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It was evening in a manner house and inside it, a man stood facing towards the open window. He was seated on a comfortable looking chair that had an extravagant appearance to it. In his right hand, he held burning object that was emitting a small smoke at the end of it. Lifting it towards his mouth, he inhaled the substance and moved it away before exhaling a cloud of smoke out of his mouth.


“Quiet nights are the best,” said the man in a soft voice before sighing in relaxation.


He kept sucking the object in his hand for a few minutes in silence while rocking on the chair. As he sighed again in bliss, he heard a knock on his door and he turned to look towards the door.


“Your majesty, I came with something important to report,” said the voice of the stranger from behind the door.


“Come in,” replied the man on the chair in a commanding voice.


There was the sound of a knob turning before the door opened with a push of the hand and a man entered into the room before closing the door behind. He was tall and had a body that seemed to be made completely of blue scales that looked similar to that of a dragon.


“Ah. Water Dragon King,” said the man sitting in the chair with a smile on his face. “What brings you here in this time of the day?”


“Sir,” said the blue skinned dragon warrior and he knelt before the chair. “We have detected that someone has infiltrated the continent.”


At those words, the smile disappeared from the seated man’s face and a serious expression replaced it.


“Who is it? Do you know?” the man in the chair asked curiously.


“Unfortunately, we were unable to determine who it was because, as it seemed, they were protected by something very powerful.”


“So, we must assume whoever they are, they have incredible power at their disposal,” said the man in the chair with a serious look on his face. “Who could they be to come to this continent?”


“We believe it to be an enemy,” said the Water Dragon King in a firm voice. “Since ancient times, we ensured that the whereabouts of our Dragon Clan remained hidden, however, we suspect the Phoenix Clan to know where we live.”


“The Phoenix Clan, huh?” the man in the chair asked and he placed a hand on his chin. “You believe it to be them?”


“Yes!” the blue skinned dragon warrior said firmly with a serious expression on his face. “Who else would want to infiltrate the continent that we’ve covered with Dragon Sanctuary?”


“The Nine Pillars of Power,” thought the man in the chair with an unhappy expression on his face. “The Dragon Sage has stated that the time has come for the Nine Pillars of Power to gather. If that is the case, the infiltrator must’ve come in search of the Dragon Titan, but I won’t let that cursed bastard join them.

Anyway, this is classified information and the Four Dragon Kings don’t need to know because their main duty of servitude is towards the Dragon Titan. In that case, they may betray me. For that to not happen, I must ensure the threat is taken out as soon as possible.”

With a decision made, the man in the chair nodded his head once and said, “Very well, whoever they are, take care of them first thing in the morning. The Dragon Clan do not welcome uninvited guests.”


“As you wish, Dragon Emperor,” said the Water Dragon King and he bowed his head to his master.


He, quickly, rose from the kneeling position into a standing position and faced his master. After bowing deeply once, the blue skinned dragon warrior turned around and walked towards the door. The Dragon Emperor watched as the man opened the door and exited from the room before closing the doors shut. Once he was gone, the Dragon Emperor turned to face towards the open window.


“It seems the past several of peace have finally come to an end…” he said slowly and he breathed a heavy sign in annoyance.



In the early morning, the forest trees glowed slightly and the leaves woke up to bathe in the sunlight for energy. Deep inside the forest, a shelter made completely of swords can be found erected. It made the previous night by its occupant, who was still deep asleep inside it, lying comfortably on a foldable bed.


The warrior sleeping peacefully inside it was Dominic Rutherford, the Sword Titan, who came to this continent in search of the Dragon Titan. He was, actually, on a mission to find all the members of the Nine Pillars of Power as the task was given to him by the Phoenix Titan, Lakshman Chand.


The previous day, the Phoenix Titan gave the Sword Titan the task to gather the Nine Pillars of Power members. This was necessary in order to prepare themselves for the Phoenix Calamity War that the Calamity Titan promised in two years’ time. Once the task was given, the Phoenix Titan went to attend his trial with the angels and left the Sword Titan to complete the task he was given.


