Pure vs. Twisted



Lakshman surged with raw power while radiating pure golden-red aura that surrounded him. He had already freed himself of the binds that were keeping him attached to the tree and he was staring at his enemy fiercely. Facing him on the other side was the Voice of the Phoenix, who was surging with power while radiating deep violet aura that surrounded him.


The two of them had been staring at each other while surging with power, which sent shock waves in all directions. It buffeted against them, but they stood firmly against the waves of power. They continuously kept staring at one another until the Voice of the Phoenix could no longer tolerate it any further.


“You know… All this staring is starting to boring me,” he said and he breathed a sigh. “Why don’t we do something? Like fight, blast a beam or something? You know the deal… right?”


Lakshman’s eyebrows narrowed and he said, “I didn’t expect this, but whatever! I’ll start things off with a bang!”


He quickly brought both of his hands together and gathered ample amount of energy before he launched it towards the Voice of the Phoenix while shouting its name out loud.


“Positron Cannon!”


A powerful blue wave of destruction got unleashed and it rocketed away towards his enemy. The Voice of the Phoenix smirked and he extended his right hand out before firing his own attack while shouting its name out loud.


“Death Blast!”


A small sized ball quickly formed in front of his extended out palm before it soared towards the incoming attack. The two attacks flew towards each other before meeting at dead centre, which released a powerful shock wave that was sent in all directions.


There was a struggle for power between the two clashing forces before they exploded, creating a blinding flash of light. Once it disappeared, both Lakshman and the Voice of the Phoenix were seen kicking off the ground and soaring towards each other at high speed. Upon meeting one another, they brought forward their right elbows and smashed into each other.


Upon clashing, the two began their close-combat battle by using their fists, legs and energy blasts at high speed. They were moving extremely fast and each clash between them caused the spiritual wind to blow wildly around therm.


The two of them appeared to be even, but the difference in strength was easy to recognise when Lakshman was receiving more damage than the Voice of the Phoenix. For the first few minutes, the battle seemed to be going in Lakshman’s favour, but it quickly changed with him having to do most of the defending while spiritual light began to slowly extract from his spiritual body.


“Fool!” the Voice of the Phoenix said loudly when their previous clash separated them. “The more energy you put out, the most quickly you help in your destruction!”


“We’ll see about that!” Lakshman replied firmly without showing the slightest hint of hesitation.


“See? I’m already seeing your demise!” he said with a laugh as he gestured towards the light being extracted from Lakshman’s spiritual body. “I now control around seventy percent of your power, so I really don’t need whatever you managed to stop me from absorbing! Ah…! How sad! Really! The mighty Phoenix Titan is going to die by his own stupidity!”


He began to laugh hysterically at his senseless joke, which Lakshman just ignored. Instead, he looked towards his hands and noticed the spiritual lights that were being extracted from his spiritual body. The speed was slow and his body still had a firm physical form, but he knew it will only speed up the more power he released.


“He might be right, but I have no reason to hold back when the stakes are high!” he thought as he clenched his fists tightly.


With a firm mind, he extended his right hand towards his enemy and shouted, “Multi Cast: Blazing Swords!”


Several magic circles appeared in front of his extended hands and began glowing brightly. The next moment, many swords furiously burning up in flames erupted from within the magic circle and very soon, everything in front of him was filled with burning swords that flew towards the Voice of the Phoenix.


“How foolish!” the Voice of the Phoenix said with a slight shake of his head.


He extended both of his hands together and aimed towards Lakshman before he shouted, “Blasting Arrow Heads!”


Several magic circles appeared in front of him and they began to shine brightly as black arrows were fired. Within seconds, many arrows got launched and they soared towards the incoming blazing swords at high speed. After flying for a few seconds, they smashed into one another and exploded, causing smoke and wind to go out in all directions.


The battle between blazing swords and blasting arrows continued until the Voice of the Phoenix did something that Lakshman was not expecting.


“Maga Distrab: Chain Field!”


With the shout of the technique name, a powerful wave of magic cancellation swept forward and soared towards his enemy. Lakshman stood in shock as the cancellation magic surged forward and destroyed all of his magic circles out like breaking glass.


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in a shocked voice at seeing all of his magic circles get destroyed.


Just then, a lot of busting arrows soared towards him and pierced into his spiritual body, causing him to grimace in pain from being wounded.


“Shock Blast!” the Voice of the Phoenix bellowed as he launched another technique towards Lakshman.


