Dragon Chaser



Upon learning that Dominic Rutherford, the Sword Titan, was captured, Lakshman was surprised and Zen was alarmed while everybody else were shocked.


“The Sword Titan… Captured?”


“He got captured?”


“One of the Nine Pillars of Power?!”




“How could that’ve happened?!”


They were extremely shocked at the fact of him being captured by the worst enemies of the Phoenix Clan. The members of the clan were well informed of the fierce rivalry maintained by their clan and the Dragon Clan, which led them to wage war against each other on multiple times. So, while they were at peace with one another since then, the hatred they shared did not disappear from the boiling blood of their ancestors.


Lakshman looked down at the kneeling form of the Phintex Raja and asked in a serious voice, “Are you certain, for sure, that Dominic was captured by the Dragon Clan?”


The Phintex Raja nodded once and replied firmly by saying, “Yes, your majesty! It is as I said.”


“Mmm…” Lakshman said quietly and he looked down at the grass he stood on.


At that moment, Zen fired up immediately and said in a loud voice, “We must rescue him! He’s the close friend of the Phoenix Titan and that makes him the friend of the Phoenix Clan!”


The clan members, behind them, roared in unison and began saying something similar. They agreed with his words of Dominic being a friend of their clan because he was the friend of the Phoenix Titan.


“Hold on!” Lakshman said in a powerful voice that caused everyone to go silent almost instantly. He turned around and faced them before he said, “Calm down, everyone. There is no reason for any of you to get involved with this matter. This is something I must conduct alone.”


The clan members were instantly outraged and they began to protest, but became silent once more as he raised a hand into the air.


“It seems that he ventured into dangerous territory on a mission I entrusted him with and as such, I must take responsibility of his actions. I will rescue my friend and bring him back safely, but I will not tolerate if anyone dared to bypass me!”


At those words, the clan members became stumped and struggled to find words to counter him. Zen, finally, opened his mouth to speak in a loud, but firm voice.


“Even so, I cannot allow you to travel to rescue the Sword Titan alone!”


Lakshman turned and looked at him serenely before he said, “I am going to disregard your words, Phoenix Emperor.” Zen was startled as Lakshman continued to say, “You have your own mission to accomplish and make sure to focus on it instead. This is an order, Zen! Don’t interfere!”


“What?!” Zen exclaimed in alarm while the others were shocked as well. “B-But—!”


He was cut off when a familiar woman’s firm said in a firm voice, “Then, as the Queen of Floria Kingdom and your wife, leave matters to me here and go with Zen to rescue Dominic.”


Lakshman’s wives were surprised by the words that Venezuela Chand said as she stood behind her husband. She stared at him with a serious expression on her face as he turned around to look at her with an expressionless face.


He paused for a moment before he asked, “Are you sure?”


Venezuela made a small smile on her face and said, “I did lose my only parent, but I have a family to support me now. I’m not alone anymore and that’s why, I can manage things here with both of your absence.”


“Nyaa?” Cantia responded in surprise because she did not expect such words to come out of Venezuela’s mouth.


In her support, Erza stepped forward and said in a serious voice, “That’s right! We don’t need your help and we aren’t going to hold you back! Proceed with what you must do and we’ll do what we can.”


“Yeah!” Emilia, Ondine, Tetra, Silvera and Sumara responded in support and surprised everyone present.


They all turned to look at Cantia and startled her with the serious expressions they were wearing on their faces.


“What? You don’t support your family member?” Silvera asked and a dark expression crossed her face.


Cantia squired in alarm and quickly responded by saying, “No-nyaa! I support Vena-nyaa! I support her-nyaa! Please, stop staring at me with such seriousness-nyaa! I’m going to faint-nyaa!”


As they laughed, Lakshman looked around at them and smiled happily as he said, “Alright. I have no choice, but to comply with the wishes of my wives.”


“Huh?” Zen said with a puzzled look on his face. “You listen to them, but you don’t listen to me?”


Lakshman glanced at him and said, “My wives trump my subordinates. That’s a rule.”


Zeb looked surprised before he smiled and said, “Okay. Let’s get going.”


Lakshman nodded and was surprised when he felt a hand grab his own from behind. Looking around, he was amazed to find that Sonia Angloid, the Princess of the Angels, has extended her hand quickly in an attempt to stop him.


