Surprise Entrance



Darian and Rumble did their best to keep Shenzen occupied to give the three women time to escape from the castle. In order to do that, Ondine needed some space to activate her teleportation spell, but it did not work due to them being inside the Phoenix Sanctuary barrier. They were escorted out of the barrier safely by the remaining warriors that came to their aide, but they were chased by Shenzen.


Darian and Rumble were fighting him desperately, but they proved to be no match for him. He was dodging Darian’s sword strikes and evading Rumble’s fists with ease before retaliating. For some reason, he did not finish them off and simply let them continue attacking him. Their strongest attacks proved to be ineffective against the might of Shenzen Sardeen.


While fighting, Shenzen suddenly saw a teleportation portal open and realised the three women were about to escape through it. Deciding that he was done humouring the Sword King and the Monkey King, he delivered forceful punches into their guts, which caused them to stumble before being shoved aside by a kick from him.


As he chased after the women, Shenzen bellowed wildly, “You’re not getting away!”


Suddenly, Darian appeared in front of him with his sword at the ready and he shouted, “Over my dead body will you attack them!”


“Then, die!” Shenzen shouted fiercely. “Beast Claw!”


With the shout of the technique, he used his claw shaped hands to deliver a powerful slicing energy towards him. Darian was already weakened by the battle and that his age was finally catching up to him, stood his ground firmly to protect the women with his life. Just before the slicing energies reached him, however, Rumble shoved him aside and got sliced up instead, losing his right arm and right leg in the process.


Darian collapsed from slamming his head hard against the ground and Rumble fainted from losing his limbs. Shenzen reached them, but did not have time to finish them off and instead, turned to see where the women were. Seeing the portal ready for transport, he kicked Darian’s sword and it flew into his hand before he hurled it through the air at them.


The sword spun round and round in the air as it travelled directly towards where Venezuela was being helped by Ondine. Floria turned around and seeing the flying lethal object aiming for her daughter’s life, she quickly stepped in between them and allowed the lethal pointed object to pierce into her back.


“Ah…!” she moaned softly in surprise from the pain and took a step forward reflexively.


“Mother!” Venezuela cried out when her senses returned upon seeing her mother stabbed from behind.


“Oh no!” Ondine exclaimed sharply and she made to rescue her.


“Stop!” Floria shouted at them with her hand raised to stop her. “Get to safety…! Hurry…!”


Venezuela was shocked to hear those words, but Ondine looked at her for a moment in silence without saying anything. A moment later, she nodded in understanding and began pulling Venezuela towards the portal. The remaining warriors, unwillingly, left Floria out of their protection and focused all their energies into defending Ondine and Venezuela.


“Mother!” Venezuela cried and she desperately fought against Ondine’s grip on her.


At that moment, Shenzen suddenly appeared directly behind Floria and gripped the handle firmly before shoving it deeper into her body. She groaned in pain and a moment later, he pulled the sword out of her body in a quick fluid movement that caused her to stumble forward and turn around. With the blood stained sword in his hand, Shenzen stepped forward and stabbed the sword into her stomach with a murderous smile on his face.


“Feel the pain and suffering my mother faced by the betrayal of someone she loved!” he said and he pushed the sword deeper into her body. “Now, die!”


A moment later, he pulled the sword out and as he was about to cut her down, Floria raised her hand and placed it on his chest. He was surprised by the movement and was shocked when, all of a sudden, he was blasted away by a powerful energy blast that she managed to release in her dying moment.


“Feel the power of someone dying to protect their loved ones,” said Floria with a half-smile forming on her face.


“Mother!” Venezuela screamed desperately as she was forced near the portal.


She glanced over her shoulder one last time to take a look at her beloved daughter and smiled happily. Just then, Shenzen appeared behind her at high speed while roaring like a wild monster on rampage. She turned around and was cut down in half from top to bottom, which was the last thing Venezuela had saw before she was pushed into the teleportation portal.



