Phoenix Eruption



As soon as the flash disappeared, The Calamity Titan and the Phoenix Destroyer were revealed to be fighting at blinding speed while unleashing intense power. Each of their blows carried heavy force behind it and the impact sent a powerful shock wave in all directions. From the sheer force of their powers, rocks got crushed, mountains tumbled and several trees were sent flying away with the wild blowing wind.


“This is intense!” Ondine bellowed at the top of her voice with the wind howling loudly in her ears.


Ondine and Phylex desperately stood their ground the best they could while enduring the life threatening forces. Serabella was also enduring a similar situation with the castle threatening to crumble from the multiple shock waves that kept smashing hard into the castle walls. The ground shook and cracked as she nervously observed the cracks and the shaking sensation of the castle.


“Please be alright…!” she thought pleadingly with a small tear escaping from her wet eyes as she watched the fierce battle.



The two warriors continuously smashed their fists into each other with incredible force behind each of them. They were very fast, with their movement hardly detectable and the number of blows dealt becoming countless. The result of their battle is the proof of the destruction that was taking place to their surroundings.


Suddenly, the two smashed their fists into each other’s faces and knocked each of other back several meters, with their feet dragging across the ground.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” the Calamity Titan screamed as he rushed towards his enemy at high speed.


The Phoenix Destroyer simply grinned as he stepped backwards before he returned blow for blow against the Calamity Titan. Several of their blows did knock against each other, but it seemed to not faze them as they immediately rushed at their enemy to continue the battle by dealing a powerful blow on them.


The next blow was their fists smashing hard into each other, which created a small explosion of force and sent the two warriors flying away. The Calamity Titan quickly regained his posture and rushed towards the Phoenix Destroyer while he was off guard.




With a loud scream, the Calamity Titan began raining blow after blow on the defenceless Phoenix Destroyer, who did nothing in retaliation. As he continued beating up his apparently defenceless enemy, a smiled formed on his smile at the thought that he was winning this battle and all the strong words from the Phoenix Destroyer were just a simple bluff.


He dealt a power punch to the Phoenix Destroyer’s gut and sent him flying away into the distance. The next instant, he brought both of his hand forward and with an exertion of his power, he began firing dark pulsating energy blasts at his enemy rapidly, which exploded upon impact. After sending several of these blasts, he gathered a powerful blast in his right hand and hurled it straight at his enemy, resulting in a massive explosion that sent a wild shock wave in all directions.


The smoke was slowly rising into the air and there was no appearance of the Phoenix Destroyer, who widened his smile into a grin at his apparent victory. Unfortunately, this did not last because, at that moment, the smoke cleared and the Phoenix Destroyer is revealed to be standing while wiping what appeared to be blood off his face while sporting bruises all over his body.


The Phoenix Destroyer suddenly spit the blood out and he formed a wicked grin on his face as he stared at his enemy, who was shocked at his sudden reappearance. The Calamity Titan did not believe he had defeated his enemy, but had believed his powerful blows to the man’s body would leave him feeling the pain. Now, it almost felt like his enemy barely felt any of it as he cricked his neck left and right.


After cracking his knuckles, the Phoenix Destroyer simply smiled before he said, “Right. My turn now.”


In an instant, he disappeared and a cloud of dust raised from the ground from his incredible speed. The Calamity Titan blinked in surprise because he had completely lost sight of him, including the feeling of knowing his location with his sensing ability.


“GGGGGAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” the Calamity Titan suddenly groaned painfully.


At that moment, the Phoenix Destroyer reappeared directly in front of the Calamity Titan, with his fist making contact against the Calamity Titan’s stomach. The next moment, he turned into a life sized punching bag to the Phoenix Destroyer, who moved at an incredible speed that was beyond the speed from before. The Calamity Titan’s body was riddled over and over by rapid blows that made it look like only a few touched him while masking the other blows that could not be seen by the naked eye.


While being beaten to a pulp, the Calamity Titan thought, “Dammit…! He’s… faster than… me…? That’s impossible… I’m the Calamity Titan and I’m… I’m… I’m—!”


“—THE RULER OF THE WORLD!!!” he bellowed the remaining sentence out loud as he reacted by breaking free from the rapid blows.


