Destiny Lock



A while before she saved Serabella from the Phoenix Destroyer’s attack, Ondine was lying on the back of the Eternal Phoenix, which was flying high in the sky. She looked over the edge of the flying phoenix to look down at her drastically transformed husband, who appeared to be smiling broadly at the destruction he had caused to the Demon Continent.


“What has he done?!” she exclaimed in a shocked voice. “He destroyed an entire continent…! How could he do it?!”


“Mistress… This is not master’s doing,” said the Eternal Phoenix telepathically in a firm voice. “This is the doing of a powerful being in possession of master’s body and power.”


At those words, she was hit with a dreadful realisation that something he had said to her and the rest of his wives had come to pass.


“In the future, I may lose control of myself when the last seal breaks…”


Those were the words that she could remember from what he informed them when he told them about the last seal. She realised that this was what he was talking about, but it was still horrifying for her to see her own husband causing destruction and chaos to the nature that he should be protecting.


“The Voice of the Phoenix…” she muttered as she remembered about the evil entity that Lucky said he was suppressing within him. “It must it’s doing… It’s controlling him!”


Just then, a violent red blast erupted in the sky and startled both her and Phylex, who became startled by it. They quickly turned their attention to the Calamity Titan, who was hit by the powerful red wave of destruction that pushed him downwards. He soared towards the small island, which was the only part of the Demon Continent that survived the destruction, and slammed hard onto the land.


The Phoenix Destroyer disappeared and reappeared near the island and began beating up the badly wounded Calamity Titan, who was having difficulty putting up a fight.


Ondine watched this with a shocked expression on her face as she watched her possessed husband taking his time totally beating up the weakened Calamity Titan. Phylex breathed a heavy sigh as he released his frustration from watching his master toying with the Calamity Titan.


“Looks like, this is the end for the Calamity Titan,” he telepathically said in a voice void of expression.


“No…” Ondine said slowly while shaking her head hesitantly. “No… Lucky would not have wanted to defeat the Calamity Titan like this… He would’ve wanted to defeat him fair and—!”


She was shocked into silence when she saw Serabella fire an attack at the Phoenix Destroyer from behind. The attack caught his attention and he turned to look at her with the Calamity Titan looking totally panic stricken at seeing her there.


It appeared that Serabella had arrived there to stop the Phoenix Destroyer from killing the Calamity Titan. She did this, despite being badly wounded from surviving the destructive attack from earlier that the Phoenix Destroyer had unleashed.


“No… This is… unfair… I… I… I…” she said slowly when, all of a sudden, she suddenly went quiet and her head hung slackly as if she lost consciousness.


“Mistress?” Phylex asked hesitantly as he did not understand why she went quiet.


For a few seconds, Ondine remained sitting with her shoulders slumped and her head hanging. Then, she lifted her head and flashed open her eyes sharply as she finished her sentence in a powerful voice.


“I’ve seen enough!”


Divine robes suddenly appeared to be worn over the clothes she was wearing already. At the same time, her clear blue eyes began to glow brightly as she began to surge with power. It was almost as if someone or something had awakened within Ondine and has taken charge of things, which the Eternal Phoenix noticed.


“M-Mistress?” Phylex asked telepathically in a nervous voice.


“Fear not, my loyal servant, for I have come to stop him.”


She spoke in a slightly different voice than her original and it contained far more power than she ever used in her dialogue. Phylex was quite puzzled and he blinked up at her in surprise as she stood up on his back while before holding up her hand in the air.




At her call, a golden two-sided trident appeared before her and she grabbed its handle with her hand. The moment that she touched the divine weapon, she was filled with a powerful golden glow that lasted momentarily before vanishing into thin air.


“Stay here and do not interfere for you will only endanger yourself,” she said calmly, but firmly to the Eternal Phoenix.


Her voice was ringing with power and he quickly realised there was nothing he can do, except follow her given orders. Thus, he simply nodded as she disappeared into particles of light and appeared in front of Serabella to save her from the powerful wave of destruction that the Phoenix Destroyer sent at her.



Now she stood staring at the Phoenix Destroyer, who was quite surprised to see her. Even Serabella was surprised to see her, but it was difficult to see it since her entire body movement was frozen from the technique the Phoenix Destroyer used on her.


