Forbidden Technique



Lakshman slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying on top of a comfortable bed in what appeared to be a completely white painted room. He slowly moved his head around to see curtains to the side that were drawn back with the room average in size. There was a window near his bedside and sunlight was streaming through it to indicate that it was not night time yet.


“What the heck happened…?” he muttered to himself as he lay on his bed while staring blankly at the ceiling.


After a moment, his eyes widened in shock when he suddenly remembered what had transpired a while back. Learning the death of his parents, he gone into a depressed fury that made him almost self-destruct due to overloading all of his power in one go. In order to stop him, all of his eight wives stepped in to calm him down while being injured by his out of control power.


Remembering the events and the destruction that he had almost caused, he clenched his fists tightly as he felt angry at himself. He called himself the protector, but he failed to carry out his duties thoroughly by failing to protect his parents and then letting his feelings get the best of him. On top of that, his powers hurt the wives he cherished deeply, which made his face contort with anger and grief.


“Dammit…” he muttered and closed his eyes with tears filling his eyes. “Mum and dad… They’re gone…”


He knew there was nothing he could do to bring them back, but accept their fates along with the countless lives destroyed by the Calamity Titan. At the thought of that man, Lakshman suddenly felt anger begin rage inside of him, but he quickly raised his hands to clap his cheeks firmly to distract him from feeling such a way.


“I don’t need another rampaging fit,” said Lakshman and he began breathing quickly to calm down.



After several minutes, he slowly rose to sit on his bed to look out of the window at the beautiful scenery that was presented to him. While looking at it, he remembered his mother often talking about growing a garden at the backyard, but never getting the chance to because of how busy she was at her work. He chuckled when he remembered how adamantly his father would always think of something to avoid it.


Lakshman chuckled and a sad expression framed his face as he muttered, “I miss you… mother… father…”


Once again, his eyes began welling up with tears at the thought of never being able to see or hear their voices again. Lakshman’s universe is small with his family and frien While loWhile lds beings the only ones he truly can connect with. So, it made him feel extra sad, which caused him to immediately shake his head vigorously to clear away the thoughts.


“I can’t keep myself feeling sorry like this, otherwise, everyone will start calling me a cry baby,” thought Lakshman and he chuckled at how funny those words were.


He turned around and just as he set his one of his legs off the bed, he was surprised when he saw two girls sleeping with their heads on his bedside. They were his sisters, Priya and Indira, who appeared to have been waiting for him to wake up and eventually fell asleep there. With a smile on his face, he leaned over and patted each of them gently, which made them moan and turn slightly.


“They’ve really grown up…” he thought happily. “Now, they’re fifteen years of age, just one year before they are considered adults.”


While feeling happy for his sisters, he shook them slightly to wake them up, but for some reason, they continued sleeping regardless. Deciding it was best to leave them be, he rose to his feet and immediately staggered before looking at his legs with a surprised expression on his face. His legs felt a little unsteady and he instantly recognised it as the after effects of surging all of his power in one go.


As he slowly walked away from the bed, he noticed Mariana sitting on a chair facing a table, which she has her head laid down against. Like he did with the twins, he attempted to awaken her, but it did not work. He felt that this was strange and decided he should go meet Felix to find out what had happened.



The entire castle felt deserted and everywhere he went, guards appeared to be slumped on the ground. Lakshman though they had been killed, but he did not see any blood from them and upon further investigation revealed that they were in deep sleep like his sisters and Mariana.


“Something’s not right… Why is everyone asleep?” he wondered in a truly concerned voice.


It took him several minutes to reach Felix’s room and when he did, he was startled to find three figures lying unconscious on the floor with one another sitting slumped in a chair. He did not recognise the two figures lying down, but he instantly recognised the Sword Titan as he slept on the floor.


“Dominic!” Lakshman cried out in a startled voice and he quickly moved his slowly recovering legs to kneel before him.


After checking him and realising he was asleep like the rest, his eyes furrowing darkly in anxiousness.


“What the hell happened here…? Why is Dom and Amaranda sleeping, who are these people and where is Felix?” he asked quietly while looking around the room to give him an indication or even a clue.


