Calamity Titan vs. Phoenix Destroyer



The Calamity Titan raised an eyebrow in surprise before he asked, “What? Destroy the world and you’re the Phoenix Destroyer?”


He began chuckling and started to laugh aloud hysterically before he glared fiercely at the current Lakshman, who he thought of as the Phoenix Destroyer.


“Look here, Phoenix Destroyer or whatever your name is now—!”


“It’s Phoenix Destroyer and that’s the last time I’ll tell you my name,” said the Phoenix Destroyer with an evil grin on his face. “The next time, I’ll make sure to rip out your mouth to make my point clear.”


“Oh…?” the Calamity Titan said slowly and he furrowed his eyebrows furiously. “I don’t care what nonsense you sprout, but I control the world! It belongs to me and I’m not going to let you destroy what’s mine!”


The Phoenix Destroyer burst out laughing as he said, “Hahahaha!!! Yes…! The world belongs to you and that’s why, you’ll be the one I’ll destroy first! Hahahahaha!!!”


With his crazy laughing ringing in the air, the Phoenix Destroyer began surging with power while radiating in dark-red that surrounded him, which had a mix of violet in it. He formed a wicked expression on his face as he stared at the Calamity Titan while sending strong shock waves in all directions with his radiating power rising high into the sky.



Ondine stood behind him with an anxious look on her face as she stared at the drastically changed husband. Phylex lay behind her and he lifted his head to look


“What happened to you, Lucky…? This isn’t like you at all…” she thought with her hands shaking slightly.


Just then, she heard Phylex telepathically tell her, “Mistress, this is not master…”


“Eh?” she asked telepathically in a surprised voice and she turned to look at him. “Are you sure?”


“Yes. Master’s energy is pure and strong, which leaves a great impression on anyone. Now, it’s strong, but very twisted… His Elemental Colour keeps changing between dark-red and violet-red if you notice. At the same time, I can feel the presence of someone else controlling master’s body!”


She was shocked by the Eternal Phoenix’s verdict and she looked back at the back of her husband as she thought, “Oh no…!”



The Calamity Titan saw him radiating with power and widened his eyebrows with shock at the realisation. Then, he shook his head and said, “I see… You think you can defeat me…? Fool! You are some vermin below me!”


He clenched his fists and began surging with power before kicking off the ground firmly, he soared straight towards the Phoenix Destroyer at high speed. The Phoenix Destroyer just stood there and saw him coming without doing anything, but apparently keep his guard down.


Upon reaching him, the Calamity Titan stopped in front of him and was infuriated when he saw the confident smile on the Phoenix Destroyer’s face. Angered, he lifted his right leg and swung it towards the side of his enemy’s face, only to be blocked by the Phoenix Destroyer’s arm, which he raised to block the leg attack.


For a few seconds, the two of them stood there respectively with their Elemental Colour mixing in randomly; Phoenix Destroyer’s dark-red and violet-red aura mixing with the violet aura radiating around the Calamity Titan. The Phoenix Destroyer did nothing as he continued blocking the attack that the Calamity Titan attempted to land on him with his left arm.


The Phoenix Destroyer look into the Calamity Titan’s eyes before he said, “I don’t think when I know I can.”


“What?!” the Calamity Titan exclaimed with a look of surprise on his face.


His enemy pulled his right fist back and gathering strong energy into it, which caused the arm to glow brightly. The next second, he unleashed the force by bringing his clenched fist forward and smashed it into the Calamity Titan’s face, which landed between his eyes, but above his nose.


There was a momentary pause in which, nothing happened, but all of that changed when, all of a sudden, an intense force was unleashed from the fist. The force smashed directly into the Calamity Titan’s face and propelled him backwards and into the air at the same time. The Calamity Titan sailed through the air at high speed before smashing headlong into the castle.


Serabella, who had been sitting there with a bored look on her face, was shocked when he came sailing through. She was horrified to see him flip through the air like a dancer before smashing, head first, into the wall.


For a moment, she sat frozen like a statue before reason overcame her shocked state and she jumped to her feet before she cried out, “Master! Master!”


