Sword Titan vs. Air Dragon King



The Dragon Clan members lived mostly in the centre of the continent, which had a fantastic looking buildings and a large castle. Minority lived afar from the centre of the continent due to wishing to lead their lives away from the business of their capital home.


On that day, something special was taking place due to


The Fire Dragon King approached the dragon and quietly asked, “Where is your master?”


“RRAAAARRRR!!” the dragon roared at him fiercely, which made their eyes widen with shock.


“A sword magician took down fifteen of our elite warriors?!” Fizard exclaimed in disbelief. “There’s no way a single human and a magician at that, could take on one Dragon Warrior, let alone defeat fifteen of them!”


“Perhaps, this human is exceptionally strong,” the Earth Dragon King, Gurrent telepathically suggested to his comrades. “Perhaps, it’s the Sword Titan?”


The Water Dragon King, Waddit shook his head and said, “Yes, but that is still highly impossible. He has nothing to connect with us, so he can be ruled out. The only ones that come is the Phoenix Clan!”


“RRAAAAARRR!!!” the dragon roared and made them stare at it with incredulous looks on their faces.


“You’re saying that your master, Aidek is currently engaged in battle with that sword magician?” Fizard asked incredulously.


“He must be distracting the enemy from approaching us,” suggested Waddit with an approving smile on his face.


“In any case, we must inform the Dragon Emperor,” stated Gurret telepathically and all three nodded before vanishing instantly in a flash of light.



In the castle that seemed to be built with the design of dragons in mind due to the numerous of statues erected on the walls. In a large room, the Dragon Emperor stood atop a raised desk and in front of him was an erected statue of a warrior wearing dragon scaled armour. There were numerous people standing on the ground platform and looked up behind him at the statue with firmness in their faces.


“My ancestor,” the Dragon Emperor said in a proud voice as he stared up at the statue. “The first Dragon Emperor to be elected upon our arrival in this world. The plebeians of this world called him the Sacred Armoured Dragon King and he ruled this part of the world undisturbed till the day he finally passed away. For establishing the Dragon Clan was one of the most powerful races in the world, we are grateful. That is why, we celebrate his birthday every year to honour his deeds!”


He held his arms out and flowers were placed in his arms before he threw them up at the statue. The person standing next to him, who appeared to be his wife, also did the same thing with the flowers placed in her outstretched hands. At the same time, people on the ground platform began throwing flowers at the statue to praise his existence.


The Dragon Emperor and his wife descended down the stairs just as the three Dragon Kings materialised into the room in a flash of light. Slightly blinded by the sudden light, the Dragon Emperor looked down sternly to see three Dragon Kings kneeling before him. This, instantly, made him narrow his eyebrows because he knew they would not be here, unless, there was something wrong.


“What brings you three here?” he asked them in a calm, but firm voice.


“Your majesty, it appears that the intruder I spoke to you about has defeated the fifteen warriors that I sent,” said Waddit without lifting his head.


“What?!” the Dragon Emperor exclaimed sharply while murmurs began to run through the crowd. He glared at them and they went silent instantly. He turned back to his kneeling subjects and demanded, “Fifteen of our warriors were defeated? And? What about the enemy?”


“Aidek is currently occupying the enemy, it seems,” reported Waddit in a firm voice.


The Dragon Emperor thought quickly for a moment with a troubled expression on his face before he firmly said, “It must be the Phoenix Clan!”


At that name bring said out loud, everyone in the room wore angry expressions on their faces. They all knew about their clan’s history with the Phoenix Clan and also knew the great struggle for power that ran between the Sacred Armoured Dragon King and the Phoenix Titan, who was also called the Sacred Armoured Phoenix Titan.


“What should we do, your majesty?” Gurret asked through telepathy.


