Crash In

Lakshman soared upwards at high speed and headed straight towards the floating continent known as the Heaven Continent. His mission was to break up the wedding between the girl he loved and rescue his wife that his lover’s father kidnapped.

Honestly, he wanted to quickly rescue Venezuela first, but it would give everyone the chance to become alert and create obstacles in his way. So, he decided to break up the wedding first and it was also due to there not being enough time left with less than half-an-hour left before the wedding, he had to act fast.

Just then, he heard Silvera voice in his mind say, “A barrier’s erected around the continent.”

“Not a barrier; lots of barriers!” Tetra added in a sharp serious voice.

Lakshman looked up and said, “Elemental Sight.”

In an instant, everything in his sight and surroundings lost their colours and became grey coloured. With the help of that technique, he saw that there were large layers of barrier spells surrounding the continent. It was also then that he noticed a thin layer of cyan coloured line positioned in front of the pink lines.

“I see; an anti-counter spell,” thought Lakshman with an understanding look on his face. “Clever. This ensures that I can’t break free by using Maga Distrab. No matter. I’ll just break through with brute force.”

“Are you serious?!” Tetra and Silvera exclaimed and he smiled in return.

“Seriously,” he replied in his mind confidently.

He sheathed his swords that were attached to his sides and clenched his right fist firmly. As he neared the barriers, he pulled his fist back and began to gather power into it. The gathering took only a few seconds and once it was ready, he unleashed his at the barrier while shouting the technique name out loud.


His right fist, instantly, got encompassed by burning flames that got released upon making impact against the barrier. There was a sudden surge of wind, energy and force that sent them all in all directions as the struggle between his fist and the barrier ensued. The next moment, he blasted the barriers into pieces and continued fly upward.

“Agrakili… I forgot you knew that insanely powerful technique,” said Silvera in his mind and she sounded like she was impressed by him using it.

“Of course he would know; he does have memories of his past life in the ancient time,” said Tetra irritably.

“Yes, but I’m still unable to use my strongest techniques, but that maybe just me being a Sacred Spirit,” suggested Silvera and she sounded sad.

“There’s no doubt about it,” replied Tetra and she sounded rather gloomy.

Lakshman chuckled and thought, “Girls. Get it together. You two are already stronger than most and if you want a demonstration, remember what you’ve done and achieved in this life and your past life.”

“You don’t have to tell us that!” the two of them retorted and he chuckled heartily once more as he continued flying towards his destination.

On the continent, there was a certain building and inside it was a group of angels that were lying on the ground. The walls above them appeared to have caved in a little as if a great force has blasted them into the walls. Several of them were crawling around weakly because the shock their bodies sustained had knocked their nervous system into turmoil.

“What… insane power…?”

“He’s… a monster…!”

“Extremely… powerful…”

Several managed to sit up straight while leaning their backs on the wall before they spoke quietly to each other.

“Yeah. He… managed to destroy all 600 barriers we… we erected by pooling our powers together.”

“Yeah and he… did it with… ease…”

“Quick… Someone… warn the Angel King…”

At those words, they looked at each other and groaned before shaking their heads. They were assigned by Zex there to stop Lakshman from reaching the continent at all costs. Unfortunately, they polled all the strength they possessed into creating 600 barriers and they were all destroyed with a single punch. Rendered weak from the aftereffects, none of them felt they had the energy to inform him about it.

“Still, there’s the second line…” one of them said ominously and the rest suddenly smiled confidently.

Lakshman reached the continent and flew around it to reach the top by flying any an incredible speed. He reached a great height in a minute and it made him enjoy the view as he floated momentarily in mid-air. The next moment, he was shocked when an electric energy blast bypassed him at a very close range.

Turning around in mid-air, he was startled to see a large number of angels flying airborne. They flew towards him and Lakshman could see that each and every one of them were surrounded by red light. It indicated that they were his enemies because he still had his Elemental Sight magic spell active.

“The terrorist is here!”

“Quick! Attack!”

“Don’t let him out of your sights!”

Those shouted were got carried by the wind and reached his ears, stunning him greatly.

“Terrorist…? Me…?” he questioned himself with a surprised look on his face.

“I suppose your future father-in-law saw to it that you’re treated as a terrorist by manipulating people,” said Tetra in a serious voice. “I don’t know how he achieved it or whether these people know if it’s you or not, but we have a problem already!”

“Curse that man!” Lakshman thought angrily. “First he kidnaps my wife and now, he’s labelled me a terrorist?!”

“Be surprised later and start dodging already!” Tetra snapped and he was startled by her loud voice in his mind.