As Sumara came to an end in her story telling, Lakshman was left with a horrified look on his face. He could not believe that someone would be so cruel as to kill someone else’s mother in front of them. Even before that, the fact that such a person killed in the name of revenge left a deep impression in Lakshman.


Just then, Ondine and Emilia came down the stairs while grimacing uncomfortably. It appeared that Venezuela was laid to rest and the girls left his twin sisters to look after her. Seeing them walking towards him, Lakshman looked at them with a questioning look on his face.


“How is she?” he asked anxiously.


Emilia raised an eyebrow in exasperation and said, “You hit her hard, but it did the trick. She’s sleeping now.”


“Good,” replied Lakshman and he breathed a sigh in relief. Then, he addressed her earlier words by saying, “She was crying out of control on my; what was I supposed to do? I doubt any amount of words would calm her down in the state she was in.”


“That’s true,” admitted Emilia with a single nod of the head in understanding.


He nodded at her and turned to ask Ondine, “Do you know what happened to Darian, Rumble and that bastard after the two of you escaped?”


Ondine shook her head sadly with a depressed expression on her face as she said, “I’m sorry, Lucky. After getting away, I don’t know what happened. I’m really sorry.”


“I see” said Lakshman slowly and a dangerous expression crept over his face as his clenched fists shook slightly. “Well, then, I better search for him before—!”


He suddenly stopped speaking and his eyes widened in alarm when he sensed something lethal radiating from somewhere outside the house. Instantly reacting, he raced out of the house and left his wives looking confusedly after him. As he exited the house, he noticed Atem staring at something with an extremely serious expression on his face.


Standing several meters away from the house was a single man, who stood solitarily in the open space. He was, currently, surging with power while radiating in deep-purple aura that surrounded him and his power felt very lethal. Atem, who sensed his dangerous power and aura, turned to look at Lakshman with a serious expression on his face.


“This is the person that savagely took the life of your mother-in-law,” said Atem in a serious voice. “I, also, sense a great level of power from him and I believe he is very dangerous to deal with alone!”


“Mmm…” was the sound that came out of Lakshman’s mouth as he stared at Shenzen, who seemed to be smiling towards him.


“After a long journey, I finally reached the home of my enemy,” said Shenzen in a loud carrying voice with a wide smile on his face. Suddenly, he noticed Lakshman and Atem and quickly looked at them before he aimed his words towards Lakshman, “You must be the Phoenix Titan! Hello!”


He waved happily at Lakshman with a wicked smile on his face, which was really creepy to look at.


“Yes,” replied Lakshman in a controlled voice, “and I take it that you must be Shenzen; the man responsible for killing my mother-in-law.”


The man laughed loudly before he quickly recovered to say, “Killed might be an understatement. Ripped to pieces would be more accurate!”


At those words, Lakshman clenched his fists tightly in rage and at the same time, his aura was automatically released. Atem, who stood next to him, quickly backed away from him apprehensively, as he felt the dangerous aura that Lakshman emitted. It was nothing like the aura that he had felt from the Phoenix Titan while he was being questioned up in the Heaven Continent.


“You… disgust me…!” Lakshman said slowly in a voice full of loathing.


“I do?” Shenzen asked before laughing out loud for no reason. He, suddenly, glared fiercely at Lakshman and said, “So do you!”


Lakshman’s eyes narrowed furiously as Shenzen continued speaking.


“You married eight women while most men only spend their time with one or two,” said Shenzen with a disgusted look on his face. “That makes you a disgusting creature and a detestable human! You are the enemy of all women in the world, whether human or not!”


Lakshman, while staring at him with a serious expression on his face, coldly said, “You bastard…! You come, all this way, say such nonsense when you killed my mother-in-law!”


With such powerful words, he powered up in an instant and began surging with power while radiating in a golden-red aura that surrounded him. A moment later, he began walking towards his enemy in a slow march that startled the confident looking ma while Atem watched with an awed expression on his face.