She looked at him with a worried expression on her face as she said, “I don’ think it’s wise to go.”


Sonia was aware of the Dragon Clan and knew of how powerful each and every member of their clan were. Unlike the Angel Race, which had become soft as the times passed, the Dragon Warriors became stronger through time. They managed to defeat the mighty Sword Titan, so she was very concerned for the safety of the man she loved very deeply, but was extremely shy to say it directly to him.


He smiled at her reassuringly and took her hand off his wrist before he said, “It’s fine. I know what I’m doing. Meanwhile, you, your personal maid and Atem stay with my wives until my return.”


Sonia looked alarmed and she began to say, “But—!”


“Stay. Here,” said Lakshman in a commanding voice as he stared fiercely into her eyes.


In an instant, Sonia felt a heavy feeling within her as the movement in her body stopped along with the functionality of her brain. She just stood like a statue while Lakshman said the same thing to Atem and froze the movement and brain functionality of the keen angel observer.


Lakshman and Zen began walking away from the crowd as Lakshman’s wives watched him walking away from them. They were happy that he was going to save his friend and sad that he will be leaving them for a short period of time again. Things are never safe when he was never around for them, but at the same time, they knew of his duty and respectfully stepped aside so that he fulfilled them.


After issuing that Zen stay a few meters away from him, Lakshman clapped his hands together and shouted, “Familiar Summoning: Draga!”


In an instant, a large magic circle appeared in front of him and it was quickly followed by a flash of light. The next moment, the light dimmed and revealed a large living form of a dragon, who was breathing heavily as it snored on the grass.


As the crowd were alarmed at suddenly seeing a dragon being summoned by the Phoenix Titan, Lakshman stared at his sleeping familiar with an exasperated expression on his face. He knew Draga was an extremely lazy dragon and never liked to follow orders, unless it was necessary of him to act. The pride this Spirit Dragon had was large and it made him difficult to control and yet, he knew he was needed in their current situation.


“Um… Phoenix Titan…?” Zen asked slowly as he walked to stand next to him. “Is it wise to summon a dragon to do your biding? I mean, it’s really hard for anyone to control or tame these beats, except those from the Dragon Clan. It is wise to summon him away and instead, summon your second familiar; the powerful Eternal Phoenix.”


Lakshman, without looking at him, said in a clam voice, “He is, most probably, the right familiar to summon, but I doubt anything will get done by him. We’re going to visit the Dragon Clan and we need a dragon to make the introductions, otherwise, we might find ourselves in for a lengthy battle.”


“Oh!” Zen said and he nodded in understanding. “That makes sense.”


Lakshman nodded once and said, “Right.” He raised his voice and shouted, “Draga! Wake up!”


There was a slow reaction from the sleeping dragon and it took him a few seconds before raising its large body slightly to turn its head towards its master. The dragon grunted and opened its eyelids to reveal fierce vertical pupiled eyes as it stared towards the man that ended it sleep time.


“Oh… It’s you…” Draga said telepathically in a sleepy voice.


“Draga! Wake up because there’s work to be done!” Lakshman said in a firm voice.


Draga yawned hugely and telepathically replied by saying, “Ah… Can’t you see that I’m sleeping? Go call the Eternal Phoenix; he’ll do your job like an obedient pet!”


Lakshman, instantly, became really serious and he said in a powerful voice, “Wake up this instance, otherwise, I’ll wake you up with brutal force!”


Draga, who had been about to sleep, froze and turned its large head to stare at his master. He could see the seriousness in his eyes and felt his energy being released slowly, which quickly snapped the dragon awake. It was a power that he had not felt before and it caused him to feel very nervous about disobeying him, unlike the previous times, where it took Lakshman a lot of effort to get him to obey him.


He breathed a heavy sigh and telepathically replied, “Fine. I’m awake. Now, tell me what I’m supposed to do.”


“Take me and my colleague to where the Dragon Clan resides,” said Lakshman in a commanding voice.


“Huh?” Zen thought to himself in surprise and he stared at Lakshman.


“Lakshman,” he whispered desperately as he tried to talk to the Phoenix Titan without drawing his attention. “I know where they are thanks to Dominic; we don’t need this dragon to take us there.”


Lakshman looked around at him and gestured for him to calm down before turning back to face the dragon.


