Explosive Wakeup



Dominic Rutherford, the Sword Titan, was sleeping peacefully in a deep forest on an unexplored continent. This continent had been undisturbed since a long time ago, but Dominic had discovered that it was due to the Dragon Sanctuary barrier spell that had been cast over the entire continent to ensure no one discovers their location.


After spending a whole day tirelessly searching for the continent, Dominic discovered its whereabouts and immediately set out to reach it. So, he slept soundly in a blissful sleep that came from tiredness due to a lack of rest. He looked peaceful in his sleep, but that peace was not going to last as a huge explosion occurred on top of the shelter made of blades that he was resting under.


As the shelter and the ground shook from the impact, Dominic’s eyes opened in shock. He quickly sat up as another explosion occurred on top of the shelter and he shook from the ground shaking impact.


“What’s going on?!” he explained while attempting to clear his eyes from sleep.


“We’re being bombarded from above,” replied the voice of the Destiny that rested to his side.


“What?!” Dominic exclaimed in shock as another explosion shook the shelter. Recovering from the shock, he looked up at the ceiling of swords and demanded, “Who’s doing this?!”



High above in the sky, fifteen large creatures with wings hovered and fired red fiery blasts out of their mouths. They were dragons and all of them were red skinned, with their skin made completely of hard scales. Riding atop each was a warrior who wielded a spear with one hand while holding the reigns of the dragon with the other.


One of them looked down towards the location at which the shelter of swords was made with the Zooming Force magic spell. Nodding once, he looked up and turned to speak to a silver scaled skinned warrior ridding a larger dragon than the rest, which clearly identified him as the assault leader.


“It is as you sensed, Air Dragon King! There’s something down there and it’s glowing in the sunlight!”


The Air Dragon King, who had slightly spiky silver hair and was wearing black glasses to cover his eyes, nodded his head at the speaker in acknowledgement. He, then, addressed them all while looking at each of their direction.


“Very well. Eliminate the target,” ordered the Air Dragon King in a simple voice.


“As you wish!” the riders replied in unison.


They turned their attention towards the shelter of swords that could be distinguished due to the trees that were destroyed to clear an opening. Controlling the reigns of their dragons, they got them to launch fierier blasts at the shelter in order to destroy it.


After a minute, they realised that their dragon’s fiery blasts were not having the effect they had expected on the shelter of blades. Instead, they put their dragons into a dive and they soared towards the ground at high speed before landing a few meters away.


Jumping off their dragons, they clutched their spears firmly and stared at the shelter of blades with a serious expression on their faces. It made them curious to see something completely made of swords, but they suspected that it was, most probably, the infiltrator that had got themselves onto the continent.


The fifteen of them stood around the shelter in a circle and held their spears at the ready. As they prepared to attack, the spear began to glow brightly in golden light as Weapon Force was applied through each of their weapons. It took them for a moment to charge their weapons before kicking off the ground at high speed towards the shelter of blades.




Screaming wildly with power and rage, they charged towards the shelter of blades and brought their spears forward. There was a, sudden, clash of forces between the spears and the blades, causing sparks to burst out and the wind to blow faster. They continued to apply more force and pushed as hard as they could against their spear to pierce through the blades.


Just as they believed they were pushing the blades, they noticed that the blades begin to glow on and off. Then, without warning, the shelter of blades exploded and they, instantly, reacted by kicking off the ground to fly backwards. After bringing their feet down, they moved their spears at high speed to deflect every blade that flew in their direction.


Once all blades were deflected, blocked and destroyed, they turned their attention to the spot the shelter of blades had been erected a moment ago. It was gone and in its place stood a single man and he had his eyes closed while holding his right arm, with his forefinger and middle finger, extended out at an angel. Dominic, slowly, opened his eyes and looked at them with a powerful expression that surprised the dragon warriors.



Inside the shelter, Dominic noticed the pressure that was being applied from the outside, although, he did not know it was the spears of the dragon warriors. Feeling that he has to act, he stood up and closed his eyes to avoid the glare of the sun as he stretched his right around out with his forefinger and middle finger extended out.


In a fluid motion, he swept his right arm to the side and caused the shelter of blades to dissemble and make the blades fly away in all directions. As the blades disappeared into light particles, he opened his eyes to look at those that were attacking the shelter.


“Hmm… Dragon warriors…” he said slowly and he blinked in surprise while he looked around before smiling in satisfaction. “So, I guess, this is the Dragon Continent.”


The Dragon Warriors, who were momentarily taken by surprise to see a man with such a powerful expression on his face, became extremely angry by hearing what he said. They, instantly, knew this was the infiltrator and by the code of the Dragon Clan, all those that know of their location must die.