“This is it…! It’s finally time for me to see what the Phoenix Titan can really do!” Atem thought as he watched Lakshman’s radiating form.


Shenzen was momentarily startled, but he quickly recovered and laughed before he said, “Brave, but foolish! I’m finally one step away from avenging my mother’s death and I will not let you or anyone interfere! On the bonus side, I can pummel you and teach your wives, that, marrying a woman lecher, like you, was a grave mistake!”


Lakshman slowly walked towards him and said, “You killed my mother-in-law and seriously wounded my friends and allies… If Dharmam is on your side, then, today is the day I shall fall.”


With those words, he folded his arms to his chest and continued walking slowly towards Shenzen. The crazed man began to laugh hysterically when, suddenly, he stopped to glare fiercely at him. He attempted to laugh, but his anger for the Phoenix Titan quickly boiled into a rage.




Roaring like a wild beast, he powered up before kicking off the ground at high speed and rushed towards the slowly walking Phoenix Titan. Lakshman had his head down and did not seem to be concentrating on the enemy that was charging directly at him. His wives, excluding Venezuela and his twin sisters, rushed out of the house to stand next to Atem and they watched with concern on their faces.


Shenzen rushed towards his enemy and once he reached him, he unleashed a powerful straight right punch, aiming directly at Lakshman’s face. There was a sudden flash of light and it was quickly followed by an explosion that picked up dust, off the ground, and threw it into the air.


As the dust slowly cleared, the grinning face of Shenzen quickly faded and was replaced by a look of shock. He was still standing with his arm aimed at Lakshman, but the fist did not make contact on where it was intended for. Instead, his fist was being stopped by a single finger that Lakshman raised in a split second that Shenzen and everyone were unable to catch.


Shenzen was shocked to see that his powerful punch was blocked by a single finger, especially by someone that had his head down as if he was not paying any attention to him.


Angered, he pulled his arm back and leapt into the air and spun around several times before extending his left leg out to slam it into the side of Lakshman’s face. Just before contact, however, Lakshman instantly raised his arm and took the blow, which caused a shockwave to be sent in all directions. Through it all, Lakshman did not show any sign of flinching as he continued to look down.




Shenzen, infuriated greatly by this, leapt down to stand on two of his legs before attacking Lakshman. He lashed his fists and legs towards his enemy at an incredible speed that made it looked like his limbs were flashing back and forth. Through it all, Lakshman dodged them all at an incredible speed and not once did he get touched or nicked anywhere on his body.


Several times, Lakshman would retaliate by kicking at several parts on Shenzen’s body with his arms still folded. He would kick him away and the crazed man would go flying away for kilometres before he rushed back to continue the battle with the Phoenix Titan.


They kept moving from place to place at high speed and surprised the watching spectators. Atem and Lakshman’s wives tried to keep up with their movement, but it became near impossible to do so due to their movement speed.


After several minutes, Shenzen realised that his fast passed close combat fighting style was not doing anything and instead, it was him taking a lot of damage, Instead, he leapt back to attack with a technique instead. He extended both of his arms out like claws and raised them into the air as he shouted the technique name out loud.


“Beast Hurricane Slash!”


As he swung down, slicing energy waves were sent towards Lakshman at high speed. He continued to slash at the air more and more times to create more of the attacks to slice through the air and ground towards their intended target.


Lakshman continued to stare at the ground with a lack of interest, but he, suddenly, lifted his head and stared at the incoming attack. Instantly reacting, he extended only hire forefinger and middle finger, then, raised his arm into the air before swigging it down without saying a word.


In an instant, a single slicing energy wave got released and it soared straight at the incoming slices of energy. They travelled a few seconds before making contact with one another and when they did, great lightning sparks exploded to display the struggle they were facing to get past each other.