She hurried over to his side just as he pushed himself out of the wall and grunted while feeling his face.


“Damn that bastard…!” he muttered as he recovered from the shock of being punched in the face. “Now, he’s gone and done it!”


“Master… Perhaps, I should help?” she suggested, but he instantly glared at her in disapproval.


“No! He’s not the Phoenix Titan, but someone else entirely…! It feels like something’s taken over him and is using his body to do whatever it wants!” the Calamity Titan said and he gritted his teeth in anger from knowing that information. “He’ll end up really destroying the world if I don’t stop him here! That’s why, I need you to be some place safe! Got it?”


“B-But…!” she began, but was stopped from him raising his hand.


“Sera… I know what you’re thinking and that you’re worried, but don’t worry! I’m the Calamity Titan that rules this world! There is no way in hell that I will lose to that bastard!” he said firmly and she gulped before nodding in agreement.


She backed away from him and he began surging with power as he powered up for his transformation. The Phoenix Destroyer was really powerful and in his current state, he realised he need his Calamity Titan Form to deal effective blows on his crazed enemy.




He screamed before he was surrounding by a flash of light and the next second, he was transformed into his Calamity Titan form. In this form, he had spiky violet hair with vertical pupils like that of a beast. He checked himself for a moment, turned to nod once at Serabella before kicking off the ground to soar back out to fight the Phoenix Destroyer.


“Good luck…” she said in low voice while putting her hands together with a worried look on her face.



The Phoenix Destroyer was laughing hysterically before forming a wide grin on his face as he said, “What a waste…! One punch and he’s already—!”


“—back!” said the Calamity Titan as he completed the sentence just as he appeared in front of the Phoenix Destroyer and delivered a powerful blow to his enemy’s face.


It was a powerful punch and it lifted the Phoenix Destroyer into the air and sent him flying away while sending a shock wave in all directions. The Calamity Titan chased after him at high speed to catch up his enemy, who was flying away from him due to the powerful blow.


Upon reaching him, the Calamity Titan bellowed, “Fighting Fury!”


In an instant, his close-combat speed improved drastically, allowing him to land rapid blows successfully on the Phoenix Destroyer’s body. His enemy attempted to fight back, but the Calamity Titan’s speed was just that fast to allow him to avoid any of these blows. Just then, the Calamity Titan fired a dark energy blast that him, which resulted in a powerful explosion.


As the smoke slowly cleared, the Calamity Titan began firing energy blast after energy blast at his enemy in quick succession.


After firing many dark energy blasts, the Calamity Titan raised both of his hands into the air and shouted, “Dark Buster!”


He instantly gathered a large dark ball and hurled it into the smoke, which disappeared for a moment with nothing happening. The next instant, a large explosion took place that sent wild shock waves all directions, along with the wild blowing winds.


The Calamity Titan breathed out quickly while hovering in mid-air to stare at the cloud of smoke filling the air space in front of him.


“I know that wasn’t enough to take him down, but with all his threats, why isn’t he doing anything? Surely, he has the power to fight back after finally breaking the last seal…!” he thought suspiciously. “He must be up to something…!”

His chain of thoughts came to an end suddenly when the Phoenix Destroyer suddenly appeared in front of him, shocking him in the process. He looked a little wounded, but that that, he looked totally fine as he leaned forward to stare at the Calamity Titan’s face with a wicked grin on his face.


“I am planning something…!” the Phoenix Destroyer said and surprised the Calamity Titan.


The next second, he acted fast and bringing both of his hands together, he knocked the Calamity Titan to soar straight towards the ground.


The Calamity Titan was shocked by the stunning blow and he soared straight towards the ground at high speed before smashing hard. The Phoenix Destroyer’s wicked grin widened and he disappeared to reappear a moment later several meters away from the place the Calamity Titan crashed at.


“What a pity…! The Calamity Titan becoming pile of calamity trash!” the Phoenix Destroyer said tauntingly as he folded his arms and laughed hysterically.