“My friend is in danger and I must rescue him, but he is being held by the Dragon Clan. That’s where you come in and since you’re a majestic Spirit Dragon, the Dragon Clan wouldn’t dare to attack us in your presence. Besides, I’m sure you would provide a valuable support for us in freeing my friend.”


Zen stared at Lakshman with a disbelieving expression on his face while the Phoenix Titan looked up at the Spirit Dragon. The dragon seemed to be thinking about something as it continuously looked up at the sky and down at Lakshman. Finally, it took a few seconds to decide on something and its nostrils flared.


“Fine. I’ll take you,” replied Draga telepathically and Lakshman smiled happily. “Now, stop wasting time and get on!”


“Really… Always want the last word…” thought Lakshman and he chuckled to himself.


He and Zen, who was looking amazed, were surrounded by glowing balls of light and they flew high into the air. Once they landed on the surface of the dragon’s body, the glow disappeared and they sat down to get transported. As Lakshman sat down comfortably on his familiar’s body, Zen continued to stare at him in disbelief.


“Why?” Zen asked simply.


Lakshman smiled at him and simply said, “Weren’t you listening earlier? He’s our support.”


Zen blinked at him in surprise as the Spirit Dragon flapped its large wings and rose into the air. It continued to beat its wings a few seconds, sending wind blowing wind in all directions before flying away towards the island that the Dragon Clan reside at.



Floating high in the sky was the floating continent called the Heaven Continent. On it and inside a certain tall building, someone stood and watched a jet of blazing fire flying into the sky. A moment later, a portal appeared in front of it and the fire soared straight into it before disappearing a few seconds later.


“Mmm… That must be the Phoenix Funeral,” muttered the man as he stared as the fire disappeared. “The Phoenix Clan must’ve held a funeral ceremony of that woman killed by that useless man.”


The man turned around and in the light of the room, he was revealed to be the Angel King, Zex Angloid. The king of the angels walked towards his desk and sat down before breathing a heavy sigh. At that moment, the door to his room opened and a man wearing impressive clothing entered.


Zex looked up and recognising who it was, he made a small smile and said, “Welcome, Ronald.”


The man named Ronald, bowed his head and said, “Your majesty. I came to inform you that the princess has been visiting the surface world twice.”


“Twice?” Zex asked and he looked confused. “Why? What are her reasons?”


“She didn’t say,” admitted Ronald in an apologetic tone. “I believe she isn’t telling you what she’s been up to lately.”


Zex looked perplexed and he muttered, “She’s keeping her doings a secret from me…?” He looked up at Ronald and asked, “You know of something that I don’t?”


Ronald nodded his head once and grimly said, “She’s been visiting the Phoenix Titan.”


The Angel King’s eyes widened in alarm and he asked sharply, “The Phoenix Titan?! Are you certain of that?”


“That’s right. I believe she’s taken a liking to the man after he manhandled the Commandment of Justice. For that reason, I believe, the princess is collaborating with her maid, Natasha, and is visiting him with odd reasons.”


Being informed of that, Zex began biting at his fingers as tension mounted in him.


“Damn,” he said in an annoyed voice. “I had been so busy trying to prove the Phoenix Titan guilty of destroying the Demon Continent, I had forgotten to track my daughter’s movements. Damn you, Natasha…!”


“She disapproved of all the matches that we brought to her and is focused only on the Phoenix Titan. I think it’s obvious how she feels about that man, but we cannot allow them to bond!” Ronald said in a firm voice with a serious look on his voice. “We must not let an Angel and a Phoenix bond!”


Zex gritted his teeth angrily and said, “All this after spending so much time making that pawn of mine try to kill the Phoenix Titan’s family!”


“You mean the pawn that you mind controlled a years or so back?”


“Yes and I went to extensive length to make that pawn really strong by giving him the Berserker Pill! Once I learnt of the Phoenix Titan’s revival, I sent him to destroy his family while holding a trail for him.


He did manage to kill a woman that he had deep hatred towards, but failed to kill her daughter. I had hoped that pawn would be able to kill the Phoenix Titan along with the rest of his family after going through the difficult process of giving him their location without being noticed.”


Ronald nodded slowly and said, “Yes, but that pawn failed and got defeated by the Phoenix Titan. Still, I believe it was a waste of using the Angel Drive Cannon to kill that useless man. Even if he got captured, there’s no way the Phoenix Titan would know how to restore erased memories.”


