Lakshman vs. Godfather

Lakshman and the Godfather clashed their swords against each other with extensive brute force and strength. Their intense powers clashed hard and created a wild blowing wind to be blown in every direction along with the shock waves that threatened to destroy everything in the area and outside it.

They continued to clash powerfully against one another until their final clash blasted them backward. After landing on their feet, Lakshman stabbed his Celestial Blade into the ground and shouted a technique that he activated.

“Bursting Light!”

In an instant, the ground cracked violently and it surged towards the Godfather, who leapt into the air to avoid it. Seeing that, Lakshman let go of the sword handle, brought his hands together and gathered energy before releasing a powerful red wave of destruction at his target by shouting its name out loud.


As the powerful wave of destruction soared through the Godfather, the man countered by swinging his sword around and pointing its tip towards it. He took him a moment to gather the necessary energy before firing an energy wave like an energy blade by shouting its technique name out loud.

“Star Blade!”

The energy blade cut through the attack and split it into two parts, causing it to fly on either sides of him. Lakshman, realising that his attack had failed, took a step forward and pulled out his sword before deflecting the energy blade away. The force from pushing it aside caused him to fly to the side and away from him just in time to see that the Godfather was already on him.

The Godfather raised his sword and Lakshman quickly brought his sword up to defend when the man, suddenly, began to multiple. Copies of himself appeared to surround Lakshman and surprised the Phoenix Titan, who became puzzled because he could not tell which one of them was real.

As the multiple copies of the Godfather circled around him, Lakshman cursed in his mind and thought, “Dammit! Using my own way of fighting style against me…!”

Lakshman stabbed the ground and said, “Illusion Destroyer!”

There was a flash of light and the Godfather was surprised as the powerful light blinded him momentarily and caused his copies to vanish. As the light died down, Lakshman gripped his sword firmly and activated the power of his blade as he shouted the technique name out loud.

“Celestial Blade!”

He held his sword to his side and it glowed brightly before extending further away from him. The next moment, he swung the sword at the Godfather while giving off a merciless killing intent that caused the Godfather to think that the Phoenix Titan was aiming to kill him.

The Godfather quickly reacted by bringing his sword to the side and catching the powerful blade with his own blade. There was a moment of pause in which he struggled to keep the sword at bay when, to his astonishment, he saw Lakshman charging towards him for a direct attack.

Gotten past the Godfather’s guard, Lakshman brought his palms forward and released a massive red wave of destruction. Surprised, the Godfather was engulfed by the massive wave and it soared away for several meters before exploding. The result of it created a wild blowing wind and powerful shock waves to be sent in all directions while smoke covered the entire area where the explosion occurred.

Lakshman straightened up as the smoke slowly cleared and he breathed a little quickly due to using two really powerful techniques at the same time. As the smoke cleared, his eyes widened slightly in surprise as he saw something that he did not expect. A man stood firmly on his feet and he was wearing white coloured armour that was covering him from head to toe.

The next moment, Lakshman heard a familiar voice coming out of the visor of the armoured warrior and he said, “I’m surprised that you pulled such a stunt on me; using one mighty attack to distract me so as to fire your other mighty attack on me directly. Very impressive, I must say.”

The man lifted the opening of his visor and revealed his face, which turned out to be the Godfather. Lakshman was a little startled, but he soon began to laugh as he was greatly impressed as well.

“I’m also impressed!” Lakshman stated as he clutched the Celestial Blade that soared towards him after letting its attack disappear. “You managed to equip that armour while being hit by the attack that I launched at you.”

The Godfather shook his head and said, “You took me by surprise and attacked, which was no cowardly tactic like a lazy tactician. It was a well thought out strategy to knock me out by employing as much energy as possible without actually killing me or rendering me disabled for life.”

“Be that as it may, you escaped with minimal damage and I applaud you for your quick thinking,” said Lakshman with a more impressed expression on his face. “I believe the armour you used is the Angel Star Armour, which is custom made by the Excalibur blade if I remember correctly.”

“So, you are aware and it seems that you pushed me to use my trump card so quickly,” said the Godfather and Lakshman chuckled with a wide smile on his face. “Now, why don’t you start holding back and come at me with all you got, otherwise, I won’t release Sonia from my mind control.”

