Destiny Queens Battle



Lakshman was angered beyond anything that he had ever been in his entire life and he wanted to take it out on the angels that kidnapped his wife and the ninth Destiny Queen. Unfortunately, he realised that he cannot leave his wives and twin sisters in their unconscious state.


So, controlling his anger with great grit and strength, he took them into the house and placed them on the beds to sleep comfortably. Sleeping in one room were his seven wives and the other were his twin sisters. By the time he had returned downstairs, night had fallen and he walked over to glance up at the moon hovering in the sky that was slowly filling up with clouds and gazed at the floating island.


“I’ll make you regret kidnapping my precious wife!” Lakshman said fiercely with a deadly look on his face.


He wanted to sleep, but he decided against it when the thought of those angels returning to get his other wives crossed his mind. As such, he sat down on a chair and remained seated like that until morning arrive at his doorstep. When the sun rose and shone its brilliant gaze of light into the room, he was shown sitting a little forward with his head hung down slightly with his eyes closed.


A few hours after the sun rose, his house was visited by familiar people and Lakshman relaxed a little knowing who it was.


“Lakshman!” Zen Phylon, the Phoenix Emperor, exclaimed in alarm when he saw Lakshman sitting on the chair with his eyes closed. “Are you alright?”


He quickly came forward, but he was stopped in his tracks when Lakshman raised a hand to stop him.


“Yes. I’m fine,” replied Lakshman as he lifted his head to smile up at how worried Zen looked. “How’s Dom?”


“He’s doing okay,” stated Zen as he walked over to sit on a chair next to Lakshman. “Shalany is sitting next to him and is taking care of him while he recovers. It looks like he was hit by something extremely shocking to create such a heavy burden on all of his nerves. That’s what Shalany told me before proceeding to send out everyone out of their room.”


Lakshman smiled and said, “Of course she would. Any wife would do that so that she and her wounded husband could share some solace together. Besides, it was completely my fault for not ensuring that he doesn’t go after the Dragon Clan.”


“Hey! Stop that!” Zen said sharply with an incredulous expression on his face. “You gave him a mission and he just went out of his way to try and get it done like me. Even if you told him that, I doubt he would’ve listened to it anyway because of who he is.”


“Zen is correct,” said the voice of Amaranda Lefrity, the Magic Titan, telepathically as she just arrived.


“Hello Amaranda,” said Lakshman as he greeted her with a small smile on his face. “Did you sleep well?”


“Quite,” replied Amaranda telepathically in a calm voice. “As for you, I doubt you got any sleep at all from how red your eyes look. Were you awake all night to ensure the safety of your wives?”


Lakshman looked at her in surprise and Zen asked with a puzzled expression on his face, “Huh? Ensure their safety? What happened? Am I missing something?”


Amaranda glanced at him and sighed, causing him to knot his eyebrows together in annoyance. He knew that whenever someone did that to him, it meant that they were not taking him very seriously.


“I arrived just now and felt there was an immense flow of energy swelling around this place. I, instantly, recognised that it belonged to the wives of the Phoenix Titan mixed in with the energy belonging to someone unknown. There could only be one possible reason for them to release such power.”


Zen’s eyes shot up in shock as he realised what she meant and he exclaimed, “No way!” He, quickly, turned to Lakshman and anxiously asked, “Were your wives attacked or something?”


Lakshman nodded and said, “Yes. That’s why I left you and arrived here as soon as possible to save them from a devastating attack from the Heaven Continent’s wave of destruction.”


Amaranda made a serious face and Zen wore an expression full of shock on his face at those words.


“What?!” he exclaimed in disbelief. “They did that to your wives?! How could they—?!”


He was cut off when Amaranda telepathically asked, “How are they? I mean your wives.”


“They are fine,” replied Lakshman with a deep sigh. “Their movement was frozen up and it seemed to be draining them of their energy. So, they are sleeping right now.”


“I’m awake though,” said a soft voice and it came from the stairs.