He quickly kicked off the ground to create a small distance between himself and the Phoenix Destroyer, who blinked in surprise as if he did not expect him to react so soon.


The Calamity Titan instantly acted by bringing both of his hands forward and shouting, “Metal Crusher!”


Magic circles appeared on either side of the Phoenix Destroyer before two solid looking metal walls rose out of the ground. With an exertion of his power, he brought his hands together and at the same time, the two grooved across the ground as they headed straight towards their prey.


The Phoenix Destroyer sighed wearily and he held his hands out to either side and stopped impeded the progress of the metallic walls with just his finger. With a simple exertion of his strength, he began poking holes into the metal as they continuously attempted to push against him.


He looked towards his enemy and said, “Really…? Is this the best—?”


The chain of dialogue was interrupted when the metal walls suddenly grew higher and a solid metallic walls extended out to smash hard against the side of the Phoenix Destroyer’s face, causing his eyes to widen from the shock and pain. To his surprise, several more metallic walls all around him and they rushed forward to smash hard against him while, at the same time, pushing the metallic ones against him.


Things became dangerous when the Calamity Titan shouted, “Metal Spikes!”


In an instant, there was a flash of light and the metal walls became spiky that that pierced into the fingers holding the metallic walls at bay. He was a powerful warrior, but the pain felt by his body sent a shocking pain to his brain and it made him scream out, letting go of the walls in the process. A bad move because, with a rush for force, the spiked metallic walls rushed forward and crashed against him, piercing his body numerous times.


“Yes,” the Calamity Titan shouted gleefully, “but, I’m not done yet!”


Holding out his right hand, he shouted, “Spear of Darkness!”


A powerful pulsating darkness formed in his open palm before it extending to either sides before forming into a spear of darkness. The energy radiating from the force was really strong as it let off dark energy as he gripped it firmly in his hand. With an exertion of his power, he hurled it straight towards the Phoenix Destroyer and it soared towards him at high speed before piercing through is chest, causing his eyes to widen in shock before it exploded and hurting him even further.


“Now, for the finisher…!” the Calamity Titan shouted before he raised his hand into the air. While radiating in deep-violet aura that surrounded him, he bellowed, “Blitz Lightning!”


There was a loud rumbling noise from the sky and the next moment, a powerful blitz lighting erupted from the clouds. It soared towards the surface and began zapping the wounded Phoenix Destroyer, who began screaming from the shock and pain from being zapped numerous times while the spiked metallic walls continued digging into him.


The Calamity Titan laughed loudly before he shouted, “Take that! A lightning that can instantly kill all those ranked Sage or below! You’re now a perfectly blitzed bird!!! Hahahahaha!!!”


He continued to laugh when he suddenly stopped when the Phoenix Destroyer, with a surge of his mighty power, destroyed all of the spiked metallic walls.


“I’ve had enough of this!” the Phoenix Destroyer roared in an angry voice with his eyes twisting furiously.


He crossed his arms on his chest and just as he built up tremendous amount of energy, he screamed, “Phoenix Eruption!”


The next moment, he spread his arms out wide while screaming, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”


Just as he spread his arms out wide to either sides of him, a blinding light erupted from all around him and it quickly spread in alldirections. It was so brightly, it completely engulfed the scenery in pure white light that made it impossible for anyone to see anything that was happening.


“What?!” the Calamity Titan yelled in a shocked voice before he got absorbed by the light.


Ondine, seeing the incoming wave of light, gasped in shock at realising what was happening.


Phylex staggered to its feet and quickly hurried over to her while telepathically shouting, “Mistress!”


At the castle, Serabella’s eyes widened with despair as the light quickly swept forward and consumed her along with the entire castle.


The whole area within a 500 kilometres of radius got consumed by the brilliant glow of light. The ground, the mountains, the forest and the other demon occupants within that radius got consumed by the light. The sky was suddenly light up with a brilliant white light that seemed to blind those staring directly into it.


A moment later, shock waves were released from the dazzling light and were sent in all directions. They rocked the wide ocean and startled the ocean creatures, which had been safe thus far. The shock waves from the light were so powerful, they destroyed small islands and rocketed nearby continents.