Zex shook his head and said, “We just don’t know what that man is capable of, so it’s in our best interest that pawn is destroyed. While we were at it, we did try to kill that man, but he was saved due to something we couldn’t understand.”


“I understand that and it was a good thing too because it made Sonia come to me, demanding why we fired at the Phoenix Titan.”


“Yes. You told me that and you told her that our systems malfunctioned and caused the cannon to fire at that location by accident. She believed it since you’re her godfather and she has great trust in you, unlike me whom she distrusts a lot.”


Ronald smiled slightly as he said, “That’s true, but her demanding that we do no harm to the Phoenix Titan made me become suspicious. So, I started investigating of her behaviour for the past two days and what I found made me firmly believe that she’s in love with the Phoenix Titan.”


Zex looked sharply and he banged his hands on his desk as he shouted, “No! She will not love that bastard! He made a fool of us in front of our entire race and easily swept aside one of our strongest warriors like a fly! Besides, we swore never to make contact with the Phoenix Clan after what they had done to us in the ancient times.”


He clenched his fists tightly in rage as Ronald looked at him with a firm expression on his face.


“That’s the decision our ancestors made, but the people are in mind of changing their opinion of him,” said Ronald and alarmed Zex. “His passionate speech stung them in the hearts and they are having second opinion about him being a destroyer. Even the Nine Commandments of Light are changing their opinion of him and are about to declare him innocent.”


“No!” Zex shouted as he jumped to his feet from his chair. He stared at his friend and said, “I must not let that happen! I will uphold the promise I made to my father no matter the cost! Tracker!”


He shouted the last word and in an instant, a cloaked figure appeared standing next to Ronald.


“You called, master?” he asked in a low deep voice.


“Yes,” said Zex in a firm voice. “Where is the current location of my daughter.”


There was a short pause in which the cloaked man sensed the location of the princess.


“Currently, at the household of the Phoenix Titan,” he replied.


“And, what about the Phoenix Titan?” Zex asked sharply.


The cloaked man remained silent for a moment before he said, “Currently, heading away from them. I believe he is riding on a dragon and he flying towards, what appeared to be, a deserted island.”


“I don’t care what he’s doing!” Zex said sharply and the cloaked figure bowed before disappearing in an instant. He turned to Ronald and said, “Prepare the escort party to bring her back and let’s see who gets in our way!”


“Okay, but what do you plan on doing with her once we bring her back?” Ronald asked him curiously.


“My standing in society has been limited due to the authority being mainly passed onto the Nine Commandments of Light,” said Zex with an expression of distaste, “however, that doesn’t apply to my daughter. The people love her and as their beloved princess, they will blindly believe anything she tells them. Through her, we’ll let them know what we want them to think about the Phoenix Titan.”


Ronald looked impressed as nodded approvingly before he asked, “Good plan, but what if she doesn’t do what you tell her to?”


Zex looked seriously at his friend and said, “We’ll make her say it!”


Ronald looked startled and he asked, “You’re going to mind control your own daughter?”


“I will do anything to get things done my way!” Zex said sharply and Ronald looked surprised.


“Is that why you’ve thrown your son away for being born with blue wings?” Ronald asked curiously.


Zex sat down and looked resolutely at his friend as he said, “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a son. Now, enough talking. Get going already!”


Ronald looked saddened for a moment before he recovered and said shortly, “Got it.”


He turned around and was walking away when he was called back by the Angel King.


“While you’re bringing her back, make sure to take the wives of the Phoenix Titan as hostages,” said Zex in a serious voice.


Ronald looked alarmed and he asked, “What?! Take them as hostage?! Why?!”


“Because, I don’t want the Phoenix Titan to interfere with my plans, or anyone for that matter!” Zex said seriously and shocked Ronald greatly. “Don’t give me that look! You know me; I’ll do whatever it takes to get things done in my favour! Now, stop wasting time and get going already!”


Ronald hesitated and made to say something, but realised it would be useless. So, he simply nodded in reply and turned around to walk out of the room. Once he left the room, Zex looked at his hands and realised that they were shaking from nervousness.


“I must not waver now…! This is to fulfil the promise I made to father…!” Zex said firmly and he formed his hands into fists before clenching them tightly in firmness.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. I had been moving from place to place due to work and it’s caused me to delay the release of this chapter. So, I hope that you liked it and will look forward to the next chapter as the story continues!

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