Hearing those words and realising whose voice that was, Lakshman whipped around in his chair and stared at Ondine. She was slowly walking down the stairs with a small smile on her face, making him feel very relieved. He was so relieved that he jumped to his feet and rushed over to her before hugging her tightly.


Amaranda and Zen formed smiles on their faces at this heartfelt behaviour as Ondine was taken by surprise. Realising that he did not sleep and was worried for their safety since last night, she hugged him back warmly.


After they broke away from each other, Lakshman smiled at her happily and said, “I’m glad to see you’re up and about.”


“I’m up, yes, but not ready to be about just yet,” she said as the two of them walked over to the chairs and sat down. “It seems the defeat we suffered yesterday took a toll on our bodies. The others need to sleep more though because they suffered more damage than I did.”


“Maybe, but what caused that to happen?” Lakshman asked with a serious expression on his face. “When I arrived, your movement was frozen up and it seemed that whatever was keeping you at bay was draining you of your energies! Tell me. Who did that to you all?”


Ondine looked at him for a moment before she said, “Sonia did it.”


At being identified who had caused his wives to suffer defeat and severe injuries, Lakshman was shocked beyond imagination.


Seeing the shock on his face, Ondine grimaced and said, “Truth be told, she didn’t do it on purpose as she seemed to be under mind control.”


“Mind control?!” Lakshman exclaimed in alarm and Odnine sighed heavily.


“Let’s start from the beginning,” she said and she began to fill him, Zen and Amaranda in on what happened during their absence.



Ondine, Venezuela, Emilia, Erza, Cantia, Tetra, Silvera and Sumara held each of their weapons firmly in their hands. Ondine held a two-sided golden trident, Venezuela held a magic staff with a stone hovering at the top of it, Emilia had a magic shield equipped to her left hand, Cantia wore two beast-like gloves, Tetra dual-wielded golden swords, Silvera dual-wielded darkness swords and Sumara held a magic book in her hands.


The wives of the Phoenix Titan stared at their enemy, who out number them by a large amount. Even so, these women were determined to do their utmost in defeating them and shielding Sonia at the same time.


“Spell Bind Hostage!” Sumara cried out and she aimed her hand towards the horde of angels standing in front of them.


In an instant, a large magic circle formed beneath where the angels stood and instantly felt their movement freeze. A moment later, chains erupted out of the ground and wrapped themselves around each of them to ensure they are tied to where they stood. They attempted to try and break free from its clutches, but it proved to be a difficult task as their muscle nerves did not listen to their brain commands.


“It’s best that you stay there until our husband returns. He will know how to deal with you,” said Sumara with a serious expression on her face.


Sonia’s godfather stared straight at them for a moment in silence before he telepathically communicated with them by saying, “Good plan to bind us where we stand. Unfortunately, though, you must replan your strategy in dealing with us, young miss.”


“What?!” Sumara exclaimed in shock as the other girls also shared similar feelings that she felt.


“Mana Canceller,” said Sonia’s godfather telepathically and shocked Sumara.


In an instant, he began to glow brilliantly before the glow got expanded to all sides. The girls were surprised when the magic circle and the chains keeping the angels at bay vanished into thin air.


Breathing a sigh, Sonia’s godfather looked at Sumara and said, “We can do this without fighting. My orders are simply to bring my goddaughter home. If you continue to get in our way, I’ll be forced to take you all hostage.”


“Hostage-nyaa?!” Cantia exclaimed sharply with an angry expression on her face. “Try doing that after taking this! NYAA!!”


She screamed like a wild cat and slammed her beast gloves to the ground, hard. In an instant, the ground shook violently and exploded everything in its path as it surged towards the angels. Alarmed, they quickly swung their wings down and flew into the air to dodge the attack.


“Then, I have no choice. Take them, men,” he ordered and the angels roared in ascent.


The angels swung their wings wide open and shouted in unison, “Angel Ray!”