To the inhabitants of the nearby continents, it felt like an earth quake, but what was more fearful was the power they were sensing. It was massive that which had the capability of utterly destroying the entire world. It caused the occupants of the continents to feel an immense dread because they could not understand what that power was and instantly knew it was a power meant only for destruction.


Several minutes passed and the light disappeared to reveal smokes rising around the cloaked Demon Continent. They were reaching as high as the clouds while completely hiding the continent, along with its occupants, from view. As the smoke slowly cleared, the Calamity Titan appeared, hovering in mid-air above the continent with his eyes wide filled with shock disbelief.


“No… This can’t be…” he muttered in a helpless voice.


He could not believe what just happened or the kind of power the Phoenix Destroyer had released. Knowing that he would not survive the blast radius of such a devastating attack, he quickly soared into the air and used Shadow Armour to successfully shield himself. Now, he stared towards where the continent was with a fearful expression forming on his face.


The smoke cleared to give him a view and what he saw made his jaw drop and his face drained completely off blood. Below, where the large sized Demon Continent was now completely destroyed. Most of the continent was gone, destroyed into pieces that sunk into the deep ocean with only a third of the land still remaining.


Hovering high above the sky with its wings flapping periodically was the Eternal Phoenix with Ondine sitting on its back. She was staring down at the rising smoke and the destroyed continent with a horrified look on her face.


“No…! Lucky… What have you done?!” she exclaimed and tears began forming in her eyes while firmly gripping the back of the Eternal Phoenix.


As the smoke cleared to bring the view back to normal, the Phoenix Destroyer was brought into focus. He was hovering above the ocean from the location that he had been standing a moment earlier. He had his eyes closed for a few seconds, but he soon opened them to take a look around. Once he did, he snorted when he noticed only a third of the continent remained.


“Heh! I was trying to destroy the entire continent, but I guess I haven’t fully grasped my full powers yet,” he said before snorting once more.


The Calamity Titan looked down and saw him casually looking around at the destruction that he had caused. His cool senses were shattering by his boiling anger and hatred towards his enemy for what he did, especially in his attempt to hurt Serabella.


Clenching his fists tightly, the Calamity Titan roared with his voice echoing everywhere.


“You… You bastard…! What have you done?!”


Hearing his loud angry voice, the Phoenix Destroyer looked up and snorted with a smile on his face.


“I’m a destroyer and this is just a sample…” the Phoenix Destroyer replied and his voice got carried all the way up to the Calamity Titan.


The Calamity Titan gritted his teeth tightly with fury surging from within him. The next moment, he glared fiercely at his enemy before he shouted, “You destroyed precious land and people that could’ve been useful to me! This is a capital punishment that must court death…!”


He raised his hand over his head and began forming a large dark ball that appeared to grow bigger and bigger with each second passing by. While this was happening, the Phoenix Destroyer remained hovering above the surface of the ocean while wearing a small smile on his face as he stared at his enemy’s actions. Even Ondine, who remained airborne on the back of the Eternal Phoenix, watched with a shocked expression on her face.


Several seconds later, a gigantic black ball of destruction was hovering in the sky that appeared to darken the sky by completely blocking out the sun.




With a scream and while surging with power while radiating dark-violet aura that surrounded him, he swung both of his arms down and launched the ball straight down. The gigantic ball of destruction soared towards the intended target at high speed, reaching the Phoenix Destroyer in a matter of seconds.


The Phoenix Destroyer simply stood there and smiled up at the gigantic dark ball of destruction. Just before it hit, however, he disappeared and then, it exploded.


The explosion was a massive one with a great cloud of smoke rising from the area where the gigantic dark ball of destruction exploded at. It caused the ocean waves to become chaotic, turning them into a tsunami waves that whooshed away in all directions. At the same time, the Calamity Titan and the Eternal Phoenix were buffeted by the powerful shock wave from the explosion.


The Calamity Titan was looking fixedly at the rising smoke to figure out what had happened and whether he had defeated the Phoenix Destroyer or not. He received his answer in the form of his enemy himself, appearing directly beside him with his arms formed into an attack position.


