Chase Down

“What the heck…?” the Commandment of Respect, Reece, asked slowly with a puzzled look on his face. “Break up the wedding…? What do you mean…?”

Lakshman turned towards him and responded by saying, “You heard me right. This wedding must not happen at all!”

Reece looked doubtful as he asked, “Why? What makes you say that?”

Lakshman opened his mouth to speak, but the Commandment of Justice cut him off by speaking early.

“Why are you bothering to listen to anything that man has to say, Reece? Can’t you see he’s the hooded terrorist with dark radiating energy the Angel King warned us about?” Ford asked and he pointed a finger sharply at Lakshman. “Guards! Take this man down this instance!”

“A hooded figure with dark radiating energy? That’s definitely villainous!” Tetra said in his mind in a mockingly hurt voice.

“It seems the Angel King has gone out of his way to make Lakshman appear very villainous to everyone on this floating continent,” stated Silvera and she sounded unhappy.

Lakshman chuckled to himself and said, “So, everyone sees me as some sort of fiendish hooded figure with dark radiating power?” He turned to the Angel King and said, I’m impressed that you managed to put such a powerful illusion spell on your entire race to make me appear someone that’s not me.”

As he spoke those words, everyone looked at each other in disbelief and began to mutter what the stranger meant. Ford and Reece, however, remained standing as they firmly stared back at the man whom they believe was their enemy.

“Enough of your trickery! Guards!” Reece demanded roughly with an angry look on his face.

“No need, Reece. Let’s take him down ourselves!” Ford said and he was smiling evilly. “He said he came to break up the wedding and he deserves a capital punishment! Since the Nine Commandments of Light are present, let’s join together and destroy this bastard!”

“Yes. No respect can be shown to someone that’s come to do such a bad deed!” Reece said in agreement.

As the two warriors stood side-by-side and stared directly at their foe, Lakshman simply smiled in return. The Godfather watched him through narrowed eyes as he suspiciously wondered what his goddaughter’s saviour had in mind to do.

“I’m sure you feel that way about me now, but let’s see what you do after I do this!” Lakshman said in a confident firm voice.

He acted fast by surging with power, causing the ground to shake violently and cause a wild blowing burst of wind to form in the room. Everyone were shocked and fell down to sit down on the seats while holding the seats or each other in a desperate attempt to not get blown away. Reece and Ford were alarmed by the amount of power that their foe had unleashed and became a little nervous.

Lakshman, after releasing a bit of his power, brought his arms forward and clapped his hands together as he shouted, “Illusion Destroyer!”

In an instant, there was a violent flash of light that caused everyone to shut their eyes close tightly. The effect of that power lasted a few seconds as it covered the entire continent and once it cleared, they felt like reopening their eyes again. Once they did, they were confused because nothing happened, but the real shock hit them like a hammer when they turned to see what the wedding crasher had done.

“So sorry for the inconvenience, but I never actually got the chance to use that spell. I call it the Illusion Destroyer,” said Lakshman calmly as he stopped surging with power and the wind calmed down. “Now, I think people can really be sure of who I am!”

There was a lengthy silence that lasted for a whole minute and in that time, the people just stared at him. The Angel King glared at him angrily for ruining the plan that he had carefully cultivated in trying to make him out as a terrorist. The Godfather was impressed that Lakshman had managed to destroy the powerful illusion spell that the Angel King had placed on him and the entire continent.

Ford was the first to recover and his anger was unfathomable as he stared at the man that had humiliated him in front of the people of his race.

“You…! It was you all along, wasn’t it?!” he said sharply in a very angry voice. “What are you doing here?!”

At his demanding voice, Lakshman sighed deeply and replied by saying, “Seriously…? Were you not paying any attention to my opening words…? I came to break up the wedding between and the woman I love.”

Those words shocked everyone and stunned Ford for a moment before he recovered quickly again.

“Your what?!” he exclaimed in disbelief. “That’s ridiculous!”

“There’s no ridiculousness in the truth,” replied Lakshman calmly and greatly angered Ford.

Reece, quickly, intervened and said, “Please, stop this, Phoenix Titan. You also calm down, Ford. You must not let your temper get the best of you and forget the mannerism of speaking to one another with respect.”

“Respect?!” Ford shouted and everyone winced at the alarming volume of his voice along with the surge of power that got released slightly. “You want me to speak to that bastard with respect after humiliating me in front of my peers, my race and now as he tries to break up the wedding between the woman I’m about to marry?!”

Lakshman chuckled and made an arrogant smile on his face as he said, “I suppose the wounded would bark all they want and achieve nothing in return. That’s pretty sad.”
The people listening to this were rendered speechless by how arrogantly he was speaking about Ford. Reece was shaken somewhat by those words while Ford grew angrier by the second. The Godfather was both pleased by his confidence and concerned that it might doom him in.