“Save me, my dear wife? What do you mean?” the Phoenix Destroyer called to her in a loud carrying voice. “Seriously…? You should be more worried about saving the world than saving me, stupid. I don’t need saving since I’m already destroying! Hahaha!”


Ondine narrowed her eyes sharply and shook her head firmly before she said, “You’re mistaken. My husband would not destroy anything unless there’s no choice. That’s why, you are not my husband and as such, I will save my husband that you’ve take possession of, Voice of the Phoenix!”


The Phoenix Destroyer appeared to be very surprised by her words before he let out a hysterical laughter.


“So…! You know who I am, but that still won’t do you any good!” the Phoenix Destroyer said gleefully with a wicked grin on his face.


“That’s where you’re wrong, but I’ll let me actions speak for themselves,” said Ondine in a firm voice.


She held the two-sided golden trident firmly in her hand before stabbing the bottom end into the ground. Next, she gripped the middle of the golden trident with both of her hands firmly before closing her eyes and beginning to mutter strange words of incantation that belonged to no known language. At the same time, a golden magic circle appeared beneath her and surrounded her in a bright glow of light as she continued speaking strange words of incantation.


The Phoenix Destroyer blinked in surprise as he watched her muttering strange words he did not seem to understand while being surrounded by the golden light.


“What is she doing…?” he asked with an eyebrow raised in surprise. “Does she think she can stop me or save her husband or whatever by doing that stupid magic stuff? Ha…! Too bad, but she let herself become vulnerable to my attack!”


He held his right hand towards her and began gathering powerful lethal energy into the palm of his hand. The power was so strong that it caused the pressure in the air to thicken to a dangerous level and the air to begin blowing wildly around the area they were in. Ondine remained standing there with her eyes closed and hands grabbing onto her golden trident as she continued chanting strange words.


“Instead of saving yourself, you decided to save your husband, stupid woman!” the Phoenix Destroyer said in an arrogant voice that rang across the entire area. “Your punishment for your recklessness… death! Phoenix—!”


Before he could complete the technique name and release the attack, the Calamity Titan suddenly appeared in front of him. Giving him a very furious look, the Calamity Titan quickly held his own right hand towards the gathered energy into the Phoenix Destroyer’s hand.


“Reflection Factor!” he shouted quickly.


In an instant, there was a sudden change in the direction of the wind and it began blowing at the Phoenix Destroyer, who blinked in surprise. The next moment, the gathered energy in the palm of his hand began to emit darkly before it got released. There was a violent release of power as the energy completely consumed the Phoenix Destroyer and soared away from the island, onto the ocean and resulting in a large explosion that caused the water to rise high into the air.


Breathing a little quickly from using his technique quickly on his enemy, the Calamity Titan straightened up and looked over his shoulder at Ondine, who was still speaking strange words of incantation while being surrounded by the golden light, which seemed to be strengthening as the spell, she was preparing, became stronger.


“That little scuffle gave me enough time to recover some of my energy to retaliate, but still… It looks like she’s the only one who can stop him now!” he said firmly and he nodded once in her direction.


“What a pain…!” he suddenly heard a dangerous voice say in front of him. “Why do the worms of this world keep trying to live when they should just accept their fate and perish?”


The Calamity Titan quickly turned around to face the Phoenix Destroyer, who somehow appeared standing several meters away from him. He had a truly deadly look on his face as he had a hand placed over his face with a truly dangerous look in his eyes.


“Really… It makes me wonder why gods ever created this pathetic world filled with worms… They should just die… Everything must be destroyed!”


The next moment, the Phoenix Destroyer began surging with an awful amount of power that shocked the Calamity Titan into widening his eyes. The island began to get destroyed from the sheer pressure released by his power as he looked at the Calamity Titan with a seriously deadly expression on his face.


The Calamity Titan was momentarily shocked by the sheer deadly power released by his enemy, but he quickly recovered to begin surging with his own power that struggled to put up a fight against the power that his enemy was surging with.