As he was pulled back to reality, he began dodging at high speed as light bullets, electric balls and several other attacks flew towards him. The large group of angels’ open fired at him with a rapidity that stunned him because it did not give him time or room to do anything else.

“I sense her,” said Silvera in his mind as she figured the distance that separated them from her. “We’re only 2800 kilometres away from the place she’s getting married at.”

“Damn…! We’re so close…!” Lakshman said in an extremely frustrated voice. “We’re so close!”

He continued to dodge for a few seconds before stopping dodging in mid-movement to cross his arms in front of him. In an instant, a ball of light formed around him like a barrier and it stopped their attacks from penetrating and they got diverted away in other directions.


He spread his arms wide dramatically while shouting the technique name out loud and caused a light wave of energy to be sent in front of him. The large groups of angels saw the incoming wave of attack and retaliated by extending their strong arm in front of them and releasing a large wave of destruction.

The two attacks charged towards each other at high speed and collided at centre, causing both sides to apply as much force as they could. Their struggle lasted for a few seconds before the clashing forces exploded and created a wild blowing wind and shock wave to be sent in all directions. As the smoke slowly cleared, the angels were stunned when Lakshman was nowhere to be found.

“Over there!” one of them shouted and the rest followed the directions their comrade indicated.

Sure enough, Lakshman could be see flying at low altitude as he headed towards the wedding hall. Not willing to let their prey get away, the large golden-winged angels gave chase after him. Sensing them nearing him at an alarming rate that he did not expect, Lakshman stopped in mid-flight, clapped his hands together and shouted the technique name out loud.

“Thousand Army!”

There was an instantaneous flash of light that momentarily blinded everyone’s sight and when it cleared, they were stunned to see over a thousand of Lakshman visible in front of him.

“What in the world…?!”

“So many…!”

“Alright me! Split up!” the many copies of Lakshman shouted at the same time.

The next moment, they began to split up and head in every direction possible so as to confuse the angels, who were confused by the sheer number of them. The group attempted to try and identify which of them was the real one, but the advanced technique Lakshman used had allowed his copies to be identified the same as the original.

As the angels began to panic, their captain shouted, “Don’t panic! The Angel King had said the terrorist would try to head over to the wedding of the Angel Princess and the Commandment of Justice. So, we must assume that the real one is heading over there as well!”

“Sir! There are ten of the terrorist heading towards the wedding hall!” one of them informed the captain and several others chorused their agreement as they also saw the copies.

“Good! Let’s follow them, but just in case, split up so we are evenly following each and every single copy of the terrorist!” the captain ordered in a firm voice.

“Yes sir!”

They shouted in response and immediately spit up into several groups to follow the Lakshman copies that were flying in every direction. As they flew away and disappeared into the distance, the real Lakshman removed the cloaking magic spell he had been using to stay out of sight while, at the same time, making sure his pursuers would not detect his presence.

“This became so difficult…!” he muttered with a disgruntled expression on his face.

“It’s quite strange that they think you’re a terrorist, especially when they can clearly see that you’re the Phoenix Titan,” said Tetra in his mind in a puzzled voice. “It does not make sense.”

“I think it can be explained if you notice that all of them were under some sort of illusion spell,” suggested Silvera and surprised both Lakshman and Tetra. “I think they are made to assume you are a terrorist by seeing you instead of recognising you as the Phoenix Titan.”

“Oh… Now that you mention it, I did sense a slight presence of a magic spell being active on all of them,” replied Tetra as she came to the same realisation.

“Whatever’s the case; I have fifteen minutes left and I need to get there before that time!” Lakshman said sharply.

He began to fly around the area to reach the wedding hall from behind so as to not attract the attention of his pursuers that were chasing ten of his copies.

The Godfather was standing firmly beside the Angel King, who was seated on a throne-like chair at the front. The wedding was taking place in front of him as the groom stood waiting with the priest while the doors leading inside remained closed. The Commandment of Justice, Ford, was the groom and he waited with the people inside along with the entire populace of the continent, who were watching the wedding being broadcasted throughout the continent.

The culture of the angels was slightly similar to the one that the humans perform, but with differences. All weddings must be performed in the presence of a king or queen of the race and everyone sits in benches while leaving a gap in the middle for walking.

The groom must wait at the front with the priest while his best man, who was usually best friend or relative, stands next to him. The bride will arrive and stop at the entrance while her bridesmaids walk forward and line up on either sides of the walkway. The bride slowly walks the pathway and once she reaches the front, the bridesmaids turn to face the front.