“You…! You got some nerve saying that to my face…!” Ford responded with a temple on his head appearing as if it was about to pop. “Saying such things will make really mad…!”

“You have no idea how mad I am…” replied Lakshman with his arms folded and a seriously deadly look appearing on his face. “You’re only lucky that I’m controlling my temper, otherwise…”

He left the sentence hanging and released his arms to punch his right arm against his left palm. Seeing such an action caused Ford to really give up controlling his temper and unleash his power. His humiliating defeat at the hands of the Phoenix Titan was riding heavily on his mind and he was prepared to prove, once and for all, that he was better than him.

“Alright then! Bring it on, bastard!” Ford shouted and he clapped his right hand against his right leg in challenge.

Lakshman remembered that in the Angel Race, clapping their right hand against their right leg was meant as a challenge towards the opposition. It was a powerful challenge and Lakshman had no intention of shrugging it off.

“With pleasure!” Lakshman said in a sharp voice with a confident smile on his face.

Ford began to surge with power and caused the ground to shake quite a bit while radiating blue aura that surrounded him. Everyone, including Reece, the Angel King and the Godfather stayed away from the both of them for safety sake. The bridesmaids surrounded Sonia and shielded her to ensure her safety in case of any danger that threatened her life.

After unleashing his power, Ford kicked off the ground at high speed and rocketed towards Lakshman at high speed, causing the ground to sick and crack heavily. The speed he moved was so fast that, one moment he was standing at ready and the next, he appeared directly in front of his foe. He extended his right arm out and aimed for Lakshman’s face as he attempted to do exactly what was done to him by Lakshman.

He was smiling confidently when, to his shock, Lakshman was nowhere in front of him. He, forcefully, stopped himself from moving forward and created a deep groove in the ground. Quickly straightening up, he began looking around and even upward, but Lakshman was nowhere to be seen.

“Disappointing… I expected more…” said a familiar voice from behind and his eyes widened with shock.

Lakshman was standing a few centimetres from Ford, who stood with his back facing him. The Phoenix Titan was looking disappointed at how easily he had managed to move at a speed faster than that of the

Commandment of Justice. Even Ford could not believe that his foe had managed to move at a speed greater than his own.

Ford quickly attempted to turn around to try attacking him once more, but Lakshman did not give him the chance. Extending his right hand backward, Lakshman grabbed the back of Ford’s shirt and with firm grip on the shit, Lakshman swung him forward and threw him across the room as if he was a stone.

Overcome with stunned disbelief, Ford sailed through the air and smashed through the front of the room. The force of the throw was so strong that it created a backward wind as he continued to fly through several more buildings become coming to a crashing stop.

Lakshman sighed and said, “Now then,” before walking towards Sonia while the maids, quickly, got out of his way. Reece, not willing to let this unfairness go on, attempted to surge with power and attack Lakshman from the side, but the powerful Phoenix Titan simply dodged it and flicked him in the head, knocking him out in an instant and sending him crashing into the side wall of the building.

The angel guards, who had recovered by the time he had defeated two of the Nine Commandments of Light, quickly attempted to stop him. Once again, they failed miserably when he used Elemental Coated Armour to use multiple arms to grab them before smashing them into the walls to knock them out.

Lakshman got near Sonia and looked into her lifeless eyes and realised that she was still under mind control. He remembered what the Godfather told him earlier and he glanced towards him with an annoyed expression on his face.

“It can’t be helped; he did it so as to ensure she doesn’t do anything stupid with her freewill,” said Tetra to confirm why the Godfather used mind control on his goddaughter.

“Yes, but I don’t have time to stick around and chat. I sense that my copies had been destroyed and the time I thought they would buy me was greatly reduced,” thought Lakshman as he narrowed his eyebrow to make a serious expression on his face.

“Then, let’s move and don’t worry because we’re here to support you,” replied Silvera and he was glad to hear that.

Lakshman turned to an extremely angry Angel King and said, “Alright, Angel King. I’ve got what I came for and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave.”

With that, he began to surge with power and grabbed Sonia before flying out of the roof of the building. Everyone were gazing up at the broken hole in the ceiling at the display of skill and power the Phoenix Titan had showed. None of them had expected him to be so powerful or that two of the Nine Commandments of Light could not match his strength.

At that moment, they heard a familiar voice speak quietly, “Why is everyone so useless…? They can’t anyone stop him…? Why is it that I’m surrounded by useless fools…?”

The Angel King was extremely angry and he turned his attention towards the Godfather, who stood at attention. He knew what the king was going to order him to do and as much as he did not wish to follow them, he had no choice due to the oath he took so many years ago.

“Kill that man and bring back my daughter,” the Angel King said and the Godfather was alarmed by those words.