The Phoenix Destroyer grinned evilly at the slow reaction from the Calamity Titan while he gathered deadly energy into the palms of his hands. Once it was complete, he brought his hands forward and unleashed the deadly energy into a powerful wave of destruction as he shouted its name in a wicked voice.


“Phoenix Death Wave!”


A powerful deep-red wave of destruction got released from between the palms of his hands and completely consumed a shocked Calamity Titan. It forcefully cut through the air, raced towards the ground and smashed firmly into the remaining land from the Demon Continent.


Once the wave was over, the Phoenix Destroyer freed his arms and with a wicked smile on his face, he disappeared and instantly reappeared to hover a meter off the ground from where the smoke was rising from the ground. He gently lowered himself to stand on the ground while he stared wickedly at the rising smoke from the place that was several meters away from him.


He began laughing hysterically before he shouted, “Ha…! What a waste…! You had all that dark power and the time to become stronger, but instead, you wasted it on being a ruler! Ha…!”


As the smoke slowly cleared, he was a shadow figure slowly rise out of the ground while, at the same time, hearing the voice of the Calamity Titan speak roughly to him.


“You fool…! You won’t understand what it feels to be the ruler of the world! I control this world, use everyone living in this world and destroy those useless to me! You are beyond useless…! You… are just a monster without a care or a sense of reality! Your desire for destruction will be your downfall!”


The smoke slowly disappeared and revealed the Calamity Titan to be badly wounded, with his body sporting multiple bruises and wounds constantly bled. At the same time, he was having some difficulty keeping one of his eyes open from injuring it earlier in the fall from the attack the Phoenix Destroyer had used on him.


After hearing such words from the Calamity Titan, the Phoenix Destroyer snorted and let his arms rest on his sides before he began walking slowly towards his opponent.


“Such brave and honourable words… I would’ve thought you might be an excellent ruler, but there’s one big flaw in your belief…”


The Calamity Titan looked up at him blearily through his half-opened eyes and attempted to stand firmly while breathing a little quicker than necessary.


“Your rulership is nothing more than dictatorship!” the Phoenix Destroyer finished with a gleam in his eyes that surprised the Calamity Titan.


The next moment, the Phoenix Destroyer brought his arms forward and delivering a double power punch into the Calamity Titan’s gut. The impact was so powerful, it widened the Calamity Titan’s eyes and made him spit blood out from the shock and pain.


“How the hell did you miss that logic will become an unsolved mystery,” said the Phoenix Destroyer in an impressed voice.


He moved his arms upward and laid them on either side of the Calamity Titan’s face, who was slowly recovering from the stunning blow from just now. With strong force, the Phoenix Destroyer brought his arms forward and slapped them painfully onto the cheeks of the Calamity Titan. Yet gain, the Calamity Titan’s eyes widened with the shock and the pain from the blow he just sustained.


“You should rule the world with integrity,” said the Phoenix Destroyer and he delivered powerful karate chop to the Calamity Titan’s head.


“You shouldn’t rule the world with force,” said the Phoenix Destroyer and he delivered a powerful uppercut at the weakened Calamity Titan’s jaw.


The force of the impact, sent him flying away to the distance before he crashed to a stop.


The Phoenix Destroyer folded his arms and asked, “Even I know something as simple as that, so why can’t you?”


The Calamity Titan slowly recovered from the powerful blows his body just took and he pushed himself into a standing position. Almost instantly, he stumbled, but he quickly recovered to glare fiercely at his enemy.


“When a world is full of diversity that does whatever it wants, only brute force will keep it together!”


The Phoenix Destroyer snorted disdainfully before shaking his head as if he did not care anymore.


“Whatever…! I’m done talking…! Now that I got the full grasp of my powers, I will finally complete my task of destroying this world for good! That is… as soon as I killed you…!” the Phoenix Destroyer said and he extended his right hand towards the Calamity Titan, who just stood there while gritting his teeth angrily.


At that moment, a powerful wave of energy came sweeping from behind the Phoenix Destroyer and smashed hard into him. It rocketed the ground where he stood and it pushed him a few steps forward as he blinked in surprise from the unexpected attack from behind. Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, he turned around to see who it was that attacked him.