Lakshman was outraged and he pointed a finger at him before he shouted, “That’s not part of our agreement! You said you’ll release her from mind control when she is safe and she is right now!”

“Yes, but now I changed my mind!” the Godfather said roughly and Lakshman was shocked by it. “You managed to make me equip my powerful armour and I can feel that you’re not fighting me seriously. It means that you aren’t fighting me to the best of your abilities and I cannot believe you can take care of my goddaughter when she is in trouble.”

“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in alarm and he opened his mouth to say something, but the Godfather beat him to it.

“I know that you’re not fighting me seriously, but I frankly don’t care one bit about it! I’m now your enemy and I’m going to kill you, but you’re going to waste your time by going easy on me? I don’t think that’s the sort of man I’d be happy to see my goddaughter end up with.”

Lakshman gritted his teeth in frustration as the combined voices of Tetra and Silvera spoke soothingly in his mind.

“He does have a point and quite frankly, I feel that you should prove to him. I mean, he knows that you’re super strong and all with the way you easily defeated two of the Nine Commandments of Light, but I don’t think he will be satisfied until you show him that you can deal with situations of betrayal. It’s like in the past, but you’re not trying to kill anyone this time, so you can go freely at him without holding back.”

Lakshman looked up at the sky and took a deep breath before sighing heavily. The next moment, he turned his attention back to the Godfather and looked at him with a fierce expression on his face.

“Okay, but I’m warning you; I’m not responsible if you’re badly wounded!” the Phoenix Titan said fiercely and the Godfather smiled in satisfaction.

“Yes! That’s more like it and now, let us resume this fight and prove to me, once and for all, that you are more than just talk!” the Godfather said in a firm powerful voice.

“Right!” Lakshman said and the two warriors prepared to resume the battle while surging with intense power.

The first to make his move was the Godfather and he smacked the ground with his sword as he said, “Smashing Ground.”

In an instant, the ground began to shake violently and Lakshman lost his footing as the ground, beneath him, cracked and gave way. Startled, he kicked off the ground and soared high into the air while the Godfather aimed up at him with his sword.

“Storming Ground.”

The ground began to shake violently as the rocks of the broken pieces of the ground rose, slowly, into the air. The next moment, they were hurled at high speed and were aimed at Lakshman, who was floating high in the sky.

Lakshman gathered energy into his blade and prepared to destroy all the rocks when, to his amazement, they diverted away. He looked around in surprise as the rocks encircled him and split into several smaller bits before flying at him at an incredible speed. It made him have to dodge them very quickly, but not quick enough as several grazed his skin in several places on his body.

He was surprised when the Godfather suddenly appeared through the hail of rocks that were aimed at him. Taken by surprise, he quickly reacted and attempted to block the first strike the Godfather performed against him. The next instant, he disappeared and reappeared right behind and startled Lakshman, but the Phoenix Titan managed to bring his sword around in time to block the attack.

“Blast Strike!”

Lakshman was shocked when the Godfather unleashed a powerful slicing red energy at him and while he managed to block the attack, the force sent him hurtling towards the ground. He crash landed and quickly got to his feet in time to quickly react to the incredible speed the Godfather attacked him at and each swing of his blade sent slicing wind at him.

“Ugh!” Lakshman groaned each time those attacks cut him on various places on his body.

He turned the tables when he hurled his sword at the Godfather with great power, causing `the armoured man to drag his feet backward in an attempt to stop the sudden attack. Taking the chance, Lakshman charged forward just as the Godfather deflected the sword away and as he neared him, the Phoenix Titan stopped and clapped his hands together to activate a technique.

“Thousand Army!”

In an instant, there was a blinding flash of light that made everything difficult to see and caused the Godfather to quickly close his eyes. As the light settled down, the Godfather opened his eyes to an astonishing sight of seeing over a thousand copies of Lakshman standing around him. It was also alarming to see that each and every single copy were poised to attack him with a powerful energy attack.


All the copies of Lakshman shouted at the same time and they launched a massive wave of destruction at him. The energies combined together with each side and closed in on the Godfather before engulfing him in the blast. For a moment, it looked like they had won when, to their disbelief, the waves were suddenly headed towards them.

In an alarming twist, each and every copy of Lakshman were destroyed by their own attack and the real Lakshman had to deflect his attack away with his arm. It soared away at high speed and smashed onto the ground elsewhere, causing a large explosion to occur and create strong blowing winds and shock waves to be sent in all directions.

