix deliver his right fist at him, which was embedded in what appeared to be burning flames. The Calamity Titan was shocked as the sizzling hot flames slammed hard into the side of his face, burning his skin in the process and causing him great pain. Angered by it, the Calamity Titan retaliated by spinning his body around to launch a devastating black wave that pushed against the Phoenix Emperor back and exploded, causing dust to rise into the air.


As the smoke cleared, the Phoenix Emperor was revealed to be standing while breathing a little quickly. He was badly wounded from his attack, making the Calamity Titan smile pleasant before wincing at the pain caused by Felix’s own attack to the side of his face.


“I never expected you to be this strong…!”


While breathing a little quickly, Felix glared at him fiercely as he said, “When you constantly hit one side of the coin with all the negativity, the other side will reveal the light that will destroy you!”


“Very philosophical,” the Calamity Titan commented before forming an evil smile on his face, “but let’s be practical here! You’re going to die and you know it!”


“Let’s see about that,” said Felix confidently. “Power Mode!”


With the shout of the commanding words, his hair became crimson red and he began surging with power while radiating red aura that surrounded him. His power began causing the wind to blow harder than before and it buffeted against the Calamity Titan as the ground began shaking from him powering up.


Not wanting to be left out, the Calamity Titan began screaming loudly as he also surged with power while surrounded by the violet aura, causing the rise in the pressure in the air and shaking the ground violently. With him powering up, the Calamity Titan glared at his enemy fiercely with a wicked smile on his face.


“You’re not going to face me in your Calamity Form?” Felix asked him curiously while narrowing his eyes suspiciously.


“Of course! A worthless peon like you is not worth facing my superior form!” the Calamity Titan replied before roaring with laughter, causing Felix to sigh in resignation.


The Calamity Titan quickly aimed both of his hands towards Felix before he shouted, “Black Wave Destruction!”


In an instant, an enormous wave of destruction rocketed away towards the Phoenix Emperor, who immediately acted in response to the wave charging straight at him.


He quickly raised his hands above his head before he shouted, “Phoenix Bomber!”


A great ball of fire formed and he quickly brought it down to defend himself against the black wave of destruction that reached him. There was a moment of power struggle between them two and it pushed Felix backwards before an explosion erupted that sent him flying backwards. The Calamity Titan charged after him, only to be see his enemy vanish and reappeared directly in front of him.


“Gatling Fury!” Felix bellowed before his speed suddenly momentarily increased greatly.


The Phoenix Emperor threw fist after fist, kick after kick at the startled Calamity Titan, bombarding his body and wounding him quite a bit. The Calamity Titan was tried defending the best he could, but for some strange reason, the Phoenix Emperor’s speed surpassed his own, which he instantly realised was because of using Gatling Fury.


The Calamity Titan avoided the last fist, but the Phoenix Emperor suddenly whipped around and slam his left up at the Calamity Titan’s jaw before using a technique that surprised his enemy.


“Phoenix Driver!” Felix yelled.


The next instance, the Calamity Titan was blasted into the air at high speed from the shocking force that got released from Felix’s raised leg that was aiming at the Calamity Titan’s jaw. As the Calamity Titan soared into the air, Felix brought his leg down and stamped the ground hard, causing it to shake slightly and making cracks in the process.


Felix quickly put his hands together and began gathering a large amount of his energy to form a large ball of energy there. In a few seconds, it was ready and he brought it upward as he aimed it directly at the spinning form of the Calamity Titan, who was flying high up in the air.


“Phoenix Fusion Cannon!”


With the shout of the technique name, a large golden wave of destruction got released from the palm of his hand. It rocketed high into the air at high speed as it soared towards the Calamity Titan, who had recovered and forcefully stopped in mid-air and turned, just in time to see the attack soaring straight at him. Surprised, he quickly brought his right palm out as the attack slammed into it.


There was a moment of struggle between his hand against the wave that pushed against him until it vanished into thin air. He lifted his hand and looked at the palm of his hand, which was badly burnt from the attack it had managed to stop.


“Mmm…! I never expected this…!” he muttered with a frown formed on his face. He looked down at Felix, who was breathing a little quickly as he shouted, “Well done! You actually burnt me! As your reward, I’m going to let you die in an instant!”


He raised both of his hands into the air and shouted, “Death Star!”


In an instant, he gathered massive amount of energy that formed into a large deadly looking ball pulsating with dark energy. He looked up at it once before surging with power as he hurled it forcefully towards the Phoenix Emperor.


“Just try surviving this, you foolish Phoenix Emperor!” the Calamity Titan bellowed at him gleefully.


Felix glared up at the massive attack soaring towards him at a steady speed and he realised evading it will not let him escape its blast radius. The only thing left for him to do was fight it back, which was exactly what he planned on doing.


Forming a grin on his face, he raised his own hands into the air as he shouted, “Star Fire!”


In an instant, he was surrounded by flames that rose upward and formed into a large ball of flames. It grew to great size and was soon filled with large energy, which made it strong. Nodding in satisfaction, Felix began surging with power as he hurled it directly towards the descending black swirling ball of destruction.


The two massive balls of destruction flew towards each other at high speed before colliding in mid-air. With the two smashing into each other, a power struggle ensued between the Calamity Titan and the Phoenix Emperor, causing a great wave of strong winds to blow in all directions. The pressure in the air was intense from the colliding techniques as the two warriors put their forces behind their respective techniques. Even the ground began to crack and break away from the colliding forces.


Unable to gain a victory between them, the clashing forces suddenly exploded in a flash of light that blinded everything from the enormous explosion. Everything almost became blindingly pure white that shook the air, destroyed the ground and sent a powerful shock wave in all directions.


After several seconds, the light dimmed and vanished, revealing a destroyed scenery with the Calamity Titan still hovering in the air while the Phoenix Emperor standing on the ground. The Calamity Titan was breathing easily while making a smile as he looked down at his enemy while Felix was breathing a little quickly as he glared up at his enemy.


“Looks like we’re even in power…” Felix said while slowly recovering his breathing.


At that moment, he was surprised when the Calamity Titan suddenly disappeared and was shocked when he reappeared directly in front of him without him noticing his approach. The Calamity Titan grinned widely at him before delivering a powerful blow that sent Felix soaring into the distance at high speed.


“Don’t forget that I’m still the one with the advantage, you foolish Phoenix Emperor!” the Calamity Titan said as he watched his enemy soar away from him.


As Felix recovered and rubbed his face where it hurt, the Calamity Titan shouted, “Just know that I’m simply warmed up! The real battle starts now!”


With those words, he began surging with so much power that caused Felix to widen his eyes with shock. He had not realised just how truly powerful the Calamity Titan was and even the power the guy was releasing was not his full power.


“Great…!” Felix said and he sighed before beginning to surge with fierce power. “Let’s do it!”

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this rather exhuasting chapter. It truely is exhuasting since I had to pretty much write the chapter from almost blow by blow to the action sequence taking place. I hope you all liked the action and will come back in the next chapter as the story continues!

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