The Calamity Titan also looked over his enemy’s shoulders and his eyes widened when he saw who it was. There, standing with both arms extending towards the Phoenix Destroyer, was none other than Serabella. She had multiple wounds on her body that kept bleeding profusely, but she refused to give in to pain as she came to the protection of the man she deeply loves.


“Get away from him!!!” she bellowed at the Phoenix Destroyer in a threatening voice.


The Calamity Titan’s eyes widened with shock at her words and he quickly shouted back, “Stop it, Sera! Get out of here!”


“No!!” she replied firmly with a determined look on her face as she stared at her enemy. “I’, not leaving without you!!!”


“Oh…? A lover…?” the Phoenix Destroyer slowly said and he formed a smile on his face.


He extended his left hand towards her hand and said, “Movement Zone: Stop.”


In an instant, she became frozen like a statue, although, she was capable of preserving what was happening around her. Only her muscles appeared to have become solid like statues, making her stand there like a stone statue, vulnerable and wide open for an attack.


“D-Don’t!!” the Calamity Titan shouted, but the Phoenix Destroyer ignored him and turned fully to face in her direction.


“I must commend on your bravery of sneaking an attack on me instead of quietly escaping to your Demon World,” said the Phoenix Destroyer and he sounded very impressed. “For that, here’s your reward.”


He raised his right hand and gathered a powerful deep-red ball of energy that rotated over and over dangerously.


“No! Stop it!” the Calamity Titan bellowed at him, but the Phoenix Destroyer simply smirked at him before turning back to her.


“Phoenix Destruction Wave!” the Phoenix Titan said as he called the technique name.


He brought his hand forward and with the exertion of his power, he launched the deadly energy into a powerful deep-red wave of destruction that soared towards its intended target at high speed. Serabella was like a firmly frozen statue, unable to do anything to defend herself, except watch as her destruction quickly approached in the form of that deadly wave of destruction.


At that moment, a shadowy figure suddenly appeared directly in front of the wave of destruction. The figure held out what appeared to be a golden trident at the incoming energy attack. For a moment, the deep-red wave of destruction and the powerful golden trident clashed forcefully. The next instant, the charging wave of destruction exploded into tiny particles. Serabella was surprised and so was the Calamity Titan, but it was the Phoenix Destroyer who was surprised the most. He did not believe that his attack just now was suddenly exploded into particles.


Serabella watched the figure straighten up and her eyes widened with shock when the person turned slightly to speak to her.


“That was foolish, rushing into battle to save the person you love, but it was commendable,” said Ondine in a majestic voice that rang with power and authority.


Ondine turned back to face the Phoenix Destroyer as she held the double-ended golden trident in her hand. She was wearing strange, but divine looking clothes that seemed to be sparkling in the light above the normal clothes she was already wearing. At the same time, her clear blue eyes were glowing brightly with power as they stared at her drastically changed husband.


She lightly tapped the ground with the trident, which made them all feel a strange power pulsate through it and sensed that a powerful barrier was placed all around them. It was a secrecy barrier that blocked out anything happening inside it to escape onto the outside.


Once the barrier was placed, she gripped her double-ended golden trident firmly as she stared at the Phoenix Destroyer, which was the devastatingly transformed Lakshman after breaking the last seal and was taken control of by the Voice of the Phoenix.


“I will save you, my dear husband,” she said softly in a majestic powerful voice.


The wind suddenly whooshed all around them to emphasize those words as he and she stared into each other’s eyes.

Author’s Note


Hello, my dear readers and thank you once again for reading a chapter from the Phoenix Rising. I was fairly busy, but I felt I should do one more chapter before I go off on my well earned holidays. So, I did my best in making this chapter really amazing, but at the same time, very interesting to keep you from feeling bored, I think. Anyway, think of this as my last chapter in a while until I return from my family holiday. Once again. I hope that my readers will return to continue reading the story upon my eventual return and continuation of this awesome story!


Also, thank you very much for reading Phoenix Rising this far and I thank each and everyone for encouraging me to continue writing this really slow, but massive story! So, until next time, please be safe, happy, healthy and most of all, being energetic and having fun!!! 😀

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