In response to his question, he heard Amaranda’s telepathically say, “Felix has gone after the Calamity Titan after putting the entire kingdom’s populace to sleep.”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in a shocked voice when at those words and he quickly turned to face Amaranda’ slumped form. “You mean; he’s gone after that guy for revenge?”


“Partially, yes, but the main motivation behind this decision was his last duty to perform towards his people, towards his family and towards you for the position he holds,” said Amaranda telepathically in a calm voice. “This is his final battle and he decided to go there on his own to save you the trouble.”


“Felix…!” Lakshman muttered and he clenched his teeth angrily. “This is foolishness… What hope does he have of winning in a battle against that guy? He’s too strong, even for me to fight right now!”


“It’s his choice and I didn’t feel the need to stop him since he’s no kid and he has a duty to perform.”


“Dammit…!” Lakshman muttered angrily. “How long ago did he go?”


“It’s almost been an hour,” replied Amaranda telepathically without hesitation.


“Thanks!” Lakshman said and he quickly rose to his feet, wincing as the pain shot him hard.


Ignoring it, he began racing towards the back of the castle with a determined expression on his face. He decided that it was not too late for him to go and bring Felix back, but he feared that the fighting had already started. Annoyed, he slightly increased his pace and he almost ran into someone when he turned a corner as he was not properly paying attention and thought everyone was asleep.


“Wow! I’m sorry!” he quickly apologised as he performed an incredible mauver around the person and caught them before they could fall. Seeing who it was, he was surprised as he exclaimed “Ondine?!”


Ondine, who blinked up at him in surprise while clutched between his arms, she exclaimed, “Lucky?! What are you doing out of bed? The doctor said you wouldn’t be waking up for another two hours!”


“Yeah, well… I sort of woke up and feeling bored, I decided to find out why everyone’s fallen asleep,” said Lakshman and she blinked up at him in surprise.


“Really? I was doing the same!” she said and surprised him this time. “I was actually on my way to see Felix because the girls had fallen asleep and don’t seem to wake up to anything I do. Course, I don’t want to electrocute them, but…”


Understanding what she meant, he shook his head and said, “No… It’s best that you don’t do that, otherwise, you’ll be receiving a heavy punishment from them for showering them with lightning.”


“Showering them with lightning,” said Ondine as she chuckled. “That’s funny.”


He smiled at her before making a serious expression on his face as he said, “Well, Felix put everyone to sleep and gone to kill the Calamity Titan. I’m now heading over to stop that battle and bring him back!”


Ondine appeared to be surprised for a moment before she nodded in understanding before she said, “Then, I’m coming along too! You’re still recovering, so you’ll needing the assistance of a lovely wife, such as myself of course.”


Lakshman laughed and realising that any word of protest would be thwarted, he simply said, “Really? Then, I’d welcome the assistance.”



They stepped into the back garden of the castle where there was great space for summoning familiars, which was exactly what Lakshman had planned on doing. He decided that it would take him far too long to portal themselves out of the city and reach the Teleportation Zone. Instead, he had opted to choosing a different means of transport and that was buy using his trusty Contracted Familiars.


Ondine stays back as he stepped into the garden before clapping his hands as he said, “Summoning Familiar: Eternal Phoenix!”


In an instant, a large magic circle formed in front of him and light rose out to surrounded something large. Once the light disappeared, the Eternal Phoenix, Phylex spread out its wings and let out a screeching noise like the phoenix bird that it was.


“As per the contract bindings us, I have arrived per your summoning!” Phylex said to him telepathically. “What do you require of me this time, master?”


“I need you to transport me and Ondine to the Demon Continent!” Lakshman said and Phylex nodded its great head at him.


“Then, please… Get on.”


Lakshman beckoned Ondine forward and the two were surrounded by a great ball of light, which lifted them into the air and landed them on its back. After ensuring they are safely sitting on its back, the Eternal Phoenix unfurled its wings hugely and began flapping them greatly, which lifted its large body into the air while released powerful winds that blew in all directions.