Once Lakshman left, Dominic, immediately, left on his journey around the world in search of the Nine Pillars of Power members after saying goodbye to his wife and son. For the rest of the day, he concentrated his energies discover eight of the nine members of the group. Only the location of the Dragon Titan was amiss and he realised that the only way to find him was to discover the location of the Dragon Clan.


It proved to be an extremely difficult task to find out where the Dragon Clan were after leaving the Human Continent since the ancient times. As far as, he could tell, the Dragon Clan had moved to one of the continents and have, since then, remained in hiding.


He tried to search from where the Dragon Clan originally came into this world, but discovered no traces for him to follow. Then, he began flying high above the sky to look down and see where the Dragon Clan settlement was on any of the small continents. Instead, he only found Manjuvad Demon Clan on the small continents and after questioning them about them, they replied that they did not know where the Dragon Clan are.


His constant search for the clan took nearly the entire day and just when he had thought of giving him, he suddenly remembered something from ten years’ back. Lakshman had requested Wolfenstine to create a similar feel and taste of the Dragon Liquor that seemed to get around the Human Continent. Finally, seeing a chance at his hand, Dominic took it and immediately left in search of the person selling the Dragon Liquor.


It took him several hours and it was evening by the time he located where the seller was. Going undercover, he spoke to lots of people and they pointed him towards Bazaraka Continent. Once he reached the continent, it was fairly easy to locate the seller and once he found him, Dominic cornered him with swords aiming for his throat.



“Tell me where the Dragon Clan is!” Dominic demanded in a powerful voice that caused the seller to flinch. “You are selling their product, so you must know their location! Tell me where!”


The seller, a man shorter than Dominic by a few centimetres and wearing untidy clothes, licked his lips nervously and looked at the gleaming swords pointed threateningly at him while hovering in mid-air.


“I… I don’t—!” he began nervously.


Dominic cut him off by pulled him forward and slamming him hard against the wall. This caused the man gasp in shock and cough several times before looking up to meet the anger of the Sword Titan.


“You’ve been selling this garbage that harms anyone that drinks it!” Dominic said sharply with an angry expression on his face. “For providing this life threatening substance, I can kill you right now! Instead, I will spare you if you tell me the whereabouts of the Dragon Clan!”


The seller was heaving his chest as his body was under a lot of pressure due to the nervousness he has of the Sword Titan. Looking at how angry Dominic was, the seller formed a small smile on his face and shook his head lightly as if he did not take Dominic’s threats seriously.


“No… You won’t kill me…” the seller said in a slowly building confidence. “You won’t because… it’s injustice to kill someone– Ah!”


The seller made a small cry in surprise as something sharp and solid was jammed into his body. He, slowly, looked down and his eyes widened in shock as he saw a sword buried deep in his chest. Slowly lifting his head up, he stared at the menacing expression that Dominic was wearing on his face.


“Injustice is letting a pierce of worthless life, like you, to exist!” Dominic said in a fierce voice. “What made you think I wouldn’t kill you? What you’re selling is a dangerous substance that slowly kills the drinker! You are a murderer and justice demands that you die!”


The seller’s eyes widened with shock and he mumbled, “N-No…!”


“So, if you don’t want me to kill you outright, tell me where the Dragon Clan is!” Dominic demanded in a fierce voice and he pressed the sword deeper into the seller’s chest.


Blood seep out of the place the sword was stabbing into the seller’s body, causing the man to cough blood out through his mouth. He, suddenly, took a deep breath and groaned as he realised that his energy leaving his body and that he was dying. Realising that he was about to die, he commanded his energy to lift his head to look at the Sword Titan.


“Yes…! I will tell you…!” the seller said desperately. “T-They on the continent… next to the Helmel Continent; the one that’s closest to the Ashtra Kingdom… Now… please… save me…”


The Sword Titan looked at him for a moment before he asked, “You’re not tricking me, are you…? If you do…”


“I swear it! On my life! I tell the truth!” the seller said in a sharp voice filled with desperation. “Please…! Save me…!”