Lakshman breathed in a little before sighing and saying, “Damn…! I forgot about the ability of Angel Star Armour…!”

“Yes,” replied the Godfather with a nod of his head in agreement. “Let me remind you that my armour allows no energy attack to harm me and it will redirect it back at those that attacked me. This also includes magic, but I’m sure you get the picture already.”

Lakshman nodded wordlessly with an irritated expression on his face because he was annoyed at himself. Back in the ancient times, he fought against the Angel King on numerous occasions and he faced the awesome redirecting ability of the Angel Star Armour, which made his opponent almost invincible.

“As you can see, I am fairly serious and I think you realise that as well from the numerous bleeding your body is suffering under,” said the Godfather and Lakshman looked at the numerous deep cuts along with the blood seeping out of them. “Now, I think it’s time you got serious with me, otherwise, I’ll aim to strike you down without hesitation!”

Lakshman stared at him for a moment before sighing deeply before smiling at him, which surprised the Godfather.

“Okay, but I think you’re missing the most important point here; this battle’s already won.”


“Yeah. The moment you decided to do battle against me, I won because you just don’t have what it takes to make me fight seriously. No matter what sort of plan you coke up or the kind of amplifications you use to boost your prowess, you just don’t match the fighting power of the Calamity Titan. Believe me, he is one customer that you have to use everything against and that includes your life as well!”

The Godfather blinked at him and remained silent for a moment before he asked, “Are you saying that I’m so weak that you didn’t have the heart to be serious against me? It wasn’t because of show of respect for me because I’m the godfather of the woman you love?”

Lakshman chuckled and said, “Nope. I never let relations get in between battles in the past and I don’t plan on allowing it to happen anytime soon.”

“I see, but that still won’t help you to bypass my defences and my armour,” said the Godfather with a smile on his face

His smile faltered when Lakshman shook his head with a smiling face as he said, “No. You are not and allow me to demonstrate the major flaw in your confidence in that, so-called, awesome armour.”

In that instant, Lakshman’s expression became fiercely seriously and he glared at the Godfather, who was surprised to see such a change in character. He began to surge with power and the intensity of it caused the ground to quake and crack forcefully, causing everyone in the area to panic.

Lakshman, suddenly, disappeared and reappeared standing in front of the Godfather a moment later, surprising the man in the armour. Before the Godfather could do anything, Lakshman pulled his right arm back and delivered one straight punch at the armour the Godfather was wearing.

There was a moment in which nothing happened when, all of a sudden, the Godfather opened his mouth in shock. The Angel Star Armour got pushed into the gut of the man wearing it and his eyes appeared to pop out of their sockets from the shock and pain he felt.

Not stopping with a single punch, Lakshman quickly moved his left hand forward and delivered yet another power punch to the armour. With this punch, the foe quaked in his boots and the armour shook violently as multiple cracks appeared on its surface. Continuing on with his attack, Lakshman delivered a powerful kick to the gut area of the armour and it created more cracks on it while sending the Godfather backward while having his feet dragged on the ground.

“Damn…!” the Godfather thought as he moved away from Lakshman as quickly as he could to recuperate. “I have to quickly reinforce my armour before I take another hit!”

“No chance,” said a voice next to him and he was alarmed to see Lakshman right behind him.

He stopped moving as he saw Lakshman appear to be standing directly in front of him and he was shocked to see the dangerous expression present on the Phoenix Titan’s face. In desperation, he attempted to cut his foe down with brute force and it created a great cut that cut up the ground like an onion.

As the smoke cleared, he was shocked to see that Lakshman was uninjured and furthermore, it looked like he was not even there from the way the sword cut through him without any physical contact. At the moment the sword neared Lakshman, he disappeared and allowed the sword to swung through his afterimage before reappearing on the same spot.

“Now, it ends,” said Lakshman quickly as he pulled back his right fist and delivered it into the chest of the armour.

There was moment of pause in which nothing happened when, all of a sudden, an immense force of power was unleashed from the fist. It was hurled at the armour and it cracked violently before breaking into pieces to reveal the look of disbelief on the Godfather’s face.

The next moment, he was sent forcefully flying into the distance with such force that his body travelled for a few seconds through the open land before smashing through the city buildings. After smashing through several of the city buildings, the Godfather crash landed with a dumbfounded expression on his face because he could not believe what just happened.