Airborne and ready, the Eternal Phoenix turned around in mid-air and soared away at high speed. This caused both Lakshman and Ondine to fall back against its large feathers, which felt rather comfortable to lean against. The two almost drifted into a pleasant mood, but Lakshman quickly snapped out of it to give his final orders to the Eternal Phoenix to speed up.


“We need to go as fast as you can, Phylex!” Lakshman bellowed at the top of his voice. “Don’t worry about us! We’ll be fine!”


“Very well. Understood, master,” said Phylex telepathically to them. “Then, hold on tight.”


As it soared through the air at high speed, Lakshman and Ondine heard it shout, “Burning Phoenix and Pyro Rocket.”


In that instant, the entire body of the Eternal Phoenix became surrounded by burning flames and its eyes became blazing red as it screeched violently. The volume of its screams were very loud, making both Lakshman and Ondine to desperately clap their hands over their ears. The next second, they felt the speed of the Eternal Phoenix increase substantially.


“Maybe, telling him to go faster was not such a good idea!” Ondine telepathically communicated with Lakshman using the Telepathy technique.


“There’s no time to waste!” Lakshman replied back telepathically as he also used Telepathy to communicate with her and she nodded in agreement.


They fell silent and held on firmly onto the burning Eternal Phoenix’s body as it zoomed through the sky at high speed while leaving a trail of flames behind as it soared towards its final destination.



Meanwhile, on the Demon Continent, Felix was breathing heavily with his body badly wounded while he lay inside a crater. He had reverted back to his normal form because he no longer had the energy to sustain his Phoenix Mode. Around where he lay, the ground was greatly destroyed from the fierce battle between him and the Calamity Titan, which had turned that last into a wasteland.


Standing above him was the Calamity Titan, who wore a look of disappointment as he looked down at his beaten enemy’s body.


“I’m highly disappointed in you, Phoenix Emperor. I was expecting more of a challenge than a cake fight!” the Calamity Titan complained in an angry voice. “For all of your boasts, you prove yourself to be another weakling that bites the dust!”


Felix chuckled and let out a deep sigh as he asked, “Yet, you’re letting me living long enough for what…? Bore me to death?”


“Even in your grave, your humour knows no bounds,” said the Calamity Titan and he made a small smile on his face. “Before I kill you though, mind explaining to me why a man, such as yourself, would willingly throw his life away just to fight a mighty being such as me? You would’ve done well serving me instead of that puny Phoenix Titan!”


Felix groaned and looking at the sky, he said, “It’s strange that an enemy is asking that question…”
“Just answer the damn question!” the Calamity Titan said angrily and Felix chuckled before wincing in pain.


“I’m doing this because of my duty… to my people, my family, my clan and… to the best friend that I ever had… He and his wife helped me greatly change my life into having a wonderful family and following my duty respectfully. To that, I wanted to return the favour, but you killed them before I could.”


“Ah…! Is that why you mixed revenge with your duty, allowing you to make this foolish decision of fighting me alone,” the Calamity Titan said and he sighed heavily. “I expected you to be more of a fighter, but you’re just another regular idiot, who gives too much damn about other people!”


Felix laughed at that before he said, “I might be, but that’s just how living beings are. You can’t define us because we are always free and happy. Still, I had a good life, a wonderful family and I finally got my daughter married off. I don’t have regrets in my life, but the one that I will definitely regret is to die without killing you…!”


At those words, Felix’s voices became strangely dangerous and powerful, which surprised the Calamity Titan before he laughed hysterically.


“You have to kidding me!” he said after recovering from his laughter. “You still think you can defeat me while you lay inside one of your pathetic craters while your body is badly wounded! You barely have enough energy to allow you to even stand, let alone do something as crazy as killing me! You’re just all bark with no bite!”


“We’ll see about that!” Felix shouted and surprised the Calamity Titan. “Phoenix Driver!”


With the shout of the technique name, Felix was blasted off the ground and he soared straight at the Calamity Titan. As he reaching his enemy, Felix brought his right arm forward and smacked it against the side of the Calamity Titan’s face, which surprised him. The next moment, Felix grabbed the Calamity Titan from behind with both his arms and legs.


“You…! Let go of me!” the Calamity Titan exclaimed as he tried to get Felix off his back.


