Godfather Request

“After that, they fired that massive wave of destruction and it was then you came on time to save us,” said Ondine as she came to the end of her storytelling. “I think you know what happened after that.”

“Yeah,” replied Lakshman with a nod of his head in understanding.

“That is unfair…!” Zen said through gritted teeth with his hands bunched into fists. “What sort of sick bastard would mind control his own goddaughter and leave innocent people to die after taking a hostage!”

“From what has been recounted, it can be assumed that he must’ve had a plan of action in mind,” said Amaranda telepathically with a thoughtful expression on her face. “He did say that he would contact Lakshman sooner or later.”

“What are you saying?!” Zen demanded angrily as he gaze at her with a sharp expression on his face. “Are you perhaps defending his actions by saying he had good intentions behind what he did?!”

Amaranda looked at him with her eyes closed and wore a critical expression on her face before she said, “I am simply pointing out the possibilities because jumping to assumptions and conclusions without positive proof is a negative step.”

“Whatever! That guy cannot be trusted after what he’s done!” Zen said sharply as he folded his arms with a resolute expression on his face. He looked at Lakshman and asked, “You agree with me, right?”

Lakshman thought for a moment before he said, “You have point Zen, however, I also agree with Amaranda about not jumping to assumptions and false conclusions. I, highly, distrust that man after mind controlling Sonia and kidnapping Vena, but I’m willing to give him a second chance if what Amaranda said comes true.”

Zen could not believe what he just heard and he exclaimed, “Are you serious?! You’re going to do that after what he’s done to your wives and especially to your sisters? The poor girls got involved in a matter that did not involve them and almost paid a costly price for it along with your wives!”

In that instant, Lakshman gritted his teeth as he punched his open palm of his left hand with his right fist. This caused a small shock wave to rattle within the room and caused the ground to shake a little. Zen was alarmed by what he did and Ondine looked sadly at him while Amaranda remained calm as she observed him.

“You think I’d let anyone off so easily after what they’ve done?!” Lakshman said through gritted teeth and Zen, suddenly, felt a vibe of the deep boiling anger that the Phoenix Titan was struggling to control. “Normally, I’d pulverise the bastard, but this isn’t the time for violence because I want to make allies with the angels. Besides, Emilia would highly disapprove if I acted on my feelings and took revenge for them.”

Zen, finally, realised why the Phoenix Titan, with all the anger surging within him, was seated so calmly in front of him. It made him feel a little stupid for not realising it himself sooner and this fact made him feel a little ashamed of himself.

“Right. I understand,” he said slowly before falling silent with a sad expression on his face.

The four of them remained sitting in their chairs for a minute or two before something alarming happened. They felt their minds get zapped by something strange and felt their consciousness leaving the surface of reality. Groaning painfully, their minds soared through time and space to enter a different plane of existence.

They opened their eyes and found themselves standing in a large circle of light that was being shone from high above. Everything outside it was shrouded in a mysterious swirling darkness that seemed to be threatening.

“Ugh… What… just happened…?” Zen asked as he clutched his head with a dizzy expression on his face.

“I connected us all with our minds,” said a voice from behind where they stood.

The four of them turned around and saw a man standing on the other side of the circle of light. Lakshman, Zen and Amaranda did not recognise him immediately, but Ondine did as a serious expression formed on her face. Lakshman noticed this and he understood who that man was without needing to ask her any questions.

“You must be Sonia’s godfather,” stated Lakshman and the man bowed slightly in acknowledgement.

“In the spirit,” replied the man with a small smile on his face. “I take it that you’re the Phoenix Titan.”

Lakshman nodded once and asked, “You said you’d contact me, but I didn’t expect to be contacted in the Spirit Plane. In addition, you brought along my wife and friends to listen in on what you’ve got to say for yourself.”

“Very observant,” said Sonia’s godfather with an impressed look on his face. “As would be expected from the man that my goddaughter loves. You’re correct, Phoenix Titan. I connected the minds of you and your allies and brought you all here so that I can converse with you without the risk of being observed.”