This was a small ball that was busting with electricity and with an exertion of his power, the ball soared away. It flew through the air at high speed before smashing painfully against him, shocking him wildly and caused him great agony from the lightning that zapped at him.


The extraction of the spiritual light from Lakshman’s spiritual body began to speed up. His body began to slowly lose colour and fade, which the Voice of the Phoenix noticed. He made a face full of sheer delight as he watched his foe endure the lighting and arrow attacks he was receiving.


He brought his hands up and said, “Time for the finisher! Death Prison!”


The moment that he clapped his hands together, magic circles began to appear all around Lakshman. The next second, black metallic bars began to extend towards each other until they formed a cage, locking Lakshman inside it.


Lakshman was stunned by seeing that he was locked in some sort of cage that he did not seem to understand. He was feeling a lot of pain and pressure in his spiritual body, which was speedily disappearing as the seconds passed.


“W-What is this…?” he asked nervously while looking around cautiously.


“It is the prison that will have you destroyed!” the Voice of the Phoenix bellowed and Lakshman’s eyes widened with shock.


His enemy began surging with power while radiating in deep violet aura that surrounded him. He held both of his arms out towards the Death Prison and as he did, many red glowing lights appeared at each side of the cage that trapped Lakshman inside.


He began to bring his hands together slowly and with its movement, the cage also stared to get closer all around his enemy. Lakshman was shocked when he noticed the cage drawing closer to him from all sides.


Lakshman quickly stood in the centre of the cage, extended both of his hands out to either side and while surging with power, he shouted, “Positron Burst Cannon!”
A large quantity of energy was formed in the palms of his hands before they were fired at high speed. The two energy waves soared to either side and smashed had against the red rays of light that surrounded the exterior of the cages. He continued feeding energy to it, but was shocked when his energy waves got dissipated without an explanation.
“No way…” Lakshman said slowly as he recognised what the cage was. “This is Death Prison… A Spirit Destruction technique!”


He clenched his fists tightly in anger as he said, “Dammit! This isn’t good! I have a vast amount of knowledge about the spiritual techniques, but I don’t know how to use them! I’m not very good in the spiritual sense… Dammit and Illusion Destroyer won’t work on this because it’s way too real!”


Lakshman was feeling put upon all of a sudden and felt his destruction approaching him. The cage began to speed up in its shrinking as the Voice of the Phoenix put effort into quickening the cage’s shrinking speed in trying to destroy his enemy once and for all.


As the cage quickly close in on him, Lakshman was feeling desperate when he suddenly had a thought. It was a technique that he had never used before because he wanted to use it for emergencies. Now was that emergency and he realised it was the only technique left to him that can get him out of that trap.


“It’s a good thing I mastered that technique for emergency situations, but the amount of energy it takes it a lot,” he thought quickly as the cages drew ever closer to him. “Even so, I have no choice! This isn’t the time to hold back!”


Lakshman began surging with power while radiating in golden-red aura that surrounded him. He focused his energy through his spiritual body before beginning to scream.




The Voice of the Phoenix heard his enemy screaming and blinked in surprise when he noticed that Lakshman was not in any imminent harm just yet. Then, he sensed that he was gathering a lot of energy for something and it made him instantly worry.


“What is that loser doing?” The Voice of the Phoenix muttered cautiously while narrowing his eyes. “I better not wait to find out! UURRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”


With a strong surge of his power, he forcefully brought his hands together and clapped. At the same time, the cage’s shrinking speed increased dramatically and it closed in from all around Lakshman. That was when Lakshman brought his arms up and clapped them together while still screaming with power.


There was an instantaneous flash of light that seemed to blind everything in sight. The Voice of the Phoenix was stunned by the flash and he quickly brought his hands up to save his eyes from the dazzling light.


“W-What’s this light?! What’s going on?!” he exclaimed in a shocked voice while keeping his eyes covered.


Several seconds later, the flash disappeared and he was able to remove his hands that were covering his eyes. Everything in his vision appeared to be the same and that Lakshman, along with the cage, have both disappeared from sight.


“What the…? What happened…?” he muttered as he cautiously looked around.


A that moment, he heard Lakshman’s voice from above loudly say, “This happened!”


The Voice of the Phoenix blinked in surprise and looked up, only to widen in shock. Hovering high above were a vast number of Lakshman copies that appeared to cover the sky. All of them appeared to be exactly same as the one hovering next to them, including the fact that their lower part of their spiritual bodies have completely disappeared.


“What?!” the Voice of the Phoenix exclaimed in a shocked voice as he stared up at the numerous copies of his enemies. “There might be a hundred… No… There would be a thousand of them…! How can this be?!”