In an instant, their wings glowed brightly before rays of light erupted and were blasted towards the girls. This time, Emilia made her move by positioning her shield in front of her and activating it with a commanding word.


“Shield Bouncer!”


In an instant, a transparent version of her shield expanded away from her and surrounded all the girls. The rays rained down and upon making contact with the transparent large shield, they got deflected away in different directions. They flew through the air and crashed on the ground, creating small explosions in the process.


Venezuela and Erza raised their staffs into the air and aimed at the angels as they shouted their individual techniques.


“Thunder Clap!” Venezuela said sharply.


“Fire Bomb!” Erza said firmly.


Magic circles began to materialise all around the angels before releasing lightning zaps and fire bombs at them.


The angels, quickly, reacted and shouted together, “Angel Wings!”


In an instant, their wings began to glow once more in that mysterious light before moving them in a defensive mauver. The attacks landed against their wings and exploded, but seemed to have not had any affect as the smoke cleared after the explosions.


“Divide and attack them separately!” Sonia’s godfather ordered the angels.


Following his orders, the angels divided into ten groups and they flew high over the girls before surrounding them in a circle. Each of them aimed their hands down at the girls before saying their individual technique names.


“Angel Bomb.”


“Angel Smash Blast.”


“Angel Bombardment.”


Each of these techniques were fired rapidly down at the girls and caused Emilia to use her shield once more. This time, she was alarmed when the attacks exploded on impact with the shield instead of being deflected. It made her weaken quickly under the heavy pressure of the attack and she began to feel fatigued due to exerting more energy than she originally intended to.


“Energiser,” said Sumara as she held her book with one hand and aimed at Emilia with the other.


Emilia was surprised when she felt her energy being refilled like a tanker of water and she looked towards Sumara with amazement on her face.


“Please, feel free to borrow my energy to protect us,” said Sumara and Emilia nodded wordlessly in appreciation. “In the meantime, I’ll use this. Star Shower.”


With the activation words said out loud, large magic circles began to appear high above the angels. Stars began to rain down on the angels and seemed to explode on contact, causing several of the angels to break away from attacking to block the stars with their swords.


At that moment, Sonia’s godfather aimed his hand down at them and said, “Angel Shock.”


In an instant, a burst of lightning erupted from his hand and soared straight towards the shied. Emilia saw the attack coming and did her best to block it, but was shocked when the attack soared straight through the shield as if it was not there. Before they realised it, the lightning split up into several pieces and began to zap each and every one of them.


As the girls screamed, Emilia’s grip over her shield weakened and it caused the shield to become less active. This caused the attacks from the angels to soar through it and make contact against both the ground and the girls. The result was explosions everywhere and the girls being wounded badly by it.


Sonia was alarmed by seeing them getting hurt because of her and she shouted at her godfather, “Please! Stop this madness, godfather!”


“No!” Sonia’s godfather shouted in a firm voice. “There is no resolution unless you surrender! Angel Bind!”


Gritting their teeth, Venezuela and Erza glared up at him through the pain they were feeling.


“Like hell we will!” they both shouted at the same time and attempted to aim their staffs up at him, but failed because their bodies would not move.


While they were stuck, Sumara desperately thought, “I can use Maga Distrab to destroy the spells he’s using on us, but that would definitely drain me quickly. I’m, currently, lending my energy to Emilia to keep up the shield and while it isn’t blocking all the attacks, it’s reducing the amount of damage we take. At the same time, if I use it, we might not be able to use spells of our own for a while and that’s bad!

She gritted her teeth in frustration and thought, “This is tough…! What am I supposed to do in this situation…?!”


At that moment, she heard Ondine say to her in a difficult voice, “It’s alright, Sumara. I got this.”


Sumara looked into the corner of her eyes and saw that Ondine was standing still with her eyes closed. For a moment, nothing happened, except the shock and pain that the girls were feeling. Then, Ondine opened her eyes dramatically while shouting out a technique name.


“Destiny Release!”