It did not take long before Lakshman’s attack cut past the enemy’s attack and it headed straight towards him. At the last second, Shenzen stepped aside and allowed the attack to slice past him at high speed, which caused him to widen his eyes in shock. He also realised that several strands of his hair got chopped in the process and it made him go mad.


“I’ve had enough of this!” he screamed at the top of his voice and caused a powerful shockwave to be sent in all directions as he suddenly surged with wild power. “I’m going to destroy you all right now!”


With that, he kicked off the ground and rocketed into the air at high speed, causing everyone to look into the sky. After flying for a few seconds, Shenzen stopped and floated in mid-air as he stared at the tiny specs of the people that and the house of his enemies. He did not know how to fly, but he wanted to keep himself at a distance to not blow himself up with the next technique he had in mind of using.


He extended both of his hands in front of him and began to quickly gather the energy necessary for his next attack. It took him a few seconds as he was pushing his powers and body to channel all the required energy, instead of waiting for it to slowly flow through. This caused great sluggishness in his body and mind, but he felt it was worth doing it.


A large orange pulsating ball of energy was gathered at the end of his hands. With it hovering at the end of his hand, he looked down at his enemies with a menacing expression on his face. With a great exertion of his power, he hurled the ball towards them with a shout of its technique out loud.


“Beast Bomb!”


The powerful spinning pulsating ball of orange energy, soared toward the ground at high speed, causing a great shadow to fall over the surface. Lakshman’s wives were taken by surprise from him suddenly unleashing such a devastating attack on them. Atem, however, was quickly devising a plan on using his techniques simultaneously to ensure that he and they escaped from the attack.


Atem turned towards the Phoenix Titan and was shocked to see that he was doing absolutely nothing to prevent the attack’s landing. It caused him to become angered and he attempted to try activating his techniques when, all of a sudden, he felt the power from the Phoenix Titan surge more powerfully than it previously did and he quickly looked at him in surprise.


Lakshman, who had his head down for a few seconds to allow the attack to reach a certain distance, finally looked up at it with a serious expression on his face. He unfolded his arms and brought them together to channel the gathered energy into the palms of his hands. At the same time, lighting bursts occurred around him randomly as energy particles began to fly from everywhere and gathered in the middle of his palms.


The energy, which he quickly gathered in the middle of his palms, transformed into a powerful electrifying blue ball of energy. As it sustained by his hands, he began a drawn out scream of the technique name with the build-up of the energy.




He screamed the last word and brought both of his hands, with the energy ball contained in the middle of his palms, upward to aim at the incoming large orange ball of energy. With a powerful exertion of his energy, a massive blue wave of energy was unleashed and it flew rapidly into the sky without pause or delay.


There was a few seconds gap between the two attacks and it caused the wind around the area to blow wildly. Due to it being an open land, there were hardly trees around, but the ground began to crack under the pressure of the two converging attacks. When the two did collide, a great force of shockwave was sent in all directions and threated to destroy the land surrounded where the attacks were.


Atem, along with Lakshman’s wives, quickly cast defensive spells to try and protect themselves, along with the house from the wild storm of shockwaves that were sent in all directions. They could not believe the force of power that got released from the collision of these two attacks.


The two attacks continued to battle it out, but the clear winner was shown when Phonikalachalara attack began to push the Beast Bomb attack back. It, forcefully, pushed the attack back into the air and towards Shenzen, who floated there with a horrified expression on his face. He was unable to do anything, except, receive both his attack and the attack Lakshman had sent in his direction.


There was a mighty explosion of powers and energies, which enveloped the crazed man and attacked, along with his body, continuously with zaps of lightning and blazing fire from the explosion.




Shenzen screamed and screamed as his brain was twinged by an unbelievable pain from the combined attacks. He was feeling something he had never experienced before, until now, and it kept on coming relentlessly. Any attempts to stop it have failed to save his life and he was left with the only option of feeling the torturous pain while screaming his lungs out.