The numerous copies of Lakshman stared down at their enemy and shouted in unison, “Attack!”


With a roar, all of the copies of Lakshman descended towards their stunned enemy at high speed.


The Voice of the Phoenix remained there, stunned, as the first to reach him delivered a powerful punch to the side of his face that shocked him.


“W-What…?” the Voice of the Phoenix thought in an alarmed voice. “He was real…?”


The next to reach him, delivered a powerful punch into his gut, causing the Voice of the Phoenix to groan painfully.


“This one’s real as well?!” the Voice of the Phoenix thought in a shocked voice.


The third to reach him, smash his elbow to the side of his enemy’s face and the fourth delivered a powerful uppercut to his jaw.


Like this, the Voice of the Phoenix was riddled with blow after blow from the numerous copies of Lakshman as they charged at him. Each blow was powerful and it left the twisted man in a shocked state as he did not understand what was happening. With the element of surprise, Lakshman and his many copies dealt successful blows on the shocked Voice of the Phoenix.


“W-What’s going on?! Why are they all real?!” the Voice of the Phoenix thought desperately as he did his best to block many of the blows while still receiving many more that he had trouble keeping track of. “There must be a thousand of them and they’re all real…?”


A suddenly came to him and it shocked him as the realisation dawned on him.


“Of course…! How could I have forgotten… the technique that bastard knew…? If One Man Army is meant to be an illusionary technique, this is a technique that makes illusions seem very real! A technique known as the Thousand Army!”


With the technique discovered, he quickly gathered at the centre of his body and released a powerful wave of wind and energy in all directions. The numerous copies of Lakshman that were attacking him, suddenly got buffeted by the shocking force and got blown away in all directions by the powerful wind that blew at them.


“You know! I must hand it to you for surprising me by using a new technique that I wasn’t aware of! Really…! The Thousand Army technique!” the Voice of the Phoenix said and all of the numerous copies of Lakshman looked shocked at the discovery of the technique.


“Such recklessness… You even lost your bottom half and your upper half is disappearing too…! Such foolishness! I must reward you by destroying you!”


Before the numerous copies of Lakshman could do anything, the Voice of the Phoenix extended his right hand towards them before shouting, “Spirit Lock!”


In an instant, all of the numerous copies of Lakshman felt like their movement was locked. They could not move a single muscle or budge from where they were standing or floating in mid-air. Realising that they were at the mercy of their enemy, they stared back fiercely as the Voice of the Phoenix raised his left hand into the air with his palm wide open.


With a wicked expression on his face, the Voice of the Phoenix said, “I’m not sorry to destroy you because people like you should just perish!”


He shouted the last word and he began to laugh mirthlessly as he quickly gathered dark energy into the palm of his left hand. It took him a moment to gather the necessary energy to form a small sized black shimmering ball of dark energy. One look at it made the real Lakshman realise how deadly that technique was due to the lethal energy it was releasing.


“Dream Eater!”


By saying the technique name and exerting on his energy, he activated the attack. It began to turn darker and darker until small black swirling ball of energy were fired from the depths of the ball hovering above the palm of the Voice of the Phoenix.


The small black balls flew through the air and upon making contact with each of Lakshman’s copy, the ball began large and enveloped them inside it. There was a moment of pause before the ball shrank into nothingness. In a matter of seconds, all the thousand copies of Lakshman were taken out without as much as a struggle.


With the real one remaining, who had been at the back of all of his copies, the Voice of the Phoenix smiled as he aimed the large black swirling ball of dark energy at his enemy.


“This special one for the real one,” said the Voice of the Phoenix and an evil grin spread on his face.


With an exertion on his energy, he fired the last of the Dream Eater attack at the real Lakshman, who remained frozen like a state while hovering in mid-air. He tried his best to get away from the incoming attack, but the Spirit Lock was still in place and all his efforts failed.


As the ball neared him, Lakshman glared at it fiercely as he said, “I’ve got no choice. Maga Distrab: Destroyer!”


With the shout of the technique, he began to scream as his entire began to experience an intense pain. At that same time, a physical ball of energy formed around him and it quickly expanded to all sides with a radius of fifteen meters. In that instant, he destroyed the Spirit Lock spell keeping him there and the Dream Eater attack that had been very close in making contact with him.


The physically visible barrier ball remained expanded for a few seconds before it shrank until it disappeared into Lakshman’s barely visible spiritual body. With his strength and energy failing him, Lakshman slowly descended toward downward until he fell flat on the flower bedded ground that cushioned him.


