Clash of Wills

The next morning, Lakshman woke up and yawned hugely before leaving the room. He had slept in the guest room while his wives slept in the master bedroom because he arrived home late last night. His sister, on the other hand, slept in the side room with beds laid on the floor.

So, not wanting to disturb their sleep, he decided to spend the night in the guest room all by himself. The reason for him coming home late was because of the ample amount of paper work and meetings he had to attend.

After returning to the kingdom’s castle with Zen, Lakshman had to sit through a mountain load of paper work regarding the recent damage their capital had sustained. He signed several documents that made the government obliged to pay for the repairs being done to the properties, buildings and land of the people living in the kingdom. Lakshman felt obliged because, as their king, he had failed to protect his people when they needed him.

Once that was over, he headed over to the meeting with the other kings of the other two kingdoms while being accompanied by Zen. Upon arriving, he noticed that there were a large number of delegation from each of the kingdoms, but no familiar faces to be seen. It was then that Zen informed him that the past kings had either retired or replaced by the elections.

“Bummer… I wanted to meet my friends…” muttered Lakshman with a disappointed expression on his face.

Upon seeing him enter, whispers began to course through the room about seeing him alive. Lakshman headed over to his seating position and sat down while ignoring the comments they were making about the recent events that had transpired in the Floria Kingdom.

“Let’s get this started,” said Lakshman in a commanding voice as he wore a serious expression on his face.

The meeting began with the other two kingdoms speakers asking their questions about why he was unable to fight the calamity titan, why he allowed the Rodfox Kingdom to perish and where he had disappeared to for ten years.

Lakshman responded to their questions by dutifully answering them because he saw no point in hiding the truth. Many were sceptical by what they heard and were unsure whether to believe that he had been frozen in time for ten years.

After that, the people asked him of what had transpired at the Demon Continent, why he failed to defeat the Calamity Titan when he was given the chance. To this, Zen got very angry, but Lakshman calmly explained the situation he had been in and while he was at it, he revealed the war that the Calamity Titan had proclaimed against the Phoenix Titan.

“A Phoenix Calamity War?!”

Many of them were shocked and looked very apprehensive by the sound of those words because they knew, first hand, the fearsome powers of the Calamity Titan.

“That’s right,” said Lakshman by nodding his head in ascent. “We must fight this war to save our world and we can only achieve victory by fighting by uniting with the world! That is to say, we must join together with the other races for this war!”

The people were shocked and the two kings exclaimed at the same time, “Have you gone mad?! The other races join together with us to fight in this personal war of yours?!”

Lakshman narrowed his eyes sharply and said, “This is not a personal war. The Calamity Titan is involving me, my clan and the rest of the world in this war plan that he sketched and believe me, it is dangerous.

They began to murmur and while it was inaudible for most people, Lakshman had a perfect hearing. It allowed him to distinctly hear what exactly they had to say about him. Some of the things he heard made him not like and appreciate, but the ones that stung him made him sigh deeply.

“He’s insane!”

“Yes. All these years of absence from the world made him lose his mind.”


“Well, I suppose he, who was looked up to by the people, has no real chance of defeating the Calamity


“So much for the tough warrior background we’ve been led to believe.”

“What a weakling…!”

“Yeah. So much for ‘the phoenix that rises from the ashes in the name of freedom and justice’ crap!”

“It’s probably why he wanted the entire world to unite to fight in his personal war.”

“Personal war…! Yeah right…! No chance of that ever happening…!”

Lakshman was not surprised because he was expecting them to think exactly in those lines. Looking around, he saw that every single eye laid on him had a look that clearly stated their disdain towards him. They did not think of him being capable and even less than what the people made him out to be.

So, without saying a word, he began to surge with power and caused the room to quake with tremendous force. The ground shook violently and caved in a bit as multiple cracks formed on the floor where they were seated.

The people inside and outside were alarmed by the tremendous force at which Lakshman had unleashed his powers. They stared at him in disbelief because they could not believe that the Phoenix Titan possessed a power that was equal the power they sensed radiating from the Calamity Titan.

Lakshman looked at them seriously and said, “I was weak before, but not anymore. You should know because you feel my power surging within this room!”

Thy were shocked and instantly became frightened that they would threaten them into submission.

One of them stood up and pointing a shaking finger towards him, the man shouted, “Go on! Scare us if you want! We aren’t afraid of a weak pathetic trashing scumbag like you!”

Another man joined in and shouted, “You let so many people die and you think you’ll scare us just by putting some cracks in the room we’re in?!”