The whole scene lasted for over a minute and when it was over, Shenzen hovered in the air with badly burnt body and clothes that were totally ripped all over. He hovered in the hair for a few seconds before slowly falling downward and several seconds later, he slapped hard into the ground. There, he lay, in a crater made in his shape, looking completely defeated by how he lay there while moaning softly.


At that moment, Lakshman appeared standing next to where he lay and he was looking at him with a saddened expression on his face. He did not like what he did because it caused him to feel guilty about purposefully torturing someone, however, he felt his reasons were justified by what the collapsed man had done to his mother-in-law, the Sword King, the Money King and many warriors that laid down their lives to protect his wives.


“It seems that your Dharmam has failed you,” said Lakshman in a quiet voice while he looked down at his defeated opponent.


Shenzen weakly moaned and slowly moved to make his head face Lakshman, but when he opened his mouth to say something, he began to cough wildly. Unable to muster the energy to speak, he closed his mouth and groaned feebly with the last remanent of his power slipping away from him.


Lakshman breathed heavily and said, “You attacked me because I challenged your Dharmam, but you got angry and attacked me, thinking that I was insulting you in an unknown language. What do you know about them for you think that way? It was a powerful ancient word that comprised ten virtues that every man must have and they are: Patience, Forgiveness, Self-control, Honesty, Sanctity, Sense, Reason, Wisdom, Truth, Peace.”


“What part of those ten virtues do you have?” Lakshman asked and the man simply groaned painfully in reply.


“You didn’t have the patience to find the truth that would’ve led you to forgiveness, you weren’t honest with yourself and that created a lack of self-control, turning you impure and violent. You used your sense and reasons to support your point, but forgot to apply the wisdom. If you had, you would’ve known that peace was the correct decision to take, not revenge. By seeking revenge, not only did you kill lots of lives, you separated them from their families and loved ones. Not only are you upset about your mother’s death, but so are they because you killed their loved ones.”


The man moaned softly and he shifted uncomfortably in the little crater that holed him in.


“Can you bring any of them back? Can you pour life into them in exchange for yours? Why did not think of using your powers to help those dying on the streets from lack of food instead of foolishly seeking revenge. I mean, what did you achieve by seeking revenge; killing several people, greatly wounding my allies and killing my mother-in-law. Look at you now, badly wounded because you chose violence over peace and this is why, my Dharmam will always triumph over people like you.”


The man moaned and groaned painfully as he shifted on the ground, trying to get out. Unfortunately, his body was badly beaten and it did not manage to support his wright nor did his muscles have the strength to do what he wanted. He did, however, reminisce the fold memories he shared with his mother and ultimately remembered the promise he made on her ashes.


“Is this what your mother had wanted; for you to become a monster known as revenge?” Lakshman asked, finally, in a serious voice.


Shenzen slowly opened his bleary eyes and weakly replied, “I… wouldn’t know because my mother’s… dead…” He, suddenly, took a deep breath and said, “I’ve seen her suffering through the time she raised me and I narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Phoenix Emperor, Felix in in trying to find out the truth. So, I know and understand what she must’ve felt… I promised to vengeance for her and I will have it!”


He bellowed the last words and caused Lakshman to widen his eyes in alarm. The next moment, he began to surge with power that should have left him already from his weakened state. Lakshman, quickly reacting, leapt away from him and kept several meters of distance between them because he was unsure what the wounded man would do.


“He might be wounded, but like all criminals, that’s when he’s at his wildest!” he thought fiercely as he saw the man slowly rise to his feet by the support of his energy.


Lakshman saw Shenzen put his hand into the inside pocket of his pants and did not instantly recognize what it was that the crazed man had pulled out. It was something very small that could fit easily in the palm of a hand, but he could not make it out clearly due to the distance that he was at. He, also, did not attempt to analyze it by using his Zooming Force magic technique because he felt that his senses should be alert at all times to prepare for whatever that crazed man might do.


Shenzen looked down at the small thing he was holding in his hand and muttered, “This is my only option left.””