Dominic looked at him with in disgust before he said, “You should’ve said that from the start. Healing Blade.”


In an instant, the blade started to glow green and the blood, that had seep out, started to go back into his body. The chest wound closed itself and the seller felt rejuvenated energy coursing through his body. He breathed a heavy sigh in relief and looked surprised at how quickly he was healed.


As Dominic pulled the sword out of the seller’s chest, the man blinked up at him in surprise before he asked, “You weren’t going to kill me?”


“Why would I kill you?” Dominic asked with a raised eyebrow and surprised the seller. “You’re doing what you must to earn money to survive and the people drink what you sell because they are addicted to drinking. Both sides are equally guilty and as such, I cannot do anything about it.”


The seller was startled by the words of the Sword Titan and he asked, “B-But…! You threated to kill me…!”


“Yeah, I did. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t have told me the location of the Dragon Clan. The other way would’ve been to bribe you, but that injustice is something that I cannot follow,” said Dominic and he winked at the seller, surprising the man in the process. “Now that I got what I wanted to know, I’ll take my leave.”


He turned around and began to walk away while whistling happily from the success of his work. The seller watched him go with a look of amazement on his face.



Now that he had the location of the Dragon Clan, Dominic teleported to Ashtra Kingdom using the Teleporting Blade technique. While there, he ran into the Phoenix Emperor, Zen Phylon, and was informed that Lakshman had returned. He was happy to hear that his friend had returned and immediately became concerned that he had done nothing with regard to the task that Lakshman had given him.


“I better leave and search for the Dragon Titan!” Dominic said to Zen while they were outside.


“Okay, but be careful! The Dragon Clan are full of powerful warriors!” Zen warned Dominic, but the Sword Titan waved that aside with a lack of concern.


“So am I!” Dominic replied in a confident voice and caused Zen to smile in acceptance.


After bidding each other farewell, Dominic exited the Ashtra Kingdom and headed towards the north-east direction and to the edge of the continent. Once he arrived at that spot, he pulled the Destiny Sword out and held it firmly in front of him as he prepared to activate a teleportation spell. At the same time, he looked straight towards the large continent that the seller had informed him about.


“Continent located. Now, activating Teleporting Blade—!”


“Hold on a second!” cried the voice of the Destiny Sword sharply. “We don’t know the exact location or the area that we will be teleporting into. What if we end up inside a rock? What happens to us then?”


“Hey, now…! Are you doubting my ability to teleport to unknown locations without landing us in danger?” Dominic asked with a smug look on his face. “Remember? We did this plenty of times in the past and none of them caused us any danger.”


“Yes, but caution is always advised during the use of the teleportation spell,” said the Destiny Sword in a concerned voice.


“Don’t fret,” said Dominic in a confident voice. “Those, who believe in justice, will always prevail! Now, Teleporting Blade!”


With the shout of the technique, his sword began to glow brightly in golden light and caused the darkness, around him, to light up. At the same time, Dominic exerted his energy and began to surge with power while being surrounded by a golden Elemental Glow, which was that of justice. For a few seconds, energy was released and caused the wind to blow wildly around them. Then, in a flash of light, Dominic and the Destiny Sword disappeared as quickly as putting out a candle.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. I’m sorry that this was not the chapter that I had promised you in yesterday’s release. The fact is, I began to write the next chapter when I, suddenly, realised that I forgot to cover what the heck Dominic was doing all this time. I know it is a minor detail, but I decided not to ignore it considering everything is linked. So, with this out of the way, I can focus on writing the next chapter… just… after taking a break… I’m tired. So, I hope that you liked this chapter and will read the next one as the dragons clash with a justice hardened warrior! 😉


Oh yeah, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask away. I will do my best to answer them to fulfil your curiosity! 🙂


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