“Crush them!” the Dragon Emperor said fiercely as he bunched his hand into a fist. “Today is the birthday of our ancestor leader and we will make him proud by defeating the mongrels that dare to threaten the peace that he granted us! I, the Dragon Emperor, order the Dragon Kings to leas the Dragon Army and wipe out the intruders!”


“As you wish, your majesty!”


“As you wish, your majesty!”


The Fire Dragon King and the Water Dragon King spoke aloud while the Earth Dragon King spoke telepathically. They stood up and stared into the eyes of the Dragon Emperor before nodding their heads once at him in agreement. Bowing to him and the Dragon Queen once, they vanished in a flash of light.



Dominic Ruther ford and the Air Dragon King surged with power while surrounding by power that was causing wind to blow wildly in all directions. The trees were threatened to rip right out of their roots and the ground shook violently because of the invisible force clashing between their powers. Dominic held his Destiny Sword at the ready and radiated golden-aura that surrounded him while the Air Dragon King held his arms out to each side and radiated green-aura that surrounded him.


The Sword Titan gritted his teeth and pressed his feet into the ground before flying towards his enemy at high speed. Reaching him, he swung his body around to bring his sword down to try and cut his enemy down just as the Air Dragon King reacted. His enemy gathered his energy and formed, what appeared to be, swords out of thin air that were emanating air substance from the blades.


The Air Dragon King brought his swords diagonally upward and caught the Destiny Sword that was aimed at him. The force of their clash caused the ground beneath him to sink a few meters with Dominic pushing against his enemy as hard as he could. Standing his ground firmly, the Air Dragon King pushed upward and swung his swords out to push the Sword Titan away from him.


Dominic flew a few meters back and as he landed, he tabbed the ground with his leg to dash straight at his enemy. Reaching him, Dominic began slashing and cutting his enemy while the Air Dragon King blocked and dodged the attacks while retaliating with his own attacks. They continued to fight on like that for several minutes and during that time, their battle had destroyed both the ground and the trees in the vicinity.


The Air Dragon King leapt back, raised his swords made of wind and swung it down as he said, “Air Cutter!”


As the swords made of wind swung down, four slicing waves of wind were sent straight at Dominic. The Sword Titan also raised his sword into the air and swung it down while shouting the technique name out loud.


“Slicing Blade!”


A powerful wave of energy was launched from his swing and it cut across the ground at high speed. The two attacks charged across the ground at high speed and met at dead centre of the battle ground. There was a burst of wind and shock waves that were sent in all directions as the two forces clashed hard. They continued to clash for a few more seconds before resulting in a large explosion that created a lot of smoke to cloud their view.


The Air Dragon King stood firmly with his swords made of wind at his side and appeared to look straight at the rising smoke. At that moment, the smoke cleared as Dominic charged towards him at high speed and attempted to cut his enemy with a sword swing from the side. He was shocked when his enemy disappeared into thin air, allowing the sword to fly through the air harmlessly.


Dominic was startled, but he immediately recognised the pattern of the attack and ducked his head down just as a sword made of wind swung at him from behind. Successful in avoiding it, he spun his body around and brought his sword up to block the second swing of the sword made of wind.


Leaping back from his enemy, Dominic raised his sword high into the air and shouted, “Raining Blades!”


In an instant, several magic circles appeared in mid-air and began to rain swords out of them. They soared fast and headed straight down towards their intended target, who was a little taken aback at this sudden show of force. Not disturbed, the Air Dragon King let go of his swords and aimed his right hand up at the raining swords.


“Wind Squall!”


In an instant, a vortex of wind was released from the palm of his hand and it grew intense as it rose higher into the air. The raining swords, caught by the attack, were thrown away by the wind and got smashed into pieces. The magic circles got destroyed by the attack and so were the trees on the ground due to the attack becoming a major wild storm.


Not pausing in his attack, the Air Dragon King aimed his left hand towards Dominic and said, “Wind Lock.”