A few seconds passed quietly with the air settling down when, all of a sudden, the ground began to vibrate fiercely from the location that the Calamity Titan had smashed through. The next second, the ground erupted and he soared high into the air with a serious expression on his face. He landed several meters away and folded his arms before making a smile on his face.


“I was thinking… Once the last seal breaks, the Phoenix Titan would lose control and go on a frenzy; attacking me like a beast in order to destroy me and the rest of the world! Yet, you’re so controlled… It makes me wonder whether you’re truly lost control or… being controlled by something else…” the Calamity Titan said shrewdly with his eyes narrowing in suspicion.


The Phoenix Destroyer widened his eyes in surprise before letting out hysterical laughter that had no honour in it. Once he calmed down, he made a wicked expression on his face as he stared at his enemy before.


“You’re right…! That Phoenix Titan trash bag would’ve lost control and gone on a rampage, but I’m here now…! I, the Phoenix Destroyer, will be the one who’s control this body and crush you like the disgusting worm that you are!”


Upon hearing those words, the Calamity Titan laughed and said, “A worm, ha…? Hahaha! Let me get one thing straight! I’m no worm that you keep comparing me to the rest of the world with! I’m the Calamity Titan, the Dark Emperor who rules the world!”


“Yes…! You’re a controller like you say you are, but you’re no different to the common worm that is attached to this goddamn world! It should’ve been destroyed so many years ago, but whatever…! I’ll ensure that mistake is fixed on this very…special… day…!”


The Calamity Titan snorted and said, “Ha…! You sound so evil, but let me get one thing straight! If there’s anyone evil around here, it’ll be me and anyone who thinks of taking that title, I’ll crush them!”


The Phoenix Destroyer began laughing at his words before giving him an evil look as he said, “Crush them…? That’s a brilliant idea!”


He unfolded his arms and extended them towards the Calamity Titan as he said, “Earth Surge!”


In an instant, the ground began to shake vibrate like an earthquake before large chunks of rocks rose out of the ground to form into several strong looking boulders. The next second, they were hurled towards the Calamity Titan, who quickly unfolded his arms to smashed them into rubble.


He was puzzled at why the Phoenix Destroyer used such a simple spell, but he soon found out when he suddenly found himself unable to move. His body felt very heavy to move, but it did not seem the gravity increased, which would have made him fall flat to the ground. Instead, it appeared as if his movement was frozen with him unable to do anything, but stand there with a shocked expression on his face.


“Dammit…! He used Movement Zone technique with the Stop command on me!” he thought with an annoyed look on his face as he barely managed to move his arms from their frozen movement.


The Phoenix Destroyed smiled in satisfaction before he said, “Stone Walls!”


Several magic circles appeared all around the Calamity Titan and the next moment, powerful looking stone walls rose out the magic circles to form solid walls around the frozen warrior.


With a throwing movement with both of his arms, the Phoenix Destroyer said, “Stone Crash!”


In an instant, the risen stones, along with the magic circles beneath them, began dragging on the ground as they all headed straight towards the frozen Calamity Titan, who could only stand there while unable to move a muscle to stop it.


There was a crashing sound as the stone walls surged forward and crashed where he stood. For a moment, nothing happened, but the pressure in the air suddenly began to change and become intense with the ground beginning to shake violently as, with a burst of energy, all the stone walls were destroyed.




The Calamity Titan appeared out of the dust as he surged with intense power while radiating in violet aura that caused the Phoenix Destroyer to smile as if he knew this would happen.


With brute force and power backing him up, he pushed his hands together and shouted, “Maga Distrab!”


In an instant, the movement binding spell keeping him stuck there was destroyed and he was finally able to move freely. Still surging with power and boiling with anger, he turned to glare fiercely at the Phoenix Destroyer, who appeared to be smirking in mockery of the Calamity Titan’s struggle to break free.


“I’ve had enough of this!” the Calamity Titan bellowed.


He pointed both of his hands together at his enemy before he shouted, “Ballistic Death Wave!”