“Risk of being observed?” Zen asked and he narrowed his eyes.

“Yes. I’m currently being observed for any suspicious behaviour by the Angel Spy that the Angel King ordered to monitor me. He wants to ensure that I do not pull something behind his back or help my goddaughter in bringing her to the man she loves dearly.”

“I see,” said Lakshman with a nod of understanding. “Before we continue talking, tell me what you’ve done with my wife!”

Sonia’s godfather nodded his head once and said, “She’s with us and is currently imprisoned under the highest security possible. Imprisoned along with her is Sonia’s maid and the angel that had been observing you the past few days.”

“Huh? You had those two locked up as well?” Zen asked with an angry look on his face. “You really are a bastard with no heart!”

Sonia’s godfather blinked at him in surprise and said, “Hold on. I think you’re misunderstanding something here. I didn’t order them into being imprisoned; the Angel King did.”

Lakshman looked surprised as Zen scathingly said, “Yeah right. You expect me to believe that ridiculousness!”

“You are misunderstanding him, Zen,” said Lakshman and Zen and Ondine looked at him in surprise. “He speaks the truth about the Angel King being the one who ordered their imprisonment.”

Amaranda looked at him with an impressed expression on her face as she said, “Impressive. You have a high level of Elemental Sense to detect whether he speaks the truth or not.”

Lakshman formed a small smile on his face before he turned back towards to face Sonia’s godfather, who seemed to be relieved that he believed in him.

“Now, it’s clear that you did all this by the orders that the Angel King issued to you, but it still leaves me puzzled about something,” said Lakshman with a puzzled expression on his face. “Why do you go through such trouble to obediently do whatever that man tells you to do? Putting your goddaughter under mind control and attacking my wives and then kidnapping one of them.”

“You’re right, Lucky,” said Ondine in a serious voice as she stared fixedly at Sonia’s godfather. “Even as he fought, I felt that he did not take the battle very seriously with how sloppily they defended themselves. It’s as if he was carrying out the orders given to him without actually putting his heart into carrying the orders out.”

“Yes,” replied Lakshman and he nodded as he glanced sideways at his wife before looking back at Sonia’s godfather. “Tell us your story of why you follow that man’s orders so blindly. Say it, otherwise, I cannot believe anything you have to say to me in the future!”

His last words came out as a demand and the four of them looked straight towards Sonia’s godfather. He looked at them with a surprised expression on his face before forming a small smile on his face.

“Very well,” he said finally with a deep sigh. “I do his every bidding because of a promise I made to him a long time ago. A time before Sonia was born and during the time when we were still young adults.”

He took a deep breath and began to tell his story to them in a quiet, but firm voice.

“He came from a rich family because his late father was the previous Angel King while I came from a poor family. Still, I was happy with my parents and the only sister that was like a gift to me. That was, until, the previous king passed away and the sword to choose the king materialised in my hands. The mighty Excalibur chose me as the new Angel King and it was then that I met Zex for the first time.”

Lakshman was shocked at what he just heard while Zen, Ondine and Amaranda appeared to be clueless to what it meant. The Phoenix Titan knew that when an Excalibur chose someone, it meant that person was of high calibre and was the chosen king of the angels in the ancient time. It appeared that the same custom was being followed to the present day and Lakshman continued to listen as to why Zex became king instead of the man standing before him.

“Zex threatened my family and said that he’d destroy them utterly if I did not ensure that he becomes the Angel King. He adamantly stated that it was to fulfil the promise he had with his father and that he would kill to get anything he wants with the power he has at his disposal.

I had no choice in the matter and it was then that I made a vow that I would obey his every command without fail. At the same time, he took interest in my sister’s beauty and kindness, marrying her and eventually becoming the Angel King while I served by his side as his attendant. I can allow him to only hold the sword while I’m the only one allowed to unleash its full force.