“Is he serious?!”

“I can’t believe this!”

The people, who heard him say those words, were utterly shocked that he would order one of his strongest warriors to kill someone.

“I think that’s a harsh decision to take,” he said in an attempt to persuade him, but he realised that it would not work from the serious glare that Zex gave him.

“He’s come and broke up the wedding and like Ford said; he deserves a capital punish of death!” Zex said with a deadly look on his face and made everyone gulp in fright. “Now, go and don’t disappoint me!”

The Godfather gritted his teeth in anger and struggled to answer before he said, “Very well… I’ll do it.”

The Angel King nodded in satisfaction and watched as the Godfather surged with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. The next moment, he rocketed through the hole that Lakshman had created and chased after his quarry.

Zex watched him go as the sinister dark power controlling him thought, “Curses…! After many years of planning and scheming, everything’s going to be for nothing and worse, I feel that he’s plotting against me as well… Ha… Looks like I’ll have to make my move soon…”

Lakshman flew through the air as he carried Sonia in his arms while being surrounded by the Elemental Coated Armour. As he flew, he constantly met up with groups of angels that had been chasing his copies several minutes ago. They were pretty shocked to find that the attacker was none other than the Phoenix Titan, but they became determined to carry out the order their king gave them.

“Angel Blast!”

“Angel Rocket!”

“Bullet Storm!”

“Strike Cannon!”

“Vision Misdirection!”

The angels that were following him open fired to try and take him down, causing him to fly lower to try and adjust his grip on Sonia. Once he had done that, he moved his Elemental Coated Armour arms and aimed at them before he activated his technique by saying it out loud.

“Maga Distrab!”

All the techniques used by the angels got destroyed while making sounds of breaking glass. In retaliation, he used his Elemental Coated Armour in a way much different to the regular use.

“Multi-Cast: Flash Bang Blaster!”

He shouted the technique name out loud and instantly created countless arms out of his Elemental Coated Armour. Multiple energy blasts were released from the hands and got sent soaring towards the angels chasing him.

“Angel Wing Blade!”

The angels shouted at almost the same time and used their wings to release blades of wind in the direction of the blasts. Each blast was met up by a blade of wind and their collision caused explosions everywhere, creating blinding flashes of light that caused the angels to close their eyes. Taking opportunity of the confusion, Lakshman began flying towards the end of the continent as fast as he could.

“Wouldn’t it be faster to just teleport out of here using your Transverse Portal?” Tetra asked him curiously in his mind.

“That’s because I have to stay still and activate it, which could cost me precious time!” Lakshman replied in his mind. “Besides, the Godfather is right behind me and I feel that we will eventually fight, so I just want to get it over with right now than delay it for later.”

“I see. It explains why you are flying towards an area well away from the cities,” stated Silvera in his mind and he nodded his head in agreement.

Lakshman continued to fly for several more minutes as he looked around for an appropriate spot to land at. Finally deciding on a spacious open field, he soared downward and landed gracefully before deactivating his Elemental Coated Armour because he had no use for it anymore. Several seconds later, the angels, that were stopped by the flash of light, finally caught up with him.

They remained hovering in the air and encircled him by outnumbering him by one and a countless number. Lakshman gently released Sonia to the ground and she stood by his side while staring at him through blank lifeless eyes.

“There is no place for you to run away or hide, Phoenix Titan!” the captain of the angels said and his voice echoed due to the amplification spell he was using on his voice. “Please, hand over the princess peacefully and we may spare you from facing our judgement!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he began to surge with power and so did the rest of the angels that were encircling Lakshman. Their combined power caused the wind to blow wildly around the area and buffeted Lakshman, but he remained unperturbed. The unfazed Phoenix Titan looked up at them with a raised eyebrow with an exasperated look on his face.

“That guy’s got a lot of guts to speak to you like that, Lucky,” said Tetra in his mind before chuckling.

“What will you do, Lucky?” Silvera asked curiously in an emotionless voice.

“What I’ll do…? You’re seriously asking me that…?” Lakshman asked and he laughed before smiling up at the mass of angels hovering above him. “I never give up and I never surrender.”

“Well said, my dear husband!” Tetra and Silvera said proudly at the same time.

Lakshman nodded his head once and immediately began to surge with power while radiating golde-red aura that surrounded him. The amount of power he released was so strong that it caused the ground to quake and sink a little while sending shock waves in all directions. After powering up, he clapped his hands together and activated his technique while shouting its technique out loud.

“Gravity Zone!”

In an instant, a large magic circle appeared in the area where he and angels were positioned at. The magic circle glowed brightly and the angels felt a great shock in their bodies as they, suddenly, plummeted towards the ground. As if attracted to the ground, the angels flew towards the ground at high speed and they could not get away from the attraction of forces no matter how hard they tried.