Dominic was startled when a magic circle appeared under his feet and a moment later, the wind began to gather around him. Very soon, a wall of wind formed around him and locked him inside as the wind squall began to target him.


“AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” Dominic screamed as his body was lifted off the ground and throwing into the air by force of the powerful storm.


While thrown around by the wind, he suffered many cuts on his body that bled quickly. At the same time, he began to feel a pressure at his throat that made it difficult for him to breathe. Realising that he was slowly being suffocated by the pressurising wind, he held his sword firmly in his hand as he began to surge with more power.




He screamed as his power rose to the surface and allowed him to remain stationary in mid-air while, still, receiving cuts from the lethal wind. As his power gathered, he extended his sword in front of him and began to spin so fast that he reached incredible speeds in a matter of seconds.


Dominic took a deep gasping breath and shouted, “Whirlwind of Blades!”


Blades began to materialise all around him and created a solid wall of blades that defended him from the cutting wind. At the same time, the added mass of blades allowed him to push the wind further and further away from him. Finally, after numerous blades at his disposal, he stopped spinning and swung his sword around to blow the wind away, pushed back by the whirlwind of blades.


He slowly descended towards the ground while breathing a little quickly due to his neck being freed. Recovering from the attack, he looked towards his enemy with an angry expression on his face.


The Air Dragon King’s expression did not change, but a small smile seemed to be hovering at the edge of his mouth as he stared at his fast breathing opponent. He was impressed that the enemy, whom he felt was from the human race, had survived his attack with minor scratches and cuts on his body.


“You impress me, human. Not many have the potential to withstand against my attack,” said the Air Dragon King with a small smile forming on his face.


Dominic was a little surprised that his opponent had guessed which race he belonged to. Still, he glared at the man for making such a comment about his race, which he took pride of being a part of.


He breathed a heavy sigh and said, “You fool… Don’t underestimate the potential of the human race!”


The Air Dragon King shook his head and said, “I don’t. Your race are notorious for undermining your own potential by giving in to greed and selfishness to achieve your so called dreams. It’s been like that in the ancient times and to this day, that part of your race did not change.”


Dominic raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, “You speak as if you’ve been alive all this time, but from what I’ve heard, the Dragon Clan members can only live up to 200 years, which is just around the same life span of the Phoenix Clan members.”


Once again, the Air Dragon King shook his head and he looked a little sad as he said, “The history of our ancestors tells the tale of how we lived back then and comparing it to today, I don’t see much of a difference in the human race, except that your race stopped warring after destroying many continents in your selfish quest to conquer the world.”


“Even so, there is always a change where there is will and hope!” Dominic said in a firm confident voice. “Those that follow the right path will never be betrayed by justice!”


The Air Dragon King remained silent for a moment as he appeared to stare at his opponent through the black glasses he wore. Dominic could not see the eyes of his enemy through the glasses and found it amusing to think the Dragon Clan had resources to make such accessories.


“I do not know if you’ve taken the right path by coming here, but the path you’ve taken will lead you to your doom!” the Air Dragon King said in a sudden fierce voice.


Dominic, instantly, eyed him sharply as the man extended his arms out to either side of him. He began to surge with power while radiating green aura that surrounded him as he summoned his power for something. The Sword Titan quickly discovered what it was when the man said the technique name in a quiet voice.


“Wall of Wind.”


A magic circle appeared beneath and above him and from out of the magic circle, a whirlwind appeared to rise up and down to surround him. Joining together, they formed a solid wall of wind that rotated constantly around him like a protective cocoon made of wind. A moment later, the magic circles disappeared and left the wind to blow around him like a shield.


The Air Dragon King looked towards Dominic through with his black glasses and was satisfied to see that his enemy was shocked at the technique he was using.


“You have no chance of winning,” said the Air Dragon King in a simple, but confident voice.


Dominic gritted his teeth in anger and charged towards his enemy at high speed. Once he reached him, the Sword Titan lunged his sword forward in a fierce attempt to try and stab him through the wall of wind. He was surprised when his sword was halted by the wall of wind blowing around the Air Dragon King.