The priest says words of prayer and commences the wedding along with giving the Angel King a chance to say a few words. Then, he beckons the best man forward to hand the rings over to the bride and groom to place in each other’s fingers.

After placing the rings, the priest proclaims them married and asks them to kiss each other in front of everyone present. Once that was over, the bride and groom walk back on the pathway, hand-in-hand, and get showered with flowers that the bridesmaids were holding before bringing up the rear.

Ford stood next to his best man, who was the Commandment of Respect and his name was Reece. The groom waited anxiously as he stared at the back as he keenly waited for the doors to open and reveal his future-wife standing there. Sure enough, the doors opened and revealed Sonia Angloid standing there while wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

“Beautiful…” Ford muttered and Reece silently nodded his head in agreement.

He was quite happy to see how beautiful and attractive his wife appeared in those clothes. He, himself, also appeared quite manly and handsome while wearing a black coat and black pants with a white shirt on the inside.

As the maids stood to the side and allowed the bride to move forward, the Godfather began to sweat. He was anxiously gazing in every direction with hopes to see his saviour, the Phoenix Titan, arrive. Instead, he was disappointed as the wedding progress continued along without a hiccup.

“Dammit!” he thought in great annoyance. “Where is that boy? He told me he’ll be here, but there’s no sign of him yet! If this goes on, she’ll really get married and there’s nothing I can do after that!”

Such thoughts made the Godfather think that he made a mistake by trusting in the Phoenix Titan. He believed that the Phoenix Titan chickened out at the last minute the ditched his goddaughter to her face. This caused him to wish that he had attempted to kidnap her and kept her in safety without anyone knowing about it.

“What’s wrong?” Zex asked him curiously. “You’re sweating even though it’s bright and cool right now.”

“Yes, buy the tension is getting to me,” replied the Godfather normal voice, but there was a hint of nervousness present within his speech.

“Ah. I know what you mean,” said Zex and he nodded his head in understanding while smiling. “It does create a tension when you think about my daughter leaving our family and becoming a part of another family.”

“Y-Yes… I-Indeed…” the Godfather replied in a nervous and slightly surprised voice.

He watched as the priest began to say something and had the Angel King say a few words about his daughter and the wedding. Everyone clapped to each and cheers would be heard loudly as happiness swelled throughout the room. Even with all that, the Godfather was unhappy as he was torn between rescuing his goddaughter and the obligation to follow anything her father tells him.

The Godfather deeply sighed in resignation and in a sad voice, he thought, “I’m… sorry, Sonia… I… failed to save you… my dear child…”

Reece handed one ring to Ford and another to Sonia before stepping back to stand behind the groom. Ford turned to his future wife and smiled warmly and Sonia smiled back at him while her eyes remained as lifeless as ever. The Godfather did not wish to lift the mind control that she was under because he believed it was for her own good to do as she was told.

The priest said a few more words and finally, urged the two of them to exchange rings. The Godfather watched with a sinking feeling as the Commandment of Justice moved his hand forward to insert ring into the Angel Princess’s finger.

At that exact moment, an explosion occurred somewhere outside the building and the shock of it caused the ground to shake a little violently. Surprised by the loud noise and the shaking of the ground, Ford dropped the ring he was holding while Sonia held her ring firmly in her hand.

“What thre…?”

“What was that noise…?”

“What was an explosion?!”

“The ground shook!”

“What’s going on?!” Ford exclaimed sharply and he looked towards the front.

There was a moment of pause before the walls at the back exploded with tremendous force and out of the smoke came the flying bodies. There were several of them and they sailed over everyone and smashed against the front wall, near where the main participants of the wedding stood.

As everyone jumped to their feet and stared at the collapsed angels in shock, they heard a familiar voice say sarcastically, “So sorry to crash in, but I didn’t have the time to walk in like a gentleman.”

They all turned around and were astonished to see the Phoenix Titan walk out of the smoke. Zex and Ford were alarmed to see him standing there while Reece stared at him in disbelief. The Godfather appeared to be a little confused, but he smiled a little in relief as he recognised whom it was.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me; I’ll be breaking up this wedding!” Lakshman said firmly with a confident smile on his face as he stared at them all.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thanks for reading this chapter. I hope that everyone’s easter was fun and full of entertainment like mine. At the same time, I believe people will be busy because they got something to do and it’s always something that’s useless! Haha. Anyway, I hope that you liked this chapter and will read more as the story continues! 😉

Agrakili (A-gra-ki-li) – Dynamic Fist of Fury
Sosakave (So-sa-kave) – Sonic Shock Wave

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