Then, my sister died of heart failure several years after giving birth to Sonia and from then on, I had been taking care of. During her upraising, I ensured that I am the only one who could mind control her because I feared her life would be in jeopardy if someone else managed to control her mind. That child is happy, pure and loving of everything related to her and this includes her father even if she doesn’t show those emotions.”

“I see,” said Lakshman and he nodded his head with a grim expression on his face. “You had your goddaughter put under your control because you feared that her father would use it on her. It explains why your actions were puzzling when my wife informed me of the actions you took in your battle against them.”

Sonia’s godfather nodded in appreciation with a small smile on his face before wearing a serious expression on his face as he stared at Lakshman.

“Yes, but we don’t have much time for, you see, Zex is holding Sonia’s wedding tomorrow and you must breakup this wedding, or the life of my goddaughter will be in jeopardy! For, you see, the groom to marry her is none other than the Commandment of Justice, Ford!”

“Ford?!” Lakshman exclaimed with an incredulous expression on his face. “The king wants to get her married off to that guy?!”

“That’s right. Zex got suckered into agreeing to the marriage because he honestly believed that Ford loves Sonia. That’s all nonsense because I knew Ford from when he was just a kid and I know of how much of an ego he has running in his system. The defeat you handed to him in front of everyone, including the populace of the Heaven Continent, left him feeling ashamed. I’m sure it made him decide to marry their beloved princess and get back his popularity with it.”

Lakshman gritted his teeth in anger and said, “That arrogant fool… Doing whatever he pleases… It seems that I’m going to need to put him in his place again. Sonia is mine and anyone that dare to approach her will be punished severely, even if her father is the king of a race!”

Sonia’s godfather blinked at him in surprise before smiling and saying, “Oh… It seems the Phoenix Titan also feels strongly about the love he shares for my goddaughter. I’m glad.”

Lakshman looked at the man and said, “I don’t care whether you approve of a union of an angel or a phoenix, but we are fated to be together. That’s what our destiny’s been ever since we failed to connect our love in the ancient times.”

“Most would be against it, but it’s the decision of the youngsters to take,” said Sonia’s godfather with a warm smile on his face. “That’s what the rules of the Angel Race dictates, however, you will soon find that Zex changes rules and even breaks some to have things in his favour.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to resolve everything without brute force,” said Lakshman and he looked a little disgruntled. “Still, it looks like I’ve got no choice, but to force this matter, otherwise, I wouldn’t get anyway.”

“True, but you are in the correct because you are doing what is right to get the woman, you love, to be with you,” replied Sonia’s godfather with a small nod of his head. “Do what you must and never falter, otherwise, you’ll end up regretting it for life.

“I understand,”

“One more thing,” said Sonia’s godfather and he looked seriously at him. “Do not expect me to fight by your side. It’s because—.”

“Yeah. I know,” said Lakshman as he cut across the man with a sad smile on his face. “It’s sad, but you’ll probably end up fighting against me because of the orders that fool of a king will give you.”

“That’s right and please remember, I will fight you to my utmost while being fully armoured wearing my Angel Armour.”

“Yeah and…? Am I supposed to be afraid?” Lakshman asked with a confident look on his face and surprised Sonia’s godfather. “Even if you fight me to your fullest, it’ll still win at the end. That’s why, I’ll come only with my two Sacred Spirit wives to deal with the opposition that I’ll be facing.”

“Huh?!” Zen exclaimed in shock. “You’re going to go alone?!”

“I am and no one’s going to argue about it!” Lakshman declared in a firm voice. “I want you to stay behind and deal with matters that might rise up in my absence. Also, make sure to spend time with your family because Sasha will be hurt if you keep hanging around me all the time.”

“Oh…” said Zen shortly as understanding dawned on him.

Sonia’s godfather looked at Lakshman in amazement as he smiled at him in satisfaction and said, “It’s good the Phoenix Titan understands the heart of a married woman.  Now, remember that the wedding is going to take place tomorrow evening.”