Dominic screamed as the Air Dragon King swung his arm towards him and sent several slicing wind energies at him. Shocked by the sudden attacks, he leapt away from the enemy surrounded by the wind and inspected the bleeding wounds he suffered to his cheek and left arm, wincing at how weak his arm had become after suffering from such an attack.


“Leaving yourself unguarded was quite foolish,” said the Air Dragon King in a disappointed voice. “Now, my turn. Air Slicing Curtain.”


The Sword Titan was shocked when four magic circles appeared to surrounded him from all sides. A moment later, the wind formed into a curtain and began to move towards him slowly, cutting and slicing all that were in its path.


Dominic looked around at the slicing wind curtain and wore a determined expression on his face. He raised his sword and it began to glow as he held it firmly in his hand while pointing it at the slicing wind curtain. He placed a second hand on the sword handle and the blade began to glow brightly.


“Slashing Drive Blade!”


The glowing blade, suddenly, extended away from him and easily pierced through the curtain of slicing wind. Holding the sword firmly with both hands, he spun it around quickly to cut down the wind from each side while, at the same time, trying to cut down the wall of wind that surrounded his enemy.


He was met with a strong force as his long glowing sword clashed forces against the wall of wind, but it proved to be futile as it pushed him backwards, making his feet get dragged on the ground. Not giving up, he charged towards his enemy at high speed while brandishing his sword.


“Infinity Blade Barrage!”


Reaching the wall of wind, Dominic shouted the technique name out loud and began to move at an incredible speed. He seeped to disappear and reappear at such an incredible speed that it left blurs of him behind. He began to stab at the wall of wind with powerful force, causing wind and shock waves to be sent in all directions each time that he reappeared.


For several seconds, he continued to stab and slash at the wall of wind surrounding his enemy. Several times, he used Raining Blades, Blasting Blades and Stab Swords to try and break open the armour of wind that protected its occupant. None of them did a thing to the wall of wind and instead, they almost wounded him due to the explosion radius of the blasts.


The Air Dragon King retaliated by firing Air Rockets, Wind Sweeper and Air Crusher at the Sword Titan. Dominic successfully avoided both Wind Sweeper and destroyed the Air Crusher, but got cut badly when the attacks took him by surprise. It was not due to him leaving his guard open, but the speed at which the explosive balls of air flew at him from inside the wall of wind.


As Dominic continued to try and destroy the wall of wind, he noticed a small hole appearing each time he attacked the wall of wind. The Air Dragon King also noticed this and he, finally, decided to attack his enemy with lethal force. He had avoided going using deadly force against him due to his belief of wanting to scare his enemy away, but he realised that brute force was the only option left.


The Air Dragon King aimed his hand at Dominic inside the wall of wind and gathered energy into his hand before releasing a powerful wave of wind and energy by shouting the technique name out loud.


“Air Drive Cannon!”


Dominic saw something emerging from inside the wall of wind and the next instance, he was shocked as a wave of wind and energy was hurled at him. It smashed into him and began pushing him back while he grunted and groaned from the pain of feeling the intense attack hitting his chest. The wave carried him for several meters into the distance before throwing him off and heading into the sky.


As the Sword Titan lay on the ground, seemingly unconscious, the Air Dragon King released the wall of wind and it disappeared in an instant. Through the black glasses he wore, he stared at the face down form of his foe on the ground and breathed a sigh before looking around at the damage done to the forest.


“He was quite the tough opponent,” he muttered in a low voice. “If I had dropped my guard even once, it might’ve been all over for me. In the end, though, it’s still my victory and the pride of the Dragon Kings lives on.”


As he breathed a heavy sigh of relief, he heard a familiar voice say, “Oh…? You’re one of the Dragon Kings…?”