“Not going to let go until I destroy you!” Felix said as he firmly held onto the Calamity Titan’s body without letting go.


The Calamity Titan became enraged and he shouted, “Dark Fury!”


In an instant, his entire body was covered in black flames that also covered Felix’s entire body. Felix began screaming in pain from the blame flames burning his body.


Realising this was not working and unable to reach around to smash the enemy holding onto him, the Calamity Titan rose into the air and smashed his back against the ground. He did this numerous of times and in the process, he smashed Felix the numerous of times, but the determined Phoenix Emperor still did not let go.


“I will not… let go…!” Felix shouted, even though his badly beaten body screamed at him to give up. “I’m not giving up till you’re dead! UUUUUURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”


The Calamity Titan was shocked when he was surrounded by a dim glowing light as the power was emanating from the Phoenix Emperor, who was preparing to use his ultimate technique. They began glowing as the Felix fed the technique the remaining energy along with the spiritual energy required for the necessary technique to activate.


Realising what he was doing, the Calamity Titan shouted, “You bastard…! You’re planning on using Light Wiper? The forbidden technique?!”


“Oh…! So, you know about that technique and I’m sure you know that even you can’t survive it!” Felix said and he began to laugh cheerfully.


“You bastard…!” the Calamity Titan shouted at him angrily. “Don’t you give a damn about your family waiting back at home?!”


“Oh my…! I’m very surprised…! You’re actually caring about me now, even though you said you will kill me a moment ago?” Felix asked in a dangerous voice as the Calamity Titan continuously attempted to get rid of the man firmly attached to him. “I have no regrets, my daughter has a wonderful husband and my wife will understand my actions. This is all to bring peace for the price of one life!”


“You’re going to destroy this place! This… land! D-Don’t you give a damn about the land we’re on?!?” Don’t you have a duty to nature?!” the Calamity Titan shouted at him desperately as the glowing became stronger.


“Don’t worry, Calamity Titan…! What can be destroyed, can also be healed in due time,” said Felix and the Calamity Titan’s eyes widened with shock. “Mother Nature is far stronger than us, needn’t worry about her other than pray that you don’t suffer in hell, if you even can go to hell!”


“I’ll destroy you before that ever happens!” the Calamity Titan bellowed furiously.


he began surging wildly with power that shook the land violently and he began using various dark techniques to try and kill the Phoenix Emperor, but it was no use. The gathered energy for the techniques that Felix was about to use, protected Felix from all sorts of attacks in his last resort to use his own life as a catalyst to destroy that evil man from this world.


Felix smiled in satisfaction as he thought, “This technique took the lives of countless Phoenix Emperors in their quest to destroy powerful evil and now, it’s my turn to join them…”


With his determination set and the technique ready to be used, he made a final grin on his face as he shouted, “With my power, my life and my soul, I activate… Light WiIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”


“You, crazy bastard!!!” the Calamity Titan screamed one last time in anger and fear.


Felix screamed the technique with all his might before he and the Calamity Titan disappeared in a brilliant light that shot into the at high speed. The next moment, the brilliant began to spread in all directions at a rapid pace, causing everything to be destroyed in its path. The land, grass, trees and great mountains were incinerated instantly from the great destructive power of the Light Wiper technique.


Very soon, a large area of the Demon Continent was shining brightly in the air and startled all of its habitants by how bright the light was. The destruction radius was around 300 kilometres and much of the land was destroyed, which stopped short of destroying the demon castle as Serabella watched in horror before calling out her master’s name.


Just like that, the mighty Phoenix Emperor known as Felix Phoron, vanished in a brilliant flash of light from the technique that took his very being to activate. Now, the technique he released lit the world much brighter than the sun ever could.



The Eternal Phoenix was flying straight towards the Demon Continent when, all of a sudden, it slowed down from being hit by the great shock wave from the brilliant glow of light up ahead. Lakshman sensed something was wrong and he quickly stood up to see over Phylex’s head at the brilliant glow of light, followed behind by Ondine.


His eyes widened with shock at how powerful the light ahead was and he instantly realised what had taken place.


“Oh no…!” he muttered in a shocked voice that draw the attention of his wife.