Her trident began to glow brightly before a powerful wave was released. It washed over all of them and released all the spells that were being used on them. Freed from the attacking and binding spells, the girls sighed in relief and Ondine turned to address both Venezuela and Erza.


“Vena and Erza! It’s your show!” Ondine said and she gave them a quick thumps-up gesture with her hand.


Venezuela and Erza were surprised, but they nodded in understanding and then nodded at each other before aiming their staffs up at the angels.


“Hurricane Squal!”


“Roaring Hellstorm!”


Two large magic circles appeared at the top of their magic staff before a hurricane and a firestorm was released. The two attacks roared into the sky just as Sumara managed to aim her hand up at them with her own technique to boost their powers.


“Mega Amplifier.”


With the attacks boosted of their power, they roared into the sky and consumed the angels. Realising that the angels were too shock at seeing the large attacking coming their way, Ondine took that as an opportunity for her to use her own technique against them.


“Destiny Breaker!”


With a shout of the technique name out loud, she pierced the empty air above her and aimed at the angels. A powerful surge of wind and power whooshed away at high speed and reached the angels before the attacks sent by Venezuela and Erza.


In an instant, all of their armours exploded into pieces and shocked each and every one of them. The next instant, the two individual attacks roared up and consumed all of them. Without their armour to protect them, the damage taken by the angels was severe and their screams could be heard to clearly state the magnitude of those two attacks.


The two attacks died down and left the angels scorched and heavily winded as they had difficulty breathing. At the same time, the angels that had been destroying the rain of stars above them, managed to destroy all the magic circles before flying down to join their comrades.


“No mercy will be shown to those that attack us!” Tetra shouted in an angry voice and she exchanged a quick nod of the heads with Silvera in an agreement to attack together.


Both she and Silvera held their swords in front of them and closed their eyes before chanting something.


“I am the spirit of my blade.”


“I am the spirit of my blade.”


With the chant complete, their swords disappeared into particles of light as the girls opened their eyes in a flash. Staring up at their enemies with fierce looks in their eyes, they aimed their hands at them as they executed their individual techniques with a shout.


“Infinite Blast Blades!”


“Infinite Dark Blades!”


From where the angels hovered in the air, two large magic circles appeared high above them. The next moment, blazing swords and darkness swords were launched and the swords travelled towards their targets at high speed.


Several of the angels struck by the first volley of blades were severally injured as the two types of attacks struck their targets and exploded with strong force. They, quickly, reacted and defended themselves with their wings against the swords, but still felt the explosion force their wings attempted to block to their best.


“Here’s one from me-nyaa!” Cantia yelled with a beast-like fierce look on her face.


She used her beast gloves to dig deep into the ground and managed to lift a large portion of it upward. Holding it above her head with firm grip and strong strength, she hurled it towards the angels. After sending it flying, she began digging more and more of the ground before sending them flying at them as well.


The angels were shocked as the large rocks flew towards them and smashed hard against them. Several of them had applied several layers of defence barrier spells to protect themselves, but it still made it difficult to fight back with the rain of swords descending from above.


The girls started to act together in attacking their enemies without any show of mercy. Naturally, they did not intend to kill them because they felt that it would be crossing the line of self-defence. Instead, they chose to try and bring as much pain and injury to their enemies as possible to discourage further conflict against them; the wives of the Phoenix Titan.


While defending himself with strong barrier spells, Sonia’s godfather accessed the situation with a grim expression on his face. The truth of the matter was that he was capable of dealing with the situation, but he did not want to because his opponents were female. Still, it made it difficult for him or his men to act against the ladies under their present predicament, especially after all of their armours were destroyed.


“I never expected these women to be so strong!” he thought to himself while defending himself the best he could. “They managed to destroy our armours and are now turning the table on us! Damn…! I have my orders to follow, but I don’t want to hurt these women and yet, I’m running out of options! Ugh…! What decision could I make under this tough situation!”


He was worried about what decision to make, but he did not know that it was out of his hands. At that moment, he heard a familiar voice speak telepathically to him in a firm manner that got his attention immediately.