The Air Dragon King turned around and was surprised to see Dominic sitting on the ground with his destroyed clothes hanging loosely off of him. Dominic breathed deeply and slowly breathed one relaxedly before looking straight at his enemy with a grin on his face.


“I must sincerely apologise for not treating you seriously,” said Dominic in an apologetic voice as he pushed himself to his feet with the support of his sword. “I thought you were some sort of an elite warrior, but it makes sense that you are part of the Dragon Kings and judging by your attacks, I take it that you’re the Air Dragon King!”


He heard his foe speak and waited a moment before the Air Dragon King replied by saying, “That is correct.”


Dominic nodding his head as if he understood something and smiled before he said, “I see. Well then, Air Dragon King, allow me to introduce myself. I am Dominic Rutherford and I carry the title of the Sword Titan!”


There was a pause in which they stared at each other; Dominic staring at the Air Dragon King with a grin on his face while the Air Dragon King stared back with a stony expression on his face while wearing the black glasses. When the Air Dragon King spoke, he was riddled with so much nervousness that it surprised Dominic.


“Y-Y-You are the… S-S-Sword Titan…?” he asked and when Dominic nodded his head once, his face looked astonished. “Why? Why is a warrior of the Nine Pillars of Power doing here?!” he demanded, losing the coolness that he had maintained in his voice.


“I’m just on an errand for the Phoenix Titan,” replied Dominic in a casual voice and caused the Air Dragon King to look very surprised. “Now, allow me to take you seriously, Air Dragon King! It would be really shameful of me to not take a warrior, such as yourself, seriously!”


The Air Dragon King went to say something, but his words did not come out of his moving mouth. He had become speechless because he saw Dominic hold the Destiny Sword firmly with both hands and begin surging with a level of power that was far greater than what the Air Dragon King felt earlier. It made him feel extremely nervous and realise, in an instant, he was in deep danger.


“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Dominic screamed as he transformed in a flash of light by releasing his powers with the support of the Destiny Sword.


The flash disappeared and the Sword Titan appeared to not have changed, but the Air Dragon King sensed the huge increase in his foe’s power. At the same time, he sensed something emanating from the eyes of the Sword Titan, which had changed from pure black to something with a strange design. It was the mark of his transformation and he stared through such eyes seriously at his stunned enemy.


“Swords of Steel!” Dominic said and flicked his sword in the direction of the Air Dragon King.


In an instant, eight glowing swords materialised out of thin air and flew towards their target with their blade pointing directly at him. The Air Dragon King was taken by surprise, but he quickly acted by conjuring another Wall of Wind technique to shield against the weapons.


He was surprised when the swords slammed into the wall of wind and almost pierced straight through it. As the weapons were destroyed by the numerous wind slicing energy attacks that the Air Dragon King sent towards it, Dominic reached him and attempted to cut down the wall of wind.


“Destiny Sword Slash!”


With the shout of the technique, Dominic swung the glowing sword down and cut the wall of wind in half, creating an opening in the process. Alarmed that his strongest defence was taken down with such ease, the Air Dragon King began unleashing multiple magic spells at the Sword Titan with deadly seriousness, but his enemy dealt easily with them.


“Wall of Blades. Blades of Lone. Hurricane Blades. Blasting Blades. Storming Blades.”


Using multiple sword techniques at the same time, Dominic quickly overwhelmed the Air Dragon King. Sensing his imminent defeat, the Air Dragon King decided to use his most powerful technique.


He extended his sword towards his charging enemy and said, “Air Boom Strike!”


A powerful force of wind and energy was released from the palm of his hand and it rushed away towards the target. Dominic was surprised by the technique and he stopped to bring his sword to defend himself against the attacks, but still suffered several cuts on his face, arms and legs for not reacting faster before being pushed back by the intense force.