“I don’t care why the gods created this world and why you want to destroy it, however, I want to rule to this world! Now, you destroyed the very place that I was going to rule the world from and by doing so, you made me angry!!!” the Calamity Titan bellowed and he began surging with more power that threatened to destroy the island they stood on.


Inwardly, he sighed and thought, “What a day… It took me some effort to take down and allow that foolish Phoenix Emperor to kill himself and now, I’m facing this super powered destructive warrior on his mad rampage of destruction and I don’t even know if I can stop him…! That’s why, I need to stall for time and give that woman the time she needs to complete whatever spell she’s preparing!”


With his chain of thoughts complete, he quickly nodded and clapped his hands together. Just then, the Phoenix Destroyer rushed toward him and attempted to punch him in the gut, but the Calamity Titan quickly avoided the assault by jumped over him at high speed.


As he landed on his feet, he swirled around and shouted, “Shadows of Infinity!”


In an instant, the entire would surrounding the Phoenix Destroyer had gone dark as if the light was sucked out. He could see nothing, he could feel nothing, but the ground and his body as he stood alone in the darkness. He swirled around to look around here and there, but only found darkness surrounding him.


He was shocked when he was suddenly hit by a powerful wave of destruction from the darkness to his side. It propelled him away before he skidded to a halt and he looked around once more, but found only darkness. Through the silence, he could not hear anything, other than the breathing noises he was making.


A moment later, he was suddenly riddled with multiple blows to the body from several directions and they were soon followed up with more waves of destruction. The Calamity Titan was dealing powerful blows to his enemy by utilisation the darkness to fight close combat, fire waves of destruction and use several more attacks that he normally would not use.


The Phoenix Destroyer attempted to retaliate by firing a volley of energy balls in all directions for several seconds, only to be knocked away by a powerful boulder that slammed hard into his side. Quickly recovering from it, he attempted to send a large boulder flying in the direction it came from, only to end up being slammed by another boulder on his other side.


Attacks continued to land on the Phoenix Destroyer, who was practically blind in the darkness and he could not see his own hands. Within the darkness, after taking countless blows from the Calamity Titan’s sneak attacks, he was beginning to bleed, which infuriated him.


“I’m a destroyer, not the one that gets destroyed!” the Phoenix Destroyer bellowed at the top of his voice.


With his shout, he began surging with more power that caused the wind around them to blow wildly. It buffeted the Calamity Titan, who held his ground firmly and was about to launch another surprise attack when, all of a sudden, he saw his enemy cross his arms to his body while surrounded by blazing fire, which slowly rose high into the sky.


The next moment, the Phoenix Destroyer quickly spread his arms out wide as he shouted, “Wall of Fire!”


In an instant, the wall of furiously blazing fire was sent in all directions with the exertion on his energy. The fire swept away in all directions and began to burn up the entire landscape that was filled with darkness. Even the Calamity Titan was not spared from the wrath as he was quickly surrounded by the burning flames, which soon caused the barrier magic to get destroyed.


“Argh!” the Calamity Titan shouted in pain from the fire burning scorching him furiously. “Fire! Fire! I’m on fire!”


He attempted to swat out the flames, but realising the flames were magical in nature, he decided to use the only means he knew that could put this magic fire out.




A magic circle appeared over his head and water rained down on him, quickly putting out the fire. With it completely extinguished, steam rose from his body, which was burnt in several places. He breathed a sigh of relief at the fire being gone, but the fury of a certain someone began surging with wild power from nearby, which the Calamity Titan had completely forgotten about.


“Crap!” the Calamity Titan said in a shocked voice as he suddenly realised the mistake he just made.


He turned and raised his hand just as the Phoenix Destroyer rushed forward and delivered a powerful blow into his gut. The force of the attack was so strong, it caused the Calamity Titan to cough up blood, but it did not end there. The Phoenix Titan continued to deal powerful blows to the stunned Calamity Titan, who could only take tentative backward steps from the force of the attacks.


The Phoenix Destroyer finished off by landing a powerful uppercut to the Calamity Titan’s jaw that lifted him into the air. As he sailed upward into the air, the Phoenix Destroyer grabbed him by the leg slammed him heavily onto the ground. A moment later, he lifted him into the air to repeat this cycle in a wild fashion while occasionally punching and kicking the badly beaten Calamity Titan in his vulnerable state.