He continued to stare down at it for a few more seconds before throwing it into his mouth. Lakshman was stunned as the man swallowed the thing without any hesitation.


“What did he just eat…?” Lakshman thought in a concerned voice. “I don’t know, but I have a really bad feeling about this!”


For a moment, nothing happened and Shenzen remained standing there with his back facing Lakshman. Then, the crazed man, suddenly, collapsed to his knees with his eyes sharply widened from the pain he felt in his chest. It grew intense and he, quickly, placed his hands on his chest desperately, but the pain, suddenly, intensified and he began to scream his lungs out.


Lakshman watched with a shocked expression on his face with his eyes fully widened as the man transformed before his very eyes. Purple substance erupted from the man’s skin and in a few seconds, the unknown substance completely covered his body, causing him to look very deformed.


As the transformation continued, the man’s scream deepened and changed into that of a monster. At the same time, the man’s purple pulsating body, grew six arms, three to each side, and two pairs of black wings erupted from out of his back. His body grew in height until he was taller than the Phoenix Titan, making his appearance very intimidating to look at.


The transformation came to an end and at the end of it, Shenzen was no longer human looking. His height was around 200 centimetres with a massive body, but the face was that of a monster. He had a big red orb embedded in the centre of his fore head and had large sharp teeth with a head that could swallow an average man in one go. The black wings, that have sprouted from out of his back, spread out behind him and gave him a powerful appearance.


The monster opened its mouth wide and roared, “RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”


As it screamed, a powerful shockwave was sent straight at Lakshman, who quickly raised his left arm in defence. He remained standing firmly against the shockwave, which went past him and threatened to do harm against the barrier that Atem and Lakshman’s wives were desperately trying to keep.


Lakshman, looking at the roaring monster with one eye, thought, “Now, he really is a monster.”


The roaring, suddenly, stopped and he saw the monster look up for some reason. Lakshman did the same and when he looked up, he saw the floating Heaven Continent high up in the sky. As he watched, a bright white light, suddenly, descended from the sky and he turned his head towards the location that it landed at. Once it disappeared, the Angel Glow of the angels took him by surprise.


“Ah! So, this is what the ground level looks like,” said the voice of a young woman and for some reason, it caused Lakshman’s heart to beat faster.


Just then, an elder woman’s voice spoke to her by saying, “Princess, please deactivate the Angel Glow, otherwise, we will draw too much attention. I, also, believe that we must hide our wings to go on a disguise.”


“Oh! You’re right!” the young woman replied to the elder woman’s advice.


There was a sound of clapping sound as the two of them clapped their hands together before uttering incantations in the Angel Language. A moment later, the bright glow of light disappeared and so have the wings of the angels, making their appearance look similar to that of a normal human being.


The young woman, who had her back turned to Lakshman, inspected herself critically and said, “It feels like to not have my wings out, but it’ll do.”


At that moment, she realised that there was something behind her and as she turned around, Lakshman’s eyes widened with shock. There she was, the woman that he had been wanting to meet and also the ninth wife that he was supposed to marry. After years of separation and distance, Lakshman Chand has finally meets the last Destiny Queen, who was none other than Sonia Angloid.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, rather, long chapter. I hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas since I spent my christmas by staying lazily at home with my family. Well, I wrote this chapter a little quickly because, it seemed, that my previous chapter had saddened a few people and I wanted to make it up by writing this as fast as possible. Anyway, I hope that you liked this, found it really enjoyable and will want to read more as the story continues!


Some of Lucky’s techniques have changed due to his familiarity with using the ancient techniques he leanrt instead of the ones he learnt in this lifetime. So, I hope that this will be okay with my awesome readers, but please say so if you want him to stick to the techniques he already had for a while now.


Also, Phonikalachalara (Pho-nik-ala-chala-ra) roughly translates to mean Phoenix Electronic Destruction Wave!I have to admit that I was inspired by Kamehameha from DBZ.

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