The dragon warriors began to roar from the rage they felt for him while surging with power that caused them to be surrounded by dark blue aura. Once they were ready, they kicked off the ground with great force and charged towards Dominic at high speed.


Dominic stared around at the dragon warriors charging at him and quickly reacted to dodge their spears. It was easy by, simply, taking one step to the side to allow the spear wielding warriors fly by harmlessly. That tactic soon became complicated as the warriors kicked off the ground the moment they landed to fly back at him.


It became a high speed attack and dodge contest for them as the dragon warriors constantly tried to piece him with their spears, but he would dodge out of the way instantly. It started to escalate as the warriors began firing energy blasts at him, giving him a hard time dodging both their spears and their blasts.


“Hey! I’m not trying to fight you!” Dominic shouted as he kicked away to keep some distance between himself and them, but they just chased after him. “Lay down your weapons so we can talk it over!”


“No talking with intruders!”


“You’re trespassing on our land!”


“You are disturbing our peace!”






Dominic’s eyes widened in shock at seeing the wild reaction from the attacking dragon warriors. This had distracted him slightly and his movement slowed down, allowing the warriors to try move closer to landing a blow on him. Dominic was taken by surprise and he suddenly found himself surrounded by the fifteen warriors that were moving at high speed.




With a roar, the fifteen warriors pierced through Dominic with their spears at high speed. For a moment, they smiled in triumph, but it quickly turned into shock as they witnessed their prey fade away.


“An After Image!”


Quickly reacting, they began searching around for their prey when they heard his voice coming from behind.


“Seriously! What is wrong with you people?!” Dominic shouted as the warriors turned to look at him. Staring at them with an angry expression on his face, he demanded, “Why are you trying to kill me?!”


The warriors began to take steps forward, but were stopped when loud voice was heard coming from high above.


“There is no room to talk and there is no chance to beg for mercy,” said the voice of the Air Dragon King as he rode on his dragon high in the sky while Dominic squinted up to see the flying dragon masked by the sunlight. “The moment you entered this land, you forfeited your life and now, for your foolishness to come here, the payment you receive is death. That is the law of the Dragon Clan.”


“What?!” Dominic exclaimed in a shocked voice and he stared at the warriors that were glaring menacingly at him. “You kill anyone that may have, accidentally, gotten on this continent?” he clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth in rage as he asked, “Just how many innocent people have you killed!”


“We don’t know and we don’t count!” one of the dragon warriors replied with an evil smile on his face.


“You’re be another addition to that countless number!” another warrior said and their eyes gleamed with killing intent.


“Very well. Kill this intruder and wipe out the threat to the Dragon Clan,” the Air Dragon King ordered in a loud, but simple voice.


Accepting the issued order, the fifteen dragon warriors began roaring wildly with anger and power as they charged towards Dominic at high speed.



“I’ll kill these bastards!” Dominic thought in an extremely angry voice as he watched them rush towards him. “They killed innocent people and are not showing any regret for doing so!”


“We don’t know if they are innocent or guilty,” replied the voice of the Destiny Sword. “That still doesn’t give you the right to kill them!”

“Why?! Justice doesn’t spare those that kill!”

“That would make your actions intolerable by the justice that you follow! It is injustice to take life of someone that you have no right to! If you kill them, that would make you the same as them, regardless of the reason to kill because, in the end, it is wrong!”


Dominic gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly, causing the veins to show on his tightening skin. He was furious at the dragon warriors, but he had not lost reason to allow himself to fight blindly. The Destiny Sword’s words of wisdom penetrated through the cloud of anger that attempted to misguide him and as such, it allowed him to cool down.


“Fine. I’ll knock them down!”


“Then, go and be victorious!”


Dominic, inwardly, smiled and thought, “So long as justice is by my side, I will always be on the winning side.”



With his decision made, Dominic nodded his head once as he watched the fifteen dragon warriors charge towards him. All of them were roaring and were surging with power while radiating dark blue aura that surrounded them.


“Dual Blades,” muttered Dominic in a quiet voice with his hands out.


The Destiny Sword, which had been lying on the forest floor, vanished in a flash of light and the next moment, two blades appeared in each of his hands. Gripping them firmly with his hands, reacted as the first two enemies reached him.


The two dragon warriors pushed their spears forward in an attempt to stab him, but Dominic brought his swords forward to block them. Flowing with the moment, he exerted force into his swords and shoved the spears to either side harmlessly. The two dragon warriors were surprised and were startled when Dominic took a step past them and immediately brought his swords to backhand their necks.


Both warriors let out cries of pain from the shock of being attacked from behind, but they quickly gritted their teeth and swung around. They lowered their bodies and swung their spears around before pushing them straight towards Dominic. Seeing this, Dominic tossed his swords into the air and swung his body around to let the spears slide past him before grabbing them with his arms.