After several minutes of furious attacks, the Phoenix Destroyer hurled the badly beaten Calamity Titan away from him. The badly beaten warrior sailed through the air and crashed heavily on the ground before rolling several times as he finally came to a stop. He lay there, unmoving for a few seconds before finally struggling to rise to his feet as his enemy marched towards him with a deadly look on his face.


Digging deep in his energy supplies, he finally stood up. He did wobble several times due to his body being so badly wounded and weakened, he still managed to made a wide grin on his face as he faced the Phoenix Destroyer.


“You may have beaten me up and everything, but I’m still the ruler of this world! After all, I’m the Dark—!”


“Shut up!” the Phoenix Destroyer said furiously and he delivered a powerful kick to the Calamity Titan’s face, sending him flying away.


As the Calamity Titan crash landed near where Serabella stood with a shocked look in her eyes, the Phoenix Destroyer began surging with lethal power while kneeling down with his hands flat on the ground as he prepared to unleash his most devastating attack.


“I’m done toying with you, scumbag! I was hoping that you’d be a challenge, but you’re just a child’s play! An idiot who’s full of words, but not enough power to make the cut! What a waste…! Even in the final moments of this world, the so called ‘evil ruler’ was nothing compared to me!” the Phoenix Destroyer said and he formed an evil look on his face.


His power began to surge wilder and wilder, causing the entire world to tremble from its sheer might. The people and the creatures living on the different continents were shocked at how powerful this destructive force was. Many of them were gathered together as the world began to shake violently as if it was about to be destroyed.


With the devastating power gathering complete, which only took several seconds, the Phoenix Destroyer said, “Now… It finally ends…! World—!”


Just as he was able to complete the name of the destruction technique, a sudden loud voice said, “Yes… It’s finally time to end this farce…”


He turned his attention towards Ondine, who had finally completed preparing her spells. She stood facing him while surrounding by shimmering golden glow that seem to radiate around her. Clutched firmly in her right hand was the two-sided golden trident, which was glowing dimly while radiating with power.


“It’s time to settle this once and for all… you evil creature of twistedness!” Ondine said firmly with a serious look on her face.


The Phoenix Destroyer laughed and said, “Stupid woman… Here I am about to destroy the world and you believe I will buy your nonsense?”


“Like I said, my actions speak louder than words,” said Ondine in a calm voice as she surged with power.


Without another word, she rushed towards the Phoenix Destroyer at high speed as he also reacted at the same time. Quickly rising to his feet, he aimed his hand towards her and fired a mega sized red wave of destruction. The attack soared towards her and just as it was about to hit her, she brought her glowing trident forward and blocked it.


“What?!” he exclaimed in shock when he noticed that the trident was blocking the mighty wave of destruction effortlessly as she continued flying towards him at high speed.


As she reached him, he quickly raised his hand above his head and gathered a large powerful ball of energy. With the gathering completed in an instant, he brought it down and attempted to destroy her with it. Unfortunately, this plan did not work as she immediately brought her trident forward and pierced the deep-red ball of energy.


“Destiny Breaker,” she said in a calm voice.


In an instant, the ball of energy began to pulsate before it exploded into tiny particles of light, which startled him. Before he could do anything, Ondine took one step forward, swung her trident to use the other side and stabbed him in his chest.


There was a moment of shock for the Phoenix Destroyer at seeing what she just did to him. Looking down at the trident piercing into his chest, he was slightly taken aback when he saw no blood coming out from the wound in his chest.


“It won’t kill, but I won’t guarantee your safety when you face the wrath of my husband,” said Ondine in a calm voice and it surprised him. Gripping the trident firmly, she said, “Destiny Lock.”


The moment she said those words, his eyes widened before he began yelling out loud with shock and pain. Golden lines extended from the point in his chest and quickly creates straight lines that connected all parts of his body; from his toe to the top of his head. His eyes widened even further before they blanked out from the sheer force of the power she had unleashed.


Completely unconscious, Lakshman’s body sagged and he feel to his knees before falling sideways onto the ground. After a great deal of effort, destruction of an entire continent and a whole new power being unleashed, the Phoenix Destroyer was finally defeated by the Destiny Queen, also known as Ondine Chand, who is the wife of the Phoenix Titan, Lakshman Chand.