They were clearly expecting the Phoenix Titan to either persuade them or threaten them into joining his cause. That, however, was not what Lakshman had in mind. He did not threaten them and he certainly did not bother to try and convince them otherwise. Instead, he rose to his feet with an utter disappointed expression on his face as he stared at them all.

“I came here with hopes of uniting all of us under a single cause, but now I know I’m dealing with fools.”

With those words, Lakshman powered down and rose to his feet in a simple manner. Turning around, he began to walk away as Zen tried to keep up with him after hastily rising from his chair. Just before leaving the room, however, Lakshman turned around and glanced at them one final time.

“I want to think one thing: Are you willing to allow the Calamity Titan destroy all that you know?”

The people blinked at him in surprise and Lakshman, without another word, turned around and left the room with Zen. After walking for a few minutes in silence, Zen looked at the quiet Phoenix Titan and formed words in his mouth to say them.

“I think it would’ve been a better choice to convince them in my opinion rather than lash out at them with your awesome powers. I mean, the two kings are really strong and they could’ve proven themselves as our allies If we just fought together.”

Lakshman came to a slow stop and turned around to look at Zen with a firm expression on his face.

“I’m a king; not a salesman. They are either with me or they are destroyed by their own stupidity. Besides, if they are as strong as you suggest, they would’ve joined us and stopped the evil that would destroy all that we know, love and care about.”

“Oh…” replied Zen while looking disheartened.

Lakshman smiled a little at him and patted his shoulders as he said, “Don’t worry. A mind of a living person is a fickle thing; it can change rapidly with each thought they produce. If what I think is going to happen, I wouldn’t worry about it because it’s for the good.”

With those parting words, Lakshman walked away into the distance and left Zen standing there with a stunned expression on his face.

Lakshman sighed with a dull expression on his face as he slowly walked down the stairs after remembering what had occurred the previous day. Entering into the kitchen, he got himself a glass of water and quickly drank it before drinking some more to conquer his thirst. Once he was done, he left the kitchen and slowly walked over to the living room.

“I told Zen to keep in touch with the kings and their delegations to ensure the relationship of the kingdoms are not jeopardised,” he thought before sighing deeply once more. “Anyway, what’s the time?”

Thinking that, Lakshman looked up at the large Crystal Clock that was hung on the overhead wall. The clock displayed a glowing light in the large eighth crustal and a glowing shine in the small zeroth crustal. This meant that the time was currently eight in the morning, which made him smile a little.

“Eight in the morning? I’m amazed I woke up so soon,” he muttered before chuckling to himself and sitting down to relax on a chair.

He quietly immersed himself in his thoughts about the things that were to happen that day. It was an important day because it involved him breaking and entering into the Heaven Continent to break up a wedding between the Angel Princess, Sonia Angloid and the Commandment of Justice, Ford.

This was because he loves Sonia and she loves him, but more important, she was the ninth and the last Destiny Queen. So, he cannot afford to miss out on saving his lover and taking this opportunity to humiliate the man that dared to try to take the hand of his lover before him.

“I hope they are doing their preparations well because it’s going to be one hell of a drama after I crash their wedding,” said Lakshman and he grinned a little with a sheepish expression on his face.

While he was grinning, he felt his consciousness leaving the surface of the Physical Plane and enter the Spirit Plane. After finding himself standing in the circle of light like usual, he looked ahead to see Sonia’s godfather.

“Hey, Godfather. How’s it going up there?” Lakshman asked in a casual cheery voice.

Sonia’s godfather raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, “I’m not your godfather; I’m Sonia’s.”

“Sorry, but I don’t know your name and your title’s is all that I got to go with,” replied Lakshman with a small sniff of his noise. “So, what made you contact me all of a sudden?”

The Godfather immediately became seriously annoyed at him as he asked, “Actually, I want to ask you why you’re still wearing those absurd looking clothes? Why the hell aren’t you dressed yet?!”

Lakshman blinked at him in surprise and replied, “Stop getting so annoyed. I just woke up for crying out loud.”

“I am annoyed because I assumed that you’ve forgotten what today’s about!”

“I remember; Sonia’s wedding with Ford. How could I forget the wedding of my beloved future wife, but there’re no worries. After all, the wedding will be held in the evening and I have plenty of time to have breakfast, lunch and take a warm comfortable bath before having—.”

The Godfather grew increasingly annoyed with Lakshman’s casualness before his temper erupted, causing him to cut across Lakshman in mid-sentence.

“I’m sorry to blow your bubble, but you’re making a mistake by following the old traditions of the angels that you might know from the ancient times. The customs have changed and the modern angels get their wedding fixed early in the morning.”