Gripping them firmly, he pulled them forward and the two dragon warriors along with them. Shocked, they did not have time to react when Dominic let go of the spears and grabbed their faces by spinning his body around. Startled, they attempted to react by trying to break free, but could do nothing when Dominic spun around fast and slammed their heads, together with their bodies, onto the ground.


The impact was immense and it caused the ground to quake from the sheer impact because the force that Dominic had applied was strong. Being smashed onto the ground knocked the two dragon warriors out cold, but Dominic did not wait to saviour the victory. He, quickly, straightened his body and grabbed his swords that had descended before kicking off the ground forcefully and flying towards the charging enemies.


Screaming loudly with rage, Dominic charged at his incoming enemies and brought his swords forward defensively before smashing hard into them. There was a violent shock of wind and energy before Dominic began pushing his enemies back, causing their feet to get dragged on the forest floor and trees to get taken down from smashing into them.


After pushing them back a few meters, Dominic stopped and his enemies were sent tumbling to the forest floor. They were a shocked, but were quick to recover as they jumped to their feet and rushed towards him at high speed. This time, Dominic did not wish to give them a chance as he combined his swords to form the Destiny Sword by smashing them against each other.


Gripping with one arm, he pointed his sword towards them and said, “Blasting Blades!”


In an instant, magic circle formed all around the dragon warriors before several swords flew out of them and soared straight towards the dragon warriors. They saw the swords flying at them and instantly reacted by attempting to deflect them with their spears, but were shocked when the swords exploded in their faces.


Several more swords flew out of the magic circles and exploded upon making contact with the enemies. After a few seconds of this, the dragon warriors became so aggravated that they roared with rage and glared fiercely at him, startling Dominic in the process.


They pressed their feet hard into the ground and shouted, “Dragon Rush!”


In an instant, they zoomed forward at high speed, shocking Dominic into raising his eyes wide. It took them a few seconds gap before they were throwing energy infused spears at him. Dominic was shocked by how fast they moved as he increased his speed, dramatically, to avoid their weapons.




Three dragon warriors roared loudly as they jumped over their comrades to deliver their spears in a downward arc, aiming for their enemy’s head. Dominic, instantly, reacted by leaping back as the spears came down and created a great shockwave, causing the ground to rise up and sweep forward.


Dominic landed on his feet and stared angrily at the warriors as three more dragon warriors rushed at him after jumping over the three that had attempted to attack him previously. Each of them held their spears firmly in their hands before lunging them directly at Dominic’s chest.


He reacted by letting his body fall sideways to avoid the spears before using his sword to push against the ground to rise up again. The push he gave against his sword, which was stabbed into the ground, had a lot of force behind it and he rose up at an incredible speed. At the same time, he pulled his sword out of the ground and positioning it sideways, smacked the nearest of the three warriors on the side of the head.


There was a powerful shock wave from the impact and the man gapped his mouth open in shock before he was sent flying into his two comrades. As they flew away and destroyed trees in the process, Dominic spun around several times before stopping to aim his sword at the ten charging dragon warriors. He activated the sword and multiple swords materialised out of nowhere to form a cannon.


Quickly gathering energy into it, Dominic glared at his enemies and shouted, “Sword Cannon!”


In an instant, a large beam cannon was launched from between the hovering swords and it soared straight towards the charging enemies. The dragon warriors, seeing the incoming attack and sensing the level of the attack, panicked and attempted to jump out of the way, but some were slow in reacting.


The beam cannon drove through the air and began pushing against six of the dragon warriors. They were driven back several meters while destroying trees in the process and the proceeded to fly away into the distance while throwing their unconscious bodies onto the forest floor.


The remaining dragon warriors saw their six comrades get driven away by the beam cannon and turned around to glare fiercely down at Dominic. Angered greatly, they channelled their spears with lethal power and raised them to shoulder height before hurling them straight at their enemy while shouting the technique name.


“Dragon Spear!”


Dominic saw the spears soaring through the air high speed and flicked his sword to activate it as he said, “Wall of Blades.”


In an instant, multiple swords materialised out of nowhere and formed a solid wall of swords to defend him. The spears soared through the air at high speed and smashed against the wall of swords, causing lightning to burst out wildly before exploding. Smoke bellowed up and filled the area with its presence, causing everyone to have difficulty seeing anything.


As the smoke slowly cleared, the remaining dragon warriors landed on the forest floor before straightening up to see what had become of their enemy. They looked anxiously at the centre of the smoke and their eyes widened with shock when they saw several gleaming wall of swords. Many of them had disappeared, but the remainder had stayed and defended their caster from harm.