“You… actually did it,” said the Calamity Titan, who was being supported by Serabella, who looked very worried about the health of her lover. “To think that the one to finally stop that mad rampaging phoenix was you… I guess, this goes to show that the only one that can stop the mad rampage of a husband is his beloved wife…!”


Ondine straightened up and turned to face him as she said, “You may be everything, but I suppose even an evil person like you can understand the small things such as love.”


“Evil?! You’re calling my master… evil?!” Serabella retorted angrily while the Calamity Titan laughed before wincing at the pain he suddenly received.


“I suppose my actions to rule the world can be considered evil, but people need someone to rule over them because of their own weakness. Otherwise, they’d fall apart and start do whatever they want without a sense of law to bind them. This will eventually lead them to wanting to rule the world,” said the Calamity Titan said firmly.


“Are you, by any chance, referring to the Waring Era?” Ondine asked curiously and the Calamity Titan nodded in agreement.


“Yes… It’ll be like the old days all over again before the Emperor of the World stopped it. The unity that people form will all be about world domination or world conquest. That’s why, I will rule the world and even if it means, doing the dirty deeds to get my point across.”


“Master thinks so deep…” Serabella said proudly while Ondine just shook her head in disbelief. Then, she turned to Ondine and curiously asked, “By the way, were you not concerned that you might kill your husband by stabbing him with that weapon?”


Ondine shook her head and said, “Not at all. This person was evil, but it still belongs to my husband and knowing him, I’m sure he would’ve wanted to die rather than be controlled by such an evil entity. I didn’t want to do that because he is my husband… the only person that I have left to live for in this world and as such, I follow in the footsteps of my husband.”


“What a hyprocrit…” Serabella said scornfully. “You were clearly attempting to kill me in our first encounter!”


“That…” Ondine began and hesitated for a moment as if she was thinking about what she should say. “That was just me merely acting impulsively upon hearing you bad mouth my dear husband. You also attempted to kill me when I bad mouthed about your dear lover or should I say, the Calamity Titan?”


“Ah…! No…! I…!” Serabella said and she instantly became flustered.


She he quickly turned to look at the Calamity Titan, who wore a bemused expression on his face. Ondine shook her head momentarily in exasperation before continuing to speak.


“I have changed since then and do not like to be the judge of anyone’s life, which was why it took me some time to prepare my spell. To that, I must reluctantly give my sincerest thanks to you, Calamity Titan,” said Ondine a little reluctantly.


The Calamity Titan waved aside her thanks and roughly said, “Yeah, yeah, whatever, but remember! This world belongs to me and I’m not letting anyone dare do whatever they please in it! Obey and be useful, you live. Disobey and not be useful, I’ll remove you… permanently!”


“Yes… The words of a dictator,” said Ondine and she gave him a fierce look that surprisingly startled him.


Ondine inwardly sighed in relief and thought, “Anyway, I must act quickly before Climax notices my presence.”


The Calamity Titan suddenly sensed that she was about to do something and he began to ask, “Hey…! What—?”


Before he could form his question, Ondine quickly stabbed the trident into the ground, grabbed the handle with both of her hands and finally said, “Destiny Eraser.”


There was an instantaneous flash that covered her and blinded both the Calamity Titan and Serabella before they got covered by its glow as it expanded. Very soon, the entire world was enveloped by the powerful glow as the memories of the entire world were altered to suit the needs of Ondine.

Author’s Note


Hey! Everyone! How are you all doing? How about me? I’m doing fine. I’m still on holidays, but I felt a little restless from not writing a chapter, so I sat down and spent a good deal of 4 hours into writing this chapter. I hope it’s amazing because I struggled with a lot of its content because I did my best while my head was feeling refreshed.


I also noticed how big Arc 12 has become, but it can’t be helped since a lot of things are happening. Anyway, I don’t know when I’ll write the next chapter, but whenever I do, I hope you will surely return, read the chapter and enjoy the story while, at the same time, looking forward to the next chapter. Until then, stay safe, be healthy and have a wonderful life!!

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