Shaking his head to clear the dust out of his hair and face, Dominic looked towards his enemy and was astonished to see the Air Dragon King holding his hands up in the air. He was holding a handle made of wind in his hands and extending as far as high into the sky was a really large blade of wind. The intense force of the large sword of wind caused the wind to blow around them wildly.


“Blade of Wind!” the Air Dragon King shouted and he swung the sword down at his enemy.


Smiling with great anticipating, Dominic instantly reacted by holding the Destiny Sword with both hands and aimed its pointed edge at the swinging blade of wind.


“Destiny Blade!” Dominic shouted and he exerted his energy to activate the technique.


In an instant, the blade of his sword glowed brightly in golden colour and quickly extended towards the swinging blade of wind. The two long blades clash forcefully against each other and sent their wielder back, making their feet get dragged on the ground. At the same time, powerful shock waves were sent in all directions, causing the nearby trees to get uprooted and the ground to crumble away.


The Air Dragon King held his long blade of wind firmly with both hands and stared at the long golden blade that his enemy wielded through his black glasses. Dominic held his sword firmly with both hands and readied himself for another clash of forces while he stared fiercely at his enemy. Both long blades emanated intense powerful forces, causing the dust to rise up and sent in all other directions.


“AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” the Air Dragon King roared as he swung his sword down.


“UUURRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” the Sword Titan screamed and he swung his sword down.


Both long swords sailed through the air and smashed into one another with great force. This caused their wielders to be pushed back several meters, but they held their swords firmly in their hands as they pushed forward. Powerful shock waves were being sent in all directions from the clashing of the two forces, causing the ground to shake fiercely and violent sparks to emanate from both attacks.


“I… will not… be… defeated…!” the Air Dragon King shouted as he pushed against with his sword.


Dominic gritted his teeth and stood his ground firmly as he pushed his sword against the long sword of his enemy. At that moment, he heard his enemy shout those words and they made him shale his head in great sadness.


“There is no defeat to those that are guided by justice!” Dominic shouted and he began exerting more force into bring his sword down. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!”


The Air Dragon King was shocked that at the might of the destiny blade as he struggled to push his wind blade forward. His feet sung into the shaking ground, which cracked and got destroyed from the intense force of the attacks. With final exertion of power, Dominic swing the destiny blade down on his enemy, resulting in a very large explosion that sent shock waves and wild blowing wings in all directions.



On the Human Continent, Lakshman was sitting behind his desk in his room and was seen writing something on a paper. Stacked nearly on the side of his desk were a pile of papers that he had to go through. This was something that the new Phoenix Emperor, Zen Phylon, was making him do in order to try and form a peace treaty with the other races.


His pen hovered on the paper as he momentarily paused because he felt he had sensed something. He looked up from his desk and stared at the empty room that he was sitting in with a surprised expression on his face.


“Strange… I could’ve sworn I sensed Dominic’s power coming from somewhere…” he muttered.


“Pardon?” Atem, the angel escort that was following Lakshman around, asked in a curious voice.


“Hmm… Nothing…” replied Lakshman with a puzzled expression on his face as he felt the power of the Sword Titan being exerted from somewhere close by.


He did not have time to dwell on it as the doors to the room opened and several guards appeared. They all had serious expressions on their faces and Lakshman also wore a serous expression to match theirs. The reason for them being there was that he had sent them on an errand in search of something important.


“We have found her body, but you will not be pleased to see her,” stated one of the guards and they all looked down.


Lakshman rose to his feet and nodded once before he said, “Let’s go.”


The guards left the room first, followed by Atem and Lakshman bringing up the rear and closed the doors behind.

Author’s Note


Hey everyone and thanks for reading this chapter. It took me a few days to get the chance to write this because my work schedule had been really pressing hard. So, anyway, I hope that you liked this crazy chapter and will like the future chapters as well as the story continues!


On a side note, I had forgotten to show to you people in the last chapter, but I made another AMV! Here’s the link to it. I hope that you liked it along with this chapter! 😀


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