With a bang, they smacked hard onto the ground and they lay there without being able to move a muscle. The gravity was so intense and many of them groaned continuously as the pressure threatened to squash them like pancakes.

“W-W-Wh-Wh-Wha-Wha-Whaaatt…?” the angel captain managed to say through the pain of being pushed firmly onto the ground.

“Gravity Zone,” said Lakshman as he remained unfazed by the effects of his technique. “Increases the gravity within the designated area by 1500.”

The angels were shocked by those words and the captain could not believe his ears. Then, he realised that Lakshman was also being covered by the magic circle, so it confused him as to why he was unaffected.

“Y-Y-You’re… n-n-n-not…” he managed to say before the pain caused him to groan quietly.

“Mmm? You’re wondering why I’m not affected?” Lakshman asked and the captain managed to look at him with serious eyes. He smiled at him and around at them all before he said, “Sorry to say, but this much gravity won’t affect me because I constantly train at this amount.”

“N-N-N-Nor-m-m-maall…?!” the angel captain exclaimed in disbelief before groaning from the pain.

Just then, Lakshman heard a loud voice say, “Then, release them and fight normally like a true warrior.”

Lakshman recognised whom the voice belonged to and turned around just in time to see the Godfather descend lightly. He stood outside the gravity magic circle for a moment before stepping in, but he appeared to be not affected by the intense gravity that was affecting so many members of his race.

The Phoenix Titan was impressed and he asked, “You’re not affected by this intense gravity?”

The Godfather shook his head and firmly said, “My legendary sword protects me from all magical effects like your gravity spell. Now, release these people so that we can do battle earnestly.”

“Fair enough,” replied Lakshman and he deactivated the gravity magic spell with a click of his finger.

In an instant, the magic circle disappeared and the gravity returned to normal, making all the angels groan and sigh in relief. The next moment, Lakshman used Levitation magic spell to move all the defeated angels to a nearby place to keep them away from the battle between him and the Godfather.

Once he moved them all, he turned back to the Godfather and smiled before he said, “Tell me; your so-called king ordered you to kill me and bring back his daughter, correct?”

The Godfather looked surprised and asked, “You knew and yet you’re still going to battle me?”

Lakshman smiled and said, “Of course. How could I not know from the murderous look that guy gave me earlier?” He chuckled a little before he recovered and said, “As for battling you; I’m not worried. while you’ll be aiming for my life, I’m simply going to defeat you and besides, killing me is something only a god level monster can do.”

Hearing such words, the Godfather smirked and said, “Such words… I hope you’re being confident, rather than being arrogant because of how powerful you are. Anyway, enough talk and let’s get this battle started.”

With that, he began to surge with strong power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. The next moment, he slowly unsheathed his legendary sword, Excalibur, and held it firmly in his hand. It began to glow as it formed mysterious characters on its blade that showed its might.

“The legendary sword Excalibur. I haven’t laid my eyes on it in a long time,” said Lakshman with an impressed look on his face. “Still, you’re not the only one with a powerful blade, Godfather!”

Lakshman began to surge with power and he unsheathed both the Phoenix Blade and the Demon Slayer. Holding them firmly in his hand, he smiled at the Godfather, who blinked at him with a curious expression on his face.

“Two of them?” he asked curiously.

“Yes, but one’s enough to defeat you,” replied Lakshman in a firm voice with a confident look on his face.

The Godfather blinked in confusion as Lakshman held both of his heads beside each other with each hand. The next moment, he swung them towards each other and made them make contact against one another.

In an instant, there was a blinding flash of light that lasted for a few seconds that send wild blowing winds and shock waves in all directions. The next, the light disappeared to reveal Lakshman holding a single sword with both hands. It was a light coloured sword and it radiated light-black aura from its blade.

“This is my Celestial Blade!” Lakshman said in a dramatic voice as he skilfully swung the sword around to hold it firmly in his right hand.

The Godfather stared at the blade in amazement as he sensed the immense power radiating from the sword. A moment later, he smiled and looked seriously at Lakshman as he was excited to do battle against an unknown weapon that seemed to match in power with his own sword.

Lakshman and the Godfather stared at each other at the ready before shouting, “Let’s do this!”

In an instant, the two of them kicked off the ground at great force and zoomed across the land at high speed. They reached reach other in a slit second and smashed their blades against the each other. They struggled to push their sword forward, but they would not budge an inch because the other person did not give in. This caused the clashing forces to erupt violently and create a blinding flash of light that made it difficult to see anything on the battlefield.

Author’s Note

Hello my dear readers and thank you very much for reading this chapter. I hope that you liked the action and will look forward to more as the chapters get released. So, see you again next time as the battle between the Godfather and Lakshman gets underway!

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