“What’s wrong? What’s that light? Lucky?” she asked him quickly with a concerned look on her face.


“That’s… Light Wiper…!” Lakshman said and she looked at him with a confused look on her face. “One of the forbidden techniques…”


He suddenly realised, with horror, something terrible was happening to Felix and he quickly shouted, “Phylex! Quickly! Go there! Now!”


“Master, that light could kill us!” Phylex said telepathically in a concerned voice.


“That doesn’t matter! Just go!” Lakshman ordered him in a powerful voice and Phylex relented.


“Very well. Please, hang on,” said the Eternal Phoenix telepathically and it, once again, soared towards the slowly dimming light at high speed like before.



By the time they had reached the continent, the light had already disappeared. While soaring over the continent, Lakshman and Ondine looked over the side of the Eternal Phoenix to see much of the landscape to have become nothing, but a wasteland.


The Eternal Phoenix slowly descended towards the ground and upon landing, it returned to its normal form while breathing a little quickly. Lakshman and Ondine landed on the ground after being surrounded by a light ball of energy before they started looking around at the devastated land. Nothing was in sight, except for the demon castle that stood at the edge of the wasteland on the other side.


“Wow…! That technique did all this…?” Ondine asked with a pained look on her face as she looked around.


Lakshman looked around desperately and began calling out, “Felix! Felix!”


He received no reply or response, except the sound of the breeze flowing about. Not willing to give up hope, he instantly activated World Sensor to sense Felix’s life force, but it also failed. He realised, with horror, that Felix Phoron was really gone from this world for the price of using Light Wiper.


Lakshman turned to look at Ondine, who gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth with her eyes widening with shock. Without a word from him, she instantly understood and became saddened at the passing of a really powerful man, who was a great man that helped Lakshman, her and the other girls along the way in some way. Learning of his death made her feel really sad and she closed her eyes to mourn his death.


The Eternal Phoenix had a sad look in its eyes as it looked around at the empty wasteland for a few minutes. It suddenly sharpened his features as it sensed dark energy radiating from somewhere that Lakshman and Ondine cleared missed to detect due to feeling sorry for Felix’s death. Phylex turned in the direction the radiation came from and was shocked when a jet of black beam burst out of the blowing sand and pierced through its body.


As it screeched in pain and agony, Lakshman looked up to see the black beam of light disappear the moment it pierced through its target. Shocked at what just happened, he turned to his familiar and shouted, “Pylex!”


He and Ondien quickly hurried over to inspect its wound, which was minor, but it left the majesty beast feeling very weak.


“Who did this?!” Lakshman bellowed at the top of his voice furiously.


Just then, Lakshman heard a familiar voice laughing and it caused his eyes to widen with shock.


“No way… That voice…!” he said slowly in a startled voice.


“You guessed it… The Calamity Titan!” the Calamity Titan said as he appeared out of the dust with a wide grin formed on his face.


He appeared to have endured a lot of damage to his body with the multiple wounds and cuts that seemed to be bleeding, however, he appeared to be radiating with positivity. There was a lot of unusual amount of energy flowing through him and he made a wicked grin on his face as he stared at the shocked expression on Lakshman’s face.


“You…! How…? How are you even alive…?” Lakshman asked him in a loud shocked voice. “Felix used Light Wiper and sacrificed himself to kill you…! You should’ve died, you bastard…!”


The Calamity Titan stood firmly on the destroyed ground as he said, “Yes… Anyone would’ve died from that ruthless attack, but your foolish Phoenix Emperor missed one thing… I possess the Divine Protection of Darkness and it mostly protected me against such a devastating attack… Just look at the scenery! It was green, but it’s yellow now. Quite the fitting change I have to say…”


Lakshman could not believe what he just heard and he slowly asked him, “You also possess a Divine Protection…?”


“Yes…!” the Calamity Titan said and he grinned broadly. “Don’t think you’re the only one supported by gods, you fool! There are gods that also support me and believe me, they feel I am superior to you in every way. Seriously! I don’t doubt them since I did knock your full powers out from the beginning and even defeated you ten-years-ago effortlessly!”