The Voice of the Phoenix stared at his drastically weakened enemy and shook his head with an exasperated expression on his face.


“I don’t believe him…” he muttered as he slowly walked towards the collapsed half-transparent body of Lakshman Chand. “Just how foolish can he be…?”


Upon reaching him, he simply looked down at his slowly disappearing foe as the lights were rapidly being extracted from his spiritual body. Lakshman was lying face down on the flower bed that represented his pure hearted nature in his Unconscious0 Zone.


“I thought that maybe, just maybe you’re different to the bugs clinging to their world, but I was wrong once again. You are just like them, desperately trying to cling to something that should have been destroyed a long time ago! What a waste…! If you had just accepted my ways, you would’ve seen the world to how it truly is! Now, you are being destroyed by your own stupid beliefs and nonsense!”


While lying down, Lakshman gritted his teeth and groaned painfully as he felt his spiritual energy disappearing by the second.


“Anyway. Just die and disappear into nothing so that you’ll never reincarnate again! You’ll never be a thorn in my sight as I finally lay my hands on my destiny!” the Voice of the Phoenix said as he turned around and began walking away.


Lakshman lay there with his nearly transparent body as more and more lights were extracted from him. He knew he was disappearing and with it, so goes the hope that everyone that died had placed on him. Thinking back to what they said to him, it gave him some strength and with it, he slowly hovered to hover in the air facing his foe, who was casually walking away.


“You’re wrong…!” Lakshman said loudly in a clear voice while struggling to keep himself composed and caused the Voice of the Phoenix to stop and turn around to face him. “Everyone in this world and every other world out there… They all have hopes and dreams they wish to achieve and see come true. It’s for that reason that they life… they fight… and so desperately search for…”


“What?!” the Voice of the Phoenix exclaimed as he fully turned around to face his disappearing foe.


“You may be right in thinking this world should long have been destroyed, but I will never support that notion. Everyone, both alive and dead, have hopes and dreams… It’s for that reason they exist… It’s for that reason that worlds exist… to see their dreams come true, to achieve what they dearly desire before the march of time catch up and take them away…”


The Voice of the Phoenix launched and said, “You’re quite the philosopher, even to the very end! It’s foolish really and downright laughable. It still won’t save you…!”


“I don’t care what you say… You’re an evil being that should just be ignored… Even in my darkest minute, I can still see hope… and so long as it exists, I will never… I will never… I will give up!!!”


With a shout of those words, he began surging with power while radiating golden-red aura that surrounded him. It surprised the Voice of the Phoenix, who had thought that that Lakshman had used up all of his spiritual energy keeping him present and was stunned when the extracting lights suddenly stopped.


While surging with pure power, Lakshman glared fiercely at his enemy as he said, “As long as that hope exists, I will never disappear, retreat or allow myself to perish…! I will keep on fighting to the very end!!!”


With the shout, he began to scream as he surged more and more with power, which stunned the Voice of the Phoenix. He could not believe that Lakshman, who should have disappeared from just surging with power, was bringing out more and more power. All of a sudden, his eyes widened with shock as he realised something was different about Lakshman’s power.


“This isn’t Phoenix Power…. This is…. Divine Power!” the Voice of the Phoenix exclaimed as he realised with horror. “What is going on…? How the hell does he possess Divine Power?! He should be gone by now… permanently!”




Lakshman screamed as he surged with mighty divine power and in an instant, his entire spiritual body was restored, which shocked the Voice of the Phoenix. The next instant, a small shimmering light appeared at the centre of his chest, which caused him real pain.


“UGH! AAAAH!!! UHHHH!!!! GAAAHHH!!!” he exclaimed in pain as he felt as if something was trying to separate from within him. “UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”


He screamed as the small orb extracted itself from the centre of his chest and hovered in front of him. Lakshman was bent over as he breathed quickly to recover before he looked up at the small orb of light hovering in front of him.


He was very surprised when the orb slowly took the shape of a shining silver sword with the handle facing downward and the shining end of the blade facing upward. The next second, golden letters began appearing on both sides of the blade and they glowed fiercely with strength and power. Lakshman found himself in shock when he suddenly found that he could read those golden letters even though he was sure he had never seen them before.


“God Slayer.”


As he muttered those words out loud, he suddenly felt a familiar sense as if he knew this weapon.


While contemplating about it, he suddenly heard a woman’s voice in his mind say, “I have heard your will and have come as was requested by the divine one. Now. It is time.”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed out loud reflexively as he did not expect to hear a voice in his mind. “W-Who’s this?!”