Dominic coughed a few times as smoke slowly cleared from where he stood with his left shoulder bleeding from a cut wound while his left arm was sporting several cuts as well. The wall of blades had defended him from harm, but had caused him minor wounds due to the exploded blades cutting past his skin.


He took a deep breath and breathed out a heavy sigh before looking seriously at his shocked faced enemies.


“Not bad, but not enough,” he said and he looked deadly serious as he pointed the Destiny Sword at them. “Your turn. Burst Blades!”


As he finished saying the technique name out loud, the remaining swords, that were hovering in mid-air, spun around in the air and pointed their bladed end towards his enemies. With an exertion of his power, they flew off in their direction at such a speed that one moment, they were flying and the next, several swords pierced through each of the dragon warriors.


The dragon warriors looked down in shock as the stabbed swords glowed brighter and brighter until they exploded. A powerful shock wave was released from the explosion, sending wild blowing wind in all directions and causing trees to get uprooted. It took a few minutes for it to settle down and once the cloud of smoke cleared, the dragon warriors were rendered unconscious as they lay on the ground.


Dominic sighed and muttered, “I was worried that I didn’t use enough swords, but I’m glad it worked.”


“That was a bit extreme. That had enough power to destroy a small town,” said the stern voice of the Destiny Sword in his mind. “What would you have done if that had killed them?”


Dominic snorted and said, “No. I was certain that much was needed, otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked.”


Just then, he heard a loud voice from above say, “You say it as if you’ve fought a member of our clan before.”


Dominic looked up to see the dragon of the leader slowly descend to land a few meters away from him. Looking towards him, he was surprised to see the dragon leader was wearing black glasses that completely covered his eyes from view.


“Yeah, I do,” replied Dominic in a firm voice. “While I didn’t fight them seriously, I accessed it would take quite a bit of power to take down a warrior of the powerful Dragon Clan.”


“I see,” said the Air Dragon King shortly as he jumped onto the ground.


He turned around and patted the dragon gently on the head while conveying a message through eye contact. Understanding the message, it flapped its large wings a few times and slowly flew into the air. Dominic watched it fly higher until his attention was drawn to his enemy as the man began to speak again.


“You are strong and I congratulate you on defeating the warriors under my command,” he said in a serious voice, causing Dominic to raise an eyebrow in surprise. “I see that my men had underestimated you and had given into their pride, which brought them to their downfall.”


“Of course,” said Dominic with an unimpressed expression on his face. “They’re strong, but they got too prideful and let their anger allow their techniques to become sloppy.”
“Yes and I will make up for their mistake by stopping you here and now,” said the Air Dragon King in a firm serious voice.


Dominic nodded his head in understanding before looking up at the sky and asking, “Perhaps, but tell me… Your dragon, just now, flew off into the air and abandoned its master. From what I learnt about your clan is that the dragons you tame are fiercely loyal to their owners. So, why did it leave you behind fight me instead of ferociously attacking me?”


“It is simply that I wanted it to stay out of danger,” replied the man with glasses in a simple voice.


“That’s a fairy enough reason to believe, but I know you’re only misdirecting the truth,” stated Dominic with a shrewd smile on his face. “Let me guess… You sent the dragon to your Dragon Clan home to inform the rest of your comrades to come here to take care of me, in case, you failed.”


The Air Dragon King expression did not change, but his eyebrows flickered for a moment as he asked, “If that is the case; why did you not shoot my dragon down? Surely, it was within your power to do so and yet, why did you not act?”


Dominic’s eyebrows, suddenly, knitted together as he stared at the man with a serious expression on his face.


“There is no way I can harm a living creature that is innocent and defenceless. It is injustice to do so,” said Dominic in a serious voice.


The Air Dragon King looked at him for a moment before forming a small smile on his face. He was, actually, impressed that there was someone with such firm beliefs in that day and age.


“Very well. I acknowledge your iron will and determination, even if it is foolishness,” he said and Dominic snorted as he did not care what his enemy had said, “however, note that you made a grave mistake. Even if you managed to defeat me somehow, the Dragon Army, including the other Dragon Kings, will come to kill you.”


“Bring it!” Dominic said in a fierce voice.


The Air Dragon King extended his hands out and began surging with power while radiating green aura that surrounded him. Dominic, also, began surging with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. Their powers collided against each other and dispersed, causing a small shock wave and wind to blow in all directions as they prepared to do battle.

Author’s Note


Hey everyone and I thank you so much for reading this chapter. I’m sure everyone is busy, including me, so I’m happy that you found some time to squeeze into reading chapters of this story. I had been a bit busy, as of late, but I found time to write this chapter out for you amazing readers and fans of mine. So, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter and will look forward to more as the battles rock down!

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