“You…! You tricked Felix into sacrificing his life for nothing…!” Lakshman shouted at him furiously with his fists clenched tightly, which shook from the sheer amount of strength he was exerting.


“Now, now… It wasn’t a complete waste…! Really!” the Calamity Titan said and he chuckled darkly. “Thanks to his efforts, he cleared away a lot of land for me! Now, I can build new things and much more without wasting my powers on clearing away useless land! So, in the end, his sacrifice served me well!”


He began laughing heartily and it angered Lakshman greatly. He thought about the sacrifice and the amount of reason and belief that made Felix take such a decision. All of it was wasted and the evil that he was trying to kill, still lived in the end.


Lakshman was even more angered when he suddenly realised he was standing in front of the man that killed his parents and his great desire for revenge made him begin surging with power while radiating in slightly darkened golden-red aura that surrounded.


“You…! You…!” Lakshman shouted at him and the Calamity Titan blinked at him in surprise. “For all the lives you’ve killed, I’m gonna—!”


He remembered the faces of his parents, Indra and Lakshmi.


“I’m gonna—!”


He thought about all the people that died, including his friend from there, Stuart and the kids he trained. Along with that, he remembered the face of Rodrack, the man that convinced Lakshman into accepting Ondine as a Slave Spirit to fulfil his promise to his deceased friend.


“I’m gonna—!”


He remembered the face of Felix and the help he had given when Lakshman was younger.



Deep inside Lakshman, the last seal suddenly glowed brightly and smashed into pieces from the great desire for destruction he felt at that moment, which was the trigger. The sealed power began to be released all at once, which quickly transformed into a tornado of power. At the same time, a shadowy figure stepped out of the darkness with his face mostly hidden and stood there motionless for a moment before forming an evil grin on his face.



“—destroy you!” Lakshman finished with his own voice mixed with the Voice of the Phoenix.


“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!” screamed the two voices as he began releasing his powers.


He was surging with power when he got surrounded by a blinding flash of light that caused Ondine and Phylex to cover their eyes by how brilliant the glow of light was. Even the Calamity Titan was taken aback by how powerful the energy that Lakshman was releasing, which sent shock wave after shock wave in all directions, threatening to uproot the trees that survived the earlier destruction. The pressure in the air became intense from the wild flowing energy.


Several seconds later, the light dimmed and slowly vanished to reveal Lakshman to have transformed, however, it was a completely different transformation to anything that both Ondine and the Calamity Titan had ever seen. Lakshman currently had red hair, which was much spiker than when it turned blonde. At the same time, they could feel this strange dark power radiating from his as he motionless stood there with his head sagging slightly.


A moment later, Lakshman formed an evil grin on his face and he tilted his head up as he began laughing hysterically while surging with power. Both Ondine and the Calamity Titan were shocked and their eyes widened when they felt the awful power released by the current Lakshman, who was nothing like the usual Lakshman that they knew of.


He looked towards the Calamity Titan through red eyes with irregular star shapes formed on his eyes. It was nothing like the red crown-shapes eyes as the current designed eyes gave the current Lakshman a lethal look that caused the Calamity Titan to narrow his eyes suspiciously.



While surging with amazing, but deadly power, the current Lakshman made an evil expression on his face and wore a wicked grin on his face before he said, “Let the battle of blood and death begin…!”


Those words caused the hair on Ondine’s end to stand as she looked at her drastically transformed husband in shock. She instantly realised this was not the Lakshman she knew, but something else completely and it was extremely dangerous being.


The Calamity Titan also realised this and with a cautious look on his face, he asked, “You…! You’re not the Phoenix Titan…! Who are you…?”


The current Lakshman spread his arms out and with his grin widening, he said, “I’m the man who will destroy you and the rest of the world! Call me Phoenix Destroyer, you worthless worms!”

Author’s Note


Hey everyone and thank you very much for reading another long chapter! Wow… After 1 whole years, I finally reached the point of the story that I was most excited about!!! Yay~! By the way, I think most of you should be able to easily tell who that guy is since I made it pretty easy to figure out. Anyway, I hope you liked the chapter and hope to see you again as the story continues!


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