In an instant, a great dark energy gathered in the palm of his hands and it grew larger and larger until it formed into a large pulsating energy ball. The next instance, with the exertion of his power, the dark wave got unleashed into a large dark wave of destruction that create a deep groove in the ground as it flew straight towards the Phoenix Destroyer.


Seeing it soaring towards him, the Phoenix Destroyer simply laughed before beginning to surge with power while radiating in violet-red aura with the dark-red aura changing permanently. He clenched his right fist firmly and began channelling his energy into it, which began to glow in a violet colour. Then, as the large dark wave of destruction reached him, he swung his fist around and smacked the wave aside like it was nothing.


The Calamity Titan did not say anything when his attack got swatted aside with a single arm, but the widened eyes along with the shocked expression on his face should explain how he was feeling at that moment. The Calamity Titan did think the Phoenix Destroyer might use Maga Distrab to destroy the energy wave, which he would have taken advantage of and done a sneak attack. So, it really shocked him to see that his powerful attack got swept aside like it was nothing.


Recovering from his shocked state, he began surging wildly with power as he shouted, “You…! You’re not taking this seriously…!”


At those words, the Phoenix Destroyer laughed before he said, “Of course…! Why would I waste my amazing powers on a mere worm that’s struggling to accept defeat?”


“Damn you!!!” the Calamity Titan bellowed at the top of his voice as his cool was shattered by the insulting words that the Phoenix Destroyer had used. “You’re just a maggot that’s beneath me…! I will show you that I, Calamity Titan and the Dark Emperor, am the ultimate ruler of this world!”


The Phoenix Destroyer chuckled darkly before he slowly said, “Very well…! I’ll show you what it feels like to be destroyed from the inside out!”


With those words, the Phoenix Destroyer unfolded his arms and began surging with more power than he had displayed before. The Calamity Titan also did the same with the two appearing to be equal in power.


The ground started cracking up and getting destroyed from the forces from the two clashing wildly against one another. Shock waves were sent in all directions from their forces, which caused multiple mountains nearby to tumble down with the wind blowing wildly as it threatened to remove the trees from nearby areas. The populace of the continent, along with the rest of the world, felt the tremendous force clashing against one another, causing them fear for their lives.


The two extremely powerful warriors glared at each other fiercely with their powers flowing wildly around them. The Phoenix Destroyer wore an evil wicked grin on his face with his eyes widening to form a twisted expression on his face. The Calamity Titan wore an extremely serious expression on his face with his fists clenched tightly.


The two fiercely stared at one another with their powers surging wildly, waiting for the right opportunity to fight. The chance came when the ground beneath them exploded and turned the large chunks of rocks into dust from the sheer force of their power.


Taking this opportunity, the two warriors kicked off the ground and rocketed towards each other at high speed. They soared towards each other at high speed and upon meeting at the centre, they smashed fists at each other. The fists collided against one another and caused a great shock wave to be swept in all directions and caused the wind to blow wildly all around.


There was a moment of struggle between the two forces with the two warriors pushing against each other forcefully. Then, in a flash of light, a gigantic explosion occurred that instantly spread in all directions, destroyed the ground and made it impossible to see what was happening on the battlefield.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. I’m sorry that I didn’t write the chapter yesterday and the truth is that I didn’t feel like writing this chapter today as well. I have this headache for some reason and I’ve been feeling a lack of motivation, energy and the feeling to write the chapter well. Still, I thought I should write because the last chapter was quite the painful cliffhanger. So, I hope the chapter is good and that you liked the action, which I tried my best to make it entertaining and enjoyable to read.


Also, this might be my last post in a long while. I’m going on a family holiday and I don’t know when I will return to continue writing the story. I’m letting people know because many of you have given me great enthusiasm, encouragement and allowed me to persevere through the horde of negativity! That’s why, I’m informing everyone of my schedule, but don’t worry! I will return as soon as I can from my holidays to continue writing this epic story! I thank all of those that spurred me on because I really am from the deepest part of my heart, grateful and happy for your support!


So, until the next time you see a chapter from me posted here for this awesome story, have a good day, stay safe and healthy and most of all, have fun and enjoy your life fully with smiles and great laughs!! 😀 😀 😀

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