Lakshman blinked several times at him with his eyes widen before he asked, “Uh… Just how long do I have before the wedding takes place…?”

The Godfather gritted his teeth angrily before he replied by saying, “You… idiot…! You have less than an hour!”

Lakshman stared at him in disbelief before he exclaimed, “Are you freaking kidding me?!”

“No, I’m not!” the Godfather replied with a shake of the head. “So, hurry up and change out of those ridiculous clothing and get dressed properly so that you meet style and glamour!”

“Stop commenting on me, Godfather! These are just my nightwear!” Lakshman retorted irritably. “Anyway, I’ll be there soon, so don’t interrupt me by contacting me again!”

“Very well and best of luck breaking the wedding up!” the Godfather said in a firm voice. “Just so you know, she’s still under mind control, but I will permanently terminate it once she and you get to safety! Understand?”

“Yes,” replied Lakshman and he nodded in understanding.

The Godfather nodded back without saying a word before deactivating his powers keeping them there. Lakshman felt his consciousness return to the Physical Plane and he sighed heavily as beads of sweat began forming on his face. He did not expect to face a bomb shell that was suddenly dropped at his doorstep while he was unaware of everything.

“Damn…! This just isn’t my lucky time…!” he said in an annoyed voice and he punched his hands together in frustration.

Lakshman quickly went into shower and came out several minutes later to wear a new set of clothes. By the time he was back in the living room, nothing has changed and it had already been half-an-hour since the Godfather contacted him.

He checked the time one last time and cursed that half-an-hour had already gone by with a frustrated expression on his face. With tension in the air, he began to leave the house when he suddenly remembered that he needed weapons.

“Tetra! Silvera! Come!” he said in a commanding voice.

Tetra and Silvera, who had been sleeping upstairs peacefully, suddenly shuddered in surprise. The next moment, the two of them turned into balls of light and flew out of the room, down the stairs and into his hand. With a flash of light, they formed into their Sacred Spirit weapon forms; Tetra turned into the Phoenix Blade sword and Silvera transformed into the Demon Slayer sword.

“Huh…?” Tetra said telepathically in a puzzled voice in his mind.

“Wha…?” Silvera said telepathically in a confused voice in his mind.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, but I didn’t have time to be gentle about it,” he said to them with a serious expression on his face. “We have a battle to win!”

“A battle so early in the morning?” Silvera asked and she sounded puzzled.

“Yes,” replied Lakshman as he exited the building and stepped into the sunlight.

Waiting for him outside was the Magic Titan, who appeared to be sitting on a chair made of flowing air. Lakshman thought it might be uncomfortable to be sitting on empty air, but he would not know because he never experienced it. Lying outside and sleeping noisily was the gigantic turtle that was the familiar of the Magic Titan.

“Good luck acquiring your love,” she wished him telepathically.

“Thanks and please, keep my wives from harm’s way,” he requested and she nodded in understanding.

The original plan involved the Sword Titan in protecting his wives, but Dominic was still recovering when Lakshman visited his home. It would have been quicker to use Restoration to heal the man, but it would also have left him feeling strained due to his injuries not healing by themselves. Thus, he turned to Amaranda for help and she happily accepted the request.

“I am happy to help you because I owe you for training me,” she had said after agreeing.

Lakshman smiled one last time at the blinded armoured high elf before turning to face up at the floating continent. The Heaven Continent did not show the slightest sign of change or difference, which made his smile to disappear. Instead, his face was replaced by a serious expression as the time for action has arrived.

“Time to break up that wedding for good,” he said firmly with a determined expression on his face.

“Alright. Let’s get your lover back!” Tetra said telepathically to him in response to his words.

“Let’s go. We don’t have to chitchat,” replied Silvera telepathically.

His wives had been informed about the plan that he had prepared yesterday by Ondine and he was amazed at their bonding. It still surprised him a little to think that all of his wives now have their memories of their time together in the ancient times.

Lakshman formed a small smile on his face as he said, “Right.”

With that, he began to surge with power and it created wild blowing winds and sent shock waves in all directions. The next moment, he kicked off the ground and rocketed into the sky at high speed as he soared straight towards the floating continent known as the Heaven Continent.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thanks again for reading this chapter. I wanted to get straight to the important story parts, but I didn’t feel the story would flow smoothly without going through the detail of what happened in the meantime. So, I took this chapter as a simple way of writing what happened to fill everyone in before we moved on. That’s why the chapter was short as the chapter involving a lot of things happening would be large like all the other chapters. So, I hope that you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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