“He… defeated me…?” he questioned himself before coughing blood out of his mouth.

“I certainly did,” said Lakshman and startled the Godfather, who did not expect to see him kneeling beside him so quickly. “Now, I think you get a clear picture of how strong I am and that you never stood a chance from the start.”

The Godfather looked up at him for a moment before he smiled happily and said, “Yes… You were right… With this, I release my daughter from my mind control for good, ensuring that she will never get mind controlled again.”

As he said those words, Sonia regained consciousness and was very startled to see where the heck she was. All she could notice were the signs of battle, a mass of angels that were apparently defeated and the fact that a lot of city buildings looked like they had been under attack.

“What’s… going on…?” she asked in a puzzled voice. “I thought I was with the wives of the Phoenix Titan…? How did I end up on the Heaven Continent…? Mmm… I need answers…”

With that, she headed over to where the damage was done to the city buildings.

“So, does this mean you finally accept me as a worthy man befitting of your goddaughter?” Lakshman asked curiously and the Godfather nodded with a smile on his face.

That smile lasted fleetingly as, at that moment, a powerful energy blast erupted through the air and pierced through his chest. Lakshman was shocked as the Godfather coughed a large quantity of blood out of his mouth and groaned painfully as the hole in his chest stung.

“You bastard!” Lakshman said sharply and he looked up with a glaring look on his face, only to be replaced with an alarmed look.

The Angel King was standing a few meters away from them and standing next to him was none other than his wife and the Queen of the Floria Kingdom, Venezuela Chand. Zex had gone down to the highly secured prison to bring her out in order to threaten the Phoenix Titan into submission as he figured that Sonia’s godfather would fail to defeat him.

Now, he stood and held Venezuela by the arm forcefully as he glared menacingly at Lakshman and the Godfather.

“Who the hell are you to make that decision about my daughter?!” he exclaimed sharply as the Godfather coughed more blood out and groaned painfully. “You are just a tool to be used by me and are not supposed to make decisions without my consent! Remember that for future reference, otherwise, I may have to shoot you in the heart next time!”

As the Godfather struggled to take breaths to live, Lakshman quickly spoke to him words of reassurance. After reassuring the weakened Godfather, he rose to his feet and angrily glared fiercely at the Angel King.

“You got some nerve attacking him while he was down and more importantly, taking my wife as a hostage!” Lakshman said angrily. “It’s time you answer for what you’ve done, Angel King!”

He made to move forward, but he was forced to stop when the Zex put a threatening finger next to Venezuela’s head, who was looking very frightened. She has a tape placed around her mouth and did not seem to be able to move a muscle, except for the eyes as they darted between Zex and Lakshman.

“Come any further and I won’t guarantee the safety of your wife!” Zex shouted in a threatening voice.

Lakshman gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly before he said, “You coward…!”

“Say what you want, but this is the only way to make a powerful warrior, like you, listen,” replied Zex with a casual look on his face as he smiled at him. “Besides, the best strategist is the one that wins a battle; not someone with immense power and strength. Now, why don’t you tell me where my daughter is and we can settle this matter more peacefully?”

Lakshman glared at him for a moment before he said, “As if I will tell you.”

Zex sighed after hearing those words and shook his head before he said, “You are as stubborn as ever. Not only did you humiliated Ford twice, now you’re trying to make light of me. I am the Angel King, Zex Angloid, and I know how to make people talk! Angels!”

At his call, a large crowd of angels appeared floating in the sky and Lakshman looked up in surprise. He was surprised to see so many of them in the air and what was more alarming was that each of them had red zombie-like eyes and a tattoo the shape of a “C” with a trident drawing at each end.

“Meet my humble servants as they will urge you to divulge the information about my daughter from you and remember, any funny moves will result in your wife being mortally wounded,” said Zex with a confident smile on his face. “Now, everyone, go and make him talk!”

“Yes, master,” said a chorus of voices as the mindless angels descended towards Lakshman and he prepared himself to defend himself against their assault.

Author’s Note

Hey people and thanks so much for reading this chapter. I got this done early because I had time to spare when I should’ve been preparing for my work. Oh well. I felt this chapter was important because it was full of epicness that people will surely love to read. So, I hope that you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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