Lakshman pointed at him with a confident expression on his face before he said, “I’ll be there. Count on it.”

Sonia’s godfather nodded in appreciation to those words and said, “Thank you and now, I’ll take my leave. Please, prepare whatever you want to do tomorrow today so you are well prepared. After all, you’re going to be marching in and breaking up a wedding between the Commandment of Justice and the Angel Princess.”

With that, the man bowed deeply to Lakshman and disappeared in an instant. The next thing they knew, their minds left the Spirit Plane and returned to the Physical Plane, where their bodies were seated on chairs.

Lakshman breathed a heavy sigh and said, “This is going to be annoying to break up their wedding, but what choice do I have?” He looked around at them all and curiously asked, “Does anyone have any idea what to do about tomorrow’s special event?”

“Do what you got to do,” replied Amaranda telepathically with a smile on her face. “No one’s going to disapprove of your actions of breaking up a wedding of the woman you love, especially when she loves you, but is being forced into the marriage.”

“Great reply, Amaranda,” said Lakshman in an appreciative voice. He turned to Ondine and asked, “What do you think?”

Ondine looked at him with a raised eyebrow and spoke with a sharp glint in her eyes.

“We risked our necks in attempting to protect the ninth Destiny Queens from falling into the enemy hands. In the process, one of our own was taken hostage and if you don’t act now to break that wedding up, none of us will be happy with you. I think Cantia will scratch you up wildly and Emilia will not feed you for a month if you don’t succeed!”

Lakshman chuckled and said, “You’re right about that. Still, I don’t think Emilia will be happy that, once again, everything’s going to be settled through violence.”

“Yes, but it can’t be helped,” replied Ondine with a shrug of her shoulders. “Besides, it’s easier for you to do that than sort to the complex process of diplomacy.”

Lakshman chuckled and said, “Diplomacy? I wonder if that process ever worked for me before.”

As he and she laughed, Zen looked at them with a confused expression on his face before he said, “Um… I didn’t get anything that happened just now…”

Amaranda chuckled to herself as Lakshman and Ondine turned to eye him with looks of amazement on their faces. They could not believe that the newly appointed Phoenix Emperor was lost by the events that quickly transpired before him.

“Well, there’s no point in explaining what can’t be understood by your small brain,” said Amaranda telepathically and Zen glared at her angrily at the joking insult she made about him.

“Anyway, Zen!” Lakshman said and Zen turned his attention towards him. “Today’s the day that I have a meeting with the kings of other kingdoms, right?”

“Yes. You’ll be meeting up with them in the afternoon,” replied Zen with a nod of his head.

“Good,” said Lakshman and he nodded his head with a satisfied look on his face. “Once my talk with them is over, I’ll head over to Dom and heal him up so that he comes over to protect my wives in my absence. Twice my wives were in danger in my absence, so I don’t plan on leaving them defenceless a third time!”

“Please do because I doubt that we can fight in our current state,” stated Ondine with a look of relief in her face.

As Lakshman smiled at her, Zen looked at her in amazement before he asked, “I’m amazed that you aren’t stating that you wanted to go along with him to the Heaven Continent to help him out.”

Ondine shook her head and said, “Tetra and Silvera will be with him, but other than that, he doesn’t need our help considering how powerful he’s become after his full powers got unleashed.”

“Ah. Okay,” said Zen and he nodded in understanding.

“Now then, let’s go Zen. We got work to do,” said Lakshman and he rose to his feet. As Zen rose to his feet as well, Lakshman turned to Amaranda and requested, “Can you, perhaps, stay here and watch over my wives for me? I didn’t want to heal them after a difficult battle they faced, so I’d appreciate it if you could heal them for me.”

“Of course,” she replied telepathically with a nod of her head.


Nodding in reply without saying a word, Lakshman bid his wife farewell and left the house with Zen.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thanks for reading this chapter. It’s a bit short compared to the usual ones, but I didn’t want to address the wedding part just yet because the sequence of actions will be very quick. So, I hope that you liked it and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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