“What’s the hold up? What’s taking you so long? I thought I told you to be here with her and the hostages quickly!” the Angel King, Zex Angloid, ordered telepathically.


“Yes, but these ladies are proving to be a tough challenge to overcome!”


“Rubbish!” Zex snapped and Sonia’s godfather flinched. “You’re one of our finest warriors and you’re telling me a measly bunch are giving you a tough time? I know what you’re doing. You’re going easy on them, aren’t you? You fool! Just because they are women doesn’t mean you should show them so much mercy!”




“Whatever! I’ve had enough of this waiting! Use the mind control function that we installed in Sonia when she was just a child. Use it to win this battle and before you return, at least bring along a prisoner if you can. Do it soon, otherwise, you’ll be caught up with the Angel Drive Cannon that’s going to be deployed in two minutes!”


Sonia’s godfather was alarmed by the last words and he desperately thought, “Wait a second! Deploying the Angel Drive Cannon? Why?”

“These women are difficult to handle, so I don’t need them to interfere in the future. That’s why, we must destroy them now while we have the opportunity, otherwise, we may never have this chance again once the Phoenix Titan returns! Now, enough talk. Hurry and get to work!”


With that, the communication through telepathy with the Angel King was over and it left Sonia’s godfather feeling troubled. She did not like the thought of killing innocent people, but he had an obligation to fulfil as he promised that he would follow any order that Zex gave him.


“Very well. I’m left with only one choice now,” he thought finally and he sighed heavily.


He aimed his forefinger directly towards where Sonia stood and muttered, “Mind Collapse!”


In an instant, Sonia said, “Ah,” before life vanished from her eyes. Natasha was alarmed by how limp se had gone and she attempted to awaken her.


Satisfied, he began to mutter words of command as he said, “As your godfather, I’m in control of you now. You are mine to command and you will only obey what I say. Knock out your maid unconscious and freeze the movement of all these women fighting to help you.”


“Yes,” said Sonia in an emotionless voice and she turned to poke firmly against the forehead of her maid.


Natasha was shocked, but she quickly lost consciousness and fell limply to the ground. She, then, turned towards the wives of the Phoenix Titan before clapping her hands firmly. In an instant, all the girls were shocked as their movement was frozen completely and at the same time, they felt their energies were being drained out of them at a rapid pace.


Not a single muscle could move and that included their mouth and eyes, but they still managed to see what was happening. With them unable to main their spells in motion, the attacks disappeared into thin air.


The angels descended slowly towards the ground and landed in front of them with confident looks on their faces. The girls anguished to fight back, but they were frozen like statues and rendered helpless as their enemies converged towards them.


“You left me no choice,” said Sonia’s godfather with a sad look on his face as he walked past them and towards Sonia, who stood at attention as she waited for him.


He ordered the angels to take Natasha and Atem back to their continent and while they were at it, he ordered the angels to take Venezuela into custody. The reason simply being that she was the emperor of the Floria Kingdom and had a greater value to play in the kingdom than the other wives of the Phoenix Titan.


They knocked her unconscious with ease as she could not defend herself and he got Sonia to relieve her from the frozen spell placed on her. As the angels began walking back to where they first landed, he stood in front of the remaining frozen wives of the Phoenix Titan.


“I am sorry that I placed you under this bind, but I had no choice because I am not in a situation that I can explain everything clearly. I am, however, confident that the Phoenix Titan will come to your rescue as my continent prepares to destroy you all. If you have the energy or time to spare, please inform the Phoenix Titan that I will contact him personally about something important.”


With that, he bowed deeply to them before walking over to where the angels all stood in a group. They had managed to get the angels that were knocked out earlier when Ondine attacked them. He threw one last glance at the frozen wives of the Phoenix Titan before a brilliant glow from the continent shined down on them and made them disappear in an instant along with the light.


Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. Once again, it was long and most of its battle related. So, I hope that you enjoyed it and will look forward to more as the story continues

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