“The time has come to fulfil the promise of my contract. Now, use the power of divinity to destroy the twistedness clinging to you once and for all!” the voice of the woman said in a powerful voice.


Lakshman was hesitantly as he feared that it might be a trick, but something about the voice compelled him into believing her words. He extended his right hand out and wrapping his fingers around the handle, he gripped it firmly with his hand.


In that instant, he felt an immeasurable power being held in his hand and he quickly realised that it was Divine Power. At the same time, he felt something wash over him like a cloak of power, strengthening him and warming him from the inside.


The Voice of the Phoenix was alarmed when the orb was extracted from Lakshman’s chest was even more shocked when it took the form of a shining sword. For the first time, he began to fear for his life when he read “God Slayer” written on the vertical side of the sword in golden characters. In that instant, he realised the sword had the power to destroy him for good.


“Like I will allow myself to be destroyed!” he bellowed furiously.


He quickly gathered a large amount of dark energy and launched it at Lakshman, which got released as a massive black wave of destruction. As it soared towards him, Lakshman stood there and stared at the sword for a moment before turning his attention to the wave rushing towards him at high speed.


Raising the sword into the air above him, he quickly swung it down and as he did, a powerful slashing light erupted from his sword. It soared away at high speed and easily cut through the massive dark wave of destruction before continuing on. The Voice of the Phoenix was shocked and he attempted to dodge the incoming slicing wave, but was shocked when the slicing energy curved and slashed past him.


The powerful light from the slashing light blinded him momentarily and he did not what happened. Then, he noticed something terribly wrong to his right and turning to look in that direction, he was shocked to see that his right arm was completely gone. Spirit lights began extracting from his body from where his right arm got sliced and turned into spirit lights.


“No…! This can’t be!” the Voice of the Phoenix said in a panicked voice.


From there on, he began shouting attack names one after another very quickly and launched them at Lakshman. In retaliation, Lakshman simply swung his sword at the attacks to destroy them easily. Feeling desperate, the Voice of the Phoenix launched a gigantic ball of destruction that killed all the flowery plants that surrounded him by simply feeling its awful dark power. Lakshman, on the other hand, simply raised his sword in the air and cut up the attack very easily.


“This can’t be…!” the Voice of the Phoenix said in a desperate voice as he felt more and more fear gripping his heart as he sensed his demise approaching him. “Try—!”


He was cut off just as he began by Lakshman appearing before him in high speed and cutting up his left arm in the process. Totally defenceless and armless, the Voice of the Phoenix took a few steps back and felt to his knees as if he was begging for mercy before the might of Lakshman, who held the God Slayer sword threateningly at him.


“Please… Have mercy…!” the Voice of the Phoenix pleaded with Lakshman, who looked down at him with cold eyes. “I’m defenceless… Please… I won’t harm you or anyone ever again… Please…”


Lakshman continued to look down on him for a moment before he simply said, “No mercy. Only death.”


The Voice of the Phoenix’s eyes widened in shock at those words as Lakshman continued speaking.


“You committed too much evil, you tried to destroy me and the entire world! You do not deserve forgiveness; only the judgement of destruction!”


His mouth hanging with a shocked look on his face, the Voice of the Phoenix suddenly jumped to his feet and began running away as fast as his legs could carry him. Lakshman watched him go for a moment before sighing deeply before he held his sword to his right side as he took on an attacking stance. An intense power gathered in the blade of the sword, which glowed brightly in white light.


“Your time has come… to perish!” Lakshman said in a calm and composed voice.


Looking directly at the quickly retreating figure of the Voice of the Phoenix, he swung the sword and as he did, a massive slicing wave of destruction got released. It surged forward through the flower bedded ground and soared straight toward the retreating figure of the Voice of the Phoenix.


While retreating quickly, he looked around just in time to see the massive slicing wave of destruction reach him. His eyes widened in shock just as the wave engulfed him and he screamed in agony as he was incinerated from existence. Completely turning into spirit lights, the Voice of the Phoenix, a twisted being of evil that threatened the entire world and the Phoenix Titan, finally disappeared for good.

Author’s Note


Hey everyone. I’m nearing the end of my holidays and something pretty good happened today. So, I’m in a really happy mood and I wanted to share it by writing this chapter. It took me some time and a few days of rest to think of different things, but here’s the final product! I hope that everyone enjoys it and hopefully will also do the same as I release more chapters in the future. Anyway, have a good day or night and see you again as the story continues!

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